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dscasselMorning, BluesKaj :)14:26
* genii-around makes a fresh, large pot of coffee and thinks about cupcake decorations14:27
* staticsafe prefers tea14:31
staticsafeand hey dca14:31
staticsafeand hey dscassel14:31
BluesKaj'Morning, dscassel , genii-around, staticsafe14:39
dscasselTea.  Good idea.14:39
dscasselMorning, staticsafe :)14:39
genii-aroundBluesKaj: Mornin' :) I'm happier today now that the weather is decent.14:41
staticsafehey, any of you guys in Toronto?14:41
genii-aroundI am14:41
staticsafeit would be cool if we had a Ubuntu event in Toronto, genii-around14:42
genii-aroundstaticsafe: I'm holding a release party for Natty14:43
genii-aroundI held one for Lucid in same place but got ill and missed Maverick. But hoping to do each next release from here14:44
staticsafegenii-around: nice nice, i can defintitely come14:44
staticsaferegistering now14:44
* staticsafe adds event to Gcal14:46
staticsafegenii-around: i'll send a message to the TLUG mailing list about the event as well15:12
genii-aroundstaticsafe: I was going to tell Colin McGregor, we are both FreeNet guys. But I won't see him until our board meeting tomorrow.15:17
dscasselstaticsafe: There are lots of Toronto Ubuntu people around, but not too many people (genii-around being a welcome exception) doing much organizing.15:29
dscasselWe'd appreciate your help if you wanted to start something. :)15:29
staticsafedscassel: heh, i've never organized an event before, so i have no experience15:29
dscasselNo experience necessary. :D15:30
staticsafedscassel: what sort of event are we talking about?15:30
dscasselThe easiest thing people can do is start an Ubuntu Hour: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hour15:30
dscasselJust hang out in a cafe and chat with fellow Ubuntu users.  It doesn't even have to be about Ubuntu.15:31
dscasselThe only tricky part is publicizing it, but we can help with that. :)15:31
staticsafedscassel: i can also ask on the TLUG mailing list, also need some possible venues15:32
BluesKajI'd like to attend as well, altho it's a 5 hr drive for me , and no laptop , so it would be like playing hockey without a stick :)15:32
dscasselLinuxcaffe is the obvious one, but for an Hour, it can be anywhere that is happy to have small groups congregating.15:32
dscasselBluesKaj: You could always start a Sudbury Ubuntu Hour.  Who knows, somebody might show up. :)15:33
BluesKajdscassel, well, i contacted a couple of Linux Club guys in Sudbury , but it's a pretty loose arrangement and poorly organized . Also I live in a small town 75km west of Sudbury.15:36
dscasselBluesKaj: Yeah that makes it trickier.15:37
staticsafedscassel: im writing an e-mail to TLUG as we speak. :)15:38
dscasselOTOH, loose arrangements are what things like the Ubuntu Hour are all about. It's good to meet up face to face once in a while.15:38
dscasselstaticsafe: Cool. :)15:38
dscasselOh yeah, IRC meeting tonight.15:39
dscasselI'd kinda forgot about it.15:40
dscasselGood thing I leave myself notes.15:40
BluesKajdscassel, so the Toronto meeting would fine for me if I had a laptop , I think it would be interesting , but I don't plan on buying one til June or July15:40
staticsafeheh the only laptop i have is my Macbook Pro. :P15:40
dscasselBluesKaj: You don't need a laptop to socialize.  (I hear some Ubuntu Hours ban laptops.  I wouldn't dare do that myself... :)15:40
BluesKajdscassel, :)15:41
staticsafedscassel: how does this e-mail look to you - http://puu.sh/1dQR15:51
dscasselstaticsafe: Looks great to me. :)15:53
staticsafedscassel: alright, will send it now15:53
staticsafealso got something cool for you guys - http://sprki.com/computer-hardware-chart.html15:58
BluesKajstaticsafe, on what street/block is the linuxcaffe located ?16:00
staticsafeBluesKaj: it's on 326 Harbord Street, closest intersection seems to be Bloor St W and Bathurst St16:02
BluesKajok, thanks staticsafe16:03
KombuchaKipGet your gas masks folks. All three reactors melt down imminent. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1365781/Japan-earthquake-tsunami-All-3-Fukushima-nuclear-plant-reactors-meltdown.html20:14
gchisholmI'd rather a radiation suit ;)20:33
BluesKajKombuchaKip, yeah dailymail , areal trusted source :)20:45
bregmathose reactors are designed for meltdown, it's not a bad thing21:44
bregmacontainment breach, now that's a bad thing21:44
bregmaa meltdown would prevent containment breach21:45
hypatiaalmost forgot :)22:50
hypatiado we have an agenda?23:02
dscasselI'm still getting set up.  Feel free to introduce yourselves. :)23:02
dscasselWell, sort of.  Same as the old agenda, really.23:02
hypatiahttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2011-03-15 <-- agenda23:02
dscasselUnless people want to argue about what Mark said to some Gnome developer in 2008.23:03
hypatiahahaha please no23:03
dscasselIt seems to be a popular passtime these days. Not my thing, tho.23:04
dscasselAgenda link #2: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/35/detail/23:04
staticsafehey guys23:05
dscasselHi, staticsafe. Welcome to the meeting. :)23:06
BobJonkmanHello Everybody!23:06
dscasselMass call! [thor] Amgine bhrams BobJonkman bregma capmtripps cyphermox DavidLevin FiReSTaRT gchisholm IdleOne jaguar james_w KombuchaKip kenjy komputes Kulag ryanakca sipherdee SmartSsa starcraftman txwikinger willwh zul !23:07
dscasselMeeting time, if you're interested.23:07
* komputes does the meeting dance23:07
staticsafedscassel: we should have a meeting bot in here. :D23:07
dscasselPlease introduce yourself.  Where are you, what do you do with/for/on/to Ubuntu?23:07
* txwikinger is Ralph Janke23:08
dscasselstaticsafe: One of the locobots is recording the session, but it would be nice to have it cycle through agenda items.23:08
komputesI'm komputes - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/komputes23:08
hypatiasup folks! i am hypatia, aka Leigh Honeywell.  loco agitator, Ubuntu Women co-leader, recent keynote speaker at SCALE, and toronto hackerspace person.23:08
kenjydscassel: hi there23:08
dscasselI'm Darcy.  I'm in Kitchener-Waterloo and I'm chairing this meeting.23:08
staticsafeI'm staticsafe aka Sadiq Saif - https://launchpad.net/~staticsafe23:08
BobJonkmanI'm Bob Jonkman, from Elmira, just north of Waterloo ON. Enthusiast, Hanger-On, Tech Supporter23:09
staticsafeOh, and I live in Toronto. :)23:09
* starcraftman is some random guy who may or may not play Starcraft :P He also might be in beginners team, don't let it get out :)23:09
komputes^ pretty awesome dude23:10
dscasselAwesome. :D23:10
kenjyI'm Alex, I live in México and I work for a newspaper, I have been trying to move to Canada, I use ubuntu at the work23:10
starcraftmanhehe, ty komputes :)23:11
bhramsI'm new here, hanging around a bit23:11
dscasselWelcome, everybody! :)23:11
dscasselMeeting agenda is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2011-03-1523:11
dscasselIt'll look familiar if you've done this before.23:12
dscasselIf anyone has anything else they'd like to talk about, let me know and I'll add it to the agenda.23:12
hypatiaUDS and sponsorship!23:13
hypatiai will talk about that23:13
txwikingerput it on the agenda hypatia23:13
dscasselOoh, good idea.23:14
* txwikinger can give some comments having been sponsered for UDS before23:14
hypatiatxwikinger: wiki access is still broken23:14
hypatiaif someone else doesn't mind23:14
kenjywhats UDS?23:14
* hypatia actually files a freaking RT ticket for that RIGHT NOW23:14
kenjyUbuntu Data Servers?23:15
dscasselUbuntu Developer Summit.23:15
kenjy:O okay23:15
dscasselAll right.  So Item #1: Events.23:16
dscasselTwo big ones coming up:23:16
dscasselUbuntu Global Jam (Apr 1-3)23:16
FiReSTaRTdscassel: just a quick hello, working atm can't attend meeting23:17
dscasselAnd Natty Narwhal release (Apr 28)23:17
dscasselFiReSTaRT: Any quick update about a Toroto jam?23:17
dscasselWe're holding a Jam here at Kwartzlab on April 2.23:17
dscasselThere was some talk about Jams in Toronto or Peterborough.23:18
komputescyphermox: any steps taken in planning the Montreal release party?23:18
txwikingerI think our friends from Ubuntu-qc will have something for the Jam in Montreal23:20
dscasselkomputes: Since we've got you guys here, can we (as Ubuntu Canada) help (publicize, anything else) ubuntu-qc events?23:20
dscasselAlso, would you be interested in joining us for LAN gaming?  Our party is going to be Apr 30. :)23:21
dscasselSo, Toronto stuff.23:22
komputesdscassel: whats the game?23:22
dscasselstaticsafe: have you met hypatia?23:22
hypatiarelease party!23:22
txwikingerToronto will have a Relese party http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/781/detail/23:23
txwikingerNot sure if there are additional events planned in Toronto?23:23
komputesdscassel: I have no problem with Ubuntu-CA publishing Ubuntu-QC events in English. I find most of the discussion in QC is in French.23:23
dscasselkomputes: Bunch of stuff. http://kwartzlab.ca/mediawiki/index.php/LAN_Party_Event_Planning#The_Games23:23
dscasselhypatia: Yeah! genii-around is giving it another go.23:25
komputesdscassel: I'm in for OpenArena; at least it's the one I have most experience with.23:25
dscasselTeeworlds is fun and easy. :)23:25
komputesdscassel: Apr 30th, what time?23:25
staticsafesorry dscassel stepped outside for a bit23:26
dscasselProbably afternoon-ish.  It'll likely go for a bit.23:26
dscasselkomputes: We can work out details later. :)23:27
hypatiaanother toronto event coming up is maker faire: http://makerfairetoronto.ca/23:27
komputesdscassel: sounds good, I marked the 30th afternoonish for the LAN part23:28
dscasselhypatia: I'll definitely be there.  Should we put together a booth or something?23:28
komputesoops, april, done23:28
dscasselOr just wander around handing out CDs and stickers?23:29
komputesHoping I could get to play from Montreal.23:30
dscasselkomputes: A pan-Canadian LAN party would be awesome. :D23:30
hypatiadscassel: we'd be happy to have ubuntu stickers and cd's at the hacklab booth23:31
staticsafemay I suggest a FPS? Urban Terror is the name. :)23:31
komputesit becomes a WAN party then ;)23:31
dscasselThere'll be another meeting before the release party.23:32
BobJonkmanPan-Canadian LAN party == PanCanLan23:32
hypatiaoh good23:32
hypatiaBobJonkman: i love it23:32
dscasselThis is your last chance to talk about Jams, though.  Except, you know, for pinging me on IRC any time...23:33
dscasselWe're thinking of doing our own Jam earlier in the Oneiric cycle.  This is kind of late for dev contributions.23:34
dscasselThey really want people to test, however.23:34
staticsafedscassel: can I add Ubuntu Hours to the agenda?23:34
dscasselstaticsafe: Definitely.  I wanted to at least mention the Jam first. :)23:34
dscasselSo, staticsafe, any news on Ubuntu Hours? :)23:35
staticsafedscassel: I asked around on TLUG, got some questions, some nitpicking, no real interest yet23:35
hypatianitpicking? tlug? never. :p23:35
dscasselstaticsafe is planning on starting up a Toronto Hour.  Which I think is a fantastic idea. :)23:36
hypatiathat's fantastic23:36
txwikinger Well. Ubuntu hours are often something more external not necessarily part of LUGs23:36
BobJonkmanI've started an Ubuntu Hour in Kitchener.  actually, I was just hanging around in the Little Bean Cafe anyway, and just called it an Ubuntu Hour.23:36
BobJonkmanAnd then some other people showed up!23:37
hypatiaBobJonkman: i think that's the general idea, no?23:37
txwikingerMagicfab started them by just being in a coffee shop or something like that23:37
dscasselBobJonkman: Awesome! That's exactly the idea.23:37
staticsafeI was thinking Linux Caffe. :)23:37
staticsafebut any other suitable place would do23:37
hypatiai'm sure djp would be happy to host it23:37
txwikingerTake some Ubuntu place cards on the table and let people ask questions23:37
hypatiaHackLAb is less good for UH because we don't have food :/23:37
staticsafetxwikinger: where can I get some of those? :O23:38
txwikingerstaticsafe: Well Linuxcaffee is nice, but most people there probaly already know about FLOSS.. Other places probably have more advertisement value23:38
dscasselJust getting started with a regular meetup goes a long way to building up the community.23:38
txwikingerstaticsafe: make some yourself?23:38
hypatiatxwikinger: not really true23:38
BobJonkmanHave a placecard on me: http://sobac.com/temp/ubuntu/  ODF Draw file, or JPG image23:38
staticsafethanks BobJonkman23:38
hypatialots of just randome coffee people at LC23:38
txwikingerhypatia: well.. educate me.. I never made it to the Linuxcaffee yet :D23:39
hypatiaand UH isn't just about outreaching to random people23:39
hypatiait's about building community for people who are already involved23:39
hypatiatxwikinger: it's a regular coffee shop for most patrons23:39
txwikingerhypatia: cool.. well then it is certainly a good place too23:39
dscasselHow to run an Ubuntu Hour: http://askubuntu.com/questions/7/how-do-i-run-a-successful-ubuntu-hour23:39
hypatiadscassel: nice23:40
* hypatia bookmarks23:40
* bhrams might be down for a Toronto UH23:40
txwikingerMake sure the Ubuntu hour is put on the loco schedule23:41
txwikingerThen I might also even blog about it23:41
* staticsafe opens up loco page23:41
dscasselWe've got to put these up on the web page as well.23:41
* dscassel makes a note to self23:42
staticsafehmm, how do I add a scheduled even?23:42
dscasselstaticsafe: First, log in.23:42
staticsafedscassel: already am. :)23:42
dscasselThen there should be an "add event" link.23:42
dscasselYou have to be a member of the Ubuntu-ca launchpad team.23:43
staticsafedscassel: hmm, I logged in at ubuntu-ca.org23:44
billybigriggerhowdy all23:44
txwikingerno.. it is at loco.ubuntu.com23:44
dscasselstaticsafe: Yeah. http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-ca23:44
dscasselWe can set you up with a webpage login too, but that's a little more involved.  Talk to txwikinger later.23:45
staticsafealright, cool23:45
BobJonkmanSpeaking of Web page...23:45
dscasselBobJonkman: Let's do UDS first.23:45
dscasselUDS!  (It's 7:45...)23:46
dscasselhypatia: What's involved in sponsorship? I have no idea.23:46
hypatiaok! so23:46
hypatiayou go to http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-o/23:46
hypatiayou sign in23:46
hypatiaand you submit a form, which is a multi-stage process23:47
hypatiai've documented the steps on the ubuntu women wiki23:47
hypatiawhich also has more info about the application process23:47
hypatiabasically you have to do a writeup of your contributions in the past cycle, and talk about what you want to do in the next cycle23:47
txwikingerAnd then you have to do some chores at the UDS event. Like be a runner and hanging up posters of the sessions etc23:49
txwikingerthat is if you are sponsored23:49
dscasselUDS is awesome, by the way.  Even if you can't spend a week in Budapest, you can follow along online.23:49
dscasselThere's audio streaming and IRC chats for every session.23:49
hypatiayup, all the sessions are simulcast23:49
dscasselYou get a very good idea for how Ubuntu actually works.23:50
txwikingerYes.. the only thing you are missing on the remote participation are the hallway talks and the socialising, but all the sessions you can participate23:50
txwikingerAnymore questions/points for UDS sponsorship?23:51
dscasselAnybody is welcome to attend UDS.  Sponsorship means Canonical will pay for you to be there.23:51
hypatiathat's all i've got, txwikinger23:52
dscasselOkay.  Almost 8.  We should move onto the web page.23:52
txwikingerBobJonkman1: ?23:52
dscasselwmpetersen sent us an updated site logo, and tonyyarusso updated the theme.23:53
BobJonkman1Sorry.  Flaky BIOS, laptop keeps locking up.  Only BIOS upgrade available is for Windows...23:53
dscasselI'm not entirely sure where that updated theme is, but we should get it on launchpad.23:53
BobJonkman1So, I still can't log into http://ubuntu-ca.org23:53
dscasselBobJonkman1: we'll forgive you.23:53
BobJonkman1I get various errors, the latest (today) being that "User bjonkman already exists"23:54
dscasselWe're still having OpenID issues, apparently.23:54
BobJonkman1Yes, I log in with OpenID23:54
komputestxwikinger: the only thing you are missing on the remote participation is the drinking23:55
staticsafeheh komputes23:55
* staticsafe is underage23:55
BobJonkman1Usually with http://sobac.com/bjonkman which contains a redirect to https://launchpad.net/~bjonkman23:55
txwikingerBobJonkman1: There is some mess with the launchpad openid plugin23:55
dscasselstaticsafe: I don't think that's an issue in Hungary. :)23:55
hypatiastaticsafe: probably not underage in hungary, haha23:55
hypatiadscassel: jinx23:56
* dscassel doesn't drink. 9_923:56
txwikingerstaticsafe: they have lemonade in Hungary ;)23:56
komputesomg they do? now i'm super excited :-D23:56
txwikingerkomputes: You can drink at home too23:56
* komputes cracks one open23:57
* staticsafe sticks to milk23:57
txwikingerBobJonkman1: Maybe it is best we hook up one of those days and I help you through the process to fix your account to work with openid again23:57
BobJonkman1OK, offline.  Show up for a Kitchener Ubuntu Hour one morning :-)23:58
txwikingerBobJonkman1: Some people work at  those times :D23:58
hypatialaters BobJonkman123:59

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