gedaswell this is pretty much all i know00:02
alyenjak sprawdzic ile miejsca na dysku mam do dyspozycji?00:02
gedasjak dela?00:02
alyensmutne... ja tez...00:02
alyensie mnie zebralo na stare lata uczyc nowego systemu ;o]00:03
alyenmy english is poor... i have a question: how to check how many MB i have free on my hdd?00:07
tielkalyen: try df -k00:08
james147^^ or -m for megabytes00:08
alyenin terminal? please write all like for old man who first time have kubuntu ;o]00:09
tielkdf -m00:09
james147alyen: yes, in a terminal00:09
james147^^ type that exactly and press enter :)00:09
james147(what tielk just said that is)00:09
alyenbjuti :o) it works :o) thanks ;o]00:10
alyenwhat do you use to mount an iso like a cd or dvd?00:12
tielkthe command is called mount00:12
james147alyen: "sudo mount -o loop /path/to/file.iso /path/to/mount/point"00:12
alyengosh... i'll try ;o] sudo... i must to learn more about terminal... i see that without terminal no way...00:14
james147alyen: there is...00:15
james147:s hmm kde-look.org seems to be down00:17
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Guest80285Hello everyone, I'm trying to get some help on Amarok00:55
Guest80285I'm trying to connect a Samsung Galaxy S to Amarok but I can't, any suggestion?00:55
BentFranklin96000 files on a Windows 7 share.  All but one show up in my Linux mount, including all others in the same folder.  I can't find any difference in the permissions.  Any ideas?02:18
BentFranklinWell, I moved it to my desktop and then back and now it's seen, but still so weird...02:26
roxywhat is the thing to type for getting pulseaudio in term02:39
BentFranklinA file is called Don't Stop.txt   How do I escape the ' so I can mv it?02:52
Pranav_rcmasHow do I enable shortcuts in Kubuntu? I want to configure a Ctrl-Alt-T shortcut to open Konsole, but I couldn't find any place to add it in Shortcuts and Gestures02:56
james147Pranav_rcmas: application shortcuts can be added by edit the menu (right click kmenu > edit aplications or run kmenuedit)02:58
james147(though I think that its just a front end to adding them to the shortcuts and gestures page)02:59
Pranav_rcmasjames147, thanks!03:10
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smoothtastehey fellas06:28
smoothtastenatty wont boot for me, checked md5 sums burned 3 times, but all im really worried about is kde 4.606:29
smoothtasteanybody here upgrade 10.04 lts to 4.6?06:30
eagles0513875_hey guys i installed lucid on my netbook and upgraded to maverick07:00
eagles0513875_and for some reason i dont have knetwork manager any more :(07:00
eagles0513875_how can i connect to a wifi connection with out it07:00
valorieeagles0513875: add the wireless widget07:08
valorienetwork interface, I think it's called07:08
eagles0513875_valorie: seems like though after the upgrade knetworkmanager isnt even installed for some reason07:09
Firefisheanyone here have problems with konqueror in 10.04 mutating into a runaway process that opens multiple windows?07:09
eagles0513875_Firefishe: i have noticed that when i open links from irc07:10
eagles0513875_i think any link for that matter would trip it07:10
Firefisheyeah...and it also happens when I do it in links when I'm in pokerth in a game07:10
Firefisheor when clicking in that software on the home page link for www.pokerth.com07:10
Firefisheany idea why?07:10
eagles0513875_Firefishe: if you file a bug i can confirm ti for you07:10
eagles0513875_no idea why though07:10
Firefisheeagles0513875: Should this be for KDE or Kubuntu?07:12
eagles0513875_file it against konqueror07:14
eagles0513875_Firefishe: can you link me once the bug is submitted07:14
Firefisheeagles0513875: I don't even know where to file this thing.  on KDE.org?07:15
eagles0513875_it will then be dealt with accordingly by the devs if need be they will file it upstream07:15
valorieeagles0513875_: you can install the widget from the liveCD or USB?07:19
valorieoh, you upgraded07:19
eagles0513875_ya this is a netbook07:19
eagles0513875_used usb to install lucid07:19
valoriestill, you should have it on your system somewhere07:19
eagles0513875_then upgraded07:19
eagles0513875_all i have according to locate is the .mo files07:19
eagles0513875_as well as a .desktop file07:20
eagles0513875_also when i first installed maverick on my netbook07:20
eagles0513875_for some reason even though i told grub to be installed to the MBR on the hard disk the installer opted to install grub on my pen drive lol07:20
valoriesame thing happened to me07:20
eagles0513875_that was an easy fix but rather curious as to why it installed it on the pen drive07:21
valorieI wrote a blog post about it07:21
eagles0513875_valorie: did you file a bug?#07:21
valorieit is a major icky horrible BUG07:21
valoriesure, let me find that07:21
eagles0513875_valorie: depends how you look at it07:21
valoriehow else can I look at it?07:21
eagles0513875_valorie: can be ickky yet also secure in a sense that if the netbook goes missing they cant access your data without a reformat07:21
eagles0513875_all depends on how you look at things lol07:22
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=== ubott2 is now known as ubottu
eagles0513875_valorie: do you know if there is a knetwork manager package available for offline installation?07:38
eagles0513875_woot found it07:39
eagles0513875_valorie:  :)07:40
eagles0513875_found where i can download deb pkg for knetwork07:40
valoriedid you get my email?07:41
eagles0513875_ill look now07:42
eagles0513875_lol now im connected07:42
eagles0513875_just saw i added the widget to the desktop07:44
eagles0513875_valorie: turns out i do have network manager installed yet in command line it says otherwise O_o07:45
eagles0513875_valorie: also got the email :)07:45
eagles0513875_sry for running out so quickly on ya before07:45
valorieI've been bouncing in and out of IRC for two days07:46
valoriecan't tell if it's my netbook, my bnc, or what07:46
eagles0513875_i need to ssh into my server at home yet somethign still seems to be blocked at the firewall level07:46
eagles0513875_granted my domain is whitelisted i still cant access it :(07:47
eagles0513875_valorie: im in the process of migrating my business from my server at home to a virtual server in the cloud where im working part time right now07:47
eagles0513875_gonna setup a znc on my vps when i can get access to it from here at school lol07:48
valorieI guess there is screen+irssi07:48
valoriebut I'm not quite geeky enough for that07:49
eagles0513875_me neither07:49
eagles0513875_im hooked on kvirc07:49
valoriedon't know what that one is -- is it lightweight?07:49
valoriekonvi seems a bit heavy for the netbook07:50
eagles0513875_ya its rather light weight07:50
eagles0513875_im impressed with the performace on my eee pc07:50
eagles0513875_then again i usually compile from svn source07:51
zoggyhi there, i see that in ubuntu, when i'm in the terminal and i try push Git changes, Gnome pops up with a graphical password dialog and then, once entered, never asks me again. In KDE though (in konsole) it asks me for a password every time (and does not do it graphically). Is there any way to configure it to work like Ubuntu does? thanks?07:52
eagles0513875_zoggy: O_O are you talking about the wallet? or somethign else07:53
eagles0513875_it could be as well the way the the git repository is configured im not 100% sure07:53
zoggyeagles0513875_: i guess it could be a process of having konsole integrate with the wallet07:55
zoggyeagles0513875: FYI you've pointed me in the right direction - i think "SSH Askpass" might be what I'm looking for08:02
zoggyeagles0513875: yeeaah - it's working, thanks again, your question helped me clarify what to google for08:04
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eagles0513875_hey valorie  im back08:23
eagles0513875_valorie: can i pm you something a bit off topic08:23
valorieyes, I was asking there.....08:23
Hedronhi everybody, can somebody help me with xhosts? I am trying to make the xhost change permanent, however I do not know how to do it, does anybody have any idea how to do this?08:44
HedronI run xhost + and it works fine, but on relogin or restart, the config is lost08:45
eagles0513875_hey guys has anyone worked with dropbox on linux before?09:29
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EruaranDoes anybody know how to fix audio problems in kubuntu?10:33
Eruaran(I have no audio)10:33
Eruaranty susundberg10:46
Dekk-lappiecan anyoen tell me about how much space to install kubuntu desktop on top of a regular 10.10 install?10:51
Tm_TDekk-lappie: this is pure speculation, but less than 500 MiB10:52
Dekk-lappieis it in synaptic?10:52
Dekk-lappieor do i need a ppa?10:52
Tm_TDekk-lappie: kubuntu-desktop metapackage is in ubuntu repositories10:53
Tm_TDekk-lappie: Kubuntu is Ubuntu (:10:53
Dekk-lappiejust checkin10:53
Dekk-lappiehavent run kde for a long time.. but it seems to be the future with all this gnove vs ubuntu stuff10:53
Dekk-lappieoh btw..819 meg10:54
asranielhi. can it be that kde 4.6.1 is broken? i have nepomuk crashes and kwallet problems on login, using two different computers11:38
twn39hello,I just want to ask what's the advantage of kde compared with gnome,because I have to make a choice between ubuntu and kubuntu.12:04
Riddelltwn39: it's hard to make generalisations, mostly they are two projects trying to achieve the same thing, try both and decide which one you prefer12:15
Riddelltwn39: KDE uses Qt which is a better development framework12:15
twn39That's ok ,now I'm trying kubuntu.12:19
kps_footwn39: KDE has a very helpful and fun community, so consider that too12:19
kps_footwn39: they are very helpful and guide newcomers in the right direction almost always...12:19
c2taruncan anyone please help me with this problem http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=170735612:34
kps_fooc2tarun: the auto eth0 is the default name for any dsl lan wire connection that you connect to your laptop12:37
r41can i remove phonon without removing the whole kde desktop?12:38
kps_fooc2tarun: your dsl connection should work fine when you simply connect it with your laptop, you didn't delete the auto etho connection did you ?12:41
kps_fooc2tarun: what does your ipconfig say ?12:46
kps_fooc2tarun: go to terminal and type ipconfig12:46
kps_foothen paste the output from that command at dpaste.com, and give us the dpaste link here12:47
c2tarunkps_foo, there is no command name ipconfig, do you want the o/p of ifconfig?12:49
Dekk-lappyok..another question.. i can connect wirless with gnome.. nut under kde... shows connectrion.. but i get nada..any takers?12:49
c2tarunDekk-lappy, did you install kde in ubuntu?12:50
c2tarunDekk-lappy, are you able to connect your kde with wired connection?12:50
Dekk-lappyinstalled kubuntu desktop12:50
Dekk-lappyhavent tried.. im at work.. :)12:50
c2tarunDekk-lappy, I faced the same problem, I think you'll be able to connect with wired connection, if yes than go to additional drivers and remove the wifi driver and install it again, it will work.12:51
kps_fooc2tarun: yeah, sorry for the mistake12:52
kps_fooc2tarun: got the command mixed up with a DOS based command12:53
kps_fooc2tarun: try ifconfig12:53
c2tarunkps_foo, right now I am using ubuntu, the main problem is I am not getting my DSL connection name there and kubuntu is automatically connecting with auto eth0 + in ubuntu I am able to see auto-eth0 option under wired tab, so I removed connect-automatically option from it, but in kubuntu auto-eth0 is also not gettin displlayed12:54
c2tarunDekk-lappy, If you really like KDE try installing a fresh copy  of kubuntu (it feels better than using KDE only :))12:55
kps_fooc2tarun: I agree about that12:56
kps_fooc2tarun: by default it doesn't get the connection name, auto eth0 is your wired dsl connection...you can always rename it from the network manager12:56
c2tarunkps_foo, that is the prob, I created the DSL connection from n/w manager, but when I apply the changes and come out and click the icon I am able to see only one connection that is Auto-eth0 normally it displays all the connections and the connection being use now is displayed in bold letters.12:58
kps_fooc2tarun: try restartin your network manager, by pressing the wifi key(F2) if you are on a laptop12:59
c2tarunkps_foo, are you sure by turning of wifi and turning it on will restart n/w manager? because my wifi is turned of right now.13:00
kps_fooc2tarun: it doesn't restart the network manager, but it might solve your problem13:00
c2tarunkps_foo, ok, I'll log into kubuntu and i'll try it :) thanks13:00
kps_fooc2tarun: ok13:02
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Dekk-lappyc2 can i install the kde wirless driver  from within gnome?13:17
Dekk-lappyi dont have an ethernet cable here13:17
kps_fooDekk-lappy: yeah you can, just go to Systemprefrences and then click on additional device drivers13:18
=== abaco is now known as asdfgh
kps_fooDekk-lappy: oh you said no ethernet ? sorry my bad, you need wired internet13:18
asdfghhow can i put the adobe flashplr in my fresh sew kubuntu?13:20
kps_fooasdfgh: you want it in firefox ?13:21
asdfghmy kubunt does now downloasd firefox13:21
asdfghproblems in repos13:21
asdfghi dont use linux since slack 7, (99)13:22
yofelasdfgh: where does it fail? for flash you need to install flashplugin-installer13:23
asdfgh1 min, i ll see13:23
c2tarunkps_foo, ping, its not working :(13:26
asdfghwhen i put my passwrd13:26
Dekk-lappyyeah c2tarun  im not sure about kde4 yet.. so unless i can get it all sorted.. i may have to stick with just having the desktop for kde13:26
asdfghhe fails13:27
Dekk-lappyanyway..back to work13:27
asdfghnow linux has a pretty lookng face, in my time.... holly s#1t13:27
c2tarunDekk-lappy, well I never said to switch to kubuntu :) I just said install one more OS kubuntu13:27
kps_fooc2tarun: finally, try this, this might help, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=123996413:29
alyenhello pretty/handsome young and rich in knowledge about kubuntu... could you help a greyhair man with his old print server?13:31
_Sophia_hallo ;d13:37
BluesKajhi _Sophia_ how goes the install ?13:39
_Sophia_i did the chkdisk /f thing a bit ago13:40
_Sophia_didn't see what it said though, was in the other room13:40
_Sophia_(i slept 15 hours lol)13:40
c2tarunkps_foo, I tried what was on the thread :( it didn't work. Installing network manager again is not possible because there is no internet on kubuntu :(13:43
BluesKaj_Sophia_, have you backed up your data , so in case of an accidental erasure (extremely unlikely) of your windows partition, then you haven't lost anything13:45
_Sophia_i don't have anything to back my data up on :)13:45
kps_fooc2tarun: I don't know what more to do, the forums are your best help now, or maybe someone else here might answer you13:45
cadam92what have you done Sophia?13:45
c2tarunkps_foo, yup looking forward to forum :( many people faced this prob http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147089413:46
kps_fooc2tarun: best of luck13:46
cadam92ok have one question, to develop free software, what is the program coding usually? C? Python? etc13:47
BluesKajc2tarun, ethernet or wifi ?13:48
c2tarunBluesKaj, ethernet13:48
kps_foocadam92: you can use any language it doesnt matter13:48
kps_foocadam92: though python is easy to learn for beginners13:48
_Sophia_cadam92: people usually shy away from .net languages >.>13:48
BluesKajc2tarun, chave you run ifconfig , if not pastebin the outputpls13:49
cadam92so Python is easiest to learn for GNU/Linux Kernel, kk sorry just beginning. Spent years being an Animator, Web Designer and Graphic Designer13:50
c2tarunBluesKaj, I am ubuntu right now, I have to reboot and log back to kubuntu but that DSL connection is working fine in my ubuntu I am facing the exact problem as mentioned in this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1470894 can you please take look13:50
c2taruncadam92, what languages do you know?13:50
cadam92none thats helpful for proper programming however i learnt C years ago :P13:51
_Sophia_cadam92, before starting with python, you should read the Zen of Python and see if you agree with it philosophically13:51
* c2tarun opinions may vary, I know C and C++ and tried to learn python, I found python bit difficult as compared to C and C++ :(13:51
c2tarunBluesKaj, looked at that thread>13:52
cadam92lol Sophia13:52
cadam92but she's left13:52
cadam92also learn to do different commands for linux, anyway Im out. midnight here.13:53
PhilRod_c2tarun: I'm intrigued - you found python difficult? compared to c++? I'm intrigued. What did you find difficult?13:53
c2tarunPhilRod_, missed main :)\13:54
BluesKajc2tarun, I recommend using the /etc/network/interfaces file to run your connection , without knetworkmanager in the mix , http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/setting-up-an-network-interfaces-file/ , this was recommended to me by several knowledgable ppl and it works perfectly on gnome and kde .13:54
PhilRod_c2tarun: heh :-)13:55
oliver__Hello. I am having problem installing nvidia driver.13:56
oliver__sudo sh drivername.run doesnt work13:56
oliver__How can I kill x ?13:56
BluesKajoliver__, ./drivername.run in the terminal13:56
oliver__"No sush file or directory"13:57
oliver__But how can I come in to this terminal window, that takes whole screen?13:57
oliver__I remember on ubuntu it were something with alt and f4 or something13:57
BluesKajoliver__, did you try the recommended nvidia driver in ,kmenu/applications/system/additional drivers ?13:58
oliver__It doesnt find any13:58
oliver__In ubuntu it always found13:58
BluesKajoliver__, you have to cd to dir where the driver is located first13:59
oliver__I have13:59
oliver__cd Desktop13:59
BluesKajoliver__, move the driver /home/user13:59
BluesKajbut oliver__ I have repeat this question : did you try the recommended nvidia driver in ,kmenu/applications/system/additional drivers ?14:02
BluesKajhave to14:02
oliver__It doesnt show anything14:02
oliver__But this method works in ubuntu, kill x and install in this fullscreen terminal14:03
oliver__How can I enter fullscreen terminal where x is killed?14:03
BluesKajoliver__, follow this tutorial , http://pastebin.com/bseRSx1M14:07
oliver__ok, thanks I will try that14:08
kalghi, is there a way that I can synchronize KDE calendar and KOrganizer calendar , so a TODO will appear like we can see holidays in KDE calendar14:09
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_Sophia_hey people o.o14:20
_Sophia_i did all the stuff from yesterday just a sec ago, and installed parititon manager and unmounted sda1 and then freed up space, can i just go through installation process now, or w hat? ;o14:20
kalgI wasn't here yesterday :)14:22
shane4ubuntuvmware or vbox for a windows xp install???  I need it for use with internet14:27
_Sophia_applying the partition is taking forever o.o14:28
kalgI use vbox and had no issues14:28
shane4ubuntukalg: straight from the repos?14:28
kalggot the repo from virtualbox site14:29
kalgvbox=virtualbox right?14:29
shane4ubuntuno wonder I couldn't find it, always was called vbox before, I think14:30
kalgoh.. here is the link http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads14:31
shane4ubuntukalg: thanks, I'm downloading it from the repos.14:32
james147shane4ubuntu: vitrualbox from the reops works fine for mostthings... think its has issues with either usb devices or virtual folders...14:35
shane4ubuntuactually added the virtualbox repo, and getting the 4.0 version now14:36
oliver__Hello, I tried what you sent me. And it installed something14:51
oliver__How can I check what driover I have installed?14:51
oliver__But now to my second problem, my wireless doesnt work. Or it finds my internett, but when I am connecting it only14:52
oliver__says "configuring interface"14:52
oliver__and never connects14:52
oliver__Hello, can anyone help me with my wireless problem?15:00
afiefI just have to ask: How do you just select a single file in dolphin/konq/ark without opening it?15:01
afiefoliver__: what's the problem?15:01
oliver__Ohh I just read, that it might have something to do with that my wireless is wep protected?15:01
oliver__Its stuck on "configuring interface" and Im 100% the password is right15:02
kalgafief: u can use ctrl key while clikcing on it. or change the behavior of dolphin to use double click to open files15:02
afiefkalg: I actually like the single click to open, but until now always box-selected when I wanted a single file15:03
afiefis there a mouse only way?15:03
afiefoliver__: try without wep, sometimes it helps(depending on your card)15:03
oliver__Problem is that in that case I need to change to wpa15:04
oliver__Since we got so many neightboars15:04
kalgafief:  in dolphin menu settings --> configure Dolphin15:04
kalggo to navigation and select "Double click to open files" radio button15:05
afiefkalg: thanks :-) I've been looking for this in the System Settings but couldn't find it15:05
kalgafief: you are welcome15:08
oliver__So I should try wpa15:10
oliver__Or is it no other method to fix this?15:11
kalgoliver__: you are trying to connect to a wireless AP which you know the password right15:12
afiefoliver__: personally I'd try wpa first, if that fails try to connect to an unencrypted network(mac address protected?). You might want to read up on bugs specific your wifi card15:12
oliver__The password is 100% right, that is not the problem15:12
oliver__well, I've never had problems with the wifi card. Only with kubuntu, not with win7, vista, ubuntu or linux mint15:12
oliver__Hmm, my family is also using network. So i wont switch until I have tried everything else15:13
oliver__I red about Wicd15:13
BluesKajoliver__, have you set up the router to use wpa encryption and and password , then the network manager will connect if both match15:14
oliver__No, the router is still using WEP15:14
oliver__I havent changed15:14
BluesKajdon't change it , try wicd first, oliver__15:15
kps_foooliver__: WEP is unsecure in that it can be cracked in under 1 hour using Aircrack, do not use it, use WPA or WPA215:15
oliver__I will change, but I cannot do it right now.15:15
kps_foooliver__: not right now15:15
oliver__So I will try wicd first15:15
kps_foooliver__: ofcourse15:15
afiefoliver__: did you make sure that you picked the right "password type"? perhaps it's ascii while you're typing hex?15:15
oliver__Not ascii or hex15:16
oliver__I am shure its right15:16
kps_foooliver__: I had a similar problem in Ubuntu 10.15:16
BluesKajkps_foo, yeah fine but what about access of the other pcs on hisa network15:16
oliver__"Passphrare (for 128 bit) is right?15:16
afiefoliver__: depends on your password settings in the router15:16
oliver__well, thats the only 2 alternatives. Passphrases and ascii15:17
=== sre-su_ is now known as sre-su
afiefoliver__: so try ascii, might be that this is what your router defaults to15:17
kps_fooBluesKaj: I think it would be better that he switched his entire network to WPA later on, but for now he can try and make WEP work, that is what he seems to be doing, so I need to shut up :)15:18
oliver__Hmm, I can't figure how to install wicd15:18
kps_foooliver__: I had a very similar problem in Ubuntu 10.04, I updated and the problem was gone15:18
BluesKajkps_foo, exactly ..his immediate prob needs solving first15:18
kps_foooliver__: I used a wired connection to update my Ubuntu and later on this nasty problem was fixed15:19
BluesKajkps_foo, , don't shut up , we need help here , and my wifi experience is has been good , so solving a wifi problem is beneficial to my experience.15:20
kps_fooBluesKaj: ok15:20
kps_fooBluesKaj: oliver__: I am ready to help15:21
BluesKajoliver__,open a terminal , sudo apt-get install wicd , it will disable knetworkmanager once you install it15:22
Aloneahow do I fix the brightness buttons to work properly? The key combos work, but the scale goes all over the place. it goes from dark, to light, then to dark, then to sorta dim, but never really bright15:22
BluesKaj assuming he's on an ethernet connection:)15:24
DaskreechAlonea: Hello!15:29
_Sophia_hey dask? it's been moving partition for about 70 min, and it's been at 16% the whole time o.o15:30
Daskreechhi _Sophia_15:30
DaskreechDid it detect Vista?15:31
_Sophia_i figured out the steps from yesterday on my own15:31
_Sophia_after doing the chkdsk /f t hing15:31
AloneaDaskreech: omg hey! now why is brightness all screwy on this thing. the scale is completely messed up.15:31
Daskreech_Sophia_: I was on except for 3 hours I didn't see you :(15:31
_Sophia_now i'm moving partition, but it's been stuck at 16% for an hour15:31
james147_Sophia_: how big is the partition?15:31
_Sophia_0.91 TiB :D15:32
james147^^ give a few more hours and see15:32
_Sophia_LOL k :s15:32
DaskreechAlonea: ok let me see if I can track that down15:32
AloneaDaskreech: I will happily rip out all the power management stuff if it fixes it. ^_^15:33
Daskreechha ha I know you will :)15:33
Daskreech_Sophia_: did it happily detect Vista?15:38
_Sophia_i dunno Daskreech ;d15:39
_Sophia_i assume :D15:39
Daskreech_Sophia_: Oh so what are you doing now? Not installing?15:41
AloneaDaskreech: I am grabbing lunch. Will be back in a few.15:41
DaskreechAlonea: ok still looking at your thing15:41
_Sophia_daskreech, i'm partitioning the HD ;o15:42
_Sophia_it's been at 16% for 75 minutes15:42
_Sophia_with partitionmanager?15:42
DaskreechOh! right that thing :)15:42
Daskreech haha :)15:42
_Sophia_i remembered those steps from yesterday15:42
DaskreechMight not have been needed >_>15:42
DaskreechBut  good move in any case15:42
_Sophia_whatever works15:42
_Sophia_should it end up taking a few hours then? :S15:42
Daskreechyeah and probably safer given the history15:43
DaskreechFor 1TB ? possibly 45 minutes or so I don't see that it should take that long15:43
_Sophia_it's been almost double that ;o15:43
_Sophia_Move partition ‘/dev/sda1’ to the right by 6.84 MiB and shrink it from 0.91 TiB to 351.57 GiB  Job: Check file system on partition ‘/dev/sda1’  Command: ntfsresize -P -i -f -v /dev/sda1  ntfsresize v2.0.0 (libntfs 10:0:0) Device name        : /dev/sda1 NTFS volume version: 3.1 Cluster size       : 4096 bytes Current volume size: 1000200991232 bytes (1000201 MB) Current device size: 1000200994816 bytes (1000201 MB) Checking15:44
DaskreechI could be horribly mislead into thinking that the resizing is linear :)15:44
BluesKaj_Sophia_, lots of data on the windows partition ? if so then it could take many hrs.15:45
_Sophia_probably 230 GB of data15:45
BluesKajall that data has to be moved when resizing15:46
BluesKajthat's what takes so long15:46
Daskreech_Sophia_: Windows is really messy with it's files15:46
_Sophia_oh well15:46
_Sophia_then i want to try to install the quake live plugin so i can play quake while waiting15:47
Daskreechto repeat so it's understood Windows is redonkeyulously messy with it's files15:47
_Sophia_can i have help with that? >_>15:47
james147_Sophia_: I would suggest not doing anything to stress your system (even alittle) while moving such large amount of data15:48
_Sophia_i'm on the comp a lot, i don't really have other stuff to do :P15:49
_Sophia_already read a manga while waiting15:49
* james147 knows that feeling :p15:49
Daskreechjames147: why would quake live stress her system?15:50
james147^^ but its better to be patient then risk losing everything :)  ...(its probably not a very high probability, but its also a high risk)15:50
DaskreechHmm ok15:50
james147Daskreech: anything that accesses the disk would be bad ^^ ... its already under allot of stress15:51
Daskreechjames147: She's on a live CD15:51
_Sophia_well to install the plugin i'd have to install chrome15:52
_Sophia_sec lol15:52
james147Daskreech: :) then probably more of a reason, ^^ You really shouldnt messaround with trying to set things up (its when things are mostlikly to break) when moving important data15:52
_Sophia_quake is like a 13 year old game15:53
_Sophia_isn't going to stress my comp much15:53
Daskreech_Sophia_: how about Solitare? :-D15:53
james147_Sophia_: if your on a live cd then the entire game (with the rest of the OS) wll be in ram ^^15:53
_Sophia_well i may as well try to run it ;x15:54
_Sophia_and idk15:54
_Sophia_i could play logic games onlinee15:54
_Sophia_but i play a lot of quake so idk lol15:54
Daskreech_Sophia_: sudo apt-get install kpat15:54
_Sophia_kpat = ?15:54
DaskreechYou'll see when it's installed15:55
james147_Sophia_: Espically when you dont know if it will run ^^ crashing your display driver will kill X and the shell your doing the copy in... a low probaibility but high risk again...15:55
Daskreechunless you prefer suduko ?15:55
_Sophia_fine i won't play quake right now >_>15:55
_Sophia_i have an issue with the kpat install15:55
FloodBotK2_Sophia_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:55
james147_Sophia_: I really suggest not messing around while copying the data ^^ though I cant stop you :)15:55
_Sophia_After this operation, 15.0MB of additional disk space will be used. Do you want to continue [Y/n]?15:56
_Sophia_should i hit Y15:56
_Sophia_wasn't sure since the HD is being messed with :p15:57
DaskreechIt's telling you that it will take more space than just that one package do you want to continue15:57
DaskreechIt gives you options and if you don't put in any options the big one will be chosen15:57
Daskreechso If you just hit enter it will choose Y15:57
DaskreechFor the most part in questions like that anything except Y is the same as N15:58
james147_Sophia_: just about all packagemanager will give you a list of packages it going to install (sometimes with teh space they will use) so you can make sure it not installing something you dont want15:58
Daskreechunless it has more options of course :)15:58
james147(assuming it going to install more then you asked it to)15:58
_Sophia_i installed chrome btw15:58
_Sophia_was pretty straightforward15:58
james147^^due to dependencies15:58
_Sophia_but when i tried the quake plugin it was not15:59
_Sophia_i'm assuming it's because rekonq isn't supported ;p15:59
Daskreech_Sophia_: it's also possible that someone can setup a repo somewhere that says it's installing X but always installs Y as well to do some BadThings®©15:59
DaskreechSo the package manager tells you anytime something happens that you didn't ask for so you can be aware of what's going onto your computer16:00
DaskreechSo unlike Windows :)16:00
_Sophia_i see16:00
Daskreech_Sophia_: I'll look at the quake plugin in a little bit16:00
_Sophia_windows is like in the middle, macs give you no option, windows hides what it's installing, and linux atomizes stuffs16:00
_Sophia_and sure, no hurry16:00
_Sophia_just need something to do :p16:00
DaskreechKpat is installed?16:01
_Sophia_yes, looking at it now16:01
_Sophia_not a big fan of cards16:01
Daskreech_Sophia_: what are you a fan of?16:01
_Sophia_chess is cool though, maybe i'll play lichess online16:01
_Sophia_logic puzzles, books, music16:01
DaskreechAh there are chess games :)16:01
_Sophia_i was state chess champ for intermediate class at 16 y.o. ;o16:01
_Sophia_oh wow16:02
_Sophia_partition  completion percentage went from 16 to 66% :D16:02
AloneaDaskreech: back16:03
DaskreechAlonea: and forth16:04
Daskreech_Sophia_: Whoooooooooooooooooooo :)16:04
AloneaDaskreech: any good news or am I doomed to never have a completely working linux system (or is that blasphemy)16:05
DaskreechAlonea: Seems others have the problem as well. Trying to find out if there is a workaround16:05
AloneaDaskreech: of course others have it. ^_^16:07
AloneaDaskreech: at least my wifi mostly works. I have an issue, but its on every distro AND on my android phone16:07
DaskreechAlonea: Misery loves company :)16:07
DaskreechAlonea: Broadcom?16:07
AloneaDaskreech: actually, not sure16:08
AloneaDaskreech: Atheros16:08
AloneaDaskreech: basically, on wpa2, after a while the IP goes bad and it doesn't notice so I have to disconnect/reconnect. I get the same issue on my android phone16:09
DaskreechAh hmm ok yeah I think I know of that. Driver issue16:10
AloneaDaskreech: its more annoying on my phone than the laptop16:11
=== |GuS| is now known as [GuS]
DaskreechYeah I can imagine that would be the case16:11
DaskreechTime is more precious on a phone and you can only really keep one app connection up at a time so you really want that to work16:12
AloneaDaskreech: because it doesn't switch to 3g because it thinks its still connected to the internet with wifi, so I have to turn wifi off and such16:12
AloneaDaskreech: so the only time I turn wifi on is when I am on the phone16:12
Daskreechwait you walk around with Wifi on? how dead do your batteries get?16:13
AloneaDaskreech: wifi takes less power than 3g16:13
Daskreech(I'd turn off both but hey ;-)16:14
AloneaDaskreech: and if I leave the wifi on it doesn't use hardly any power unless its working. I run JuiceDefender which does turn off 3g while idle16:14
Daskreech!info knights16:14
ubottuPackage knights does not exist in maverick16:14
AloneaDaskreech: my Evo generally works all day without issue16:14
* Daskreech jots down. Get an Evo16:15
AloneaDaskreech: course I have also rooted it, put a new kernel on for over/under clocking. overall though Juicedefender helps a lot on android phones16:16
DaskreechAlonea: ha ha ok yeah I guess underclocking is what I would do as well16:16
AloneaDaskreech: of course being general tinkers I would root any phone I get. The Droid X on Verizon is nice too16:17
* BluesKaj writes himself a note ...what's an evo ?16:17
DaskreechBluesKaj: Phone16:18
Daskreech!info xboard16:18
ubottuxboard (source: xboard): An X Window System Chess Board. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.4.3-1 (maverick), package size 714 kB, installed size 3940 kB16:18
Daskreech_Sophia_: ^^ install that :)16:18
DaskreechI think notably it was the first 4G phone on the market16:19
BluesKajDaskreech, ok , already got a motorola-cell, pay as you go for travel and clling wife to pick me up after band practice , (we tend to have few beers )16:19
DaskreechBluesKaj: Buy a phone for what you will use it for16:19
BluesKajyup, exactly Daskreech :)16:20
DaskreechI either never use my phone or I'd want it to ssh into servers as needed on the road16:20
AloneaBluesKaj: its from Sprint and has 4g16:20
BluesKajAlonea, I'm in Canada , I think sprint went belly up here16:21
DaskreechI need to track down where the phrase belly up came from16:22
Daskreechalways sounds like someone sleeping to me16:22
BluesKajDaskreech, probly means dead16:22
DaskreechIt does. I just don't understand why that would be a ... oh wait Fish16:23
james147Daskreech: ^^ think it refers to a dead fish16:23
DaskreechYeah it just clicked a fish that's dead would be belly up16:23
DarthFrogBluesKaj:  I'm not sure but I kinda think that Sprint partnered with a CDN cell company.  Not Rogers, they're with AT&T.  Bell or Telus perhaps.16:24
AloneaBluesKaj: I think you can get it with...umm. name is something South???16:25
_Sophia_Bell South16:26
_Sophia_if you're discussing ISPs16:26
BluesKajAlonea, I have a cellphone and I don't use it to surf just make calls16:26
_Sophia_dask, does that xboard install include chess engines, or is it a human-to-human client?16:26
AloneaBluesKaj: yeah I have a dependency of being connected to the internet 24/716:27
AloneaBluesKaj: best was when I stayed in a hotel and they wanted you to pay 20 a day for internet...*turns phone in to wireless router*16:27
DarthFrog_Sophia_: I believe xboard also installs GNUChess.16:27
Daskreech_Sophia_: both16:28
DarthFrogBut you can use Crafty or others, if you wish.16:28
DaskreechYou can replace the AI with others those but Gnuchess is pretty crafty if you ramp up the difficulty16:29
BluesKajAlonea, wife and I travel a bit ,but we're retired so we don't have job related comunication needs :016:29
_Sophia_kk dask, will install it16:29
_Sophia_also stoned so x.x16:29
DarthFrog_Sophia_: If you like chess, you should check out scid.  It's a freeware chess database program.16:30
_Sophia_i don't study it anymore, stopped after winning state championship16:30
_Sophia_problem with chess is that it's mostly memorization16:30
DarthFrog_Sophia_:  I presume that you know about the FICS chess server?16:30
AloneaBluesKaj: just a college student now, but I use my phone for homework. I put my readings (pdf) in my dropbox and read off my Evo.16:30
_Sophia_i used to play coorespondence pretending to be someone older ahaha16:31
_Sophia_Alonea, you retain information better from a physical book :)16:31
DarthFrog_Sophia_: A move is a move, no matter who made it.  I don't care how old my opponent is, as long as s/he's  jellyware and not software. :-)16:32
Alonea_Sophia_: these are the readings that are digital only.16:32
_Sophia_oh i see16:32
Alonea_Sophia_: though I have no issue reading from lcd screens. been doing it for many years. I do have a kindle though. adore it16:32
_Sophia_how to install xboard? x.x16:41
DarthFrog_Sophia_: We showed you yesterday how to use KPackageKit, didn't we?  Use KPackageKit to install anything.16:41
DaskreechAlonea: They say it will be fixed next month with KDE 4.6.216:44
Daskreech_Sophia_: You can use kpackagekit or you can type sudo apt-get install <name>16:44
AloneaDaskreech: yay! I can wait a month.16:44
Daskreechare you on KDE 4.6.1 now?16:44
Daskreech Of course you Are <_<16:45
AloneaDaskreech: have no idea. lemme look. I just installed this last week (10.10)16:45
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »16:45
Daskreechha ha :)16:46
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!16:46
_Sophia_lol okay i see16:48
BluesKaj!apt | _Sophia_  ,check this out16:49
ubottu_Sophia_  ,check this out: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)16:49
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rolandis it possible to do a dualscreen computer setup using a laptop as a second monitor? The laptop is connected to a PC over ethernet and shows a virtual screen so that it would be possible to move a window from PC over to the laptop screen.16:55
james147roland: technically, yes...16:57
rolandpractically.. no?16:58
james147remote desktop is the easiest, but i dont think it will give you what you want16:58
james147you could try messing around with forwarding X... though i dont know if that would work they way you want either...17:00
james147or you can share the keyboard and mouse over the computers... http://www.chasingeyes.com/technology/networking/how-to-share-keyboard-and-mouse-with-multiple-computers-over-lan/1248/17:00
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shane4ubuntuwith ffmpeg using -threads seems faster, how do I know how many threads to use?17:08
james147shane4ubuntu: no more then about 1.5 times the number of threads on your cpu i would say17:09
shane4ubuntujames147: how many threads does my cpu have?  I didn't know it was sewn together.17:09
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james147shane4ubuntu: its the number of "cores" your operating system detects17:10
shane4ubuntuI used threads 4 and it was much faster, and system didn't seem to bog down17:10
rolandjames147: I'm already using synergy17:10
genii-aroundshane4ubuntu: sudo lshw -C | grep threads17:10
genii-aroundoops hangon17:10
genii-aroundshane4ubuntu: sudo lshw -C cpu | grep threads17:10
genii-aroundIf you have multiple cores it will output multiple lines. Add up the numbers and then you know how many threads altogether.17:12
shane4ubuntugenii-around: thanks!  no threads:  http://pastebin.com/mRksCGMk17:12
james147shane4ubuntu: but its dualcore, so you have at least 217:13
james147(one for each cpu)17:13
james147shane4ubuntu: thus, i suggest using 3 or 4 thread for processes17:13
shane4ubuntuok, thanks17:13
shane4ubuntuI'm such not a hardware guy17:13
james147(so that if one or both threads are waiting on io, the other threads can be processed17:13
shane4ubuntuis that a decent machine?17:13
james147shane4ubuntu: at almost 3ghz yea17:14
shane4ubuntuwell, I don't live in the USA or Europe and sometimes getting up-to-date hardware can be a challenge, that coupled with my poor knowledge of hardware, makes it a little challenging17:15
shane4ubuntuok, thanks guys17:15
james147shane4ubuntu: 3ghz is quite fast for any processor (some can go up to 4ghz, but not many go jmuch above that) beyond that its the number of cores you have, 2 is common now, but some of the higher range cpus are getting 4 or 617:16
xalyyHi all17:16
xalyysomeone can help me?17:17
xalyyVan itt magyar?17:17
ubottuMagyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál17:17
shane4ubuntujames147: ahh, ok, I thought when I was buying about a year ago to look for ghz because I figured that made a difference, as for cores, I think 2 is common and getting anything more is quite pricey here in Peru.17:17
_Sophia_lol how do i install java =p17:18
james147shane4ubuntu: yea, 2 cores is still quite good... you only really need more if your doing very heavy multi tasksing (like compiling, or to a lesser extend gaming)17:18
genii-around_Sophia_: If you install kubuntu-restricted-extras then you get stuff like java and flash plugin, etc. You need to enable multiverse repository first in package manager17:19
shane4ubuntujames147: very little gaming here, mostly video and audio processing are my big jobs, after that minor stuff.17:19
james147shane4ubuntu: video and audio processing also use cpu and will beinfit form multicore17:20
_Sophia_okay ;p17:20
_Sophia_lol compiling17:20
_Sophia_dynamic languages are the future ^_^17:20
shane4ubuntujames147: that is what I figured, thanks.17:21
james147shane4ubuntu: most batch processing tasks can usualy be split into threads and will benifit from number of cores, though they also benifit from the raw speed as well :)17:22
shane4ubuntujames147: yeah, I noticed that adding the thread option to ffmpeg sped it up greatly17:24
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james147shane4ubuntu: take a look at "htop" while running under differnt number of threads, and you will see why :)17:25
Daskreech_Sophia_: how is it going?17:52
_Sophia_66% still18:01
_Sophia_says 12min left18:02
Daskreech_Sophia_: Does that time move?18:02
Daskreech_Sophia_: Sorry :( should have told you to Defrag windows before this18:02
_Sophia_it doesn't move in real time18:02
DaskreechWould help the wait18:02
Daskreech_Sophia_: How's the chess?18:03
_Sophia_it periodically prints off a time estimation18:03
_Sophia_i got into a long convo with a roomie18:03
_Sophia_haven't tried the chess18:03
_Sophia_didn't see an xchess either18:03
DaskreechYeah it's not a linear operation so it can't tell you realtime what will happen18:03
Daskreech_Sophia_: xboard <_<18:03
_Sophia_lol oops18:03
eagles0513875hey guys has anyone else used drop box on maverick18:05
eagles0513875i need some help18:05
james147eagles0513875: with what exactly?18:06
eagles0513875james147: its complaining constantly about the dropbox daemon18:06
shane4ubuntueagles0513875: I'm using it on maverick18:06
eagles0513875shane4ubuntu: did you have issues with it asking for a proprietary daemon18:06
_Sophia_how do i install the kubuntu-restricted-extras?18:07
shane4ubuntueagles0513875: hmm, I don't think, I just installed the deb, it setup the repo, and no probs18:07
eagles0513875_Sophia_: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras on commandline18:07
eagles0513875james147: ya18:07
_Sophia_i tried: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras , and it did not work18:07
eagles0513875always asking me to download it18:07
shane4ubuntu_Sophia_: sudo apt-get yah, what he said18:07
eagles0513875_Sophia_: worked fine for me on a fresh install18:07
_Sophia_it can't see it, so18:07
eagles0513875sudo apt-get update _Sophia_18:07
eagles0513875then the other command above18:07
_Sophia_already done that18:07
_Sophia_do i have to do something with a *universe in settings?18:08
eagles0513875apt-cache policy kubuntu-restricted-extras _Sophia_18:08
eagles0513875see if its already installed18:08
_Sophia_o.o sure, will try that18:08
_Sophia_N: Unable to locate package kubuntu-restricted-extras18:09
eagles0513875_Sophia_: did you do an upgrade from a previous version O_o18:09
eagles0513875james147:  and shane4ubuntu this is what the msg says in order to use dropbox, you must download the proprietary daemon18:10
eagles0513875what daemon is it talking about damn it18:11
genii-around_Sophia_: The "multiverse" repository needs to be enabled18:11
shane4ubuntueagles0513875: hmm, not sure, try purging it and re-installing it.18:11
_Sophia_so i was right :DDDDDD i'm catching on >_>!18:11
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james147eagles0513875: probally the drop box deamon ^^ (dropboxd)18:11
eagles0513875shane4ubuntu: tried18:11
eagles0513875james147: where do i get that from18:11
james147i would think downloading it from the repos should install it18:12
james147try from here: http://www.dropbox.com/downloading?src=index18:12
eagles0513875ok ill add the repo18:13
Incarus6james147, better the linux version, right? http://www.dropbox.com/downloading?os=lnx18:13
james147Incarus6: ^^ both link lead to the same place for me :p18:13
_Sophia_lol now i forget where the universe settings are ;x18:13
eagles0513875james147: where is the name of the repository listed so i can add it to my sources18:15
Incarus6james147, ah, you're right, i disabled the usaer agent of my browser18:15
BluesKajkde has a dropbox version called kfilebox , you can dl the deb file18:20
agnesehelo everyone ^^ doeas anybody ever tried switcheroo?18:22
BluesKajKfilebox , here : http://sourceforge.net/projects/kdropbox/ , if you want to keep your system gnomefree :)18:27
Aloneaeagles0513875: I reccomend getting the version of dropbox that doesn't require gnomes file browser18:28
Aloneaeagles0513875: ah, BluesKaj beat me there.18:28
eagles0513875where can i get that Alonea18:29
eagles0513875interesting but does that BluesKaj work wiht the normal drop box18:29
Aloneaeagles0513875: yes, I have it installed and it works perfectly fine with dolphin.18:29
BluesKajyes eagles0513875 , i use it , it will go thru the dropbox register procedure when you install it18:29
eagles0513875dropbox register meaning ask me if i want to login etc18:30
Aloneaeagles0513875: I used this guide here: http://antrix.net/posts/2008/dropbox-without-gnome/18:30
BluesKajunless you already have adropbox acct then you can just check that option18:30
claydohI *just* installed that like 15 mins ago18:31
eagles0513875lol claydohbeat you to it with google haha18:31
james147eagles0513875: just installed it ^^ seems to be a front end to the dropbox daemon18:31
claydohI had totally forgotten about dropbox until a stray link cam emy way lol18:31
eagles0513875so i still need dropbox O_o18:31
james147eagles0513875: yeah, but first run seems to download the daemon18:32
eagles0513875i have never had this much issue with normal dropbox18:33
eagles0513875of the kdropbox18:33
duckx0rhow do you connect to a wireless devices in kde 4.6? My wireless card is enabled and i can see the list of the connections, but clicking, double clicking, right clicking on them does nothing.18:33
james147eagles0513875: nor i ^^ and kfilebox wasnt any trouble either...18:33
BluesKajeagles0513875, the dropbox linux idea was first used with nautilus/gnome , then it migrated to dropbox for kde , which is now called kfilebox , it's just a dropbox that uses dolphin  instead of nautilus18:34
_Sophia_partition complete, i now have unallocated space >.< now what? :o18:34
Alonea_Sophia_: boy, it took long enough.18:35
Incarus6duckx0r, works for me, are you sure you are using the latest kde version (4.6.1)?18:35
BluesKaj!Tb is alarge space18:35
james147_Sophia_: what where you originally trying to do?18:35
_Sophia_see, before, the whole HD was partitioned to windows, so i fixed that18:35
_Sophia_goal is  to install  kubuntu from here i suppose18:35
Alonea_Sophia_: installation is usually the easy part18:36
james147_Sophia_: boot a live cd if you havnt already, and run the installer (should be an icon on the desktop)18:36
_Sophia_i want to know if i'm to that point O_O18:36
_Sophia_i'm in the live-cd now ^_^18:36
BluesKaj_Sophia_, now you need to right click on the unallocated spce and choose new , then a drop down with options , choose ext418:36
james147_Sophia_: prity much ^^ the installer should handle anything else thats needed18:37
Alonea_Sophia_: well, if you have a partition ready to install on, then you are ready. I suggest something like 15-20 gig for root and the rest for /home18:37
BluesKajAlonea, lets not get too complicated18:37
duckx0rIncarus6, yes. i just installed it from the repository18:37
_Sophia_is home all the files that are accessable through the OS?18:37
james147Alonea: ^^ and 20 is being genrous18:37
AloneaBluesKaj: I was taught this my first day of linux. I had to compile my kernel from source on my first day18:38
james147_Sophia_: /home is where all user file are stored (their settings and files)18:38
* BluesKaj backs off , too may cooks18:38
Aloneajames147: depends on what you are doing, but if you have plenty of space its a good cap18:38
_Sophia_well i'll have lots of ruby programs there so o_O18:38
Incarus6duckx03, can you dial in via the system settings?18:38
duckx0rIncarus6, what do you mean by dialing in?18:39
james147Alonea: I dont think i have ever gone above 15, and that was with installing just about everything i could ever need (including development headders)18:39
_Sophia_bluesKaj, i'll do the ext4 thing now ;o18:39
Incarus6duckx03, connect to the wireless network18:39
eagles0513875Alonea: haha18:39
Aloneajames147: indeed and I used to only do 10, but you never know what the future will hold.18:39
duckx0rIncarus6, how do I do that?18:39
* eagles0513875 has an idea for a great distro so ill have to learn how to compile kernel and alot more18:40
_Sophia_uh wait a sec18:40
_Sophia_am i supposed to have two partitions, or three18:40
Incarus6duckx0r, Systemsettings > Networksettings > Wireless18:40
james147Alonea: yeah, if you have the space then its a nice buffer :)18:40
Aloneaeagles0513875: yeah, it was like, I have to do what now? I just kinda of guessed on what boxes to check and which not to...it worked18:40
_Sophia_because i just made one that covered all the free space18:40
eagles0513875Alonea: feel free to pme me if your interested in hearing my idea18:40
duckx0rIncarus6, yes, I tried adding a connection there. How do I tell it to connect to that?18:41
james147_Sophia_: depends on what you want..., its recomended to seperate / and /home onto two different partitions, but you dont need to18:41
BluesKaj_Sophia_, one will be a swap , probly around 6G if you have 4G ram , the others thge windows (ntfs) and ext4 linux18:41
Alonea_Sophia_: I generally suggest having 2 (or 3 if you need swap, but I think not). I like having home and root separate so if I want to change distros or I somehow break things really bad I don't lose my data18:42
james147BluesKaj: ^^ you dont need 6gigs of swap with 4gigs of ram ... if anything you dont need any :p18:42
AloneaBluesKaj: do we still need swap these days? I still do, but some people say  no18:42
Incarus6duckx0r, you could activate the seeting "automatically connect"18:42
duckx0rIncarus6, yes, I did that18:42
Incarus6did you restart since the kde update?18:43
BluesKajjames147, that's the std formula ..it's not written instone18:43
Daskreech_Sophia_: ha ha ok want some background before you move forward or want to move forward and learn after?18:44
_Sophia_i want to transfer data from windows to kubuntu18:44
duckx0rIncarus6, yes I restarted. But it wasn't an update. I installed kde 4.6 on ubuntu18:44
james147_Sophia_: ^^ The disk layout you chose will most likly depend on what you want to do... you require at least one partition for / (aka the root) from there it is common to have a seperate partition for /home, where alll the user files are stored, this makes it easy to reformat the / partition without losing all your data, such as if you want to reinstall18:44
Daskreech_Sophia_: What data?18:44
_Sophia_uh, background is fine18:44
_Sophia_um, well18:44
BluesKaj_Sophia_, did you click apply after choose ext4 for the unallocated partition ?18:44
macojames147: ubuntu can reinstall without overwriting your old /home18:44
macojust uncheck the "format" box on the / partition18:44
_Sophia_i just hit apply lol18:44
Daskreechmaco: That's what he just said18:45
macoDaskreech: no it's not...18:45
macoDaskreech: he was talking about making a separate /home partition18:45
AloneaDaskreech: hello again18:45
james147_Sophia_: often people also have a small partition for swap space (the page file in windows terms) although with more then about 2-4 gigs of ram this isnt needed as mcuh, depending on what you do... I tend to suggest creating a swap file instead of partition as it is more felxable18:45
_Sophia_but what i need to transfer is like: pdfs, pictures in various formats, and i may need to transfer programs from kubuntu to windows to check that they work with windows18:45
james147maco: yeah, i know...18:45
Aloneamaco: er me? (is a she)18:45
macoAlonea: no, not you. james18:45
james147maco: ^^ but do other system also preserve it?18:45
macoi'm saying it doesnt have to be a seprate partition. it can be a directory in / and if you uncheck "format" everything but home gets deleted18:45
BluesKajwow, this is too much ... :)18:46
Aloneamaco: OK, I was also suggesting separate, but then I go through various distros so having separate is nice18:46
macojames147: mint, since it uses the same installer. don't know if any other distros have that in their installer18:46
_Sophia_BluesKaj, you mean the speed? lol18:46
macoAlonea: are you aware of the Ubuntu Women Project, by the way?18:46
ubottuThe women and men of the Ubuntu Women project hang out in #ubuntu-women. Encouraging women to use linux? Read http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/ for some suggestions compiled by women who use Linux on how to do so effectively.18:46
Aloneamaco: no actually. are they scary women?18:47
macoAlonea: no, friendly :)18:47
maco_Sophia_: are you the sophie i know?18:47
Daskreech_Sophia_: you can transfer most of what you said easily18:47
_Sophia_maco, i doubt it ;o i'm from Portland, OR lol18:47
_Sophia_also random question, can i transfer firefox bookmarks to kubuntu somehow?;o18:48
maco_Sophia_: ok. there's someone on this server who also has a "sophia" nick, but maybe thats without the _'s18:48
Daskreechmaco: serious? You can uncheck format / ?18:48
macoDaskreech: yes18:48
james147_Sophia_: you can easly transfer files from linux to windows (in linux), although windows dsnt care to know how to access linux drives :p18:48
macoDaskreech: like....since 200818:48
_Sophia_maco, i may have been on here without the underscores18:48
DaskreechWhen did that come in? up to 10.04 it forced me to format /18:48
macoDaskreech: itd only force it if you chose a different format than whatever was already on there18:49
Daskreech_Sophia_: yes you can transfer bookmarks18:49
james147Daskreech: no it dosent ^^ it enables it by default but I have unchecked it serival times :) it then deletes the old system folders18:49
macoin that case, it obviously would need ot18:49
BluesKaj_Sophia_, now you're ready to install kubuntu on thatext4 partition , it will probly ask you if want a swap partition, it's up to you , if you think you need it18:49
james147^^ yeah assuming its the same formate18:49
_Sophia_i don't get the point of a swap partition though18:49
Daskreechjames147: guess I was DoingItWrong ®©18:49
Daskreech_Sophia_: do you know about pagefiles in Windows?18:50
maco_Sophia_: swap partition is where the contents of RAM goes if you hibernate and also what the system uses if it needs more memory than just what you have of RAM18:50
james147_Sophia_: swap space is like extra ram on your hard disk, it is used when your ram fills up18:50
Incarus6duckx03, you can try the command line way. i found a nice tool called "cnetworkmanager" (26kB), you could try that (cnetworkmanager --help)18:50
Alonea_Sophia_: also, get XMarks addon for FF, chrome, etc. its great for bookmarks18:50
BluesKaj_Sophia_, , like ppl have been say ing if your RAM is over 4G , you might not ever need it18:50
_Sophia_it is 4G18:50
macoAlonea: meh, Firefox Sync...18:50
Daskreech_Sophia_: ok in short the computer keeps everything in RAM obviouslt that's quite limited. So the Swap partition is like a slower version of RAM it can use to pretend RAM is larger than it is18:50
_Sophia_only intensive processes are Quake and Ruby18:50
macoAlonea: it's a Mozilla-created addon for 3 and built into 418:50
_Sophia_sure i'll make a little swap thing18:51
_Sophia_if it doesn't complicate things much18:51
Daskreechit's a way for hte computer to keep on working instead of deleting things that it cannot remember right now18:51
_Sophia_sounds useful to me18:51
FloodBotK2_Sophia_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:51
Daskreech_Sophia_: it won't should make things easier and other than the hard drive space you won't miss it18:51
Aloneamaco: i liek xmarks cause its compatiable with my phone and all my brwosers18:51
_Sophia_fu floodbot!18:51
BluesKajlike a pagefile I think ,in windows18:51
_Sophia_so swap partition: how to go about doing that? >_>18:52
Daskreech_Sophia_: It will ask you during install18:52
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info18:52
macoAlonea: ahhh ok. did they figure out yet what theyre going to do about the oh-god-we-have-no-money thing? they were saying before that they were going to start charging $$$ and then back-pedalled on that...18:52
macoBluesKaj: "do you know what a page file is?" "no" already came up ;-)18:52
maco(i tend to forget people can have bookmarks on their phones. mine makes calls and sends text messages. not much else)18:53
BluesKajmaco, are you here to help or just correct ppl again?18:53
_Sophia_do i have to resize my new second partition to be able to make a swap partition during install?18:53
maco_Sophia_: if you didnt leave any space, then yeah18:53
_Sophia_lol >_>18:53
_Sophia_6 GB is good?18:53
macoassuming you don't have 8GB of RAM and intention to hibernate18:53
Incarus6duckx0r, did knetworkmanager work in an earlier version of kde? can you paste a screenshot of that issue?18:53
james147_Sophia_: you can also create a swap file after installation, instead of a partition18:53
Incarus6duckx0r, another thing you could try is to start knetworkmanager over the terminal18:54
_Sophia_how is the file different?18:54
james147_Sophia_: its easier to resize ^^ other then that there is no difference18:54
macoit can resize as necessary18:54
_Sophia_no other functional difference?18:54
james147_Sophia_: not really18:55
_Sophia_all right18:55
_Sophia_i'd rather do that then18:55
_Sophia_to simply the partitions :p18:55
james147_Sophia_: tecnically, its just a partition thats placed in a file instead of on a drive :)18:55
Daskreech_Sophia_: If you are hibernating that should be great otherwise I hope you are doing crazy Art with mega databases :)18:55
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info18:55
james147_Sophia_: ^^ that link should tell you how to create one (best to do after installation)18:55
_Sophia_daskreech, what? O_O18:55
BluesKaj_Sophia_, the kubuntu install off the live-cd (I assume that's what you're using) will ask if you want a swap when you start the install18:56
maco_Sophia_: making a joke about "what on earth are you doing thatd require MORE than 6GB?!"18:56
_Sophia_all righty18:56
_Sophia_BluesKaj, will it allow me to do a swap *file* during install, or only a partition18:56
macoonly partition18:57
_Sophia_if it only does the partition option, i won't be able to do it then18:57
_Sophia_no free space ^_^18:57
macowell, the default is partition18:57
Daskreechmaco: Huh?18:57
macoyou can choose manual partitioning mode18:57
Daskreechno You can do a swap *file* anytime yo uwant18:57
james147_Sophia_: you can just ignore the warning about swap space during the installation18:57
_Sophia_350 for windows, 570 for kubuntu o_O18:57
duckx0rIncarus6, I haven't run an earlier version of KDE on this computer. Only gnome. I just tried wicd and it also has a problem connecting, so it's probably something to do with the wireless driver18:57
_Sophia_am i ready to install? x.x18:57
macoDaskreech: i meant "only partition" in that the installer wont *offer* swap file18:57
macothere is no option for it18:58
Daskreechmaco: ah I see of course there isn't18:58
Incarus6duckx03, jep, thats the reason i was asking that question. dmesg doesnt show any errors?18:58
james147_Sophia_: you should be18:58
Daskreechit will not perform as well as a partition so there is no reason to offer to make one18:58
_Sophia_going to try to install now18:58
Daskreech_Sophia_: happy face!18:58
_Sophia_or =D18:59
_Sophia_but =D reminds me of a bunny ;o18:59
Incarus6offtopic ;)18:59
BluesKajgetting giddy in here , time for a break :)18:59
AloneaIncarus6: I got horribly OT earlier with android...its mostly linux!18:59
DaskreechMostly :)19:00
Daskreechat least tit's not a fork of linux anymore19:01
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duckx0rIncarus6, dmesg doesn't show anything when i try to click on the access point in the network manager19:01
Incarus6linux mixed with privacy issues and the user isn't root. wonder if another distribution would run on cell phones19:01
Incarus6duckx0r, and when the wlan device is connected / recogniced ?19:02
AloneaIncarus6: theoretically, I mean , once you root your phone and there are kernels out there, so you could really make any rom on top (and of course fiddle more with the kernel)19:03
duckx0rIncarus6, all it has is [ 2879.832074] eth1: no IPv6 routers present19:03
Incarus6that took 2900 seconds?19:04
duckx0rIncarus6, since the computer booted, yeah19:05
noaXesshey all19:06
DaskreechAlonea: In theory19:06
Daskreechmore phone manufacturers are putting rombombs in the phone19:06
noaXessupgrade a 10.04 machine to 10.10.. and now can't boot... can boot only with older kernel 2.6.32 but 2.6.35 stop's on boot.. any hint?19:06
noaXessgooging already ;)19:06
macoIncarus6: could try Kubuntu Mobile...19:06
maconot that i recommend it on your primary phone...19:06
macoi think apachelogger's been testing it out19:06
AloneaDaskreech: I am horribly proud of Cyanogen. They have done such a wonderful job and we are getting more life on our phones than we would otherwise19:07
Incarus6maco, i dont have any cell phone that is able to run such software ;)19:07
DaskreechAlonea: I know :) the prospects are really great19:08
AloneaDaskreech: I just wish it was easier to get Sense UI. I hate that I love it...I know its bloated, but I like it19:08
DaskreechHoping that those who are setting the phones to blow themselves up if you put on your own software lose so many sales that they either bury themselves or have to stop stupid things like that19:09
DaskreechnoaXess: What's the stop error?19:09
AloneaDaskreech: yeah and AT&T needs to cut out blocking out of market apps. I am on Sprint and had little issue rooting my phones19:09
DaskreechAlonea: What do you like about it? There is no replacement for it yet?19:09
duckx0rIncarus6, I'm going to try uninstalling the proprietary wireless driver i'm using and see if I can get this.19:10
noaXessDaskreech: hey.... give me a minute.19:10
AloneaDaskreech: not really. I mean Launcher Pro is getting there, but I had a lot of stability issues with it. The problem with SenseUI is its HTC's baby and no can make an updated rom with sense in it as they have to wait for HTC to release SenseUI with the later android OS versions for at least one phone before people can toodle with it19:11
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!19:11
noaXessDaskreech: for what message should i search in kern.log?19:12
noaXessDaskreech: what i found.. 0000:00:04.0: Error EEPROM read 019:12
noaXessmaybe a bios problem?19:12
DaskreechAlonea: Well that's kinda the point of them doing Sense isn't it? :) to tie you to them19:13
DaskreechnoaXess: Looks like it. Try removing the kernel image and reinstalling19:13
noaXessDaskreech: boot into old recovery and reinstall, right?19:13
DaskreechOr just bump the older kernel to default unless you want something specific from the new build19:14
noaXessDaskreech: better reinstall current kernel..19:14
DaskreechnoaXess: Either works19:15
noaXessDaskreech: ok19:15
AloneaDaskreech: ^_^. I mean, its just a UI, I ran stock on my hero for a while, but I just got an Evo and I am happy with the stock ROM with a hacked kernel19:17
noaXessDaskreech: also purge linux-headers19:17
DaskreechnoaXess: shouldn't make a differnce Kernel doesn't use the linux headers19:18
DaskreechIt's the header files for apps to link into19:18
DaskreechThey are all already compiled into the kernel. Doesn't need them externally19:19
noaXessaha.. so no, not purge ;)19:19
noaXessafter purge linux-image, install it, or reboot?19:19
DaskreechEither would work :)19:20
noaXessor just sudo aptitude install linux-image-generic19:20
shane4ubuntuok, any programmers?  I want to script this out for easy use, ffmpeg -bunch-o-options -i $1  $1.withoutextension.mp4  ??  Basename can be used I think right?19:20
Daskreechunless you want to reboot back in to that image19:20
DaskreechYes it can shane4ubuntu19:20
katsrcwhat do you guys think about all these people saying "God is punishing Japan?"19:20
shane4ubuntuDaskreech: I have an example of basename, but I don't know how to apply it in this instance19:21
shane4ubuntuhere is my example I have on file:    for x in *.ogg; do ffmpeg -i "$x" "`basename "$x" .ogg`.mp3"; done19:21
BluesKajkatsrc, not the place for such discussions19:22
Daskreechkatsrc: try in #kubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-offtopic19:22
katsrcBluesKaj: sorry, the message went to the wrong channel19:22
noaXessDaskreech: same problem.. the last lin on boot is: registered taskstats version 1.. then just the blinking cursor.. maybe i make a bios update..19:23
DaskreechnoaXess: You hit enter and ^Z?19:23
Incarus6katsrc, try it in #wrong-server-to-talk-about-such-things19:23
noaXessDaskreech: no.. when cursor is blinking?19:23
BluesKaj katsrc, i don't agree with that statement anyway  ...it's ridiculous to make such a judgement19:24
Incarus6BluesKaj, dont feed the religion-troll19:24
DaskreechIncarus6: ?19:25
BluesKajhehe, Incarus6 , I couldn't resist , it's so stupid19:25
DaskreechWe already pushed to the OT chans19:25
shane4ubuntuok, so if I wanted to use basename Daskreech, how about this:  ffmpeg -i $1 "`basename "$1".*`.mp419:26
DaskreechThat would work if in a script19:27
shane4ubuntuDaskreech: thanks a bundle, is there a simple way I can test basename? like a one liner? ls | echo "`basename .*"19:28
Daskreechshane4ubuntu: do you know what basename does?19:30
shane4ubuntuwell, just read the very short man page, it strips either the leading directories, or the suffix, I'm having a difficult time figuring out it's usage19:31
shane4ubuntuI tried, ls *.mp4 | basename to no avail19:31
noaXessDaskreech: what you mean with: hit enter and ^Z19:31
DaskreechnoaXess: I had a bug with a kernel on Fedora that had a process waiting on something and it was blocking.19:31
duckx0rIncarus6, I got it working somehow with wicd, disabling and enabling the proprietary driver and a few reboots. Don't ask me how.19:32
Daskreechnothing would boot till it stopped waiting. Hitting ^Z backgrounded it and everything else went on booting19:32
AloneanoaXess: I believe ^Z means ctrl+Z19:32
noaXessHah ok.. no CTRL+Z won't work.. also the new bios.. :(.. grrrr..19:32
Daskreechsome processes will stop waiting if you hit enter so just hit one then the other to see if it prods it to moving forward19:32
shane4ubuntuok, the help file isn't very helpfull19:32
Daskreechshane4ubuntu: :) tell me what you gather from it and I'll tell you if it's correct19:33
noaXessDaskreech: if i ht enter nothing happends.. even no new line.. and also ^Z won't work19:33
DaskreechnoaXess: ^C?19:33
noaXessno chance...19:33
noaXessalso ctrl+alt+del.. won't work.. it is blocked.19:33
DaskreechnoaXess: I'm going on the presumption you know  ^Z means Ctrl+Z :)19:33
noaXessi know.19:34
DaskreechnoaXess: does SysReq work?19:34
shane4ubuntuDaskreech: it shows to use it like this: basename file.ext  should output file  however it outputs file.ext19:34
Incarus6duckx0r, kernel 2.6.38 was released today, much things are fixed in newer kernel versions (current: 2.6.35), i believe that driver situation would be better with the next ubuntu release19:34
Incarus6*will, not would19:34
noaXessDaskreech: the key.. no.. nothing happends..19:34
Daskreechshane4ubuntu: basename file.ext .ext19:34
DaskreechTry that19:35
noaXessDaskreech: or what you mean exaclty with SysReq?19:35
DaskreechnoaXess: alt+ctrl+Sysreq+B19:35
shane4ubuntuDaskreech: ahh, but for that you must *know the ext, in a script I don't know the ext.19:35
AloneanoaXess: MAgical sysreq is awesome19:35
Daskreechshane4ubuntu: You can probably detect it with regexp19:35
noaXessnothing.. system is blocked19:35
DaskreechYou want the smallest substring of a basename that ends with .19:36
shane4ubuntuDaskreech: regexp?19:36
DaskreechnoaXess: Hosed. File a bug and use a kernel that works19:36
* shane4ubuntu mans regexp19:36
Daskreechshane4ubuntu: it's a system not a command19:36
duckx0rIncarus6, well with 2.6.35 it doesn't even recognize that there is a wireless card installed19:36
DaskreechHold on let me find a tutirial for you19:36
shane4ubuntuahh, regular expression19:36
shane4ubuntuDaskreech: or regex19:37
Daskreechshane4ubuntu: yes19:37
noaXessDaskreech: got it.. if i use acpi=off in the kernel line.. i can biit the 2.6.35 kernel..19:37
Daskreechof course.19:37
Daskreechpower >_>19:38
shane4ubuntuDaskreech: I need just one example of using basename with a regex19:38
Daskreechit would be two lines19:38
Incarus6duckx0r, yes, they added some wireless drivers in the newer versions ;) i remember the time when ubuntu 8.04 came out., 8.04 was unuseable on desktop computer (didnt work for me ;) debian did) and it got better with 8.10 but 9.04 broke it again.. i dont like these 04 releases ;)19:38
Daskreechshane4ubuntu: what are you trying to accomplish with it?19:40
Daskreechis http://tldp.org down for anyone else?19:40
Incarus6Daskreech, also down in germany: Error 102 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED): Unknown Error19:41
shane4ubuntuDaskreech: script out ffmpeg with bunch of options to a single command script filename     script would conver avi, mov, mgp etc to mp419:42
noaXessDaskreech: pci=noacpi also work... hm...19:42
Daskreechshane4ubuntu: http://tinyurl.com/6hprk5819:42
Incarus6Daskreech, PING tldp.org ( 56(84) bytes of data. 64 bytes from vhost.ibiblio.org ( icmp_req=1 ttl=55 time=161 ms19:43
DaskreechnoaXess: yes it's acpi that's screwing with you19:43
DaskreechIncarus6: Yeah I can get the server to respond but I can't get it to server me anything19:43
DaskreechI guess that makes it a responder rather than a server19:43
noaXessDaskreech: what is the problem if i set pci=noacpi? acpi is powermanagement or more?19:43
BluesKajhmm, I'm using a wireless KB and just discovered my SysRq key is missing , prtscrn is int's place19:43
DaskreechnoaXess: acpi is powermanagement19:44
DaskreechBluesKaj: same key19:44
noaXessDaskreech: with above option, pci devices don't have acpi.. or the system can't control it.. right?19:44
AloneaBluesKaj: if you are on a laptop you might have to do Fn19:44
Incarus6Daskreecg, http://wiki.tldp.org/ is working19:44
DaskreechWithout any modifers it's printscreen19:44
Daskreechpressing a modifer makes it SysReq19:44
BluesKajI'm using a wireless KB19:45
DaskreechCourse Windows doesn't use that so people don't label as that since "no one" will every use it19:45
BluesKajok Daskreech , thanks19:45
BluesKajyeah it's a MS KB :)19:45
DaskreechnoaXess: there is no power management for the PCI bus which is used for all devices correct19:45
DaskreechIf I remember that correctly19:46
Daskreechbeen a few years since i studied kernel cheat codes19:46
DaskreechBluesKaj: That would explain a lot :) Don't forget to get a Tux sticker to replace the Windows Logo :)19:47
noaXessDaskreech: ok.. for the moment, it works..19:48
DaskreechnoaXess: Whee :)19:48
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_Sophia_okay, *so*20:27
_Sophia_now i can't run windows, and when i put in the windows CD, it doesn't give a 'repair computer' option, all it gives is an install option20:28
_Sophia_what do? ;d20:28
_Sophia_Daskreech? >.>20:30
_Sophia_ohai ;320:30
Daskreech_Sophia_: define I can't run windows20:31
_Sophia_okay, when i installed kubuntu, i chose the dual boot option20:31
_Sophia_so it has a menu come up with 5 options20:31
_Sophia_kubuntu, kubuntu in safe mode, memtest1, memtest2, and vista (in sda1 or w.e it's called)20:31
_Sophia_when i pick windows, it won't run, attributing the error to a recent software or hardware change >_>20:32
_Sophia_it said to put in the install disk and click on the 'repair computer' option20:32
_Sophia_when i put in the install disk, it has no such option, and wants me to install windows -_-20:32
DaskreechWhere did you get the install Disk?20:33
_Sophia_the windows one?20:33
_Sophia_i got it from the place i bought my prebuilt machine from, 2 years ago and 2000 miles away :p20:34
_Sophia_also, how do i get flash and stuff like that installed? it was implied earlier that all were under 1 cmd, but it didn't work when i attempted it20:36
_Sophia_dying without music =)20:36
BluesKaj_Sophia_, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras, in the konsole20:38
_Sophia_is what i tried before20:38
_Sophia_i'll copy+paste this time >_>!20:38
_Sophia_sudo password for Sophia:20:39
_Sophia_wtf lol20:39
_Sophia_oh the pw when i installed20:39
_Sophia_can i make it so i don't have to input that to install stuff?20:39
_Sophia_i'm the only user of this machine20:39
Daskreech_Sophia_: yes20:40
BluesKaj_Sophia_, yes but for secuity's sake it's part of the linux system , it can be altered later , but it's a bit complicated20:41
_Sophia_but uh20:41
_Sophia_how do i get past this MSFT EULA? o.o20:41
Daskreech_Sophia_: Umm20:41
DaskreechWhere is this?20:41
_Sophia_in konsole20:42
_Sophia_i'm installing that package20:42
DarthFrog_Sophia_:  Did you clone an image of your Windows system yesterday, with Clonzilla as I told you to do, *before* resizing the Windows partition.  If so, simply restore that image via Clonezilla and you'll have Windows back.20:42
_Sophia_DarthFrog, totally didn't do that o_O20:42
genii-aroundtab to switch fields, enter to select20:42
BluesKaj_Sophia_, sudo update-grub ,just to make sure , you may need to use a partition manager like Gparted to make the windows partition "active" ,. That happened to me once after using the live cd to partiotion my diskspace20:42
DarthFrog_Sophia_: Too bad, it'd cover your ass right now.20:42
_Sophia_genii-around, ty :p didn't think of tab20:43
_Sophia_BluesKaj, okay, will do20:43
DarthFrog_Sophia_:  My suggestion is to simply bite the bullet and back up the data in the Windows partition (you can do that from Kubuntu), then re-install Windows.20:43
_Sophia_will my data still be available? lol20:43
DarthFrog_Sophia_: If you've made a copy of it in Kubuntu, yes, you can restore it.20:44
_Sophia_is this a 'data seperate from OS' thing?20:44
DarthFrog_Sophia_: It should be. :-)20:44
_Sophia_i don't care about the OS other than for testing purposes, but i need data from it to Kubuntu20:44
_Sophia_i guess i'm restarting OS now, so flash will work ^_^20:45
Daskreech_Sophia_: open dolphin20:45
_Sophia_uh fine ;o20:46
DaskreechThere should be a A hard drive on the left under Trash20:46
Daskreech click that20:46
_Sophia_kubuntu and 351  GiB o_O20:46
Daskreechok click the 350 GB one20:46
_Sophia_i see data20:46
_Sophia_is this all the data from before install?20:47
Daskreech_Sophia_: yes20:47
Daskreechthat's Windows20:47
DaskreechClick on Users20:47
_Sophia_if so i shouldn't need to worry about Windows, right?20:47
Daskreechthen your user name20:47
FloodBotK2Daskreech: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:47
Daskreech_Sophia_: Right :)20:47
_Sophia_stfu floodbot >_>!20:47
* Alonea kills FloodBotK220:47
_Sophia_okay, in Users o_O20:48
_Sophia_also coming down from high btw =/20:48
_Sophia_i assume you just wanted me to click on user20:49
Alonea_Sophia_: I am a    bit behind here so you are looking for files on your windows box?20:49
_Sophia_i need to transfer stuff from windows to kubuntu20:49
_Sophia_pictures, pdf files, and i need to figure out how to transfer like bookmarks and cookies20:50
Alonea_Sophia_: ok, so you are looking at your windows drive yes?20:50
_Sophia_i suppose, since i see data :p20:50
Alonea_Sophia_: then copy/paste away20:50
_Sophia_oh i see20:50
_Sophia_i need to install some good stuff today though, like skype + vlc + quakelive plugin + firefox and chrome20:51
_Sophia_going to restart so flash works20:51
Alonea_Sophia_: package manager is generally your friend20:51
_Sophia_i noticed ;320:51
_Sophia_is pretty straightfoward =D20:51
_Sophia_k brb ;p20:51
Aloneathough I personally prefer to install some things by the actual vendor as that is more up to date20:52
BluesKajAlonea, give the girl a break , she's new...let her get settled in first20:53
AloneaBluesKaj: well, thats more a personal thing. I generally tell people to use the package manager, though I love how angry people get in here sometimes when I don't20:53
AloneaBluesKaj: The slackware people rubbed off on me20:54
Daskreechdid anyone tell her that she just needs to restart the browser?20:54
BluesKajit's ok ,but when we know the person is a newuser , compilinhg isn't exactly an easy thing for them20:54
AloneaDaskreech: probably not...20:54
DaskreechOh wait she's on IRC through the browser anyway20:55
Daskreechnever mind :)20:55
AloneaBluesKaj: ^_^. yeah, though a lot of people are good at providing binaries for us lazy people20:55
Daskreechshane4ubuntu: Got that basename done?20:55
BluesKajAlonea, I think she wants to get her windows access problem solved first20:56
DaskreechYeah that's normally the fear20:56
AloneaBluesKaj: so, did she break her windows system? or just the boot?20:56
Daskreechafter a while if Windows breaks  you might look at fixing it next month20:57
DaskreechAlonea: just boot20:57
BluesKajthe windows boot20:57
AloneaBluesKaj: though it sounds like her files are still there. ok. fixing boot isn't usually too bad20:57
Daskreech_Sophia_: install konversation20:57
AloneaDaskreech: or pidgin!20:57
_Sophia_i'll install an IRC client today20:57
BluesKajanyway , bbl got some stuff to do before dinner ...good luck _Sophia_  :)20:57
_Sophia_but as this works through computer, it's not as high a priority  as the other stuff ;o20:57
_Sophia_thanks BluesKaj ;320:58
_Sophia_*works through internet20:58
DaskreechWhat works through the computer?20:58
_Sophia_wow LOL20:58
_Sophia_IRC client20:58
DaskreechI was confused :)20:58
_Sophia_using official one20:58
_Sophia_yeah, my bad, sorry20:58
_Sophia_and now i'm using chrome so x.x20:58
Daskreechbooo chrome boooo20:58
Daskreech :)20:58
Daskreechok so what now?20:59
_Sophia_putting off installing firefox because there may be some easier way to transfer bookmarks if i do it during install20:59
_Sophia_now i need to see if flash works (Youtube) = music20:59
Alonea_Sophia_: I don't know if this is still true or will even matter based on your ram, but on slower systems I have found that chrome runs much faster than FF20:59
DaskreechThough it uses more RAM20:59
_Sophia_i use chrome for quake live, because it doesn't mess up as much20:59
_Sophia_but firefox for everything else20:59
Daskreechfeels way faster though20:59
Daskreech Ok :)20:59
_Sophia_i like add-ons20:59
_Sophia_my firefox is like a tank or something :p20:59
AloneaDaskreech: yeah, when I did FF on this netbook it was a slideshow. chrome ran smooth21:00
_Sophia_okay flash seems to be installed, as youtube streaming works ;321:02
Daskreechof course it is :)21:02
_Sophia_okay, so now, how do i transfer bookmarks? ;o21:03
_Sophia_to firefox ofc21:03
* Alonea is still sticking to her XMarks21:03
DaskreechCopy them from windows21:04
_Sophia_not sure the location of that ;o21:05
DaskreechMe either :)21:05
Alonea_Sophia_: ummm...its under applicationdata someplace21:05
Alonea_Sophia_: and Application Data is a hidden folder under your User folder21:06
_Sophia_isn't hidden21:06
_Sophia_is the first folder21:06
Daskreech it's most likely something like Users/<username>/Application Data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles21:06
_Sophia_i've gone in there to tweak some stuff before o_O21:06
_Sophia_will look21:06
_Sophia_uh wait21:06
_Sophia_there's an AppData, and an Application Data (and Application Data is written in italics_21:06
DaskreechAppData probably21:07
_Sophia_other one21:07
_Sophia_i found bookmarks.html21:07
_Sophia_no i found it21:08
FloodBotK2Daskreech: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:08
Daskreech that's all you need21:08
_Sophia_what to do with it?21:08
* Alonea duct tapes FloodBotK2 mouth21:08
_Sophia_floodbot is like an angry schoolmarm ;d21:09
Daskreechinstall Firefox then tell it you have a bookmarks.html21:09
_Sophia_it will ask during install? i don't recall as much21:09
_Sophia_or is this something to do after install21:09
_Sophia_regardless i'll start install ;p21:09
Daskreechafter install21:09
_Sophia_well we'll see then ;o21:10
_Sophia_okay so i have the tar.bz2 file, but no idea how to install it -_-21:11
Daskreech_Sophia_: sudo apt-get install firefox21:11
_Sophia_okay will try that21:11
_Sophia_is probably easier >_>21:11
_Sophia_yay firefox ;x21:13
_Sophia_now, how to do the bookmark thing? ;o21:15
_Sophia_that's how to make a bookmark21:17
_Sophia_already knew that21:17
_Sophia_what i'm trying to do is copy the bookmarks.html into firefox so i have my bookmarks21:17
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genii-around_Sophia_: Ahhhh. In Kubuntu is under /home/yourname/.mozilla/firefox    area.21:18
genii-aroundAfter that dir is a name system specific21:19
genii-aroundlike 9ywq8wxy.default or so. Thats where to put the bookmarks.html21:20
_Sophia_nvm i figured it out >.<21:20
_Sophia_wait maybe not -_-21:20
_Sophia_think i just imported the default bookmarks21:20
_Sophia_apparently i can't find my bookmarks >_>21:26
Daskreech_Sophia_: manage Bookmarks -> import bookmarks -> from file -> give it bookmarks.html21:32
_Sophia_i did21:32
_Sophia_and the bookmarks.html file was last updated last year21:32
_Sophia_so it's the default one =(21:32
_Sophia_installing skype lol21:32
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga21:33
_Sophia_yay skype21:35
_Sophia_now, bookmarks ;o!21:35
Daskreech_Sophia_: The bookmarks woudln't import?21:47
Daskreech was tehre an error?21:47
_Sophia_it's just the standard one21:48
_Sophia_i can't find *my* bookmarks21:48
_Sophia_also, headphones won't work21:48
shane4ubuntuDaskreech: well, not really I just decided to go with it in a loop since I had a good example of that to follow, didn't have time to learn about the regex in a script21:55
shane4ubuntufor basenames that is21:55
Daskreech_Sophia_: where is the bookmarks.html can you open it in a browser?22:04
Daskreechshane4ubuntu: ok you have basename working though22:10
shane4ubuntuDaskreech: yep, through a loop, appreciate the info.22:10
shane4ubuntuDaskreech: some of the videos I have in my pictures collection are excessively large, and I'm cutting down their size with ffmpeg to make them mp4.22:12
DaskreechThe videos in your picture collection??22:12
* Daskreech keeps this family friendly by not asking the obvious question of "What kinda picture collection is that?"22:13
DaskreechWeddings I guess22:13
shane4ubuntuno, short videos of kids, and videos of church things, although some of them were excessive, 200MB+22:14
shane4ubuntuthese digital cameras now days do video in a large fashion22:15
shane4ubuntuI was contented when the digital cameras were like 3megapixels, I thought that was good enough, for printing a 3x5 or 4x6 picture, which is what probably 99% of the pictures are.22:16
Daskreechshane4ubuntu: so drop your size in the settings22:18
shane4ubuntuDaskreech: well, I didn't realize those videos cam out so large22:18
shane4ubuntuI did set the picture size down so they aren't so large22:18
shane4ubuntuI think 1.5 - 2MB a pic, even those I shrink after about 6 months of not printing them.22:19
Daskreech_Sophia_: I see your O_O and raise you ^O^22:27
_Sophia_i need bookmarks >_<!22:27
DaskreechCan you open the bookmarks.html in a browser?22:28
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seirioshi i woild like an invitation please to the vault22:30
Dekk-lappycan one remove gnome desktop after kubuntu desktop is installed in ubuntu vanilla?22:31
Dekk-lappyjust askin  :)22:31
seiriosvery dificult , go to ubuntu forums22:31
shane4ubuntuyes just make surew you have kdm setup22:31
mashizzelDoes anyone know if the 64bit flash plugin is stable yet or should I just use 32bit?22:31
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »22:32
seirioscan someone please invite me to the vault22:32
_Sophia_Daskreech, i found the last 5 days of bookmark backups, but they're in json format, maybe i can change them to html? :O22:32
shane4ubuntumashizzel: I switched to google chrome, and now I don't worry about flash plugins. :)22:32
Daskreech_Sophia_: where did you find this?22:32
DaskreechDekk-lappy: see what ubottu said22:33
shane4ubuntu_Sophia_: you should be able to open that with Firefox and then save it as an html22:33
_Sophia_User > Application Data > Mozilla > Firefox > Profiles > Default > bookmarkbackups22:34
mashizzelshane4ubuntu: nice.. thanks for the tip. Always thought it had to be Plugged IN so to say.. :D22:34
Dekk-lappylooks easier to copy needed files to a flash drive.( work docs) and do a clean kubuntu install22:34
shane4ubuntumashizzel: No prob, I have really found chrome to be fast, different than firefox, but fast.22:35
_Sophia_okay i opened it with FF22:35
_Sophia_it's a super long single line (144 kb)22:35
shane4ubuntuDekk-lappy: if you do that, make a separate /home partition, to make future installs simple22:36
shane4ubuntu_Sophia_: OOOhh, I meant, somehow Firefox will import backup files like that, not open it directly with firefox.22:36
mashizzelshane4ubuntu: thanks.. I'll give it a try. Question if I may?22:36
shane4ubuntu_Sophia_: I guess I wasn't real clear about that, but that is what I meant.22:37
Daskreech_Sophia_: What happened to the bookmarks.html that you had?22:37
shane4ubuntumashizzel: fire away.22:37
_Sophia_it is the default, i have said22:37
_Sophia_it's the default that is installed when firefox is installed22:37
_Sophia_because when i try to select it, none of the bookmarks change22:37
mashizzelOne thing I like, is flash player working and when researching having new tab open to home page. Is that possible with Chrome?22:38
Daskreech_Sophia_: Huh? You have a file called bookmarks.html right?22:38
shane4ubuntumashizzel: hmm, I'm not sure about that, that is a good question, my new tabs open blank, but I don't mind that.22:39
_Sophia_it's only 6 kb22:39
shane4ubuntumashizzel: I don't use flash a lot, but I have never noticed any problems with it with chrome22:39
Daskreech_Sophia_: soooo not hte right one then :)22:39
_Sophia_the bookmarkbackups are 140 or so kb22:39
mashizzelshane4ubuntu: what's the easiest way to install Chrome. This is a default install of Kubuntu 10.10 64bit? sudo apt-get crome ?22:40
shane4ubuntumashizzel: no, that will get you chromium, and chromium is the testing bed for chrome, let me get that for you.22:41
mashizzelshane4ubuntu: k.. thanks. appreciate your help22:41
Daskreech_Sophia_: ahm but those are not the bookmarks.html ?22:41
DaskreechSee if you can find one that's about that size22:42
_Sophia_they aren't in html i said ;o22:42
_Sophia_json format22:42
mashizzel_Sophia_:  what are you trying to do? Export from json to html?22:45
_Sophia_i guess what i need to do is convert from json to html, then import the html file from within firefox22:46
shane4ubuntumashizzel: wow that was harder to find than I thought:  http://www.google.com/chrome   I thought there was a repo to add, but download the deb, and it will add their repo and you will be good.22:46
_Sophia_since i can't find the current bookmarks html -_-22:46
mashizzel_Sophia_:  http://fixunix.com/mozilla/547122-ff3-bookmark-converter-json-html.html22:48
shane4ubuntu_Sophia_: Menu -> Bookmarks -> Organize  there is a tab at the top, Import and Backup  That is what you need to do.22:48
_Sophia_thanks mashizzel, i'll check that out22:48
_Sophia_and shane4ubuntu, i already know that =)22:48
shane4ubuntu_Sophia_: Restore File and choose your json file22:48
_Sophia_will try that too x.x22:48
shane4ubuntu_Sophia_:  Restore -> Choose File22:49
_Sophia_ah thank you!22:50
_Sophia_bookmarks :D22:50
_Sophia_that's like half of what i need to do >_>22:50
_Sophia_now it's basically: get headphones to work, install Ruby and gedit, mess with visual stuff, drag over pics and pdfs22:51
_Sophia_and i'll be good to go22:51
mashizzelshane4ubuntu:  sweet. Thanks.. I'll fire this up and try it out. Can't hurt. Anything is better than clunky PC-BSD22:51
shane4ubuntumashizzel: no prob22:51
_Sophia_also need to import cookies ;o!22:52
shane4ubuntu_Sophia_: sudo apt-get install gedit     or just use kate if you are in kde, or check out bluefish (my personal favorite) although kate is faster than bluefish on startup22:52
shane4ubuntuimport cookies????22:52
shane4ubuntuthat is a first for me.22:52
_Sophia_o_O supposedly it's possible?22:52
_Sophia_maybe only within one OS22:52
_Sophia_but the ff site said that it is possible22:53
Daskreech_Sophia_: can Firefox import json ?22:53
_Sophia_it wasn't an option like 'import html' was22:53
_Sophia_but i did just get my bookmarks by restoring a json file22:53
shane4ubuntu_Sophia_: I don't know much about ruby, but sudo apt-get install ruby will get something22:54
Daskreech_Sophia_: great :)22:54
_Sophia_apparently i have to go through some other process =)22:54
_Sophia_(for ruby, that is)22:54
_Sophia_so yeah, cookies ;o22:54
* shane4ubuntu goes to the cookie jar to get his cookies22:54
Daskreech_Sophia_: copy the folder22:55
_Sophia_would need to find it first =)22:55
james147_Sophia_: any reason you need the cookies? most will be recreated when you viste the site again22:56
_Sophia_eh i suppose22:56
_Sophia_was mainly to make password stuff easier22:56
_Sophia_i have too many D:22:56
james147they dont store passwords, use a real password manager for that :) (like kwallet)22:57
james147^^ or shouldnt22:57
shane4ubuntu_Sophia_: you should look for the extension that syncs your firefox stuff, that would be ideal for what you want to do.22:58
_Sophia_uh? o_O22:59
shane4ubuntuit is a feature that Google Chrome has, and afterwards, I found out that FF also has an extension to do the same.22:59
james147_Sophia_: there are firefox extensions that can sync firefoxs settings (well, some things) like bookmarks22:59
shane4ubuntuI think they may do that with passwords too, I'm not sure about the security of it, you are on your own there, but thought I would mention it.23:00
Daskreech_Sophia_: cookies don't keep passwords23:00
_Sophia_i think it will be okay23:00
Daskreechor they are really broken23:00
_Sophia_and all right o_O23:00
james147shane4ubuntu: there are firefox extensions to store passwords on external sites ^^ and thus sync23:00
_Sophia_i just assumed that when a browser asks if you wish to save a pw, that it was stored in a cookie23:00
DaskreechFirefox had a sync before Chrome did23:00
Daskreech_Sophia_: No that's the browser23:01
james147Daskreech: did it? does it? it has extensions but does the core sync?23:01
shane4ubuntujames147: right that is what I said.23:01
DaskreechIt stores it somewhere secure. A cookie is just a text file on your hardrive anything can read it. You don't want passwords there23:01
Daskreechjames147: yes23:01
shane4ubuntuDaskreech: yeah that is very possible, I just never thought of it, or ran into it until I started using chrome23:01
Dekk-lappyok, enabled kdm..so now if i have the guts, i can do sudo apt-get remove ubuntu desktop?23:08
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Daskreech!purekde | Dekk-lappy yes you can try this23:10
ubottuDekk-lappy yes you can try this: If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »23:10
shane4ubuntuDekk-lappy: ok, if you got kdm enabled, you should be good to go, if you get dumped to a non-gui login, login and type startx that will get you into your desktop23:10
shane4ubuntuok, I'm off for diner23:10
FloodBotK2shane4ubuntu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:11
shane4ubuntuahhgh, be back later.23:11
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xjjkhello, is anyone using KDE 4.6.1 w/ the PPA on maverick and getting Nepomuk crashes?23:26
Daskreech_Sophia_: How are you doing?23:28
_Sophia_mostly listening to music and customizing firefox lol23:29
Daskreech_Sophia_: What else would you like?23:29
DaskreechRuby on rails obviously23:29
_Sophia_need to install the quakelive plug-in, install ruby (and rails), import some pdfs and pics, get my headset to work23:30
_Sophia_is about it =)23:30
Daskreech"import some PDFs" ?23:30
DaskreechWell go to Quakelive and you should be ok there23:31
Daskreech!info rails23:31
ubotturails (source: rails): MVC ruby based framework geared for web application development. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.3.5-1.1 (maverick), package size 11 kB, installed size 60 kB23:31
Daskreech_Sophia_: sudo apt-get install rails and you have ruby and rails installed setup and ready to go23:32
_Sophia_apparently that causes issues with gems23:32
_Sophia_i'll look up the ruby and rails stuff from blogs o_O23:32
DaskreechNo idea what you mean by import pdfs but if you mean copy from Windows you already know how to do that23:32
DaskreechHeadset should be in system settings23:33
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_Sophia_figured out the quakeliveplugin issue23:44
_Sophia_apparently linux doesn't support something necessary for it to install in chrome23:45
_Sophia_chrome isn't an officially supported browser for quake live, but it usually works anyway23:45
_Sophia_with linux firefox is necessary23:45
DaskreechWhat was the problem?23:47
DaskreechYou said you figured it out23:47
_Sophia_lol yes23:56
_Sophia_i got it to install23:56
_Sophia_firefox installed the file for me23:56
_Sophia_with chrome it just saved it to documents and i couldn't do anything with it23:57
_Sophia_uhm, headphones...23:57
james147_Sophia_: run "alsamixer" in a terminal and check that the capture channels arnt muted23:57

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