jrwrennixternal: you are not smart or informed for saying mono is the devil and that microsoft will sue you.02:59
nixternalyou didn't catch the sarcasm I take it03:06
jrwrenrick_h_: how was Hilary Mason's keynote?04:04
snap-lfuck daylight savings time in the neck11:24
wolfgerreading up on Japan's nuclear reactor explosion11:59
wolfgeralso reading about pot calling kettle black. (Palin tells union bosses to "tone down the rhetoric".... bwahahahahah)11:59
snap-lI'm not liking that this is reigniting the debate over nuclear power12:14
snap-lbut that's dwarfed by my sadness for Japan12:14
snap-lBetter get it while it's hot: http://oreilly.com/catalog/9781449303167/12:23
snap-lCode: DDXSW12:24
wolfgersnap-l: Just wait until a giant radioactively mutated lizard starts wreaking havoc...12:24
snap-lBest feature in the world: VOIP caller blocking12:36
snap-lHad some chucklefuck call me at 8:30am12:37
snap-l1) A bumbling, stupid, inept person.12:45
snap-l2) A confusing mess; a conundrum; any chaotic situation12:45
snap-l3) A person of low intelligence who gets himself into a comical quandary.12:45
brouschah, so not a person you bang for giggles?12:46
snap-lNo, it's not clownsex12:46
snap-land now I'm off for my lobotomy12:46
wolfgerHope it comes out alright13:03
brouschwait a minute, snap-l aren't you a clown?13:10
brouschso your wife is having clownsex13:10
snap-lbrousch: I'm a juggler13:10
snap-lnot a clown13:10
snap-land don't you EVER call me a clown again13:10
snap-lI've met some clowns. They are scary people.13:11
brouschah, sorry13:13
snap-l's OK13:13
snap-lnot all clowns are scary people, but there are some that are seriously tortured souls13:14
wolfgerLOL. I know a married couple that are/were both clowns13:14
wolfgerspeaking of clowns....13:14
wolfger"It took approximately 18 minutes for Sheen's My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option tour to sell out at Detroit's Fox Theatre shortly after the April 2 event went on sale at 10 a.m. Saturday."13:14
snap-lI didn't know the circus was coming to town13:15
snap-lOpen Metalcast released: http://openmetalcast.com/2011/03/14/open-metalcast-episode-16-live-in-front-of-a-studio-audience/13:23
snap-lOK, I think identi.ca may be getting some legs after all13:55
snap-lsince I just saw someone that's not related to OSS hop on there13:56
snap-lWe'll see if he sticks around or not13:56
greg-gsnap-l: cool13:56
greg-gthey come for the free, and get sick of the freedom13:56
greg-gor something13:56
snap-lMuch more activity recently13:57
brousch1any of you east siders going to tedxum? http://tedxuofm.com/14:05
wolfgerSeriously? They did a mashup of the Chrysler wings and the Joe Louis fist for a new "Imported From Detroit" logo? http://www.collection.chrysler.com/dept_prod.asp?dept_id=11214:05
brousch1it's like a mugger's hand holding two knives14:08
brousch1sounds like detroit to me14:08
brousch1turn it 90 degrees and call it "Detroit: we gonna cut you!"14:09
rick_h_jrwren: it was really good14:44
rick_h_great keynote14:44
binbrainrick_h_ whens the pycon podcast coming out?14:55
snap-lbinbrain: There's already one up14:57
snap-lI have another one finished (I believe) and one more to work on today.14:57
wolfgeroh, by the way, happy Pi Day, everybody15:03
rick_h_happy pi day15:04
rick_h_binbrain: yea, working on them15:04
rick_h_my day 1 review is up, didn't get to a day2/3 yet15:04
binbrainlistening now15:04
wolfgerday 1 seemed to end rather abruptly15:04
rick_h_yea, I was tired, long long day15:04
wolfgeron the other hand, I was listening to it streaming on my phone, and my phone has not had a network ever since I got to work today, so maybe I just abruptly lost connection...15:05
snap-lI've decided to go 100% with Twitter clients instead of using the Twitter web page15:10
snap-lif they ever break that, I'll be off Twitter. :)15:11
Blazeixsnap-l: speaking of twitter clients, I think whatever client you use might be a little bugged for twitter.15:12
Blazeixthe past couple of tweets from you have tweeted the same thing twice, swapping out '!' for '#' hash tag signifiers.15:12
snap-lI'm using identi.ca15:13
snap-land since twitter doesn't support groups, they get turned into #groupname15:13
Blazeixah. but it tweets both the tweets with '!' and '#' to twitter.15:14
snap-lOr are you following me on identi.ca?15:15
Blazeixno, I don't have an identi.ca account15:15
snap-l1) That's not    good. Sorry about that. and 2) Boo... get an identi.ca account. ;)15:16
Blazeixhttp://twitter.com/squeekyhoho/status/47136262108356608 and http://twitter.com/squeekyhoho/status/4713623016454144015:16
Blazeixmaybe one's from gwibber and the other is from an identi.ca/twitter integration?15:17
snap-lOh fuck15:17
snap-lMy fault. :)15:17
snap-lI turned on twitter posting15:17
snap-lThanks for letting me know!15:18
Blazeixno problem. It doesn't occur too often, only on the tweets with groups, I guess.15:18
snap-lYeah, otherwise twitter ignores the dupe15:18
wolfgerDear Mr. Shuttleworth... TL;DR  :-p15:44
brousch1osx users, this is awesome. ubuntu users, get to work on a linux port. http://chetansurpur.com/projects/sidestep/15:45
snap-lNext person who uses TL;DR gets a STFU15:45
wolfgerGot to the part where I thought he was almost done, realized I was only about a third of the way through, quit reading15:45
snap-lbrousch1: That should be pretty straightforward to do15:45
snap-lthough I wonder who gets the proxy traffic. ;)15:46
snap-l(and yes, they mention the ones that they use)15:46
brousch1use your own15:46
brousch1i just hooked it up to my always-on home "server"15:46
wolfgernixternal: I like the systems you're thinking about buying. Next time you're running into a store to buy something real quick, and leaving your new laptop in the car, let me know, k? :-)15:47
nixternalroger that16:09
MilyardoIndeed, can you get me a latte while in there? No Decaf, that stuff is weak16:51
Milyardoand someother stuff that will take you longer enough so wolfger has time to break your drive encrption while you're in there16:52
wolfgerHeh. We can work on breaking the encryption later17:03
wolfgerI mean, if you really want... I just want the sweet hardware. My laptop kinda sucks.17:03
wolfgerWe can ghost the drive before I blow it away, and take our time brute-forcing it.17:04
snap-lAnyone looking for a copy of Dominion?17:05
snap-lI have one for sale if someone is interested.17:05
wolfgerPirate alert. Snap-l is selling copies... ;-)17:09
snap-lyes, because I sure as hell don't have the masters for Dominion. :-P17:11
wolfgerwhat about Masters of the Universe?17:45
snap-lWe just pirate that shit because CSS is evil. ;)17:48
snap-lask jcastro17:48
brousch1wolfger: damn you. now he man is stuck in my head again17:48
snap-lbrousch1: That sounds like a personal problem.17:49
brousch1it is, but he caused it17:50
wolfgerbrousch1: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_XdP6Lp2ceqY/TTZTXnQvBbI/AAAAAAAAkic/F9degX2nYJU/s400/tumblr_lf88297Qr21qa0q13o1_500.jpg17:50
wolfgerIt was being sold at teefury.com sometime last week17:51
snap-lThat's pretty disturbing on so many levels.18:00
wolfgerit appeals to me because I was always a fan of Battle Cat and also Azrael18:02
wolfgermashing the two together is awesomeness18:03
wolfgerand killing smurfs is awesome18:03
wolfgerbut Papa Skeletor Smurf is disturbing18:03
crohakonWhat is a good, free, alternative to cPanel to manage shared hosting?18:57
snap-lcrohakon: Depends on what you want to do19:06
Blazeixhappy pi minute...19:14
Blazeixhm, maybe pi minute should have been at 1:59.19:16
brousch1rick_h_: is bookee federated?20:33
rick_h_brousch1: nope, not sure how that would work20:33
rick_h_right now it's personal instance only20:34
rick_h_how would federation work? You could share with users on other bookie installs or something?20:34
brousch1wait a minute, you're bookie?20:34
greg-gI would think something alogn the lines of how identi.ca does20:34
brousch1um, http://www.bookee.com/20:34
rick_h_greg-g: right, but identica is sending messages to users on other system20:34
rick_h_I don't really 'send' bookmarks, tags, etc20:35
brousch1i was really impressed with how much crap you had on the web page20:35
greg-gyeah, this would send the latest bookmark and put it in the feed of "my friends' bookmarks"20:35
rick_h_something to look at, really not looked at 'social' bits yet20:35
greg-gyeah, definitely a later date thing20:36
brousch1bookee sounds like a single bookie instance20:36
greg-gbut implementing a OStatus feed/transport would be cool20:36
brousch1but french20:36
_stink_oui oui20:36
* rick_h_ looks up ostatus20:36
brousch1i was really impressed that you had an iphone app20:36
greg-gand disappointed20:37
rick_h_cool, bookmarked20:37
rick_h_lol, no, bookie is much less than that for sure20:37
rick_h_brousch1: http://bmark.us/20:37
brousch1a friend in another channel was asking about a multi-browser, multi-os bookmark sync. so i sent him to you20:43
rick_h_not multi-browser yet. Only have a chrome plugin that works20:43
rick_h_still need to write FF, and still want my curses ones20:44
rick_h_but delicious api works so can write pretty easily20:44
snap-ljcastro: Nice to see the unity integration21:22
snap-lfor Thunderbird21:22
jcastromenu's done too21:22
jcastroapp menu21:23
snap-lGot a screenshot?21:23
jcastro"somewhere on omg"21:23
snap-lAh, beauty21:27
* snap-l is getting a mac after all. ;)21:27
rick_h_that just cost me $17 for 24 hours21:30
snap-lAt least the upload speeds are reasonable21:35
snap-ldownload speeds are abysmal.21:35
rick_h_having a hard time using google freaking reader21:37
rick_h_and paid the $17 to skype with wife ina few21:37
rick_h_krondor: how's the mic?22:49
krondorrick_h_: looks nice, I haven't really had a chance to try it to much23:06
krondorFirst recording attempt sounded a fair amount nicer than the crap mic I was using before23:06

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