Rakhello down lubuntu have older revison downloads?02:58
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jmarsdenRak: Older revisions of all Ubuntu/Lubuntu packages are still in the repositories, you can downgrade packages with apt-get just as in all of the Ubuntu family.  Is that what you mean?  If not, what are you looking for?03:41
Unit193Rak: I "think" 10.04 was the first stable Lubuntu03:42
Rakwas just wondering03:43
RakI got a older computer it has 128 mb =P03:43
Unit193CPU? I would say lubuntu is more lightweight03:44
RakPen III coppermine03:45
Unit193Rak: From the wiki "A Pentium II or Celeron system with 128 MiB of RAM is probably a bottom-line configuration that may yield slow yet usable system with Lubuntu"03:45
jmarsdenUnit193: There was an lubuntu-meta pacakge (and therefore an lubuntu-desktop package) in Karmic 9.10, according to rmadison03:46
juanantonioHello. From my experience, I can say I have a PIII 800 Mhz with 256 Mb RAM (4 Mb Video shared), and everything is ok, not too fast, but usable with IM, mail, even aMule and Transmission03:48
juanantonioand I have 10.1003:48
juanantoniothis is what I am using now, by the way03:48
Unit193jmarsden: You're correct http://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic/lubuntu-desktop03:49
jmarsdenUnit193: Right;  I did   rmadison lubuntu-desktop    instead -- same kind of info just a command line interface to it :)03:50
juanantonioThe only question I have is that I do not know if it's possible to logout and relog in with the same programs I had, as KDE or Gnome do. Is that possible in LXDE?03:51
jmarsdenjuanantonio: I am not sure; I know there was a bug requesting .xsession support, which would probably be one way to get that effect.03:53
juanantonioA bug or a bot?03:54
jmarsdenbug #53050303:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 530503 in lxdm (Ubuntu) "Use .xsession from home user" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53050303:54
jmarsdenThat bug report mentions a workaround : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxdm/+bug/530503/comments/5   # which might work for you03:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 530503 in lxdm (Ubuntu) "Use .xsession from home user" [Wishlist,Incomplete]03:55
juanantonioOk, I am pasting in Chromium to see what tells to me, thanks a lot03:56
jmarsdenjuanantonio: You're welcome.03:57
jmarsdenjuanantonio: BTW you should be able to right click on the link (in xchat) and click on "Open Link in Browser" -- no need to cut and paste for that.03:57
juanantonioYes, that is what I have done, it's wonderful03:59
juanantoniobut I got a problem: I don't know what to do with the link04:00
juanantonioI have read through it04:00
juanantonioand i don't understand04:00
juanantonioLet me have a look at my directories and files04:02
juanantoniobut if I install this, will I lose my current configuration?04:05
juanantonioOk, I will try tomorrow. Thanks and good night04:10
mndrllhey i just install Lubuntu 10.10 on my hp notebook05:09
mndrlldoes anyone knows how i can hotkeys for openning the terminal05:10
mndrlland other stuffs??05:10
jmarsdenmndrll: See http://wiki.lxde.org/en/LXDE:Questions#How_do_I_change_the_hotkeys.3F05:12
mndrlljmarsden, thanks!05:14
jmarsdenmndrll: You're welcome.  BTW, all I did was use Google to look for it :)05:15
mndrlljmarsden, lol05:15
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StamEhadHi!I'm trying to boot an ole PIII laptop with the Lubuntu 10.10 liveCD but it hangs in the screen with the ubuntu 10.10 and 4 dots.09:45
fade_hi there10:45
fade_im interested if someone has a solution to screen locking after suspend, on resume it just comes back to the desktop, does not ask for password10:46
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Guest51561I just set up a dual boot of XP and lubuntu 10.10. Everything was going fine, I was just wrestling with enabling wireless on ubuntu a little bit. After updating packages I restarted, and winxp no longer shows in grub. Just lubuntu twice, twice recovery, and two memtests. How can I return XP to the grub menu, or do I have something else wrong?10:54
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leszekAndrewRSM: install os-prober and run it from Lubuntus LxTerminal with root rights10:56
AndrewRSMleszek, Thank you for the response, doing this.10:56
AndrewRSMsudo os-prober10:59
AndrewRSM/dev/sda1:Microsoft Windows XP Professional:Windows:chain10:59
AndrewRSMDoes that look good leszek?10:59
leszekyep it does11:00
leszekAndrewRSM: I think you need to execute now: sudo update-grub211:00
leszekor sudo update-grub11:00
leszekwhich should update grubs menu11:00
AndrewRSMI ran both of those. The two versions of linux, new followed by backup kernel (if I'm correct), memtest, and the windows install were listed.11:02
AndrewRSMWill this be a common occurance following Linux kernel updates?11:02
leszekyes unless you remove the old kernels. But be aware to test the newly installed kernel if its running ok for you before deleting the older ones11:03
AndrewRSMI just received a partial message with no name in front of it.11:03
AndrewRSM"the newly installed kernel if its running ok for you before deleting the older ones"11:03
AndrewRSMHm, the rest of your message appeared. I guess it was an issue with my xchat.11:05
AndrewRSMDo I need to delete old kernels?11:05
AndrewRSMOr can I safely never manually delete old kernels indefinitely?11:05
leszekYou don't need to remove them11:06
leszekbut they will be useless if you don't use them and take up space11:06
AndrewRSMSo perhaps once I have a third, I should use the google and figure out how to remove the oldest one safely?11:07
leszekyou can remove them with synaptic, just like normally removing an application11:10
AndrewRSMAh ok.11:10
leszekbut make sure to remove the right kernel, with the right version number ;)11:10
fade_im interested if someone has a solution to screen locking after suspend, on resume it just comes back to the desktop, does not ask for password11:10
AndrewRSMThanks again leszek.11:11
leszekfade_: I guess xscreensavers settings might have an option for locking the screen before suspending11:11
leszekAndrewRSM: no problem ;)11:12
fade_unfortunatelly it does not, and i searched for 2 hours for a solution, does not exist11:12
fade_i tried using gnome screensaver for this, but its not really working the way i would like to11:12
fade_i was thinking of finding the script that prepares it for suspend and insert xautolock there to force screen lock before going to suspend, so when it wakes up, should be locked11:13
fade_leszek did you make a youtube video for user llectro... ?11:22
leszekllelectronics is actually my account ;)11:22
fade_just watching it, can you tell me is locking of the screen work for you when using suspend option ?11:23
kosaidpo|hello guys16:50
kosaidpo|i have modem 3g and iwanna change my provider dns cus its been 3 days or more icant visit many sites anynoe can help ?16:51
Newkhi.. after reboot my 2 keys are not listening again ...arg!17:57
Newkits either in X or in LXDE (or is that the same?) anyone know how i can narrow it down?18:26
Newkbrb. gonna try reboot after this dpkg-reconfigure18:33
Newkstill not working18:44
pakauany one online ?18:50
pakaui have a some problems.. i just installed lubuntu.. and addicional drivers doesnt open.. update manager doesnt open..  it does not recognize my CD drives and it doenst include software center.. is this normal ?18:52
bioterrorsoftware center missing is normal ;)18:53
pakauhmm ok18:53
bioterrorpakau, what if you say in terminal "sudo update-manager"18:53
pakaulet me try18:53
bioterrorNewk, I didnt get your problem18:54
pakauimport site' failed; use -v for traceback18:54
pakauTraceback (most recent call last):18:54
pakau  File "/usr/bin/update-manager", line 26, in <module>18:54
pakau    import pygtk18:54
pakauImportError: No module named pygtk18:54
bioterrorpakau, sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop --no-install-recommends18:54
pakaunothing changed18:55
bioterrordid it say it's already installed?18:55
pakau0 pakage updated 0 removed  0 installed18:55
pakauit does18:55
pakaubut shit this is fast18:56
pakaulubuntu is really fast18:56
bioterrorjust a moment18:57
bioterrorI'm checking packages18:57
pakautks *18:57
bioterrorpakau, seems like solution is fun :D19:10
pakaulol what is the solution ? :P19:10
bioterrorI dunno if that works19:11
bioterrormy wife doesnt have any python files under /usr/local/bin/19:12
bioterrordo you have?19:12
pakauneither :S19:12
pakauit is possible t change to xubuntu ?19:13
bioterrorbut that's not really lubuntu related problem19:13
bioterroryou have a fresh installation?19:14
pakaui made a fresh instalation19:15
pakauthe update manager19:15
pakauopened the 1st time19:15
pakauit made some updates19:15
pakauand then restart.. after that... puff no more updage manager19:15
bioterrorcould yo reinstall?19:15
bioterrorit takes ~25mins19:15
Newkbioterror: i have two keys that fail to work inside LXDE. its the Delete and DownArrow keys.19:15
pakauactually its the only cd i have here19:15
bioterrorpakau, is it 10.10 or 10.04?19:15
Newk10.10 ahs still some problems with hardware acceleration19:16
Newkon older graphic cards19:16
bioterrorNewk, every linux has probs with older graphics card with 3D :D19:17
bioterrorand with newer too :----)19:17
Newknope.. its working perfectly on 10.0419:17
pakauhm ok19:17
pakaumaybe its because of  1019:17
bioterrorpakau, could be that python or something to updated and it went wrong19:17
bioterror10.10 works just fine19:18
pakauhmm ok19:18
Newkwhy on 11.04 already then? :p19:18
pakauwhat about apt-get-install xubuntu-desktop ?19:18
pakaucan i do it ?19:18
bioterrorpakau, why not19:18
pakaui can try19:19
Newklubuntu-desktop.. no?19:19
pakauit will fix ?19:19
Newkcould be19:20
bioterrorI think not19:20
pakauok i go for xubuntu then19:21
pakaulets see if it works19:21
pakaui just dont go for ubuntu cause its to heavy for this pc19:21
Newkits a big monster :)19:22
pakauonly works good on my quad core 4ram19:22
pakauhope it doesnt uninstall my chromium tho19:25
Newkbioterror.. do you know how to configure keyboard in lxde?19:25
pakaui like chromium19:25
Newkpakau: you can just install it afterwards again.. just ignore when it says it uninstall lubuntu/xubuntu desktop.. its just the metapackage not clean anymore19:26
bioterrorNewk, sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup19:27
Newkbioterror: i'll try that19:27
Newkbioterror: i already did that and it didnt do the trick19:29
bioterrordoes it work in tty?19:29
Newkso its something in X11 or something19:30
Newk(that sounds funny)19:31
Newk(no i am not stoned)19:31
Newktoo bad my keyboard model is not listed in xkeycaps19:40
bioterroruse generic pc105 or something like that19:41
Newkits a bit diffrent this one though19:42
Newkthe proper keys dont light up when i hit them... xkeycaps seems old.. too bad lxkeymap isnt in 10.04 repo19:46
* Newk tries to install lxkeymap anyway19:58
pakauppl he is asking me20:00
pakauwich type of screen managment i want20:00
pakauGDM  or LXDM20:00
pakauwich one should i pik ?20:02
bonnyi need to play wormux on network how do i do it21:03
szczurbonny, i would recommend going to #wormux21:12
szczurand if you're running version 11.01 of warmux which is the latest21:13
szczurthen you can go to network play in teh main menu21:13
szczuryou should see two servers there21:14
szczurconect to any of it, and wait for players :)21:14
szczurbonny, for latest version use ppa21:14
Julz2kI have a problem with my Lubuntu. I installed lubuntu 10.4 from my USB stick to my external drive, the installation went awesome trough, but on the startup i got the mesage "verifying dmi pool data" I checked the bios and all setings are optimal I can even run a live cd from my external drive and not only from my usb stick. Anny suggestions?21:24
YorvykJulz2k,  nothing to worry about, it's just telling you what it's doing.21:38
Julz2kthe system could boot? It's a very low system via 500mhz but with 1GB ram21:40
Unit193Julz2k: 500MHz will boot it21:41
YorvykJulz2k, is the system not booting?21:49
Julz2kit's not booting :(21:53
Unit193Julz2k: And you said your BIOS supports booting from USB? Did you check to see it it's set to boot from your external? (for some, you have to set it to boot from the USB drive that's in there)22:00
Julz2kyes I could boot it the last times with a live cd stored on the external hdd, but i couldn't install the system on the drive because i don't had another USB medium or the chance to install via dvdrom22:02
Julz2kI think the mbr could be broken I will test a reinstall tomorrow22:05
aetherianlovin' the l'untu22:30
CygniaGreetings, after fresh install of Lubuntu (from iso, not from ubuntu regular) I cannot join any wireless networks; not even from "Join Hidden Wireless Network" Dialog just briefly pops up but disappears.22:35
CygniaThe other problem I noticed is that Main Menu is totally blank, no programs or prefs or anything at all. Again, this is after totally fresh install.22:37
Newki think they'll like to know what version lubuntu22:42
aetherianhave you considered reinstalling it?22:44
aetherianis there perchance a command(s) to upgrade java from 20 to 24 or 26 or whatever the latest update is?22:49
aetherianso help me god I can not get this thing to install22:49
CygniaHi, sorry, it's the latest stable 10.10 Lubuntu. I didn't try reinstalling, maybe I'll try that. Thanks.22:53
aetherianno problem?22:53
aetherianor even a program, or a setting within it, that does it...23:03
Newkhmm doesnt look like lxkeymap is fully working.. i thought i saw a graphical layout in the screenshots23:11
Newklike this: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_PUPjYNFVMoc/TInxObl81fI/AAAAAAAAFuk/7BHIyTHTqmI/s1600/lxkeymap.png23:11
Unit193aetherian: Please run this from lxterminal "java -version"23:12
Newki downloaded lxkeymap_0.3~ppa3_all.deb in the hopes i could comfortably configure my keymap to restore those 2 "deaf" keys23:13
Newkevtest seems to report them fine23:17
Newki just dont know where to look anymore23:19
mark76I only have the one :-(23:31
Unit193Couldn't help it :)23:32
Newkxmodmap? xkb?23:34
mark76Xchat character chart23:34
vicentebrunohello people23:37
vicentebrunoi have a problem23:37
Newkno i meant where to configure the keyboard layout23:37
Newkme too23:37
vicentebrunopeople my lubuntu is not detecting my usb pen drive :( what coud it be ?23:38
mark76xkb, probably Newk23:38
Newkmark76: ah ok.. i'll google it up23:39
Newkmark76: thanks!23:39
vicentebrunocan any one help me plz ? :)23:39
vicentebrunoi have a problem23:39
aetherianUnit193: sorry I wasn't here, but would you like me to pastebin it, or just say the version23:40
Unit193Runtime is the line I'm looking for23:41
aetherianum, you mean this? "penJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.9.7) (6b20-1.9.7-0ubuntu1)"23:42
aetherianmissing an O at the beginning...23:42
Unit193You're not using Sun Java23:42
aetheriannot that I could figure out how to install the sun java, but oh well23:43
Unit193aetherian: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ#Java%20applications%20doesnt%20work,%20I%20want%20propietary%20Java.23:44
vicentebrunopeople can any one help me ? .. i incerted a usb pen drive but lubuntu doesnt detect it..... i have incerted the command    sudo lsmod | grep usb       and it does show 1 tho..    any one knows what could it be ???23:44
aetherianrunning those things.23:46
aetherianmmk, I'll test it at the java page23:47
aetherianif only I had that before23:48
aetherianonly wasted 3-4+ hours the past couple of days failing at it23:48
jef91Anyone know what it takes to get pcmanfm to display "Applications" properly23:56
jef91Its not showing anything on one of my systems23:56
jef91works fine on the other23:57

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