JonathanDMorning PA13:21
JonathanDHow goes?13:33
ssweenyas well as can be expected on a monday13:33
MutantTurkeyGobble Gobble16:58
jedijfpacs this saturday....reminder16:59
jedijfand then you wonder why they bad turkey humor you to death16:59
ChinnoDogUbuntu won't reach Turkey release until.. 2014?17:04
MutantTurkeyI can't wait.17:04
andrewNaw, that'll be the turducken release17:04
ssweenyTumultuous Turducken17:04
MutantTurkeyis there really going to be a natty narwhal?17:04
ChinnoDogTasty Turducken?17:04
ChinnoDogI don't think releases can use names of made up animals17:08
ChinnoDogBut if it is a Turkey release the first word will probably need to be 3+ sylables.17:08
andrewIt's not made up any more than any other animal name is made up17:08
ChinnoDogI do not think you are going to find any wild turduckens17:09
ChinnoDogUnless you wait a few billion years and hope that the duck and the chicken evolve into parasites17:10
andrewbut will ubuntu still be on the same naming scheme?17:20
ChinnoDogandrew: There aren't enough animals for that, but there could be if hybrid species are accepted and new species appear. I'm thinking.. Hippy Humanzee18:01
teddy-dbearChatty ChinnoDog? ;-)18:36
teddy-dbearChipper ChinnoDog?18:37
ChinnoDogChubby ChinnoDog21:05
jedijfchiapet ChinnoDog21:10
rmg51Chunky ChinnoDog21:11
jedijfcha cha cha chinno21:11
jedijfjing'lage ^^21:12

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