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jim_Hi, can anyone help me install a driver?04:35
holsteinhey jim_05:02
holsteinwhat for?05:02
jim_Sorry for the delay, Ralink RT3060 wifi card05:03
jim_this fith one down here http://www.ralinktech.com/support.php?s=205:04
jim_its a .tgz05:04
holsteini would try extracting05:05
holsteinand see if there is a readme05:05
holsteinusually if the drivers can be had05:05
holsteinthey are just 'in' the kernel05:05
holsteinOR availalbe as a pacakge05:05
holsteinfrom the repos05:05
holsteinlike wireless-backports05:05
holsteinsomething like that^^^05:05
jim_ill check that repo now05:06
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KinkyPinkiedoes anyone know how I can enable transparency? it only turns out white when I display the images-.-10:25
duanedesignKinkyPinkie: hello11:02
KinkyPinkieduanedesign: hey11:25
KinkyPinkieif it's regarding my question, I converted types, but I got some errormsgs regarding plugins, so I'm not sure it's solved as I did back in lucid11:26
duanedesignKinkyPinkie: are you doing this in Gimp?11:50
KinkyPinkiei used gimp to create the transparent layers yes11:51
duanedesignKinkyPinkie: ok. And what are you using the images for?11:53
KinkyPinkiethis time they were going up in the panel as icons for applications11:54
KinkyPinkieif that was what you meant11:54
duanedesignKinkyPinkie: it might be t he format you save it in. Only certain formats save the transparency info12:22
duanedesignKinkyPinkie: png will save the transparency12:28
duanedesignTo check if the image has an alpha channel, go to the channel dialog and verify that an entry for “Alpha” exists, besides Red, Green and Blue12:28
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duanedesigns-fox: ping15:23
s-foxpong duanedesign15:23
duanedesigns-fox: what was that statement we put into php to get more info about an error15:24
s-foxThough this will work also - error_reporting(E_ALL);15:26
s-foxduanedesign,  What is it set to in your php.ini file?15:27
* duanedesign looking15:27
s-foxduanedesign,  I am on a video call to the states.  I may be slow to respond.15:28
duanedesignkk, thank you15:28
duanedesigns-fox: error_reporting(E_ALL); did bring up some additional info15:28
s-foxduanedesign,  Okay, what is the additional information that is being displayed?15:31
duanedesignUndefined variable15:32
s-foxduanedesign,  That is a notice, not an error. You should set it to a default15:34
s-foxvalue at the beginning of your script, or before you use it.15:34
Guest57327I'm trying to boot off a live CD but when ubuntu starts the screen is blank. I know the screen is working because the BIOS screen still shows up while it's booting, and I think ubuntu is booting because when I press the power button to turn it off the CD ejects and the computer waits for me to press Enter18:37
bioterrorGuest57327, what kind of computer you have18:55
Guest57327Compaq Presario SR1917CL18:57
ddecatorhave you tried a second Live CD just in case the first didn't burn right for some reason?18:58
Guest57327no, but I did try a USB stick first with the same problem18:59
ddecatorand the image you used passed the md5sum?19:01
Guest57327I didn't check...19:01
Guest57327oh, but my iMac boots off it ok19:02
ddecatorstrange. unfortunately i'm just heading out, so hopefully someone else will have an idea of how to resolve the problem for you19:04
LukasBHello everybody! Can anybody please give me advice which source code editor is good to use in ubuntu? I used Notepad++ in Windows but I am not very experienced...20:36
jledbetterDarn, he left too quickly.21:27
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Guest57327Ok, after a lot of trouble I can get it to start booting off the CD, but now it kernel panicked23:18
seidoshmmm, i wonder why23:21
seidosGuest57327: LTS?23:22
seidosGuest57327: 10.04 "Long Term Support"23:23
Guest57327oh, no: 10.1023:24
seidoswell, for my curiosity could you paste the output of lspci and sudo lshw?23:25
seidosbut, to fix your problem, i'd try the LTS, it has a different kernel23:25
seidoswhat do you think Guest57327?23:26
Guest57327I'll try the 10.4 if this attempt at safeboot doesn't work. Where would this output be btw?23:28
seidosGuest57327: in a terminal.  you just type "lspci" paste that to paste.ubuntu.com and "sudo lshw" and paste that to paste.ubuntu.com23:30
seidosi assume there is a kernel panic because of some hardware configuration23:30
seidosor maybe you should do a memtest Guest5732723:30
seidosi dunno, i am speculating23:31
pedro3005Guest57327, is it a laptop or a pc?23:49

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