quanthi, if I apply updates to my alpha 3 will that get me to beta 1 when it's out and all the way to final when it's done?00:14
Daekdroomquant, as long as you run apt-get dist-upgrade or aptitude full-upgrade when final is out00:15
quantDaekdroom, I meant to only do apt-get update... that wouldn't suffice?00:15
quantDaekdroom, I meant upgrade00:16
Daekdroomquant, it's possible it wouldn't install new packages that are included by default.00:16
quantDaekdroom, thanks00:16
quantDaekdroom, is there some particular beta after which I have no such danger if I keep running updates? perhaps the one that has the package freeze00:17
ubottuA schedule of Natty Narwhal (11.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule00:18
DaekdroomApparently Beta 200:18
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dylan-mOkay, I'm curious: when you switch workspaces in Natty using the keyboard and you get that little overlay in the center of the screen (not the Expo view)… does it look profoundly ugly for anyone else?00:37
Amaranthdylan-m: I preferred it not having the little thumbnails myself00:40
dylan-mIt might be a rendering issue, but I can't put my finger on what exactly is wrong. Just feels kind of noisy.00:41
Amaranthdylan-m: Probably the lack of mipmap and the extreme resizing00:42
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OmegaAfter opening my laptop lid, gdm did not show up, the screen stayed black.02:10
OmegaI entered my password and I think I logged back in02:10
Omegabut the screen is still black02:10
Omegaif I move the mouse aroung, I can see it changing states02:10
OmegaBut, I don't know how to resume my session02:10
OmegaMaybe restarting gdm?02:11
OmegaDoes anyone know what I should do?02:13
alex_mayorgaI have to do $ gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel on every restart to get my panels back02:39
alex_mayorgadoes anyone know a more permanent solution?02:39
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xxmmaannhi . i have a question about ubuntu 11.0405:44
xxmmaannis real than ubuntu 11.04 has unity inteface ?05:44
HukkaHm, my upgrade process stopped after installing new packages, the window just dissappeared06:53
HukkaI don't think I saw that in known issues, so should report. But under what component and what logs might help debug?06:53
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doodoothere is a massive memory leak in compiz on my natty installation. how to report bug?08:41
ChipacaOmega: you've probably already fixed your issue, yes?09:15
zniavregood morning09:32
zniavreim still stuck with unity and empty desktop (only icons) no launcher/panel what is wrong please ?09:32
DavieyWould someone running Natty, and mysql server on their desktop please confirm that they see "MySql Server" as a login option at GDM Greeter?09:54
visual1ceim installing natty and i run into the following error: not possible to install bootloader at specified location - ive tried all other locations and nothing10:22
visual1ceis there a way to run an alternate cd like setup from the live cd? what key do i press when it is booting?10:22
Eruaranhello, I've just installed kubuntu 11.04 alpha3 but have no audio... have a HD3650 and on board audio as well10:25
Eruaran(which I always find annoying about ATI/AMD graphics cards)10:25
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dv-is the new firefox in 11.4 supposed to be w|x instead of w^x?13:29
Picidv-: Can you rephrase?13:31
dv-when I run pspax from pax-utils, it shows firefox-bin as w|x, meaning that it can allocate memory which is both writeable and executable13:32
Picidv-: That might be a better question for the folks who build the firefox packages, in #ubuntu-mozillateam13:35
dv-Pici: alright, thanks13:37
coz_  guys I have to break here,,, be back in a bit13:42
zniavreim reading the launchpad to catch my bug14:05
zniavrei can read > http://launchpadlibrarian.net/66402807/UnitySupportTest.txt < is it possible to get the output of this script to see if my pc can run unity  please?14:06
kukuNutgetting this err in kernel compile - make[3]: *** [arch/x86/kernel/entry_64.o] Error 1.  any workaround? thanks14:51
nemokukuNut: might want to pastebin the stuff before it14:52
nemowith only that line there is no context14:52
kukuNutnemo:   AS      arch/x86/kernel/entry_64.o14:53
kukuNutarch/x86/kernel/entry_64.S: Assembler messages:14:53
kukuNutarch/x86/kernel/entry_64.S:1544: Error: .size expression does not evaluate to a constant14:53
nemoI JFGI'd under the premise other people had same issue...14:54
nemoand looks like there are 2 workarounds given there14:54
nemo(disabling paravirtualisation, and using different gcc)14:54
kukuNutnemo: is this an ubuntu issue, gcc?.  this is the 6.38 just released so am assuming it's not a kernel src issue?14:56
nemokukuNut: dunno.15:04
nemomy guess is kernel bug though15:04
nemogcc bug according to Xen guys15:04
nemohrm. that's a different error. n/m15:05
nemoheh. I figured "how many gcc 4.5 errors in xen kernel integration can there be?"  :)15:05
nemoapparently... more than one15:05
kukuNutnemo: but linus and the rest were able to build it?15:05
* nemo shrugs15:06
nemoperhaps he tested the code under gcc 4.4 ?15:06
nemowho knows when it was added15:06
kukuNutanyway will try and build in gcc 4.415:06
nemogiven the kernel has a huge number of options, I'm guessing maybe not every variant has been tested in gcc 4.5 yet.15:06
kukuNutnatty has been 4.5 all along? how did they build the kernel? no xen | virtualization?15:09
MarconMwho is testing ubuntu 11.0415:11
MarconMwho is testing ubuntu 11.0415:18
MarconMalpha 315:18
genii-aroundProbably pretty much everyone here, I imagine.15:20
dimmortalprobably most the people in here15:20
dimmortalbeat me to it15:20
HukkaAny real questions?15:21
MarconMi want to know what you think about new release15:21
MarconMlooks so much with mac15:22
MarconMbut i likes15:22
HukkaSo far, there's no difference15:22
setuidIs there a tool I can use to build the latest kernel with the exact parameters that my running (i.e. working) kernel was built with?15:22
Hukkasetuid: Check /boot/config*15:22
genii-around<-  uses Kubuntu15:22
dimmortalMarconM: personally I dislike the side bar15:23
MarconMwho remember the linux kurumin in the shell show the icon piguin on top15:23
MarconMdimmortal, why15:23
HukkaPersonnally, the sidebar didn't stay up but just crashed. Many times15:23
HukkaSo I use the traditional de15:23
MarconMyes Hukka i agree15:23
setuidHukka, I know about that, I'm looking for something that will query, pull, build (into a .deb) and let me install the current/bleeding-edge kernel.15:23
MarconMHukka, which version do you use15:24
MarconMon your desktop15:24
MarconMi use 10.10 32 bits15:24
dimmortalfor one.. I don't like that its on the side..15:24
MarconMyes me too dimmortal15:24
HukkaMarconM: 64 bits, an natty a3, obviously15:24
MarconMtoo many think on desktop15:24
Hukkasetuid: make oldconfig was able to use the previous config before15:25
Hukkasetuid: Then make-kpkg was used to make a deb. But I haven't made my own kernel deb in years15:25
MarconMbut i formated my note yestard i dont knew about new versio15:25
setuidI did write a blog post on this, but I was looking for something "smarter" than dpkg-kbuild15:25
MarconMi have lazeness to format again15:25
HukkaPretty sure there isn't a single command, you have to know how to compile the kernel the traditional way15:25
MarconMHukka, i have a icon ... ok .. how may i to put this icon on pront, in the shell15:26
MarconMwithout graphic installed15:26
MarconMframe buffer15:26
HukkaPlease rephrase the question15:26
HukkaPreferably into one sentence15:26
MarconMsorry man...15:27
MarconMHukka, i am brasilian15:27
dimmortalfor another its not customizable enough yet.. same with the top bar.. I'd like to be able to add and subtract stuff on the top bar15:27
MarconMHukka, do you remember the linux kurumin15:27
HukkaNever heard of kurumin15:27
MarconMwhem it started the system, it show i piguin icon on top15:28
MarconMi wanna take my icon15:28
HukkaOh yeah, framebuffer splash15:28
MarconMomg i get to explain to him15:28
dimmortaland I find that the combination of shortcuts and open windows on the sidebar somewhat annoying15:28
HukkaDebian used to have (maybe still has) the debian swirl in boot15:28
MarconMHukka, what the mean swirl15:29
HukkaThis http://www.insidesocal.com/click/debianlogo1.jpg15:29
MarconM" brazilian joke " cherei largado =)15:32
MarconMchorei largado15:32
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MarconMHukka, i want to about this15:34
MarconMhow i can to put my icon15:35
MarconMwithout x graphic just in terminal15:35
HukkaHow is this related to natty?15:35
HukkaAnyway, I don't know offhand how to replace the current boot splash with the old style splash15:36
HukkaGoogle is the way to go, use the google15:36
MarconMHukka, this is what i want15:37
MarconMHukka, is man .. .but i would like to know if you know about ... website ... pdf file =D15:38
MarconMdont need to teach me ... give me tool15:38
MarconMbut ... Hukka thanks15:38
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hawuas long as there is no "freeze" yet new features can make it into Natty right?15:53
charlie-tcahawu: we are in feature freeze already, next freeze is for user interface15:57
ubottuA schedule of Natty Narwhal (11.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule15:57
hawuoh, i see15:57
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cmyrlandHi, I'm having a couple of annoying issues since upgrading to Natty. Nautilus doesn't launch (or if it does it takes a couple of minutes to do so, and it's practically useless since each action also takes several minutes. If I run it with gksudo it's just fine, something that hints to possibly some conflicts from previous Ubuntu versions in my home folder? When I run it from terminal it says something about not recieving a reply in a "Unique16:24
cmyrlandDBus warning".. Deleting .dbus in home folder doesn't help. I think this issue also affects Ubuntu One since it talks about "no reply" and dbus too..16:24
lcbcmyrland, try sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh dbus16:27
lcbbetter if you logout first and run it from recovery terminal option on the login 'window'16:28
cmyrlandk, thanks. brb16:28
lcbthis is just a suggestion. that's what i would do. not on a production machine though.16:28
cmyrlandlcb, it seems it worked for nautilus, but as soon as I started U1 both Nautilus and U1 regressed to previous problems.16:33
lcbcmyrland, since you think it might be something from previous installations i would do cleaning with apt-get then an check, then upgrade. is that a production installation?16:35
cmyrlandU1 says File Sync error. (org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not recieve a reply timeout by message bus)16:35
lcbstill dbus issue on that one16:35
cmyrlandlcd, I didn't have this issue on Maverick. By "cleaning with apt" you mean apt-get clean? This is just my personal playground, no production machine.16:36
lcbok. good16:37
lcbhold on16:37
cmyrlandthis is what nautilus says in terminal: $ nautilus16:37
cmyrland(nautilus:4543): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_bus_unwatch_name: assertion `watcher_id > 0' failed16:37
cmyrlandholding on :=16:38
lcbsudo apt-get autoremove -y && apt-get autoclean && apt-get check16:38
lcbcmyrland, have in mind i'm not an ubuntu expert. i only like to play with it and blow up computers16:39
cmyrlandhahah, okay.16:40
lcbwhen that done  i would do...16:40
lcbsudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y && apt-get dist-upgrade -y16:40
cmyrlandyou also need sudo after each && :)16:41
lcbthen reboot, press shift - you get a recovery console, select dpkg then grub then clen then reconfigure x16:41
PiciI really really wouldn't use -y on Natty.16:41
PiciYou're liable to break your install.16:41
lcbclen = clean in typoenglish16:41
cmyrlandPici, why not?16:42
IdleOne-y is auto yes16:42
cmyrlandno problem16:42
lcbi do a lot and i still have 3 boxes with no smoke16:42
IdleOneit accepts whatever is going to happen16:42
cmyrlandIf something breaks I'll just do a clean install16:42
Picicmyrland: Because often package dependencies aren't synced up properly and by saying yes, you'll end up removing every package to satisfy some dependency that really should have waited for a new version of the package to land.16:42
lcbnot on a working/production computer. never16:43
IdleOnecmyrland: your system16:43
cmyrlandIndeed :p16:43
lcbhe's willing to blow up, don't worry. that's the way we learn how to be a good firefighter16:44
IdleOnelcb: I don't think Pici is worried, he just wanted to give fair warning.16:45
cmyrlandOh, there's another weird little bug I've encountered: When I boot my laptop on battery power, it sometimes displays two battery indicators. Both display correct info on click, and both work, but only one of them visually changes as battery discharges. Acer Timetime T3810, Intel system.16:45
cmyrlandIdleOne, Pici, and that's appreciated. :) I'm really not any good at troubleshooting and fixing broken systems, so warnings are always appreciated16:46
lcbIdleOne, i know. but i understan whoever uses natty before final is willing to play around with it.16:46
cmyrlandlcb, no updates available16:47
lcbcmyrland, do that recovery console on boot and see if everything gets right16:47
IdleOnelcb: the past 2-3 alpha releases there has been a lot more new users running +1 as their main OS. it is a good idea to keep in mind that they have no idea what alpha means and that any instructions given should also come with the appropriate warnings of possible total destruction.16:48
lcbcmyrland, natty is in testing stage. you will get a log of warnings, errors and so ever. but it works nice, in general16:48
cmyrlandI'm not sure I understood what you meant: "press shift - you get a recovery console, select dpkg then grub then clen then reconfigure x. " - I got the first part, but "select dpkg, then grub"?16:49
lcbIdleOne, indeed16:49
lcbcmyrland, while on booting, after the bios messages... as soon as you see the cursor blinking press shift. you'll get a recovery dialog.. wait16:50
cmyrlandyou mean the grub menu?16:50
cmyrlandholding shift loads grub16:50
lcbthen select dpkg option, twice or more times (as soon you see there is a net connection and as soon you don't see anymore updates or corrections16:51
lcbselect then grub option to update grub. then clean option and then failsaFE OPTION16:51
lcboops, i fail safe caps lock16:52
lcbfailed, i mean :)16:52
lcbcmyrland, yes, the grub menu16:52
lcbohh.. no16:52
lcbon that one select recovery16:53
cmyrlandaha... ;)16:53
lcbthen ou will get the other options on a dialog16:53
cmyrlandhang on16:53
lcbi'm hanging on my wireless antenna . hurry up. the owner of this connection might discover.16:54
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cmyrlandhm, no improvement17:04
lcbcmyrland, i have to leave for a bit. run it from classical desktop though and check everything17:04
cmyrlandyeah.. It's not a big problem for me, so I might just wait and reinstall at a later time17:06
lcbjust a sec...17:06
lcbcmyrland, i think a good way of knowing natty (with issues) is running it with unity 2d17:08
lcbhow you do it? select on login Unity 2D. then you can adapt yourself to the new interface.17:10
lcbif you want to have a smooth transition, add to startup applications (under 'Preferences') gnome-panel (no sudo.17:11
lcbyou'll get the gnome bottom panel17:12
lcbgood luck with a god look :)17:12
* lcb away17:12
MarconMon ubuntu natty, dont has effect17:13
MarconMefffect its desable17:14
MarconMi want to active compiz, cube, workspace , etc..17:14
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ubottunouveau is an open-source nvidia driver included by default in 10.04. Currently 3D rendering is unsupported. More information can be found in http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/ - See also !nvidia17:19
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MTecknology!info nginx-full19:16
ubottuPackage nginx-full does not exist in natty19:16
* MTecknology sighs and goes to do broken engagement chores19:16
genii-around!info nginx-full maverick19:17
ubottuPackage nginx-full does not exist in maverick19:17
Mkaysiwhat is nfinx19:20
MkaysiOops, this is not #ubuntu-bots ...19:21
MTecknology!info nginx19:27
ubottunginx (source: nginx): small, but very powerful and efficient web server and mail proxy. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.53-2 (natty), package size 327 kB, installed size 900 kB19:27
MTecknologygenii-around: bug 72969119:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 729691 in nginx (Ubuntu) "Freeze Exception Request: nginx-0.8.54-4" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72969119:28
coz_hey all19:42
benstehi - where can i get daily - alternate amd64 images - want to test my system but using LVM and amd 64 machine19:44
bensteand there was a important bug in the a3 milestone19:44
coz_benste,   http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/19:44
coz_I think that's what you wa nt19:44
coz_ooo alternate hold on19:45
coz_:) yep19:45
rwwhuh, looks like we have a factoid for it, even. !daily19:47
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/19:50
benste1which package is the right one to file a bug against- if the keyboard layout is detected but not applied during the installation ?21:03
benste1-- after installation i'm stuck in USA keyboard but was able to add the right one manually21:04
h31Hi all. How stable is Natty in a current state?21:07
benste1no one knows which package is responsible for saving the keyboard layout during installation ? - didn't find a meta package for this21:07
benste1h31: unstable :-)21:07
benste1-- work in progress but only for testing -- e.g. alpha 3 didn't allow LVM systems - + unity doens't lunach in my system now21:07
h31benste1, when Natty will become relatively stable? First beta?21:08
benste1h31: depends on what you want to do ??21:08
alex_mayorgaagree, been rather stable as long as I turn off all video acceleration over here21:09
h31benste1, I'm using it on my desktop with no really serious tasts :)21:09
alex_mayorgaotherwise X would hang every 30 or so minutes here21:09
alex_mayorgabut that'd be nvidia's fault21:09
benste1h31: as long as you dual boot it's stable enought for testing21:09
benste1-- alex_mayorga try the neveau driver-  works well for me atm - expcet unity21:10
yofelonly hangs with nouveau and acceleration here, nvidia works fine21:10
h31benste1, Installer will not remove all my partitions? It's better to try alpha 3 and update it after install or nightly builds?21:11
yofelmanual partitioning probably won't, what the automatic thing does is something I don't know, never tried it21:12
yofelbut rather just make a persisten USB drive and test it there21:12
h31Ok, thank you!21:13
benste1yofel: - unity ? - standard desktop session works well with nouveau21:17
yofelno, KDE. But I have a GPU get locks up after a while if acceleration is enabled in nouveau. Known issue21:18
yofel*a GPU that locks up21:18
yofelnouveau works fine as long as I boot with nouveau.noaccel=121:19
coz_  ok I need to break for supper ,, be back in a bit21:19
ninjai_i installed alpha 3 in virtualbox, however even with the guest additions installed I can't get the left panel launcher.  Why not?21:35
ninjai_nvm i needed to install ccsm and enable the unity plugin21:38
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aVirulencehi all... does anyone have an idea why Natty can't find my RAID drives (mdadm) on boot? Even when I manually try to assemble the RAID, mdadm doesn't find the drives. Not on my installed version, not on the LiveCD. However, on the 9.04 LiveCD, my RAID drive show up just fine21:54
phoenixsamprasmy aunt is named Natty, should i demand for some $$$ ?22:11
DaekdroomAunt Natty22:12
IdleOnedoes your aunt receive payments from all the other people named Natty?22:12
phoenixsamprasshe is very complicated, and exclusive22:13
IdleOnenothing like Ubuntu Natty22:13
* IdleOne goes back to watching trolls on t.v.22:13
coz_hey agll22:43
coz_ rather hey all22:43
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DaekdroomDoes it bother anyone else that the unity panel window icons look extremly bad with anything that isn't ambiance or radiance?23:13
coz_anyone using kde here?23:14
coz_I notice with compiz running,, the click and drag window is not working but instead gives me an arrow pointing down/right  like a resize arrow23:14
phoenixsamprasis the video drivers23:30
phoenixsamprascompiz has not the fault23:30
phoenixsamprasanyone drunk?23:30

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