MeanEYEam about to go to bed, ask at #ubuntu-offtopic00:00
Kilian]is there a more offical chan with some developers and communitymanagers of *buntu ?00:00
joeb_arand- ubuntu 10.10 is squeeze ?00:00
MeanEYEKilian]: #ayantana?00:00
arandjoeb_: No, ubuntu versions don't corelate to debian stable versions, they are synced from unstable/testing independently.00:00
hiexpojosh_, http://pastebin.com/6TMEZZL900:01
Kilian]MeanEYE: thx00:01
jethrotwill someone test my linux console editor on their system?00:01
MeanEYEKilian]: that's where you can discuss newer features and stuff like that... btu am not sure how many ubuntu developers are there00:01
RubenAlonzohas anyone seen the old video of Yellow Ledbetter's misheard lyrics? damn im old or something cause i just saw it and its funny as heckk.00:02
Kilian]MeanEYE: i only need one guy u can explain how to add a repository via oneclickbutton00:02
MeanEYEKilian]: what's one click button?00:02
Kilian]MeanEYE: http://www.unknown-horizons.org/download/linux/00:03
Kilian]the one-click install link00:03
Kilian]ican only install packages but not add an repository00:03
Kilian]doesnt found any official information about that00:03
RubenAlonzoDoes anyone know how to adjust sensitivity of netbook little trackpad thing right above the click bar, its used to navigate about like a mouse but mine seems a bit overly sensitive to me and i would like to adjust it?00:03
shcherbakjethrot: Where is code?00:04
Kilian]only some bloags saying there is a whitelist, where your repository have to be added00:04
RubenAlonzoAlso can anyone recoomend a good easy to use backup utility please?00:04
Kilian]MeanEYE: its any apturl button00:04
Kilian]RubenAlonzo: git00:04
ExplodingPigletshow do I install minecraft?00:05
RubenAlonzoKilian]: just git? thats the name?00:05
MeanEYEKilian]: I think that's security feature... what would happen if you could trick users in installing custom ppa that would provide faulty packages?00:05
Kilian]or did you mean for personal files ?00:05
ExplodingPigletsI downloaded it but I have no idea how to install it00:05
Jeruvy!backup | RubenAlonzo00:05
ubottuRubenAlonzo: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning00:05
Kilian]MeanEYE: there are linksk in the net who can add a repository, so there have to be a whitelist ;)00:05
RubenAlonzothanks all, be back after i search it out to compare ease of use and get it going.00:06
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Lint01how to get f..king metacity to start by itself&00:06
jethrotshcherbak: on sourceforge00:06
josh_hiexpo: eh =s The url's failing make sense, but  a look online suggests to maybe try changing sources in system/admin/software sources in the menu. That might be moot though.00:07
jethrotsorry no s00:07
cryptodirai foolishly upgraded to 10.10 from 10.04.2..... is it possible to revert to 10.04.2 WITHOUT having to format?  10.10 amd/6400:07
josh_hiexpo: also, some people say trying to update through aptitude.00:07
Kilian]MeanEYE: and my question is where is the whitelist and who is maintaining it00:08
Lint01cryptodira, not with apt-*00:08
[thor]Has there been an app created to set the theme on the GDM Greeter screen? The application in the software center ( gdmsetup ) does not seem to work, nor does a suggested application downloaded from launchpad ( gdm2setup ).00:08
Jeruvycryptodira: there is no easy direct path.  Most would suggest just reinstalling.00:08
MeanEYEKilian]: no clue, and that's the scary part00:08
MeanEYEatm in ubuntu my guess would be it's just ubuntu repository00:08
PolahIs there a way to automatically shift icons on panels to one side? So they all stack up neatly?00:08
Kilian]MeanEYE: any idea where i can get the information ?00:08
grusumcryptodira, why do u say "foolishly" - what's wrong with 10.10?00:09
cryptodiraLint01, figured that... thanks00:09
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OvermindDL2So who here knows about upstart?00:09
cryptodiraJeruvy, ok, thanks00:09
JeruvyPolah: right click on the icon, unlock then move where youlike.00:09
OvermindDL2I am trying to make a new job, goes very well right now, however how do I have it respond to more events without, say, creating a new .conf file for ever single possible event?00:10
Sean93I'm about to write a series of long commands and I would like to do it in the terminal because I like to tab the end of file names. but i dont want to hit enter bby accident. what im asking is is there a way to prevent my terminal from being able to execute commands for a while or is there some what to tab the end of file names in a text editor?00:10
PolahJeruvy: I know I can do that, I want to automatically stack them so they're neatly together00:10
cryptodiragrusum, in my case... amd64... flash, wireless, sd card reader, a functional boot method image viewer and a few other items are Broken.00:10
JeruvyPolah: no idea sorry.00:11
tjiggi_fohiexpo, most of them are source archives so unnecessary unless you'll be building from source or doing development coding00:11
hiexpojosh_, yes i understand the getdebs are down but the hash nismatch makes no sense and it has been working fine until yesturday00:11
OvermindDL2In old SysV scripts I could make as many 'commands' as I wanted easily, how do you do that in upstart?00:11
hiexpotjiggi_fo, i do build a lot from source00:12
grusumcryptodira, I had the same prob on my Lenova S10 netbook but worked them out . . .00:12
josh_hiexpo: one of the (old) posts I saw suggests the us servers were down at the time. What does aptitude update yield (do you have aptitude)?00:12
grusumcryptodira, using the 32 bit Ubuntu 10.1000:12
josh_hiexpo: or does apt just keep aptitude from working? :(00:13
hiexpojosh_, let me see00:13
arandSean93: http://www.fuzz.dk/software/vim/filename_completion maybe?00:13
cryptodiragrusum, update manager reports: nothing to update.  the ati drivers, while on the hd are not activatable, the boot is a nightmare of choosing one of the 3 recovery choices... and powering down just as it completes... then rebooting and choosing the same kernel normally....00:13
PolahJeruvy: I found that if I right click then move I can slide them up against ones that are already locked to get them as close together as possible00:14
cryptodiragrusum, 64 bit amd here, ,,,  the sd card reader worked flawlessly under 10.04... now it is NOT even seen00:14
grusumcryptodira, sorry ur having probs - I wish u well.00:14
hiexpojosh_, aptitude works00:14
cryptodiragrusum, me too.... Thanks!00:14
josh_hiexpo: WEIRD, heh. At least that works. if aptitude doesn't complain, maybe it 'fixed' the problem (but probably not).00:16
cryptodirabooting the 10.04 cd results in little square boxes in place of fonts.... how can i fix this so that i can reinstall 10.04 ?00:16
* dannyLopez68 cena00:16
hiexpojosh_, no it didn't fix it and yes that is wierd00:16
MeanEYEKilian]: not really00:17
jethrotwill someone test my linux console editor on their system?00:17
MeanEYEjethrot: mail it to me meaneye.rcf et gmail00:17
MeanEYEjethrot: I'll try it tmw00:17
Sean93arand, i use gedit, forgot to mention that00:18
josh_hiexpo: did 'system/admin/software sources' have the main sources? Give me a second as I fire mine up, that way I have an idea as to what to help with.00:18
hiexpowhy is aptitude working and not apt josh_00:18
MeanEYEhiexpo: aptitude has better package resolving abilities maybe because of that00:19
cryptodirabooting the 10.04 cd results in little square boxes in place of alpha/numeric.... how can i fix this so that i can reinstall 10.04 ?00:19
josh_hiexpo: I 'onno. =s00:21
kiokuhey ubuntu's, i need help installing distribution version 10.04 onto a Toshiba Sattelite and i am having a realy hard time.00:21
kiokuit currently runs windows xp, and i have tried 3 times to install it through the cd00:22
Rummagekioku: I have one of those, what's the issue?00:22
josh_hiexpo: I (finally) got software sources up. on the first tab is the 'Download from' selector. If you're like me and have it set to 'Server for United States', maybe changing it to main server could help.00:22
kiokuit goes all the way through till the end of the installation, and then it tells me "permission denied"00:22
RummageOkay, can you boot the LiveCD?00:23
kiokuwhen i reboot, it gives be the keyboard looking icon "=" the person with the circle around it, and never moves from there.00:23
RummageThat shouldn't happen, to say the least.00:23
kiokuwell, the part where it says "permission denied" is where the cd is in the drive, and i try to install inside windows.00:24
cryptodiraRummage, would you happen to be running amd64 on your satellite?  if so, I have a few questions when you are done helping kioku.00:24
RummageI'd suggest booting the CD itself.00:24
kiokuand when i reboot, it gives me those weird icons at the bottom of the screen, and has a dark purple background.00:24
Rummagecryptodira: My answers will mostly be *FACEDESK*, but sure.00:24
Rummagekioku: That's the options screen. It should automagically try to boot from that, but if it isn't that suggests there's some underlying issues.00:25
kiokui changed the boot bios to where it boots from the cd, and that is where it gives me the weird icons00:25
cryptodiraRummage, :) thanks, i will watch how kioku works out.00:25
kiokuyeah, it gives me the purple screen with the two icons on the bottom and nothing else. It just stops from there.00:25
RummageOkay. Suggestion: When you get to that screen, hit a button and it should bring you to an options menu.00:26
kiokuwhat button?00:26
kiokui did00:26
RummageExcept the power one :|00:26
RummageIt doesn't give you the options menu?00:26
kiokui tried all the function keys, enter, space, some letter keys, esc, and others.00:26
kiokunope, nothing.00:26
kiokuit doesn't even give me a cursor00:27
RummageHuh. Now that's pretty interesting. That suggests there is something really fundamentally wrong.00:27
cryptodirakioku, did you verify the hash on the cd?00:27
Rummagekioku: It's the value given to the CD image which proves it's correctly downloaded.00:28
kiokuim tech savvy, but not THAT tech savvy00:28
kiokuim not sure00:28
kiokuhow would i do that00:28
RummageHowever, this doesn't help you if you have a really bad CD Burner.00:28
kiokuwell, no.00:28
kiokui didn't download it00:28
kiokuit was a mailed in cd00:28
RummageHuh. Those are almost guaranteed to be solid.00:29
kioku10.04 LTS00:29
kiokuyeah, i used it on my DELL inspiron, and it worked perfectly.00:29
RummageBut it doesn't work on your satellite?00:29
kiokuso it is definitely not the cd00:29
kiokuit doesn't work on the satellite.00:29
RummageOkay. Do you know if your satellite is the right architecture?00:29
kiokui have no idea00:30
RummageE.g. using an AMD64 cd with a 64-bit satellite00:30
kiokuoh, like does it meet the requirements?00:30
RummageIt doesn't stop you from proceeding in most cases, of course, I accidentally installed 32b Ubuntu on a 64b system once.00:30
jasaYou know i was watching the BBC News on the satellite side and the translator person doing japanese into english takes all the attention by the way she speaks, rather uncertain of what to say.00:30
RummageMeh, I'm probably barking up the wrong tree.00:30
RummageMy first instinct is to back up all the useful data from the laptop and hard format the disc.00:31
kiokui did that already00:31
RummageWhich is somewhat overkill.00:31
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kiokui have a 1 TB00:31
kiokuExternal HD00:31
RummageSame here, actually.00:31
kiokuand everything is on there already00:31
kiokuif i can, i would, delete everything, and insert the cd.00:31
RummageInteresting. So is there anything that boots on the satellite?00:32
kiokuwell, all i have is this ubuntu cd 10.04, but other than that, Windows XP is on it right now.00:32
kiokuService Pack 300:32
kioku2002 version00:33
RummageSo XP boots?00:33
jasa10.10 and Win7 dual booting, going to swap Ubuntu into new OpenSUSE release.00:33
kiokuwhat do you suggest i do Rummage?00:33
jasaSlight issue was with the hard drive side of putting some type of dirty bit on windows partition and had to edit registery so it won't scan drive during booting Win7.00:34
RummageThe thing that gets me is that "permission denied" - You get that within XP when installing Ubuntu to a different partition?00:34
Mitchell4500Hello. I have 2 server machinces in my house right now and Im running a small webhosting bissiness and im going to be adding another machine and I was thinking of ubuntu. Anyone have some good tips?00:35
kiokuwell, no. I get that when i try to install it seperately from inside windows.00:35
RummageMitchell: Ubuntu Server pretty much covers all your needs. That or go to a server specific distro.00:35
MnCCis there a way to open a taskmanager when a process fails (like in windows) ?00:35
kiokuwhat i want to do, is just replace windows with ubuntu though.00:35
kiokui don't want to dual boot00:36
Rummagekioku: That is actually what I asked. Hm.00:36
cryptodiraRummage, it is interesting that kioku gets permission denied.... i am in a similar situation where when any choice from the choices screen (booting from cd) i get a hung cursor.00:36
Rummagecryptodira: Did you give it like 5-10 minutes?00:36
RummageSeriously, it takes a balls-long time for it to even get to the Ubuntu (dot dot dot dot) splash screen on my satellite.00:37
cryptodiraRummage, only 7 minutes... this is on the 10.10 cd on 10.10 installed.00:37
grendal_prime_im trying to get inotifywait to do what i want...anyone have any experiece with it?00:37
grendal_prime_it does what i want..then closes.  I guess i need to daemonize my script?00:38
safeWayfew days ago i did some command someone told me and now i can watch youtube videos in fullscreen00:38
Rummagecryptodira: Okay, this is after the options screen?00:38
safeWayhow to enable it again?00:38
cryptodiraRummage, i will give it more time.....  yes. after options00:38
Rummagekioku: I am really not sure what to tell you.00:38
kiokuwell, Rummage, i waited about a half an hour before i stopped it because i know that it shouldn't take that long.00:38
jasaRummage, slow booting ? You could just try taking the network service from starting during boot and add some quick thing start when desktop has came.00:38
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Rummagecryptodira: Okay, this time when you boot, I want you to open the options screen (hit a key at the keyboard/man screen), go to extra options, and select acpi=off, noapic, and nomodeset, then try booting.00:39
Rummagejasa: on a LiveCD?00:39
jasaRummage, sorry i think i missed chat line or word from your side, yeah those can be slow.00:40
AlecUbuntuUserheya guys, I just thought i'd ask as i can't get a yes/no answer, from the same year, I have an x-fi sound card, can one get the crystaliser to work? is it even posible.00:40
Rummagecryptodira: That mostly tries to bypass your hard disk, operating on the assumption that it is what is causing the hang.00:40
RummageI'm suspicious of your hard disk because that is exactly what went wrong on mine.00:41
jasaAlecUbuntuUser, i think the crystaliser is software made thing, so it would require coders add familiar functionality and name it into something.00:41
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cryptodiraRummage, booting 10.10 from the HD, give me 3 kernel options with recovery mode for each....none of which boot without choosing a recovery option first... and powering down just as soon as the last script runs... then rebooting and choosing that kernel...the kicker, is that it is NEVER the same kernel that works 2 times in a row...    in regards to your last 2 comments, i made note of them and will try that approach.00:42
AlecUbuntuUserJasa, could you point me in the direction of something like.... a graphic equaliser for ubuntu 10.10 x64 please? alot of google results are out-datad; seems Alsa is new00:42
Rummagecryptodira: That REALLY sounds like your hard disk. Shifting errors suggests read errors on the disc.00:43
AlecUbuntuUsercryptodira: can you put a live cd mount the drive then do "sudo gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg" remove splash and quiet from the arguments of boot, then see where it stops00:43
AlecUbuntuUserthis will provide some idea at least.00:43
jasaAlecUbuntuUser, it was on before i went reading some claim of it's software made thing while i was looking drivers for x-fi, don't use the x-fi currently and not sure of functionality today.00:43
redduck666where is good place to get support for ec2? no idea why it seems to failing to create an AMI, closest i got was extra dangling EBS volumne, but that doesn't seem to be my case http://dpaste.com/498027/ . any ideas what am i doing wrong?00:44
josh_AlecUbuntuUser: I know you said graphical.. for Alsa I use alsamixer :) I just saw that going by though and haven't been following the convo. Maybe helps?00:44
illmortalsweet... Ubuntu 10.10 recognized my Razor keyboard haha00:44
AlecUbuntuUserI know about alsamixer, my old card was an Audigy 4, that had base and treble sliders, this doesn't00:44
Rummagecryptodira: Seriously, if and or when you manage to boot, ddrescue that entire partition.00:44
jasaAlecUbuntuUser, if there is only 1 slider showing then it should be that your using pulseaudio daemon on top of alsa audio etc.00:45
AlecUbuntuUserjasa: i'm getting more then one slider, but they are volumes of different aspects00:45
intokwhy is it impossible to take a screenshot of movie player/totem?00:45
AlecUbuntuUseralso generic: ( jasa ) 5.1 optical yay or nay?00:46
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cryptodiraRummage, i will certainly give that a try.... just an fyi: trying to boot the 10.04 disk on this 10.10 system results in little boxes in place of the alpha/numeric characters.... 10.10 has broken a bunch of stuff on this machine... i would like to go back to 10.04.2 if your suggestions fail.00:47
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oh_noeshow do I allow a user to "sudo -u FOOBAR -i"  -- do I need to manually specify that command as a Cmnd_Alias00:47
aeon-ltdintok: details? i can and have seen others do the same00:47
oh_noesOr is there a nice way to say "allow USER to change to FOOBAR"00:47
Rummagecryptodira: I don't know how to do that. This is just my experience. I am, in all honestly, currently still running a rescue operation on the hard disk. It's possible there's a consistent defect in satellites.00:47
jasaAlecUbuntuUser, hard to say much into that, you could try or read from internet for ready answer.00:47
intok aeon-ltd when I try it replaces the image of the paused video with a zoomed in section of the middle of the frame, the rest of the screen is grabbed as normal00:49
jasaAlecUbuntuUser, on alsa-project site there should be list if being updated what are the current capabilities using alsa.00:49
sabgentong redhat has chkconfig --list to see every services runlevel00:49
NCS_Onehow can I kill the file manager window window? it stopped working00:49
sabgentonhow do I do this in debian/ubuntu?00:49
cryptodiraRummage, there may indeed be some ubuntu related defects in these satellites... do you happen to have the backlite keyboard... and if so, does it work beyond POST?00:49
sabgenton(g was a typo)00:50
AlecUbuntuUserjasa: i'm not lazy, i've f*cked up two installatons trying to do this....00:50
aeon-ltdintok: odd, keep asking and show the screenshot to the channel00:50
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kiokuRummage, i have some more information for my situation00:51
sabgentonis there anyway to list runlevels of an app?00:51
jrib!runlevel | sabgenton00:51
ubottusabgenton: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.00:51
Rummagecryptodira; No backlight keyboard.00:51
Rummagekioku: Shoot00:51
jasaAlecUbuntuUser, it should not be re-installation needed issue of, like if you want alsa, you could remove pulse daemon from starting and made sure application use alsa, add packages of libsdl1.2-alsa rather than pulse etc.00:51
jasaAlecUbuntuUser, for making certain somewhat that pulse won't start there is option in /etc/pulse and some file for autospawn to "no" also just to make sure you could remove some packages that don't remove gnome-panel or gnome-session.00:52
sabgentonjrib: ok but how do I see if a programs been update-rc.d ed?00:52
kiokuRummage, http://pastebin.com/YZBiyJS900:53
jribsabgenton: what do you want to accomplish exactly?  Most init scripts have been migrated over to upstart00:53
AlecUbuntuUserjasa - copy and paste terminal extracts + sudo + from a dated source = irreprable damage00:53
jasaAlecUbuntuUser, point me one.00:53
cryptodiraRummage, mount /media is returning : can't find /media in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab   .... is that the incorrect command?00:53
kiokuRummage, on the permission denied window, it asked me to look at that file.00:54
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Rummagecryptodira: That is most definitely not the whole command.00:55
sabgentonjrib: if I had to go out of my way to do update-rc.d  foo default00:55
Rummagemount goes like so: mount -options /sourcedevice /mountpoint/00:55
sabgentonwhere do I see this change00:56
kiokuRummage, are you looking at it?00:56
sabgentonif I come back latter and can't remmber if I did it00:56
jribsabgenton: why do you keep referring to update-rc.d?00:56
Rummagekioku: Yeah. Do you have any idea where the important lines are?00:56
cryptodiraRummage, got it... grub.config says to NOT edit this file....00:56
RummageFor instance, /media/ is generally a mountpoint, not a source device.00:56
kiokuRummage, not to this, not really.00:56
jribsabgenton: you can check the status of the old sysv-init scripts using sysvrc-conf but as I keep repeating to you, scripts are migrating to use upstart, not sysv-init00:57
sabgentonjrib: isn't that the defualt way to make a service come on at boot?00:57
jribsabgenton: no, that's the old way00:57
sabgentonoh whats the new way?00:57
jrib!upstart | sabgenton00:57
ubottusabgenton: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/00:57
sabgentonoh all making sence now00:57
sabgentongreat so I'm asking a nolonger suported  quesition00:58
Rummagecryptodira: For instance, mounting my usb drive goes like so: mount -o /dev/sdd /media/USBNAME/00:58
Rummagekioku: I'm reduced to google-is-my-friend territory.00:59
jasaYeah google most of the time works.01:00
Rummagekioku: This looks VERY relevant to you: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1134058.html01:00
cryptodiraRummage, got, made the changes... will be back eventually (i hope)  Thanks for your Help!01:00
Rummagecryptodira: Good luck, I probably won't be here.01:00
jasaAnd finally the same news and clips go for few days on, they should have send some own personel there on to get more updated news.01:01
Belial`is there anyone here with a laptop using optimus and running the proprietary nvidia driver?01:01
Logan_!anyone | Belial`01:01
ubottuBelial`: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.01:01
sabgentonjrib: sorry to be naive but how do I find if something is going to start on boot with upstart?01:03
Belial`alright, i have a laptop that has optimus. when i enable the nvidia driver from restricted drivers, i reboot, but then x doesn't fire up. i get stuck in console. it tells me there's no device and no screen.01:03
jribsabgenton: read it's configuration file in /etc/init01:03
cn1209hello.. How can I run applications without needing to type in sudo. I've tried adding the user to the root group...still no luck. Getting permission errors.01:04
kiokuRummage, so it looks like WUBI isn't good for this computer?01:04
jribcn1209: you don't.  What do you want to do exactly and why?01:05
kiokuor, would i need to do an extra step that I am just not seeing?01:05
jasacn1209, "sudo su" gets thing into root area, so only one using of thing and it stays there.01:05
jribjasa: "sudo -i" is preferred to "sudo su"01:06
jasacn1209, but then again indeed when sudo is being done it does not ask confirmation for a while after, only use in longer usage.01:06
cn1209jrib: I'm trying to run crashplan.com app to backup files offsite. The thing is when I run the app I have to run it as root ("sudo") and the I get errors when it tries to read the files. So I'm thinking the app is running as sudo and not the user that has full permissions to the files ("files are on an network storage")01:06
jribcn1209: then run it as the right user?01:07
cn1209jrib: I mean the app seems to be running as root01:07
Rummagekioku: I would think not, but it seems you can't boot from the CD directly, which eliminates the other option.01:07
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cn1209jrib: The app was installed using root. I guess I can reinstall it using my new user account.01:07
jribcn1209: well you made the statement that it needs to run as a certain user so I'm advising you based on that statement01:08
earthling_Is there something like this in ubuntu?  http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/accessibility/snapto.mspx01:09
earthling_mouse cursor goes to the dialogue button automatically01:09
jribearthling_: yes, there's a plug-in for compiz.  Ask #compiz about it01:09
jribearthling_: oh.  Thought you meant something else.  Ignore me.01:09
earthling_ok, will check,thx01:09
jasaearthling_, i really do hope there is no such functionality in Linux side at all.01:10
sabgentonjrib: so for system v stuff that  isn't in /etc/init as upstart script  I can apt-get install sysvrc-conf ?01:10
earthling_jasa, why?01:10
jribsabgenton: yes01:10
sabgentonok cool I feel beter now01:11
earthling_it saves time, dragging the mouse cursor each time there is a dialog button01:11
sabgentonjrib: I spose I should take down all my system v stuff and convert it to upstart01:11
jasaearthling_, well sure, but they could actually just remove whole mouse actually and only allow users have "tab+space", tab into choice of Yes/No and press space to use the selected function.01:12
kiokuWhat would you suggest I do Rummage?01:12
earthling_jasa, that would be neat too01:12
jasa= )01:13
sabgentonjrib: can't see the package to install it01:15
sabgenton sysvrc-conf01:16
jribsabgenton: sysv-rc-conf01:16
skullboyopen /dev/fb0: No such file or directory01:16
Jasonnskullboy: whats your point?01:16
JasonnAnyone know of an XBMC alternative?01:16
skullboyjasonn: i get that when i run fbset01:17
genewitchhow do i change what is in $DISPLAY? it's stuck on my other computer's :10.0 and i need it to be on :001:17
Jasonnskullboy: I would start off my creating that directory ;)01:17
Rummagekioku: Sorry, things went to hell for a minute. You need anything?01:18
Jasonnskullboy: or run the command as sudo01:18
ironfoot495hey where are you01:19
sabgentonjrib: what was the last systemV supporting  ubuntu01:20
sabgentonout of interest?01:21
jribsabgenton: I don't remember.  Guess: 7.1001:21
sabgentonok see01:21
jribsabgenton: note, the sysv-init scripts still get run.  Upstart runs them so as not to cause issues01:21
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
Xuniehttp://pastebin.com/NwipzXUn << Is this some ubuntu thing? With sda2 going through sda5 and sda6?01:22
Xuniecfdisk doesn't like it, nor do I...01:22
sabgentonyes but I have not implemented that management :/01:22
JasonnAny XBMC alternatives?01:23
Jasonnor a prog to stream videos from an HTTP server?01:23
sabgentonXunie: is  that an extend partion?01:24
jribsabgenton: what do you mean, you haven't implemented what?01:24
Lint01skullboy, that's ok01:24
Xuniesabgenton, I don't know.01:24
XunieIt says it right there, but cfdisk doesn't like it man.01:24
sabgentonjrib: It appers I am not using upstart to start somethings01:25
jon_athonif i closed something without saving, is there any way to recover?01:25
sabgentonis all I mean01:25
LogicallyDashingI'm trying to make a live pen drive of Ubuntu with a persistence file in which the home directory is encrypted. I tried setting up ecryptfs, then making the disc image by the instructions in the wiki, and that seemed to work until I tried logging in on the drive itself, whereupon I couldn't mount the encrypted filesystem. I think I'm going about this the wrong way, what should I do?01:25
jasaI wonder has anyone actually being so much annoyed as i was or have been some time around, still finally finding it does not get into folks at all, still they finally allow existance of such matters.01:25
carolinaHi every One!01:25
sabgentonXunie: /dev/sda2           12158      121602   879105025    5  Extended01:26
sabgenton5 and 6 are  probely siting inside 201:26
carolinaI'm new in ubuntu and i'd like to ask you some help01:26
TChiefwould anyone help me with my wireless adapter, im very new to linux01:26
TChiefwould anyone help me with my wireless adapter, im very new to linux01:26
LogicallyDashing!ask | TChief01:27
ubottuTChief: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:27
jon_athonsomeone please tell me there is a way to recover my work01:27
jon_athonI just closed 4 hours worth of work and accidentally hit discard01:27
sabgentonXunie: if you partioned everthing as a primarys it would look normal01:28
sabgentonto you01:28
pooltablehelp i like to start over with a fresh installed with 11.4 but is there a way to print out a list of all the items i have installed now or a real fast way to start fresh but save some king of back up01:28
Xuniesabgenton, I did not partition it myself.01:28
sabgentonXunie: extend partions are not unnormal though01:28
carolinaok!! I installed ubuntu in my netbook and my microphone doesn't work, what can i do?01:28
XunieWell, I take that back. The ubuntu installer (from the live CD) had a partitioning tool, I used that.01:28
jasapooltable, for settings usually the home folder of user should store those all.01:29
nit-witcarolina, did you right click the icon and look around?01:29
TChiefhow do i install ath9k for my AR9285 adapter ?01:29
pooltablejasa so just copy the home folder ???01:29
sabgentonXunie: you can only have a maximum of 4 primary partions01:29
intokaeon-ltd Well I found this issue when trying to show another one I'm having with Totem and Mplayer here on 10.10 PPC http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/4701/screenshotcpg.png01:30
sabgentonXunie: if you make at least one of the 4 extended the extented partion can be broken it to many partions01:30
jasapooltable, it should be really enough on if you mean with installed things that of settings you use on those and how you modified some programs a bit.01:30
sabgentonIn your case 5 and 601:30
jon_athonsomeone please tell me there is a way to recover my work01:30
skullboyjasonn: i get that when i run fbset01:30
sabgentoncheck there type in fdisk though I'm just guessing01:30
Xuniesabgenton, I only need three partitions. two for Linux, (/ and /home), and one for windows.01:31
pooltablejasa ok just copy the whole home folder ???01:31
LogicallyDashingTChief: I think there are already atheros drivers shipped with Ubuntu, have you tested?01:31
nit-witXunie, are you having problems or just trying to understand the partitioning?01:31
TChiefim using backtrack 4r2 though01:31
sabgentonXunie: ok well you have a 4th u can make extended with that game plain :)01:32
carolinayes I did01:32
jribsabgenton: yes, that's because not all packages have been converted yet01:32
sabgentonXunie: of cause you have to reformat01:32
LogicallyDashingjon_athon: in the terminal, go to the folder where you saved it, and type ls -a, and hope that there was an auto-backup file01:32
=== nick_ is now known as Guest56484
jasapooltable, i have not done so myself actually yet that is, but it should be somewhat the way of if nothing you could quickly check the arguement if it works with google.01:32
LogicallyDashingjon_athon: it'll probably have a name that starts with ~ or something01:32
Niglopwhen i ns info someone, it says 'services root administrator.' What is that?01:32
Xunienit-wit, both.01:32
jon_athonk, well I didn't save it at all... it was still untitled01:32
carolinaI found the enter volumen and gave it all but it still doesn't work01:33
LogicallyDashingjon_athon: I dunno, man01:33
nit-witXunie, do you understan the benifits of the extended partition?01:33
jasaintok, if you have an issue with no picture showing you could try adding gstreamer-plugins-bad, gstreamer-plugins-ugly etc there without those debug things or more of add an "medibuntu" reposity for more codecs to show videos.01:33
jon_athonnothing there01:33
sabgentonjrib: gee you were almost talkingto me like I shoul't have anything not upstart01:33
carolinaI don't know if i need a driver my microphone01:33
Xunienit-wit, no, and I'd like to get rid of it.01:34
intokjasa check the pic, I've got every codec under the sun01:34
kbuzzis it possible to boot a live iso from usb stick on a macbook?01:35
jasaintok, i did look the picture it was all black and by some odds you don't have all things if nothing is showing or the feed itself is corrupted in some way of or not functional at all.01:35
nit-witXunie, actually you want it. It will allow you to have logical partitions inside for Ubuntu, as many as you can fit in there. While leaving the outside as primary types that are needed to boot windows. It is to your advantage to have the whole Ubuntu set up inside the extendeed, but that is your decision. I just want to make sure you know your options.:)01:36
Jon--Can anyone be kind enough to look at this script and tell me why it doesn't work 100% of the time? Goal: bring gnome-terminal to current workspace and set focus it regardless of where it is if open. What it actually does: Only works about half the time, other half totally breaks until you manually set focus the window again. Code: http://pastebin.com/wZrKpGYz01:36
Jon--TL;DR: Why you no work!?  http://pastebin.com/wZrKpGYz01:36
Xunienit-wit, seems like a neat plan, but one problem: Can I resize an extended partition?01:36
nit-wituni4dfx, Oh yes01:36
nit-witXunie, close oh yes01:37
XunieBecause as far as I can see, sda2 (the extended partition) is a 'container'.01:37
nit-witXunie, to resize use the gparted partitioner on a live cd, and turn off the swap with a right click, and swap off then right click the extended or any other and resize.01:38
bittinHello you know of any good Linux for an old Powerbook G3 Wallstreet?01:38
nit-witXunie, your correct that it is a container but flexible it will resize to unallocated space.01:39
Xunienit-wit, sda6 is empty, I can do it from my booted system, don't need live for that.01:39
Xunienit-wit, "resize the unallocated space"?01:39
nit-witXunie, as long as you turn the swap off and it is not the OS your booted into's partition yeah.01:39
XunieI have fdisk open right now, I deleted /dev/sda6, this will not resize the extended partition, right?01:40
nit-witXunie, resize into unallocated space.01:40
nit-witXunie,  think you can but use gpparted you may need to install it .01:41
intokjasa the playback is like that in every video in totem and mplayer, playback is fine in VLC, it's not a codec issue, nor is it a file corruption issue since the same files play fine in totem and mplayer on x86 based hardware. The reason I need a fix is because I'm running an 800Mhz G4 PowerMac using the unofficial PPC build, VLC taxes the CPU too much to play most videos without skipping while they don't skip in the other player01:41
jasaintok, tried to change video output from gstreamer-properties for totem, mplayer should have simplier menu showing on player that does familiar.01:42
nit-witcarolina, pm me again I lost you01:42
grendal_primeman i am really having a hard time with this01:45
carolinaHi! I have problems with the compiz I installed the application but i can't find it in my aplications to use it, I'm very new in linux01:45
Dr_Williscarolina:  compiz is installed  by default on ubuntu. What did you install exactly?01:46
jasacarolina, system->prefs->appearance and there is tab for visual effects01:46
carolinayeah but it say that it is blocked01:46
jasacarolina, also for better configuration there is thing called "ccsm" or familiar in software reposities.01:46
Jon--Have: Running process found. Want: Extract title of that process for use with wmctrl. Any idea how?01:46
=== Guest49796 is now known as DarkDevil
jasacarolina, could be that you have an unsupported graphics card or like i do, i remove all those additional extra things. = )01:47
Dr_WillisJon--:  use of awk/sed/grep and the ps commands perhaps.01:47
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest22880
carolinaDr_Willis, I installed ubuntu 10.10 for netbooks01:47
Jon--Dr_Willis: I'm not sure how to compile the process and window title information into one system command. wmctrl -l doesn't print the process name, only the window name, an ID, and what desktop it is on01:48
Dr_Williscarolina:  what are you wanting to do exactly? If you want the normal gnome desktop on that thing you should install the 'ubuntu-desktop' package.01:48
XunieHmm, if I understand partitioning correctly, the partition table points to the beginning and end of a partition. And when I delete a partition, the data is still at the pointer.01:49
carolinaDr_willis, i want to use the 3d cube in my desktop01:49
XunieCan't I remove the extended partition, and then make a new partition pointing to the exact same pointer and end pointer?01:49
carolinadr_willis but in apperence the specials effects are blocked01:50
Jon--Have: Running process found. Want: Extract title of that process for use with wmctrl. Any idea how? [running GNOME]01:50
Xunienit-wit, your view?01:50
jasacarolina, sure you don't have any additional things blocked from xorg.conf like composite and such ? Also your using Ubuntu indeed and not Xubuntu or Kubuntu ?01:51
nit-witXunie, I stepped away whats happening01:51
Dr_Williscarolina:  dare we ask why?  its rather useless eyecandy.  Install that 'ccsm' tool mentioned earlier, and run it, and emable the cube.01:51
Dr_Willis!ccsm | carolina01:51
ubottucarolina: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz01:51
Dr_Williscarolina:  you would be better off spending your timne learning more ubuntu basics then worrying about eyecandy that basically is going to get removed in the next release anyway (or so i hear)01:51
Dr_WillisIm not even sure if the cube effect works properly with the netbook interface.01:51
carolinajasa, yes i'm using ubuntu indeed01:52
Nikhow to deposit a script to /opt/etc/init.d/S99pyload - i dont know what to do01:52
Xunienit-wit, well, a partition table is just a data structure holding a pointer and size to the partition ,right?01:52
Dr_WillisNik:  deposit? You mean copy it there?   sudo cp whatever /path/to/whevver01:52
nit-witXunie, it is geek area to remove the extended without wiping everything inside, I don't know how. You could shrink the whole thing and clone the stuff outside of it then remove it though01:52
Jon--Have: Running process found. Want: Extract title of that process for use with wmctrl. Any idea how? [running GNOME]01:52
jooxcarolina i sent you a message with info you need :)01:53
nit-witXunie, I'm not real up on partition tables really01:53
Xunienit-wit, can't I just delete the extended partition and also the inside of that the primary partition and recreate the primary partition which was in the extended partition?01:53
=== derek_ is now known as MGMTM3
Xunienit-wit, I can't resize an extended partition, can I?01:53
nit-witXunie, you would remove the stuff inside then the extended yes.01:53
jasajoox, he/she needs understanding that's all. = )01:53
nit-witXunie, yes you can resize the extended01:53
Xunienit-wit, according to gparted I can't! :S01:54
XunieMaybe because I'm booted from the HD.01:54
nit-witXunie, do you have the swap off01:54
nit-witXunie, yes you have to be on the live cd01:54
Xunienit-wit, yes, swap is off.01:54
Jon--Have: Running process found. Want: Extract title of that process for use with wmctrl. Any idea how? [running GNOME]01:54
Xunienit-wit, well, I'm gonna burn the live cd, thanks for your help.01:55
carolinaDr_willis, could you  recommend me where can i learn more about ubuntu basics? =)01:55
nit-witXunie, no problem.:)01:55
carolinajoox, thank you very much! i'll try it01:55
Mxzklchello everyone, I'd need some help with dual booting windows 7 and ubuntu 10.10 on a pc with aptio bios (supposed to be an efi), i'm fairly new to dualbootin (only ever used linux on my pc since 2007 lol) only thing i know is that since 9.10 it's a pain to do due to grub2 and id like to avoid having to "bootrec /fixboot" everytime i need windows01:57
=== [271828183e-8] is now known as e000
Dr_Willis!manual | carolina01:58
ubottucarolina: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/01:58
carolinaubottu thx! I'm installing simple-ccsm01:58
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:58
jasaYeah, i just wonder why in the heck i went to even bother getting Win7 myself and i hate dual booting/swaps between OS.01:59
Dr_WillisMxzklc:  you got a windows pc that used EFI? Not seen one of those yet.01:59
Mxzklcdr_willis : UEFI, pardon, as far as i know aptio is supposed to be Ami's uefi, with no legacy bios support (hence, correct me if im wrong no mbr but gpt)02:00
Dr_WillisMxzklc:  i dont have anything that new. so not used those things. Only thing ive seen that EFI on is apple stuff.02:00
Dr_WillisI thouight one of the main features of grub2 was it supposed to work with efi things.02:01
carolinaDr_willis and ubottu i'm alredy reading the manual thanks a lot!02:01
Jon--Have: Running process found. Want: Extract title of that process for use with wmctrl. Any idea how? [running GNOME]. Here's script: http://pastebin.com/6hEpTuz5 [the --name is just playing around, didn't go very far]02:01
bonesddsIs this the best channel to discuss ubuntu server questions?02:01
MxzklcDr_Willis: Yeah, I had the brilliant idea to buy a new pc without reading if its bios was supported lol, actually grub legacy wouldnt play nice with uefi would it?02:01
Jasonnbonesdds: at least they didnt go to #windows ;)02:02
Dr_WillisMxzklc:  I thought GRUB2 was supposed to play nice with it.02:03
Jon--The main culprit is set title in my vimrc02:03
Jon--and I can't find a way to use anything other than window title with wmctrl02:04
MxzklcDr_Willis: it does play nice with it, but it doesn't (apparently) play nice with windows while dualbooting02:04
MxzklcDr_Willis: if you re aware of any way to dualboot them without causing civil wars I'd be grateful if u'd let me know02:04
Dr_WillisJon--:  compiz has a lot of features to mess with windows size/positon and so forth. Ive not used wmctrl in ages.02:04
Dr_WillisMxzklc:  i have no pcs that new. so no idea. You have checked the forums?02:04
Jon--Dr_Willis: What I want to do is, 1) find if gnome-terminal is running, 2) if running, move it to my current workspace, set focus 3) if not running, spawn one on current process02:05
MxzklcDr_Willis: what you mean "that new" ? that new to run windows? if you know how to make them play nice on legacy bios is fine too, if you know how to do with grub2 it would make no difference if i use bios efi or whatever02:05
Jon--I'm using wmctrl to find the window if it's open but that uses title, which is not always Terminal02:06
edbianJon--, Dr_Willis Is there anyway to move a window to a different virtual desktop?02:06
jribJon--: you can pass window id instead02:06
edbianJon--, use ps -e | grep gnome-terminal02:06
guestCan anyone get a Apple ii program to work in a browser on http://www.virtualapple.org/02:06
Jon--edbian: Would that work? :O02:06
edbianJon--, It'll find any process called 'gnome-terminal'02:07
edbianJon--, (yes it will work)02:07
Jon--edbian: I can already do that. Are you suggesting I cut something from the output of grep and use that?02:07
Chapatihow secure is the ubuntu full drive encryption?02:07
Chapatidoes it rank up with other tools like truecrypt?02:07
Dr_WillisMxzklc:  ive not even seen any windows machines that come with the EFI stuff.02:08
Dr_Willisedbian:  compiz has some features to do that i recall.02:08
Jon--Chapati: I personally recommend TrueCrypt. Not to diss Ubuntu, but TrueCrypt has been hammered away at for a long time and found to be done well, and it's compatible with other platforms like Windows. It's my personal recommendation02:08
edbianDr_Willis, Thanks02:08
Dr_Williswell im off to work.. i may be back in 20 min or so.02:08
bonesddsJasonn: Thanks, a smarta$$ response. I never expected that.  I mean to say, is this the best place to discuss server based questions or would you recommend a different channel?02:08
Jon--edbian: Can you show me how?02:08
MxzklcDr_Willis: I'm talking about BIOS now, what i asked was if you were aware of any way to dualboot windows with ubuntu 9.10 or later02:08
jribDr_Willis: interesting job -_-02:08
jaridWhat command can I do to check if I have support for hardware virtualization?02:08
ChapatiJon--, yeah but what do you do for full disk encryption? because truecrypt doesnt encrypt the entire OS02:08
edbianJon--, It sounds both our methods work equally well.  ps -e lists all processes.  Do you know what grep does?  Do you need the command explained further?02:09
Dr_Willisjrib:  yep. I can now IRC from my android phone at work.02:09
Jon--edbian: Here's my current script that relies on $TITLE not changing : http://pastebin.com/hEc8y7aw02:09
jribDr_Willis: cool :)02:09
Jon--Chapati: Yes it does..02:09
Mxzklchello everyone, I'd need some help with dual booting windows 7 and ubuntu 10.10 on a pc with aptio bios (supposed to be an efi), i'm fairly new to dualbootin (only ever used linux on my pc since 2007 lol) only thing i know is that since 9.10 it's a pain to do due to grub2 and id like to avoid having to "bootrec /fixboot" everytime i need windows02:09
neizChapati: I second Jon--'s recommendation for truecrypt. it's amazing02:09
edbianJon--, Well that's the thing, title will change02:09
guestCan anyone get a Apple ii program to work in a browser on http://www.virtualapple.org/  Or confirm that it doesn't work?02:09
edbianJon--, Although you can tell gnome-terminal to not change the title in the preferences02:10
jaridWhat command can I do to check if I have support for hardware virtualization?02:10
Jon--edbian: Exactly. Is there no way to find what the title of that window will be, and use wmctrl? Or some other feature of wmctrl that doesn't rely on the title?02:10
Chapatiyeah i had truecrypt ready to go02:10
Jon--edbian: I'd prefer not having to do that, but yes, I could.02:10
Chapatibut it wouldnt encrypt the system02:10
Chapationly create new partitions02:10
Jon--Chapati: There is an option for full-drive encryption.02:10
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jaridWhat command can I do to check if I have support for hardware virtualization?02:11
* Chapati tries to find it02:11
Jon--Chapati: Google.02:11
edbianJon--, Do you care what the title is other than to find gnome-terminals?  Here's the thing. ps -e will list all the processes.  If you have a gnome-terminal open you will see 'gnome-terminal' in the list.  The only problem is if there is more than one gnome-terminal open you can't tell using just ps -e   Does that matter to you?02:12
skullboyhow do i forge fbset02:12
Jon--edbian: no. I don't need to find a specific gnome-terminal, I only plan on using one and tabs.02:13
Jon--edbian: hence why I'd like to be able to use wmctrl and move it around to my current workspace02:13
skullboyhow do i forge fbset02:14
skullboyhow do i forge fbset report02:14
guest Can anyone get a Apple ii program to work in a browser on http://www.virtualapple.org/  Or confirm that it doesn't work?02:14
YankDownUnderskullboy, You were kicked before for flooding this same question. Read the man pages or Google.02:14
Disk1of5hi all, having a problem with 10.10 server, my grub is not auto loading a OS, it just sits at menu selection, i have checked /etc/default/grub.cfg and the time outs are set.. can any one help me plz?02:15
edbianJon--, This seems simpler and achieves the same thing: http://pastebin.com/nFNvyn9m02:15
jaridChapati, anything?02:17
=== bruno is now known as Guest81784
Jon--edbian: The problem is not the if statement, it's the wmctrl command requiring that the title of terminal not change.02:18
edbianJon--, aaaahhh, lemme see then...02:18
Jon--edbian: Have: Running process found. Want: Extract title of that process for use with wmctrl. Any idea how? [running GNOME]02:18
edbianJon--, Trying to figure that out...02:19
edbianJon--, Surely you can give wmctrl something besides window title. (that's not a good unique identifier)02:19
Jon--edbian: man page only offered an integer ID of some kind, but I have no idea where that comes from and I can't match it to anything in ps.02:20
Mxzklchello everyone, I'd need some help with dual booting windows 7 and ubuntu 10.10 on a pc with aptio bios (supposed to be an efi), i'm fairly new to dualbootin (only ever used linux on my pc since 2007 lol) only thing i know is that since 9.10 it's a pain to do due to grub2 and id like to avoid having to "bootrec /fixboot" everytime i need windows02:20
edbianJon--, it's not process ID?02:20
edbianJon--, Surely it's process ID02:20
guest Can anyone get a Apple ii program to work in a browser on http://www.virtualapple.org/  Or confirm that it doesn't work?02:20
Jon--edbian: no02:20
Jon--"The first column always contains the window identity as a hexadecimal integer"02:21
Jon--from man page ^02:21
jhonnyboyHello everyone, what's the best way to design a site to be seen the same across multiple resolutions? Design it for a certain resolution or just place the css code?02:22
Jon--pgrep returns 17109 and the identity as hex is 0x04c00004 . Not the same.02:22
edbianJon--, Look at -p   ?02:22
Jon--Have: Running process found. Want: Extract title of that process for use with wmctrl. Any idea how? [running GNOME]02:22
Jon--I need to write some sort of cut job now though, they still require you use window title -_-'02:23
Jon--The column matches now though. wmctrl -lp terminal entry PID field matches PID returned by pgrep gnome-terminal02:24
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guestMaybe I'm not being seen?02:25
visual1ceim having trouble opening a java applet required for coursework02:25
=== Senix|away is now known as Senix
=== TrunksNeo is now known as Guest88495
itaylor57Visual`: how are you trying to run it?02:26
edbianJon--, FixeD?02:27
Mxzklchello everyone, I'd need some help with dual booting windows 7 and ubuntu 10.10 on a pc with aptio bios (supposed to be an uefi), i'm fairly new to dualbooting (only ever used linux on my pc since 2007 lol) only thing i know is that since 9.10 it's a pain to do due to grub2 and id like to avoid having to "bootrec /fixboot" everytime i need windows, would grub-legacy work on aptio bios?02:27
carolinahi i'm trying to use the specials effects but it says that the mutter is running and i can't use them02:27
carolinawhat is the mutter02:27
Jon--Okay now my problem is a bit simpler, maybe someone can help me. I need a script to do something. I have wmctrl -lp output which has it's third field the PID of the processes. I need to find the PID in that list that matches the PID for gnome-terminal running. I then need to get the name field out of that row, which is a part of the fourth field of wmctrl -lp. It's a tricky sed/cut/grep sort...02:27
Jon--...of job now. =(02:27
Jon--Sadly wmctrl doesn't let you find a process given a PID, only print a list which contains PID as well as the title in it -_-'. Need the associated title.02:28
Starminncarolina: It's a window manager. IT effectively replaces Metacity for the GNOME Shell02:28
Starminncarolina: So it sounds like it's telling you it can't do them because it needs Metactiy running, and not Mutter, so something you could try is running "metacity --replace" in a terminal and trying again. (That's just a wild guess though.)02:29
AurigaMxzklc, What about it is supposed to be more difficult?02:29
gabo1323where can I found gift-daemon and how can I instal it, I just instal giftoxic but it doesn work02:29
Jon--oh god, this will take forever. Someone please take pity on my soul and help me write this with BASH02:30
MxzklcAuriga: what you mean?02:30
carolinaStarminn, how can i do that? i'm new in these stuffs02:30
AurigaMxzklc, You said that it is supposed to be a pain in the ass to dual boot now.02:31
AurigaMxzklc, I dual boot with no hassle, unless I am missing something specific to do with the bios you mentioned...02:31
MxzklcAuriga: i didnt say ass tho =P, but yes, my last attempts failed, windows wouldnt boot, would go to windows logo and restart my pc02:31
guest Can anyone get a Apple ii program to work in a browser on http://www.virtualapple.org/  Or confirm that it doesn't work?02:31
rojikkuHEEEEELP Dx I added a source in my Ubuntu software center, and then updated...it was a something like ppa:compiz/paa or something like that, I was looking for the unsupported compiz plugin..And I rebooted after it did some partial system update, and now compiz crashes after a moment when I login!! And alt + f2 isnt' working >>....02:32
rojikkuI was trying to get snow...and this is the help thing right? x.x02:33
AurigaMxzklc, What did you install fist?02:33
MxzklcAuriga: windows then ubuntu, ubuntu boots flawlessly, but if i use it (update and do what i have to) and then restart and switch to windows it wont boot unless i run windows dvd and "chkdsk && bootrec /fixboo"02:33
A|i3NI got an easy question. After finally getting handbrake to run on 10.04, I've got 6 freshly re-encoded MP4 files I want to join into one continuous file. Is there something that'll do this quickly without having to re-encode the whole dang project, and do it with no quality loss? I've got PiTiVi running on it and it's gonna take about 2 1/2 hours. Didn't even take me that long to encode the files from other formats in the first place.02:33
josh_rojikku: You are in the right place! someone will pick ya up shortly :) Or I can try ^_^;02:33
rojikkujosh_, what do you think is the issue? xP02:34
AurigaMxzklc, Wow... Okay... This might be a bit beyond me, as I have not had that kind of issues at all...02:34
MxzklcAuriga: bios doesn't matter, it would have if i had to use grub legacy, did you use grub2?02:34
StarminnJon--: Try in #bash?02:35
AurigaMxzklc, I'm guess I did as that is the fefault no?02:35
MxzklcAuriga: would i be too invasive if i asked you what bios and pc brand you re using?02:36
josh_rojikku: something caused compiz to call it kaputz, of course. The why is a toughie. When you try and run compiz from a terminal what happens?02:36
AurigaMxzklc, I think your knowledge surpasses mine too lol. Not sure where to start with hellping you.02:36
Sub_ZeroI just installed the addon that allows USB 2.0 support for Vbox but when I go to the USB menu via Devices > USB devices it won't let me check any of them02:36
Surjyahi geeks, I just downloaded ubuntu 10.10. I prepared a USB for this also. Now boot with my USB and I dint install on my system. I am running directly from USB. But I am not able to get Wi-fi networks02:36
MxzklcAuriga: if you did it with no pains it may be my crappy pc (i havent even touched the aptio one yet)02:36
AurigaMxzklc, Rude & intrusive I think would be better words to fit... & no it wouldn't lol.02:36
SurjyaCan anybody suggest what may be wrong?02:36
AurigaMxzklc, It's an EVGA 680i.02:36
josh_rojikku: also, do you still have the gnome-panels available?02:36
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:36
guest Can anyone get a Apple ii program to work in a browser on http://www.virtualapple.org/  Or confirm that it doesn't work?02:37
rojikkujosh_, I did that, compiz --replace, it works fine...Just I don't like the whole terminal thing. xP And yeah I have the gnome-panels02:37
AurigaMxzklc, How old is your machine?02:37
MxzklcAuriga: what the hell? i never heard of those lol, and its a '10 dell laptop02:37
josh_ok! rojikku, you know gconf right? Is compiz still in the key for required session apps?02:38
juniorhhello hello02:38
rojikkujosh_, uhm...gconf? I am not sure...02:38
AurigaMxzklc, EVGA 680i is a 2007 board I think... It's good. Does everything I need.02:38
AurigaMxzklc, As to your 10" Dell... What is the HD size?02:38
josh_rojikku: gnome configuration manager is your friend here :) one sec02:38
AurigaMxzklc, Could you be having partition issues?02:39
MxzklcAuriga: yes no doubt it does everything i was just pointing out my ignorance lol02:39
AurigaMxzklc, No I know, I was just explaining lol.02:39
rojikkujosh_ Uhm, ok...02:39
MxzklcAuriga: I'm not sure, as i said i havent touched it yet, but on a compaq presario cq60 it wouldn't dualboot and it uses phoenix bios which (its not relevant ) is compatible with grub-legacy, while im not sure aptio is02:39
AurigaMxzklc, Windows isn't happy if there isn't enough extra space around the install.02:40
josh_rojikku: if you have something like gnome-do, type in gconf and you'll find it, otherwise do gconf-editor from the terminal to bring it up02:40
MxzklcAuriga: it has like 100GB (vista) or 97GB (7)02:40
skullboyhow do i forge fbset report02:40
MxzklcAuriga: xp doesnt boot either, same problem, win logo a lil smile then forced reboot (from os)02:40
josh_rojikku: (well, you probably have easier access than terminal but im not sure where in the menu it is =s)02:40
AurigaMxzklc, If you have an XP disc around try that, to test it with [As it is a quicker install time] Then02:40
AurigaAhhh okay...02:41
rojikkujosh_: it came right up. xP Now what? and gnome-do is alt f2? that doesn't work...>> I used terminal02:41
AurigaHmmmm *Thinking*02:41
AurigaMxzklc, Have you tried installing the other way around, Linux then Windows...?02:41
AurigaMxzklc, Seems like an unlikely long shot I know, but it might work...02:41
josh_rojikku: ok, so the session key is under desktop/gnome/session , open up to there02:41
alex_\join #ubuntu-us-ca02:42
MxzklcAuriga: only time i dual booted (not even on my pc) was with win xp and ubuntu 8.10 but on my computers i only used linux since i quit xp lol. And yes i tried doing it,  i had to reinstall grub2 both on mbr and on boot partition02:42
josh_rojikku: and then to required_components, forgot that02:42
rojikkujosh_, Alright02:42
AurigaMxzklc, That sounds long...02:42
wn1zidMy eeepc on 10.10: thanks Ubuntu, Great job : http://imagebin.org/14285902:42
rojikkujosh_, the hell is mentacity here for? o.o Do I even have that installed?...02:42
josh_rojikku: you'll have panel, WM and FM right there. Is compiz in the WM?02:42
AurigaSorry what is the model you are playing with? So I can google it.02:43
josh_rojikku: AHA!02:43
AurigaMxzklc, Sorry what is the model you are playing with? So I can google it.02:43
rojikkujosh_, just replace the value with compiz? and WTF I never had this issue before >>..02:43
MxzklcAuriga: i actually found out that i could use grub legacy to stop all this linux hate from windows but im not sure it would work on ami aptio, model of what? i actually have 2 laptops lol (if you refer to it)02:43
AurigaMxzklc, The machine you are trying to dual on right now.02:43
josh_rojikku: that should do it :) so, change it and restart the session! if you are running chat in X see you in a few :)02:44
rojikkujosh_:  Yeah rofl I should have done chat on lappy...brb02:44
MxzklcAuriga : one i want dualboot in (not tried tho, living of past experiences) dell vostro 3700 , failed boot on compaq presario cq60 415SL  (there may be a - between them lol google should fix it tho)02:44
lightahi guys, having trouble with audio, how can I enable internalsound with alsa ?02:44
MxzklcAuriga: i dont think i need to give you my dell customization (as details) since its supposed to be 1 bios for all but if so just ask02:45
AurigaMxzklc, Okay give me a second...02:45
MxzklcAuriga: sure thanks btw02:45
AurigaMxzklc, I haven't helped you as yet lol...02:45
jhonnyboyanyone good with php/mysql...I'm getting an error on line 16 http://pastebin.com/ybrZUnFH02:45
MxzklcAuriga: you just lost around 10 minutes of your life, its enough to say thanks02:45
AurigaMxzklc, Lol.02:46
AurigaMxzklc, Oh gosh we're talking about i7's... Nice...02:46
=== Guest22880 is now known as DarkDevil
AurigaMxzklc, You said that you haven't tried to dual boot on the Vostro?02:48
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest51060
josh_rojikku: and the verdict is?02:48
ChapatiJon--: cant find anything02:48
Jon--Anyone who was still following my problem02:48
MxzklccAuriga: last thing i got from you was the i7 comment then it disconnected me -.-  sorry02:48
Jon--The final solution is pid=$(pgrep gnome-terminal); wmctrl -ia "$(wmctrl -lp | awk -v pid="$pid" 'pid==$3 {print $1; exit}')" 2>/dev/null || gnome-terminal02:48
Jon--#awk saved me :P02:49
rojikkujosh_: Predictably it crashed agian..btw when I login my panels have static instead of their pictures for a few min, never did that before02:49
MxzklccAuriga: and in fact there are 2 of me lmao02:49
edbianJon--, holy crap.  Good job!02:49
carolinaStarminn, So if I uninstall mutter and I have install Metacy, cause I have both  already installed02:49
josh_rojikku: baaaaaah. =s02:50
carolinaStarminn: it is ok if I do that02:50
Starminncarolina: What system are you using? What's your desktop environment?02:50
rojikkujosh_: Yeah, it started after I added that source and ran the update thing...so I really don't know, I guess I have to undo the update? 0.o02:50
=== derp_ is now known as Chapati
Starminncarolina: Did you try the command I gave you earlier?02:51
MxzklccAuriga: gone afk or something? i may have missed some message02:51
AurigaMxzklcc, Sorry02:51
rojikkujosh_: Oh!!! You know what! A bunch of shit got uninstalled after the update, made it removed something vital 0.o02:51
josh_rojikku: perhaps =s de-updating could be precarious though. I've never tried to before (or it's been awhile).02:51
LittleRedI have a media bar on my laptop -- running 10.10 on 64 bit... anyone have any ideas where I might find drivers?02:51
AurigaMxzklcc, Had to relieve the bladder.02:51
MxzklccAuriga: no problem, as i said last thing i had from you was the comment about i7 which was answered with "its an i5" then i got disconnected lol02:51
AurigaMxzklcc, There are two of you?02:52
AurigaMxzklcc, Yeah I read back lol.02:52
AurigaMxzklcc, That was the last thing..02:52
MxzklccAuriga: there were, i actually added a c t my name to come back lol02:52
josh_rojikku: switching back to the current release would probably reinstall most of that, mhmm.02:52
rojikkujosh_: How would I do that? 0.o02:52
AurigaMxzklcc,  okay.02:52
AurigaMxzklcc, Try the dual on the Vostro, I can't see why it wouldn't on that.02:52
AurigaMxzklcc, I am one to stay away from dell if I can, but It's looking like a beast.02:53
rojikkujosh_: I am going to try again real quick......02:53
A|i3NANybody know of some good MP4 merging software?02:53
MxzklccAuriga: why stay away from dell? O_O02:53
josh_I was still typing my reply, grumble grumble02:53
* josh_ shakes fist at rojikku02:53
AurigaMxzklcc, Expensive for one, plus the desktops I have seen use specialized dell parts meaning you can't just swap in or swap out the parts.02:53
rojikkujosh_: Didn't work D:02:54
MxzklccAuriga: well its a 17 inches, if it happens to fool me it would still be good for slapping people02:54
MxzklccAuriga: and as far as i know the proprietary dell crap got removed in 2007 or so02:54
AurigaMxzklcc, Yeah that could hurt lol.02:54
rojikkujosh_: Shit, comiz did that thing again..I think I caught it in terminal though..02:54
StarminnA|i3N: http://www.ehow.com/how_7453393_merge-mp4s-linux.html --- maybe?02:55
lightahi guys, having trouble with audio, how can I enable internalsound with alsa ?02:55
josh_rojikku:like it flipped out or didnt start?02:55
MxzklccAuriga: by the way reason why i wanted to ask before trying is that on a normal pc (compaqs are crap...but normal one) it wouldnt work02:55
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:55
rojikkujosh_: It started, and then I looked and I had no bars or anything suddenly >>02:55
AurigaMxzklcc, Just because something work in one place doesn't mean it is the same elsewhere.02:55
AurigaMxzklcc, This is especially true with computers.02:55
rojikkujosh_: "gtk-window-decorator" received an X window system error"02:55
Bruce_WayneIs there anyway I can make not to ask `Default keyring` for gwibber when I boot into ubuntu?02:56
AurigaMxzklcc, Theory doesn't always translate to practice.02:56
josh_rojikku: interesting. Window decorator stuff I haven't really dealt much with, other than through fusion-icon (which could be very helpful to you).02:56
MxzklccAuriga: i guess its time to try, just gotta fetch some info about aptio and mbr/gpt02:57
rojikkujosh_: http://pastebin.com/4GUuYMqa02:57
MxzklccAuriga: if i have to use a vm tho ima freak out lol (also because i need wnidows to update my phones)02:57
AurigaMxzklcc, I saw an app in Ubuntu somewhere for that kind of thing...02:58
visual1cefor some reason i can't get a few java applets working... how can i go about troubleshooting this?02:58
MxzklccAuriga: doesn't work with bbos 6 (as far as i seen googleing)02:58
=== rytyA is now known as ryty
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
MxzklccAuriga: for my android phone ota would be ok (slow but ok) but blackberries need windows -_-02:59
AurigaMxzklcc, Not something I know about, sorry.02:59
ValkyrieHi! I'm setting up a stream of my Desktop, and i'm choosing the option to play another file simultaniously (my headset, hopefully) But, it asks my audio device name02:59
A|i3Nthat looks promising Starminn - thanks hehe02:59
ValkyrieWhat does it mean? When I go aplay --list-devices it shows my two devices (speakers and headset)02:59
ValkyrieBut, audio device name are both 002:59
AurigaMxzklcc, This app may do it, I will go look quick.02:59
MxzklccAuriga: blackberry statement "use windows or jump out of your balcony"02:59
MxzklccAuriga: if you think it may its ok, thanks02:59
Valkyrie(Through VLC)02:59
MxzklccAuriga: probably didnt google enough lol02:59
josh_rojikku: that definetely references a theme that is missing stuff =s  I'm gonna try and cut through docs and see how to switch themes.03:00
josh_rojikku: that 'should' help03:00
MxzklccAuriga: although rim distributes both manager and firmwares in exe format, which wouldnt work on wine lol03:00
rojikkujosh_: Uhm...appearance themes? >>;03:00
AurigaMxzklcc, Is it a 9000 or a Storm?03:01
MxzklccAuriga: curve 930003:01
josh_rojikku: perhaps. Change the themes maybe?03:01
AurigaMxzklcc, Yeah firmware may be a difficult one but syncs would probably work.03:01
Belial`has anyone here been able to get a laptop equipped with optimus to work with the nvidia proprietary driver? when i enable the driver, after reboot i can't get into x. it keeps me in console and the logs say no device found and no screen.03:01
AurigaMxzklcc, It's called Wammu, take a look.03:01
josh_rojikku: (heh, that's kinda 'DERP' advice)03:02
rojikkujosh_: Changed it, not sure how to know if it is working 0.o03:02
MxzklccAuriga: i know wammu , all i need desktop manager for is firmware lol03:02
AurigaBelial`, Have you reconfigured X?03:02
MxzklccAuriga: noobs from both motorola and rim wouldnt release a desktop manager for linux03:02
AurigaMxzklcc, Wine wouldn't run the MS Blackberry programs?03:02
AurigaMxzklcc, Less money in it.03:02
MxzklccAuriga: lol03:03
MxzklccAuriga: well on an unlocked android phone i could use adb03:03
Belial`Auriga, i've tried a few things. i tried running nvidia-xconfig after enabling the driver. i checked to see if my xorg.conf was similar to others with nvidia cards...03:03
peanutcandyIn short, eye-liner consisted of applying darkened natural preservatives to their facial features. And the process was remarkably seductive. Indeed, Scene Girls several thousand years old have been found intact and  attractive. Their hair, teeth, fingernails and toenails, and facial features are still evident. Their diseases in life, such as self-loathing, social withdrawal, and mental deficiencies, are still diagnosable.  Even their fat03:03
peanutcandyal afflictions are still apparent: a teen-aged queen died from from bumping heads with a ginger; a mature queen died from being my research partner.03:03
AurigaBelial`, Reconfiguring X is all I have to suggest. You need someone with more in their head than I have.03:03
MxzklccAuriga: still if its not invasive may i ask you if you bought your windows dvd phisically or downloaded from store?03:03
rojikkujosh_: Should I relog? 0.o03:04
AurigaMxzklcc, Neither, I forced my father to pay for something for once.03:04
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
AurigaMxzklcc, But I have an actual disc though at any rate.03:04
rojikkujosh_: Wait shit it crashed again in terminal......03:04
peanutcandywhy does this server default03:04
josh_rojikku: perhaps, worth a shot! I have a possible fallback, maybe. Can you still see your systray?03:04
guest* Senix|away is now known as Senix03:05
guest<guest> Maybe nobody can see me?03:05
guest* chainsawbike has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)03:05
FloodBot2guest: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:05
MxzklccAuriga: a genuine disc (from microsoft) or a burnt from you one (store lets you download so you can burn, its still legal but disc isnt signed)03:05
guestsorry about that03:05
AurigaMxzklcc, No a genuine disc.03:05
rojikkujosh_ :http://pastebin.com/yLj7fHx003:06
josh_rojikku: Also, while I (and plenty others) dont mind language, we are trying to keep langauge more 'G' than 'PG' =s wouldn't want you to upset the wrong person iykwim03:06
Belial`Auriga, i'll give that a shot and see what happens. thanks.03:06
MxzklccAuriga: ouch, ok cant ask infos then lol03:06
guest Can anyone get a Apple ii program to work in a browser on http://www.virtualapple.org/  Or confirm that it doesn't work?03:06
Senixguest: you called?03:06
AurigaMxzklcc, You got a warning?03:06
Senixguest: This is a support channel for Ubuntu Linux not apple03:06
rojikkujosh_: xD Sorry, the whole lack of any control or pretty visual stuff whatsoever is irritating.03:06
MxzklccAuriga: what kind?03:06
guestSenix: correct.  Under Ubuntu can you get that link to work.03:07
edbianguest, I get an error that firefox 4 on linux is not yet supported.03:07
AurigaMxzklcc, You said you can't ask infos.... What prompted you to say that?03:07
Senixguest: Thats up the people at virtualapple.org and what browser you use, not ubuntu03:07
josh_rojikku: I get ya. So, that log had a lot of issues; the segmentation fault was most important. It's possible that when you upgraded compiz, not all of the dependencies were updated and there is a mix of libraries. That's my first thought, at least.03:07
MxzklccAuriga: if you have a genuine (bought from phisical store) dvd you probably dont know (shouldnt be interested in it since you have a real one) how digital river distributes it03:07
AnubArackhow can I call a program from terminal and NOT have it close if I close terminal ?03:07
Senixguest: They should have a FAQ page you can read, good luck03:08
guestSenix: ok03:08
rojikkujosh_: Maybe...Not sure what I was updating, i didn't look...03:08
AurigaMxzklcc, I didn't even know they were doing that, in part because of moving away from MS as much as possible...03:08
JeruvyAnubArack: you can add & to the end by itself03:08
AnubArackjust & ?03:08
FirefisheIs there a way to test Unity in 10.04, while still retaining the ability to fall back to the stock gnome install?  Or to have them exist side-by-side?03:09
SenixJeruvy: I thought that was how to run another program, but checking first to see if the first program run executed right03:09
rojikkujosh_: x.x I could just reinstall...everything..I guess...03:09
MxzklccAuriga: i been away 4 years, now my phone gets me back grrrr lol, well phone and ms developing so instead of using dell's dvd (which is tampered) i downloaded one from digital river (ESD mirosoft distributor) but im not sure its clean (in my devious mind i associate MS and their partners to virus lol)03:09
SenixFireCrotch: their just themes, you can install them easily enough03:09
josh_rojikku: well, 2 things jump to mind that might help. First is trying fusion-icon, and possibly switching decorators (I used emerald when I used gnome).03:09
edbianAnubArack, just the & will not keep it open.  I'm looking it up.03:10
FireCrotchOkay, that's 2 now.03:10
nit-witFirefishe, virtual03:10
josh_rojikku: the second one is removing the source, removing compiz and reinstalling compiz.03:10
rojikkujosh_: I uninstalled emerald because I thought it conflicted, I wanted to have the workstation effects in compiz though...03:10
rojikkujosh_: I tried that, will do it agian though .-.03:10
dr_Willisemerald is basically a dead project.03:10
FireCrotch(times that I've been highlighted when someone meant Firefishe, that is)03:10
Firefishenit-wit: I'm not set up for virtual anything at the moment ;)03:10
AurigaMxzklcc, Probably the smarter move, as you say, Dell add their own 30 day trials crap.03:11
josh_rojikku: emerald worked ok for me (but per dr_Willis, 'tis dead).03:11
Senixdr_Willis: how is emerald a dead project?03:11
FirefisheFireCrotch: We do seem to have that issue here, don't we ;) hee03:11
AnubArackedbian, Jeruvy yes just & will not keep it open but i just used Run Application instead and it's all good03:11
edbianAnubArack, nohup firefox   (an example)03:11
=== FireCrotch is now known as nickmoeck
MxzklccAuriga: yes but i have trust issues, even towards sha1 iso check lol03:11
edbianAnubArack, Or do what you said.03:11
nit-witFirefishe, you can install multiple desktops but the programs will overlap.03:11
nickmoeckI think that ought to solve the problem :)03:11
dr_Willisits dieing a slow  death.. but with each passng day..  its getting colder.03:11
AurigaMxzklcc, Though if you have now bought it, you could torrent one, & as you have paid for it you are not law breaking.03:11
MxzklccAuriga: also, dell didnt add much crap, thats why i wonder whats the reason of tampering install.wim03:11
Senixdr_Willis: well lets hope it stays alive and beats that cancer, because i use it a lot03:11
nit-witFirefishe, the overlap is like you might have two sceensavers both will work03:12
AurigaMxzklcc, Why trust issues? Though that's a good point about Dell.03:12
guestSenix: you realize that regular users of Linux do not care if a site works with Linux or not.  That site works under XP and that would be all that matters to a regular user.  An answer like 'go to the website' does nothing to help a regular user.   Maybe a point to another resource would have been useful?03:12
MxzklccAuriga: i downloaded from digitalriver content, freely, you are right as far as i know about legal download since i have serial lol03:12
josh_rojikku: case + point, fusion-icon mehbeh. prolly try that first.03:12
Firefishenit-wit:  Wasn't there a way to test Unity by creating a special user?03:12
rojikkujosh_: Shiz, it had some screwy glitch and I couldn't do anything for a min, no WM is really bad...and ok 0.o03:12
MxzklccAuriga: trust issues vs dell = tampered wim's    trust issues vs sha1 = it got cracked in the past03:12
dr_Willisi doubt it senix. I think compiz is eventyally going to get  less popular and phased out. its getting merged more and more into the desktops anyway so i guess 'assemalated' is a better term.03:12
rojikkujosh_: And great I can't click anything T.T03:13
AnubArackedbian, Jeruvy i think it's & disown03:13
dr_Willisthe next release is going to be such a shock to people. :)03:13
edbianAnubArack, nohup works too.  Never heard of disown.03:13
rojikkujosh_: ....How do I select the terminal?!?!?!?03:13
mkquistedbian... nohup (command) &03:13
josh_rojikku: sounds like compiz went blaaargh03:13
nit-witFirefishe, no matter what you have to install it, so new user doesn't matter unless you want to lose the superuser staus and have it default to unity03:13
dr_Willisedbian i tend to use 'command &' then the 'exit' command in terminal.03:13
edbianAnubArack, disown apparently also works03:13
AurigaMxzklcc, Trust issues vs dell, vs Microsoft too lol... You will loose those battles.03:13
rojikkujosh_: x.x WHHHHHYYYYYY03:13
Senixguest: you do realize that this is just irc, the information i give is of my own desire to help you.03:14
josh_rojikku: hmm. ctrl+alt+F1 ;) really though, hmm =s03:14
edbiandr_Willis, If you do that 'command' will end when you exit the terminal03:14
dr_Willisget out of the habbit of using the Close button on a terminal windows. :) use exit command.03:14
Firefishenit-wit:  So you recommend a virtual environment to test it, eh?03:14
nit-witFirefishe, you can make the 2nd user a superuser though03:14
dr_Willisedbian it has not done  that in the many years ive been doing it.03:14
MxzklccAuriga: what you mean?03:14
Senixguest: so i just don't care if the information i gave you worked or not, if it didn't work i'd try to use google. have a good day.03:14
edbiandr_Willis, Oh no!  You're right.03:14
dr_Willisedbian now the CLOSE button......  dont use that03:14
edbianAnubArack, Did you get enough answers?03:14
josh_rojikku: if you decide to take me serious on the ctrl+alt+f1 know you need use ctrl+alt+f7 or f8 to get out03:14
edbiandr_Willis, yes03:14
dr_Willisages ago i set up the wm to not evne show a close buitton on my termoinal windows.03:15
nit-witFirefishe, I thought you wanted a whole install,  missread no  would just install the desktop and choose it at the login screen drop-up;)03:15
rojikkujosh_:  Yeah I know.......03:15
AnubArackedbian, i did. thank you03:15
dr_Willisso the moral for today... terminal window = use 'exit' :)03:15
josh_rojikku: whew!03:15
AurigaMxzklcc, I mean whether or not you trust them is immaterial to them. Once they have your money... They will continue.03:15
rojikkujosh_: Rofl. Just how in hell do I get it to load compiz from there? No GUI so it won't load.03:15
Firefishenit-wit:  how do I install Unity, when I also have the usual gnome (2.30.2 in my case)03:15
rojikkujosh_: RAWRG It seems so much easier to reinstall......03:15
josh_rojikku: fair enough =s it's pretty messy as-is.03:16
MxzklccAuriga: yes that's right, what i meant is that the reinstall dvd's checksums dont match the technet ones, and that although digital river's copy does match them I'm still doubtful03:16
AurigaMxzklcc, I'm sure you will be okay.03:16
AnubArackoh man, Orta theme is so sexy. should be default or AT LEAST included in the box03:16
AurigaMxzklcc, If there is nothing on the machine it can't damage anything anyways.03:16
nit-witFirefishe, go to synaptic and look for unity-desktop. I have only had it as a netbook install of the Natty pre release so I assume it is installable.  might just be in the terminal sudo apt-get install unity-desktop03:17
MxzklccAuriga: you mean no OS? lol03:17
rojikkujosh_: Yeah.....reinstallness...x.x See ya, thanks for trying. x3 Though I will probably end up going for snow agian and ending up back here rofl03:17
AurigaMxzklcc, So install & see if it works. Then decide if you to keep it.03:17
AurigaMxzklcc, I assume you are installing on a blank HD.03:17
josh_rojikku: mkay ^_^; take care and feel free to come back sometime! We can help and be helped.03:17
nit-witFirefishe, 8netbook and natty03:17
MxzklccAuriga: my hd is full, oem version of 7, i have a reinstall dvd and a retail iso (got from that site, which is supposed to be legal and official lol)03:17
dr_Willisi have seen MD5 sums for ISO files differ then the md5sum for a 'bought' cd - for the same disk..03:17
Firefishenit-wit:  It's not available.03:18
Firefishenit-wit: I'm using 10.0403:18
dr_WillisI think theres extraa padding or somthing on the end of the premade cd.03:18
Mxzklccdr_wills: yeah, but putting crap into boot.wim and install.wim is criminal lol03:18
nit-witFirefishe, do you have any extra usb thumbs03:18
AurigaMxzklcc, I personally would back up to an external drive, if possible. Then delete & recreate the partitions during a fresh install.03:18
dr_Willisno idea about boot.XXXX :) im judst saying ive seen identical thingshave differnt sums.,03:18
Mxzklccdr_willis : i guess an iso checked against technet's checksum would be more reliable......unless they hacked it loool03:19
MxzklccAuriga: thanks for the hint, nothing worth saving tho, unless you think i should care the mighty powerdvd or the superawesome trend micro antivirus (which dell put in my pc) lol03:19
AurigaMxzklcc, I have never heard of the latter one lol.03:20
Terabytejust asking "if" not "how", is it possible to setup an ubuntu server than only accepts connections from a specific machine on a local network? (e.g. only accept connections from "This user" at ""03:20
AurigaMxzklcc, Different people will tell you different things, but personally I fresh install every time.03:20
MxzklccAuriga: go check your trash bin there may be something similar LOL03:20
MxzklccAuriga: me too, more reliable03:20
edbianTerabyte, yep, filter the packets in IPtables03:21
AurigaMxzklcc, Just to clarify, you will need three partitions.03:21
MxzklccAuriga: holy! win7 needs 3?03:21
AurigaMxzklcc, No no no...03:21
Ar71KI was wondering if someone could help me out with a make i'm trying to do03:21
Firefishenit-wit: What size thumb drive to you think I might need?03:21
AurigaMxzklcc, I mean Win7 1... Linux 2... Data 3.03:21
=== Spacewalker_ is now known as Spacewalker
AurigaMxzklcc, Though techinally Linux will take more than one partition in itself one for swap & root.03:22
MxzklccAuriga: my hd is win7 syscrap , win7sysitself , Linux, swap03:22
Terabyteedbian cool, moreover is it possible to prevent the server from being able to handle connections from the internet at all, so that the ubuntu server isn't even 'smart enough' to establish an internet connection, and is only capable of handling local connections? does it make sense to talk about such a system or is it the case that "if you can handle local connections, then you must be able to handle internet connections"03:22
dr_Willisyou can setuop win7 to not need its boot partiton thing..03:22
AurigaMxzklcc, That Win7 Sys stuff is a back up image I think... It should be like 15gb or something...03:22
AurigaMxzklcc, Personally I see that as wasted space.03:22
Mxzklccdr_willis: i wish i could live without win lol03:23
carolinaStarminn, So if I uninstall mutter and I have install Metacy, cause I have both  already installed03:23
MxzklccAuriga: it does automatically at clean install, you mean i can remove it safely?03:23
en1gmacan halo run on ubuntu with an nvidia card03:23
AurigaMxzklcc, Yes you have to Merge it.03:23
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help03:23
edbianTerabyte, You would have to configure that in the router.  It should be possible.  Depends on what your router is capable of doing.  I don't think you can tell the machine itself because that machine cannot tell if (e.g. is from the Internet or the LAN)03:23
Mxzklccim turning this into a win channel, i bet someone is wishing my death03:23
Ar71KI was wondering if someone could help me install dolphin-emu, I'm following this guide: http://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu/wiki/Linux_Build03:23
AurigaMxzklcc, You have to hit manual install not auto.03:23
josh_en1gma: dr_Willis beat me to it; WINE is your weapon of choice there.03:24
MxzklccAuriga: thanks! didnt know about it (as i said since 2007 i havent even seen a windows cd)03:24
Ar71Kand I can't get it to make properly03:24
Starminncarolina: Since you clearly won't follow my advice, ask somebody else.03:24
AurigaMxzklcc, When it shows you the partition manager. In that create the partition.03:24
Diopsidejoin #ableconf03:24
Terabyteok edbian thanks for clarifying03:24
MxzklccAuriga: i know, manual // create 1 partition // it creates 2  lol03:24
en1gmayea i know about wine and even cedega but i just want to know if halo can work and i got it from there03:24
AurigaMxzklcc, Then it will show you a 200mb partition. Delete the other partition, then merge the 200mb one into the other larger partition you intend to install on.03:24
dr_Willisen1gma check the wine app database.03:25
josh_en1gma: if its in winedb than sure. :|03:25
AurigaMxzklcc, It will give you some warning about something, just continue as it will never cause you any issues anyways.03:25
MxzklccAuriga: i wonder why it has to be so hard lol i even have to care how many partitions the crappy windows creates -.-03:25
=== Diopside is now known as SamK
MxzklccAuriga: thanks03:25
MxzklccAuriga: gotta wish my carrier will approve some firmware updates or this will be wasted time lol03:26
josh_en1gma: halo CE right?03:26
AurigaMxzklcc, It's because it Bill Gates & Steve lets make their lives harder for no reason Balmer is why.03:26
dr_Willisms took the idea of a boot partion from linux? :)03:26
dr_Willisand it makes it harder to install linux side by side.03:26
AurigaEverybody took every idea from Linux!03:26
MxzklccAuriga: yes but on linux you can live without that partition lol03:26
Starminn!appdb | en1gma03:26
ubottuen1gma: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help03:26
josh_en1gma: looks like a hell yes. Good thing too, I have that upstairs but I had no idea people still played it ;)03:26
AurigaMxzklcc, You can though personally I don't live without it.03:26
MxzklccAuriga: without /boot?03:27
AurigaMxzklcc, Unless I am installing one of the mini Distros03:27
AurigaMxzklcc, No I mean swap.03:27
en1gmajosh_  how do you know it will work03:27
MxzklccAuriga: oh thats needed lol i was talking about /boot and the windows /boot wannabe03:27
en1gmaim looking in winedb and it dont list it03:27
josh_en1gma: the winedb lists it as platinum, wait for link03:27
AurigaMxzklcc, Swap isn't needed in all of the mini distros is what I mean.03:28
AurigaMxzklcc, So there I sometimes use it, other times don't.03:28
Starminnen1gma: Use the search function on the site. http://www.winehq.org/search?cx=partner-pub-0971840239976722%3Aw9sqbcsxtyf&cof=FORID%3A10&ie=UTF-8&q=Halo+CE&siteurl=appdb.winehq.org%2F#92203:28
en1gmajosh_  thanks03:28
Aurigaen1gma, Could hit up google.03:28
josh_en1gma: whoap. hold that thought, maybe it's not so hot on current systems.03:28
en1gmaStarminn  thanks also03:28
MxzklccAuriga: well i always put it lol03:28
en1gmai checking too03:28
AurigaMxzklcc, Do you ever use any of the mini distros?03:29
myk_robinsonneed some help with PureFTP. I installed it and Pureadmin, followed a tutorial at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureFTP  and it keeps rejecting my username/password combo. Any ideas?03:29
MxzklccAuriga: yeah i happen to, especially when i have to fix old computers03:29
josh_en1gma: my opinion is why not try it? what's the worse to come of it, useless software? You can always remove it ;)03:29
AurigaMxzklcc, Which is your mini of choice?03:29
MxzklccAuriga: or computers with nvidia cards that dont want to run with nouveau03:29
MxzklccAuriga: dsl lol03:30
policyqanyone have a link to a Unity2D LiveCD ?03:30
AurigaMxzklcc, NICE!03:31
AurigaMxzklcc, Such a shame what happened to it though.03:31
ederboa noite03:32
en1gmajosh_ i looking for a good current install guide...do you know of one that will work with ubuntu 10.10 and an nvidia 9800gt03:33
MxzklcAuriga : zomg disconnected again lol03:33
ederalguem sabe o comando para instalar o skype ??03:33
MxzklcAuriga: last message i got was "such a shame what happened to it"03:33
AurigaMxzklc, Yeah that was the last.03:33
josh_en1gma: for halo?? Should be able to pop the cd in and open the installer03:34
MxzklcAuriga: ye its bad but for all i do on it its more than enough, what one you use?03:34
carolinaStarminn i'm trying to understand your advise but went i look for that aplication I realized both are installed, i'm new here and i can't get very well the things you told me, i really offer you an apology and thank you for your help03:34
dr_Willisen1gma most all the install disks should work with nvidia BUT - i have to use the nomodeset option on most all my nvidia systems to get them to boot properly  to install.03:34
AnubArackI get an error in Ubuntu Tweak http://img6.imagebanana.com/img/b8xs3dj0/Selection_018.png Anyone got this ?03:34
josh_en1gma: just right click and open with wine, not the cautious-handler or w/e it is03:34
AurigaMxzklc, I play around with DSL from time to time, right now Slitaz is the one I am playing wiht.03:34
AurigaMxzklc, So far it is awesome.03:35
en1gmamy cousin is with me at my house...his computer is at his house so we cant test...im in windows enviroment03:35
en1gmahes here reading what you are saying and he says he right clicked and tried to open with wine03:35
en1gmahe says it wouldnt open03:35
MxzklcAuriga : yes that's a good one, only tried in vm tho, couldnt be bothered to burn it on cd03:36
josh_en1gma: what was the err msg?03:36
AurigaMxzklc, That is where I have it now.03:36
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:36
MxzklcAuriga: as i said i use it only to fix other ppl's computer so no need for mine lol03:36
en1gmahes thinking03:36
en1gmahe says he dont remembt03:36
AurigaMxzklc, I have a netbook on it's way hence my looking at other distros again.03:36
AurigaMxzklc, Also looking at Arch which so far is a head ache.03:36
MxzklcAuriga: if you say please its not lol03:37
josh_en1gma: funny thing with cd's in the current iteration of ubuntu, they complain about executable bit (ask him if that's what it was)03:37
AurigaMxzklc, Lol I'll try that next time... Please pacman get-update.03:37
josh_en1gma: make sure you use wine loader directly, and not with nautilus's default cautious-loader or w/e it is.03:37
en1gmahe says he got wine from ubuntu package manager03:37
dr_Willistheres a  silly security feature where the .exe for wne needs obe executable.. and thats  a issue with how cd's get mounted by default03:38
MxzklcAuriga: lol03:38
en1gmai dont know if there is any configuring that needs done03:38
Starminnen1gma: For me, at least, when I try opening things with WINE like that it won't work. I have to type in a Terminal "wine /path/to/file"03:38
josh_en1gma: cautious-launcher is what it is, prolly.03:38
dr_Williseasy work around. use the terminal. NOT the gui to launch the exe.   ->  wine /media/cdrom/setup.exe03:38
MxzklcAuriga: you know what netbook you re going to buy?03:38
AurigaMxzklc, That is my second tech joke, I think I am now officially a geek...03:38
en1gmaok hes writing this down03:38
AurigaMxzklc, It's an Asus something, already on it's way.03:38
josh_(Starminn, one compound word -- cautious-launcher ;] )03:38
dr_WillisIm still not sure how requireing a .exe to be executable when its not a real linux executable is a security feature.03:39
policyqis Unity 2D on a LiveCD anywhere yet?03:39
Starminnjosh_ I saw your answer after I gave mine, lol.03:39
MxzklcAuriga: already on its way == tomorrow some dude may come to your house and say "your netbook is ready"? (sounds much like suse ads lol)03:39
Starminnjosh_: What exactly is cautious-launcher?03:39
josh_dr_Willis: ionno O.o03:39
AurigaMxzklc, Lol.03:39
dr_Willispolicyq i thouight it was allready on them.  the GDM/Login screen should have a menu item to select it. Ive never sene a  special live cd with Just the 2d env03:39
dr_Willisstarminn a front end to wine. that dosent seem to do a lot :)03:40
MxzklcAuriga: i think im sticking with dell, business support is good, if i throw my pc outa the window i can call them say "my pc grown legs and jumped, fix it!" and they will do it03:40
dr_Willisstarminn othe then to check the executable bit and pop up a dialog.03:40
josh_Starminn: basically, it's a program that says it doesn't have the executable bit set if it's a CD (more or less).03:40
en1gmai have an intel x25-v 40gb ssd with win7 installed on it and no space to install ubuntu if i want....but i can do a secure virtual machine with it?03:40
josh_Starminn: it's a big PITA03:40
en1gmai got 4GB03:40
AurigaMxzklc, Yeah but that means you have people poking around your machine too... That's not cool.03:40
dr_Willisen1gma  secure virtualmachine? you can use vbox or vmware. yes...03:41
Starminnjosh_: Yeah, the "executable bit" is what prevents me from runnning things from a right-click menu.03:41
en1gmamaybe i can test with that stuff.03:41
dr_Willisbut whats 'secure' got to do with it? :)03:41
en1gmain my bios it says svm03:41
dr_Willisvirtualbox is handy for your ubuntu needs.03:41
MxzklcAuriga: what you mean? business is tech at home, he cant do nasty stuff lol03:41
carolinaStarminn i'm trying to understand your advise but went i look for that aplication I realized both are installed, i'm new here and i can't get very well the things you told me, i really offer you an apology and thank you for your help03:41
en1gmai tested virtual box with some app i forgot what it was but it was neat03:41
dr_Willisen1gma sounds like more buzzwords to me.03:41
[deXter]Hey all, how can I check, without opening my computer, what sort of RAM is installed? (DDR 2/3 ? / modules / manufacturer / frequency etc)03:41
josh_en1gma: well, if you have no space on windows (like right-click C [D?] and it says you have zilch space), a VM wouldn't help =s03:41
MxzklcAuriga: 1 reason why im limiting my macs to 1, i have no apple stores close to me and support wont let me see what they do, hence no trust lol03:41
policyqdr_Willis: i did try Natty Alpha 3 but it didnt have Unity2D when I logged in without a 3D card. I dont remember a GDM menu but didnt really look for one. before i give that another try, is that the LiveCD you are thinking of that might have it?03:42
en1gmai gonna x out and try and get this going...thnx for the help03:42
josh_aaand he's gone =s03:42
dr_Willispolicyq  havent used natty. I dont even like the netbook interface.03:42
AurigaMxzklc, I wouldn't want to pay for an apple...03:42
dr_Willispolicyq with natty. i think its all on the same disk now. theres not going to be differnt editions.03:42
MxzklcAuriga: i have 1, its there sitting lol03:43
Starminncarolina: Ah. I just said, as a wild guess since nobody else was here, that it's basically trying to use the wrong thing. So I said you could always just try running "metacity --replace" in a Terminal and try again and maybe it'll fix itself that way?03:43
policyqdr_Willis: oh, which particular one did you think might have the GDM/login ? any one in particular03:43
Starminncarolina: Now that there are more people here, however, try asking others too if that doesn't do it.03:43
josh_unity, eeeew03:43
dr_Willispolicyq must have been the normal netbook cd. i dont even know of any others that exist.03:43
AurigaMxzklc, This is the one. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1683422085003:43
vtrahI have a problem with my graphics card in ubuntu. anyone can help me?03:44
dr_Willispolicyq you could always do a install to a flahs drive and just install the thing if its not on the default cd.03:44
AurigaMxzklc, Apple is way to heavily priced, plus they are releasing things more quickly than anyone else too meaning you are always buying old products almost.03:44
carolinaStarminn: thank you very much! :)03:44
BreachI picked up an Acer Aspire One D255E (10.1 netbook) just to play around with. Which would be the best option.. Ubuntu 10.10 or the 10.10 netbook edition?03:44
brightsparkvtrah: brand of card?03:45
dr_Willisbreach dosent really matter.  depends on the interface you want by default03:45
policyqdr_Willis: i might give that a shot if it turns out not on Natty when i give it another try. whats the package name? if you know off hand03:45
edbianBreach, It's opinion really.  I suppose netbook edition is friendlier to small screens but many people (myself included) can't stand it.03:45
josh_Breach: are you familiar with both? either?03:45
vtrahintel chipset 82945GZ03:45
dr_Willisbreach with 11.04 it wont matter. the 2 will be the same. :)03:45
BreachI'm new to ubuntu, I have used redbox many years ago03:45
dr_Willisbreach you mean redhat?03:45
vtrahI use ubuntu Natty.03:46
carolinaStarminn: Now I have to leave :(  but i'm going to try all this!! thx for your help! :)03:46
josh_Breach: well, unity is going to be 'revolutionary', I guess. Not that that is always good =/03:46
MxzklcAuriga: that netbooks is great, i see support is way cheaper than dell lol (they charge alot for accidental damage) but, i hope im wrong im not sure video card is going to be fine03:46
Breachduh, just rented a movie tonight so redbox is in my head, yes.. redhat03:46
nit-witBreach, ethoer will work I use the desktop on mine with a external monitor though.03:46
StarminncarolinaL Sure thing.03:46
Starminnjosh_: +103:46
josh_Breach: versus the gnome you know and love, more or less.03:46
brightsparkvtrah: is the problem Natty-specifc?03:46
MxzklcAuriga: and about apple, yes alot overpriced, but rather cool operating system (a well dressed freebsd lol)03:46
Starminnjosh_: Then you've got GNOME 3 doing away with minimize/maximize03:46
Starminnjosh_: GNOME 3's move is like Apple eliminating right-click.03:46
vtrahunity can't load in my desktop.03:47
dr_Willisbreach i would stick to the desktop env. the netbook interface is annoying. :)  plys when 11/.04 comes out- you will have to learn a new inteface anyway03:47
AurigaMxzklc, I haven't seen a mac since the mid 90's So I can't say what it's like but still I'm not driven to save for one lol.03:47
josh_Starminn: eeh. I think that's not so cool, but otoh I'm using xmonad and have no minimize, maximize or restore ;)03:47
Breachdr_Willis: Is 11.04 pretty stable right now?03:47
Starminnjosh_ Lol03:47
MxzklcAuriga: i am, just for the sake of seeing cats names in my install cd lol, have you checked if your graphic card is supported by nouveau?03:48
=== Guest51060 is now known as DarkDevil
brightsparkdo you get an error message?03:48
AurigaMxzklc, No I haven't actually...03:49
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest44693
AurigaMxzklc, Though from some reviews I am seeing, Things are installing by default pretty well.03:49
MxzklcAuriga: lol bluetooth 3 and wifi N is awesome03:49
nit-witBreach, I would not use it as a relied on setup in other words no.03:49
MxzklcAuriga: you may have problems with nvidia card, being forced to use integrated one03:49
Breachnit-wit: So will the desktop 10.10 be difficult with the small screen?03:49
AurigaMxzklc, If it had USB 3. It would have been the complete package.03:49
policyqStarminn: so there wont be any resize windows in GNOME 3 at all or will it just be deemphasized03:49
AurigaMxzklc, I will find a way around it when it arrives.03:50
FirefisheCan 10.04 upgrade to kde 4.6?03:50
Starminnpolicyq: As I understand it you will still be able ot resize as usual, but there will be no minimize/maximize, as (according to them) "there are plenty other ways to maximize windows, and with multiple desktops there is no true need to minimize" (not a direct quote, btu close)03:51
MxzklcAuriga: you can either "not install nvidia drivers" (which is supposed to leave u with intel card) or "install nouveau drivers for it" (which is supposed to work as much as nouveau would)03:51
MxzklcAuriga: thats all i know since my laptop was supposed to have a nvidia optimus card too and i gone with intel gma hd lol03:51
AurigaMxzklc, So wait, you said earlier about saying please to Arch as a joke...  Does that mean you have installed a gui on Arch before?03:51
StarminnFirefishe: Try in #kubuntu?03:51
gilleshey .. can any1 help me with  starcraft 2 ... i have teamviewer so some1 can connect and see the problem and help me .. i got teh game running , full screen only, sound works i can log in but cant play multiplayer or siungleplaye03:51
AurigaMxzklc, Thanks for the heads up on that. That will save me some time when I get it.03:51
nit-witBreach, I guess you should just download t and run it live really I don't mind it that way when I actualy need it.03:51
MxzklcAuriga: pretty much a waste of money since nehalem gma isnt that great but whatever lol03:51
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest40656
=== don is now known as Scunizi
FirefisheStarminn: Well, I *could* ;-) .  I find it mostly dead, though.03:52
MxzklcAuriga: you can also google optimus linux  and find out all you need, mainly they ll say its not supported and you'll need to do something (not install drivers or try nouveau, all i found before deciding to go intel lol)03:52
MxzklcAuriga: about the gui, there is alot of documentation, or at least there was when i tried03:52
schockfresh natty install on vaio vpcz. boot: error: symbol not found: 'grub_env_export'03:53
Logan_!natty | schock03:53
ubottuschock: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.03:53
AurigaMxzklc, I just hit circles, I got things downloaded obviously, but I can't configure anything.03:53
AurigaMxzklc, I was trying to get my uncle online earlier to help me, but he got to busy.03:53
tohuwI just installed mysql. How do I run "mysql" if the user mysql has no password?03:53
gilleshey .. can any1 help me with  starcraft 2 ... i have teamviewer so some1 can connect and see the problem and help me .. i got teh game running , full screen only, sound works i can log in but cant play multiplayer or siungleplaye03:54
MxzklcAuriga: have you checked their documentation? it was long ago but i remember it wasnt that hard, not harder than kde on freebsd -.- (cloning processes lol)03:54
AurigaMxzklc, I was going with Awesome WM...03:54
AurigaMxzklc, I have some documentation on it for A Vbox VM, as I'm not smart enough to do it without, but my issues was mounting Guest Additions.03:55
StarminnFirefishe: Could you not just install the KDE desktop environment and choose it at login?03:55
Breachnit-wit: I will do that. Thanks. :)03:55
MxzklcAuriga: actually when i used arch i copyNpasted everything from documentation lol03:55
nit-witBreach, sure no prob.:)03:55
brightsparkgilles: I gather through WINE?  or a virtual machine of some sort?03:55
AurigaMxzklc, It's good to know it's not just me.03:55
Genghiz9Any way to run Gnome apps on KDE plasma ?03:55
MxzklcAuriga: well if you do it for the first time you re supposed to have troubles03:56
FirefisheStarminn: I already have kde installed.  My distro is 10.04 LTS.03:56
Genghiz9nigelb: elo03:56
tohuwGenghiz9: install gtk03:56
josh_Genghiz, click the menu, find the app, click it ;)03:56
josh_Genghiz9: If it's installed you can use it!03:56
gillesthrough wine03:56
AurigaMxzklc, Yeah this is my first time, but I have never managed to install Guess Additions in any Linux host before either.03:56
Genghiz9tohuw, josh_ : I installed the kde-desktop on ubuntu gnome03:56
gillesbright spark : .. WINE03:56
Genghiz9refuses to boot03:56
AurigaMxzklc, Which is adding to the pains.03:56
mndrllhey, im trying to get my embedded webcam in my HP Pavilion dv9275la working on Lubuntu, does anyone knows??03:56
Genghiz9keeps looping into the login street03:57
tohuwGenghiz9: any app you attempt to install should offer the necessary requirements.03:57
Logan_!lubuntu | mndrll03:57
ubottumndrll: lubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.03:57
FirefisheStarminn: I've done the usual kubuntu ppa backports repository upgrade, but it's not upgrading.  10.10 will upgrade to 4.6, but I'm not using it; to me, it's too full of bugs, and this is a production machine.03:57
tohuwGenghiz9: Check the logs.03:57
Genghiz9unable to log into recovery console03:58
Bruce_WayneHey guys, is there any way to get rid of that "Unlock Keyring" password verification for allowing gwibber when we log in? Can we just set it default for our account?03:58
Genghiz9last time.. It failed to install asked me to dpkg03:58
Genghiz9then it said not enough space03:58
MxzklcccAuriga: my isp likes jokes, i may have lost your last message again (disconnected)03:58
StarminnFirefishe: Ah, well.... #kubuntu (or if #kde exists then it) would be the place to ask...03:58
AurigaMxzklc, Yeah this is my first time, but I have never managed to install Guess Additions in any Linux host before either. [Was my last]03:59
FirefisheStarminn: I appreciate your attempts.  Thank you for trying :).03:59
MxzklcccAuriga: you plan on using arch on that netbook?03:59
cosmoI know in win7 I can link folders to my library folders like video or music, can I do the same in ubuntu and if so how?03:59
AurigaMxzklccc, Might do, might try CB though.03:59
josh_Bruce_Wayne: does it complain about 'the keyring not being unlocked when you log in'?04:00
mndrllubottu, thanks04:00
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)04:00
AurigaMxzklccc, Just looking for something that will teach me more.04:00
mndrllone other thing..04:00
MxzklcccAuriga: as metre to see if linux is supposed to work i use fedora and ubuntu, try them first , less risks to find out too late that linux has issues on it04:00
josh_Bruce_Wayne: or is it just a boilerplate err?04:00
MxzklcccAuriga : try ubuntu first, lets you know whats proprietary into it lol04:00
mndrllhow can i get to change the keyboard language??04:01
AurigaMxzklccc, Yeah I use Ubuntu now obviously.04:01
Logan_!keyboard | mndrll04:01
ubottumndrll: To switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard | KDE: System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout | Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html | See also !Shortcuts04:01
AurigaMxzklccc, Lol, I go to start up the Arch Vm.... &...? I have forgotten the user info I installed lol....04:01
MxzklcccAuriga: i mean on the netbook, especially due to the nvidia optimus thing, also , since ubuntu i massively used you will find way more solutions on their forums04:01
lakeofteawhat's a good cli irc client for ubuntu04:02
MxzklcccAuriga: lol04:02
josh_mehbeh Bruce_Wayne had some crimefighting duties to attend to :(04:02
AurigaMxzklccc, Oh of course. That goes without saying.04:02
MxzklcccAuriga: sad part is nvidia said they wont support linux...newbs <.<04:02
Bruce_Waynejosh_, I'm sorry my friend for late reply04:02
AurigaMxzklccc, Really? So they are stopping the current support?04:03
MxzklcccAuriga: i said it wrong, i meant support for optimus on linux04:03
Bruce_Waynejosh_, I have kept "Automatic Log on" feature in ubuntu04:03
AurigaMxzklccc, Ahhh okay. Then that's okay.04:03
Bruce_WayneJosh_, and I'm using gwibber for social networking04:03
MxzklcccAuriga: neither optimus nor wayland, what the heck04:03
=== kenny is now known as Guest31992
AurigaMxzklccc, I don't even know what they are lol.04:04
MxzklcccAuriga: but in your case you can rely on an intel card too (optimus uses 2)04:04
MxzklcccAuriga: im not anglophone so its hard to explain but04:04
josh_Bruce_Wayne: aah. The auto login is a slightly different thing; in that it should still unlock your keyring. You use gdm?04:04
AurigaMxzklccc, Yeah though I intend on making everything on that netbook work %100.04:04
AurigaMxzklccc, Ahhh Italian.04:05
MxzklcccAuriga: optimus lets you reduce power consumption by using intel card when you dont need high graphics and nvidia card when you do (like when you play)04:05
AurigaMxzklccc, It's okay. I will google it all.04:05
josh_(Bruce_Wayne: you prolly use gdm).04:05
AurigaMxzklccc, Ahhh that, yeah I didn't know it had a name.04:05
Bruce_WayneJosh_, so when I log in in my account in ubuntu.. it asks me for "Unlock Keyring" password and when I type in my password, only after that gwibber is accessible.. It's not about not typing the password.. but it gets little annoying everytime04:05
MxzklcccAuriga: lol it shows my ip04:05
Bruce_Waynejosh_, what's gdm?04:05
=== clay__ is now known as ClayG
AurigaMxzklccc, It shows your country also.04:05
=== EmberFox is now known as Ologn
josh_Bruce_Wayne: gnome display manager, it starts up things (Your login prompt, if you had one ;] )04:06
MxzklcccAuriga: and my face? i remember it did on xchat but on empathy it doesnt let me see lol04:06
ClayGIs it possible to make the "drawer" you add to your panel in gnome able to hold more than 3 measly apps/icons? I don't see it in properties04:06
=== Ologn is now known as Oloh
AurigaMxzklccc, Lol yes I can see you scratching yourself.04:06
Belial`ok, so far i've tried running nvidia-xconfig, and tried running dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg after installing the proprietary nvidia driver and it still won't start x.04:07
MxzklcccAuriga: omg!04:07
OlohOn a fresh Ubuntu 10.10 install on a desktop pc: on first boot I have no USB (mouse or keyboard) support. Both work fine up to the Ubuntu login screen.04:07
AurigaMxzklccc, Lol & so can everyone else!04:07
OlohRebooting presents with same problem. USB is turned on in the BIOS04:07
MxzklcccAuriga: gotta smile then04:07
Bruce_Waynejosh_, I have no idea how it works or what's it.. :(04:08
josh_Bruce_Wayne: not so sure about the why yet, so un momento04:08
schockBelial: you might have to remove all competing nvidia drivers04:08
=== PicCard_Away is now known as PicCard
schockBelial: Uninstall any previously installed Nvidia drivers: sudo apt-get --purge remove nvidia* sudo apt-get install binutils gcc04:08
MxzklcccAuriga: mmmm that would be good to track me if i was here to troll, i have dynamic ip but at this point i dont have a dynamic face04:09
zubin71Hey everyone, Im assuming that ubuntu is taking part in gsoc 2011 too, so is there an ideas list put up? I couldn't find any.04:09
AurigaMxzklccc, A lot of people don't have a dynamic face either lol.04:09
AurigaMxzklccc, I just realized how small Arch is...04:10
MxzklcccAuriga: because there arent enough, wait for faceV6 there will be more04:10
MxzklcccAuriga: yes it is, its good if you want a fully tweaked system04:11
AurigaMxzklccc, That you have to play with to make work that is lol.04:11
nit-witAuriga, it is a net download be careful.04:11
angelgv74why giftoxic cant contact gift daemon?04:11
mndrllLogan_, i forgot to mention that im using lubuntu 10.1004:11
AurigaMxzklccc, No, this is the iso.04:11
MxzklcccAuriga: erm....bad sides of it lol04:12
MxzklcccAuriga: it wasnt me who said that thing lol04:12
Logan_mndrll: Lubuntu support is in #lubuntu04:12
AurigaMxzklccc, Lol.04:12
josh_Bruce_Wayne: so it appears it *does* have to deal with logging in automatically, as per http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=145980404:12
MxzklcccAuriga: oh no nevermind i just got what you meant04:12
mndrllLogan_, thanks!!04:12
MxzklcccAuriga: you got said its a net download be careful, no idea what you re doing, i thought that iso thing was in reply to that04:12
josh_Bruce_Wayne: the last post, and the post on the next page detail it out. There's also a link to a bug report for a solution but I haven't read it yet...04:13
nit-witMxzklccc, arch doesn't have a live cd.04:13
Bruce_Waynejosh_: very nice of you .. thanks I will sure have a look at it04:13
AurigaMxzklccc, I love the intro to it... If want to install on something more exotic, like a kerosene cheese grater lol.04:13
josh_Bruce_Wayne: no prob :)04:13
Mxzklcccnit-wit: what do you mean by saying that?04:14
MxzklcccAuriga: lol04:14
captain_hey guys xubuntu comes with a remote desktop viewer....is that the best one to use? and if so how do I set that up on other non xubuntu machines to connect to it?04:14
nit-witMxzklccc, I just was passing on info.04:14
=== captain_ is now known as Vegas_HP
Mxzklcccnit-wit: oh, i thought you were pointing out something wrong i said (sorry im a lil sleepy hard to think what i may have said wrong lol)04:15
Mxzklcccnit-wit: there is a live wannabe btw, not arch, not full , not good but someone attempted http://archie.dotsrc.org/04:16
Vegas_HPhey guys xubuntu comes with a remote desktop viewer....is that the best one to use? and if so how do I set that up on other non xubuntu machines to connect to it?04:16
Logan_!repeat | Vegas_HP04:16
ubottuVegas_HP: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:16
Logan_!xubuntu | Vegas_HP04:16
ubottuVegas_HP: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels04:16
Mxzklcccvegas_hp what you mean by "best"?04:17
Vegas_HPMxzklccc - is it worth it to use? Or should I use something else04:18
Mxzklcccvegas_hp: depends, what are you looking for? something specific?04:18
nit-witMxzklccc, actualy if you want a arch live with openbox go here. http://archbang.org/04:18
Vegas_HPNo, im just going to set it up mainly as an FTP server that sits in the cornor04:19
thraspicI changed the icons for wicd easily, but I can't figure out how to change the icon for the volume icon in the tray.  /usr/share/icons/theme has 6 folders with the same icons in 6 different resolutions.  how do i know which to change?04:19
josh_Vegas_HP: There's tons of software out there for remote viewing, and we dont know all of them. Gotta know what it is you want to do :)04:19
Vegas_HPMxzlccc - No, im just going to set it up mainly as an FTP server that sits in the cornor04:19
MxzklcccVegas_hp : in that case id say yes04:19
Vegas_HPMzxklccc - so what program is it using then?  So i can install that software on other machines04:20
josh_Vegas_HP: if you are going to use it for FTP, why a graphical desktop? =S or do you have a graphical app better suited than a commandline app? I ask because it would seem ssh would be a better option..04:20
josh_Vegas_HP and others: I mean on the remote side; the viewer app would still be graphic of course, unless he decided he didn't need it ;|04:21
schockBelial: any luck?04:21
schockBelial: you can also try Open module blacklist as admin gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf Add these lines and save: blacklist vga16fb blacklist nouveau blacklist rivafb blacklist nvidiafb blacklist rivatv04:21
weecoldo any of you guys get paid to work on irc?04:22
Prillicyok, so this is attempt #7 to install Ubuntu04:22
angelgv74when i start giftoxic, an alert puts daemon had started but can't contact, (in spanish) what can I do?04:23
Vegas_HPJosh - No, I have used FreeNX but just never set it up myself and I am failling at installing it.  I tried Team Viewer and that didnt work.  I saw that this "remote desktop viewer" as already pre installed and wondered if it was a safe and easy program to use.  Mainly going to be using it for FTP maybe some surffing but not anything intentesive04:23
Mxzklccvegas_hp : sorry disconnected, you said anything?04:23
PrillicyI formatted my hard drive and stuck usb Ubuntu on an SD card and managed to get (with some hassle) ubuntu to run from the usb disc.  Now, I got it to recognize my hard drive and teold it to install and it's gotten all the way through the installation process to the "Who are you?" screen.  Here, it's refusing to allow me to click Forward.  Did I miss something stupid?04:24
bastidrazorPrillicy: use all lowercase04:24
Mxzklccprillicy: did you tell it who you are?04:24
josh_Vegas_HP: if the default is the same as vanilla ubuntu, it should be ok04:24
PrillicyI filled in my name, a computer name, a username, a password, and tried log in automaticlally AND requiremy password, with and without Encrypt my home folder checked...still only lets me click back04:25
josh_Vegas_HP: (The viewer I have is vinagre, works ok and does ssh and vnc).04:25
MxzklccPrillicy: it shown any error?04:25
Prillicythat did it, all lowercase, it didn't really say that...anywhere04:26
bastidrazorPrillicy: it does not inform you that lowercase should be used.. hopefully their working to put in a factoid for the installer04:27
PrillicyI must've missed it04:27
PrillicyI often miss the obvious04:27
AurigaMxzklcc, Are you installing right now?04:27
Vegas_HPJosh any idea what this program is called so i can download and use it on my other machines04:27
MxzklccAuriga: win 7 and ubuntu?04:28
Prillicyalso, I should note, I can't read the installer details on a netbook.  The 1028x600 resolution cuts off all the install details when I try to read them because the window becomes too big for the screen, maybe that's where it said to use lowercase04:28
AurigaMxzklcc, Just wondered out of interest.04:28
bastidrazorPrillicy: it does not tell you to use lowercase.04:28
MxzklccAuriga: sorry dont get the question, you wondered  if i decided to install on my dell?04:28
AurigaMxzklcc, Yes & if you are doing it right now?04:29
MxzklccAuriga: not yet, mainly because dell is back in the pack and the room where it is is rather distant from where i am now lol, may get on it soon tho04:29
josh_Vegas_HP: the viewer? 'vinagre'04:29
MxzklccAuriga: just abit concerned about security of a dl'ed win iso lol04:29
Prillicythanks hastidrazor04:29
MxzklccAuriga: and if i happen to miss anything you say im not ignoring you, most probably lost connection lol04:30
bastidrazorPrillicy: you're welcome.04:30
AurigaMxzklcc, It's Microsoft, security is always going to be an issue04:30
MxzklccAuriga: eeek04:30
AurigaMxzklcc, Okay, apropos your connection issues.04:30
PrillicyI have a question about proxies. Is there a better channel to ask in?04:30
=== ruan|away is now known as ruan
MxzklccAuriga: never heard apropos O_O always used about lol, 1 more word in my dictionary thanks04:31
Vegas_HPJosh - im going to be connecting via a windows machine what desktop viewer would you recommend?04:31
AurigaMxzklcc, Apropos actually means "At an opportune time" But it's usage has evolved to be used as 'Regarding' something also.04:31
MxzklccAuriga: more notes for me thanks again lol04:32
josh_Vegas_HP: puTTY I hear good things about if it's command line only, if it's VNC I'm sure there's a good viewer.04:32
AurigaMxzklcc, Lol, Carpe Diem.04:32
MxzklccAuriga: thats latin lo04:32
josh_(Vegas_HP: as I only use windows a few times a year now, I can't reccomend any ;] )04:32
AurigaMxzklcc, Yes.04:33
Vegas_HPJosh - thats ok thanks for the help04:33
MxzklccAuriga: well i know alil of it, supposed to come from that lol04:33
josh_well, addedum: I only use windows a few times a year *other* than at a school lab.04:33
jiltdilhow to make my open office presentation password protected means to open it in any desktop or laptop it need password to open it?04:33
josh_Vegas_HP: glad to help!04:33
AurigaMxzklcc, Lectori salutem, cavet et emtor.04:33
AurigaMxzklcc, Or something so...04:34
Vegas_HPAnyone know of a good VNC?  I have a windows laptop i would like to use to connect to my xubuntu box04:34
Vegas_HPVNC or SSH04:34
MxzklccAuriga: lol you did it more than me or what =P04:34
Mxzklccby did i mean studied04:34
josh_^ vnc viewer for Windows, right Vegas_HP?04:34
AurigaMxzklcc, No It's just a little knowledge is all.04:35
jiltdilhow to make my open office presentation password protected means to open it in any desktop or laptop it need password to open it?04:35
josh_Vegas_HP: cus they'll just give you ubuntu ones otherwise ;)04:35
Vegas_HPjosh - yeah but would the vnc be secure though04:35
MxzklccAuriga: when you buy win 7  cavet et emtor.04:35
josh_Vegas_HP: depends on your needs but probably. Wikipedia has more info on that.04:36
AurigaMxzklcc, YEs lol!04:36
MxzklccAuriga: hope it doesnt apply to the iso i got04:36
AurigaMxzklcc, Timeo denaos, et donna forentes. [Spelt incredibly wrong though]04:37
AurigaMxzklcc, I don't think it will apply. You should be okay as it is from a legitimate enough source.04:37
josh_Vegas_HP: at this point I think the internet is a good(-er?) resource for you, wouldn't want to do your homework for you ;)04:37
MxzklccAuriga : timeo denaos et dona ferentes lol04:37
MxzklccAuriga: digitalriver is microsoft's partner, but who would be so dumb to leave such a file (win7 iso) accidentally on public download?04:38
AurigaMxzklcc, Hey man I was pretty close.04:38
Prillicymocprobe FATAL error on startup <---same error I've been having I suspect04:38
MxzklccAuriga: not only you were close, but you also gave me a precious hint04:38
MxzklccAuriga: "dont let windows come inside" LOL04:38
jiltdilhow to make my open office presentation password protected means to open it in any desktop or laptop it need password to open it?04:38
AurigaMxzklcc, lol.04:39
MxzklccAuriga: i think that thing means something like "that thing is a trap" or something04:39
Prillicymeh, it actually started.  I'm not complaining04:39
notsocommonDoes Ubuntu 10.04 have a file comparable to linux-restricted-modules-common that I could use to help me install my graphics card?04:39
AurigaMxzklcc, Yeah basically, because the Greeks weren't to be trusted.04:40
MxzklccAuriga: the microseeks04:41
AurigaMxzklcc, ?04:41
MxzklccAuriga: ms lol04:41
notsocommonAlso my graphics card says it might be getting resistance from nvidiafb and was it nouveau?04:41
AurigaMxzklcc, Ahhh nice lol.04:41
ericyjiltdil: Why not just transport it as a password protected zip file.04:41
jiltdilericy:how to convert it as zip file04:42
Symmetriamorning all04:43
notsocommonDoes Ubuntu 10.04 have a file comparable to linux-restricted-modules-common that I could use to help me install my graphics card?04:44
saintbasil_I am unable to mount any device with a hard drive in it via USB. I tried an external HDD, and a Sony Walkman. Both devices mounted fine on my Windows partition and on a separate Ubuntu PC, o I know they are not the problem. I get the following error: http://pastebin.com/b7eKWZwx my dmesg is: http://pastebin.com/33hUkcT8 and my fstab is: http://pastebin.com/SUPrpDsG so what's wrong?04:44
Symmetriadoes anyone here happen to know how often ubuntu probes for updates?04:44
Madpilotjiltdil, to create a zip file, right-click on the file you want to zip and select "Compress..."04:44
notsocommonAlso my graphics card says it might be getting resistance from nvidiafb and was it nouveau?04:44
ericyjiltdil: Right click on your file in Nautilus file manager, and select to compress it with password.04:44
josh_Symmetria: distribution or daily updates?04:44
Symmetriajosh, just general updates04:44
Symmetriatrying to figure out what someone is doing to one of the mirrors04:45
=== clay__ is now known as ClayG
josh_Symmetria: general updates are generally run through update-notifier with a time switch of 60 seconds when you start a session-- or, every time you startup it should look for updates.04:45
ClayGHow do I make the drawer you can add to your gnomepanel larger than 3 icons/applications worth of space?04:45
ClayGmy netbook will not recognize sd cards, how can i fix this?04:46
Symmetriajosh ok, so every time you log in it checks?04:46
josh_check your startup applications in system/(user?)/startup applications, and look for the update notifier if thats not the case04:46
josh_Symmetria: mhmm. also ^04:46
ericyjiltdil: Actually, you should go to the Ubuntu Accessories menu, and open the Archive (compression) Manager, and select zip file with passord.04:47
Prillicyawesome, this is great04:47
Prillicyfirst question: how do I turn off Ubuntu's nanny?04:47
AurigaMxzklcc, I'm going to go & watch a movie before I go & sleep, so if anything let me know what happens when you get to your dual install. I want to know if it will work.04:47
Symmetriajosh no can do :) Im just looking at our mirror logs and trying to figure out why a single IP that I presume is a proxy of some sort has managed to rack up 6 million hits to us in the last 4 days04:47
Symmetriabefore I phone em and ask em what the hell they doing :)04:48
MxzklccAuriga: sure thing, ill pop in and tell you if i find you on, thanks for your time and for the talk liked it04:48
jiltdilericy:yes i see but only .zip file compression provides password if i set to it as other with password how to do it?04:48
notsocommonDoes Ubuntu 10.04 have a file comparable to linux-restricted-modules-common that I could use to help me install my graphics card?04:48
MxzklccAuriga: enjoy the movie and good night when you go04:48
AurigaMxzklcc, Let me pm you right quick...04:48
Mxzklccgo on lol04:48
xangua!info linux-restricted-modules-common lucid | notsocommon04:48
ubottunotsocommon: Package linux-restricted-modules-common does not exist in lucid04:48
ericyMadpilot: jiltdil: Actually, you need to the Ubuntu Accessories menu, and open the Archive (compression) Manager, and select zip file with passord.04:48
PrillicyIt's asking me to put in my password every few seconds for one install or another.  Is there a way to turn that off?04:49
MxzklccAuriga: mind you im on empathy so not sure if ill see lol04:49
ugliefrogi recently removed a tuner card from my system and i have put it back in .... is there away to refresh it...its not working like it once did04:49
=== Guest44693 is now known as DarkDevil
xanguaPrillicy: it's not, you have 15 minutes after you enter the password04:49
jiltdilericy; ya i selected zip with password. i want to say that if i want to use other than.zip then how to set password04:49
soultravel369I am using xchat and iriss, iriss is really tech hahah04:49
Prillicyxangua: how do I turn it off?04:50
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest75884
notsocommonubottu-I know it doesn't as such. But I was wondering if there was a comparable directory in lucid to l-r-m-m?04:50
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:50
MadpilotPrillicy, nanny?04:50
Madpilotericy, right-click->Compress should also give access to "zip with password" as an option. Possibly under the "other options" dropdown to expose the password dialogue04:50
MadpilotPrillicy, going with a passwordless install is really NOT recommended...04:51
ericyjiltdil: You have to use a separate encryption utility( which can encrypt your open office file.04:51
Prillicylinux has a password, that's cool, but I don' t need to be asked if I'm sure every time I do something04:52
jiltdilericy: ok how to make it digitally signature as there is option but m unable to use it04:52
soultravel369Brian, what part of TX you from?04:52
soultravel369Brian.... where in TX are you from?04:53
soultravel369Madpilot... where in TX are you from lolz?04:54
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xangua!ot | soultravel36904:54
ubottusoultravel369: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:54
ericyjiltdil: I have not used 'digital signiture' yet (I believe that is PGP encryption). There are many small encryption utilities that you can install.04:55
KB1JWQsoultravel369: That'll do.04:55
Madpilotsoultravel369, not from anywhere near TX myself. Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic not here, though.04:55
MadpilotLogan_, ?04:55
StarminnLogan_: Did that really require an ops call?04:55
jiltdilericy:plz tell me i want to secure it as it is one of my confidential presentation04:55
soultravel369<--- first time on IRC04:55
soultravel369whats an ops call?04:56
Prillicyso no one can tell me how to turn off the nanny in linux?  I can turn off the nanny in windows.  why not linux?04:56
soultravel369I think I need to read about irc more now hahah04:56
MadpilotPrillicy, because Linux is more secure than Windows. Next question?04:56
ericyjiltdil: In Synaptic Package Manager, search for: file encrypt04:57
Starminnsoultravel369: In this channel, when somebody says "!ops" as the first thing on a line it calls all of the channel operators (i.e. the people who govern this channel)04:57
ClayGmy netbook will not recognize sd cards, how can i fix this?04:57
jiltdilericy:ok thanx04:57
soultravel369oooh okay, thanks Starminn04:57
StarminnPrillicy:  IT is what defines Linux and makes it so much more secure than Windows. Windows only just started implementing a password system (half-assed, too, if I may say so myself). Why? Because they saw how great it was.04:57
Madpilotsoultravel369, just hang out here, ask questions if you have any. "/join #ubuntu-offtopic" to join the offtopic chat channel.04:57
josh_Prillicy: more security isn't always so bad. If you need to do something for long periods of time as root, though, there's always sudo su04:57
PrillicyMadpilot: so you're saying that linux needs a nanny to protect users from all those nasty linux viruses out there?  I can understand that04:58
soultravel369k, will do Madpilot04:58
eyesuckhey whats the command to create a blank file from command line? e.g. "*cmd one.html two.html three.html"04:58
Flanneleyesuck: touch04:58
eyesuckah ok i thought it was something like that04:58
ericyjiltdil: ok.04:58
soultravel369you don't need a nanny, you get root to set user privs and stuff04:58
Fudgehi i have a couple of ubiuntus debian installed etc, but when i update a kernel maverick is updating grub, how can i remove grub-pc from maverick and let lucid manage grub? if i remove it from maverick since lucid had preivously installed it will it still be there or removed completely loL conused04:59
Starminn!virus | Prillicy04:59
ubottuPrillicy: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus04:59
soultravel369and wine04:59
MadpilotPrillicy, in Linux, you don't own the system. You own  your own files, the system owns it's files. Hence needing a password to mess with system files. (I'm generalizing)04:59
Prillicyso if linux doesn't have viruses, why do I need to tell linux that I'm the one making changes....04:59
StarminnPrillicy: Read up about user permissions.04:59
soultravel369I don't use wine for the fact of how easy it is to get a virus04:59
josh_Prillicy: there ARE trojans and rk's out there... but of course, they aren't very prevalent and they generally require *root access* ;)04:59
MadpilotPrillicy, because it might not be you sitting at the keyboard?04:59
YankDownUnderYep, and we all know that getting a virus in linux is a horrible thing.05:00
soultravel369you tell Linux you make the changes as Root, so that no one else can... safer than Windows05:00
Prillicywith a netbook?05:00
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StarminnPrillicy: You own your Home folder. For everything else you need to enter the password (i.e. sudo)05:00
Madpilotubottu, tell Prillicy about sudo05:00
ubottuPrillicy, please see my private message05:00
Logan_join part span05:00
tsimpsonPrillicy: actually, requiring a password to gain privileges is one of the reasons there aren't many viruses for linux, disabling that feature would help them to spread. but if you want to stop something asking your password every X time, run the installer itself from sudo05:00
soultravel369sudo gives you root for commands05:00
MadpilotYankDownUnder, s/horrible/damn near impossible05:00
YankDownUnderMadpilot, Yes, mate, I know - that was sarcasm.05:00
Logan_thanks KB1JWQ05:00
soultravel369Ubuntu = Sudo and Fedora I beleive is Yum... both are root05:01
Prillicythanks for the infor everyone05:01
StarminnPrillicy: As it stands now, if you were to get a virus, it wouldn't actually hurt anything but a few files because in WIndows it can reach everyhting. In Linux it's confined ot a few files05:01
josh_Prillicy: what makes you need root access so much neway??05:01
Fudgehi grub, if i remvoe grub-pc apt wants to isntall grub. how can i remove it from maverick without installing grub?05:01
tsimpsonsoultravel369: Yum is a package manager, like apt, not like sudo05:01
Prillicyapparently installing chrome05:01
YankDownUnderUnder wine, a virus is just plain stopped dead in it's tracks because it can't affect or automate. End of story.05:02
Madpilotsoultravel369, not quite. Ubuntu's yum equivilent is apt-get or aptitude05:02
* josh_ hi-five's em05:02
Prillicywhich I should note, you can do in windows without even decent access, heh05:02
needlezanyone know if I can make it so that my computer requires a password to access grub or something like an encrypted harddrive without losing my system??05:02
soultravel369oooh okay.... Tsimpson... I thought Yum was root equivlant as Sudo in Fedora05:02
soultravel369my bad05:02
StarminnPrillicy: That's because it installs it for all users, and if you look at your file heirarchy, /usr is below /home/<yourname>05:02
Jordan_UFudge: What is the output of "sudo apt-get remove grub-pc"? Why are you trying to remove grub-pc in the first place?05:03
tsimpsonPrillicy: technically you can in Linux too, just not system-wide05:03
StarminnPrillicy: And yes, that "without decent access" is why Google has shut down using all Windows computers. Because they got hacked and are now no longer using Windows05:03
Prillicyso I was looking into multitouch, and hte first thing I found requires me to add code to a file...looks odd to say the least, could someone walk me thorugh this05:03
soultravel369I use "sudo aptitude install *package*"05:03
FudgeJordan_U  grub-pc will be remvoed and grub will be installed05:03
soultravel369aptitude is cleaner than apt-get imo05:03
MadpilotKB1JWQ, might want to tweak that ban you set. You might just have banned some significant tranche of AOL victims... :)05:03
Fudgei have lucid maverick mint and arch on this drive and i am trying to manage grub-pc with lucid05:03
Jordan_UFudge: Please pastebin the complete output.05:03
Jordan_U!mint | Fudge05:04
ubottuFudge: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org05:04
josh_needlez: I think grub can be password protected, but that's something that would be easy to find on [search-engine of your choice] ;)05:04
soultravel369how do yuo like Mavrick compared to Lucid Fudge05:04
needlezkk thx05:04
Logan_!ot | soultravel36905:04
ubottusoultravel369: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:04
jiltdilhow to make my open office presentation such like that its content cannot be copied and also  no one can take  it to his comp?05:04
Prillicynvm, it'05:04
Prillicys late and I'm tired05:05
josh_needlez: glad to help ;) report back after you've done your diligence in searching ;)05:05
Jordan_Ujiltdil: I would be surprised if you could. That sounds like DRM, and is antithetical to the goals of Open Office. Why do you want to do this?05:05
Prinler^LinCan someone help me out with a partition issue? I installed XP on the first 160GB of my HD... and the other 160 is ubuntu.... I dont want XP Anymore! How can i delete it and allow Ubuntu to have all 320gb?05:05
FudgeJordan_U  its pretty straight forward, sorry if i didnt explain it better05:05
jiltdilJordan_U:the data in it is quite confedential so i want to use this05:05
xanguaPrinler^Lin: use gparted from live cd to delete windows partion05:06
Madpilotjiltdil, short version, don't ever publish it anywhere. Long version, it's very, very hard to keep people from copying stuff...05:06
Jordan_Ujiltdil: If it is confidential then don't give the file to anyone that shouldn't have it.05:07
Prinler^Linxangua,  if i delete the partition will my Ubuntu still boot?05:07
FudgeJordan_U  did you notice the paste url05:07
jiltdilJordan_U:ok thanx05:07
Jordan_Ujiltdil: Why are you giving it to people who you can't trust if it's confidential? They can always use a camera phone or paper and pencil.05:07
xanguawikileaks documents are confidentials :P05:07
YankDownUnderNot 'spose'ta tell folks about Wikileaks...dang...secrets out now...dang...there goes the world...05:08
Jordan_UFudge: Yes.05:08
silkonfree energy05:09
Madpilotjiltdil, if your "quite confidential" file really absolutely has to go up on the web for some reason, it probably isn't that confidential. Still, a password-locked zip with a very strong password is likely a good starting point... or PGP/GPG05:09
Jordan_UFudge: Can you pastebin the output of "aptitude why grub-pc"? (I don't have this problem when I try to remove grub-pc).05:09
jiltdilMadpilot: how to use PGP05:10
ericyjiltdil: gcipher is a simple "encryption" tool.05:10
FudgeJordan_U  i   startupmanager Depends grub | grub-pc05:11
Madpilotjiltdil, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto05:11
Jordan_Ujiltdil: ericy: gcipher offers no real security. Nor does it even  claim to.05:11
ericyjiltdil: Yes that is right.05:11
FudgeJordan_U  so i can remove startupmanager anyway i believe05:11
jiltdilJordan_u: u r right i saw gcipher05:11
Jordan_UFudge: Then: sudo apt-get remove grub-pc startupmanager05:12
joshmclvl1grr, dumb network. josh_ is back!05:12
MadpilotJordan_U, what, ROT13 isn't a leet pure awesome encryption method???05:12
FudgeJordan_U  its done, thank you i didnt know about aptitude why, very helpful mate05:12
Jordan_UFudge: You're welcome.05:12
* joshmclvl1 chuckles at Madpilot05:12
jiltdilthanx to all!05:13
Jordan_UMadpilot: abcr05:13
ericyjiltdil: Searching in package manager, I see bcript, ccrypt etc.05:13
jiltdilok i am going to test all05:13
Madpilotof course, ROT26 is twice as encrypted. Rly.05:16
MadpilotJordan_U, abcr?05:16
Jordan_UMadpilot: "nope" with rot13.05:17
myradlife_Hey guys!   How do I browse a shared folder on another computer in my LAN using terminal? I know how to do this via file manager, but how can i do this through commandline?05:18
panfisti'm trying to set my pc to only allow ssh pubkeyauthentication, and i have set no for everything except for PubKeyAuthentication in the config file and restarted, but it still accepts password authentication05:18
joshmclvl1myradlife_:ssh perhaps?05:19
myradlife_joshmclvl1, when i use the file browser, does it mount somewhere on my cpu?05:20
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
YankDownUnderMount on your CPU?05:20
myradlife_not processor05:20
MadpilotJordan_U, heh. (that's "heh" in ROT26)05:21
joshmclvl1myradlife_: um, not too sure ^_^; depends on how you connect; when you set it up what connection method did you choose?05:21
myradlife_the location via "info" says sftp://ryancomputer.local/Path05:21
jiltdilmyradlife_:if u use ssh use ssh user@ip and then open data by programne filename05:21
joshmclvl1myradlife_: methinks you probably dont mount it manually.05:21
myradlife_I'm just going to the "Places" menu, and "Network" find my other computer and it asks for user/pass05:22
jiltdilmyradlife:if u want to copy data use scp via terminal or want to see or made changes i n his data use ssh05:22
ChapatiJon--, you there?05:25
Chapatican anyone link to a tutorial on how to set up full drive encryption with truecrypt?05:26
Chapatii can't find anything05:26
Chapatii can only make new partitions05:26
panfisti could boot the 10.10 livecd with 'nomodeset' boot option, but now that i've installed it and tried to boot of the disk, it hangs during "checking battery status"05:27
Jon--Chapati: here but busy on phone sry05:27
ChapatiJon--, k05:27
panfistit does not say ok next to checking battery status05:27
myradlife_jiltdil, i could ssh into it, scp returns an error: cp: cannot stat `netuser@ryancomputer-2.local': No such file or directory05:27
Chapatieveryone says you can encrypt everything but the /boot folder, yet i can't figure out how to do that at all05:27
sacarlsonChapati: I'm not sure about truecrypt but there are many with luks and gpg http://lfde.org/getting_started.html05:27
jiltdilmyradlife: only use scp no ssh for connection for copying05:28
myradlife_jiltdil, I did. My command was scp netuser@ryancomputer-2.local /Users/ryanradjabi/Public/usart-atmega32 ~/Desktop05:29
myradlife_scp returns an error: cp: cannot stat `netuser@ryancomputer-2.local': No such file or directory05:29
=== koustava is now known as koustava_busy
bastidrazormyradlife_: your command is wrong.. scp file-to-be-copied user@host:path/to/destination05:30
deluxjust a quick question, wouldnt ftp be easier then scp?05:30
jiltdilmyradlife:scp hisusername@his ip05:30
bastidrazordelux: by no means would it be faster/easier.05:30
jiltdildo thi05:30
homebrewciderhi all, trying to apt-get install "random package" on my Ubuntu server and it's not connecting to the net, but I can access the pc from other pcs on the network05:31
weecolyou mean sftp05:31
myradlife_jiltdil, is that usage correct? shouldn't it be scp destination user@host:path/to/file   ?05:31
deluxyeah sftp.05:31
weecoluse the shell if you have trouble05:32
jiltdilmyradlife: oh sorry i05:32
deluxhomebrew can you paste what you get with command ifconfig?05:33
homebrewcidersure. hang on a minute05:33
deluxwell, assuming your comfortable with it05:33
mintberrycrunch4can someone help me real quick05:33
L34rn3rthere is a BackTrack "OS" Channel05:33
weecollot of leave and entre traffic05:34
bastidrazorL34rn3r: #backtrack-linux05:34
weecolhey guys any meetings planned here?05:35
Logan_!meetings | weecol05:35
ubottuweecol: Team meetings are held in #ubuntu-meeting - See « /msg ubottu logs » for transcripts.05:35
jiltdilmyradlife_:perhabs other helps u i got confused with scp05:35
homebrewcidertrying to work out how to copy/paste from there to pastebin05:37
Logan_!pastebinit | homebrewcider05:37
ubottuhomebrewcider: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com05:37
deluxoh wow, thats a handy package05:38
delux*jots it down*05:38
homebrewciderbut that pc has no internet access, that's the whole problem05:38
crlcan81What the hell is ICEauthority?05:38
deluxirony haha05:38
Logan_!language | crlcan8105:38
ubottucrlcan81: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:38
homebrewciderwhat part do you wanna know delux?05:39
crlcan81because I don't know WHAT happened, but now when I login it can't open ICEauthority for my home folder.05:39
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:39
weecolare next meetings in the logs05:39
crlcan81What's ICEAuthority then?05:40
crlcan81I need to figure how exactly I disabled access to it for Ubuntu. So I can correct it.05:41
weecol!explain ICE05:43
Jordan_U!gksudo | crlcan8105:43
ubottucrlcan81: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)05:43
Jordan_Ucrlcan81: It's now owned by root as you ran a GUI command with sudo rather than gksudo. Chown it back to your user to be able to log in again.05:44
abigaylewho's here?05:46
Logan_1220 people?05:47
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Logan_!pm | abigayle05:48
ubottuabigayle: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.05:48
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crlcan81how do I chown it though? you're talking to someone who hasn't done that stuff before intentionally.05:51
crlcan81any time that stuff happens it's a secondary effect of some other thing I've done.05:51
jsoftwchown user:group /path/to/thing05:51
needlezok, so got a password on grub. Thanx, btw05:51
crlcan81so chown crlcan81 /crlcan81/.ICEauthority IF that's the path to ICEauthority?05:52
needlezno my question is there a way to log the attempted passwords on a lock screen return?? or login screen?? and set a limit to how many times a password can be tried??05:52
jsoftwWhat is all this flooding business05:52
Logan_!netsplit | jsoftw05:53
ubottujsoftw: netsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:53
weecolbest to wait a while?05:53
jsoftwwhats that for05:54
ubottuThere are Ubuntu newsgroups via NNTP at news.gmane.org05:54
JuNeXi have a problem in my samba05:56
JuNeX-->  'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot convert name "Everyone" to a SID. Invalid parameter.05:56
JuNeXi can't share my file05:56
jsoftwAint used samba in a long long time.05:57
JuNeXi see05:57
grendal_primeSAMBA'S BAD ASS05:58
JuNeXim new in ubuntu05:58
JuNeXwhat is the best filesharing for ubuntu 10.10?05:58
JuNeXneed to share it with WINXP05:58
grendal_primeif you ahve windows boxes05:58
jsoftwJuNeX: if you're talking windows, then probably samba05:58
crlcan81I don't know if it was when I did add-apt-repository or if something else went wonky.05:58
grendal_primewell actually nothing really beats good ol ssh05:58
crlcan81I just want to figure out how to find the proper path.05:58
JuNeXwhats this error means? -> 'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot convert name "Everyone" to a SID. Invalid parameter.05:59
grendal_primetoo man files...05:59
grendal_primemany that is05:59
grendal_primemust compress.05:59
jsoftwJuNeX: I looks like it doesnt know who Everyone is05:59
JuNeXi see where will i change that?06:00
jsoftwHow are you trying to share stuff?06:00
YankDownUnderSharing is piracy. :)06:01
JuNeXi have 2 PC's here 1 is Ubuntu & 1 is WINDOWS XP06:01
JuNeXjust want to know HOW to connect them06:01
needlezhi was wondering if someone could explain if I can or how to set it to log passwords for login and if I can set an amount of times attempted before complete lock down for a set time06:02
MTecknologysamba is usually the easiest06:02
MTecknologyJuNeX: most people will say samba; there's a lot of other options but that'll be the easiest to understant06:02
jordan_question, in 10.10 64 bit how do i get my close window / minimize options back for the top of my folders06:02
rajvii found abug with 10.10 on dell mini 10 where should i report it06:03
Ant13Hello everyone, id need some help dualbooting windows and kubuntu, the official guides dont seem to work as windows loads from grub, goes to windows logo (loading screen) and my pc restarts06:03
brightsparkjordan_: are your buttons not present?06:03
Jordan_UAnt13: Try asking in ##windows.06:03
JuNeX@MTecknology what is the meaning of this? --> 'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot convert name "Everyone" to a SID. Invalid parameter.06:04
JuNeXi have restarted my system many time already and still having this error when sharing06:04
Ant13Jordan_U: it's supposed to be a linux problem, since it happens after i installed ubuntu, and generally after grub2 was introduced06:04
MTecknologyJuNeX: is that from your windows box? I've never seen that in linux06:05
JuNeXits in my ubuntu06:05
Jordan_UAnt13: You've had Ubuntu make Windows unbootable multiple times before?06:05
sacarlsonAnt13: did you use the windows installer to install ubuntu?  it's called wubi06:05
Ant13Jordan_U: since 9.1006:05
MTecknologyrajvi: launchpad.net/ubuntu is where ubuntu manages bugs; if you search for the bug, it might already exist06:05
=== wallyworld___ is now known as wallyworld
=== Auriel_ is now known as Auriel
rajvii searched it does not exist06:06
Jordan_UAnt13: So every time you've installed Ubuntu since 9.10 it has taken what was a working Windows install and made it unbootable?06:06
jordan_brightspark, i got it, i entered conky in my decorations window and messed it up06:06
jordan_i got them back now06:06
JuNeX@MTecknology i have right click the folder i want to share and after a click on the create button this error comes out06:06
brightsparkjordan_: glad to hear it06:06
jordan_brightspark, do u know how to get rid of the shadow outline around conky06:07
Ant13Jordan_U : history since 9.10 = install windows / boot windows / install ubuntu / boot ubuntu and update it / after restart windows would only go to loading screen then restart06:07
Ant13Jordan_U : this happened with every version since 9.1006:07
Jordan_UAnt13: Did you use manual partitioning or automatic?06:08
jordan_brightspark,  haha nvm, i got it, entered conky in the shadow box06:08
Ant13Jordan_U: both, also used separate boot partition in my tries06:08
jordan_and the annoying shadow went away06:08
brightsparkjordan_:  good again!06:08
jordan_thanks a lot all06:08
Jordan_UAnt13: What version of Windows?06:08
sacarlsonAnt13: did you install ubuntu with a livecd boot or did you install from withing windows?06:08
ericyAnt13: Did you install from ubuntu live-cd (you booted from the cd)?06:09
Ant13Jordan_U: from xp to 706:09
Ant13ericy: from ubuntu live cd (live mode) , from ubuntu desktop cd (install) , from ubuntu alterate (only install)06:09
Jordan_UAnt13: All on the same computer?06:09
Ant13Jordan_U: yes, you need details about my computer?06:09
ericyAnt13: Or did you, from within windows, run wubi.exe?06:10
Ant13ericy: tried it too, wubi works, but by the time i install it on a separate partition (hence neither side by side nor  as app) windows wont boot06:10
Jordan_UAnt13: Can you run boot info script as explained here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and pastebin the RESULTS.txt?06:10
Ant13Jordan_U: if you are not in a hurry i can fetch my old output from ubuntu forums, assuming its still there06:11
Ant13Jordan_U: else it would take me abit, switch pc and so on06:11
Jordan_UAnt13: I'm not in too much of a hurry.06:11
Ant13Jordan_U: perfect06:11
Ant13Jordan_U: and thanks for your time06:11
Jordan_UAnt13: You're welcome.06:11
weiaAnt13: do you know what an mbr is? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Master_boot_record06:12
Ant13Jordan_U: partition table was slightly different back then, but i think that since it doesnt boot if there is something wrong its there since then06:12
needlezhi was wondering if someone could explain if I can or how to set it to log passwords for login and if I can set an amount of times attempted before complete lock down for a set time?06:12
sacarlsonAnt13: have you tried providing us info with http://sourceforge.net/projects/bootinfoscript/  with that info we might get a clue as to why it could of happened06:13
Ant13Jordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/580018/ here it is06:13
Ant13weia: yes i do why?06:13
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brightsparkneedlez: try the steps at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=102426306:14
=== Register is now known as Hilarie
weiaAnt13: looks like grub2's mbr code is incompatible with windows. use another.06:15
Ant13bJordan_U: i said it, it happened lol, did you say anything?06:16
Jordan_UAnt13: There you installed Ubuntu in a partition closer to the beginning of the drive than Windows, which is not done by the automatic partitioner. 1:It looks like it changed the partition number for Windows which Windows doesn't handle very well 2: It means that Windows (rather than Ubuntu) will be vulnerable to BIOS bugs where the BIOS can't properly handle large drives.06:16
sacarlsonAnt13: I think what it might be is that windows likes to be in the first partition,  in your case you have it installed at sda2.  you would think it should work but in the future I would try install it in sda1 and see if you have better luck06:16
Ant13bJordan_U, Sacarlson : that was one of my tries, i often install win in sda1 and ubuntu in sda2-3 sorry if that was incorrect, it was by the time i asked on ubuntu forums06:17
Ant13bJordan_U : booting from windows dvd and using bootrec /fixboot and chkdsk fixes it (at times)06:18
crlcan81what the flying..06:18
Jordan_UAnt13b: If possible, to make things easier to debug, could you do a standard Windows install (all defaults) and a standard Ubuntu install (using automatic partititioning but obviously choosing to keep Windows)?06:19
weiaAnt13: when you install ubuntu it should let you choose between a) install grub on mbr (like /dev/sda) b) install grub on linux partition (like /dev/sda2). if you pick b) you can later use any multibooting mbr code to chainload sda2. if you pick a) you might be stuck with grub06:20
AcrimoniousGoronI installed the ubuntu studio package into ubuntu 10.10 and when I open fonrforge it opens in a really tiny window. even if i maximize it the folders look like the size they would be on a 2" screen06:20
Ant13bJordan_U: depends, are you asking me if i could do it generally (then yes) or asking me to do it right now?06:21
Jordan_UAnt13b: I'm hoping that you could do it now or some time later and I could follow up via email or on a bug report. If there is a bug I'm going to do what I can to find it and get it fixed.06:22
panfisti could boot the 10.10 livecd with 'nomodeset' boot option, but now that i've installed it and tried to boot of the disk, it hangs right after "checking battery status"06:22
Ant13bweia: tried both of them06:22
Ant13bweia: even though its rather odd that prior to 9.10 it used to work (9.10 added grub2)06:22
AcrimoniousGoronI installed the ubuntu studio package into ubuntu 10.10 and when I open fonrforge it opens in a really tiny window. even if i maximize it the folders look like the size they would be on a 2" screen06:23
sacarlsonAnt13b: I don't see anything from the bootscript that would make it not work.  I'm sure you hold shift and try the windows boot and that must be where you see the error06:23
Jordan_UAnt13b: bootrec /fixboot is needed when the beginning of your Windows system partition is changed (which shouldn't happen with a default Ubuntu install).06:23
Ant13bJordan_U: it would take a while but yes i may do, windows 7 and ubuntu 10.10 would be fine? and what kind of informations would you need? (just to know what to get)06:23
Ant13bsacarlson: im rather ignorant about windows, didnt even know holding shift would do anything so i never did06:24
sacarlsonAnt13b: holding shift will get you control of the grub2 loader so you can choose what you want to boot06:25
Jordan_UAnt13b: Windows 7 would be ideal. The output of boot info script would include everything I can think of.06:25
weiaAnt13b: you picked b) and it broke windows?06:25
v_vj #debian06:25
Ant13bsacarlson: ok got it , its from grub, thought you meant once booted windows, in that case i choose win from there and it crashes06:25
Ant13bweia: both did06:25
meanwhat is lo that ifconfig display?06:25
Ant13bJordan_U: sure, getting what i need, do i have to use desktop cd or would alternate be the same (i prefer using alternate due to graphic card issues but if you say desktop ill go for it06:26
brightsparkmean: loopback06:27
weiaAnt13b: after you pick b) and you make the windows partition the "active" partition again, it should boot unharmed (no grub screen showing)06:27
Ant13bJordan_U: it just came to my mind, if i remove ubuntu or just /fixmbr everything will work normally, may just be a useless info06:27
Jordan_UAnt13b: The alternate install would be fine.06:27
Jordan_UAnt13b: That last bit of information is very useful.06:27
Ant13bweia: active?06:27
=== pollo is now known as Guest48619
Ant13bJordan_U: what one? the fixmbr thing i just told you?06:28
Jordan_UAnt13b: Yes.06:28
weiaAnt13b: any partition editor lets you designate one of the four primary mbr partitions as "active"06:28
Ant13bweia: oh yes right, i got you, doesnt work though06:28
Jordan_UAnt13b: What happens if you don't remove the Ubuntu partition but just run fixmbr?06:28
Guest48619ke hongo06:29
Ant13bJordan_U: grub wont show06:29
Jordan_UAnt13b: But Windows does boot then?06:29
panfistif i have an installation of 32 bit ubuntu is there a way to mark all of my packages so i can install them in a new 64 bit installation?06:29
meanbrightspark, i knew it short for loopback,but what does it use?06:30
Ant13bJordan_U: flawlessly not even slown up as you would expect from it06:30
Ant13b*slown down06:30
meani couldnt google right now...06:30
Jordan_UAnt13b: Ok, can you get the machine in this state fairly easily?06:31
Ant13bJordan_U: pardon?06:31
sacarlsonAnt13b: I am assuming that ubuntu does boot ok am I wrong?06:31
Jordan_UAnt13b: Can you get things setup so that the Ubuntu partition is still there but you have run fixboot /mbr so that Windows just boots?06:32
Ant13bsacarlson: depends where we were, install windows then install ubuntu and use ubuntu? yes ubuntu has no problems at all, even after i /fixboot it boots ok works ok no problems, if i fixmbr grub doesnt show06:32
weiaAnt13b: 1) zero out first 1mb of disk; 2) install windows in sda1; 3) install ubuntu in sda2, careful to install grub to sda2 (not sda); 4) make sda1 the active partition; 5) no grub menu shows, the computer boots right into windows, and it's broken?? i don't believe it06:32
Ant13bJordan_U: are you asking me to do it right now? partition table is a lil messed but things are actually that way (i needed windows to update my phone so i had to /fixmbr)06:32
Ant13bweia: if i do it that way grub shows but if i choose windows it will crash06:33
Jordan_UAnt13b: Great. Can you burn a Super GRUB2 Disk CD or install grub to a flash drive for some testing?06:33
brightsparkmean: I'm not a big network techie but from what I understand it lets the computer recieve messages it sends itself, which is more secure than some other methods.06:34
victorhugo289guys, I have a problem, I need to resize a FAT-32 partition, I want to grow it bigger06:34
sacarlsonAnt13b: and you never changed to sequence or point your bios to boot from something other than sda ?06:34
Ant13bJordan_U: if you are goin to ask me to install grub, wouldnt the alternate ubuntu cd be the same? (im just guessing)06:34
victorhugo289But what I need to know is...06:34
Jordan_UAnt13b: No, it uses isolinux.06:34
Ant13bsacarlson: bios can boot either from cd or hd or usb, i cant change it06:35
victorhugo289It is currently 34.5 Gigabyte long, I need to grow it to about 5006:35
victorhugo289But I'm not sure if the block size will be afected!!06:35
meanbrightspark, thx06:35
victorhugo289Does Fat-32 use the same block size for 50 GB as it does for 34.5????06:35
sacarlsonAnt13b: oh and did you install with usb flash disk?06:35
victorhugo289Does Fat-32 use the same block size for 50 GB as it does for 34.5????06:36
Ant13bJordan_U : sorry im lost, im out of burners actually may you explain t a lil further? (never used supergrub2)06:36
Ant13bsacarlson: all from dvd/cd to hd06:36
brightsparkmean: no problem at all06:36
misbach_askum ubuntuers06:36
victorhugo289I'm afraid it could expand the block size and destroy my files.06:36
Jyotihow do i create vxfs filesystem on my system? mkfs -t vxfs... what package do I need to install?06:37
nixjrhow do i output the "load average" like in top, but only the load average, none of that other stuff?06:37
Jordan_UAnt13b: What I would like to do is now that you're in a configuration where you know that the Windows side of things is setup correctly, to try booting Windows from grub (without installing grub to the internal hard drive, instead installing it to a CD/USB drive).06:37
brightsparkvictorhugo289: anytime you fiddle with partitions, you ought to back stuff up.06:37
mykalhi all. i know this might not be the place, but getting ubuntu to stream to xbax via ushare. anyone here happen to have it working???06:38
weiaAnt13b: oh well. then something on the linux side _insists_ on overwriting the mbr bootcode. you could inspect snapshots of the mbr at various points to catch the violator.06:38
overriderI am having trouble with my 10.04 samba installation. How can i completely remove it, then reinstall it? apt-get purge does not do it, because it leaves /etc/samba and other files in place. Manually removing those also bad, because then a reinstall will not recreate those default files. What gives? Thanks06:38
Ant13bJordan_U: probably it doesnt matter, but to fetch something from my old ubuntu install i used wubi, gone from win bootloader to grub and booted into linux (supposed to work and so it did) would it be the same if instead of choosing linux from there id choose linux (i have wubi installed as app)06:38
brightsparkvictorhugo289: but I have shrunk and moved FAT32 partitions without problems.  (never grown one, sorry)06:39
victorhugo289I know @brightspark, and I'm prepared for the worst, but I've been very lucky so far.06:39
Ant13bweia: grub2 bullying windows lol06:39
victorhugo289Grow and shrink without problems???06:39
Jordan_UAnt13b: Yes, working with Wubi's grub will do just fine.06:39
victorhugo289oh thanks06:39
victorhugo289That sounds like what I need to hear06:39
dustinanyone got time to do some linux 1 on 1 with me i could really use someone's help/maybe connect and do some desktop help if anyone has the time id really be forever in a person's debt06:40
Jordan_UAnt13b: If you press 'c' at the grub menu you will get to the grub shell. Can you be at the grub shell and on IRC (with another machine) at the same time?06:40
meanthere are two kernel in my unbuntu  ,but it  start with as default,how could i switch to
mykalwhat you need dustin, just a quick howto?06:40
Ant13Jordan_U: disconnected again, mind repeating if you replied?06:41
mykalok, so no xbox streamers here. i think the big issue is that xbox creates a key that needs to go into the upnp somewhere. any ideas06:42
brightsparkmean: do you have startup-manager in you system/admin menu?06:42
Jordan_UAnt13b: Yes, working with Wubi's grub will do just fine.06:43
Jordan_UAnt13b: If you press 'c' at the grub menu you will get to the grub shell. Can you be at the grub shell and on IRC (with another machine) at the same time?06:43
Ant13Jordan_U: fantastic, let me fetch the laptop06:43
Ant13Jordan_U: yes, actually i have alot of pc available lol06:43
Ant13Jordan_U: again, if i disconnect its surely my isp playing with me lol06:44
dustinso anyone know alot about mudlibs thats on right now ?06:44
weiaAnt13b: looks like grub2's chainloading into windows from the grub menu is plainly broken. i think windows has a fixmbr or so, and i think you can get windows into shape so it lets you choose between windows and grub at boot.06:44
meanbrightspark, i didnt find it . is it the default software?06:44
schockany args for/against 'Activate Serial ATA RAID device' on fresh 10.10 install?06:44
Ant13weia: that wouldnt be secure though06:45
weiaAnt13: what kind of security?06:45
brightsparkmean: I honestly don't recall perfectly, but I believe it was something I got out of synaptic.06:45
Ant13weia: you have to forgive me im a lil sleepy, but i think you meant using windows bootloader to load linux, wouldnt that be risky if windows got compromised?06:46
=== usr is now known as pyus
Ant13Jordan_U: ok im there, turn pc on, choose ubuntu from windows loader (wubi) then it gets me to grub and i choose windows again?06:47
brightsparkmean: the package is called startupmanager (without a hyphen).  You could probably apt-get it if you choose.06:47
dustinanyone know how to run a mudblib deal?06:47
Jordan_UAnt13: That's the easiest test, yes.06:47
Ant13Jordan_U: lol it brins me back to win loader06:47
cosmoI know in win7 I can link folders to my library folders like video or music, can I do the same in ubuntu and if so how?06:47
Jordan_UAnt13: That's expected, all grub ever does is chainload the Windows bootloader.06:48
Ant13Jordan_U: and it restarts06:48
Ant13Jordan_U: it just restarted after win logo06:48
weiaAnt13: yes, that's what i meant. if windows is compromised, then so is your linux partition if the malware author wants that. the question which bootloader is loading which is a sham.06:48
Ant13weia: i dont get the last statement "the question which bootloader is loading which is a sham."06:49
meanbrightspark, it works ,thx a lot:)06:49
weiaAnt13: it means it has nothing to do with security06:49
lariousAnybody can help me with my huawei USB modem intalling on ubuntu 10.04 tls.... please brothers i need to go onine with my modem06:50
Jordan_UAnt13: If Windows is compromised then it can write to anywhere on the drive, so you can't completely trust even your Ubuntu partition at that point.06:50
Ant13weia: oh06:50
larious Anybody can help me with my huawei USB modem intalling on ubuntu 10.04 tls.... please brothers i need to go onine with my modem06:50
Ant13Jordan_U: thats what i meant lol06:50
brightsparkmean: no problem.  I hope it continues to work well.06:50
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larious Anybody can help me with my huawei USB modem intalling on ubuntu 10.04 tls.... please brothers i need to go onine with my modem06:51
Ant13Jordan_U: by the way i just retried, still goes from win loader to grub, again to win loader and then nowhere06:51
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest1939
root__hi this is needlez can the person who linked me to that page previously relink me to it?? forgot to save it06:51
larious Anybody can help me with my huawei USB modem intalling on ubuntu 10.04 tls.... please brothers i need to go onine with my modem06:51
Ant13larious: branded key?06:52
lariousdanaial: Asalamu Aleku brother06:52
Ant13Jordan_U: after that restart booting straight from windows works06:52
lariousAnt13; EC22606:52
brightsparkneedlez: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=102426306:52
Jordan_UAnt13: Do you have a flash drive handy?06:53
guais there a place that outlines the differences between the desktop 10.04.1 and 10.04.2?06:53
dustinanyone got any ideas?06:53
dustinokay here's the deal folks, i got this mudlib file in the home/folder and i need to run it through the terminal but i got no idea how to run a program from there anyone spare some time on this issue who is fluenant in linux?06:53
lariousAnt13; EC22606:53
Ant13Jordan_U: no, not ready, would have t backup and format06:53
lariousAnt13: EC22606:53
Ant13larious: have you tried from network manager to go on mobile connection after key has been plugged for 5 minutes?06:53
Jordan_Ugua: You can look at the changelogs of all of the packages. Point releases are just releases containing the most recent updates to that point,06:54
brightsparkdustin: if you right-click the file, is it marked as executable under permissions?06:54
Ant13Jordan_U : want me to?06:54
guaJordan_U: hmm. just it'd be nice to see what the big changes are so i know if it's worth downloading for what i want to do with it that day06:54
lariousAnt13: Yah but it request for APN which my modem can find automatically by win xp06:54
Ant13larious: for apn informations you should either contact your provider or just take a look at their site, what operator are you with?06:55
weiaAnt13: in conclusion.  boot -> windows -> grub -> linux -> ok.  boot -> windows -> windows -> ok.  boot -> grub -> windows -> no no!06:56
lariousMultilinks telecom Blue broadband06:56
lariousAnt13:  Multilinks telecom Blue broadband06:56
Ant13weia: also boot -> windows -> grub -> windows -> windows -> crash06:56
Jordan_UAnt13: There is only one bug in grub that I can remember that has symptoms like this (though it was never actually triggered in normal use and I don't see why it would be triggered now). Since it's been fixed in grub 1.99 rc1 I was hoping you could test grub 1.99 rc1 somehow.06:57
weiaAnt13: yeah, don't let grub get in the way06:57
lariousanybody from Nigeria06:57
Ant13larious: you should contact them or copy the apn from windwos06:57
nbros652Anybody out there... I have an server set up with webmin/usermin. I also have samba shares set up. Here's the problem. When I change the password for a user from the "Users and groups" page, I can access samba folders with the local user accounts. When I change the passwords from usermin, I am no longer able to access the samba shares. Any idea why?06:58
Jordan_UAnt13: You wouldn't need to reformat the flash drive to install grub on it. grub2 supports pretty much every filesystem under the sun.06:58
Ant13Jordan_U: its available for natty, i may download it and install on maverick06:58
Ant13Jordan_U: i would need to format it to remove the stuff i have on it lol06:58
nbros652Also, the password hashes are quite different between the two tools.06:59
Jordan_UAnt13: Why would you need to remove anything from it?06:59
Metaxaanyone here have experience with GMABooster?06:59
lariousAnt13: How do I copy from window?06:59
Ant13Jordan_U: from the key? its full06:59
zrutyOn xubuntu, can I do everything I can do on ubuntu, too?06:59
meanbrightspark, i used startupmanage to switch,and restart but it ditnt work06:59
Jordan_UAnt13: You need less than 5 meg of free space for grub.06:59
Ant13larious: in the key you re supposed to find an autoconfigurationblabla file, install it , go on key's control panel and get infos about apn, i suggest though to call your operator06:59
joeb_can you watch netflix on ubuntu06:59
Ant13Jordan_U: oh yes right didnt think of that07:00
Ant13Jordan_U: so am i going with usb key or installing it from maverick?07:00
meanbrightspark, it still started without option...07:00
Jordan_UAnt13: While it's normally not a good idea to use packages from one release (especially a development one) on another, I know that the grub-pc and grub-common packages from natty are safe to install in maverick.07:00
Ant13Jordan_U: in this case, where should i install it? in wubi or in "native" ubuntu?07:01
Metaxajoeb_:You'll need to run virtualBox and have windows installed due to Silverlight only being available on mac and windows07:01
lariousAnt13: Please you will need to guide me on how to copy that07:01
joeb_Metaxa- have you tried it ? does it work ?07:01
Jordan_UAnt13: Native Ubuntu. There are enough packaging issues with Wubi and grub that I wouldn't risk installing the newer grub packages within Wubi.07:02
Ant13larious: since i'm not with your operator it would be hard for me , since most of those configurators are proprietary and vary from operator to operator, you should ask their technical support for more details, unless someone gets u to automatically find it07:02
Metaxajoeb_: Yes, Oracle VirtualBox, Install windows in that and run firefox, works just fine on a decent machine07:03
danielpaciransomebody indonesia...?07:03
Jordan_UAnt13: Note that just updating the grub-pc package triggers grub-install to be run on whatever install devices are configured.07:03
Ant13 Jordan_U: oh yes right, if i install grub it should write to mbr and boot partition and make things like i just formatted, thats what we want right?07:03
Diverdudeahhhhhhhhhh i love the smell of napalm in the morning.... smells like victory!07:03
joeb_Diverdude- ?07:04
syn-ackDiverdude, Great movie, but lets try to keep it on topic, please.07:04
Jordan_UAnt13: Yes, that would work fine. I wouldn't say it's just like you formatted though.07:04
Metaxajoeb_: I'm running a 420@1.6 mhz celeron mobile with 2.5 gb ram, works just fine on low level dsl07:04
syn-ackjoeb_, he made a reference to Apocalypse Now.07:05
danielpaciranfROM INDONES'IA???????????????07:05
joeb_Metaxa- i dual boot windows i will just watch it in windows07:05
devkhadkahow to get current time stamp07:06
Diverdudesyn-ack, yep, you guessed it :D07:06
Metaxajoeb_: or you could do that07:06
danielpacirandont say windows please07:06
devkhadkacurrent  timestamp in bash script07:06
Jordan_U!indonesia | danielpaciran07:06
ubottudanielpaciran: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia07:06
weiaJordan_U: windows could always try to detect the presence of grub in the load chain and refuse to work. that's an unfixable situation. whatever grub's authors are doing to fix the user experience, the next windows live update can break it again.07:06
Metaxajoeb_: I run dual monitors off this laptop, have virtual box on one and my normal ubuntu on the other07:07
Gryllidahow do I install mono 2.8 ? latest one in the repo is 2.6.7 only07:07
syn-ackGryllida, you can either try looking for a development PPA or you'd probably have to grab the source from the mono project.07:07
cosmoI know in win7 I can link folders to my library folders without copying the files to it so it is easy to access media from various folders and drives like video or music, can I do the same in ubuntu and if so how?07:08
Gryllidasyn-ack, I didn't find a ppa07:08
Jordan_Uweia: I've never heard of Windows overwriting the MBR on upgrades (though Photoshop and other software with idiotic DRM is known to write to the boot track all the time). And I've seen no evidence that Windows has overwritten ant13's mbr (except when he told it to) so I don't see how that's relevant.07:08
Gryllidacosmo, nautilus, add to bookmark07:08
syn-ackGryllida, you'll probably have to grab the source, deps and headers and compile it yourself then07:08
Diverdudeppa=personal what? archieve ?07:09
syn-ackPersonal Package Archive.07:09
Diverdudeoh yes ofc07:09
cosmoGryllida, thanks07:09
meanI couldnt use startupmanage to switch kernel ,who can help me out?07:10
brightsparkmean:   Hm, that's not the intended behavior.  you can try renaming files in /etc/grub.d until they are in alphanumeric order matching the order you want to see in GRUB07:10
PrinlerAnyone have any experience with Mediatomb? When i click on my media in windows all it does is send me the file. I want it to stream not just "host" files....07:10
weiaJordan_U: we're not talking about someone overwriting the mbr. it's about windows refusing to boot (intentionally or not) if grub was in the load chain.07:10
meanbrightspark, i thought you have gone07:11
Jordan_Uweia: Then I don't see what Windows Live has to do with anything.07:11
meanbrightspark, i try it now07:11
brightsparkmean: sorry wrong directory!  don't fiddle with that, I'll get the right one in a minute07:11
weiaJordan_U: why not? you suggested to get a new version of grub to fix this. i said don't ever let grub get into the load chain if you intend to boot windows. you're not getting what Windows Live has to do with that?07:12
meanbrightspark,  in /boot/grub ?07:12
meanbrightspark,  grub.cfg?07:12
Jordan_Uweia: If this is the bug that I am thinking about then upgrading will be a permanent fix.07:13
weiaJordan_U: upgrading _what_? grub? it can be _outpaced_ by the next Windows Live update. still don't get it?07:13
brightsparkmean: not quite, your changes will be overwritten if you edit that.07:15
Jordan_Uweia: Yes, update grub. This is a bug in grub that has affected all versions of Windows since Vista, it's just that it's a bug in features that are never used in normal situations (hence why it has lasted so long, it affected almost no one).07:15
Jordan_Uweia: Features of grub that is.07:16
brightsparkmean: if you edit /etc/default/grub you can change the starting position of the cursor07:16
abe_Hi guys, Does anyone knows what the term lkstbishnis stand for ? they say it has something to do with computer parts07:16
schockhi all. so i have a fresh install of 10.10 on vpcz. Now a lot of forums recommend using natty kernel to solve various driver problems. what is the easiest way to install this?07:16
Jordan_U!ot | abe_07:17
ubottuabe_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:17
lariousanybody from nigeria here using linux07:17
weiaJordan_U: i'm getting your point now. thanks for explaining.07:19
Jordan_Uweia: You're welcome.07:19
cosmonope that didnt do it, nautilus trys to add the whole drive, I have video, audio and documents stored in folders on other drives in catagories and sub-catagories in win 7 I could just add them to library folders in explorer without having to copy them to the main drive this made accessing them convient and I was hoping to do the same in ubuntu but not sure how (would like to have links to them in the home folder where it already has catagories07:21
cosmolike documents, music, video, etc.)07:21
brightsparkmean: Okay, so by changing the value of GRUB_DEFAULT, you can make the cursor start in a different position.  0 for the top, 1 for the next, and so forth.07:22
Ant13erm did Jordan_ U leave?07:22
=== Surjya_ is now known as Surjya
brightsparkmean: then run update-grub07:23
Jordan_UAnt13: No.07:23
Ant13Jordan_U: lol what the heck you dont show up in the list, o well empathy's misteries07:23
Ant13Jordan_U: connection went so instead of taking more of your time i went straight to get grub07:23
XChatsgood day, any idea how to connect twitter from terminl? thnaks07:24
Ant13Jordan_U: quick dirty way, changing apt sources07:24
Ant13Jordan_U: now  a debconf window asks if i want to chainload from menu.list or use a linux command line07:24
Jordan_UAnt13: Ok. Select "yes" to chainloading from menu.lst. That dialog is only supposed to come up when you are upgrading from grub legacy to grub2.07:25
rajvihello anyone using Quicken 2011 on 10.1007:25
Ant13Jordan_U: may be the case, as i said before i tried using grub legacy too, would that compromise what we re doing?07:25
Jordan_UAnt13: You *will* need to run "sudo upgrade-from-grub-legacy" before rebooting though.07:25
Jordan_UAnt13: No, it doesn't hurt anything.07:26
Ant13Jordan_U: doing it07:26
Ant13Jordan_U: its now installing, gladly wont require internet again, or im jumping out of the window lol07:26
rajviHello all anyone using Quicken 2011 on 10.10 returns me a com error  it crashes :(07:27
Jordan_UAnt13: Make sure that your drive is selected as an install device, and *no* partitions are selected (use space bar to check / uncheck a device in the list).07:27
Ant13Jordan_U: pardon?07:27
Jordan_UAnt13: You should get to a dialog asking where grub should be installed when you run "sudo upgrade-from-grub-legacy".07:27
lariousAnt13: is it possible to get the apn by myself cos here they dont know much about linux or apn stuff07:28
rajviQuicken on 10.10 ??07:28
Ant13larious: apn doesnt depend on system07:28
Ant13Jordan_U: got it, no devices selected, go on?07:29
Ant13Jordan_U: nevermind lol07:29
Ant13Jordan_U: i can choose sda or sda3, should i go sda?07:29
luckymuralihi all07:29
lariousAnt13: I know but they believe that I want to steal from there network through the apn07:29
Jordan_UAnt13: sda.07:29
luckymuraliwhere can i check for OS layout and configuration??07:29
rajviIs Quicken 2011 running on 10.10 successfully via WINE ??07:30
Jordan_Uluckymurali: Layout and configuration of what specifically?07:30
Diverdudesome update that has caused that volume up/down buttons no longer works. This is the case both on my lenovo T61p laptop (running 10.04) and my mediacenter with wireless keyboard connected (running 10.10). Does anybody else have the same problem?07:30
Jordan_U!appdb | rajvi07:30
ubotturajvi: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help07:30
Ant13larious: its impossible to do so lol07:30
Ant13Jordan_U: t said grub been removed but configuration files were preserved, should i delete them?07:31
Jordan_UAnt13: It's up to you. Doesn't matter much either way.07:31
=== dark is now known as Guest84683
Jordan_Urajvi: You're welcome.07:31
Ant13Jordan_U: next time they wont be there anyway so no matter, should i restart now?07:31
Jordan_UAnt13: Yes.07:32
Guest84683Can someone help me get a 2-monitor set up working?07:32
=== Guest84683 is now known as Dark2
BreachJust installed Ubuntu 10.10 desktop on an Acer Aspire One. I havent used linux in ages, what is the best antivirus app?07:32
Ant13Jordan_U: did they put back the splashimages? O_O07:33
MetaxaDrak2: Desktop or laptop07:33
Jordan_U!virus | Breach07:33
ubottuBreach: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus07:33
Breachahh.. ok07:33
Jordan_UAnt13: What do you mean?07:33
lariousAnt13: I try to install the dashboard of the network and it through wine but wine cant install FILES07:33
admin0hi .. I can do fdisk -l /dev/sda and see my windows partitions, but when I try to mount, it says /dev/sda1 does not exisit.. what is the correct syntax for makedev ?07:33
Ant13Jordan_U: the grub window actually has a colour, used to be white and black07:33
Ant13Jordan_U: anyways i booted into ubuntu, what should i do now? (restarted and all)07:34
Jordan_UAnt13: Try booting Windows.07:34
MetaxaDrak2: Are you using a video card with 2 outputs?07:34
Ant13Jordan_U: crossing my fingers07:34
lariousAnt13: Wine cant install win DLL and Win information files07:34
Ant13larious: im sorry, i dont know much of it, its supposed to work without anything, you should retry with your operator07:35
Dark2Metaxa: Yes, it has 2 DVI outputs. Also, please spell my name correctly so it notifies me07:35
XChatsgood day, any idea how to connect twitter from terminl? thnaks07:35
lariousI will need to take my fucking desktop to there office07:35
Ant13Jordan_U: rebooted (crash again)07:35
MetaxaDark2: With both monitors connected and turned on, have you gone to System-->Preferences-->Monitors and chosen to detect monitors?07:36
Jordan_UAnt13: Odd. Please file a bug report in the upstream grub bug tracker. If at all possible reproduce the bug with a simpler setup as explaining your current setup properly will distract from the actual problem at hand.07:37
MetaxaDark2: What Model card do you have?07:37
iiicygXChats, bitlebee + weechat.07:37
Ant13Jordan_U: actually i may have an idea07:37
Dark2ATI HD585007:37
Ant13Jordan_U: do you happen to know if grub legacy works on aptio bios? (uefi)07:37
XChatsiiicyg: ok ill try to install it now , thanks07:38
Jordan_UAnt13: Grub legacy does not work with uefi.07:38
Ant13Jordan_U: owned lol07:38
iiicygXChats, also there are special terminal twitter clients.07:38
Ant13Jordan_U: i never had to reconfigure grub legacy, what should i do after i installed it? (on this pc legacy used to work)07:38
iiicygXChats, but i don't like there.07:39
XChatsiiicyg what would be the best you can recommends?07:39
iiicygXChats, weechat + bitlebee daemon. (http://wiki.bitlbee.org/HowtoTwitter)07:40
XChatsiiicyg: ok, thank you very much07:40
iiicygYou are welcome.07:41
cosmoI tried bookmarks in nautilus and it tries to add the whole drive, I have video, audio and documents stored in folders on other drives in categories and sub-categories in win 7 I could just add them to library folders in explorer without having to copy them to the main drive this made accessing them convenient and I was hoping to do the same in ubuntu but not sure how (would like to have links to them in the home folder where it already has cat07:41
cosmoegories like documents, music, video, etc.) any ideas or suggestions?07:41
Jordan_UAnt13: I need to get some sleep so I don't really have time to walk you through it tonight.07:42
Ant13Jordan_U: i have one more question, which doesnt really matter now, have you ever dualbooted windows and ubuntu 9.10+?07:42
Ant13Jordan_U: oh sure its no problem, i'd care to say thanks or all the time u spent with me trying to fix it07:42
Ant13*i'd like07:43
DSxWhat's a ubuntu?07:43
Jordan_UAnt13: Yes I have. Your experience is very abnormal.07:43
DSxGuise help me.07:43
DSxWhat's a ubuntu07:43
DSxBtw Has anyone heard about japan07:43
Ant13Jordan_U: lol so you think on a dell with aptio bios it would dual boot fine? (actually its a compaq)07:43
DSxHope those guys are okay.07:43
DSxI need someone to make my nikes.07:43
Jordan_UAnt13: You're welcome. The best thanks though would be a good bug report :)07:43
Ant13Jordan_U: *actually its a compaq i tried in07:43
Ant13Jordan_U: sure, if you could give me some hint what details i should give them i will, launchpad or somewhere else?07:44
=== stagres7 is now known as stag-reseau7
Ant13Jordan_U: bootinfoscript // pc model // pc bios model would be enough?07:45
Jordan_UAnt13: http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?group=grub . Those things plus an explanation that running *only* fixboot /mbr (or whatever the command is for restoring the mbr with Windows 7) allows Windows to boot successfully.07:46
=== DSx is now known as help
Diverdudesome update that has caused that volume up/down buttons no longer works. This is the case both on my lenovo T61p laptop (running 10.04) and my mediacenter with wireless keyboard connected (running 10.10). Does anybody else have the same problem?07:47
Ant13Jordan_U: copied that, could you make a guess about that thing i asked before? (if a dell with aptio uefi would boot fine with 7 + default 10.10 install)07:47
Ant13Jordan_U: actually i use phoenix bios lol07:47
Jordan_UAnt13: So what I would do is run boot info script now, run fixboot /mbr and nothing else, run boot info script again, confirm that you can now boot Windows successfully, and post both boot info script outputs with an explanation that that's what you did.07:48
Ant13Jordan_U: for how long it will take i think it would be better make things clean, wipe out the hd and do as you just said, so they wont find mess07:49
jiltdilhow to change my ip through command line?07:49
Jordan_UAnt13: I would stay away from [U]EFI at the moment, even if you get grub-efi working you'll likely have problems with graphics drivers in linux. And there isn't really much of an advantage to [U]EFI over BIOS.07:49
phoenixsamprasmy hibernation and suspend is broken07:50
luckymuraliJordan_U, for OS07:50
aureianimuscan anyone tell me this: if i want to create a persistent usb-ubuntu, i need to specify the size of the persistent file. Is that file just for OS-settings or can i also save files in there?07:50
Ant13Jordan_U: i know that but my new laptop uses uefi and id like to put ubuntu into it (just windows on a pc would make me never use it lol)07:50
luckymuraliI am really not able to understand what is meant by OS layout and configuration so I am asking here07:50
jiltdil how to change my ip through command line?07:51
Ant13Jordan_U: if it helps is certified ubuntu hardware, dell vostro 370007:51
=== Guest1939 is now known as DarkDevil
phoenixsamprasjiltdil: ifconfig eth0 10.0.500.1 netmask
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest27251
Jordan_UAnt13: While I've installed grub-efi before I've never tested what the Ubuntu installer does when installing to an EFI based system. Make sure you grab the 64 bit Ubuntu CD and the worst that can happen is that it doesn't install grub-efi automatically and you'll have to ask for help on that from #grub. (Just trying to clarify that installing grub-pc on a system with EFI firmware will not hurt anything).07:53
Ant13Jordan_U: so i cant use a 32 bit version? :O07:54
Jordan_UAnt13: No, with EFI the Firmware and the OS need to be the same architecture (unless you do really ugly hacks in the kernel like Apple does in XNU but is not likely to be accepted in Linux).07:55
=== k3n7_ is now known as k3n7
Jordan_UAnt13: So if it07:55
Ant13Jordan_U: great ....... -.-  oh well better than nothing, so worst thing that may happen is linux not working? it shouldnt kill the pc right?07:56
Jordan_UAnt13: ... So if it's 64 bit firmware (which it almost certainly is) you'll need to install 64 bit Ubuntu.07:56
Jordan_UAnt13: Correct.07:56
Xunie`During the installation, I selected that I wanted an encrypted home partition.07:57
Ant13Jordan_U: last question, more of a personal one, you actually use windows?07:57
Jordan_UAnt13: No.07:57
Ant13Jordan_U: lol ok nevermind, this isnt related to ubuntu, just to windows ESD os i wont bother here07:57
Ant13Jordan_U: thank you again for all your time and all the help you gave me, as soon as i wake up abit im going to wipe the hd and file a bug report, hoping other compaq cq60 415sl owners wont have to use just 1 system07:58
Ant13Jordan_U good night when you go (i think you said you were going soon) and thanks again07:58
Jordan_UAnt13: You're welcome.07:58
Ant13Jordan_U: its time for me to get ready, have a nice night/day08:00
duepiHey guys, I was wondering how I get the firefox pop-up browser to show thumbnails?08:01
phoenixsamprasduepi: wha thappende?08:03
duepi<duepi> Hey guys, I was wondering how I get the firefox pop-up browser to show thumbnails?08:03
duepiI mean when I click 'browse' for an image in an image-upload site, or something, you know?08:04
duepiI want to be able to see the thumbnails of the images08:04
phoenixsamprasduepi: what ff version?08:04
duepihow do I tell?08:04
duepierr, sec08:04
duepi3.5 or 3.608:05
duepiyes, 3.6.1308:05
phoenixsamprasduepi: interesting, i didnt know you can see thumnails via ff08:05
duepiphoenixsampras: can you? I want to be able to..08:06
duepiphoenixsampras: If you can't that's a real bugger!08:06
iiicygI can't understand wat did he mean.08:06
StarminnTo install GNOME Shell, do I simply run << sudo apt-get install gnome-shell >> and << gnome-shell --replace >>?08:06
phoenixsamprasduepi: i cant08:07
phoenixsamprasduepi: seems you have a very special version08:07
duepiphoenixsampras: I *want* to, and I can't, you understand?08:07
phoenixsamprasduepi: no i dont understand, seems you are drunk08:07
duepiphoenixsampras: Are you fucking retarded?08:08
=== Surjya_ is now known as Surjya
duepiI want the pop-up file browser to show thumbnaild08:08
phoenixsamprasduepi: what are you smoking buddy?08:08
duepiat the moment, it doesn't08:08
duepiphoenixsampras: your mothers ass08:08
StepNjump Am I the only one who keeps having to deal with my OpenOffice Writer that keeps crashing?08:08
iiicygduepi, russian?08:08
duepiStepNjump: No, mine does too08:08
phoenixsamprasduepi: why dont you ask firefox a refund?08:08
duepiStepNjump: just run word in WINE, tbqh08:08
duepiphoenixsampras: I'm asking for help, champ08:09
duepiphoenixsampras: Don't get your knickers in a knot08:09
StepNjumpWord? MS word?08:09
IpSe_DiXiThi i just runned an update and itz frozen at "mysql" i tried "ctrl+c" to abort it but therez no way, itz just stuck there, what can i do? thanks (gnome on ubuntu 10.10)08:09
duepiStepNjump: Yes08:09
StepNjumpI hate word...08:09
duepiStepNjump: Open Office is terrible08:09
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!08:09
StepNjumpDuepi did you find out what causes that problem?08:09
duepiStepNjump: Nope.08:09
duepiStepNjump: Bad programming?08:09
StepNjumpduepi what kind of ram do you have?08:10
duepiStepNjump: 4GB ddr208:10
phoenixsamprasduepi: yeh, bugs, ask refund08:10
KB1JWQphoenixsampras: Calm down, please. :-)08:10
StepNjumpOpen office works great on Win7 64.. Never had a problem with it08:10
duepiphoenixsampras: Are you mad, mate? Do you need some time out?08:10
phoenixsamprasduepi: im trying to help you and you are insulting me, (04:08:37 AM) duepi: phoenixsampras: your mothers ass08:11
StepNjumpoh ok, it's not that then duepi. I have 1 GB so I thought that cld have been the problem08:11
iiicygTroll detected.08:11
=== entropy is now known as Guest58560
duepiphoenixsampras: Are you mad, mate? Do you need some time out?08:12
duepiStepNjump: Mine crashes when I try to open the referencing system, and a few other things08:12
phoenixsamprascan somebody remove duepi?? he is offending people08:12
silveryHi, guys. Is there any simple way to diagnose why system starts from external devices only on laptop(Acer Aspire 5350)?08:12
StepNjumpduepi: I might have found something to consider http://user.services.openoffice.org/en/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1131108:13
StepNjumpIs your java enabled?08:13
StepNjumpMine crashes all the time duepi08:13
StepNjumpIt's getting worse08:13
StepNjumpAfter some searching (unsuccessfully) I looked in Tools -> Options -> OpenOffice.org -> Java and found that OpenOffice had not enabled java. I enabled my JRE and everything is back to normal.08:14
phoenixsamprasStepNjump: great08:14
StepNjumpWas it off?08:15
silveryUbuntu 10.10 fails to start from internal CD/DVD-rom and internal HDD, but it starts perfectly when I plug the same HDD via USB...08:15
duepiStepNjump: alright, awesome, I'll just check08:16
silveryany suggestions?08:16
StepNjumpI'm trying to find it myself08:16
cretsiahsilvery ... i would at the booting menu and see where it thinks the drive is08:17
duepiStepNjump: it's enabled.08:17
=== dani is now known as Guest94512
cretsiahlook at*08:17
StepNjumpwhere did you find it?08:17
weecol!lang | stepnjump08:17
StepNjumpoh ok, I was looking in Writer08:18
duepiStepNjump: Java?08:18
silverycrestiah: ide 0 - HDD drive (OK), ide 1 - CD\DVD drive (OK).08:18
duepiStepNjump: ahh08:18
StepNjumpTry out of fun to check it off08:18
ObsidianXhey folks, how can i install 32bit sun JDK on 64 bit 10.1008:19
phoenixsampras!ops (04:08:37 AM) duepi: phoenixsampras: your mothers ass08:19
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:19
KB1JWQphoenixsampras: /ignore is your friend.08:19
KB1JWQPasting it here is counterproductive.08:19
duepiphoenixsampras: Can you stop crying about it, please?08:19
cretsiahsilvery not quite sure you got got what i meant?? i was meaning like if you using grub check out the menu.lst file, see if it is mapping drives08:20
StepNjumpso far so good duepi08:21
jiltdilhow to change my ip through command line?08:21
duepiStepNjump: did you enable it? mine was already enabled08:21
duepijiltdil: you can't, call your ISP.08:21
StepNjumpYep, I think it fixed it for me08:21
duepijiltdil: or do you mean your IP on the network?08:21
StepNjumpNo disabled it (I know it's against what this guy says but... thought I would try it08:21
phoenixsamprasjiltdil: you can, ifconfig eth0 10.0.500.1 netmask
StepNjumpMine too was08:22
StepNjumpbut now I disabled it08:22
duepiStepNjump: ahh okay I'll do that08:22
jiltdilphoenixsampras:how to unchange it?08:22
StepNjumpAbsolutely flawless08:22
StepNjumpyesss... (I'll keep my fingers crossed)08:22
duepiStepNjump: nope, didn't help me at all08:23
silverycretsiah: please tell me a bit more about it, just open that file or something else?08:23
StepNjumpYou keep crashing?08:23
phoenixsamprasjiltdil: restart service network08:24
gumushi al08:24
jiltdilphoenixsampras: to restatr should i to use /etc/init.d/networking restart08:24
gumusi get this error while trying to insall google-earth.deb. What should I do ?  Installing package... dpkg: error processing /tmp/fileCND5uv.deb (--install):  cannot access archive: Permission denied Errors were encountered while processing:  /tmp/fileCND5uv.deb08:25
phoenixsamprasjiltdil: yes08:26
gumuscan anybody help?08:26
phoenixsamprasgumus: seems permission problems08:26
X-windowsUSR aylo- I'm about to kiss Windows goodbye - what version of Linux would be best suited for a nice desktop experience- low hassle on device drivers, and not limiting for development ? (eclipse and java) ?08:27
X-windowsUSRubuntu looks pretty good.08:27
StepNjumpWird duepi, it works really well here08:27
X-windowsUSRI hear people say things good about debian08:27
X-windowsUSRany thoughts ?08:27
StepNjumpduepi let's check our java versions08:27
X-windowsUSRcomments are locked in #linux.08:27
gumusphoenix: but i did it successfully before. however, software didn't run . So i tried to re-install.Now i can'T08:28
StepNjumphow can I do that?08:28
StepNjumpso we can compare08:28
phoenixsamprasX-windowsUSR: fedora is cool, however i do use ubuntu08:28
X-windowsUSRgains with ubuntu ?08:28
silverycretsiah: thanks for that tip08:28
X-windowsUSRwill be a near first time use with *nix -08:28
phoenixsamprasX-windowsUSR: im just lazzy with configs, so ubuntu is ready to go with almost anything08:29
X-windowsUSRso, user friendly + good device support is nice.08:29
hide_nba#join #esm08:29
X-windowsUSRwell then - sounds like ubuntu might be it08:29
X-windowsUSRwhat do I need server for ?08:29
X-windowsUSRsay- if I want to install oracle 11g - do I need server ?08:30
StepNjumpguys, how can I check what my java version is please?08:30
phoenixsamprasX-windowsUSR: nah, you can install almost anything on ubuntu08:30
X-windowsUSRok then - off I go08:30
X-windowsUSRany last tips I might encoutner during install ?08:30
X-windowsUSRpage size ? workspace default size ?08:30
phoenixsamprasX-windowsUSR: well i do have 2x 1080p monitors, i just needed to install nvidia drivers, which was a bit trickier but all fine now08:31
Alex__Hello, where can I find documentation for the Unity interface?08:31
X-windowsUSRis thre a Unity3d desktop ?08:32
X-windowsUSRthat's nice if so08:32
X-windowsUSRI always wanted a 3-d walk through desktop area - I've been playing with unity3d for a month now.08:32
X-windowsUSRok phoenix. what about network security ?08:32
Alex___Is there any documentation for the unity interface?08:32
chilli0Hi, for some reason after updating a few days ago. my samba client doesn't work anymore.. I can load smaller mount partions but anything big just crashed when I load it.08:32
ubottuUnity is a shell for GNOME, but it is not GNOME-shell. See http://unity.ubuntu.com and http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/10/31/unity-some-further-clarification-points/ for more information. Have a question, check http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/unity08:33
phoenixsamprasX-windowsUSR: i think unity will be with ubuntu on april, next version08:33
KB1JWQAlex___: ^^08:33
Alex___Because the bar on the left is hiding automaticly, and I dont want this08:33
X-windowsUSRphoenixsampras - any thoughts on network security ? for ubuntu ?08:33
X-windowsUSRdoes it come with a firewall ?08:33
KB1JWQX-windowsUSR: It does.08:33
X-windowsUSRis it turned on automatically ?08:33
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.08:33
phoenixsamprasX-windowsUSR: well it has selinux and iptables, which is quite secure... but i do have them disabled :P08:33
X-windowsUSRI just don't want to leave the front door wide open08:34
maxillusionistX-windowsUSR can implement some open source firewalls08:34
X-windowsUSRlast time I had to get into setting modem settings - chap etc.08:34
X-windowsUSRis that all pretty much automatic post install ?08:34
X-windowsUSRI'm not looking forward to editing column 9 of row 134 etc.08:35
phoenixsamprasX-windowsUSR: yeh, you just use ubuntu software central to install everything, like itunes08:35
X-windowsUSRoh well- it's here... Hope it works in Virtualbox08:35
phoenixsamprasX-windowsUSR: yeh, trying on virtualbox08:35
maxillusionisttry synaptic package manager,i guess ubuntu comes with firewall inbuilt x-windowUSR08:35
X-windowsUSRI wonder if VB will be slower.08:35
X-windowsUSRI hope it's okay.08:35
X-windowsUSRfriend of mine used to do network security testing with virtual OS installs.08:36
X-windowsUSRwill be neat to test some things I suppose.08:36
maxillusionistmust be backtrack indeed ??08:36
gilleshey .. can any1 help me with  starcraft 2 ... i have teamviewer so some1 can connect and see the problem and help me .. i got teh game running , full screen only, sound works i can log in but cant play multiplayer or siungleplaye08:36
maxillusionistwell i like fuzzing network protocols08:37
StepNjumpduepi did you try to run Outlook 2002 under wine?08:37
phoenixsamprasgilles: aint that game outfashioned?08:37
X-windowsUSRoh god- I'm leaving Windows for some CYGWIN issues, and here I'll be gaining new WINE issues - augh!08:37
X-windowsUSRya just can't win08:37
gillesoutfashionned ?>08:37
gillesits new08:37
maxillusionisttry  VMware08:37
phoenixsamprasvbox > vmware08:38
X-windowsUSRoh ? WM for what ? *nix to run windows ?08:38
X-windowsUSRI'm using vbox  - but is VM free now ?08:38
maxillusionisti run MAC snow leopard in vmware LOL08:38
X-windowsUSRVM is time tested indeed08:38
X-windowsUSRmax- does VM cost ?08:38
maxillusionisti run android too,08:38
X-windowsUSRdamn - I wonder, maybe I should use VMWare over VB08:38
maxillusionistyou can download from mediafire08:38
X-windowsUSRany benefits over VB ?08:38
maxillusionistvirtual box is free i think08:39
X-windowsUSRyes - it is.08:39
X-windowsUSRVM iir used to cost .08:39
Gryllidahttp://pastebin.fossnet.info/index.php/view/52528690 - error during apt-get update - sources.list is here: http://pastebin.fossnet.info/index.php/view/8675698 - ideas?08:39
maxillusionistvm needs some serials08:39
X-windowsUSRoh, no money right now, I'll skip that.08:39
X-windowsUSRthanks though, forgot about VM08:39
maxillusionistdude you can avail it for free if you want08:39
ileahow can i configure the  wi-fi internet conection with a whierles router i need for someone to get the internet working08:40
KB1JWQGryllida: Those links don't work here.08:40
maxillusionistmediafire can give you cracks08:40
KB1JWQEr, the ones for the repo you're nailing.08:40
GryllidaKB1JWQ, which ones?08:41
duepiStepNjump:all the ms office 2007 works under wine08:41
maxillusionistkeygen for vmware08:41
KB1JWQGryllida: http://ppa.launchpad.net/mono-ubuntu/ppa/ubuntu/dists/ contains no maverick, for one.08:41
ubuntu89897i want to connect via network an ubuntu computer with a windows 7 computer but i have problems with access the data from ubuntu with samba can anybody help?08:41
wizzhi all. i was installed compiz in ubuntu 10.10 and i realize it's have less effect then 9.10. how  to get all that missed?08:42
StepNjumpoh nice. thanks08:42
StepNjumpoh nice thanks duepi08:42
wooterubuntu89897, you have to turn off the workgroup only sharing on windows 708:42
wootermakes it less secure, about the same as XP, you still have password protection08:43
ileahow to make the internet conection work with a wi-fi router?08:43
ubuntu89897wooter, how can i do that, i have made accesable an folder in "options" for "everybody" but cant acess in nautilus under "network"08:43
maxillusionistyeah why not duepi if IE8 can run then anything can run08:44
Alex__i dont see any documentation for unity08:44
Alex__how to disable the hiding of the panel on the left when I maximize08:44
maxillusionistilea which router do you use08:44
EvanescenceI need help about mocp , I can not use ExecCommand2 = "rm -i %f" in mocp config , mocp display bad command.08:45
duepimaxillusionist: ms products work well under wine, they're not actually coded that badly08:46
duepimaxillusionist: there's a bunch of stuff that doesn't work though08:46
=== Axlin|AFK is now known as Axlin
BezNalogovHello people. I'm trying to create a launcher on my gnome desktop. But it has to be executed in a terminal window. How can I make the launcher do that? The command that I want to be run in the terminal is: ssh -l myuser server108:46
Alex__When I maximize a screen the panel hides. How to disable this? (unity)08:47
duepiAlex__: what panel?08:47
aciculaBezNalogov: launch a terminal emulator first, gnome-console or xterm08:47
mgolischBezNalogov: start some terminal app? like gnome-terminal -e "ssh foo bar"08:47
BezNalogovok thanks08:48
GryllidaKB1JWQ, I don't even see http://ppa.launchpad.net/mono-ubuntu/ppa/ubuntu/dists/ in the paste of sources.list, which line is it then?08:49
BezNalogovYes, that works. Thanks08:49
maxillusionistduepi what stuffs is it IDM08:50
duepimaxillusionist: IDM doesn't work properly, yes08:50
StepNjumpduepi, you never told me your Open Office writer's version did you?08:50
duepiStepNjump: it's the latest one..08:50
beecarrhow do i install gzip package through ubuntu through Ubuntu software centre, thereby ensuring correct dependencies08:50
ubuntu89897anybody was able to connect windows with ubuntu and make folders accesable?08:51
duepiacicula: lol08:51
StepNjumpYeah duepi but which version?08:52
StepNjumpGo to help and about08:52
aciculasurprisingly, gzip is part of the gzip package. so apt-get install gzip should do it08:52
=== Guest27251 is now known as DarkDevil
StepNjumpAnd give me the build number too please08:52
StepNjumpBecause here it works fine so you'd think yours should work the same way duepi08:52
aciculaapt-get will pull in any dependency's, though i doubt there are that many for gzip08:52
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest98204
phoenixsampraswho doesnt have gzip LOL08:53
nbros652ubuntu89897: search for Samba in the software center and install it08:53
maxillusionistyeah duepi i had tried as well but i guess something can be done to make it working as it is a network program and as i said if IE8 can then anything duepi08:53
ilterHello. On 10.10 netbook edition. How can i start same application twice from tray on right?08:53
StepNjumpAh never mind duepi. It crashed again!08:54
aciculaubuntu89897: just sharing files on either platform has worked for me in the past08:54
=== lance_ is now known as Guest92606
ajmalHai all i need to access our online dedicated server using terminal of my ubuntu os. How can i do this.08:55
aciculaajmal: you use the ssh program for this08:56
ubuntu89897acicula, does it only work with "crosses" network cable?08:58
ubuntu89897acicula, "crossed"08:58
aciculaubuntu89897: there is no relation between the two08:58
et_I'm wondering what is the name of the little animation that the mouse pointer turns into when the system is busy doing something?08:59
et_The equivalent of the hourglass thingie in Windows.08:59
ajmal[acicula] I tried to use "ssh <username>@< server ip>"  But i got given error message.  ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused08:59
duepiajmal: iptables problem, mayb09:00
llutzajmal: ssh-server running on server? "lsof -i :22"09:00
llutzajmal: "Connection refused" means "nothing listens on this port"09:00
ajmal[duepi] How can i resolve this problem09:00
aciculaajmal: connection refused means you were able to reach the host, but the connection was rejected. This can happen because there is not a service running at that port/ip, or because of firewall rules rejecting connections to that service09:01
gumushi all09:02
ubuntu89897acicula, what do you mean?09:02
et_what is the name of the little animation that the mouse pointer turns into when the system is  busy doing something?09:02
gumusi can't run the google earth09:02
ajmal[acicula] How can i solve this problem09:02
aciculaajmal: you can not remotely fix this. Make sure that the ssh service is running and on what port it is listening, also verify that you do not have firewall rules blocking connections and/or there arent other firewalls on the network blocking the connection09:02
gumuswith no appearing error09:02
gumusi click on the icon then nothing happens09:03
phoenixsamprasajmal: what problem?09:03
weiaet_: we call that one the hoppy09:04
ajmal[acicula] our server maintenece party is using putty But I cant access09:04
aciculaajmal: you need to consult your maintenance party then and have them check they arent blocking connections from your ip address09:05
et_weia: ok09:05
phoenixsamprasajmal: call yous sysop09:05
et_so i made nautilus start automatically after GNOME starts up and this hopppy thing won't disappear09:06
ajmal[<acicula>] thank you ll get back to u09:06
et_does it mean something?09:06
et_weia: I'm trying to make a kiosk.09:06
aciculaajmal: your welcome09:07
aciculaet_: hoppy thing?, nautilus starts by default on gnome as it also handles desktop icons09:07
et_acicula: s. I just replaced /usr/share/xsessions/gnome.desktop with a script that starts nautilus immediately after loading GNOME09:09
jiltdilhow to open pdf file in terminal?09:10
et_acuicula: by 'starts' I mean open a nautilus window.09:10
aciculajiltdil: depends on the pdf viewer, the gnome default is called evince09:10
ubuntu89897nbors652, i thought it was part of standard installation09:10
et_I'm just trying to make a kiosk out of ubuntu. But that little mouse animation won't stop after nautilus pops up..09:10
et_acicula: I'm just trying to make a kiosk out of ubuntu. But that little mouse animation won't stop after nautilus pops  up..09:10
jiltdilacicula:actually i want to open it under terminal not ouside it as we open any text file using vi or gedit under termianl09:11
aciculaet_: i see, wouldnt know about that specific problem, but are you following some specific kiosk howto or?09:11
aciculajiltdil: there is pdf2txt or the various pdf2something converters09:11
aciculajiltdil: pdftotxt even09:12
=== Guest29076 is now known as tafsen
et_acicula: no I am not. I just manually stripped the system down by uninstalling several packages. then tried to start nautilus immediately after GNOME starts up09:12
et_acicula: The idea is to have the application (in this case, nautilus) open up in full screen when the system starts.09:12
et_acicula: and the system shutsdown when I close the application.09:13
iamaregee2how to configure PKG_CONFIG_PATH ??09:14
aciculaet_: dont have a solution for the mouse pointer09:14
et_acicula: One of the guys here told me that little mouse animation (the equivalent of the hourglass in windows) is called hoppy!09:14
iamaregee2./configure shows error that gtk+-2.0 >= 2.10 not found09:14
et_acicula: Ok. Thanks though ! :)09:14
iamaregee2but its installed in /ur/lib09:14
aciculaiamaregee2: you need to install the -dev version09:15
et_acicula: is there any other channel where I can look for help?09:15
void_pointeret_ any reason you just didn't use one of the chopped down distros of debian?09:15
aciculaiamaregee2: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables09:15
iamaregee2is it available on software center  ??09:15
aciculafor the path variable09:15
aciculaiamaregee2: for all open source packages there usually are -dev versions included when appropriate09:15
et_void_pointer: no specific reason. I just had ubuntu at hand and decided to get something working.!09:15
iamaregee2thanks lemme try it out...09:16
aciculaiamaregee2: ussually adding it to .bashrc or .profile in your home is enough, unless you need the variables to apply system wide, see the wikipage i linked for details09:16
aciculaiamaregee2: also be sure not to just blindly do make install as root, as by default most programs will dump their files in with the system files, which is typically not what you want09:18
jiltdilacicula: when i used pdftptxt it shows no result whem i use  pdftotext  it converts.thax for guiding me09:18
jiltdilacicula: when i used pdftotxt it shows no result whem i use  pdftotext  it converts.thax for guiding me09:19
void_pointeret_ fair enough. Although it often works out better to start with a minimal distro and build up, instead of a "full" distro and tear down. If you know what I mean.09:19
aciculajiltdil: heh i even looked it up for you and still copied it incorrectly, reading 101 failure :D09:19
aciculaand i still copied..09:19
jiltdilacicula:hehehe ..any way thanx09:19
et_void_pointer: I understand !09:20
aciculaiamaregee2: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware , the last step explains how to make a deb file from compiled source09:21
iamaregee2i 've gtk-2.0 installed ...but the installing software is searching for gtk+-2.0 ...do i need to install gtk+-2.009:22
aciculaiamaregee2: libgtk2.0-dev - Development files for the GTK+ library09:23
aciculaiamaregee2: apt-cache search libgtk | grep dev09:23
=== gerryk_afk is now known as gerryk
jiltdilacicula: ok how to convert text to pdf via terminal09:25
aciculajiltdil: latex ;)09:25
iamaregee2and does it works for converting pdf to txt as well ??09:26
aciculajiltdil: there is no formatting in txt, so pdf doesnt know what to do with it, other then treating the whole txt as one blob of text09:26
dark2Using ubuntu 10.10, updating causes me to just boot into a black and white striped screen09:27
dark2Not sure what update, just started happening after installing some09:27
void_pointerdark2 ah, Zippy Zebra must be out09:27
dark2Not a new ubuntu version, just updates via update manager09:27
dark2I've been up all night trying to figure it out09:28
void_pointersorry. All night coding session has left me delirious. I'd better depart09:28
dark2I just had to re-install ubuntu, but it will do it again09:28
aciculajiltdil: what you can do is perhaps decompile pdf to source instead of txt, make whatever  changes you want and then render it again09:28
lariousanybody from Nigeria here09:28
_cronus_et_, which cursor theme are you using? maybe if you reinstall it, it will fix your problem09:29
jiltdilacicula:hw to do that09:29
aciculadark2: switched video driver by any chance?09:29
dark2Not that I know of09:30
aciculajiltdil: not really sure tbh, pdftosrc perhaps?09:30
dark2Using the propietary ATI drivers09:30
jiltdilacicula ok m trying09:30
aciculadark2: does the problem go away if you disable those?09:30
dark2I can't get in TO disable them09:31
dark2It locks up09:31
dark2I re-installed but if I update it will do it again09:31
johanharI want to have ubuntu on my macbook. I know it is a dedicated webpage with instructions. I just wonder if anyone here got a macbook (5,5) with ubuntu 10.10, and know any problems? How is the trackpad (mousepad).09:31
Lint01how to get f..king metacity to start by itself?09:31
aciculadark2: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/FglrxInteferesWithRadeonDriver#Problem:%20Need%20to%20purge%20-fglrx this looks like it should let you reset the driver back to the standard one09:32
et__cronus_: no tat's not a problem.09:33
aciculadark2: as for trouble shooting the flgrx driver, im not much use there, what gpu do you have?09:33
=== n4cht is now known as n4cht_schleep
dark2ATI HD 585009:33
dark2Also, how do I use those commands if I can't even load in when it does so09:33
et__cronus_: I'm thinking my script might be the problem.09:33
dark2I boot, I get the screen, it's all frozen09:33
aciculadark2: when booting opt for a rescue console, and then follow the menu to get a shell, or just boot a livecd/stick directly09:34
aciculain the bootmanager you have the option to select rescue, if you dont get such a menu hold shift, if that dont work hold the other shift.09:35
acicula(during boot)09:35
Lint01why would someone want to disable fglrx?09:35
aciculabecause enabling it renders his system unusable09:36
magizianfree encrypted anonymous chatserver at magizian.hopto.org09:36
=== guy is now known as Guest86698
dark2If I do that though, I can't run 3D games09:37
lariousany nigeria here09:37
dark2and the resolution will be horrible09:37
_cronus_et_, so you get to see all cursors except the waiting cursor?09:37
aciculadark2: the open source ati should let you set proper resolutions, but yeah the 3D acceleration will be lacking09:37
dark2I jumped out of my seat when I saw the striped lined screen09:38
aciculawhat did you see specifically09:39
dark2Just black and white vertical lines across both of my screens09:39
aciculathink the radeonhd driver does have some 3d capability, its not a basic shim driver like the nvidia one is09:40
aciculadark2: could try the 11.04 and see if the newer ati drivers included function better? should be able to test with a livecd/usbstick09:41
dark2It was the 11.04 ones that were used.09:41
quaskwhen I start firefox I get following error: Failed to contact configuration server; some possible causes are that you need to enable TCP/IP networking for ORBit, or you have stale NFS locks due to a system crash. See http://projects.gnome.org/gconf/ for information. (Details -  1: Failed to get connection to session: /bin/dbus-launch terminated abnormally with the following error: EOF in dbus-launch reading address from bus daemon09:42
quaskcan anyone help me fixing that?09:42
aciculadark2: then try the 10.10 distribution, or were you mixing your own packages?09:42
rtdpmy ubuntu 10.10 with duel monitor laptop is giving error as - Xserver does not support requested size - and after giving this error it shows mirror on both monitors09:43
dark2No I used the 11.04 and had the error, now reinstalled ubuntu and using the ones via "Additional drivers"09:43
rtdpwhy it gives error as - Xserver does not support requested size ? i am on ubuntu 10.1009:43
dark2But neither let me set a primary monitor and move my gnome bars over09:43
aciculaflgrd doesnt work for you on 10.10 or 10.04?09:46
aciculaerr 11.04?09:46
neil_Hi everyone, I have a question regarding the password set up for thunderbird09:48
neil_I want to set up a password when even i open thunderbird09:48
aciculaflgrx, the binary ati drivers09:48
dark2They operate currently09:49
dark2I haven't updated anything yet09:49
rtdpXserver does not support requested size   -   how can this be solved for ubuntu 10.04 with dell inspiron,  ATI graphics card09:49
dark2still can't move the GNOME bars off the small monitor though.09:49
quaskcan anyone help me fixing the following issue? when I start firefox I get following error: Failed to contact configuration server; some possible causes are that you need to enable TCP/IP networking for ORBit, or you have stale NFS locks due to a system crash. See http://projects.gnome.org/gconf/ for information. (Details -  1: Failed to get connection to session: /bin/dbus-launch terminated abnormally with the following error: EOF in dbus-09:50
quasklaunch reading address from bus daemon09:50
aciculadark2: you mean to say updating 11.04 (not updating to 11.04) breaks the video?09:50
dark2I'm on ubuntu 10.10 just so we're clear09:50
aciculadark2: and when you update you mean the regular updates or the updates to 11.04?09:51
dark2I was using the latest ATI drivers from ATI directly, and updating things via update manager broke everything.09:51
dark2Regular updates09:51
dark2Not distro upgrade09:51
aciculaso if i understand correctly: you have 10.10 ,you installed the ati drivers manually, then when you update with the updatemanager, things get hosed?09:52
aciculaand by manually i mean went to the ati website and fetched their linux drivers?09:52
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aciculadark2: then things are working as expected.09:53
mix22891good morning09:53
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest39881
mix22891how do i scan a picture?09:54
abhinav_singhi need help with this http://pastebin.com/sm6cbFp609:54
dark2what do you mean, as expected09:54
aciculadark2: the package manager has no perception of the binary driver package, and so this often leads to problems09:54
dark2Thought it was a good idea to grab the newest09:55
dark2guess not?09:55
aciculadark2: its not09:55
dark2Windows logic =/= Linux logic I suppose.09:55
aciculadark2: correct ;)09:55
dark2I'll see if things still go OK after updates09:56
aciculadark2: if you must use newer ati drivers always always always use packaged versions, never just tarballs09:56
dark2It was a .run09:56
dark2or something like that09:56
aciculayeah thats the same deal, thats just a tarball with a shell script attached09:56
jakobbgHey. An ideatorrent-module in drupal is spewing out lots if "Parameter 1 to profile_load_profile() expected to be a reference, value given"-warnings, running 10.04 LTS 64bits, drupal,php&apache2 from standard packages. Using ideatorrent 0.9.1. any help is appreciated, did not find anything on google.09:56
dark2But, can I get the gnome bars off my right screen and onto the left?09:57
dark2They seem to be stuck there09:57
Shvonderneil_: I've never done it. Still I think the question refers to AppArmour and, may be, PAM configuration.09:57
aciculadark2: i think it defaults to whatever monitor is set to primary in the video configuration tool09:57
dark2In windows CCC I can set it easy, but it doesn't seem to be the case here09:59
axscodehi guys im running compiz-fusion, and have an extended dual monitor. im having trouble transfering a window to extended09:59
Shvonderneil_: PAM definetly is the thing that manges with passwords and logins. I can't say much about AppArmour09:59
neil_Shvonder: what is PAM ?09:59
aciculadark2: incidently https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI this explains how you can make packages from the unpackaged ati drivers, but ymmv. If things start to fail purge the fglrx drivers and revert back to the opensource/proprietary drivers included with the distribution10:00
Lint01neil_ pluggable authentication module10:00
Shvonderneil_: Here is it home page. (Look documentation please) http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/libs/pam/10:00
hilarieNot sure if this is the right place... but... here goes, when I hit python test1.py 1>/pinglogs/superninjalogfile.txt 2>/pinglogs/superninjaloglife2.txt that into terminal, I get bash: /pinglogs/superninjalogfile.txt: No such file or directory I created both the folder, and the file needed thinking that might be it10:01
axscodehi guys im running compiz-fusion, and have an extended dual monitor. im having trouble transfering a window to extended10:01
aciculadark2: try preferences->video, should be a primary toggle there iirc.10:01
=== silvery is now known as JesusFC
dark2There is no video option.10:02
Ant13Hi, is it possible to install Ubunt 10.10 on a mac without refit? And what about newest uefi pc?10:02
lordpainhello all10:02
lordpainhello all10:02
Shvonderneil_: Be aware it's very dangerous thing. You should configure it very carefully unless you want make the OS not usable.10:03
lordpainhow do i open a C$ folder on a network10:03
neil_I was also reading about a small plugin in thunderbird called "Profile password"10:03
aciculadark2: then i dont know where the option to set the primary is at, not behind ubuntu myself atm so cant check10:03
neil_However i was not able to download it for the linux version10:03
Shvonderneil_: I don't use Thunderbird, sorry10:04
Lint01lordpain, smb://host-name-or-ip/c$10:04
=== mb is now known as Guest32492
neil_Also I have a problem in sharing the printer on a Remote Terminal Connection10:04
aciculaneil_: setting a master password in thunderbird has nothing to do with pam or apparmor10:04
Ant13Hi, is it possible to install Ubunt 10.10 on a mac without refit? And what about newest uefi pc?10:05
aciculaneil_: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Master_password under setting a master password the procedure is explained10:05
Adbuntuhey guys, how i can chat in YM room via emphaty??10:05
neil_Acicula: I have no problem in setting up the master password, however I want to set up a profile password10:06
lordpainlinnt01 it ask for a username ,domain and password10:06
aciculaneil_: you want to prevent others from accessing a profile?10:08
neil_Acicula: Yes, to be precise I want to get the passwd screen as soon as I open thunderbird10:09
aciculaneil_: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Protect_the_profiles_contents has some suggestions, under the weak methods to protect the profile contents10:11
aciculaif you want to keep your emails safe though you should look for other security measures then an access password10:12
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
blaizeneil_, why do you want to do it that way?  Wouldn't a better option to be to give people who use your computer their own profile? Or just lock your screen if you leave your desk?10:13
SoftarPaulHello! I've downloaded Samba. I'm sitting with a networkcable from my Ubuntu, to my Xbox and I want to share the network with Samba. How to?10:15
=== Guest92606 is now known as lance--_-
kisukeok tring to run an update from CLI and getting this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/580069/ any ideas whats borking?10:16
ubuntu89897SoftarPaul, i have the same problem if u know how pls tell me10:17
Shvonderneil_: you know it is because of PAM you have to write password every time you run "pon" or "poff" commands, "ssh" andso on. Because of that it is possible to write a RULE for thunderbird like to any other program10:17
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
aciculakisuke: punch your error into google, gives you this suggestion: sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf10:19
aciculathen run apt-get update again10:19
kisukeacicula: thanks, didnt see that when i googled it10:19
=== carlos is now known as Guest25038
aciculaSoftarPaul: usually people just click a folder in the filebrowser and enable the share option. How did you download samba?10:20
acicula*right click10:21
SoftarPaulHey! Now when I plugged in the networkcable, it automaticaly worked!10:21
SoftarPaulwithout samba10:21
simmerzis this the right place to ask about PPA issues?10:22
sandstromI have an ubuntu server with ~ 600 mb memory and 591 mb is used. All processes in top sum up to about ~80 mb memory usage. I've no idea where the rest is, any ideas?10:22
aciculasandstrom: cache10:22
sandstromacicula: is that files (disk data) cached in ram?10:23
iflema!mem | sandstrom10:23
ubottusandstrom: If you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html10:23
aciculasandstrom: that and a few other things10:24
aciculasandstrom: type in free -m, second row second column shows you the real memory in use by processes10:24
Billybob3Hi. Can anyone help me install manually my legacy nvidia driver in 10.04?10:25
sandstromiflema: thanks!10:25
aciculaBillybob3: the legacy drivers are packaged and can be activated via the Hardware drivers menu10:26
=== kiran_ is now known as proper
sandstromacicula: thanks! So then I have ~100 used by processes, and the rest is free. Great! I guess I should reconfigure my server reporting tool which is sending me low memory alerts atm.10:27
aciculasandstrom: probably a good ieda10:27
properread me10:28
Billybob3acicula- my Hardware drivers menu says is blank now and says there are no proprietary drivers in use.10:28
=== carla is now known as Guest17826
aciculaBillybob3: what gpu do you have?10:28
proper<Billybob3> scan the ubuntu cd for bcmwl driver10:28
=== proper is now known as namitha
Billybob3acicula -gpu? er I think it's GeForce4 MX 400010:30
serengetihello. do you know of any Linux graphics program that makes it possible to use advanced typographic features found in some OpenType fonts? for example, http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/sudtipos/lady-rene/10:30
empityanyone knows maybe how to automatically start gpg and ssh-agent at every session?10:30
empityusing awesome possibly..10:30
namitharu dealing with the wireles driver or graphics driver10:30
Billybob3proper-bcmwl driver? And what do I do with that? Manually install it?10:31
namitha<Billybob3> ya10:31
aciculaempity: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup ?10:31
empityacicula: yes but I don't use the fancy stupid g ui10:31
aciculanamitha, proper, he wasnt asking about his wireless card10:32
empityit's ubuntu here but with awesome, and on the other machine just archlinux10:32
aciculaBillybob3: whats your gpu10:32
namithaok i know10:32
empitybut there should be a more general way10:32
aciculaempity: you can either use sytstem wide services or use your .bashrc or .profile to execute additional command10:33
namithaproblem with installation u may need to install the dkms and the dependancies from the cd itself10:33
Billybob3acicula- gpu is that my graphics card? GForce MX400010:33
aciculaBillybob3: yes10:33
namithaanyone read me10:34
Billybob3acicula - GForce MX40010:34
neil_I also have a question about the user restrictions in Ubuntu10:35
namithaproblem wit connecting the dun through my mobile it flags null..,when i tried to10:35
ShvonderBillybob3: Download it and install from official site10:35
empityacicula: yes but other processes are not "son" of the process that first start them10:35
neil_is there any way that I can diable the "sudo" access for the user and I can get a report if anyone tries to access the "sudo" command10:35
icerootneil_: remove him from the admin-group. for the report, there is the tool logcheck which will send mails on such events10:36
namithaneil:change the settings in administrater -10:36
neil_namitha: how?10:36
namitha.> users and groups utilities10:37
namithait provides the options on the main tree10:37
mix22891ubuntu crash when i've copy files10:38
mix22891i've report about this10:38
namithahello pls help me10:38
mix22891call 91110:38
Billybob3Shavonder-I already have. It's sitting on my desktop but when try to install it I get half way through the install and then it tells me that a driver such as nvidiafb or rivafb is stopping the NVIDIA driver from taking owership of the Nvidia graphics device10:38
neil_namitha: wts d issue u r facing?10:38
namitha problem wit connecting the dun through my mobile it flags null..,when i tried to10:38
aciculaBillybob3: dont download and install from the official site, thats a good way to instantly hose your system10:39
aciculaBillybob3: from what i can tell the legacy driver you need is packaged for ubuntu 10.10 still, its called nvidia-96 . can you install that and reboot and see if the driver is then listed in the hardware drivers10:40
Billybob3acicula-the driver works perfectly well in systems prior to Ubuntu 10.0410:40
germiHi, I use Qt Creator on Ubuntu 10.10. When I try 'run' my program(from creator) QT Creator close. Is there a solution to my problem?10:40
aciculaBillybob3: the hosing is related to installing critical system files without using the package manager leading to problems10:41
tzaeru..any suggestions for a music player that has same functionality as rhytmbox, but doesn't take 10% of CPU together with PulseAudio?10:41
axscodehi guys im running compiz-fusion, and have an extended dual monitor. im having trouble transfering a window to extended10:41
Billybob3acicula-this is the one that works that I have sitting on my desktop-NVIDIA-Linux-x86-96.43.16-pkg110:42
Billybob3acicula- I mean works when I can get it installed (lol)10:43
aciculaBillybob3: can you open a terminal and type sudo apt-get install nvidia-96  and paste the output on pastebin.com?10:43
Billybob3acicula-ok doing it now...10:44
Billybob3acicula-is there any particular precedure or subject area for pasting something on pastebin.com?10:47
aciculanope, just dump it there, press button and copy the url here10:47
Billybob3aricula - ok doing it now...10:48
Lint01how to get f..king metacity to start by itself??10:49
administrator09bojana e svinja10:49
administrator09sakam da izleze ili padne od planetata10:50
ileawhat language( ce limba)10:50
ikoniadrkenziNNNNN: english only in this channel please10:50
Billybob3acicula - seems to be bit of a problem...Wrong Captcha CODE, please try again. Make sure COOKIES are enabled in your browser.10:52
federicohi everybody10:52
rockworldmilook at this..10:53
federicowhat is it?10:53
aciculaBillybob3: fill in the captcha, and or turn of no-script or whatever blocking tool you use?10:53
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federicoitalians in chat?10:54
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:54
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mix22891my last draw for linux ::::::; \\  http://img189.imageshack.us/i/gb3x.jpg/10:55
AdvoWorkhow can i see what ip's are on the network? ie
curiousxAdvoWork: whti nmap10:56
curiousxnmap -sP
curiousxi for get "sudo" =P well you know10:57
ShvonderAdvoWork: ifconfig10:58
curiousxand sustitue 9 by 8 =P10:58
ljsoftnethello people10:58
curiousxlike that ---> sudo nmap -sP
mix22891uh lalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa10:58
curiousxexcuse me my inglish is not so good =(10:59
mix22891wrong window10:59
Billybob3acicula - you still there? here is the pastebin url you asked for: http://pastebin.com/GCKtwBv711:02
genewitchwell i got x11 forwarding and audio forwarding working on the cloud, now. Remarkably, windows XWin.exe is completely worthless, but ubuntu desktop works flawlessly.11:02
CoNFuS3Dhi, for some reason gnome won't install on kubuntu.... any ideas?11:03
ioCoNFuS3D: #kubuntu11:03
CoNFuS3DI do the install, says it's installed, then when I go to log out, to select gnome, it's not there11:03
kishis there a sw to collect usb traces similar to ethereal for packet cature??11:03
CoNFuS3Dit was originally a gnome install, I installed kde, now can't go back to gnome11:03
genewitchCoNFuS3D: run "which gnome-session"11:03
aciculaBillybob3: reboot see if the driver is listed?11:04
CoNFuS3Dgives me this: /usr/bin/gnome-session11:04
Billybob3acicula-ok am doing now...11:04
genewitchCoNFuS3D: it's a matter of editing the config for the login screen i imagine. I'd start googling that. that's my slightly more helpful answer.11:04
Pumpkin-kish: amazingly, wireshark on Linux can11:05
genewitchPumpkin-: for blackboxing a usb device?11:05
Pumpkin-yeah. Read that page. I think it is what you want.11:06
aciculaCoNFuS3D: in the KDM login manager you can select the gnome session, think you can revet to the gnome login manager using update-alternatives11:06
genewitchwasn't me, but thanks for the tip :-)11:06
tnmanybody know what does the decimal points for program mens, like program version 1.2.3 stand for: "1" in the program version, "2" is the version of upgrade and "3" is version of update?11:06
genewitchtnm: major.minor.build-revision ubuntu 10 is the major, 10.10 is major.minor, for instance.11:07
kishwould be great if you could help..11:07
aciculanot really, for ubuntu the 10.10 just refers to the year/date more then anything11:07
genewitchacicula: i didn't want to cite windows NT version numbers. or mac OS. mac os X has 10 in front of the major number (currently 5) followed by minor (currently 2 or something) so mac os X 10.5.211:08
Pumpkin-tnm: different programs do numbering differently. No really accepted common standards.11:08
genewitchPumpkin-: vaguely off topic but it's probably because there's no standard concurrent versioning system adopted by the community, as the good ones do versioning automatically.11:09
iceroottnm: 10.10 means year 20(10) month 10. so its 10.10. ubuntu 8.04 was release 200(8) in april (04), so its 8.0411:09
aciculagenewitch: verion numbering is done at the discretion of the developer or marketing (team). the only real convention is that higher means newer11:10
genewitchacicula: i concede that11:10
billybob3acicula-hi. here is what lspci -k says:Kernel modules: i2c-viapro11:10
billybob300:12.0 Ethernet controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT6102 [Rhine-II] (rev 78)11:10
billybob3Kernel driver in use: via-rhine11:10
billybob3Kernel modules: via-rhine11:10
billybob301:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX 4000] (rev c1)11:10
billybob3Kernel driver in use: nvidia11:10
billybob3Kernel modules: nvidia-96, nvidiafb, nouveau11:10
billybob3acicula - system Admin Hardware drivers says driver is activated but not currently in use???? What does that mean?11:11
aciculabillybob3: not a clue, can you activate it ?11:11
Rickardo1Is there any way I can dump the iptables config.. I have done a lot of changes and need to script it so I don't lose the changes when reboot.11:12
CoNFuS3Dweird, the default desktop is set to GDM, so why then would it still load KDE ?11:12
CoNFuS3Dand also the login screen is gnome... which is also a bit weird11:12
CoNFuS3Dshould I try uninstalling gnome, then reinstalling?11:13
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
billybob3acicula - it says it is activated already but not currently in use. And button gives me the option to deactivate it...11:13
vlaarthe sessions.conf reference to gdm might be wrong11:13
icerootCoNFuS3D: gdm is not a desktop11:14
icerootCoNFuS3D: the loginscreen is gdm, which will load gnome, kde, xfce4, lxde or other things11:14
CoNFuS3Doh!... well.. why is there no selection to change desktops?11:15
CoNFuS3Dand more importantly, how do I fix that?11:15
icerootCoNFuS3D: if you have kubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-desktop installed, there is a session-option in gdm11:16
CoNFuS3DI tried that, but to no avail11:16
icerootCoNFuS3D: dpkg -l kubuntu-desktop  is showing "ii"?11:16
billybob3acicula- it's hard to tell if that new driver is making alot of difference to anything but not worse anyway (lol). Isn't it just possible to get rid of the nvidia-96, nvidiafb, nouveau drivers and install the driver that worked on previous prior to 10.04?11:17
aciculabillybob3: http://askubuntu.com/questions/8469/nvidia-96-not-working-in-maverick all the way at the bottom is a suggestion that may help you11:17
aciculabillybob3: that driver is not likely to work11:17
icerootCoNFuS3D: and at the login-screen, where you choose your username and gave the password there is a field called session if i am correct11:18
icerootCoNFuS3D: and please put the nickname infront of a chat-message11:19
CoNFuS3Dthere was when I first installed KDE, but not anymore11:19
leptonix@find charmed11:19
billybob3acicula - like I said it works nicely when I manage to get it installed  on older systems and it also got installed on linux mint 10 (don't ask me how! lol) but, you're more of an expert on the subject me I guess.11:19
CoNFuS3Dice799, ok I will in future :)11:19
=== ae is now known as Guest32756
billybob3acicula -my old NVIDIA driver I mean11:20
icerootCoNFuS3D: and using the correct names also? :)11:20
aciculabillybob3: the driver is included in 10.10, but was disabled by default, probably why its loaded, but not activated. Which means you are currently using the nouvaeu driver11:20
CoNFuS3Diceroot, oops, sorry :P11:20
=== ToXBoT is now known as toxboi
icerootCoNFuS3D: if i am correct you can also choose the session in the gnome-menu. system-settings-login-screen (dont know the englisch menu-names)11:21
aciculabut there was an updated version made of the nvidia-96 so it would work in 10.1011:21
CoNFuS3Diceroot, can't get to gnome to do that :P11:21
beacherjoined #ubuntu11:22
billybob3acicula - so I'm back at square one? ha ha ha. ok Thanks anyway.11:22
aciculabillybob3: no11:22
aciculaas explained here https://launchpad.net/~dajhorn/+archive/nvidia-9611:22
billybob3acicula - no?11:22
billybob3ah ok . thanks11:23
icerootCoNFuS3D: then have a look at your current desktop you are running for that setting11:23
halehi. i have a directory that isn't emty. i can not remoove it via:sudo rmdir -rf IPTables-Parse-0.7/11:24
hale. plz help11:24
billybob3acicula - ok got a bit of reading to then. Thanks for your help11:24
CoNFuS3Diceroot, I would assume user defined session would give me the ability to choose desktops?11:24
aciculabillybob3: sudo aptitude -t maverick-proposed install nvidia-96 nvidia-96-modaliases11:25
aciculathink that should cover it and install the proper update right away without doing anything else11:26
=== ardchoille is now known as Guest66923
coz_  hey all11:26
Beacherhi guys11:27
billybob3acicula - ok11:27
icerootCoNFuS3D: i guess so11:27
halehow can i remove a not emty directory?11:28
CoNFuS3Diceroot, thanks :)11:28
CoNFuS3DI try now... brb11:28
iceroothale: why -r when using rmdir? rmdir should be the same as rm -r11:28
llutzrmdir only deletes empty dirs11:30
Beacheryes. that only remove empty directory11:30
Beacherrm -r11:31
aciculabillybob3: did that fix the problem?11:31
billybob3acicula - sorry was answering the doorbell... just about to sudo what you suggested...just a minute...11:33
billybob3acicula - guess it needs a reboot again?? Doing that now..11:35
aciculabillybob3: dunno, can try activating first11:35
CoNFuS3Diceroot, didn't work, tried each and every option available in the login manager... any suggestions?11:36
dromidanim trying to connect my ubuntu box to the internet via a shared Airport connection on my laptop through ethernet. I am able to share this connection to other macs over the ethernet, but the ubuntu box will not connect using automatic DHCP. Ive tried setting it up manually, but no dice. Is there anything else I can try to make it work, other than trying to set it up manually?11:36
Beacherquestion : irc can use in the command line ?11:36
llutzBeacher: weechat irssi11:37
Beacheroh . thanks11:37
Beacherllutz: thanks11:37
billybob3acicula-system admin hardware drivers says driver is activated but not currently in use AND this time instead of the option to deactivate it I only have the option to remove it???????? Reboot??11:38
=== Sprechkaese is now known as HerrBert
sveinseIs is it possible to add any options to avahi-autoipd from interfaces? I've specified a new eth0:1 using the ipv4ll method, however I need to pass --force-bind to avahi-autoipd to make it assign an address.11:41
ShvonderBeacher: Can irc be used in command line? (It would be more correct. Yes. I heard of IRC-command line clients, through they were not very usefull for ME)11:42
ech0s7wrong paste :)11:43
ech0s7hi i have a problem with java application, i see only one program icon in application bar if i launch different java applications...11:43
gadenShvonder: use irssi11:43
Shvondergaden: Say it to Beacher as I use ChatZilla :)11:44
gadenShvonder: ouch.. sorry :)11:44
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benjamicei have a problem with my touchpad and mouse11:46
Kent_Can I use a USB data cable to connect my internetless-laptop to my desktop so I can connect to the net?11:46
dromidanKent_: you can use an ethernet cable, apparently; im trying to do that now11:47
lariousKent: you mean you cant set up internet on your Ubuntu11:47
benjamicei just installed ubuntu on a dell 1525, and installed the updates11:47
benjamiceand now my touchpad dosent respond11:47
benjamiceafter rebooting11:48
dromidanLarious, no he means specifically what he is saying, using a USB cable.11:48
shezrihi i have a question11:48
benjamicemy touchpad dosent respond and so does nothing else that i didn't plug in11:49
dkannanhi, i was using https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto - to generate a gpg key. i am using 10.04 aka lucid and it does not have gpg-agent?11:49
coz_benjamice,  hold on  I am sure someone can help... I am not familiar with touchpad issues11:50
lariousbenjamice & dromidan: but me am having a problem to set up internet with my usb modem, can you help me , any Idea cos I dont know my apn and my operator wont give it to me cos they believe that I can tapped from there network11:50
dromidandkannan you can do it from the command line pretty simply with just a few commands11:50
stianhjlarious, the APN should be listet on your carriers website..11:51
billybob3acicula - thanks for your help. I would still sometime ideally like to install my legacy NVIDIA driver the one that Nvidia recommends for the card. I think it makes things less laggy. Anyway for thanks again.11:51
benjamicewell is there any forum where i can write about the specific problem?11:51
aciculabillybob3: does it work?11:51
lariousstianhj: they dont want to expose it to me11:52
dkannandromidan: i was following the guide and i did a "gpg --gen-key", there was some parts using gpg-agent that is not available?11:52
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stianhjlarious, which carrier?11:52
aciculabillybob3: the packaged nvidia driver in the hardware drivers tool is the same as the driver nvidia distributes, except that its packaged for use in ubuntu11:52
lariousmultilinks telecom service11:53
lariousstianhj:  multilinks telecom service11:53
aminixfanHi,are there any Qt C binding?11:53
billybob3acicula-what you helped me install just now? Yes. But the system was working before but was a little laggy depending on what I had done in trying to install my original NVIDIA driver. OK so it's the same driver-but it has a slightly different reference no at the end???11:54
larious stianhj:  multilinks telecom service11:54
dromidandkannan have you installed gpg-agent? in any case, you do not need it to generate keypairs11:54
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billybob3acicula - yeh the system still works...lol11:54
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest4471
billybob3acicula - I just wish I had a clue what the hell it was you helped me do so I could repeat it ha ha ha ha. But thanks for your assistance anyway.11:55
aciculabillybob3: before it was using the noveau driver, the open source version11:56
* kangjing 11:56
benjamiceany1 knows about touchpad related issues?!11:56
billybob3acicula - pspci -k: Kernel modules: via-rhine11:57
billybob301:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX 4000] (rev c1)11:57
billybob3Kernel driver in use: nvidia11:57
billybob3Kernel modules: nvidia-96, nvidiafb, nouveau11:57
FloodBot3billybob3: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:57
aciculabillybob3: for the next time all you need to do is to use aptitude to install the nvidia-96 package from maverick proposed11:57
dkannandromidan: thx, but on lucid i do not see gpg-agent in the install list11:57
dromidanthen apt-get install it11:57
billybob3acicula - ok thanks mate11:57
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coif you want to discuss ##fukushima you can join ##fukushima :)12:00
aciculabillybob3: it looks like for the new 11.04 ubuntu just installing the nvidia-96 package should suffice, also packages in proposed should make it into the main repository at some point, but i guess there isnt a whole lot of active development behind the nvidia-96 package given its age12:02
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williamsany network gurus in here? trying to connect to machines with diff subnets12:03
llutzwilliams: needs a router12:04
=== lance is now known as Guest68644
stianhjwilliams, need a router12:05
billybob3acicula - that's interesting to know.12:05
stianhjor what llutz said12:05
williamsthird vm machine as router?12:06
llutzwilliams: would work12:06
llutzwilliams: you need at least one machine with access to both subnets12:06
llutzthat acts as routeing device12:06
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=== D_N_X is now known as D-N-X
=== D-N-X is now known as D_N_X
kishis usbmon supported in 2.6.3812:10
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
system32I'm using Intel 82865G having problems with screen resolution..12:11
system32On windows after installing drivers I had 1152x86412:12
system32Now on ubuntu I can only manage 1024x76812:12
system32Can anybody guide me.12:12
larioussystem32: do you have any idea on how to run my window modem driver to work on linux12:13
system32nope, i'm new to to ubuntu.12:14
doedxorg uses 90-100% of cpu all time any ideas what causes this problem ?12:14
larious system32: So how do you connect tot the internet12:14
system32My modem was automatcally detected12:16
sacarlsonlarious: normaly we don't use windows drivers to run linux, 95% of all devices have drivers already in the kernel, can you provide use with hardware info with sudo lshw | pastebinit12:16
larious system32: so wat is the name of the modem12:17
system32beetel 220BX12:18
larioussystem32: am using huawei12:19
larioussystem32: but having problem installing it12:20
lariouskodapa: Yah Ubuntu 10.04 TLS12:23
X-windowsUSRodd, I went to install ubunto using VirtualBox - was just fine, but I cancelled it 1/2 through realizing I want to put the entire thing on another physical drive (so my pagefile isn't being used AND the virtual image - too busy), so I removed the entire install- but my 35 GB is STILL missing on my c drive... yet ? no virtual drives.12:24
X-windowsUSRAnyone know much about VB ?12:24
lariouscoz_: can you help me12:24
coz_larious,  not sure,, can you repeat the issue?12:24
ljsoftnetX-windowsUSR i know VB12:24
dcorbin_wrkThe LTS doc says it will be supported for 3 or 5 years for desktop and server respectively.  How can one tell if one has desktop or server installed?12:24
coz_dcorbin_wrk,   do you have menus and windows ?12:25
DJonesdcorbin_wrk: Typically, a server edition doesn't have a GUI12:25
jribdcorbin_wrk: doesn't matter which you have installed. Being supported or not is a property of a package12:25
dcorbin_wrkcoz_: I think yes.12:25
coz_dcorbin_wrk,  its likely,,, if you have applications and menus that you have the Desktop...12:26
Picijrib: you mean that it is the property of a package.  Specifically the "Supported" field that shows in apt-cache show.12:26
DynamicFailI have a script that runs fine in the terminal once I am booted up but segfaults when I have it run with crontab... (note: the script needs to be run with root rights)12:34
sipiorDynamicFail: which program in the script is producing the segmentation fault?12:35
lariousI update my Pakage but I cant install online12:35
larious I update my Pakage but I cant install offline I mean12:35
KrahmerHello, does anyone know how I can easily run remote Ubuntu applications (with GUI) without installing something like Putty or VNC12:36
nawihow can I launch "gnome preferred applications", it's not where the user guide says12:36
* ruggero waves hello12:36
DynamicFailsipior, the script starts a program that starts my mpeg encoder and it is that program that seg faults. I have confirmed that if I run it with env - once booted up it will also seg fault, but I added lines to explicitly set the PATH and it still segfaulted12:37
DynamicFailthe program/script runs fine otherwise12:37
BluesKajKrahmer, ssh ?12:37
navweyhi all12:38
DynamicFailI also set $TERM in the script12:38
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DamienCassouis there a list of ubuntu-compatible good laptops?12:39
KrahmerBlueskaj - I can run ubuntu apps remotely via Windows doing that?12:39
DJones!hcl | DamienCassou You should find some help with this link12:39
ubottuDamienCassou You should find some help with this link: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection12:39
ruggeroHi, I am running 10.10 and I bumping in the gnome-volume-control "Connection failed, reconnecting", I have no sound, but card is seen  by alsamixer.12:39
KrahmerI should have specified that I need them to run under Windows12:40
ruggerowhat shoud I do ?12:40
DJones!laptop | DamienCassou PLus this link,12:40
ubottuDamienCassou PLus this link,: Laptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org12:40
DamienCassouDJones: thank you, I will have a look. Do you have any personal experience?12:41
sipiorDynamicFail: can you run the program in a cron job from a non-privileged login?12:41
lifestreamHi, anyone use the PulseAudio equalizer? Is it really scratchy/crackly to you? VLC equalizer by comparison is very 'smooth', doesn't hurt the ears12:41
DJonesDamienCassou: I'm afraid not, I#ve not bought a laptop for about 10 years12:42
[TK]D-FenderKrahmer: SSH + Ming X Server12:42
DamienCassouDJones: thanks12:42
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DynamicFailsipior, I don't understand what you mean12:43
Ben64lifestream: i always remove pulseaudio12:44
sipiorDynamicFail: well, you mentioned that the script failed when run with root privilege. can you run the program from your own crontab?12:44
X-windowsUSR<ljsoftnet - with VB - do yo know when the virtual drive space shows back up ?  I  created a 35 GB drive, then removed it - 35 is still missing though.12:44
X-windowsUSRusing Oracle's Virtual Box12:44
socrami've ubuntu server installed, i need to use wine now. So i need to install a desktop. Does wine works well with xubuntu-desktop? or i'm better with gnome?12:45
lifestreamBen64: I need the equalizer though (have not had success with lapsda or alsaequal)12:45
madc|SPYnXsocram it both stable12:45
jribsocram: shouldn't matter12:45
lifestreamsocram: it doesn't matter12:45
DynamicFailsipior, no I meant the program requires root privileges to run.12:45
socramok, thanks12:45
madc|SPYnXyou can use neither of those12:45
sipiorDynamicFail: which encoder are you using?12:46
DynamicFailsipior, ie it works if I open up a the terminal and go sudo ./myscript.sh12:46
navweyi was getting error on installing vbox-4.0 error :wrong arcittecture 'amd64'12:46
navweyi m begginer12:46
jribnavwey: get the i386 package, not the amd64 one12:46
coz_navap,  open a terminal     uname -m12:46
DynamicFailsipior, it is a hardware encoder from Advanced Micro Peripheral12:47
madc|SPYnXnavwey what is your firmware12:47
ruggeroI have no sounds whatsoever and gnome-volume-control does not respond. My card is listed in lspci and it WAS working until few days ago. Do not know what happened, googled a lot but cant fix it. I have Maverik 10.10.12:47
navweyerror in vbox Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libc6 (>= 2.11)12:47
coz_ruggero,  in terminal type    alsamixer12:47
coz_ruggero,  check to see if any slider is off or muted12:48
madc|SPYnXnavwey try to update12:48
ljsoftnetX-windowsUSR i taugth VB meaning visual basic sorry12:48
jribnavwey: is there a reason you aren't using the vbox from the repositories?12:48
lifestreamruggero:  have you tried going to alsamixer,  left/right to select,  and press 'm' make sure it goes green12:48
ruggeroall slides for playback are full12:48
dcorbin_wrkIs there an appropriate /etc file to set system wide environment variables?12:48
jribdcorbin_wrk: /etc/environment12:48
ruggerothe "m" command I never tested it, now I did, it becomed green12:49
lifestreamruggero: I know it sounds silly, but I had that problem today,  and it worked :D12:49
sipiorDynamicFail: i assume it requires root privilege for access to the device file? consider adding yourself to the group which owns the device node, so you can run your script without sudo.12:50
ruggerogot green but I have no sound, and still the gnome-volume-control shows "cannot connect". Do I have to restart?12:50
dcorbin_wrkjrib: doh! thanks12:51
lifestreamruggero:  shouldn't need to restart,  how about   sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart ?12:51
ruggeronow I try12:51
jribdcorbin_wrk: if you want documentation about « man pam_env » by the way12:51
ruggerohum... it seems I have no alsa-utils installed, let me check12:52
DynamicFailsipior, I just done understand how something can work in terminal but fail with crontab... I even tried running it with screen/crontab and still failed.12:52
lifestreamDoes anyone use a system sound equalizer that actually works? (yes, yes, I've read this and I've read that)12:52
ruggeroalsa-utils => command not found12:52
sipiorDynamicFail: the environment is different, for one thing.12:52
ruggeroapt-get install alsa-utils12:52
lifestreamruggero:  when you get to the word 'alsa'  hit Tab to complete, i'm not sure if it's alsa-utils (i am not in Ubuntu ATM)12:52
pinoyoragonit seems that my swap is not active... how will i be sure?12:52
ruggerook lifestream, try now12:52
sipiorDynamicFail: difficult to say more without knowing more about the program you're running.12:52
DynamicFailsipior, I echoed the $PATH and $TERM from the terminal when it was working and then in my script I set those variables12:53
ruggeroIf I tab alsa I have only alsa-mixer-save and alsasound12:53
DynamicFailsipior, are there any other ways to have scripts start with root when my computer starts?12:53
sipiorDynamicFail: there are other environmental variables. or perhaps the program expects an interactive shell?12:53
madc|SPYnXHelp with TOR12:53
ruggeroit seems it is alsasound restart12:54
madc|SPYnXHow can I install POLIPO, TOR and vadalia12:54
KrahmerHello, does anyone know how I can easily run remote Ubuntu applications (with GUI) on Windows without installing something like Putty or VNC12:55
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ruggerovery interesting ! sudo /etc/init.d/alsasound restart gives me: Starting sound driver: snd-ca0106 done12:55
ruggeroFailed to create secure directory: Permission denied12:55
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest54145
AdvoWorkif im editing a file dhcpd.leases  what do i have to do after ive removed an entry?12:56
Samuelnewbie searches help..12:56
paul_is there a channel for newbs btw?12:56
ruggeroI think the reason is that yesterday I moved my home directory to another disk.12:56
lifestreamruggero:  how about sudo modprobe  snd-ca010612:57
sipiorKrahmer: you'll need an X server running on the Windows box, and an ssh client to connect to the ubuntu box.12:57
ruggeroit gives an empty answer12:58
lifestreamthats good12:58
Samueli've compiled hplip-3.11.1 and it works great but the folder by that name in my Download folder can't be removed12:58
Samuelany ideas?12:58
Rt666-1_hi all, i use satanic ubuntu - good!12:58
stianhjWill installing gnome-shell break something in my regular Ubuntu (10.04)? or can I just switch cleanly in gdm?12:59
stianhjand is there an up-to-date ppa for lucid?13:00
sipiorSamuel: are you running an executable or accessing a file in that directory?13:01
ruggerolifestream=> thanks for your help. modprobe snd-ca0106 it replies nothing13:01
lifestreamruggero: it's good, it replied nothing13:02
ruggeroI do not know the meaning of "modprobe" command. I am googling that now13:02
lifestreamruggero:  type in a terminal:   whatis modprobe13:02
lifestreamand it will tell you13:03
OerHeksman modprobe13:03
rohith_Please help me any one eith a IEEE account to download a article13:03
jrib!ot | rohith_13:03
ubotturohith_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:03
ruggerolifestream => cool !13:03
lifestreamHehe :-)13:03
fermatHello world!13:03
rohith_Its urgent @jrib :( i know its not the right place :(\13:04
sipiorrohith_: that's really not our problem.13:04
paul_would anyone be willing to helpa  newb out with installing a driver?13:04
jribrohith_: then you shouldn't ask here if you know it's not the right place.  I suggest you speak with your advisors, teachers, and librarians.  They can help you obtain the article13:04
ech0s7hi i have a problem with java application, i see only one program icon in application bar if i launch different java applications...13:05
rohith_jrib: K13:06
ruggerolifestream=> modprobe -l |grep 0106 gives me modprobe -l |grep 010613:06
ruggerothis means my card is installed properly ?13:07
lifestreami'm not sure!  maybe someone else can take it from here. i don't know too much ^^13:08
ssureshotare pretty much all usb pci cards compatible these days?13:08
ruggerobut I still have no sound, and still gnome-volume-control hungs in "connection failed, reconnecting...."13:08
madc|SPYnXnot yet ssureshot13:08
ruggeroOk thanks a lot, lifestream !13:08
madc|SPYnXthere isn't more binary yet for some PCI13:08
JohnMurrayUKTrying to find if Ubuntu supports hot add cpu and memory (if running as a vm guest).  Couldn't see anything in the documentation.  Any ideas? TIA13:09
ssureshotmadc|SPYnX: ah not what I expected to hear but Ill make sure the product specifies linux then.. thank you sir13:09
cumshothello someone talking here13:09
rohith_Please help me any one with a IEEE account to download a article13:10
jribrohith_: do you want to be banneD?13:10
sipiorrohith_: seriously, it's off-topic here.13:10
rohith_ok dont ban me13:10
=== ogra is now known as Guest42034
navweybye all13:10
jribrohith_: then please stop asking here13:10
ruggerohi c**shot, please change your nick or you risk to be banned.13:10
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lifestreamruggero:   have you seen   http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8123889&postcount=313:12
ruggeroc**shot=> /nick newnickname13:12
Pumpkin-JohnMurrayUK: it does. VMware have a document on it, I know that. I'm not sure on other virtualisation technologies, but it seems pretty generic to me. http://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-1049313:12
Shvonderrohith_: As I know about IEEE (I haven't succeed in the deal too) you shoud buy the article you need before download it.13:12
ruggerothanks lifestream, I'll have a look right now13:12
Pumpkin-(for CPU's anyway)13:13
dcorbin_wrkIs there good tool for taking (and restoring) complete disk images of an ubuntu system?13:13
lifestreamdd ?13:13
DynamicFailsipior, the program would only need an interactive shell if it required input wouldn't it?13:13
ruggerolifestream, yes I did that before. I reinstalled alsa, purged alsa and pulseaudio. I did many things.13:13
Shvonderlifestream: +113:14
lifestream+1 ?13:14
dcorbin_wrklifestream: I know dd can do it, but I was wondering if there was something more advanced.13:14
ThinkT510!cloning | dcorbin_wrk13:15
ubottudcorbin_wrk: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate13:15
sipiorDynamicFail: or expected to dump output there, yes. since i have no idea which particular program we're talking about, i thought i'd start throwing out ideas.13:15
sipiordcorbin_wrk: partimage is exceptionally good for what you want to do.13:15
dcorbin_wrkThinkT510: Thanks, but I'm not talking about the packages.  I mean the entire disk, as-is, byte-for-byte.13:15
ThinkT510!backup | dcorbin_wrk13:15
ubottudcorbin_wrk: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning13:15
stianhjWill installing gnome-shell break something in my regular Ubuntu (10.04)? or can I just switch cleanly in gdm? and is there an up-to-date ppa for lucid?13:18
JohnMurrayUKPumpkin: I have seen the articles about how to do it, but I just wondered whether it was 'supported'.  I can also do it in CentOS, but they don't 'support' it http://www.centos.org/docs/5/html/5.5/technical-notes/Known_Issues-kernel.html13:18
DynamicFailsipior, can you think of alternatives to crontab that would allow me to start my file on boot?13:20
sipiorDynamicFail: sure, add it to /etc/rc.local or the like.13:20
Pumpkin-JohnMurrayUK: ahh, good question. Depends on what definition of "supported". Supported as in has been developed to work, sure. Supported as in Canonical will support you, ask then :)13:21
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=== lance_ is now known as Guest92580
davidwany ideas of what to look into to try some kernel upgrades in the hopes of fixing this intermittent suspend bug?13:22
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest87674
DynamicFailsipior, but isn't rc.local still cron?13:23
sipiorDynamicFail: no.13:23
sipiorDynamicFail: do you need the program to run at regular intervals?13:23
JohnMurrayUKPumpkin: Thanks buddy.  As long as they don't say they don't eh?  Wish me luck13:24
=== stagres7 is now known as stag-reseau7
Pumpkin-"it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission". Not sure if this applies :)13:24
DynamicFailsipior, nope... just when my computer starts.13:25
sipiorDynamicFail: well, there you go.13:25
DynamicFailsipior, it runs constantly. Currently I create a log file, but I'm thinking about having it run with screen so I can check on my script every now and again.13:25
DynamicFailsipior, I haven't been able to find a good link on how to set it up to work with rc.local any good links?13:26
sipiorDynamicFail: it's just a shell script. add what you want run to it (before the "exit 0" statement, obviously)13:27
DynamicFailsipior, awesome. thanks13:27
JohnMurrayUKTrue.  Thanks for your help.13:27
MarconMis there ubuntu 11.10 for download yet13:28
DynamicFailsipior, how do you get something to run with root rights though?13:28
sipiorDynamicFail: the script will be run as the superuser.13:28
DynamicFailsipior, well actually let me amend my question... how do I get it to run with mixed rights13:28
ThinkT510MarconM: the next release is 11.04, when that is released 11.10 will be worked on13:28
DynamicFailsipior, I have about 8 scripts that need to start. 1 has to be root, the others can't be root as they involve vlc and vlc wont' run with root privilege.13:29
knightstalkerHello,I own a Dell vostro 3300,and ubuntu 9.10 has a good brightness,but ubuntu 10.10 on same device doesn't have the same brightness potential,I can control the brightness but the MAX brightness is still so low,any ideas?13:29
knightstalkerMight it be because of graphics driver or smth?13:29
jlselectim very new to ubuntu and have been reading ubuntu unleashed..is there any other books that you guys would recommend??13:29
DJones!manual | jlselect13:30
ubottujlselect: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:30
=== gerryk_AFK is now known as gerryk
sipiorDynamicFail: you can use "su" or "sudo -u" to change the run user.13:30
knightstalkeranyways,brightness is fine until you finally login13:30
jlselectthank you13:30
DynamicFailsipior, you mean within the script?13:31
sipiorDynamicFail: yes13:31
MarconMThinkT510, ok ... but i can to make download, this realease, for test13:31
MarconMknightstalker, ???13:32
ThinkT510!11.04 | MarconM13:32
ubottuMarconM: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.13:32
DynamicFailsipior, interesting. Thank you for your help. I'm off to go try the changes.13:32
sipiorDynamicFail: good luck13:32
MarconMThinkT510, i want to help in translation ubuntu13:32
MarconMhow i can ?13:32
ruggeroI am doing sudo chown -R foldername username:username, no errors but nothings happens.13:32
ohzieruggero: sudo chorn -R username:groupname foldername13:33
ohzieruggero: and that doesn't change the permissions of the files, just the owners13:33
buschwuschherro, i'm about to install ubuntu on my mbp, yay. will the installer allow me a full encrypted install?13:33
ohzieruggero: which sometimes changes the way permissions are applied13:33
ThinkT510MarconM: https://translations.launchpad.net/+groups/ubuntu-translators13:34
ohziebuschwusch: I think you can just encrypt yourhome partition13:34
buschwuschi haven't found a up to date guide for macbooks :(13:34
ohziebuschwusch: for ecrypting everything you should look at-13:34
ohziebuschwusch: Oh macs13:34
roknirif i have a drive (/dev/sdc) that's wholly encrypted with truecrypt, is there a way i can find a UUID for it or can i only get a UUID for the partition (/dev/sdc1) once mounting with truecrypt?13:34
ohziebuschwusch: gpg?13:34
ohziebuschwusch: or is that only within macos?13:34
ruggerothanks ohzie. I think I messed up my system. Yesterday I moved my home folder to another disk. Now I have a new Home folder, but it is now root:root. And sounds are gone and cant fix that.13:35
ohziebuschwusch: Or maybe truecrypt can boot a gpg now, lol13:35
buschwuscheh, i'm about to ditch osx :)13:35
MarconMThinkT510, thanks man13:35
ThinkT510MarconM: np13:35
ohzieruggero: Oh man I'm sorry. My recommendation is create a new usernam,e13:35
ohzieand copy over the bits from your home folder that you want to keep13:35
ruggero(your messages appears to me in red. How did you do that?)13:36
ohzieruggero: If your system is borked because you screwed up your home folder? Yeah13:36
ohzieruggero: A new username = a new home folder = problem should correct itself13:36
ThinkT510ruggero: it's in red because he mentioned your nick13:36
redruggero: red color ooo13:36
ohzieruggero: I don't know why my text is red but it's probably hilighting because I'm using your nick. =P13:36
ruggero(ahhh. Its automatic, thanks)13:36
dscastrohi.. how can i set gamma on ubuntu13:37
YeshieLooking for general help, ran sfill - created a 60gig file - it finished running after two days - but now my system says it has 0 bytes on it. I did a sudo rm oooooooo.ooo - seemed to do nothing - I did a Ctrl-C exit and it says now I have 40gigs free13:37
ruggero(its probably a setting of my Xchat)13:37
Yeshieany idea why I lost 20gigs?13:37
ohzieYeshie: It went on holiday.13:37
ohzieYeshie: =)13:37
ruggeroohzie, I try now to create a new homefolder. You mean I just create a new user, is that what you mean ?13:37
ohzieruggero: Yes13:38
ohzieYeshie: df -h <--Can you tell where it might have gone from there?13:38
ruggerook doing that ohzie13:38
buschwuscheh, i'm just gonna try it, thanks ohzie13:38
buschwuschi can always do a full encrypted install later13:38
ohziebuschwusch: good luck!13:38
studenthow can I know to which /dev/ttySx is my device connected to_13:38
buschwuschfor now an encrypted home partition should suffice13:38
Yeshieoops, looks like I was an idiot - it's jus tstill deleting itself, now I'm up to 43...I guess it'll climb13:39
ruggeroohzie, now I log out and test if sound works, but I doubt it. See you later and Thxs13:40
kishi have usbmon dump.. is there any good front end tool to analyze the dump?13:40
sipiorstudent: can you read or write to/from the device?13:41
sipiorstudent: also, i believe setserial will do some (limited) probing.13:42
studentsipior, its a GPS serial device, I am plugging it, but how do I know to which /dev/ttySx it is connected to?13:42
Keyvan_hi, dioes anyone know how to solve black screen problem in ubuntu 10.10 loading in a vaio laptop?13:42
Keyvan_hi, dioes anyone know how to solve black screen problem in ubuntu 10.10 loading in a vaio laptop?13:42
sipiorstudent: dmesg might report the information. failing that, easier just to try each device (there are only four of them)13:43
jwtiyari cant boot from usB mULTI-CARD WHY?13:43
Keyvan_hi, does anyone know how to solve black screen problem in ubuntu 10.10 loading in a vaio laptop?13:43
studentsipior, let me check dmesg13:43
jwtiyari cant boot from usB mULTI-CARD WHY?13:44
n2ihi all! http://www.imagesk.com/PEyWkBcw.png http://www.imagesk.com/?i=iokVt6z8.png http://i.imgur.com/IIm45.png13:44
sipiorjwtiyar: were you planning on giving us more information, or were you hoping we could guess the cause of your problems through some sort of necromancy?13:45
n2iPlease look at these pictures. What is problem which is my HDD has got?13:45
hateballn2i: it's aging and about to fail13:46
jwtiyarsipior, what does that mean?13:46
sipiorjwtiyar: forget it.13:47
=== PicCard is now known as PicCard_Away
ThinkT510!details | jwtiyar13:47
ubottujwtiyar: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:47
n2ihateball: :(13:48
jwtiyarThinkT510, i burned ubuntu lts to my usb sd-card , and going to booting it from bios its shows the usb its stoped in grup13:50
=== lance is now known as Guest47498
jwtiyarThinkT510, i burned ubuntu lts to my usb sd-card , and going to booting it from bios its shows the usb its stoped in grup13:51
ThinkT510jwtiyar: i saw your post and am thinking13:52
jwtiyarThinkT510, sorry13:52
ThinkT510jwtiyar: so it boots the usb stick, maybe the grub info is setup wrong13:53
jlselectwhat do you mean by grub?13:54
jwtiyarThinkT510, its stopped in that line that has (-)13:54
ThinkT510jlselect: grub is the boot loader13:54
ThinkT510!grub2 | jlselect13:55
ubottujlselect: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub213:55
ThinkT510jwtiyar: can you select any entries in the grub menu?13:55
=== Guest54145 is now known as DarkDevil
jwtiyarThinkT510, its black windows just the symbol - turn on and off13:56
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest13626
ThinkT510jwtiyar: hmm, so it doesn't even show grub?13:57
jwtiyarThinkT510, iits seems no13:57
ThinkT510jwtiyar: what did you use to install ubuntu to the stick?13:57
=== VoX is now known as vox
jwtiyarThinkT510, usb maker on my other ubuntu 10.1013:58
ThinkT510jwtiyar: has it worked before on that stick?13:58
jwtiyarThinkT510, sorry also in 10.4.1. LTS13:58
jwtiyarThinkT510, i didnt used usb sdcard but its worked with my other usb like my apple and sony13:59
ThinkT510jwtiyar: ah, so its a usb sdcard reader?14:00
jwtiyarThinkT510, yes via card reader14:00
ThinkT510jwtiyar: i'm not sure if they work the same as an ordinary usb stick install14:01
NET||abusehey there folks, anyone use terminator?14:03
NET||abusei'm finding i'm closing things with ctrl+shift+W  too often14:03
NET||abusecan i customize the keybindings?14:03
NET||abusenvm, found it!!14:03
BluesKajNET||abuse, ask in #ubuntu14:04
elFidelNET||abuse: there is a terminator channel14:04
PiciBluesKaj: /me looks around14:04
ThinkT510jwtiyar: after a little googleing it seems that it should work just like a usb install14:04
NET||abuseBluesKaj, lols..14:04
jwtiyarThinkT510, i dont understand ..14:04
BluesKajNET||abuse, :)14:05
ThinkT510jwtiyar: sorry i can't help more, never tried booting from sd cards14:05
NET||abusejwtiyar, you have sdcard ubuntu install image setup yes?14:05
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
jwtiyarNET||abuse, yes14:06
NET||abusejwtiyar, usb connected cardreader has absolutely no difference in functionality to a usb thumbdrive afaik14:06
NET||abusejwtiyar, you want to install ubuntu from this cardreader?14:06
red2kicUsing irssi in new terminal... terminator, how can I switch channels? ALT+LEFT/RIGHT does not work. :(14:06
jwtiyarNET||abuse, yes i want this14:06
NET||abusejwtiyar, basically you motherboard has to support usb booting14:06
NET||abusejwtiyar, so go into the bios of that machine and check if it can be enabled.14:06
jwtiyarNET||abuse, where is the option in bios?14:07
liminaldeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/chromium-daily/stable/ubuntu maverick main is only giving me chromium 10.0.648.133 (77742) Ubuntu 10.1014:09
jwtiyarNET||abuse, there is no enable usb booting in boot tab?14:09
liminalbut the latest version is in 1214:10
Marg2010need help with openoffice draw14:10
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
ThinkT510liminal: that is the latest development version14:11
=== J450N is now known as _J450N_
augustlI created /etc/init/my-app.cnf. "start myapp" says "start: Unknown-job: myapp".14:13
augustldo I need to register it somewhere?14:13
rohith_Please help me any one with a IEEE account to download a article14:13
unomashola, alguien me puede ayudar, tengo un pendrive de internet y me gustaria instalarlo en ubuntu, como puedo hacer, ya que los.exe no los acepta14:13
samuelvasyHi. Does anybody know, that is there any possibility to replace Vino server with something better (faster)? It still need to work with Empathy "Share Desktop" feature.14:13
DJonesrohith_: Thats offtopice for this channel, please don't ask for that14:13
yuzodo!es | unomas14:14
=== J450N is now known as _J450N_
ubottuunomas: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.14:14
billybob3Hi. Got 2 problems with 10.04 of a sudden. 1-can't boot into revovery mode. and 2-the resolution of main screen has become hugely magnified-but can still access the terminal. I am chatting from ubuntu 9.04 here. Any help welcomed.14:14
Benwa!wiki parted14:15
Benwafail :(14:15
ThinkT510!info parted | Benwa14:15
ubottuBenwa: parted (source: parted): The GNU Parted disk partition resizing program. In component main, is standard. Version 2.3-2ubuntu2 (maverick), package size 72 kB, installed size 196 kB14:15
augustlI'll try again. "start myapp" says "start: Unknown-job: myapp", why is that?14:15
BenwaThinkT510: thanks14:16
Benwaoops, i was looking for wiki pages about parted14:16
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
Benwabut at least i got info about the package now :)14:16
ThinkT510Benwa: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Parted14:17
ttomekis there a way to get automatically fonts size change when i connect monitor through vga-out in my laptop?14:17
Benwais there a shortcut for the bot to serch for me/us ?14:17
billybob3Hi. Got 2 problems with 10.04 of a sudden. 1-can't boot into revovery mode. and 2-the resolution of main screen has become hugely magnified-but can still access the terminal. I am chatting from ubuntu 9.04 here. Any help welcomed.14:18
ThinkT510Benwa: sorry, not sure but you can check out the bot's brain14:18
ThinkT510!bot | Benwa14:19
ubottuBenwa: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots14:19
Benwathankx :)14:19
billybob3Hi. Got 2 problems with 10.04 of a sudden. 1-can't boot into revovery mode. and 2-the resolution of main screen has become hugely magnified-but can still access the terminal. I am chatting from ubuntu 9.04 here. Any help welcomed.14:21
jwtiyarmalekan,selam sarchaw its english iRC14:21
billybob3Screen resolution has gone huge but can still access terminal. Unable to access recovery mode. Is there a way of getting the screen resolution down using the terminal?14:24
JTS000IDIs there a generic library to control Monitor mirroring through Java/C++/or any other language14:24
billybob3hello yes hello14:25
JTS000IDbillybob3, I guess I came across a blog which talked about configuring your video cards and default resolution..can't remember though..14:25
erUSULJTS000ID: Xrandr (3)14:25
JTS000IDerUSUL, sorry?14:25
erUSULJTS000ID: if you have dev man pages. « man 3 Xrandr »14:25
JTS000IDo cool..thanks14:26
raymondjtoth2hi how i do internet time in new ubuntu?14:26
raymondjtoth2any idea if want internet time see nothing there14:26
billybob3JTS000ID-I need to do it in terminal as screen is way too large to use.14:26
erUSULraymondjtoth2: in the date and time conf dialog you can set the timeserver14:26
raymondjtoth2err were that14:26
raymondjtoth2under whar erusul14:27
JTS000IDbillybob3, yes u can do that through terminal..by simply editing that file through gedit or vi14:27
JTS000IDbut i didn't bookmark that link..search for something like "video card file on ubuntu" or something like that14:28
erUSULraymondjtoth2: System>Admin>date an time or some such ( my ubuntu is not in english )14:28
raymondjtoth2o ok14:28
erUSULin terminal you can use xrandr 8 the command ) ?14:28
littlejakubhey all ;)14:28
billybob3JTS000ID- sorry, which file do you mean?14:29
erUSULraymondjtoth2: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution14:29
littlejakubgot a question to anyone who might know if apple universal dock could be used as an infrared receiver for apple remote under ubuntu 10.10? :) cheers14:29
billybob3erUSUL - will that work?14:29
JTS000IDit's a file that contains information regarding video cards connected, etc.14:29
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
JTS000IDor perhaps u should try what erUSUL is saying..mine is a very vague solution14:30
erUSULbillybob3: if you have an nvidia graphic card it wont for the others it should14:30
ttomeklittlejakub: throw your apple products through the window and never look back for them anymore.14:30
billybob3JTS00ID- ha ha ha ha14:30
littlejakubttomek: haha, well- I like the sound quality on an iPod, and if I have the stuff- why not try to use it under Ubuntu? :)14:31
littlejakubttomek: really curious if I could make use of it...14:31
billybob3erUSUL-you take me up and now you let me down ha ha ha yes I do have an nvidia card!14:31
littlejakubso... anyone knows if Apple Universal Dock could be used with LIRC? :>14:32
pikenDoes anyone know of a way to get a list of all package dependencies including the dependencies of those dependencies?14:33
=== shubbar__ is now known as shubbar
pikenfor example, build-essential package list and their dependencies.14:33
dscastrohi.. how can i set correct gamma for lg flatron 19" and intel card?14:35
JTS000IDbillybob3, i guess the file was called xorg.conf..14:35
billybob3erUSUL-xrandr is on my 9.04 system14:35
billybob3JTS000ID-thought that didn't exist in Ubuntu 10.0414:36
erUSULbillybob3: how did you installed the driver for that nvidia card?14:36
JTS000IDhmm i doubt that cuz i saw it couple of days ago14:36
MarconMwho use unity on ubuntu ?14:36
MarconMis stable ... i can to use14:36
billybob3erUSUL -with help from here. But the resolution changed when I decided to delete the nouveau driver14:37
JTS000IDerUSUL, just want to make sure..can u control mirroring between attached monitors through xrandr...sorry i just want to make sure that i am reading the right stuff14:37
scoundrel50I want to change the ending .JPG to .jog there is acommand I ws given, but I cant seem to find it now, can somebody tell me what it is?14:37
scoundrel50plus does anybody know if #ubuntu-uk is working, I have been trying all day to ues get on it and nothing happens.14:37
erUSULbillybob3: but you remember what you did at the end? did you used the *.run file from nvidia.com site?14:37
DJonesscoundrel50: What happens when you try to get into -uk14:37
ThinkT510!zh | orchidlucky14:38
ubottuorchidlucky: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk14:38
llutzscoundrel50: rename 's/JPG/jog' *.JPG14:38
orchidluckyI am chinese14:38
erUSULJTS000ID: Xrandr - X Resize, Rotate and Reflection extension. i think Reflection == Mirroring dont you think ?14:38
llutzscoundrel50: u guess you want /jpg/14:38
orchidluckywhat want14:39
JTS000IDI believe so...ok will look into it..thanks14:39
DJonesscoundrel50: It looks like you're in the -uk channel14:39
billybob3erUSUL-em I didn't manually install that driver but another version of it apparently with help from here14:39
philiphollandhello need some help -I'm rather elderly14:39
scoundrel50Is anybody around?14:40
erUSULbillybob3: well it would help to know what exactly you ended up doing...14:40
philiphollandhello can anyone hel;p with a problem?14:41
j_ayen_greenwhere is the php5 executable directory in lucid? I'm trying to get xdebug working in phpstorm, and it's asking me for the php home directory and I can't find it14:41
sipiorphilipholland: best just to ask the question directly.14:41
fanthomashow can I log processes which are accessing the CD-ROM? (or files on CD-ROM?)14:41
nisargplease ask questions directly14:42
billybob3erUSUL-yes it would I agree. But my notes are on the other system that I am trying to access -I'm chatting here from ubuntu 9.04 but I will go back and try xrandr-in fact I may test it on here to see if it works despite what you said.14:42
remco__Hi, has anyone an idea why I cant download a file to any folder with Firefox ? it states that it doesnt have the permission to do so, even in folders with 777 rights14:42
philiphollandOK thanks.  I am running ubuntu inside xp.But after installing acronis on xp ubuntu would't restart.I took acronis out of XP and it still wouldnt work.My wife has important documents in ubuntu can I etirve them -I can't find teh files14:43
sipiorphilipholland: what's acronis, exactly?14:43
j_ayen_greenah, found it14:43
philiphollandSipior acronis is a disk backup system14:44
JTS000IDerUSUL, I believe xRandR is an open-source project..14:44
sipiorphilipholland: and how are you running ubuntu? via virtualbox?14:44
sipiorphilipholland: or was this a wubi install?14:45
philiphollandIsipior - I dont know My grandson installed it directly into XP14:45
philiphollandsipior I'm using xp now14:45
philiphollandI think it is wubi14:46
madmax_xhello world i got a nice easy question for you all...how do i make my network restart after 2 min. if there is no dhcp server responce14:46
sipiorphilipholland: and what error is reported when you try starting ubuntu?14:46
madmax_xi tried the dhcp retry in /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf14:46
erUSULbillybob3: i would; move the xorg.conf file out of the way and reboot. « sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf{,.nvidia} »14:46
philiphollandsipior I cant remember -i tried loading it on safe mode and ran some sort fo repair file command but it made it worse.14:47
=== gaurav__ is now known as Guest13262
sipiorphilipholland: hmm. the error message would be useful; difficult to guess at the problem without it.14:48
philiphollandsipior. I can rerun eevrything but I just need to get my wifes files out of teh hard drive-where would I find them?14:49
sipiorphilipholland: this might be of some use: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=43692314:49
sipiorphilipholland: there are also some troubleshooting tips on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide14:50
sipiorphilipholland: in particular, point 8.14 looks like it might be useful to you.14:51
enrjockyso this is IRC.... cool lol14:51
billybob3erUSUL-and what happens when I do that? Is there an xorg.conf file there? I mean it's Ubuntu 10.0414:51
enrjockycomplete and utter failure of a noob here.....can anyone see this?14:52
erUSULbillybob3: hopefully the machine will boot to a more sane failsafe video mode14:52
sipiorenrjocky: yep.14:52
=== Guest13262 is now known as GauravButola
madmax_xenrjocky, ask your question14:52
enrjockysweet, where would i go to learn how to use this effectively?14:53
enrjockyIRC i mean14:53
enrjockythank you14:53
madmax_xenrjocky, http://www.mirc.com/ircintro.html14:53
enrjockythanks madmax14:54
billybob3erUSUL-ok -I was able to access recovery mode but now I just get a black screen when I try to boot into recovery mode.14:54
philiphollandthank you sipior14:55
sipiorphilipholland: hope it helps!14:55
erUSULbillybob3: so you can not do what i asked? i thought you could access command line ( normal boot and then alt + crtl + f1 ) ?14:55
enrjocky......i have found the heaven of chatting protocols...14:55
Picienrjocky: This channel is for Ubuntu support only.  If you just want to chat you may /join #ubuntu-offtopic14:56
enrjockyoh ok sorry14:56
liminalmy applications keep crashing due to Segmentation faults14:56
liminalany ideas on the causes?14:56
=== Guest13626 is now known as DarkDevil
DThoughtliminal: all applications?14:56
liminalseemlying so.14:57
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest44811
liminalsome worse than others14:57
DThoughtliminal: hardware issues. Cooling. Ram errors. Cpu Errors14:57
dany123456buon giorno a tutti14:57
madmax_xso i have a race condition here with my network ...after a power failure.... my ubuntu box boots before the dhcp server does...is there a way to have nm-applet or /etc/networking auto retry dhcp after a timed delay?14:57
Pici!it | dany12345614:57
ubottudany123456: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)14:57
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »14:57
liminalcooling my cpu temp is below 4014:58
billybob3erUSUL-yes I can just about use the terminal in the hugely magnified screen in normal boot mode. But I can't access the recovery screen. I will try what you said.14:58
navweyhow to see system info in terminal?14:58
arch_nmehi, I need to get a document to file to a file from firefox under ubuntu 10.10, can anyone assist me with this, the only option that comes up when I select print from within this web app is a printer that I used to have attached to this laptop??14:58
liminalram wise ive memory checked okay and changed sticks regardless14:58
dany123456nessuno parla italiano???????????14:58
ThinkT510!it | dany12345614:58
ubottudany123456: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)14:58
elFideldany123456: try #ubuntu.it14:58
DThoughtliminal: sorry, no further ideas14:58
elFideldany123456: try #ubuntu-it ;)14:59
sipiorliminal: try running an application under strace, and see what it spits out immediately prior to the segfault.14:59
Buckybuenas trdes14:59
ThinkT510!es | Bucky15:00
ubottuBucky: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.15:00
billybob3erUSUL - thanks. Am going to try it now.15:01
erUSULbillybob3: no problem15:01
liminalwhat is strace and how to do that?15:01
elFidelliminal: you might wanna start with: "man strace" in terminal15:01
Buckyhola , me gustaria cambiar la resolucion de mi pantalla , pero el problema es ke la ke elijo , no se me keda  , cuadno einicio desaparece , meti en comando para listarlas y no me aparecia en la lista , eso es porke mi grafica no la soporta ¿?  gracias15:01
elFidel!es | Bucky15:01
ubottuBucky: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.15:01
sipiorliminal: try "sudo apt-get install strace", and then "sudo strace <program>".15:01
MarconMwho use unity desktop ?15:02
sipiorliminal: there will be a fair bit of output; consider redirecting it to a file with tee or the like: "sudo strace <program> | tee <logfile>15:02
JoewoodworkerHello, virgin Ubuntu user here15:02
elFidelMarconM: how about asking a real unity-question?15:03
elFideljust repeating a question nobody reacted too seems to be non-perfect ;)15:03
liminalthanks sipior running it now15:03
ThinkT510Joewoodworker: need help?15:03
JoewoodworkerYeah, quite a bit it seems15:04
=== marcos is now known as Guest55189
MarconMelFidel, is not a question .. i wanna know what you think about it15:04
arch_nmeAnyone know how to change my default printer to print to file in FF?15:04
ThinkT510Joewoodworker: what seems to be the problem?15:04
drcodehi all15:04
elFidelMarconM: than ask that ;)15:04
MarconMgnome or unity deskop15:04
arch_nmeor even in general?15:04
drcodehow can I put pre-release in source.list?15:04
drcodeI dont have gui only console15:04
JoewoodworkerWell, first off...getting windows SW to run in Ubuntu15:05
MarconMwho use unity desktop ... ??15:06
ThinkT510!wine | Joewoodworker15:06
ubottuJoewoodworker: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu15:06
OerHeks!poll | MarconM15:06
ubottuMarconM: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.15:06
=== kangjing is now known as beacher
Picidrcode: Are you asking how to upgrade to Natty?15:07
Buckysorry ubottu15:07
liminalsipior it just crashed with strace running - it seems to check the system clock alot not sure what that means15:07
drcodeI have marvic15:08
sipiorliminal: what were you running?15:08
ghisenHi, i had problems removing fglrx... so i removed every line with fglrx in var/lib/dpkg/diversions as google said... but now i get an other error instead..  conflicting diversions involving `/branding-ubuntu' or `/usr/share/dockmanager/data/skype_dnd.svg'15:08
Roasted_Is it possible to remove individual Ubuntu updates?15:08
liminalthe web  browser15:08
madmax_x so i have a race condition here with my network ...after a power failure.... my ubuntu box boots before the dhcp server does...is there a way to have nm-applet or /etc/networking auto retry dhcp after a timed delay?15:09
sipiorliminal: seems fairly random. does the same thing happen if you run applications from a live cd?15:09
JuJuBeeIs it possible to set a desktop picture and not allow users to change it?15:09
arch_nmecan anyone tell me where the printer settings are located from the GUI?15:09
elFidelRoasted_: it is possible to remove single packages if thats your question15:09
liminalive not tried.. what would it prove?15:09
Roasted_elFidel, yeah. I had to remove some windows updates yesterday from my w7 box to get back nvidia functionality (don't ask, I have no idea). And I got to wondering if you can remove individual updates with ubuntu as well.15:10
erUSULJuJuBee: search in google for « gnome lockdown kiosk mode »15:10
DannydHi, I installed sl, then $sudo apt-get --purge remove sl, after that when I type sl, it dosent list the packages it may be in, it just says "not in /usr/bin/games", how do i completely remove a package??15:10
drcodePici, pre-released is only for upgrade? I have installed ubuntu 10.1015:11
sipiormadmax_x: does increasing the timeout value in dhclient.conf help?15:11
JuJuBeeerUSUL saame for kubuntu?  KDE lockdown...15:11
ruanhey. how do i record from my speakers? sound recorder stalls at 0 seconds, and audacity records at an extremely low volume which i have to amplify by 27.5 dB just to barely hear15:11
elFidelRoasted_: it is possible to remove single packages if thats your question. apt will handle the dependencies. So in general possible - but its related with package-dependencies15:11
Dannydi installed by apt-get install sl15:11
erUSULJuJuBee: yes15:11
drcodebut I have problem with an old nvidia and xorg driver15:11
fanthomaswhere does xfce in ubutu get the available graphic modes from? sometime the max resolution in xrandr is 1024x600 which is correct and sometimes only 800x60015:11
erUSULJuJuBee: also ask in #kubuntu ?15:11
genii-aroundmadmax_x: You could try setting in /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf  the variables: retry, timeout, and select-timeout  to higher values15:11
drcodeI read that nvidia mx200 not working well with ubuntu 10.1015:11
scoundrel50llutz: sorry just found this now, I couldnt see any activity in here earlier. I have now managed to get it working, I was shown this command rename 's/\.JPG$/.jpg/' *.JPG that changed them all. Thank you. I wasnt ignoring you, I just couldnt see you.15:12
sipiorliminal: the idea is to see if the problem lies with the system as installed, or with your hardware.15:12
briananyone there?15:12
=== brian is now known as Guest13990
beacherI have a problem : the chromium browser plugin(flash) crashed. Why?15:12
erUSUL!ask | Guest1399015:12
ubottuGuest13990: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:12
madmax_xsipor, genii-around, i tried the retry setting but it doesnt seem to apply when using nm-applet to manage the network...it still sits "down" until i physically interact with it and tell nm-applet to try 'auto eth0'15:13
Guest13990is anyone available to help me  out here?15:13
ruanGuest13990: yes...15:13
Roasted_elFidel, how would you go about that? Like if I found a specific update that was causing an issue, where are the individual updates stored?15:13
madmax_xwassup Guest1399015:13
Dannydbump on the apt-get --purge remove question15:13
sipiorGuest13990: usual protocol is to ask a question first.15:13
Guest13990I am having trouble with my sound15:13
ruanhey. how do i record from my speakers? sound recorder and audacity aren't working properly15:13
Guest13990it used to work but I couldn't get headphones to work so I installed drivers and now nothing15:14
liminallive cd still uses hardware.. just not harddrives15:14
Roasted_elFidel, like if I updated with 10 new updates and I have a problem, how would I get those 10 updates out?15:14
elFidelRoasted_: it's all package based - so check Ubuntu-software-center or synaptic to handle packages15:14
liminaland ive changed the harddrive15:14
ruanliminal: livecd can still mount harddrives15:14
Roasted_elFidel, so 10 updates = 10 packages?15:14
DannydHi, I installed sl, then $sudo apt-get --purge remove sl, after that when I type sl, it dosent list the packages it may be in, it just says "not in /usr/bin/games", how do i completely remove a package??15:14
sipiormadmax_x: the interfaces man page implies that the individual application config files are used for dhcp services. do you perhaps have multiple dhcp clients installed?15:15
liminalso what would running ubuntu from the livecd tell me.. my guess it still would crash15:15
ruanDannyd: reinstall it then uninstall it15:15
elFidelRoasted_: i dont know what you mean - as you are still talking about updates ;)15:15
Dannydso that it was in the state b4 the package was installed15:15
sipiorliminal: the idea is to see if system ram is a problem.15:15
Roasted_elFidel, you're saying updates are package based. Does that mean if I get 10 updates, there are 10 new packages in synaptic?15:15
sipiorliminal: or perhaps a misconfigured installation.15:15
liminallive cd uses ram more right? so it would crash more?15:15
elFidelRoasted_: in theory you could try removing/uninstalling those packages & then try to install the old versions again.15:15
sipiorliminal: no.15:16
liminallive cd doesnt use ram?15:16
sipiorliminal: of course it does.15:16
elFidelbut thats a) related with handling dpeendencies and for sure nothing a starter should do (from my point of view)15:16
Roasted_elFidel, so if I have an issue with an apache update, I can nuke apache --purge and reinstall and it should come back without the updates?15:16
Guest13990this is my first time here. I just installed ubuntu this weekend15:16
elFidelRoasted_: apt will offer the last version on reinstall - so it will most likely not fix that issue15:16
OerHeksliminal live cd boots slower, and uses ram. but it is as stable as an installated linux15:16
madmax_xsipior, i have a plain install of 10.04...nm-applet (networkmanager) controls it15:17
liminalim confused.. lets say I use a live cd and the system doesnt crash.. that would prove what?15:17
Roasted_elFidel, hm, I'm still a little lost on *how* its possible to remove an update then.15:17
liminalits my installation process not hardwarE?15:17
brvergi need help... can't seem to open my home folders. i get error msg "unable to open document, can't open directory15:17
arch_nmeis there a way to add a print to file printer to my list of printers?15:17
sipiorliminal: look, we're just trying to get another data point on your system's behaviour. try it, or don't try it, i don't really care.15:18
liminalits not my system tho is it.. its a live cd15:18
Guest13990can anyone help me with getting my soundcard working properly?15:19
sipiorliminal: we are trying to establish if your hardware is at fault.15:19
naren_can i edit login screen to my own15:19
genii-aroundmadmax_x: Alternately, you could add a pre-start script stanza into /etc/init/network-manager.conf to check for a ping reply from dhcp server, wait a certain amount of seconds, try again until a reply, then continue only after a reply comes15:19
sipiorliminal: i have explained this before.15:19
ptteliminal: Ofc you'd have to use the live cs on the same computer15:19
OerHeksGuest13990, do you hear a login sound at boot ?15:19
sipiormadmax_x: what happens if you configure the network interface through /etc/network/interfaces?15:19
Guest13990wait.......I'm not sure now15:20
OerHeksGuest13990, then your sound is oke, all you need is restricted extra's15:20
liminalsipior right.. so if its hardware your saying the livecd will still crash right?15:20
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats15:20
Guest13990I did yesterday but then I tried installing a driver now I don't know15:20
sipiorliminal: that's the idea.15:20
madmax_xgenii-around, nice thank you illl look into thaat15:20
cha0s2358Hey guys I have a question that isn't directly Ubuntu related but I don't know where to ask so maybe someone cn either help me out anyway or point me in the right direction. I am running ubuntu 10.10 and my issue is with bandwidth allocation. I have high speed internet (3mbps down, .70mbps up) YET  when I am running "transmission" regardless of what speeds the download is running "even as low as 5kbps down" I can do NOTHING else o15:20
cha0s2358nline. web pages won't load etc. can anyone help me with this or point me in the right direction?15:20
Guest13990restricted extras?15:20
madmax_xgenii-around, wait how can i ping if network started yet15:21
pttecha0s2358: Are you sitting on a wireless connection?15:21
OerHekscha0s2358, how about your upload with transmission ?15:21
brvergi need help... can't seem to open my home folders. i get error msg "unable to open document, can't open directory15:22
kriumewhy cant i use wireshark? when i press Interface List a little window opens and it says "description destination IP packets packets/S" and when i press ok, nothing more happends15:22
cha0s2358PTTE, i AM USING lAN connection15:22
ruanbrverg: can you go to filesystem then /home?15:22
pttecha0s2358: Does that mean you use a network cable?15:22
cha0s2358OerHeks, I have it limited to 5kbps upload15:22
OerHeksGuest13990, > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats15:22
cha0s2358ptte yes i use the ethernet cable15:22
dschuettwhat is the ubuntu server channel?15:23
omenkingIn osx I can go "open ." and will open the directory in a finder, how can I do the same in Gnome/Ubuntu?15:23
pttecha0s2358: Have you been using the same router with other computers together with bt?15:23
kriumewhy cant i use wireshark? when i press Interface List a little window opens and it says "description destination IP packets packets/S" and when i press ok, nothing more happends15:23
ThinkT510!sever | dschuett15:23
ThinkT510!server | dschuett15:23
ubottudschuett: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server15:23
sipiorcha0s2358: what's the *actual* amount of upload traffic. have you measured it? your downloads may be starved because return ACKs are not making it out.15:23
Guest13990hmm, I went to realtek and downloaded the linux drivers15:23
genii-aroundmadmax_x: Sorry my brain is foggy, i forgot it's a chicken-egg thing. Does your /etc/network/interfaces file have an entry for that adapter?15:23
heynowhi all, quick question.. is there support for apple products... ie.. ipod/iphone15:23
cha0s2358ptte what do you mean?15:23
arch_nmeis there a way to aadd a print to file printer to my printers15:23
ThinkT510!ipod | heynow15:24
ubottuheynow: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod15:24
pttecha0s2358: If you plug the same cord into some other random computer and run bittorrent, does that work?15:24
cha0s2358sipior the actual upload is limited to a total of 5kbps and my downloads run fine it is as if transmission is hogging everything15:24
madmax_xgenii-around, no15:24
madmax_xauto lo and iface lo inet loopback15:25
ruancha0s2358: you could try another BT client and see if the problem persists15:25
sipiorcha0s2358: so, you haven't measured it15:25
brverg<ruan> no15:25
cha0s2358ptte the only other computers i have run win7 and use Utorrent and have no problems it's only with the transmission15:25
archangelpetroso, is there anything that works with Nvidia optimus yet? i heard about switcheroo, but i'm not sure that really addresses anything properlky15:25
Noeltoriousugh evolution not prompting me for a password, remember is unchecked and i tried hitting forget passwords just in case...any ideas?15:25
cha0s2358sipior how do you mean meassure it?15:25
pttecha0s2358: Ok, then it's probably not the router dying15:25
cha0s2358no i just replaced the router15:25
beacherexcuse me,my OS is ubuntu 10.10 , I want to change login window.Then i selection 'system'-->'administration'-->'login screen'.But don't changed.What should i do? My first language is chinese,English is not good.15:25
ruanbeacher: there is a chinese support channel if you'd like to try there15:26
cha0s2358ptte that was my original assumption as well but it did not fix the issue15:26
ThinkT510!zh | beacher15:26
ubottubeacher: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk15:26
cha0s2358sipior i wasn't aware of measuring it, I always just went by what I had it limited to in transmission and what transmission told me it was running15:27
archangelpetro!nvidia | archangelpetro15:27
ubottuarchangelpetro, please see my private message15:27
coz_archangelpetro,  I dont know ,,, I am not up with all of nvidia stuff at this point... did google turn anything up?15:27
Guest13990ok it tells me I need to uninstall two codec packs, but I can't find them15:27
brverg<ruan> sorry... yes i can acces my folders thru filesystem then /home. but i can acces those folders from Places15:28
coz_Guest13990,  which 2?15:28
ruanbrverg: oh ok15:28
Guest13990Ffcodec pack15:28
milosshey pople i instal ubunto 10.10 on hdd 320gb and when i lock on sistem there is only 268gb howe that ?15:28
Guest13990and I forgot the other one15:28
archangelpetrocoz_: well the stuff is generally out of date, but it says optimus isn't supported by nvidia, and doesn't work with X.. but that was a few months back, i've heard about switcheroo, but not really sure what's going on there15:29
brverg<ruan> so what do i do? have i accidentally changed something? it worked fine b415:29
pttecha0s2358: Have you tried some other client in ubuntu?15:29
cha0s2358thats what I am about to do now, any recomendations? ptte15:29
coz_archangelpetro,  ah ok... mmm my guess is nothing is happening at this point... i would just keep googleing  and also go to the #nvidia channel,,, not sure how active things are there15:29
ruancha0s2358: qbittorrent15:29
ThinkT510miloss: marketing departments market hard drive sizes deceptively15:29
kriumewhy cant i use wireshark? when i press Interface List a little window opens and it says "description destination IP packets packets/S" and when i press ok, nothing more happends15:29
archangelpetrook coz_ ty15:30
delinquentmeis there a good solution for playing f4v files on ubuntu?15:30
coz_archangelpetro,  when in #nvidia try to speak with aronp15:30
cha0s2358+ruan thanks15:30
ravenafter every reboot evolution comes up with its configuration wizard - why and how to fix this?15:30
LUcasekriume: same to me. there is a topic on uForums15:30
LUcaseSearching about it <:15:31
gumusnothing happens when i try to run g.earth? Any ideas?15:32
coz_gumus,  you want google earth running?15:32
GreenNerdDoes anyone know of an open source alternative to Microsoft Visio?  I am trying to create a network map of my LAN/VPN and I can only find solutions that generate very low quality diagrams and icons.  I would like to find something that doesn't require me to download an icon pack.  I'd like for it to work out of the box.  Any suggestions?15:32
ubottuGoogle Earth is available as the package "googleearth-package" in !Multiverse. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GoogleEarth15:32
ruangumus: how did you install g earth?15:33
llutzGreenNerd: dia15:33
coz_GreenNerd,     http://www.linuxalt.com/15:33
LUcasekriume: try to take a look here for Wireshark: http://ubuntuforums.org/search.php?searchid=7993606415:33
RichWCan someone do a speed test on this file for me? Transfer rate in KB/s? http://rog.pynguins.com/static/bigfile.bin15:33
llutz!info dia15:33
ubottudia (source: dia): Diagram editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.97.1-7 (maverick), package size 187 kB, installed size 568 kB15:33
roknirif i have a drive (/dev/sdc) that's wholly encrypted with truecrypt, is there a way i can find a UUID for it or can i only get a UUID for the partition (/dev/sdc1) once mounting with truecrypt?15:34
RichWIts a load of random data15:34
brverg<ruan> can u help me to restore it.. i'd like to access my folders from "Places" like before. how do i do it?15:34
GreenNerdcoz_, Thanks for the link.  I am actually interested in getting feedback on products that people here in the IRC has actually used.15:34
coz_GreenNerd,  ah ok... I have not used dia or kivio15:35
ruanbrverg: im not really sure, i'll try googling for it15:35
coz_GreenNerd, that link is not     always up to date either15:35
cha0s2358ptte, ruan ok i am using qbittorrent now and same issue.15:36
coz_GreenNerd,  for example the have  Pencil as an microsoft paint alternative when actually it is a adobe flash alternative15:36
LUcase!hi | kimg15:36
brverg<ruan> ok thanks... i think i accidentally changed the "open with" to some other applixations15:36
ExplodingPigletsHow do I install minecraft? I downloaded it via bittorrent15:36
Kimbcan some one help me to install the terminal of ubuntu in the win715:36
LUcaseKimb: absolutely. let me search in the forums for you15:37
gumuscan't believe that all I need was lsb-core ...worked fine ! Thanks...By the way how did lsb-core do the trick?15:37
SonneKimb, i believe LUcase was being sarcastic.15:37
cha0s2358is there a way to change how my system allocates the bandwidth?15:37
coz_ExplodingPiglets,  does minecraft have a .jre  package there?15:37
LUcaseSonne: :P15:37
ExplodingPigletslet me check15:37
ruanExplodingPiglets: .jar actually isn't it?15:38
ThinkT510gumus: googleearth is made to be compatible with the linux standard base15:38
LUcaseActually Kimb: If you want to run Ubuntu OS in win7, you would need to virtualmachine it, or simply double-boot ubuntu,15:38
coz_sorry yes  .jar15:38
ruanExplodingPiglets: it will open with java/openjava if you have it installed15:38
ExplodingPigletsyes it does.15:38
coz_ExplodingPiglets,   that should be  .jar15:38
brverg<ruan> i6t's ok, i got it fixed.. I changed the "open with" to nautilus. now it's working. thx by the way.15:38
cutiyartrying to make usb15:38
coz_ExplodingPiglets, ok then no installation require however15:38
coz_ExplodingPiglets,   go to  system/administration/synaptic package manager15:38
Kimbi've do the duble boot15:39
coz_ExplodingPiglets,  click Settings/Repositories15:39
ExplodingPigletsThe file '/home/alexander/Downloads/Minecraft.jar' is not marked as executable.  If this was downloaded or copied form an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run.15:39
Kimbthe virtula machine is also a solution but15:39
cutiyartrying to burn usb BY make up starter , the make sarter disk do not enable ,y?15:39
ruanExplodingPiglets: mark it as executable, right click, properties, permissions15:39
coz_ExplodingPiglets,  then click the  "Other software"  tab  and tick both ubuntu partner repositories15:39
LUcaseKimb -> But running a ubuntu Terminal under win7 is impossible.15:39
ruanExplodingPiglets: terminal eqivalent is chmod +x /home/alexander/Downloads/Minecraft.jar15:40
coz_ruan,  not sure if he has sun java installed15:40
Kimbthat's true15:40
LUcase!hi | anilhw15:40
ExplodingPigletsIt won't let me right click properties15:40
coz_ruan,  and not sure  icedtea can handle that15:40
ruanExplodingPiglets: hmm, then try the terminal version15:40
Kimbi've heart that cmd is short os15:41
brverg<ruan> it's ok, i had it fixed. i changed the "open with" to nautilus and now it's working. thank you rush. goodbye15:41
ruanbrverg: bye :)15:41
Kimband i've compared whith the termina15:41
coz_ExplodingPiglets,  when you right click that  .jar file  what options are available15:41
ExplodingPigletsoh crap  every time I open the downloads folder my computer slows down big time15:41
ruanExplodingPiglets: do you have many files in there?15:41
ThinkT510LUcase: !hi has been deleted15:41
FireFactorhello everyone15:42
Kimbafter that i've suppose that if we cannot do the same with the terminal15:42
cutiyartrying to burn usb BY make up starter , the make sarter disk do not enable ,y?15:42
coz_ExplodingPiglets, in terminal     df -l15:42
LUcaseThinkT510 -> Thanks. didin't know it.15:42
anilhwhi i am anil15:42
ruanhi anil15:42
anilhwhi ruan15:42
=== beacher is now known as clr
* clr 15:43
FireFactordoes anyone have aion game running on ubuntu?15:43
ruanFireFactor: havent heard of it15:44
LUcaseFireFactor -> I know that game, something is wrong ?15:44
LUcaseWhat is ?15:44
FireFactorpeople cant make it work15:44
LUcaseFireFactor -> Are you running it under Wine ?15:45
=== sre-su_ is now known as sre-su
FireFactoryes trying15:45
terrencehello there15:45
FireFactorhi terrence15:45
LUcaseFireFactor -> Then did you look at the Wine website, games support list ?15:46
ruan^aka appdb15:46
terrencei am new here15:46
miketomdoolWelcome Terrence15:46
LUcase!ask | terrence15:46
ubottuterrence: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:46
FireFactorLUcase yes but says it haves problems15:47
terrenceoh gosh I can't follow15:47
LUcaseFireFactor -> What are they specificly ?15:47
ExplodingPigletsI had to yank my battery because the downloads folder slowed down my computer to the point of freezing15:47
Cube``hey guys, how can i temporarily set the IDENT from DROP to REJECT?15:48
FireFactornot sure but cant make it start15:48
ruanmine also drops.. cant find ident15:48
Buckysorry again :/15:49
LUcaseFireFactor -> Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine15:49
Buckycomo no se ingles me voy...15:49
LUcase!es | Bucky15:50
ubottuBucky: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.15:50
dp_I'm trying to find some icons, specifically stock_outbox.png. Looking in /usr/share/icons/gnome/*, I have no "stock" folder. Any ideas on where I'd get them?15:50
FireFactorLUcase tks i will check that15:51
papnaMy keyboard's 10-key doesn't seem to be working any more. When I hit the 5 key a context meny comes up. It doesn't change when I turn numlock on and off.15:51
ThinkT510dp_ stock_outbox.png is the name of the file, it doesn't mean it's in a folder called stock15:52
jribpapna: press shift-numlock15:52
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.15:52
LUcasepapna -> is that your problem ? http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1422434.html15:53
dp_ThinkT510: understood, but everything I gather on the forums suggests that's where it should be; /usr/share/icons/gnome/<size>/stock/net/stock_outbox.png15:53
papnajrib: That worked. Thanks.15:53
jribpapna: it's an accessibility feature allowing you to control the mouse with your numpad15:53
LUcaseOh, What a silly guy i am xD15:53
papnaLUcase: Ostensibly not. Thanks.15:53
papnajrib: I suspected that but didn't see how to disable it in the accessibility menu. Thanks agian.15:54
deft_n1xhi all, how can i mirroring only lucid universe repository with rsync to make a local copy of it?15:54
ThinkT510dp_: sorry i can't help further, i'm more of an xfce user15:56
dp_ThinkT510: I'm actually using e16, but apparently, this app is mostly gnome-specific15:56
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ubuntu__Hi all, I'm having trouble installing ubuntu to an ssd.16:00
ruanubuntu__: what is the problem?16:00
ubuntu__The drive doesn't show up in parted or gaperted16:00
ubuntu__*gparted, sorry16:00
ruanubuntu__: does it show up when you type 'sudo fdisk -l' in a terminal?16:01
ubuntu__ruan, nope16:02
ruanthat means its not detected at all16:02
ruanare you sure it's plugged in correctly, etc?16:02
=== herton is now known as herton_lunch
ubuntu__Yep, I'm in live disk mode, and windows 7 is installed on it and working correctly16:03
ubuntu__I tried googling for known issues but it seems some people are running with the same drive with no issues\16:04
GauravButolaHow to know in which partition grub is installed?16:04
hael_i've a question about ekiga16:05
hael_do anyone could help me ?16:05
jjp_ask directly16:05
jjp_hael_: just ask directly16:06
hael_i registered in ekiga and diamondcard.us to have a sip16:06
=== stian_ is now known as stianhj
ubuntu__GauravButola, look for a menu.lst file in a folder called boot or grub16:06
anilhw /j #ubuntu-server16:07
hael_then i paid and when i want to connect i got could not refister to 'myuser'@sip@diamondcard.us16:07
ubuntu__ruan, any luck?16:07
GauravButolaubuntu_: no, there is'nt any16:07
ruanubuntu__: i've googled but havent seen anything yet16:08
ubuntu__GauravButola, do an ls of the drive you are looking at and add it to the pastebin link16:09
ruanGauravButola: sudo fdisk -l16:09
ruanGauravButola: the drive that has boot flag (*) has grub on it16:10
anilhw /j #ubuntu-server16:10
ruanGauravButola: or partiton. drive preferably16:10
ruananilhw: without the space16:10
GauravButolaruan: I am dual booting with natty and currently on maverick16:10
ruanGauravButola: ok, sudo fdisk -l will work though16:10
GauravButolaruan: here http://paste.ubuntu.com/580171/16:11
ruanGauravButola: that means that grub is installed on /dev/sda116:11
ruanGauravButola: and possibly the MBR16:12
ruanmost probably*16:12
=== drupal is now known as Guest15729
GauravButolaruan: does it mean that, if i remove the natty partition, my system wont have any issues in booting, maverick is on /dev/sda116:12
AnassAhmedHello, I'm using linuxmint 10.10 and want to upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10 Natty, How?16:12
ruanGauravButola: it shouldn't.16:13
AnassAhmedHello, I'm using linuxmint 10.10 and want to upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 Natty, How?16:13
ruanGauravButola: as long as you do it properly16:13
ruanGauravButola: from a livecd16:13
jrib!mintsupport | AnassAhmed16:13
ubottuAnassAhmed: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:13
ruanGauravButola: partitioning on a mounted drive isn't a good idea16:13
GauravButolaruan: but my maverick /boot/grub doesnt have a menu.list but natty /boot/grub has16:14
bharrisonhi all16:14
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=== root is now known as Guest83256
Roasted_Can anybody shed some light on .ICEAuthority errors? I'm trying to set the default profile in Ubuntu but it's proving to be a headache.16:15
ruanGuest83256: ?16:15
timzorrany of you guys or girls out there know how have complete removal of hair on and around the scrotum and shaft16:16
ruan!ot | timzorr16:17
ubottutimzorr: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:17
miketomdoolwas up angelove? =P16:17
SlyliasWhen I restart the eth0 doesn't come up, I have to do sudo ifup eth0 every time. Is there a way around this?16:17
=== brian is now known as Guest19311
Guest19311does anybody know how to get headphones working for a conexant soundcard16:17
Pumpkin-Slylias: does /etc/network/interfaces contain "auto eth0" ?16:17
Guest83256co ai la nguoi Viet Nam hok ?16:18
SlyliasI have lines in there for setting static IP, do I put the auto eth0 before or after that?16:18
Guest83256co ai la nguoi Viet Nam hok nhi ?16:19
menai need help16:19
Pumpkin-I've got it before.16:19
ThinkT510mena: how can we help?16:19
Guest19311does anybody know how to get headphones working for a conexant soundcard16:19
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.16:20
SlyliasPumpkin-, do I put the auto eth0 before or after the iface eth0 inet static and address lines?16:20
=== elnomade|wfo is now known as elnomade
Guest19311I have sound but I want to plug in the headphones to run sound on better speakers than the laptop16:21
ruanSlylias: i have auto lo as my first line in interfaces16:21
Guest19311but of course it doesn't work16:21
Slyliasruan, Thank you.16:21
ruanunedited of course16:22
SlyliasI'm new to ubuntu, trying to do something a little complex, but I'm learning a lot, thanks for all the help.16:22
ruanSlylias: so you can put auto eth0 as first line i believe16:22
karim__have a problem using mobile stick when i stick it in the usb slot ubuntu stops  and i cant do nothing16:23
=== yannick_ is now known as xiantia
SlyliasNew Question:  I am mounting a remote folder in my filesystem using sshfs  how do I make this automated so I don't have to do it on every boot?16:24
masterjphi all=)16:24
ajahi`ve managed to create ad hoc network using iwconfig but i want to enable i-net connection on it how to do that16:25
ruanSlylias: hmm. a network equivalent of fstab?16:26
SlyliasWhat's fstab?16:26
menawhen i opened log file this message appeared"he file is not a regular file or is not a text file."16:26
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions16:26
menawhat's mean it?16:26
ruanfstab automounts drives at startup16:26
SlyliasThank you16:27
FredFried7I seem to have lost my boot up manager screen16:27
ruanFredFried7: grub?16:28
ruanFredFried7: hmm.. i've heard shift can bring up something, hold on16:28
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub216:28
FredFried7ruan-screen isn't showing me anything...it boots straight into ubuntu16:29
ruanFredFried7: yeah, i heard shift forces it to show something16:29
ruancould possibly be the boot list16:29
ruanholding shift at boot16:29
panfisti'm using maverick and trying to get my dual monitors to work. the correct resolutions are not appearing for one monitor.16:30
ruanyes, shift.16:30
FredFried7ruan-ok thanks I'll try that16:30
masterjpА по русски ктото говорит?16:30
DJonesruan: If you hold down the left shift key while the computer is starting up, it should bring up the grub menu16:30
ruani googled that to verify16:31
LUcase!ru | masterjp16:31
ubottumasterjp: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke16:31
LUcaseOkay... second time this happens to me, i must be outdated.16:31
kannebleiHey all, I'm having trouble building deb packages on a SLES system. I figured I could either find some package that provides dpkg, or I could build a chroot there running some sort of debian. Anyone has any better ideas? Thanks.16:31
LUcaseGonna check out the factoids (:16:31
nishttal2how can I share me Ubuntu desktop with a remote user16:33
ruannishttal2: ssh or remote desktop16:33
silvertopvnc? or they may call it vino16:33
ruannishttal2: depends what you want to do16:34
silvertopyeah rdp over ssh is mo betta16:34
delocatednishttal2, x11vnc16:34
vnikiethi all16:34
keyzsnishttal2: with vnc, team viewer16:34
delocatedmany options as you can tell16:34
nishttal2wondering if there is a remote desktop (windows) substitute16:34
keyzsor ssh to the machine16:34
delocatedx11vnc will do a shared session16:34
silvertopx11vnc he just said ti16:34
nishttal2so the other user can also control mouse16:34
ruannishttal2: teamviewer, remote desktop, ssh16:34
ruannishttal2: teamviewer works for ubuntu16:34
nishttal2ssh is only terminal16:34
nishttal2i need X11 sharing16:35
=== Robin is now known as Guest56935
nishttal2so will try teamviwer16:35
jgcampbell300hello, I am looking for a good source for information on working with a ubuntu 10.10 headless server... right now i am trying to setup a printer to share to the network and need a good source of information for learning ... can anyone point me to a good well writen site for this type of information16:35
aeon-ltd!cups | jgcampbell30016:36
ubottujgcampbell300: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows16:36
DaGeek247how do i change the mousespeed?16:36
silvertopum preferences??16:36
ajahcan someone tell me how to bridge wired with wireless card16:36
DaGeek247like more than on the default mouse settings16:36
jgcampbell300aeon-ltd, thank you16:36
DaGeek247silvertop those arent enough16:36
silvertopDaGeek247, mine has pointer speed16:37
kejopedetailed mouse settings in /etc/X11/xorg.conf?16:37
DaGeek247silvertop so does mine. myu mouse is going so slow though, and turning it up all the way right there doesnt help16:37
thaniusHi, anyone familiar with making a bootable Windows sdcard from disc using Ubuntu only?16:37
ruanbootable sdcard eh?16:38
silvertopDaGeek247, OiC, hmmm16:38
thaniusruan: Yeah, sitting on an eeepc16:38
thaniusruan: I've tried copying the contents off the disc to the card and flagging it bootable in fdisk, but that's not enough apparently16:39
KentrelHey, I have a USB transfer cable - I've connected my laptop to my PC but it won't work16:39
KentrelThey both run Ubuntu 10.1016:39
silvertopDaGeek247, maybe use xinput ?16:40
DaGeek247like i sudo apt-get it/16:40
aeon-ltdEstrellita: hallo, wilkommen nach #ubuntu16:41
DaGeek247ow would i change the mouse speed via xinput?16:41
silvertopDaGeek247, sorry got confused in the channels, im fedora my bad, one sec16:42