cyberangerdid ubuntu change their upstart config recently01:31
cyberanger"Upstart is a replacement for the traditional sysvinit package, and runs as process #1. Through upstart, we are able to have an event-driven process, whilst at the same time retaining compatibility for the original sysvinit behaviour. "01:37
cyberangerand the reason I ask, is the original sysvinit behaviour for removing a startup script seems to be gone01:38
cyberangersudo update-rc.d -f ssh remove can't find anything to remove, and it still runs at boot (and that's the name for openssh-server, worked before, and I've manually checked incase that was renamed)01:39
wrstcyberanger you are over my head and knowledge. on that :)01:41
cyberangerfigured it was outside most of the channels membership area01:43
cyberangerjust not a common reason for this I suppose01:43
cyberangerI used it back in college, and just started services manually via a bash script01:44
wrstI can not believe you would be into something uncommon cyberanger01:44
cyberanger./startservices.sh college|home|all|travel|hotspot|none01:44
cyberangerand that helped out (college policy was unclear on avahi, for example, I bet I pushed the admins buttons enough as it was, no point adding to the fire)01:46
wrstoh btw cyberanger I am typing to you via quassel on android :)01:47
cyberangerI also attached to school a little script that changed my mac address (the only wifi login is an approved mac address and knowing a hidden ssid, kinda weak)01:47
cyberangertravel randomly swapped the mac addresses, and turned off all services, same for hotspot01:48
cyberangerit's a really useful script, that this issue is breaking01:48
wrstI see I am never that sneaky01:50
cyberangernothing sneaky about it01:50
cyberangerwell, maybe a little, if nobody sees some giveaways01:51
cyberangerat hotspots and public networks, just a little extra privacy01:51
cyberangerand at college I had to use the same mac address everyday (or more paperwork I suppose)01:52
cyberangerthe rest of the script focused on sneaky buggers port scanning my system, trying to break into my laptop (or just to not look so much like a server01:54
cyberangerand now I wouldn't be that sneaky, tether my android phone and just avoid their network01:55
cyberangeror use my phone instead01:56
cyberangerno need for a full laptop to fire up quassel and chat on irc01:56
wrstis your android rooted?01:56
cyberangerright? ;-) (however I prefer irssi or weechat)01:56
wrstI don't need a laptop now cyberanger01:56
cyberangeryes, and loaded with CM701:57
wrsthmm I may do that sometime01:57
wrsthello Xpistos01:57
cyberangerbut I didn't need to root to tether, my phone has that stock01:57
XpistosHey cyberanger Are  yoiu on01:57
cyberanger(well, after T-Mobile pushed out one OTA update, enabled it and wifi calling)01:58
wrstI have options that don't require rooting but backdoorish01:58
cyberangerXpistos: yeah01:58
cyberangerwrst: yeah, I just use the front door01:58
Xpistoshey can you guys try to go on http://alt3redegos.com and let me know if you can get to it?01:58
* cyberanger puts on his boots, walks over to alt3redegos01:59
* cyberanger knocks on the door, it answeres01:59
cyberangerXpistos: all good01:59
XpistosI can't get on01:59
Xpistoshow can I flush my dns?02:00
XpistosI am not sure how to in linux02:01
wrstworks for me Xpistos02:01
Xpistosdamn it!02:01
cyberangerand all of his nameservers are responding02:01
* wrst heads for bed02:01
cyberangerXpistos: did you install any dns caching tools02:01
Xpistosno but tell me and I will02:01
cyberangerwrst: running from the problems, nice luxury02:01
cyberangersee you tommorow02:02
Xpistosnight wrst02:02
cyberangerXpistos: I don't mind telling you, but that means there's no dns cache to flush atm02:02
cyberangerhowever your router or browser is a thought02:02
cyberangerwhat's your browser?02:02
Xpistoschrome and firefox02:03
cyberangerhave you been trying both?02:04
XpistosI can't get to ae/antyhing02:05
Xpistosbut I can ftp to the site02:05
cyberangervia domain or ip02:06
cyberangerman, I'm used to some daylight right about now11:00
wrstcyberanger: this clock change stuff is stupid11:55
cyberangerit used to make some sense11:55
cyberangeruntil they changed the dates it applied on11:55
cyberangerthey've tweaked it beyond any reason12:00
wrstcyberanger if I hear one more person talk about enjoying the extra sunlight I will scream12:00
wrstwhen the government has people fooled into thinking they control sunlight its all over!12:01
cyberangerbut I always enjoy extra sunlight (that's not related to the time change however, jus a matter of our tilt to the sun)12:01
wrstyes me too cyberanger :)12:03
cyberangerthey already have the ability to control (nuclear) winter, what's the harm in sunlight ;-)12:03
wrstohh and calling it fast time or slow time like we can speed up or slow down time!12:04
cyberangerwell, we can change ones perception on time12:04
cyberangerjust a matter of adjusting the water treatment chemicals a little12:05
wrstyes but me setting thehour hand on the clock doesn't!12:05
cyberangerit seems to be doing wonders here, it feels like 7:0512:05
cyberangeroh, wait, no, that's just cause they made my clock wrong12:06
wrstha ha it is 7:05 here :)12:08
wrsthmm actually 7:08 my server needs to start updating time clock mroe often12:08
cyberangertime zone though, your CDT, I'm CST12:09
cyberangererr, EDT12:09
wrsteither way it works out :)12:09
cyberangerbloddy letters all getting jumbled about12:09
cyberangerif I were CST, it'd be the same as MDT12:10
cyberangerif I were EST, same as CST12:10
wrstquit thinking about it. its too confusing :)12:10
cyberangernot too confusing, just unnecessary12:12
cyberangercompletely unnecessary12:15
cyberangeradd power generating stations, and have farmers work when there's work todo, same as me, night or day12:16
cyberangertwo commonly cited reasons, done12:16
wrstyes the farmers don't really care they start at daylight end at dark12:16
wrsttoday it means the farmers miss some prime time television12:17
wrstwith the clock change12:17
cyberangerthey used to cite movie theaters as one power using reason, tell them to turn the bloddy AC off in winter, done12:18
wrstcyberanger: what do you think about nuclear power.. speaking of power usage12:18
cyberangerand not to have it in 32 in summer, buggers try to freeze you out12:18
wrstoh i love the temp in the theatres cyberanger one of the few things i like12:19
cyberangerI take a more complicated route than most (most are it's the end of the world, or nothing can go wrong)12:19
cyberangerI think we don't currently have anything to offset them12:20
cyberangernothing else generates so much power per plant12:20
wrsti think we should be using it a lot more personally and that would help with lots of issues12:20
cyberangerbut I do think that since we cannot deal with the waste, and we do not reprocess like japan (they do it cause they have no native source for fuel, and no space to store it)12:21
cyberangerthen we need to be looking for other options12:21
wrstgotta be some reasonable solution to the waste?12:21
cyberangerthere isn't that's what makes it a time bomb of sorts12:22
wrstbut i'm in the use everythign as far as energy goes but i really think we need to be energy independent12:22
cyberangertarget of oppertunity12:22
cyberangeryes, which is why I'm saying get us options that work, not kill oil and coal and nuclear, don't build damns12:23
cyberangerevery method has down sides12:23
cyberangerbut we don't need to do MTR mining for coal12:23
cyberangerwe can mine in other ways12:24
cyberangerMountainTop Removal12:24
cyberangerblowing up a mountain, not worried about where the soil or chemicals within go12:24
cyberangerchanges the landscape overnight, destroys ecosystems overnight too12:25
wrstyeah there's not that much of that going on if i'm not mistaken?12:25
cyberangercause they're finally trying to stop that12:26
wrstat one time in my area there was some of that or a lot of that and strip mining etc really did do a lot of damage12:26
cyberangerbut there doesn't need to be alot of that, it's exponentally worse than strip mining12:26
cyberanger40 years of pit or strip mining done in a day12:26
cyberangerthe coal pocket that we needed 10 years to get out before, under a week12:27
wrstbut i really beleive we have enough of all the above to work until the next big thing comes out12:27
cyberangerthat's part of my issue, the next big thing is out12:28
wrstwhat is it ? :)12:28
cyberangerbut becuase it makes the utilities more of a stock market than an actual utility company in todays sense, they don't want to touch it too much12:29
cyberangersolar and wind12:29
wrstsaying pretty much every house produces its own power?12:29
cyberangerthat could offset coal and oil12:29
cyberangerwell, not every house and done, still need power for factories, bussinesses, places that can't do either12:30
cyberangerbut we barely utilize geothermal, wind and solar12:30
cyberangerand with hydro already on the list12:31
cyberangerwe could mothball coal plants and reduce reactors a bit12:31
wrstthat's the thing with me and electric cars... seem kinda useless right now because they are polluting with the coal power plants so whats the difference12:32
cyberangerreason for mothballing coal plants instead of outright removal is in a grid failure you gotta bring it back slowly, reconnecting a nuclear plant to the grid instantly would be seen as a surge in current12:33
cyberangertoo much too quick12:33
cyberangerwell, electric cars have the advantage of getting pollution out of a city12:33
cyberangernobody puts a coal plant downtown12:34
wrsti don't want the pollution in the country cyberanger ;)12:34
cyberangerlessens the amount of people exposed, and that's even better when you factor in the amount of nuclear and green, and that cities are the most polluted, cause nobody wants a sucessful public transit system12:35
cyberangerwrst: never gonna see zero though, solar power is clean, but the panels are carbon emmiters12:36
cyberangerthat's why I don't say ditch coal for nuclear, both are unclean12:38
cyberangeror add hydro, ecosystem damage12:38
cyberangerbut if we say no to every method, due to it's downside, we'd have a shortage quickly12:39
cyberangerwrst: if we can get it reduced, and we can't import clean energy (well, aside from canada, but they're more likely to import from our coal plants)12:41
cyberangerthen we've at least reduced both12:42
wrsti like the sound of hydrogen as long as it doesn't blow up :)12:42
cyberangerI like methane, due to the fact every land fill generates it, nobody will oppose to a power plant there (they approved the landfill, kinda hard to approve anything worse from there)12:44
cyberangerand I also would like a helium powered car, get in a wreak, no way to have road rage "I think I've got a fuel leak, I can't hit you, I sound like a girl"12:45
chibihogoshinoanyone watching yokosonews ?12:49
cyberangeryes, but not this moment12:50
cyberangerbeen focused on Libya lately12:50
wrstcyberanger:  that sounds good also :)12:51
cyberangermethane on helium?12:51
wrstdo it all12:53
cyberangerwell, helium was more joke and wishful thinking, but if it works :-D12:53
cyberangerbut methane is a possibility12:55
wrsti'm for whatever gets us from depending on the mid-east12:55
wrstand that includes drilling what we have here12:55
cyberangercan you say deepwater horizon12:55
wrsti really want us to be rid of that crazy area i don't see that we are going to do anygood there12:56
wrstcyberanger: drill on land most of that due to govt regs has been banned12:56
cyberangerwell, we'd do better if we didn't regulate ourselves away from domestic sources12:57
wrstagreed big time cyberanger12:57
cyberangerbut these companies like more coverups and less regulation12:57
wrstnot to mention give citizens jobs12:57
wrsti'm not for sure that its the companies completely i think the fed has a lot to do with it also12:58
wrstgranted I think its both12:58
cyberangerI hate to say it, but this might be one case where a gov't owned competitor isn't horrible12:58
wrsti'm all for a free market but fact is with energy we don't have one12:58
cyberangerwell, we do, we have the freedom to deal with higher costs here, or any dictatorship elsewhere willing to sell13:00
cyberangerit's a free market, our options just suck13:00
wrstyeah but in the truest since dealing with opec is not free market13:00
wrstwe need open source energy cyberanger ;)13:01
cyberangerbut it's not just opec, we've got other ditactorships to utilize too13:01
wrstyeah i'm not wild about dealing with dictatorships or china which probably falls somewhat under dictatorship13:02
cyberangersomewhat, how about entirely13:03
cyberangerand I'd say russia too13:03
wrstagreed there also cyberanger13:03
cyberangerrussia used to be a one party system, the Lubyanka gang just learned it's easier to manulapite a multiparty system13:04
cyberangerthey used to have little options for press, and lacked freedom of the press, now they have freedom of the press, and many options to bully into keeping quiet13:06
cyberangerbuying from Gazprom or any other russian source is impossible anyhow, both china and russia don't want to sell13:07
wrstuhh thinking about the world hacks me off cyberanger :)13:12
wrstcyberanger:  have you tried natty out yet? :)13:12
cyberangerHack the planet!13:12
cyberangerI have, openbox runs great on it13:13
wrstcool cyberanger13:34
wrsti'm using stock unity and all is good so far for me13:34
cyberangeroh, were you asking if I was running unity or gnome ;-)13:35
wrstoh no cyberanger i knew better than that :P14:07
wrstbut unity to me is looking much better than gnome shell14:13
cyberangerwell, that says little to me14:30
cyberangernot a unity fan14:30
cyberangerbut also aware that gnome shell left something to be desired14:37
cyberangerstill gotta figure out what may have changed with upstart15:24
wrstyeah cyberanger gnome shell in its current form... kde 415:41
wrstif not worse15:41
cyberangerkde 4 was a mistake, but something to fall back on existed15:42
cyberangergnome shell, not really any version felt right15:42
cyberanger(granted, I wasn't much of a fan of kde, but I can at least say I used it for awhile, it worked)15:43
cyberangerwrst: did you see sunday's chalkboard gag on the sispsons?16:17
wrstno i did not cyberanger?16:18
cyberanger"Daylight Savings" is not a failed bank16:18
cyberangerseems they like the idea as much as us16:18
wrstha ha awesoem cyberanger16:22
Mighty_Penguinwrst, last night I appear to have upgraded my 10.10 install to 11.0417:23
wrstuhh Mighty_Penguin did you mean to do that?17:23
Mighty_Penguinit was interesting, I logged into my fresh install, go to facebook, and I noticed my email predefined lol17:24
Mighty_Penguinnot really but it doesn't hurt I guess17:24
wrstok just watched this video on gnome shell and it looks better than the last time i tried it18:02
cyberangerthe annoying part of the upgrade is my local mirror isn't setup for that yet18:06
cyberangerso it defeats the purpose atm18:06
wrstwow Juzzy19:20
chibihogoshinoits crazy how many quakes that part of the world has gotten in the last few days19:55
wrstyeah chibihogoshino hard to imagine20:13
chibihogoshinoi dont have to imagine it ..20:14
chibihogoshinoits going on now ..20:14
chibihogoshinocan i install linux onto a headless server without a monitor ?20:15
wrstcyberanger: ^^^^20:15
chibihogoshinoyea.. you beet me to it20:16
wrstchibihogoshino: i'm betting there is a way i generally hook a mon. up but i bet there is a way and cyberanger knows it :)20:16
chibihogoshinoi dont one to hook up tho ..20:16
chibihogoshinoim thining of having a ssh server start and and then sshing into the box and running the install from a remote x session20:16
wrstchibihogoshino: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=25060920:18
chibihogoshinoyeah im not going to do it that way20:19
cyberangerthere is a way, but how many steps are you willing to add21:27
cyberangerthat's kinda the annoyance with that21:27
cyberangerplus I'm unaware of any of those methods applying to ubuntu21:27
chibihogoshinocyberanger: what about the remote x session thing ?21:46
cyberangerchibihogoshino: not aware of that in the installer23:44
cyberangerand it's easier to use a text based installer23:44
cyberangerbut ubuntu stripped that out of the debian installer they use afaik23:44
cyberangerand I think you still have to start it with a head23:45
cyberangersurely there's some headless options, but for the effort, I'd barrow a monitor for 15 minutes23:45

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