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humphreybc1jcastro: ping01:59
jcastrohumphreybc1: yo02:08
humphreybc1jcastro: have you got a PNG of SVG of the Ask Ubuntu around?03:17
humphreybc1We're working on the Ask Ubuntu stuff for OMG!03:17
greggory-hzSo I'm looking at getting involved with development here and I thought I'd start off with a simple bug like Bug #730273 (as good a place as any right?). Was wondering if anyone here would know right off where in the code or which class(es) I should be looking into the fix this issue. I've done a bit of searching, but haven't turned up much yet03:21
ubot5Launchpad bug 730273 in unity (Ubuntu) "Search cursor in Unity’s Dash, File Places and Application Places search field should blink on focus" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73027303:21
jbichagreggory-hz: have you looked through src/PlacesSearchBar.cpp ? I'm not much of a programmer but it looks promising03:32
greggory-hzjbicha, I may looked their briefly, but I'll check again, seems promising at least03:32
oSoMoNgood morning07:26
didrocksgood morning07:50
MacSlowhey folks08:07
didrockskamstrup: on the SearchHint, it's slightely more complex as the places adapt the Search string depending on the section you are in10:00
didrockskamstrup: so, my suggestion is if SearchHint -> use it, otherwise, fallback to the current system10:01
didrocks(dynamic one with sections and using "Search")10:01
didrocksKaleo: FYI ^^10:01
dbarth_rodrigo_: ping?10:01
rodrigo_dbarth_, pong10:05
didrockskamstrup: Kaleo: forget about it for now, the code doesn't really enable that for now, so let's stick to the plan for better l10n10:07
rodrigo_dbarth_, API is in now10:18
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apinheirorodrigo_, dbarth_ yeah sorry, today I tried to work at home, but I have connection problems10:20
apinheiroI have just arrived to the office10:20
rodrigo_morning apinheiro, btw :)10:21
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dbarth_apinheiro: hi10:27
apinheirodbarth_, hi, again, sorry for the delay10:27
dbarth_apinheiro: let me know when you're ready for a call10:28
apinheirodbarth_, ok, yeah ready, moving to a different room,10:28
dbarth_apinheiro, rodrigo_: it's not connecting here, tried on 2 different devices10:37
apinheirodbarth_, rodrigo_ ready10:37
* rodrigo_ is ready also10:37
dbarth_rodrigo_: let's go on #unity-a11y10:38
rodrigo_#join #unity-a11y10:38
dbarth_seems skype is not working for me this morning10:39
Cimijjardon: sorry, I just figured out I was not in #ayatana :)11:05
kamstrupnjpatel, Kaleo: please sanity check my last comment on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/73298111:33
ubot5Ubuntu bug 732981 in unity (Ubuntu) "Application sections dropdown is not alphabetized" [Low,Confirmed]11:33
njpatelkamstrup, sounds sexy11:36
kamstrupnjpatel: be careful when using the word "sexy" in the vicinity of collators... librarians will hunt you down and make sweet love to you11:42
kamstrupyou laugh now...11:42
* njpatel locks doors11:43
Cimiaruiz: do you know where javier is?11:44
aruizCimi, nope, are you waiting for him?11:44
aruizgimme a sec11:44
dbarth_apinheiro: eh, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/731403 is already open btw, and covers the FFE for places a11y FYI11:49
ubot5Ubuntu bug 731403 in unity (Ubuntu) "Unity Dash not accessible" [Undecided,Triaged]11:49
dbarth_apinheiro: i had opened it a few days ago, but forgot11:50
apinheirodbarth_, np, I already saw that11:50
apinheiroI was able to view it in the big amount of bug updates that I receive ;)11:50
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aruizCimi, seems like jjardon had a domestic accident, sorry about this12:04
aruizCimi, he's fine should be online soon12:04
jjardonCimi: hello!12:07
apinheirojaytaoko, are you here?12:09
dbarth_loicm: hey loic, apinheiro has a nice patch to fix an a11y issue in unity: https://code.launchpad.net/~apinheiro/nux/fix-event-inspector/+merge/5341412:19
dbarth_loicm: can you review it when you have a moment?12:19
Cimijjardon: got the mail?12:20
Cimijjardon: got the mail?12:23
jjardonCimi: yeah12:23
Kaleokamstrup: I just read it12:24
Kaleokamstrup: I think we will just use http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7/qsortfilterproxymodel.html12:25
didrocksnerochiaro: around?12:42
nerochiarodidrocks: yeah12:47
nerochiarodidrocks: what's up ?12:47
didrocksnerochiaro: after talking to dbarth, we should maybe focus on the simpliest case for now for "adding to the launcher"12:48
didrocksnerochiaro: which is adding the icon to the launcher12:48
didrocksno progress bar and such12:48
didrocksI mean, it's way passed feature freeze12:48
didrocksquite sensible as we monitor an external process12:48
didrocksI would personally prefer that as a service, but it's clearly out of scope for natty12:49
didrocksso just adding the icon on the dbus call is already a net advantage over maverick12:49
didrocks(and bring some questions already, as the desktop file doesn't exist yet)12:49
nerochiarodidrocks: well, i'm ok with just adding the favorite if you guys think it's the best way. I don't have a specific opinion on how much would be too much, so to speak12:50
didrocksnerochiaro: I prefer to run on the safe side right now and focus on fixing bugs, not adding to many of them :)12:51
nerochiarodidrocks: i'll start with only adding the favorite, as you say maybe it's already too complicated12:53
didrocksnerochiaro: well, it's not that straightforward in fact because of the desktop file not beeing present, yet12:54
nerochiarodidrocks: but if the icon has to inactive until the end of the installation, then we need to know when the installation is finished anyway12:54
nerochiarodidrocks: so we still need to talk to aptdaemon12:55
didrocksnerochiaro: exactly, that's my question12:55
didrocksnerochiaro: so, if we really want to drop this out of natty, we can maybe talk to Gary so that the signal (and the panel) is only shown once the installation is finished?12:55
Kaleocan we detect when the desktop file appears?12:56
didrocksthen, for oneiric, we can have a service making that12:56
nerochiarodidrocks: what about just using something like inotify ?12:56
didrocksKaleo: add a filewatch isn't really what we want as it will be removed in oneiric12:56
didrocksbut yeah, can work with a inontify12:56
Kaleo(i am at lunch, on the phone. please excuse my slow respobse time)12:57
didrocksno worry Kaleo :)12:57
nerochiarodidrocks: i'm not against having the DBUS signal sent at the end of installation either, if gary is ok12:57
nerochiaroi mean, if everyone is ok12:57
didrocksnerochiaro: I think it's the safest for natty12:57
Kaleonerochiaro: we already have desktop file watching code12:57
nerochiarodidrocks: and why a filewatch will be removed ?12:57
nerochiarodidrocks: i mean, why did you say that ?12:58
nerochiaroKaleo: yes, which i suspect uses inotify under the hood anyway12:58
didrocksnerochiaro: in oneiric, we will rely on aptdeamon12:58
nerochiarodidrocks: ah ok12:58
didrocksso no need for inotify then12:58
Kaleonerochiaro: of course it does12:59
nerochiarodidrocks: frankly i don't think it's such a big deal to start talking to aptdaemon already, but i'm ok with either solution12:59
nerochiarodidrocks: so let's check with Gary, he may be ok delaying the signal12:59
nerochiarothat's for sure the simplest thing12:59
nerochiarofor everyone12:59
Kaleodelaying the signal?13:00
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Kaleoit means having the launcher item appearing only when the install is finished?13:00
nerochiaroKaleo: actually delay showing the "add to launcher" question until the installation is finished.13:00
didrocksright, for natty13:01
KaleoHow do you deal with the case of multipke apps being installed?13:01
nerochiaroKaleo: perhaps the question can appear immediately but be phrased differently, like "add to launcher when installation completes ?"13:02
Kaleothat sounds better13:02
nerochiaroKaleo: didrocks: and keep at the bottom of the window a "this will be added to the panel at the end of installation"13:03
Kaleothat way gary does not need to change the api maybe?13:03
didrocksI'll talk to gary about it13:04
didrockssee what can be done13:04
nerochiarodidrocks: ok, thanks. keep us posted13:05
didrockssure :)13:05
evilvishdidrocks: hey..  when you use your scripts to update the bug status, could you use a different account?  sometimes it is confusing when someone asks a question why status was changed and I'm not really sure if you did it intentionally or if it was a case of BOTS GONE WILD ;p13:06
didrocksevilvish: the BOT never went wild :)13:07
didrocksevilvish: I'll still make it run for 2 weeks, monitoring its activity and then will put somewhere…13:07
didrockswith a different account13:07
didrockssounds ok?13:07
evilvishsure.. :)13:07
evilvishdidrocks: oh it did a couple of times, there was one case where doctormo even got angry ;)13:07
didrocksevilvish: someone put the status as invalid on it, isn't it?13:08
didrocksso it's just a sync :)13:08
didrocksI mean, the bot is just doing what it was told to do, then, if someone puts a bad status, it will sync the bad status :p13:08
evilvishdidrocks: yea, sure, not your script error, but it would be easier  if we knew it was the script and not you.. :)13:09
didrocksevilvish: right, I still want to monitor the output closely until the next 2 weeks though, so will then move it to another machine and another account13:11
evilvishdidrocks: sure, np take your time.. just wanted to mention this to you, i noticed this on a couple of occasions :) .. btw, martins bug was bug 72671113:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 726711 in unity-place-applications "Unintuative Application Matching" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72671113:15
evilvishoh! you've replied there :)13:15
didrocksevilvish: yeah13:18
didrocksevilvish: i'm looking at all bugs :)13:18
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loicmdbarth_, apinheiro: merge request approved13:53
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zniavregood afternoon14:06
spikebsame to you. :)14:06
zniavrehow to run the UnitySupportTest please to check the output14:07
zniavreim so sad to do not run unity , i really want to give it a try14:07
lamalexdidrocks, is your unify script on lp?14:46
lamalexdidrocks, I need it to run daily or something14:50
didrockslamalex: no, I'll run it daily still and then push it somewhere14:50
didrocksI just prefer still to control for the incoming 2 weeks14:51
lamalexdidrocks, did it not run friday?14:51
lamalexhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/733594 didn't get upstream task14:51
ubot5Ubuntu bug 733594 in unity (Ubuntu) "background not redrawn after screen rotation" [Undecided,New]14:51
lamalexand is from the 11th14:51
didrocksI ran it on Friday, right14:51
didrocksprobably before this one was opened14:51
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apinheirodbarth__, loicm approved my merge request15:00
apinheirocan I merge it or should i wait for jay?15:00
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tedgklattimer, Saw your facebook post.  You might make sure to grab dbusmenu trunk as chrisccoulson has fixed a bunch of mem leaks there.  It should clean up the valgrind logs some.15:39
klattimertedg: well they're looking pretty sweet so far15:40
klattimerat least in my code15:40
klattimerthere are some small leaks but I think they'll come out in the watch15:40
klattimerhey, I've got a new ido branch which fixes a bug in the closure and a new branch of indicator-datetime which enables browsing more appropriately :)15:41
klattimerso you can select days/months and the relevant appointments pop up15:41
tedgAh, cool.  Are they proposed?  I hadn't noticed the mails.15:41
klattimertedg: what I really need is some way of triggering an update when the menu pops down15:42
klattimerI hadn't submitted yet15:42
klattimerbeen testing all afternoon15:42
tedgklattimer, BTW, I'll be out Thurs/Fri so I'm going to try to do a release tomorrow, do you think that could work for you?15:42
klattimerI think I fixed another bug15:42
klattimerthat works for me15:42
klattimerI'll be pushing this today15:42
tedgklattimer, You should get about to show signal.15:42
klattimersomeone already merged a bunch of changes, not sure who15:42
tedgI merged a bunch of the branches you had proposed last night.15:42
klattimertedg: I can get about to show, but not pop-down15:43
tedgIt's working well for me here now.15:43
tedgWhat's the difference?15:43
klattimerwell, when the menu pops down we want to reset the selected date in the calendar to today, and the appointment time to from now onwards15:43
klattimerrather than the selected day15:43
klattimertedg: fixes bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-datetime/+bug/64980015:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 649800 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "datetime indicator won't show today's date if you've ever clicked on any others" [Wishlist,In progress]15:44
klattimerif we don't have a pop down signal, then I'll do it in the next timer interval15:44
klattimerwhich is _almost_ the same *right* :S15:45
tedgklattimer, You mean close signal, right?15:47
klattimertedg: yeah15:47
klattimerif that's what you call it15:47
tedgIf so, mterry I think might be your hero there :-)15:47
klattimerI'd call it a menu pop down15:47
klattimermterry: I need a hero15:48
* tedg imagines mterry with a cape, it might work...15:48
* mterry swoops in15:48
mterryklattimer, I haven't started working on a close signal yet, but it is on my todo list15:49
klattimermterry: ok15:49
klattimerlet me know when it's done :)15:49
klattimerwill it be before or during natty?15:49
mterryklattimer, hopefully before  :)15:49
klattimertedg: https://code.launchpad.net/~karl-qdh/indicator-datetime/calendarmenuitemsignals/+merge/5346715:50
klattimertedg: also https://code.launchpad.net/~karl-qdh/ido/select-activate-set-date/+merge/5344615:51
klattimerthere may yet be some changes15:51
tedgklattimer, Cool.  I'm going to grab lunch here in a few minutes.  I'll look after that.15:54
tedgjcastro, is bug 536969 still useful to keep open?  I think we know where the docs are going, and they're being worked on.  It seems there's nothing special needed for libappindicator.15:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 536969 in libappindicator (Ubuntu) "The api docs are incomplete or missing" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53696915:56
jcastrotedg: dpm is working on API docs stuff15:56
jcastroI'll ask him what to do15:56
tedgjcastro, Okay, I'm going to mark the upstream task as closed, as I don't think there's anything to do there.15:57
tedgjcastro, You guys can fight over the Ubuntu task ;)15:57
jcastroyes, I knew you were dumping the bug. :)15:58
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apinheirodbarth, ping16:10
apinheiroloicm approved my merge request16:10
apinheirocan I merge it or should i wait for jay?16:10
aruizkenvandine, fixed the recent items stuff!16:24
didrocksapinheiro: you refused this merge, isn't it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/580652/?16:31
apinheirodidrocks, looking ...16:31
didrocksapinheiro: it was mterry's fix for a11y16:32
apinheirodidrocks, well, I don't remember to explicitly refuse that merge16:32
apinheirobut I added on a comment of that bug16:32
apinheirothat this change was not neccesary16:32
didrocksapinheiro: is it fixed then?16:33
apinheirothis was caused because they were emitting a change state change notification16:33
apinheirodidrocks, yes16:33
apinheirosolved it in other merge16:33
apinheirohe removed the wrong notification16:33
didrocksmterry: reverting your change in the packaging branch then16:33
apinheirodidrocks, argh16:33
didrocksthat's part of the issue merging things in the packaging branch before it's applied upstream16:33
mterrydidrocks, sounds fine.  I'll shout if it breaks again16:34
didrocksmterry: of course :)16:34
apinheiroIm looking at the code and it seems that is is still here16:34
apinheirodidrocks, wait a moment16:34
apinheiroI will take the most recent unity branch16:34
didrocksok :)16:34
evilvishjcastro: didrocks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RudBG7pfzg&feature=player_embedded !!!16:35
apinheirodidrocks, yes it was removed16:35
didrocksapinheiro: ok, will revert the commit then16:36
jcastroevilvish: yeah I saw that16:36
didrocksmterry: see, it's where individual commit is nice :)16:37
apinheirodidrocks, anyway this was a commit for just the debian package, right?16:37
evilvishjcastro: was pretty neat that  he has got a mockup up and running.. from a discussion on the ML :)16:37
nerochiarodidrocks: did you already discuss with Gary about what to do regarding the thing we talked about this morning ?16:37
didrocksapinheiro: yeah16:37
didrocksapinheiro: but it's still applied16:37
didrocksnerochiaro: yeah, he agreed on the plan16:38
apinheirodidrocks, ok, thanks16:38
didrocksnerochiaro: I updated the bug report16:38
jcastroevilvish: yeah he's a rockstar16:38
didrocksapinheiro: yw16:38
nerochiarodidrocks: so i can assume the signal will arrive once the installation is complete, for natty16:38
didrocksnerochiaro: exactly16:38
marnux_tempCan someone tell me if my assumption is correct on this or point me to docu that enlightens me on this.? LauncherActionState value ACTION_DRAG_EXTERNAL in Launcher.h indicates i'm dragging something outside of the launcher like a file. Thx.16:39
nerochiarodidrocks: awesome, thanks16:39
didrocksevilvish: looking at it in 5 minutes :)16:40
OmegaWhat is the transparant top bar theme everyone is using?16:41
c10udis there a ppa for natty's compiz in lucid?16:43
evilvishnp.. just was excited at open source :)16:43
didrocksmterry: argh, it was only one commit finally? (rev 406)16:50
didrocksmterry: you hate me :p16:50
mterrydidrocks, 1 commit 4 life!16:51
didrocksmterry: bzr merge -r 406..405 services/panel-indicator-entry-accessible.c && bzr commit -m "I hate mterry" did it :p16:52
mterrydidrocks, see, specifying the filename wasn't so hard16:53
didrocksmterry: more seriously, I just pushed it, hope it won't puzzle things, but do not hesitate to ping me for next release if it crashes again16:53
mterrydidrocks, sure16:53
didrocksmterry: hugely hard, you don't know the state of my brain there!16:53
didrocksevilvish: looks slick :)16:59
dbarthklattimer: ping? just a heads up about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-datetime/+bug/733833 (new crasher i've assigned you to)17:03
ubot5Ubuntu bug 733833 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "indicator-datetime-service crashed with SIGSEGV in g_main_context_dispatch()" [High,New]17:03
jcastrofta: dbarth can't seem to get it recognizing WM_CLASS17:05
jcastrofta: if we can sort out how to test that this can work it would go a long way to starting to fix this bug17:05
ftajcastro, wfm with today's daily17:06
ftai mean, xprop shows a class distinct from my browser17:07
ftaWM_CLASS(STRING) = "mysqueezebox.com__player_playerControl", "mysqueezebox.com__player_playerControl"17:07
ftaWM_CLASS(STRING) = "chromium-browser", "Chromium-browser"17:07
ftaWM_CLASS(STRING) = "www.google.com__reader_view", "www.google.com__reader_view"17:08
jonom_conley, just so you know, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unitylauncher-extension is not configured for receiving bug reports - I just went to file a bug and it is not enabled - you can do that in the settings for the project17:11
robtaylorDBO: so, i'm going to be jumping in to see id I can help with some of the compiz bugs17:11
jonom_conley, my bug is that I installed the Unity support Add-in for Thunderbird but it doesn't seem to do anything17:12
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jonorobtaylor, you rock :-)17:12
jcastrodbarth: seems to work for fta?17:12
robtaylorjono: hah, thanks :) you rock too ;)17:13
robtaylorjono: how's tricks?17:13
jonorobtaylor, good, pal - all well :-)17:15
jonobusy as usual :-)17:15
jonorobtaylor, life well over there?17:15
robtaylorjono: pretty good. it's been fun having a few codethinkers getting stuck in on natty17:16
OmegaIt'd be nice if people could see what the new design was going to look like: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/68376217:17
ubot5Ubuntu bug 683762 in Ayatana Design "Dash - Implement new Dash design!" [Critical,Fix released]17:17
jonorobtaylor, yeah, you guys are rocking it :-)17:18
robtaylorjono: thanks! glad to hear it :D17:20
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nerochiarotremolux: when you have a moment, can you briefly explain to me how to run software center from your branch so i can test the launcher integration please ? (or point me to a doc that explain that)17:28
didrocksnerochiaro: why don't you just launch with d-feet the dbus call?17:34
didrocksthat's what I did here17:34
nerochiarodidrocks: because the wiki page doesn't specify the types of the parameters and they actually seem different from the python code, so I thought the quickest way to verify what SC is actually sending was to use dbus-monitor and have SC actually send the request17:35
didrocksnerochiaro: from what I asked to gary it's ssiiiss17:36
didrocksif that can help :)17:36
nerochiarodidrocks: that's what I thought, but thanks for confirming17:36
nerochiarodidrocks: i'll go ahead with testing by jsut sending the dbus signal myself for now, but i wouldn't mind testing with the actual app just to be 100% sure17:37
didrocksnerochiaro: at least, if it's not that at the end, we will both not work :)17:37
nerochiarodidrocks: yeah, and i'd like to avoid that. or i'll just build the debian package from that branch and run that, actually17:38
tremoluxnerochiaro: sorry, was Mumbling w/ mvo17:43
tremoluxnerochiaro: if you'd like to run from the branch, you just need to grab it and cd into branch dir17:44
tremoluxnerochiaro: then launch s-c as "PYTHONPATH=. python ./software-center"17:44
tremoluxnerochiaro: it will build a local xapain db, etc. so you won't be mucking with your installed instance17:44
didrockstremolux: thanks for the comment! :)17:45
DBOrobtaylor, awesome17:46
tremoluxdidrocks: no problemo  :)17:46
DBOsorry I wasn't around for a couple minutes there17:46
nerochiarotremolux: i tried that, but it didn't work here. i got this:17:48
nerochiaro$ PYTHONPATH=. python ./software-center17:48
nerochiaro2011-03-15 18:47:51,138 - softwarecenter - INFO - Using data (UI, xapian) from current dir17:48
nerochiaroSegmentation fault (core dumped)17:48
nerochiarotremolux: on natty17:48
nerochiarotremolux: maybe i'm missing some dependency or something17:48
kiwinoteLD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6 PYTHONPATH=. ./software-center17:48
tremoluxnerochiaro: hehe, yep, that's a big recent crasher17:48
tremoluxkiwinote: haha!  that will do it17:48
nerochiarotremolux: let me update to the latest natty17:49
tremoluxnerochiaro: if you update, the fix is in for that17:49
nerochiaroi'll do that, or try what kiwinote suggested17:49
tremoluxnerochiaro:  but kiwinote's suggestion will work  :)17:49
* tremolux waves to kiwinote17:50
* kiwinote waves to tremolux17:50
jcastrorobtaylor: holler at me if you get smoked by compiz. You could be doing something cooler, like say .... a Unity Place in Vala for example ...17:55
* jcastro just tosses that out there17:56
nerochiarotremolux: so it looks like you are actually calling from SC a method that the launcher should expose. that's ok, but wouldn't it be better to just send out a signal ?18:05
nerochiarotremolux: so that unity or unity2d can pick that up, and you don't have to check if they are running18:05
nerochiarodidrocks: see above too18:05
tremoluxnerochiaro: sure, I think that sounds reasonable, I was just following the spec actually18:06
nerochiarotremolux: didn't happen to me to notice that when i first read it, or i would've pointed it out earlier18:07
nerochiaroseems easier for everyone, especially since otherwise we would have to "pretend" to be unity, while most of our DBUS interfaces are actually on com.canonical.Unity2d18:08
nerochiaronot a big deal, but if it can be avoided...18:08
nerochiarolet's see what didrocks says about it18:08
ronocDanRabbit, how are you doing with those VOIP icons ?18:08
DanRabbitronoc: Hey sorry I have a LOT of other stuff on my plate and it just keeps getting piled on O.O18:09
ronocDanRabbit, okay will you make the UI freeze ?18:10
DanRabbitronoc: that's not until next week right?18:10
ronocDanRabbit, yep18:10
ronocDanRabbit, how about those two playlist icons I mailed you about earlier, is that a bit much to ask ?:)18:11
DanRabbitronoc: I'm under a lot of pressure to finish up these icons for U1 mobile. After those are done I'll be more available18:11
tremoluxnerochiaro: ok, that sounds good18:12
tremoluxnerochiaro: feel free to modify the call and even upload a branch if you like, so I can be sure I implement just what you need18:13
nerochiarotremolux: can do, when we're all ok with the plan18:13
tremoluxnerochiaro: thx!  :)18:14
nerochiarotremolux: thanks to you18:14
ronocDanRabbit, okay, I'll come back to pester you later in the week :)18:14
DanRabbitronoc: okay :p Sorry18:15
ronocDanRabbit, no probs, I won't forget :)18:16
ronoclater folks18:16
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jfikenvandine, Hello, a member of the release team has approved the FFE, I guess the next steps merge + package upload is up to you (LP: 732848)18:37
jfiI am impressed that it was so smooth and fast, I thought that it requires more energy to add this kind of feature.18:39
jfi(in term of process)18:40
kenvandinejfi: we try to keep things moving18:41
kenvandineit is a bit harder for things on the default CD :)18:41
kenvandinebut still, we love contributions18:41
kenvandineand contributors18:41
kenvandinebug 73284818:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 732848 in liferea (Ubuntu) "Feature request: add unread items count in the Unity Launcher entry" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73284818:42
jfikenvandine, it is a good way to motivate occasional contributors. Spending time understanding the process, waiting and worst don't have feedback is not a good source of motivation:)18:45
kenvandinewe try to hard to stay on top of that stuff18:48
kenvandinebut it can be hard sometimes, sooo busy18:48
kenvandinejfi: doing one last build and test before uploading18:48
nhainesjfi: I haven't used Liferea in a long time but I remember it fondly.  Thanks for enhancing it.  The counter feature of the Launcher icons is really cool.  :)18:56
kenvandinejfi: uploaded, thx!19:01
jfikenvandine, cool! I can concentrate to the counter for pidgin now :-p19:05
kenvandinekeep up the great work19:06
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m_conleyrodrigo_: ping19:35
coz_hey all19:42
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apwcan someone remind me where the 'maximum width' is encoded, so i can work out if my main box will work if i upgrade; this is the max renderable sized thing in intel graphics19:58
costalesHi! I have problems with my icon app in the panel. I modified the .desktop file, but the icon appears blur (a little). Which is the right resolution, please? Thanks in advance!20:21
costalesSee this capture, I overwrited the icon with the gnome-terminal, the second is my icon, and the first the original Terminal: http://ubuntuone.com/p/hqi/20:23
Hexxehdbarth: ping20:35
kenvandineCimi, scrollbars are looking awesome!20:49
kenvandinewhoops, focus!21:02
TrevinhoExcuse me, but am I the only who has the bug that a window title doesn't get updated when a window content changes (i.e, you switch selected document in GEdit, you change tab in firefox or chromium...)21:14
Trevinhohowever I've noticed that in Vbox..21:14
AndreaAzzaronein gedit it works properly!21:15
Trevinhomh, ok... so I figure that it's somewhat related to VirtualBox...21:15
AndreaAzzarone@jcastro thanks for the post on OMG!21:16
Trevinhocongreats you got yours too AndreaAzzarone ;)21:23
AndreaAzzaronemuch ado about nothing ;)21:25
AndreaAzzaronebut if the applications dash is open and if i click on the applications dash icon, the dash doens't close.21:36
AndreaAzzaroneIs it normal?21:36
OmegaAndreaAzzarone: Thank you for the patches!21:37
Cimikenvandine: many thx21:49
greggory-hzTrevinho, I'm also getting the non-updating title in VB22:08
jcastroTrevinho: did you try it on the chromium daily build or just one of the stable/beta/dev channel ones?22:16
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coz_hey agll22:43
coz_ rather hey all22:43
pulbhi guys, do I have to install natty to work on unity?23:28
aruizpulb, no, but it'll make your life a lot easier :-)23:30
pulbso i can compile it on maverick?23:30
rbnswartzpulb I would recommend it23:30
rbnswartzrunning natty23:30
rbnswartzthat is23:31
pulbbut not as my primary os, i guess?23:31
aruizpulb, you could, but it'll be a nightmare :-) upgrade to natty, or use a virtual machine23:34
pulbok, i thought so :-)23:35
rbnswartzpulb I'm running it on a build machine. I've had a few blips that have forced a rebuild of the entire partition. Of my own making I might add.23:37
rbnswartzpulb I should add that the rebuild was just my cheater's way of fixing it. I could have fixed it otherwise but a rebuild is a way to start out fresh23:38
pulbok, i think i'll use a vm then :-)23:39
* humphreybc has been trying to get Unity to crash for the last two days to appease smspillaz23:56

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