hajourhi all00:29
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erkan^Good night hajour (-:00:43
hajourgoodnight erkan^ :)00:43
erkan^how are you?00:44
hajourstill recovering00:48
hajourand how are you erkan^ 00:48
erkan^I am good, i am being with Google Picasa00:50
erkan^are you ill, hajour ?00:50
hajouri had a big epileptic attack in night i think00:50
hajouri got muscle pain everywhere and i was really tired00:51
erkan^doe aan rusten, aub00:51
hajouryes i will do easy00:52
hajouri will not be long here now.00:52
erkan^I understand it00:52
hajourtomorrow i come longer again00:52
erkan^i don't care, it is importnat when you feel very good than we can chat, hajour 00:53
hajouri just missed ubuntu00:53
erkan^ja, maar ga je toch niet bij ubuntu weg, hajour ? of begreep ik verkeerd?00:54
hajourno i don't leave ubuntu .we have talked it out well sort off00:54
hajourubt is not ubuntu00:55
erkan^I go sleep now. veel sterkte en hugs, erkan^ :)01:02
erkan^I go sleep now. veel sterkte en hugs, hajour :)01:03
hajouro to late01:03
hajourjledbetter, are you around?03:26
jledbetterhajour, Yes. How are you?03:27
hajourand how are you jledbetter ?03:27
jledbetterhajour, Recovering? I'm fine. Almost bed time here. :)03:28
hajouri had a epileptic attack a couple of days ago03:28
hajourhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eU56nAV284   <<< like this03:29
jledbetterhajour, Oh no :( I'm glad to hear that you're recovering03:29
hajourmuscles are still stiff and still fast tired03:29
jledbetterhajour, Are there things to help with the soreness?03:30
hajourbut i not have yet make a mail together with maco for asking sponsoring03:30
hajourno just have to go true it03:30
jledbetterhajour, When is it due? I really hope you apply.03:30
hajouram i now to late for ask sponsering ?03:31
Pendulumhajour: nope. sponsorship applications are due by March 29th03:31
hajourUndiFineD,  have put me on the list for uds03:31
jledbetterPendulum, Thank you :)03:31
hajourthank you Pendulum 03:32
Pendulumjledbetter: for?03:32
hajourbut if i get sponsering and i can come.03:32
jledbetterPendulum, The date. I couldn't remember.03:33
hajouri would like someone is informed about some things03:33
hajourif i get a attack medic people moslty give depakine injection. because its fluid .03:34
hajourbut i am very alergic for depakine03:34
hajourif i get a attack i cant say it myself03:34
hajoursomeone else need to say it then03:34
Cheri703hajour: you might carry a card or something with instructions like that. just in general, not UDS specifically03:35
* hajour remembers now again why she was not be away 21 years vacation ect.03:35
hajouryes but still not all medic look or you have a card03:36
hajourthey just response fast as possible03:37
hajouralso i hope if that happens .what i hope not.people nnot go be afraid for me or something03:38
Cheri703if you wear a medic alert bracelet or necklace, then it alerts them that there is more going on03:39
hajouri had a neckllace when i was child and still a medic gave me depakine03:40
hajourso thats why i am more reassured if some people know that03:41
Cheri703well, yeah, but there's no guarantee that any of the people you have told in advance are going to be with you at all times03:42
hajourstill it make change smaller it will happen03:42
hajourwill not happen i mean03:42
hajouri not know  or i can go or i get sponsering and i now already am nerves03:43
hajouro btw i walk on high heals.because if i wear flat shoes i fall.my muscles arewrong grown in my childhood because of have wear a iron hip mmm bricket? not know the good word for it03:45
hajouri have wear that 3 years from half year till 3 and half year03:47
hajourmm i think i need to buy more duck tape03:48
hajourthen i can tape my bodyparts better to each other03:49
hajourXD i see it all for me .silver woman 03:49
hajourall taped in03:49
hajourit will be cheap not cost on cloths :))03:50
hajourye well better see things with a little humor03:52
hajourbtw who is already been on a UDS? Pendulum  i know03:52
hajouri am trying to get a idea what i can expect on a UDS03:55
hajourmmm i just discovered my kids have played last week on my games on facebook .they do better then me :D03:57
hajourmy oldest almost not sleep whole here live03:58
hajouri think she was bored.03:58
hajourwell enough talked against myself by03:59
hajourtill later maybe03:59
hajourhttp://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/mar/15/japan-nuclear-crisis-tsunami-live 05:51
hajourpersia and rx007 live in japan .i not know who more from ubuntu05:53
hajourjledbetter nobody knows yet from japanese ubuntu or they are alive ect05:56
pleia2persia has checked in, he's ok05:57
hajourbtw it makes me mad to see after all what is happened the many victums .to see that piece between about a kill bank black day.what is money compared to humans05:58
hajourglad to hear persia is ok pleia2 05:58
hajourhis family to pleia2 ?05:58
pleia2hajour: I haven't heard any bad news05:59
hajourhave they food and shelther?05:59
pleia2I don't know anything behind him saying that he's ok :)05:59
hajourif you speak him will you ask him then pleia2 ?06:00
pleia2of course06:00
hajourif he need help i thought on organize some here from ubuntu for to help ubuntu teammembers when needed pleia2 06:01
hajourmany small things together can make a big difference06:02
hajourjapanese ubuntu team members06:03
hajouri meant06:03
hajourif it is not a good idea just say06:04
pleia2it's certainly something we should keep in mind if they need the help06:05
hajourpleia2,  if you speak persia will you want ask then or he know or rx007 is ok?06:05
hajourwe could ask on uds then06:05
hajourthe danger is still not gone btw.because of the nuclear reactor06:07
hajourand after shocks06:07
hajourcant help it .in this kind things my brains is going on max by thinking of possibly solutions06:09
hajourfor to help06:09
hajouri cant sleep06:09
hajourrx007 is team member of speechcontrol06:10
hajournot heard from him06:10
pleia2I have a cousin in tokyo, she said there are still outages for power and internet06:10
pleia2so hopefully it's just that he hasn't been able to get to a stable internet connection06:10
hajouryes i hope so06:11
hajourgood friend of my brother who is married to japanese woman live also in japan with there son06:13
hajournot heard of them to06:13
pleia2hope everyone is ok06:15
pleia2bedtime for me, take care hajour 06:15
hajourgood night pleia2 06:16
hajourand you to take care pleia2 06:16
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erkan^AlanBell, i have a probleem with a magnifier (i had typing on a terminal --> magnifier)14:05
erkan^(magnifier:5832): Bonobo-WARNING **: Assigning a default value to a non readable property 'source-display-screen'14:05
erkan^(magnifier:5832): Bonobo-WARNING **: Assigning a default value to a non readable property 'target-display-screen'14:05
erkan^An instance of magnifier is already active. Exiting Program.14:05
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