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jfi_Hello, is there an IRC canal to get in touch with "ubuntu release team" ?10:44
acarpinejfi_: you can reach some members of that team at #ubuntu-motu10:51
jfi_acarpine, ok, thanks10:51
acarpinejgi_: my pleasure! :)10:52
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duanedesignpedro_: i wanted to follow up on our work item from UDS regarding the bug squad mentoring and beginners team cooperation.11:52
pedro_hello duanedesign! sure11:53
iktpedro_, while you're here!11:56
ikthttps://launchpad.net/~bugsquad-mentorship/+members#proposed <- :D :D11:56
pedro_ikt, looking11:57
pedro_ikt, did you send an application to the bugcontrol mailing list?11:58
iktI thought you had to have a mentor first, then they can pass you through to the bug control12:00
iktwhen they feel you are ready12:00
iktbut that's ok, I'll make an app12:00
pedro_ikt, thank you :-)12:01
pedro_top of the morning hggdh!12:03
hggdhGood morning to you also, pedro_ :-)12:03
duanedesignhello hggdh12:09
pedro_hggdh, we were talking with duanedesign about the Beginners Bugs team and the Mentoring program we have12:09
pedro_one of the problems we've noticing with the mentoring program is the not a lot of new members replying and just joining the program probably just 'because'12:10
pedro_so since the Beginners Bugs Team is also doing some work similar to the mentoring program (teaching people how to work with bugs)12:11
pedro_what about if we add a 'little' extra step before joining the mentoring program12:11
pedro_being that step: contact the Beginners Bugs Team and see if the bugs thing is for you or not12:12
duanedesignand if our Bugs Focus Group Members are also BUg Squad Mentors the contributors transition could be 'seamless'12:12
pedro_so they can explain you what a bug is, some bugs status, really simple things12:12
pedro_so new members can decide if they're interesting or not in Bugs and if they are they can join the Mentoring program12:13
pedro_and we can explain to them the bugs work in more depth12:13
pedro_hggdh, what do you think about it?12:14
pedro_morning kamusin12:14
hggdhhi duanedesign12:14
duanedesignpedro_: we do get a lot of people in the Beginners team who are, not quite sure where they want to contribute.12:14
hggdhpedro_, duanedesign: I think it makes a lot of sense12:15
duanedesignpedro_: and we try and give them a brief introduction into the different areas12:15
duanedesignpedro_: so that kind of fits into this idea12:15
pedro_duanedesign, awesome \o/!12:15
hggdhI have been wondering if most people wanting to join really wants to join, or just to collect one more icon on their LP pages12:16
kamusingood morning folks :)12:16
hggdhkamusin: good morning!12:16
duanedesignpedro_: sounds really good.12:21
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alex_mayorgaHi! I just filed bug 73547814:01
ubot4`alex_mayorga: Bug 735478 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/735478 is private14:01
alex_mayorgaanything else I need to give?14:01
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yofelthe meeting is in 30mins right?16:32
* evilvish stabs yofel in the meantime.. >.<16:47
* yofel wonders what he did this time ^^16:48
evilvishyofel: just bored till the meeting, tisall ;)16:48
yofellol :)16:48
JFoand he is evil after all16:48
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yofelbdmurray: ping17:02
serfusmeeting should have started?17:02
* charlie-tca waves17:02
bdmurraywhere does the time go?17:04
charlie-tcawish I knew17:05
bdmurrayOkay, welcome everybody!17:06
bdmurrayIt's March 15th and time for the Bug Squad Meeting17:07
bdmurrayThe agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/Meeting17:07
bdmurrayFirst off we had a couple of action items from the last meeting17:08
bdmurrayBrian Murray to clean up regression-potential tagged bug reports17:08
bdmurrayI've done this!17:08
evilvishwhy are we removing regression-potential tags ? I seem to have missed this discussion..17:09
yofelthey were replaced by 'regression-release <release>'17:09
evilvishoh! cool..17:09
charlie-tcalooong time ago, too17:10
bdmurraywell or they were replaced by regression-release and should also have a release tag17:10
evilvishyea, i always wanted to ask but kept forgetting :)17:10
evilvishbut what about the bugs discovered during alpha/beta?17:11
bdmurrayThe apport kernel hook for Maverick still tags some regression-potential but I have a script that fixes this after they are filed.17:11
bdmurrayevilvish: if they aren't fixed they'll be a regression in the release17:11
bdmurrayevilvish: the release isn't not going to happen so it is less work this way17:11
evilvishOK, but i was wondering since we would not have a way to track the potential ones.. dint know what to do there. :)17:12
bdmurrayevilvish: is your question answered or is there another question there?17:13
evilvishnope, its answered..17:13
bdmurrayokay, cool17:13
bdmurraynigelb: there is an outstanding item regarding editing bugsquad headers to be similar.  Does this sound familiar to you?17:14
serfusbdmurray, he is marked away17:15
bdmurrayokay, I'll follow up with him via e-mail17:16
bdmurraythen we have "    Brian Murray to email Bug Squad regarding splitting of HowToTriage page up into a simple page and an advanced page17:17
bdmurraythis I did not get to17:17
bdmurrayI'll do it this week though.17:18
evilvishmaybe duanedesign, from beginners team, be able to might help with that?  they might know what beginners expect?17:18
bdmurrayduanedesign: we've been looking at w.u.c/Bugs/HowToTriage and thinking its a bit overwhelming17:19
duanedesigni was just looking at action items that have not been completed from UDS and noticed one about helpng w/ the Bug Squad wiki17:19
duanedesignthat was assigned to us17:20
duanedesignbdmurray: ok. and have a simple and advanced page17:20
bdmurrayduanedesign: yes, so if you have any ideas about the simple one we'd appreciate it17:21
duanedesignahh isee. it is a bit long17:21
duanedesignwhere doesx it link from?17:21
bdmurrayduanedesign: right there are so many things one *can* do as a part of triage17:21
duanedesignahh, i see a link on /Bugs to the page17:22
bdmurrayduanedesign: and the bugsquad header17:22
bdmurrayduanedesign: I'd be happy to discuss this in depth with you after the meeting but think we should move on.  Okay?17:24
duanedesignbdmurray: sounds great.17:24
bdmurrayduanedesign: thanks!17:25
bdmurrayevilvish: Are there any specific mentorship program topics to discuss?17:25
evilvishwell, just that there has been 0 activity this month too, and that there are 26 members waiting approval, oldest applicant is from 2010-12-14 , and latest is 2011-03-14 yesterday17:26
evilvishduanedesign: go ahead..17:26
duanedesigni talked with pedro some today about better  cooperation between the beginenrs Team and Bug Squad Mentor program17:27
* evilvish was just thinking about the very same thing :)17:27
duanedesignwe definetly want to get the folks in the Beginners team who are doing mentoring for bugs into the Bug Squad mentor program17:28
duanedesignand possibly help pre staging some of the mentees17:28
duanedesignsome people are a bit unsure if bug triage is exactly for them. We could help them with an introductory knowledge17:29
duanedesignthen when they are still interested they can join the bug Squad Mentoring program17:29
duanedesigni have noticed with the Beginners team this can help also with giving the team a 'window' to round up a mentor17:30
duanedesignthe contributor is busy w/  very basic stuff and this will keep them busy for a week or so while a mentor is found17:31
duanedesignthat was an idea we had and would love thoughts on it17:31
duanedesignbut we definetly want to get our follks involved in the Bug Squad Mentor program being mentors17:31
evilvishduanedesign: for this cycle, we have formed ยป https://launchpad.net/~bugsquad-mentorship-group-alpha , where the mentoring is to take place on the mailing list(supposed to) by a team of mentors.. this is mainly to get the folks ready to apply to BugControl.. but we are seeing low activity.. maybe they are overwhelmed? not sure..17:32
duanedesignthat is a neat idea.17:33
cinfantinoIf it helps, I just signed up with the bugsquad and I have no idea how to get started...I tried applying for a mentor but have not heard anything...maybe that can give some perspective17:33
evilvishbdmurray: duanedesign: what we could do is send the initial applicants first to beginners team and then if they are interested to then jump into the mentoring team.. but this seems like a long route.. might ensure that the mentoring team only has folks interested are in the main team..17:33
bdmurraycinfantino: yes it is perspectives like yours that would help us alot17:34
evilvishcinfantino: yup, i'm aware.. hence i mentioned ".. and latest is 2011-03-14 yesterday" :)17:35
evilvishcinfantino: feel free to mention your thoughts..17:35
bdmurraycinfantino: It would be interestig to hear how you got to where you are17:35
ravitejavadbdmurray: same here, joined the bug squad a few days back... looked into HowtoTriage...  but thats all....then applied for mentor and no update.17:35
geoffmccim new to the team and can verify that the guide does make it seem overwhelming but once you get in there and read some and stick to basic stuff at first and keep an eye on ones that have been done before get a better feel for it17:36
bdmurrayevilvish: and where are the pending members?17:37
evilvishbdmurray: https://launchpad.net/~bugsquad-mentorship/+members17:38
ravitejavadgeoffmcc: I agree with you , but some situations you just cant make head or tails17:38
bdmurrayevilvish: and how does that relate to group-alpah?17:38
cinfantinoI essentially wanted to start contributing and I looked through the Ubuntu wiki...thought this might be the best place to start. I signed up to become a bugsquad member and I am lost from there...it is daunting to say the least how to get started17:38
cinfantinoMaybe it is just my ignorance but it seems very difficult to find out how to get started...even signing up was "difficult".17:39
bdmurrayravitejavad: please if you run a cross a situation you can't make heads or tails of ask here or email the bugsquad mailing list17:39
evilvishbdmurray: thats how we have been doing it,  members apply to the mentoring team and then we approve to the alpha team.. this was supposed to be several alpha/beta teams, hence this was the way it was chosen..17:39
ravitejavadbdmurray: well I have solved a few situations asking here, but I guess a mentor would make it a lot easier.17:40
geoffmccthe guide should also maybe make better mention to the email list as other than new bug submissions and notice of new bugs it seems kinda quiet17:40
evilvishbdmurray: the current members in the apha group have shown very little activity, and i fear we might be loosing new members like cinfantino ravitejavad and other 24 waiting there.. maybe we can approve the whole batch and see how this goes?17:40
evilvishmight overwhelm us, or maybe not.. but i dont think waiting another month would be a great option :)17:41
bdmurrayevilvish: right, I recall.  I think that makes sense.  if the alpha group gets too busy then split it up / reevalute17:41
bdmurraygeoffmcc: what email list are you referring to?17:42
evilvishand btw, we lost sense, maybe we can rope in ddecator to the mentors?17:42
geoffmccthe bugsquad list17:42
duanedesigni will make it a point to talk to evilvish about how we can get the interested folks on the beginners team, who are bug control involved in the mentoring program to help out17:42
bdmurraygeoffmcc: ubuntu-bugsquad@lists.ubuntu.com?17:42
geoffmcci meant to say other than new bug submission and notices of meetings17:42
evilvishduanedesign: sure thing..17:43
bdmurraygeoffmcc: what discussion would you like to see?  most of the people who know how to perform bug triage do it, so don't often talk about it.17:44
bdmurraygeoffmcc: which might lead one to believe nothing is happening...17:44
geoffmcci was just saying that questions can be asked there if no answer immediate answer in irc, right17:45
yofelgeoffmcc: yes, that's how it's supposed to be used, where do you think we should make that clearer?17:45
geoffmccwell i was just making a statement based on above mention of new members waiting for a mentor and it seemed like they havent tried to do it yet.17:46
geoffmccand someone mentioned coming in and getting some answers in irc.17:47
bdmurrayevilvish: so you'll add more people to the alpha group - right?17:48
evilvishsure, will do..17:48
bdmurrayI've already communicated to the mailing list regarding asking question in IRC then on mailing list so I think that particular issue is covered well17:49
bdmurrayIt might be interesting to have something similar to the ubuntu-devel pilots where people take a 1 hour shift here to answer questions17:50
ravitejavadbdmurray: sound interesting17:50
bdmurrayI'll email the bugsquad mailing list about that.17:51
bdmurrayMoving on then17:51
bdmurraymicahg: just in time17:51
bdmurraymicahg: you wanted to talk about filing RFP bugs in Debian?17:51
charlie-tcawhat is RFP?17:52
bdmurrayrequest for packaging17:52
micahgso based on the messages on the debian-derivatives ML, it seems that we should only file RFPs after the package is in Ubunut17:52
bdmurrayI'm fine with removing the open RFP language17:53
bdmurrayer open an17:53
micahgbdmurray: ok, adding an RFP once we package something is a good idea in case someone in Debian wants to adopt it17:54
micahgbut I guess we should move that language to the new packages page vs triage17:54
bdmurraymicahg: I don't quite understand how it is in an RFP if there already is a package but I'm not really concerned about it17:55
charlie-tcaIs that really bug triage or developer's thing?17:55
micahgbdmurray: if we add a package not from Debian17:55
bdmurraycharlie-tca: the new packages page is developer oriented I believe17:55
micahgcharlie-tca: that would be a developer thing at that point17:56
bdmurrayOkay anybody else have an opinion about RFP bugs in Debian?17:57
bdmurrayWell or needs-packaging bugs17:57
ddecatorevilvish: what's that now?17:57
bdmurraymicahg: so you'll edit the relevant wiki page?17:58
micahgbdmurray: sure :)17:58
bdmurraymicahg: thanks!17:59
evilvishddecator: hey.. would you be interested in joining the mentoring alpha team along with RedSingularity ?  so that it is not so much as one-on-one but more of a team mentoring?17:59
ddecatorevilvish: if tim ( RedSingularity ) is up for it then that's fine with me, although he submitted his application for BC so i'm not sure if he'll be my mentee much longer17:59
evilvishddecator: cool, then RedSingularity is not a main factor,.. https://launchpad.net/~bugsquad-mentorship-group-alpha < right now the mentees are being added there and no mentor is being assigned a mentee as before, its just a group thing now18:00
bdmurrayI wanted to congratulate Robert Roth (evfool) and Christopher Penalver on joining the Ubuntu Bug Control team.18:00
ddecatorevilvish: alright, sounds good. mostly irc and ML?18:01
evilvishddecator: yup.. cool, thanks! :)18:01
charlie-tcaWe do need to clarify to new mentee applicants that triage is not a starting point for development/fixing bugs, but the place to get bugs ready for fixing18:01
ddecatorcharlie-tca: agreed18:01
evilvishpenalvch ^18:01
bdmurrayThey've both been doing some fantastic bug work.18:01
ddecatorevilvish: since the team is restricted i'm guessing you'll take care of adding me?18:02
evilvishddecator: yup, on it18:02
ddecatorevilvish: danke :)18:03
bdmurrayAre there any other topics for discussion?18:03
penalvchevilvish: What's up?18:05
evilvishpenalvch:  <bdmurray> I wanted to congratulate Robert Roth (evfool) and Christopher Penalver on joining the Ubuntu Bug Control team.18:05
evilvish] <bdmurray> They've both been doing some fantastic bug work.18:05
charlie-tcaCongratulations, penalvch, on bug control!18:05
* kamusin \o/18:05
evilvishhuh! i totally forgot kamusin ! ;)18:06
yofelwelcome :)18:06
evilvishkamusin: free for mentoring team? ;)18:06
duanedesigngreat work penalvch18:06
bdmurrayOkay, I guess that's it for the meeting proper.  Thanks everyone!18:07
* evilvish bbiab18:07
charlie-tcaThanks, bdmurray, for chairing!18:07
yofelthanks bdmurray18:07
ddecatori need to put these meetings on my calendar so i don't forget them..18:08
micahg thanks bdmurray18:08
yofelnext meeting on april 12?18:08
ravitejavadthanks bdmurray18:09
kamusinevilvish, no problem ;)18:11
=== bdmurray changed the topic of #ubuntu-bugs to: Ubuntu BugSquad - next meeting 4/12/11 | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad | Documentation: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpingWithBugs | If you have been triaging bugs for a while, please apply to https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-bugcontrol/ | Want to report a bug? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs | User support (not related to triage) is in #ubuntu
evilvishkamusin: awesome! adding you to the team where it is not one-on-one mentoring.. thanks :)18:14
kamusinexcelent :)18:16
evilvishddecator: dont forget to subscribe to that teams ML ;)18:21
ddecatorevilvish: i did. my inbox is filling up rather quickly with your work :p18:21
evilvishddecator: haha, we have a backlog, i should have probably done that before making you admin18:22
evilvishatleast i'll do that for kamusin , saves him from my spam ;p18:22
ddecatorevilvish: haha, i got the email saying i was an admin about 10 emails in. it's fine though, easy enough to delete18:23
duanedesignevilvish: i am going to send my email to "ubuntu-bugcontrol at lists dot launchpad dot net"  to become a mentor18:24
ddecatorduanedesign: we've sucked you in, eh? :)18:24
evilvishduanedesign: awesome!18:25
kamusinyou catch me evilvish, now you address is clean :) heh18:25
cinfantinohey all...I need a place to start...I have joined the team read through the "how to triage" but am stuck...where to next?18:35
* ddecator is glad to see how many people are being added for mentorship :)18:35
JFograb a bug in your package of choice and see how far you get in your how to triage knowledge cinfantino18:35
JFothen when you get stuck, ask questions here :)18:36
cinfantinoOk...that is available through launchpad?18:36
cinfantinoOK, thank you very much18:36
JFocinfantino, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu18:37
JFothat is the main page for bugs in ubuntu18:37
JFomy pleasure18:37
cinfantinoawesome, thanks! It now makes sense :)18:37
ddecatorwell there's evidence that the wiki needs to do a better job of getting people started18:40
JFoddecator, TRUE18:41
JFosorry caps-lock fail18:41
* ddecator plans on coming up a concept for how the wiki can be streamlined, at least the HowToTriage page18:41
ddecatorcinfantino: if you have any recommendations in terms of what was confusing, what should be included on the wiki, etc., please let me know in an email. ddecator at gmail dot com18:42
cinfantinoddecator: done18:44
duanedesignddecator: let me know what you come up with. I volunteered to help on that. Also we can ask around the beginners team and see if any 'beginners' have any suggestiond18:44
ddecatorduanedesign: sounds good. i was talking with hggdh about it before. i plan on coming up with a PDF with a concept of how it can be changed so it's more informative yet less overwhelming. it'll tie into the slides i make for the triaging class as well. i'll probably send it to both teams for feedback18:45
ddecatorcinfantino: thanks :)18:45
cinfantinoddecator: no prob :)18:45
bdmurraycinfantino: I would look for bugs about a package / piece of software I used a lot or like18:46
cinfantinobdmurray: Makes sense18:47
duanedesignddecator: souonds like a plan18:47
ddecatorat the very least, i think there needs to be screenshots so there are visual aids instead of just a wall of text18:48
duanedesignddecator: got a few eager wiki folks on the BT we might be able to solicit for help implementing the changes if  we need it18:48
ddecatorduanedesign: yah, that's a great idea18:48
bdmurrayddecator: launchpads user interface changes quite regularly so my concern has always been maintaing those screenshots18:48
duanedesignddecator: yeah and maybe some sub pages for 'advanced' or lengthy topics18:49
ddecatorbdmurray: true. i'll take that into consideration to see if there are visuals we can use that aren't likely to need updating consistantly18:49
bdmurraycinfantino: you can search for a package at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/18:49
ddecatora video walkthrough would be great, but i doubt the time and effort would be worth it since it would most likely need regular updating18:51
areedaI'm in the same boat as cinfantino, just getting started here.  I see this big list of bugs and wonder which status makes the most sense to start with.  New, confirmed or crash reports?18:52
charlie-tcaareeda: normally, you start with bugs in "new" status18:52
areedaProbably my most frustrating buts are with VNC but comments in the bugreports and forums seem to make18:52
areedathat daunting18:52
ddecatorareeda: i recommend new since you can start from the beginning and it gives you the chance to test and confirm the bugs if nothing else18:52
areedaOK I'll go find a new bug to start with18:53
duanedesignareeda: a list and explanation of some of the Status' at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Status18:53
cinfantinoIf we know of a fix, can we mark that in a comment to let the submitter know.18:53
duanedesignand  this page is great one to bookmark https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Responses :)18:54
ddecatorcinfantino: workarounds are helpful to know :)18:54
charlie-tcaum, there shouldn't be a fix if the bug is valid. There might be a workaround, which allows for a way to not hit the bug, but it is not a fix18:54
ddecatoron a similar note, this extension is great: https://launchpad.net/~gm-dev-launchpad/+archive/ppa18:55
duanedesignddecator: yes that is a timesaver18:56
duanedesigni find these debugging guides can be helpful to get more information on a bug  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProcedures 'til you start getting more familiar with the area or package your interested in18:58
areedaThank you, I have plenty to read and a place to start.  I'll keep notes on my progress and perhaps I can help with the wiki by organizing stupid newbie questions.19:08
areedaI do agree my biggest issue is being overwhelmed with an unclear idea of what to do first19:09
areedathat was organizing MY stupid newbie questions19:09
kamusinhggdh, eeebotu is gone19:18
hggdhkamusin: looking into it, thank you19:58
hggdhkamusin: thank you. Seems I have a power failure, and eeebotu was sulking at the corner20:01
kamusinhggdh, heh20:10
areedaWhat is CVE as in CVE reports in releases of Ubuntu?20:46
ansgarareeda: CVE - Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE), cve.mitre.org20:47
areedathank you20:47
evilvishduanedesign: you just need to wait for hggdh or bdmurray reply to your BC mail..21:01
evilvishduanedesign: just letting you know that they'll look into it .. :)21:02
hggdhevilvish: heh21:06
hggdhduanedesign: approved :-)21:06
hggdhduanedesign: thank you, etc, etc, and so on ;-)21:06
evilvishhggdh: just letting him know you da man! ;)21:06
hggdhevilvish: I am starting to understand the 'evil' in vish ;-)21:07
trinikronodoes anyone have the meeting logs i missed it21:43
pleia2trinikrono: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/03/15/%23ubuntu-bugs.html#t17:0721:45
trinikrono:D thanks21:46
ubot4`Factoid '727290' not found22:45
erkan^!bugs 72729022:45
ubot4`Launchpad bug 727290 in compiz (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Zoom doesn't follow to text (affects: 3) (heat: 441)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72729022:45
ubot4`Factoid 'bugs 727290' not found22:45
micahgerkan^: bug 72729022:45
erkan^bug 72729022:46
erkan^!bug 72729022:46
micahgerkan^: the bot's a little slow22:46
erkan^ow ok22:46
erkan^i have found22:46
micahgerkan^: also, if you just want to query the bot, send it a PM22:46
micahgerkan^: I mean if it's not relevant to a conversation22:47
erkan^https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/727290 --> i have found  micahg22:47
ubot4`Launchpad bug 727290 in compiz (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Zoom doesn't follow to text (affects: 3) (heat: 441)" [Undecided,New]22:47

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