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suihkulokkitimezones greetings12:56
vinI am trying to boot ubuntu 10.10 from the igepv2 but it hangs on booting the kernel13:12
ogramake[4]: Entering directory `/root/unity-2d/obj-arm-linux-gnueabi'13:18
ogracd /root/unity-2d/obj-arm-linux-gnueabi/po && /usr/bin/msgmerge --quiet --update --backup=none -s /root/unity-2d/po/fr.po /root/unity-2d/po/unity-2d.pot13:18
ograIllegal instruction (core dumped)13:18
ograGRRR !13:18
rsalvetivin: which ubuntu version are you using?13:20
rsalvetivin: maybe you should try to install a newer kernel for igepv213:22
rsalveticould be from linaro or our new for maverick, probably should support it better13:22
rsalvetiafter you changed the x-loader and u-boot for igepv213:22
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* rsalveti lunch15:48
alf_rsalveti: I can't get the GL drivers to work on sdp/omap4 :/ . eglInitialize() fails with EGL_BAD_ALLOC. Any ideas what is wrong or how to get more info?15:48
alf_rsalveti: answer after lunch ;)15:48
alf_rsalveti: that is on natty-alpha-3 with drivers from omap-trunk15:50
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rsalvetialf_: are you using the latest one available?16:58
rsalvetialf_: I updated them today, but just packaging changes16:59
rsalvetialf_: is this happening with any application?16:59
rsalvetiand, did you also updated your kernel?16:59
rsalvetinot working yet with 3816:59
rsalvetiworking on it16:59
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alf_rsalveti: libegl1-sgx-omap4  1.7~git0f0b25f.2natty3-118:46
alf_rsalveti: uname -r 2.6.35-1101-omap418:47
rsalvetialf_: hm, this is the one I'm currently using18:47
alf_rsalveti: and it happens with every app, even the trivial eglinit.c example18:47
rsalvetialf_: what other packages do you have installed?18:47
rsalvetiI tested with es2gears18:47
alf_rsalveti: can you please remind me the package for es2gears? :)18:48
rsalvetialf_: mesa-utils-extra18:48
rsalvetialf_: can you paste me your package list related with sgx and pvr?18:49
rsalvetithat you have installed at your system18:50
alf_rsalveti: wait18:56
alf_rsalveti: All of this has been happening when trying to running through ssh (with DISPLAY etc setup correctly)18:57
alf_rsalveti: when I run something in a terminal in unity 2d it all runs fine18:58
alf_rsalveti: wait, wrong again...18:59
rsalvetialf_: weird, I'm just testing with ssh here18:59
rsalvetiand my es2gears is running fine18:59
alf_rsalveti: ok, this is what happens: when trying to run things through ssh while stile in gdm or using a plain xinit things fail19:00
alf_rsalveti: all work fine when logged in unity2d19:00
rsalvetialf_: does it also work when using the recovery mode?19:00
alf_rsalveti: hmm, how do I log out unity2d? :)19:01
rsalvetialf_: no log-out indicator at your version :-)19:01
rsalvetifixed at latest upload19:01
rsalvetiservice gdm restart19:01
alf_rsalveti: I think will reboot to validate my speculations :)19:03
rsalvetialf_: ok :-)19:03
alf_rsalveti: so rebooted at gdm19:06
rsalvetilet me also try with gdm19:06
alf_rsalveti: ssh, export DISPLAY, es2gears fails with es2gears19:07
alf_No protocol specified19:07
alf_EGLUT: failed to initialize native display19:07
alf_rsalveti: should I try recovery mode for ubuntu desktop edition or classic desktop (or doesn't matter)19:08
alf_rsalveti: or recover console?19:08
rsalvetialf_: sorry, recovery console19:11
rsalvetiit's just the xterm19:11
rsalvetiif it's all black, open metacity first19:12
rsalvetierror while allocating memory could be related with the kernel module19:13
rsalvetifor sgx19:13
alf_rsalveti: es2gears and glmark2-es2 both work in recovery console through ssh, even before starting metacity to fix the xterm19:14
rsalvetialf_: hm, will try with X only19:20
rsalvetialf_: interesting, fails while just loading X19:21
rsalvetiby hand19:21
rsalvetieven with metacity19:22
rsalvetiboth es2gears and es2_info fails while trying to initialize gl19:22
rsalvetialf_: works with root19:29
rsalvetialf_: probably just permission issues19:29
janimorsalveti, how's the webkit crasher? Is it fixed now?19:31
rsalvetijanimo: yup, I'm just writing our latest image to test with it again, before posting at the bug to remove the workaround19:32
rsalvetijanimo: but I tested already, just want to make sure it works with the version that was uploaded19:32
rsalvetieasy to test19:33
janimorsalveti, ok . I was reminded now as Kate reassigned the bug to foundations19:34
rsalvetijanimo: oh, ok, should report the result soon19:35
rsalvetitook almost 33 hours to build19:36
rsalvetithat's why I even forgot to test it19:36
alf_rsalveti: Right, it works as root. Note, however, that there is still a problem as a normal user after having done "xhost +"19:57
pmathewsAnyone looking for a cheap 720x480 color LCD?20:42
pmathewsCheck out Bed Bath & Beyond: they are clearancing Sharper Image's Literati e-book reader for $4020:42
pmathewsHaven't started hacking mine up yet, but it has ARM processor running linux inside20:43
mrc3_heyla! i have a problem while trying to build a package. is this the right place to ask?21:34
GrueMasterOnly if it is arm related.  If it is a general use package, you might get a better response on #ubuntu-devel.21:35
mrc3_GrueMaster, thanks! it's intended for arm, but i guess i better go ask there21:36
GrueMastermrc3_: Just understand we can help with the arm bits, but there are far more devs on the other channel.  :)21:37
rsalvetiGrueMaster: NCommander: now for bug 727468 we just need to remove the livecd-rootfs workaround21:49
ubot2Launchpad bug 727468 in webkit "ubiquity-slideshow tears down oem-config on armel" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72746821:49
GrueMasterCool.  I'll let him know when he comes back down to earth.21:49
GrueMaster(flight lessons).21:50
StevenKAnd the skies will never be safe again.21:50
ogra_you read my mind, eh ?21:51
ogra_lool, i explicitly used three O's21:51
* GrueMaster thinks lool needs to requisition a name change.21:51
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