Shadow__XBachstelze: thanks btw00:37
Bachstelzeyw ;)00:41
Bachstelzelawl I have a friend in jp who works as a sysadmin, first thing he said when we asked him about the quake was that his stupid coworkers had used tower-style PCs as server and omitted to attach them, resulting in huge hardware losses00:45
Bachstelzeit reminded me of http://xkcd.com/705/00:45
Shadow__XBachstelze: nice01:31
rtdpwhy it gives error as - Xserver does not support request size09:48
rtdpbecause of this not getting my monitors working correctly09:48
rtdpi am using dell inspiron with duel monitors and ATI graphics card09:48
rtdpwith ubuntu version 10.0409:48

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