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reya276Morning Everyone12:51
mhall119morning reya12:59
reya276mhall119, hey.13:00
reya276Did you see that tweet Dan posted about Python Slices, that thing is pretty cool...needs some more looking in to.13:00
mhall119I saw it, I thought he was just talking about list slices13:02
itnet7Morning, Everyone.13:24
dantalizingno release parties planned for orlando,tampa,miami??????18:08
mhall119not *yet*18:09
dantalizingoh good18:09
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reya276mhall119, how can I tell what version of apache I'm running using CLI?19:09
mhall119reya276: apache2 -v19:10
MichelleQitnet7: you-de-lee-hoo, you around?20:40
mhall119sweet, statik might attend the summit jam, wonder if he means remote or in person23:45

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