czajkowskiAloha folks09:23
czajkowskihow are we all todya09:23
tdr112hey czajkowski09:25
czajkowskitdr112: hows you? back in ireland?09:26
tdr112yep got back late on Sunday , great time09:29
czajkowskigood stuff,09:34
czajkowskidoes it happen once a year?09:34
tdr112yep that was the 3rd one , there is talk of a smaller one in the uk again in june , near london i think09:35
czajkowskimight see if they are interested in coming along to the next oggcamp that is being planned09:40
tdr112ebel: would you know how to get a big map of ireland like an svg or some thing a0 size with just the county lines09:41
davemtdr112: open streetmap?09:55
czajkowskidavem: hey hey09:55
czajkowskihows you09:55
davemin work etc ;)09:57
czajkowskiKeith is coming over here for the weekend09:57
czajkowskiand sorcha09:58
czajkowskihe came on the ber in Brussels also09:58
davemyeah was chatting to Niall about it09:58
czajkowskigreat way for my bf to meet people , bring the irish piss heads09:58
czajkowskipoor guy and his mates were well thrown with the accents, there were a few of us from ireland09:58
ebeltdr112: you /can/ export an OSM view from the webpage into an image09:58
ebelbut that's everything09:59
tdr112ebel: could i get just ireland ?10:00
ebelthen you can get just the counties here http://maps.openstreetmap.ie/?zoom=7&lat=53.55822&lon=-7.84204&layers=0B00FFFFFFFTFFFF10:01
ebel(but dunno if you can export)10:01
ebelI think there are county SVG files on wikipedia or something10:01
ebelThe OSM export includes all features incl roads, and works on a box, so you'll probably get a bit of scotland in order to get all of donegal & down in10:02
czajkowskitdr112: what are you up to10:02
ebelOf course it is possible to export the data from OSM (using XAPI) then import it into a desktop GIS (geographical information system) application like QGIS and then you can control exactly what to do10:03
ebelBut that's very hard and complex and would take me a few hours :P10:03
tdr112thinking of making a poster/sign of all the hackerspaces in Ireland printing it to A1 puting an led where each one is and 2d bar codes with links to their web sites , its for an event coming up in a few weeks10:03
tdr112ebel: na no need for that10:04
ebeltdr112: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Island_of_Ireland_location_map.svg ?10:06
ebelor http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ireland_location_map.svg10:06
czajkowskitdr112: sweet10:06
tdr112ebel: thanks they will do nicely10:08
tdr112anyone know a good site for doing qr/2d barcodes10:11
czajkowskiebel: slashtom ye safe to travel to Oz soon  with Japan being the way it is ?13:36
slashtomaye, aparently we will be exposed to a lot of radiation as part of regular air travel13:39
slashtomwhich happens for every flight everywhere13:39
czajkowskibut surely more so at this time considering the current climate13:40
ebelearthquakes have nothing to do with climate13:40
slashtomhopefully the japanese won't plant any nuclear bombs on our plane13:40
slashtomthat would be very mean13:40
czajkowskiI thought with the nuclear power plant issues13:41
slashtomi think the plane uses jet fuel13:42
slashtomderived from oil, iirc13:42
czajkowskifair enough13:42
slashtomat that altitude, you would be harmed far more by the sun light13:43
ebelczajkowski: you get 100 uSv of radiation from a long flight like that13:43
ebelczajkowski: those radiation plants are putting out about 1,000 -> 100,000 uSv of radiation if you stand next to them.13:43
slashtomhowever, ebel is wanting to ride through chernobyl13:43
ebeland remember radiation disperses with distance. so you double the distance between you and the thing, and you get 4 times less radiation (inverse square law)13:44
slashtomwe'll be grand :)13:45
czajkowskigrand so13:45
ebel100 uSv of radiation is about as dangerous as smoking 1.4 cigarettes13:46
ebeleating 10 bananas gives you 1 uSv.13:46
ebelThis is all being blown MASSIVELY out of proportion.13:46
ebeland remember the nuclear reactor has been shut off.13:48
ebelnuclear reactors turn uranium into other radioactive stuff which turns into non radioactive stuff.13:49
ebelthe uranium part was turned off seconds after the earthquake. It's the intermediate stuff that's left13:49
ebeland that'll all turn into non-radioactive stuff naturally over time.13:49
ebelthis is not another chernobyl, it's massivelly different,.13:51
f3dEvent coming up on April 16 that should be of interestEvent coming up on April 16 that should be of interest. http://www.engineersireland.ie/cpd/cpd-training/courses/it-crowd-seminar/ Trying to organise a good prize for a competition on the day.. http://www.engineersireland.ie/cpd/cpd-training/courses/it-crowd-seminar/ Trying to organise a good prize for a competition on the day.14:27
tdr112hey frank14:54
ebelyo yo14:56
f3dHi Jeffrey, sorry, was away on another window15:01
tdr112what sort of competition  is it going to be15:03
czajkowskiwhoo  I get to go to ireland on Monday for the day15:10
slashtomin and out on the same day?15:11
tdr112just dublin ?15:11
czajkowskiin and out for presentations and gone again15:16
tdr112ah no tie to meet up15:16
czajkowskiI dont think so15:16
czajkowskimeeting finishes @ 4 and ferry at 915:16
slashtomyou're taking no chances?15:17
czajkowskibut also easiest and fastest way for us to get there15:18
slashtomyou travelling alone?15:18
czajkowskinope myself and CEO15:18
slashtomferry at 9... holyhead at midnight15:18
slashtomthen a 5 hour drive15:18
tdr112czajkowski: did you get a car over there15:19
czajkowskiboss lives down near Bristol15:19
czajkowskiso bristol to Holyhead is not far15:19
slashtomit's a 4-5 hour drive15:20
slashtomi took that 9pm ferry before, i got to cheltenham (an hour before bristol) at about 4am15:21
slashtomthere are no motorways through wales, you have to go toward manchester then via birmingham15:21
czajkowski1.5hrs on the ferry15:22
slashtombut that's no accurate, it is routing you down the A5 - through snowdonia and loaded with speed cameras15:23
slashtomnot accurate*15:23
czajkowskiso a better route??15:24
slashtomi would go along the A55 and get off near crewe, head down to nantwich and join the M615:25
slashtomthen hope on the M5, and you're there15:25
slashtomlonger, but much faster roads15:25
delcoyoteput your foot down! :-)15:26
slashtombut i presume your guy there knows the area15:26
slashtomhttp://maps.cloudmade.com/?lat=52.492815&lng=-2.861938&zoom=9&directions=53.293130787340516,-4.61151123046875,53.156858919018774,-2.8973007202148438,53.064944749645356,-2.3315048217773438,52.53371480958668,-1.9702434539794922,51.44373668041616,-2.57904052734375&travel=car&styleId=1&opened_tab=1 - that's more like it, much faster15:28
slashtomat that time of night, you can comfortably cruise along the M6 and M5 at 150 (or at least that's what i would do)15:30
slashtomi'm surprised you're not coming here for saturday ;)15:30
czajkowskihave organised a massive meet up15:31
ebelwe used to fly bristol/dublin all the time15:39
ebellooks like you'll be driving the length and breath of wales15:39
czajkowskiin an audi I dont mind15:39
slashtomebel: fsck wales, it's better to head straight for england15:42
slashtombetter roads :P15:42
slashtomthere's even a Bristol/Shannon route ;)15:42
ebelalso remember slashtom can drive relatively fast.15:44
slashtomebel: my last car only had a top speed of 19015:46
slashtomi just tended to drive quickly in it15:46
slashtomand agressively...15:46
slashtommuch like an audi driver :P15:46
tdr112anyone run tomcat17:30
airurandoHi all20:40
airurandoczajowski is currently on the live uupc show20:40

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