doctormomhall119: What's happened?00:02
paultagdoctormo: thrid reactor is melting down00:03
paultagdoctormo: first two are under control, they had to dump seawater into one of them (which really stops them from using it again)00:03
paultagfirst was a hydrogen explosion or something00:03
doctormoNasty stuff, the bbc says it's highly likely one will melt.00:05
doctormoI presume that's where the metal gets so hot it melts.00:05
paultagdoctormo: well, from what little nuclar engineering I do know, the concrete shell is to delay the radioactive material from running through it as long as it can, not to actually contain anything00:06
paultagdoctormo: I think it's when the material starts to run without control rods in, so it starts running at above safe levels00:07
paultagand then it burns through the shell of the plant and contamanates the groundwater00:07
paultagI think00:07
paultagI actually have no idea00:07
mhall119'meltdown' literally means the fuel rods get so hot that they melt00:09
mhall119which, like paultag said, means it starts to burn through the bottom of the steel canister and then the concrete below it00:18
paultagmhall119: score! I'm glad I was not totally wrong :)00:18
doctormoThey should build the base out of diamondonium00:19
mhall119there's probably not much, real or imagined, that can contain an uncontrolled fission reaction00:21
mhall119I'm not sure on the details, whether the melted fuel would pool in concentrations high enough to maintain fission00:22
doctormomhall119: It's a substance from futurama, it was used into Beast with a billion backs.00:23
mhall119right now there's no fission reaction in any of the reactors, because of the control rods00:23
doctormowhere does the heat come from then?00:23
mhall119during the fission reaction, it turns a bunch of non-fissile material radio-active00:24
paultagdoctormo: radioactive decay00:24
mhall119the decay accounts for something like 6% of the regular heat output of the reactors00:24
mhall119so right now they're trying to keep it cool enough while the rest of that material finishes it's decay process00:24
paultagmhall119: so... a few million years?00:24
mhall119no, the stuff it produces has a relatively low half life00:25
paultagmhall119: aye, but it's half life, not when it's finished ;)00:25
mhall119somethingon the order of hours, if i remember what the physicist on cnn was saying00:25
paultaga few hour long half life?!00:25
paultagthat's like nothing00:25
paultagthey must burn through radioactive material00:25
mhall119right, but after a few days it should be cool enough to not be dangerous00:25
paultagmhall119: aye00:26
doctormopaultag: You'd be surprised how fast a 1kg rock fizzles into the either when it's got a half life of 2 seconds00:26
mhall119it may be a multi-step decay process too00:26
mhall119before it reaches a stable isotope00:26
mhall119the hydrogen explosion videos are scary though00:28
doctormoI wonder where that comes from00:28
mhall119especially considering that it's happening right on top of an unstable reactor00:28
mhall119doctormo: they said that when the reactor gets too hot, the zirconium plating on the reactor and rods oxidizes, stripping oxygen from the water, releasing hydrogen00:29
mhall119they had to vent the steam from the reactor into the outer building, but it had so much accumulated hydrogen in it that it sparked an explosion in that building, blew the walls and roof off00:30
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jcastrohey paultag00:49
paultaghi jcastro00:49
jcastroFOR YOU DAWG00:49
paultagjcastro: thanks bro :P00:50
duanedesignmhall119: ahh, interesting. I was wondering where the hydrogen came from.01:55
duanedesigni know they do not store that kind of stuff anywhere near reactors01:56
paultagduanedesign: reactors have no open flames or anything, they're quite safe01:57
paultagfor being hit with a mag 9 earthquake, tons of water, and having the roof blow off, it's doing rather well01:57
duanedesignpaultag: i was just puzzled by the hydrogen explosions since their are regulations regarding the storage of flammable gas in proximity to a nuclear power plant02:46
nigelbpaultag: I'm in internet wwithdrawl :p04:08
nigelbhome connection busted for another 12 hours till a tech can figure out what's wrong :(04:08
duanedesignnigelb: oh no04:11
duanedesignnigelb: and good morning o/04:11
nigelbgood morning05:03
nigelbjust after I said that, I lost internet.  Sigh05:03
kim0Morning everyone07:48
dpmgood morning all!08:07
dholbachgood morning08:33
dpmmorgen dholbach!08:41
dpmmorning czajkowski08:41
czajkowskihow are we al today ?08:43
czajkowskiall good I hope08:43
dholbachhey dpm08:44
dholbachhey czajkowski08:44
dpmyeah, it's a sunny day here, so all good :)08:48
czajkowskino sun just yet...08:48
dholbachno sun here either, but the cold is gone and I went for a run this morning, which was good again09:12
nigelbhot sun here, I'll switch with any of you right now :\09:15
dpmhi doctormo, around?09:40
nigelbdpm: I suspect not, very late for him.09:40
dpmok, it was worth a try, though :)09:41
Pendulumdpm: it's 5:45 here so I suspect he's not awake yet09:46
dpmok, I'll try later on then :)09:47
* nigelb waves to Pendulum 09:49
Pendulumhi nigelb09:50
* Pendulum goes back to bed09:50
nigelbPendulum: heh09:53
nigelbPendulum: I'm jealous :D09:53
* nigelb is /very/ sleepy today09:53
dholbachpopey, Technoviking, pleia2, any of you around for the CC meeting in 26m?10:34
* popey puts the kettle on10:34
Pendulumnigelb: I was up at 4AM (and didn't manage to get back to sleep anyway :-/ )10:39
dholbachgreg-g, around?11:00
duanedesignmorning all11:02
nigelbPendulum: :)11:15
nigelbPendulum: I haven't seen 4 am from that end in a longish while :D11:15
Pendulumnigelb: wish I could say the same :P11:16
nigelbWheeee! http://www.flickr.com/photos/kushaldas/sets/72157626137905943/11:19
dholbachoh man11:38
dholbachI just received inbox zero through the most stupid way on earth11:39
dholbachI was in a bit of a hurry and deleted all of them11:39
dholbachit was like 30 or something11:40
dholbachoh man11:40
nigelbgo to trash and restore :)11:40
dholbachI better take a bit of a break now before I make things worse11:40
dholbachnigelb, gone from trash11:40
dholbachI closed thunderbird afterwards11:40
dholbachugh ugh ugh11:40
nigelbdholbach: oh great :\11:40
* czajkowski hugs dholbach 12:04
* dholbach hugs czajkowski back12:05
greg-gdholbach: I'm awake now12:17
dholbachgreg-g, ah great12:17
dholbachgreg-g, we were talking about the ubuntu wiki relicensing: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/03/15/%23ubuntu-meeting.txt12:18
dholbach11:05 → 11:1912:18
dholbachmaybe you have some input?12:18
greg-gI'll read real quick12:19
greg-gah, so, I emailed pleia2 yesterday afternoon (my time, so closer to 7pm your time).12:20
greg-ghas she forwarded that to the CC?12:21
dholbachlet me check12:21
dholbachif it landed in my inbox it's gone - I accidentally deleted everything in my inbox this morning12:21
greg-gI just sent it to you12:22
dholbachgreg-g, forgive me for being a little bit dense, but the case I have in mind is this one: once we use the new license, can I take content from the wiki, reformat it, etc and publish it on the web, as epub, pdf, etc. and people can use that on their kindle/etc devices?12:25
dholbachif that's possible, I don't see any reason for us to amend the license text / dual-license at all12:25
greg-gif you publish in an epub/pdf those are open formats and can be put on Kindles/ipads/etc.12:26
dholbachpopey, ^12:27
greg-g`as long as *you* don't use DRM (and as the email shows, you can puublish on the Kindle without DRM)12:27
dholbachafaics I'm happy12:27
greg-g:) cool12:27
dholbachpleia2, Technoviking: ^12:28
popeywhat if the store requires DRM?12:28
popeye.g. Apple store12:28
greg-gso, does the DRM prevent people from exercising the rights that the liense provides?12:30
greg-gI don't own an apple product, so I don't if their DRM prevents people from copy/pasting etc12:30
greg-galso, does their DRM provide any options to the content creator?12:30
popeynot sure12:31
greg-gThe key part is if the user of the content is prevented from using the content in the way the license allows12:31
dpmhi nigelb, I'd like to run a translations training session on #ubuntu-classroom, how do I add it to the calendar?12:31
popeylooks like other people have cc licensed content in the apple store12:31
greg-gpopey: yeah, I would assume so.12:32
nigelbdpm: you can just ask one of us in #ubuntu-classroom-backstage12:33
greg-gso, mostly I see the use of a modified license as less optimal, because that makes people read and understand that modification before they can make a use. If every wiki added their own modification then the efficiency that was created by standardizing this licenses is lost.12:33
nigelbdpm: that'd be me, pleia2, Pendulum, nhandler, or cjohnston :)12:33
dpmok, coming over12:34
greg-gAlso, it could be understood that as long as someone was just redistributed the content from w.u.c then any DRM wasn't really preventing people from reusing that content as they could get it from w.u.c (as long as the Attribution clause was being followed and they linked to the wiki). This would only prevent the case where someone made a new derivative of the content and only distributed via DRM that disallowed copy/pasting etc.12:35
* greg-g ends lecture12:36
dholbachmy gut feeling is that we should roll with CC-BY-SA 3.0 and see for concrete cases where this poses problems12:36
dholbachafaics there's nothing substantial blocking us now :)12:37
greg-gok, sorry all, I need to go finish getting ready for work and head out12:40
greg-gI'll be on later12:40
nigelbdholbach: hey, what do you think of a quick event right before UGJ about how to do bug triage, translations, and other stuff we actually do at UGJ?12:41
dholbachnigelb, great idea - we should talk to jcastro about it12:42
nigelbdholbach: Yep, I can help organize it.12:42
nigelbdpm: ^^ as you predicted12:43
nigelbdholbach: on second thoughts we can have it *during UGJ* to get the excitement higher12:44
dholbachmight be good to have a session before12:45
dholbachso people know what to expect12:45
dholbachand how to plan stuff12:45
nigelboh, that works too :)12:45
* popey tickles dholbach with the cc agenda page12:57
dholbachyes yes12:57
dholbachand the team report12:57
dholbachpopey, I need to rush to the shop now - so depending on how much it disturbs you, you might want to just go ahead and .......... :)12:57
dholbachsee you in a bit12:58
pleia2dholbach, popey I forwarded greg-g's comments yesterday13:40
pleia2to the CC13:40
nigelbpleia2: dholbach had email fail today :p13:41
pleia2popey too?13:41
pleia2seems strange that neither received it :(13:41
nigelbpleia2: (are you up /really/ early or is my clock messed up?)13:41
pleia2really early13:41
pleia2ok, my email is in the CC archives, so it did get there I guess not everyone saw it13:46
popeyuhm, seems i got it13:46
* popey wishes he had inbox zero and not inbox 192213:47
popeysorry pleia213:47
pleia2no worries, I should have followed up with greg-g sooner than a day before the meeting anyway ;)13:48
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Technovikingdholbach: sorry I miss the meeting14:25
dholbach no worries14:25
dholbachit was quite early for you :)14:26
dholbachand it was a quick one anyway14:26
jonodpm, dholbach hey! sorry I missed our calls - I set my alarm for 7.30pm, but my phone was on the old time before the time changed15:54
jonodpm, dholbach I am free in a few mins if either of you have time15:54
dpmjono, no worries15:54
czajkowski*click* jono *click* howdy15:55
jonodpm, want to chat in 5?15:55
jonohey czajkowski :-)15:55
dpmjono, sure15:55
jonodpm, ok, going to make a coffee first so I am not useless!15:55
dpmjono, no worries, take your time!15:56
jcastrodpm: https://launchpad.net/bugs/53696915:57
ubot2Launchpad bug 536969 in libappindicator "The api docs are incomplete or missing" [Medium,Confirmed]15:57
jcastrowhat should ted do with this, keep it open or is all the API docs stuff on your plate or ... ?15:57
czajkowskijono: it's wrong but I did giggle when I read your post then I felt so bad for you15:59
jonoczajkowski, the severed fifth post?15:59
jcastroNever feel sorry for METAL16:01
dpmjcastro, replying...16:01
czajkowskijono: aye16:01
czajkowskijcastro: did you read the *click* *click* post16:01
czajkowskitrust me there was no other way to feel16:01
dholbachjono, our call should just take a few mins - very quick16:06
dpmjcastro, ok, comented and marked as dup16:07
jonodholbach, mind if I talk to dpm first and then do our call?16:12
dholbachjono, as you like it16:12
jonoczajkowski, the what?16:13
jonojcastro, that vid is awesome!16:13
jonoczajkowski, ahhh yeah, that one :-)16:14
jonoclick click16:14
czajkowskidear gods ye had me wondering did I actualy read the post this morning16:14
czajkowskiCLICK CLICK16:15
jcastroso, reamping sounds awesome16:16
jonodpm, all set16:16
dpmjono, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek/Timetable16:22
dholbachpopey, team report and agenda updated16:22
jonodholbach, all set16:33
dholbachjono, me too16:35
jonoring ring16:35
dholbachalright my friends16:50
dholbachI call it a day16:50
dholbachmy parents are in town and it's time to have dinner together16:50
dholbachsee you all tomorrow16:50
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AlanBelljcastro: on the sponsorship application form there is a field "I agree to the video agreement(optional)" which is actually a required field18:15
jcastroyeah that's a bug18:15
jcastrocan you file it in lp.net/summit?18:15
AlanBellbug 73563318:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 735633 in summit "I agree to the video agreement (optional): checkbox - actually not optional at all, this field is required" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73563318:17
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cjohnstonjcastro / AlanBell bug 73563319:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 735633 in summit "I agree to the video agreement (optional): checkbox - actually not optional at all, this field is required" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73563319:06
AlanBellis that the fix? make it required?19:07
cjohnstonit changes the text frop optional to required19:07
AlanBellyeah, I see that19:08
AlanBellshould it be required or optional though?19:08
cjohnstonare you wanting it to not click submit unless its clicked?19:08
AlanBellat the moment there is a missmatch between the lable and the reality19:08
cjohnstoncorrect.. the label will now read that its required, although clicking submit does not require the box to be checked19:09
cjohnstonallowing you to still not agree to it.. but what canonical does with your non-agreement is up to them19:09
AlanBellit does19:09
AlanBellyou can't click to the next page without checking the box19:10
cjohnstonwell.. the label will now say required19:10
AlanBellyes, which is a possible fix to the mismatch19:10
AlanBellthe other fix is to keep it optional and make it not required19:10
cjohnstonis it required to get sponsorship19:11
AlanBellI don't know which is right, but historically I believe that field was optional19:11
cjohnstoni.e. will they go around and intentionally not film you if you dont agree to be filmed19:11
AlanBellI doubt it19:11
cjohnstonjcastro: opinion please?19:12
jcastroit's not required to get sponsorship19:14
jcastroit's just to save the work of having the person having to sign the paper at registration which can get annoying19:14
jcastroand then the 1 or 2 people who don't want to be taped I just brief them on which sessions have cameras and where not to sit19:15
cjohnstonok, changing to remove the requirement of the box to be checked19:16
PendulumI've at least once been asked to sign that paper again at registration. Is there an actual list given to Marianna of who has filled out that question?19:17
jcastrobut it's like some form, so maybe they do it to you anyway just in case.19:21
jcastrohowever at least this time we don't have to update the wiki page with stuff!19:21
cjohnstonI like having to update the wiki every 30 seconds19:23
jcastroI had this amazing dream19:23
jcastrothat I got to delete the wiki19:23
cjohnstonkeep dreaming19:25
czajkowskiso braving the uupc live show and coming on the show19:52
jcastrothat sounds like a bunch of fun19:57
jcastroI wish I could do that19:57
czajkowskiwe have cake!19:57

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