ochosihi Aquina 09:22
charlie-tcaGood morning14:11
Aquina'lo charlie!16:57
charlie-tcaHello, Aquina 17:07
pleia2is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Testing up to date?18:08
pleia2thinking of getting some folks to do xubuntu testing for our global jam18:09
charlie-tcapretty close18:09
charlie-tcaI will make sure then18:09
pleia2thank you :)18:09
charlie-tcano problem18:10
pleia2livecd testing should be pretty easy for a jam event18:10
ochosinice! looking forward to the testing results18:10
ochosipleia2: will you be testing daily-builds or a3?18:10
charlie-tcadaily-live, I hope18:11
pleia2daily-live makes the most sense, this will be on apr 3rd18:11
charlie-tcaWe have beta1 March 3118:11
pleia2ah yes, just looked at the release schedule18:12
charlie-tcahoping to get valid images tomorrow, desktop cd's are broken for parted again18:12
pleia2I'll ask you guys before I burn the disks and run off to my event :)18:12
ochosicharlie-tca: unfortunately i already know that i won't be able to make the meeting this week18:15
ochosii got really nice last-minute concert tickets :)18:15
ochosi(concert was already sold-out)18:15
charlie-tcaLast chance for changes this week18:15
ochosiyeah, btw, i fixed the icon theme with mr_pouit on the weekend18:15
ochosialso applied a few last panel-fixes to greybird18:16
charlie-tcaLast install that worked, I only got one workspace on the finished installation18:16
charlie-tcaI get two on the live cd18:16
ochosihm, strange18:16
charlie-tcaBut that might have been something broke too18:16
ochosimost likely18:16
ochosiother than that i think artwork is pretty final from my side18:16
ochosionly thing i'm working on now with knome is the slideshow18:17
charlie-tcaGreat! Thanks for all your help18:17
ochosibut we'll finish it (hopefully) on wednesday18:17
ochosiso i think then only gmusicbrowser has to be updated and we're in bugfix mode :)18:17
charlie-tcaI didn't bother with the single workspace thing, since I haven't been able to verify it18:17
charlie-tcagmusicbrowser got the new icon on the live desktop today18:18
ochosihard to judge, my install was always only updated, maybe i'll do a clean install for the beta18:18
ochosiah good to know18:18
ochosiso that worked18:18
ochosicharlie-tca: ok, got to go now and won't be around much tomorrow18:20
ochosiif last-minute issues come up ping me on wednesday (or in between, i always read the backlog)18:20
charlie-tcathere is an issue with the update18:21
charlie-tcaIn file "/usr/share/menu/gmusicbrowser", at (or in the definition that ends at) line 7:18:21
charlie-tcawhen updating in natty18:21
ochosiwhat version is that then?18:21
charlie-tcaThat was yesterday's natty update18:21
charlie-tcathe rest is 18:21
charlie-tcaUnexpected end of line.18:21
charlie-tcaSkipping file because of errors...18:21
charlie-tcacopied from terminal at end of updates18:22
ochosihave to find the changelog for 1.1.6-118:23
ochosihm, this version doesn't contain any modifications by me18:24
ochosiso no clue why it doesn't install18:24
ochosimr_pouit, micahg: could you check out what charlie just posted? ^18:25
charlie-tcaDid you run update manager yesterday?18:25
ochosihm, i'm testing/using my own spin of gmusicbrowser in natty to check whether what we'll hopefully get for natty soon works ok already18:26
ochosiso i can't say18:26
ochosibut i'll definitely test this when i'm home18:26
charlie-tcaand I have the ppa enabled, too18:26
ochosioh :)18:26
ochosii see18:26
ochosiso what version is it you're using?18:26
charlie-tcathat might be the issue18:26
ochosihm, strange18:27
ochosii installed and tested that on maverick, no problems there18:27
ochosii'll check when i'm home18:27
ochosithanks for the heads up :)18:27
charlie-tcabut this is natty18:27
charlie-tcano problem18:27
charlie-tcaIs it time to turn that ppa off?18:27
ochosimicahg, mr_pouit: ok, forget my comment from before, i guess i'll have to take care of that18:27
ochosicharlie-tca: well hopefully this week, the gmusicbrowser dev has merged most of my changes upstream, but he has to release a new version (1.1.7) that includes those changes18:28
ochosihe told me he'll decide when to do the release today18:28
ochosii'll then coordinate the rest with mr_pouit and micahg 18:29
* micahg will take a look18:29
ochosihey micahg :)18:29
ochosimicahg: well most likely the problem is somewhere in the menu-file or another file in debian/18:29
micahgochosi: k, will have to check later18:30
ochosimicahg: i decided to remove the xpm icon from debian/ and replaced it with a png18:31
ochosimicahg: supposedly it's not used anymore and it overrides the nicer png icons18:31
ochosianyhow, g2g now18:31
ochosisee you later or on wednesday18:32
micahgcharlie-tca: yeah, that would be ochosi's version, not mine21:38
charlie-tcaThanks for checking on it21:38
* micahg is reinstalling the archive version to be sure there are no install issues21:39
micahgnow that I figured out how to import into git, the next update should be smoother, I just hope it's all bug fix/UI stuff :)21:40
charlie-tcaI guess I better turn the ppa off now, so I don't pick up bugs that way any more21:40
micahgcharlie-tca: eh, you might want to wait until 1.1.7 is in the archive unless you don't mind a degraded experience21:41
charlie-tcaI mind21:41
charlie-tcaI hate going backwards, it really is unpleasant 21:41
micahgcharlie-tca: do you know anything about exo-mount being missing?21:47
charlie-tcaum, there was something about it in Xfce4.821:48
mr_pouitmicahg: dropped in 4.821:49
charlie-tcaI can't quite remember what it broke21:49
mr_pouitit should only be used by thunar-vfs for legacy purposes21:49
micahgmr_pouit: hmm,was libexo-3 supposed to be purged on upgrade?21:49
micahgmr_pouit: hmm,was libexo-0.3-1 supposed to be purged on upgrade?21:49
mr_pouityeah, I've more or less ported everything21:50
micahgyeah, xfce4-volstatus-icon seems the be the only binary depending on it21:51
mr_pouityep, I asked from rm after feature freeze21:51
micahg\o/ hal goes with it :)21:51
micahgshould be fine, it break s stuff if it's left21:52
micahgmr_pouit: archive rm?21:52
micahgyou can do that up to final freeze AFAIk21:53
mr_pouitBug #72461421:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 724614 in xfce4-volstatus-icon (Ubuntu) "[natty] Please remove xfce4-volstatus-icon from the archive" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72461421:53
micahgeven past final freeze for a leaf package that shouldn't be released21:53
mr_pouitthey should remove it eventually if they want to clean nbs before releasing ;-)21:54
micahgplaces plugin still doesn't work21:54
micahgmount and open gives me an exo-mount error21:54
mr_pouityep, unfortunately it will be half-broken…21:55
mr_pouityou can open dirs but no mount/umount anything21:55
* micahg still has thunar-vfs installed21:55
micahgtime to clean house :)21:55
* micahg can't use places21:56
micahgmr_pouit: is there a sane alternative to places?21:56
* micahg has to keep unplugging/replugging to mount21:56
charlie-tcaa launcher for thunar, that opens to ~/   ?21:57
mr_pouitmicahg: we replaced it by directory-menu (another plugin) in the default install21:58
micahgI use it more for mount/unmount21:58
micahgmr_pouit: ah, thanks, will add that21:58
mr_pouitbut directory-mount doesn't do miount/unmount21:58
charlie-tcaOnce thunar is open, it can be used for mount/umount, can't it?21:58
charlie-tcaNot quite the same, but close, at least21:59
mr_pouitmicahg: you might want to try the patches attached at http://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=666321:59
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 6663 in General "Port to Gio & Udev" [Enhancement,New]21:59
mr_pouitII only noticed them two or three days ago22:00
mr_pouitand they are a bit too big to introduce them right now (well, at least if they were blessed by upstream I'd be more enthusiastic)22:01
* micahg still needs hal for the governor plugin22:03

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