highvoltagedoctormo: around?00:18
doctormohighvoltage: yes00:18
highvoltagedoctormo: I was just looking at a smaller version of the wallpaper in my blog entry..00:19
highvoltagedoctormo: is it just me or does the bug look a bit sad? is that intentional? :)00:20
highvoltagedoctormo: I'm not sure if the sun is still slightly to high either00:24
highvoltagedoctormo: either way I'm posting the blog entry now :)00:24
doctormohighvoltage: The sun is actually lower than it was in the last draft. The bug looks sad, all bugs do.00:24
doctormochanges can be made, have a play around in inkscape if you can.00:25
highvoltagedoctormo: eek, my bad, I seemed to have somehow used an older version, I'll update my blog entry00:37
highvoltagedoctormo: no need to change then :)00:37
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pleia2doctormo: beautiful background! (but I'm sure you know that :))01:44
highvoltage(I'm sure he still needs to hear it :p)01:52
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Ahmuck-Srdoctormo: same background as the other day?22:52

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