raonyI had a tuff time with natty guys04:18
raonyit's simple not ready yet ...04:18
holsteinraony: in what way?04:18
raonynot even the debian packages are working from the natty channel04:18
raonya kind og bug04:19
raonyi mean from software center04:19
holsteinit shoule be stablizing a bit04:19
holsteini updated the other day04:19
holsteinlast week04:19
holsteinand it seemed OK04:19
holsteinraony: i didnt do much in there though04:19
holsteinanything in particular?04:19
raonyi will keep a natty version in a different partition in order to check the studio-controls04:20
raonyI'm planning to check the code at the git repository this week, what i have to do in order to test ? just put the files at the folder ?04:21
raonyand run the python script ?04:21
holsteinraony: we should double check with alio04:21
holsteinthat sounds right though04:22
raonynow i'm back :) for the week04:22
holsteinwb raony :)04:26
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macinnisrrScottL: any decision yet on your artwork/design leader for ubuntustudio?16:56
holsteinmacinnisrr: /join #ubuntustudio-devel17:04
macinnisrrholstein: will do.17:05

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