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thomiHi, I'm trying to create a build recipe for a python package. I have followed the packaging guide (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Python), and can create packages manually, but when I try and run 'bzr dailydeb...' I get this error:  http://pastebin.com/8gKAgGKH05:07
thomiCan someone point me in the right direction please? I'm sure I'm doing something obviously wrong.05:07
spivthomi: perhaps try asking #ubuntu-packaging ?05:13
thomispiv: okay - The help pages for recipes say to ask here for help :) Cheers.05:15
thomihuh, could be I stumbled onto this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/61476805:15
ubot5Ubuntu bug 614768 in bzr-builder "Unable to build dpkg v3 (quilt) packages" [High,Fix committed]05:15
antonoi think i should ask it here... for some reason launchpad places only readme in my amd64 package while i386 contains all needed files05:18
antonoeverything is ok when i build package locally on my amd64 host.05:19
antonoif you interested you can look at my PPA: https://launchpad.net/~antono/+archive/rubinius/+packages05:19
spivthomi: here is a reasonable place to ask, but it appears not many folks are awake in here atm05:33
spivthomi: (and your question is beyond what I know)05:33
thomiwell, Once I found that bug report I was able to get it going. Now I have other issues to sort out ;)05:34
wgrantantono: Try 'dpkg-buildpackage -B' locally.05:34
wgrantantono: That should reproduce the conditions found on Launchpad's amd64 builders.05:34
antonowgrant: tying.05:36
antonoit worked for me with debuild without options05:36
wgrantantono: debuild by default builds arch-indep packages too.05:37
wgrantBut when building for multiple architectures you can only build them on one -- we build them on i386.05:37
wgrant-B requests that only architecture-dependent packages be built, as the non-i386 builders do.05:37
antonowgrant: thanks for expaination05:38
antonowgrant: okay. i got normal sized package with all included05:39
antonoand it works locally05:40
wgrantantono: So you can't reproduce it locally?05:45
wgrantantono: That should have reproduced it locally, because I can see the bug.05:52
wgrantantono: You have binary depending directly on install.05:52
wgrantbinary-arch and binary-indep should depend on install.05:52
wgrantOtherwise the separate builds will not have anything installed.05:53
wgrantWhich is probably not what you want.05:53
spivwgrant: interesting, why would that lead to different results for i386 vs amd64 though?  (I'm just randomly curious)05:53
StevenKWhich is why it works on i386 and not amd64. i386 will call 'binary' and amd64 calls 'binary-arch'05:54
wgrantspiv: i386 builds arch-indep, so calls 'binary'05:54
StevenKEr, what wgrant said.05:54
spivwgrant: ah05:54
antonowgrant: thanks!05:54
antonohey, have you considered idea of distributed build farm06:10
antonofor example i have a lot of free resources on my local box and would like to contribute it to ubuntu and launchpad users06:11
antonoso they can build their packages faster06:11
lifelessantono: yes, and rejected it06:11
antonolifeless: why?06:11
lifelessantono: its a matter of trust : we can't verify the output of the build without repeating the build.06:12
antonoaha, right06:12
lifelessantono: and the output of the builds run on millions of users machines06:12
antonosure, i got it :)06:12
antonostupid me :)06:12
lifelessnot at all06:12
lifelessit would be wonderful to find a solution06:13
lifelessmany folk would contribute compute resources06:13
antonoi know there is SETI@home project that uses p2p cloud for science06:13
lifelesswhat they do is run the same calculation many times06:14
lifelessthey have a cheap[ish] verify function06:14
antonohmm. i should ask ubuntuone guys about p2p cloud ;)06:15
antonobtw, anyone know about launchpad installation except launchpad.net ?06:17
lifelessnot really06:19
thomiIs there a delay between the first package being built via build recipe and it appearing on ppa.launchpad.net? My builds have finished, but my PPA doesn't exist yet.07:16
StevenKDid the recipe itself finish building or the source package from the recipe?07:17
thomiboth, I think: https://code.launchpad.net/~sloecode/+recipe/bzr-sloecode-daily07:18
wgrantthomi: The PPA publisher might not be running at the moment. It stops for around an hour most days, about this time.07:18
wgrantI must fix that cron job.07:18
thomiwgrant: haha, thanks.07:18
StevenKthomi: Yes, it's waiting for the publisher. Looking at https://code.launchpad.net/~sloecode/+archive/ppa/+packages if you expand the package you can see 'i386 - Pending publication'07:20
thomiStevenK: ahh, thanks. I missed that.07:21
mrevellGood morning09:08
antonohow can I build packages for different ubuntu versions in one PPA ?09:19
bigjoolsantono: you can either upload packages with different names (include the ubuntu series in the name) or you can upload to one series and use the Copy Packages page09:48
bigjoolsthe former rebuilds for each series, the latter does not09:48
* bigjools really needs to make this a FAQ09:49
StevenKUpload packages with different *versions*, and include the ubuntu series in the version10:00
antonobigjools, StevenK, thank you!10:02
antonoanyway i figured out that maverick missing required dependency :(10:02
* popey pokes stub with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards/AsiaOceania10:42
stubpopey: Ta10:43
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zygajames_w, quick question,I have a package foo-2 that I uploaded to my ppa, the package failed to build because of missing dependency, the dependency turned out to be cyclic so I wanted to upload foo-1, then bar, then foo-2 again. This failed because foo-1 is older and foo-2 was already present. I removed foo-2, uploaded foo-1 and bar (this worked fine). Now the problem: when I upload foo-2 it says I cannot do it because the package is already accepted in "ubunt14:39
zygau/lucid" and I need to modify the package. The actual message is: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/580588/14:39
james_wzyga, are foo-1 and foo-2 two different versions of the same source package name? because uploading foo-1 shouldn't have worked14:40
zygajames_w, yes, and it did14:40
zygajames_w, the ppa in question is ppa:zkrynicki/lava14:41
james_wbut you have to upload zyga214:41
zygajames_w,  foo-1 was python-testtools-0.9.414:41
james_wto get past this error14:41
zygathe -2 was python-testtools-0.9.814:41
zygaok, let me try that14:41
zygait's quite odd that I cannot push the package again really14:42
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psusiit is not currently possible to log into launchpad on a headless server via a text mode browser is it?  or did that get fixed?18:02
benjipsusi: it's mostly not possible, but this workaround might help you: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/586908/comments/518:22
ubot5Ubuntu bug 586908 in Launchpad itself "OpenID login fails for non-beta LP users using lynx and possibly other browsers" [High,Won't fix]18:22
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lifelesspsusi: w3m should work fine18:36
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psusiif I want to look up bugs in the launchpad api for a particular package in ubuntu, is there an easier way than calling launchpad.distributions['ubuntu'].current_series.getSourcePackage("package").searchTasks()?18:41
lifelessIIRC you can provide a target or sourcepackageindistro to searchTasks18:43
lifelessbut I may be thinking of the python API which is slightly different18:43
psusibut searchTasks is a member of...wait... ohh... I can call searchTasks() on the main launchpad collection directly eh?18:44
psusiyea, I'm talking python api18:44
psusiI don't see an argument to specify the ubuntu/package part18:47
lifelessyou can call searchTasks globally, ubuntu, distroseries, package, product, project group, project series, distro series18:50
lifelesspsusi: but we haven't exposed this flexability as searchTasks parameters sorry18:51
lifelessso yes, launchpad.distributions['ubuntu'].current_series.getSourcePackage("package").searchTasks() is the Right Way18:51
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lifelessfeel free to file a bug asking for less object traveral and more flexability19:22
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psusiso I've got a collection of bugs returned from searchTasks().. how do you just get the count of bugs in it?20:33
lifelesspsusi: len()20:50
psusilifeless: got an exception: File "/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/lazr/restfulclient/resource.py", line 717, in __len__21:12
psusi    raise TypeError('collection size is not available')21:12
psusiTypeError: collection size is not available21:12
james_wif you are using an old version of launchpadlib then there was a bug that caused that erroneously21:13
lifelessjames_w: happy thing-fixed-day : bug 70711121:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 707111 in Launchpad itself "Blueprint dependency picker doesn't allow searching outside the target" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70711121:16
psusiohh... so basically the version on lucid is messed up?21:16
james_wpsusi, possibly21:17
james_wpsusi, try .total_len rather than len()21:17
psusik... guess I'll try again at home on maverick... because I'm also getting an exception trying to call bug.newMessage()21:17
psusiexception calling .len, .total_nen, and just len(bugs)21:18
StevenKbugs.count() ?21:20
lifelessStevenK: thats storm isn't it?21:21
StevenKWhile we're tossing out ideas, I thought I'd add mine21:21
AfCStevenK, lifeless: [morning :)]21:25
StevenKHaha. Morning AfC21:25
AfCThe worst part of IRC is coming in to conversations out of context. But then again, you get to come into conversations out of context, and that can be fun.21:26
* AfC lets you get back to work21:26
StevenKPff, I don't start for another 90 minutes, I'm bored while waiting for a delivery21:27
lifelesshi AfC21:27
StevenKI'm so tempted to export a magically_fix function from IBug that raises NotImplemented21:28
StevenKlifeless: Are we allowed to have easter eggs in the API? :-)21:31
lifelessStevenK: shrug :)21:31
leonardrStevenK: make sure you expose() that NotImplemented21:32
lifelessStevenK: wouldn't want it in the apidoc, that would really not be an easter egg ;>21:33
StevenKlifeless: I'm not sure how to export something to devel only but have the apidoc ignore it.21:33
leonardranything you hide from the apidoc you will also hide from the client21:34
StevenKThe sounds like a bug. "We do not support easter eggs"21:35
leonardryou can neglect to give it a docstring21:35
StevenKleonardr: Last time I recall doing that, I seem to recall lazr.restful giving very odd exceptions due to the docstring not being formatted as it expected.21:36
leonardrit had no docstring at all, or an empty docstring?21:36
StevenKI think I was having trouble with an empty docstring, but I can't quite recall.21:37
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arandHello, I'm doing rebuilds of a ~450M game in https://edge.launchpad.net/~arand/+archive/redeclipse and I tend to run out of space every now and then, would it be possible to increase the quota?22:24
arands/rebuilds/svn updates/22:25
micahgarand: file a question against launchpad22:44
arandmicahg: Ok, cheers22:45
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