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fairuzHi, morning. I have a question about interrupt handler. In my current interrupt handler, I disable the interrupt, do the treatment and reenable the interrupt. Is that the correct way to do it? Because it didn't work. It just recall the handler function again and again.08:46
diwicfairuz, afaik interrupts are already disabled in an interrupt handler, so don't reenable them.08:52
fairuzdiwic: so I dont need to disable and reenable them? how about clearing interrupt flag?08:52
diwicfairuz, no you don't. I'm not an expert but I'd say that if there is some driver magic you need to do to tell the device that the interrupt has been handled, that should be done in your handler.08:55
jjohansennot needed08:55
jjohansenthe kernel handles the disabling/reenabling of interrupts08:56
jjohansenwhen you register your handler you specify the type08:56
jjohansenwhether all interrupts are disabled on the current processor, or just the one irq while your interrupt is being handled08:57
jjohansenyour handler will need to set any bits on the hardware that may need to be twiddled because of the interrupt08:57
jjohansenand when done you return IRQ_HANDLED if you handled the interrupt08:58
jjohansenthe LDD3 has a pretty good description of all this in chapter1008:58
diwicjjohansen, just as I thought then. Thanks.09:00
jjohansendiwic: yep your right, the kernel responds to the apic but the driver has to do any extra device specific twiddling09:00
fairuzjjohansen: diwic: ok i will try it and tell you guys the outcome09:02
fairuzrequest_irq(OMAP44XX_IRQ_PL310, pl310_irq_handler, IRQF_DISABLED, "pl310", NULL) as for my interrupt install, looks ok to you guys?09:04
bullgardAfter Maverick coldstarts it writes to the virtual console 1 : "System information as of Sat Mar 12 15:51:57 CET 2011. System load, Temperature, Usage of /home, Processes, Memory Usage, Users logged in, Swap usage, IP address for eth0. -- What program prints this information?09:09
jjohansenfairuz: for what little I know of what your doing it looks reasonable09:12
fairuzjjohansen: I still need to clear the interrupt flag?09:12
jjohansenfairuz: if the hardware has an specific bits to twiddle you will need to handle that, the kernel with ACK the apic and handle enabling/disabling of interrupts09:13
jjohansenso no you do not handle the interrupt flag09:14
fairuzjjohansen: so basically i just do what i want the handler to do and thats all? no extra code..that what we call magic09:15
jjohansenfairuz: pretty much09:16
fairuzjjohansen: no luck for me..i got this [  612.033447] BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 61s! [migration/0:4]09:22
fairuz[  612.040313] BUG: soft lockup - CPU#1 stuck for 61s! [irqbalance:827]09:22
fairuzand the kernel basically freezes09:22
jjohansenfairuz: are you taking any locks in your handler?09:23
fairuznope, i just put a line of code (printk)09:23
fairuzjjohansen: irqreturn_t pl310_irq_handler(int irq, void *dev_id, struct pt_regs *regs){09:24
fairuzprintk(KERN_INFO "pl310 : interrupt 0x%x!\n", readl(pl310_base + L2X0_EVENT_CNT1_VAL));09:24
fairuzreturn IRQ_HANDLED;09:24
fairuzjjohansen: so maybe the magic can't be applied here or something like that? 09:26
jjohansenfairuz: hrmm, start by disabling the printk see if you get the lockup with just an empty handler09:34
fairuzjjohansen: just tried with an empty handler and still no luck09:34
fairuzjjohansen: got the same lockup message09:34
fairuzjjohansen: what's the soft lockup anyway? 09:36
apwfairuz, that is telling you that the thread in question is not completing in a timly manner09:37
apwnormally cause something is in the way09:37
jjohansenfairuz: you are likely going to need some extra flags in requesting your irq09:39
jjohansenthere are two other possibilities, wrong interrupt number messing things up for some reason, or you need to twiddle something on the device because not doing so is messing something up09:42
jjohansenarm socs are a little different than x86, so I am not sure there09:42
jjohansenbut the kernel should be reenabling interrupts for you when your handler exits09:43
fairuzjjohansen: ok i will check first on the interrupt number. Just to confirm it09:44
jjohansenfairuz: I am thinking the second case is more likely, maybe the device will reraise the interrupt until some bit is twiddled so the kernel never gets to leave the interrupt handling code09:46
fairuzjjohansen: i will look on it too, i will start by modifying one bit of the interrupt registers09:51
fairuzjjohansen: apw: I think I found the culprit. Apparently, the counter (the hardware that I'm using) does not reset itself if it overflowed. So the value if always 0xFFFFFFFF and maybe it's that who always regenerate the interruption. 10:00
jjohansenfairuz: sounds likely10:01
fairuzjjohansen: it works now. thanks10:13
jjohansenfairuz: glad to hear its working for you10:13
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bullgardAfter Maverick coldstarts, it writes to the virtual console 1 : "System information as of Sat Mar 12 15:51:57 CET 2011. System load, Temperature, Usage of /home, Processes, Memory Usage, Users logged in, Swap usage, IP address for eth0. -- What program prints this information?12:58
sorenlandscape-sysinfo, even.12:59
sorenWow. That was difficult.12:59
bullgardsoren: Thank you very much for your help.13:15
sladenHello all, I'm trying to answer this question, which has been outstanding for a little while:13:48
sladenso far I've pointed them towards /boot/config-`uname -r`13:48
sladenbut now re-reading they're asking for an online location of the Kconfigs13:49
sladenshould I post something like  http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-natty.git;a=blob;f=arch/x86/configs/i386_defconfig;h=6f9872658dd2d66e80d8025eb7f8c40ee86b958f;hb=HEAD13:49
jjohansensladen: that will work, or they can download the source and reconstruct it13:49
sladenjjohansen: yeah, they're specifically (from re-reading) asking for something that doesn't need downloading the whole lot13:49
smbI would say the git is not that good. It is not the config used13:50
smbbut the parts that get assembled13:50
jjohansenright, you have to reconstruct13:50
sladensmb: presumably "the config" is only constructed dynamically at the point of build13:50
smbsladen, correct13:50
roadmrHey all! I used to be able to get X memory usage info from /proc/dri/0/gem_objects, but as of kernel 2.6.38-6 (Natty recent dailies) it's gone - where can I get that information now? 14:17
bjf## Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - Today @ 17:00 UTC - #ubuntu-meeting14:20
bjf##      agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Meeting14:20
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* ogasawara back in 20min14:46
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fairuzwhat is the difference between ioctl call and a normal fwrite/write for communication between user space and kernel space15:19
JFobjf, we have an hour, yes?15:54
bjfJFo, yes15:54
JFothink I want to address my need for lunch :)15:54
JFothank you sir15:54
Kanohi, why is there no .38 final kernel in the mainline dir only .37.4?15:57
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Kanohmm now it is there16:03
apwfairuz, they both serve to carry data across the kernel boundary, but write is intended to be used for payload data, and ioctl for control data.  overall though we sometimes use additional files to use write to carry control information etc.  its about which is most natural for the use case16:27
roadmrSorry for asking again - I used to be able to get X memory usage info from /proc/dri/0/gem_objects, but as of kernel 2.6.38-6 (Natty recent dailies) it's gone - where can I get that information now? 16:29
bjf## Kernel team meeting in 20 minutes16:41
* JFo preps his notes16:41
JayFowell that is good to know16:58
JayFoif I pull the USB dongle for my headset out, my machine poops itself16:58
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vanhoofJFo: does it panic?17:01
vanhoofJFo: I want to say I saw Cody having the same problem17:02
vanhoofJFo: theres a bug somewhere :)17:02
JFoLogitech dongle17:02
* JFo will grab dmesg after the meeting17:02
apwJFo, which kernel, latest one /17:03
JFothis is a MAverick machine17:03
apwoh :)17:03
JFothe one I am working from17:03
* JFo eats the dog food on his nettop17:03
roadmrActually, where did /proc/dri go?? 17:03
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JFobut I haven't seen that on there17:03
vanhoofJFo: https://launchpad.net/bugs/71531817:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 715318 in linux "Disconnecting USB headset while audio playing results in kernel panic" [Undecided,Fix released]17:04
apwroadmr, on which release? seems tob be there on my natty box17:04
JFothis is without audio playing17:04
JFobut may be the same17:05
JFothx vanhoof :)17:05
apwJFo, if mumble is runinng then 'audio input is recording' all the time17:05
vanhoofJFo: np17:05
JFoah hah17:05
JFoso that may be exactly it17:05
roadmrapw: 2.6.38-5.32 has no /proc/dri, on 2.6.38-6.34 it's there, but /proc/dri/0/gem_objects is not <- this is what I ultimately need17:06
JFoI didn't think of that17:06
roadmrapw: so I apologize, you're right that /proc/dri is there in latest kernels17:06
apwroadmr, they appeat to be in the debugfs inforamtions17:08
apwroadmr, possibly the information you are looking for is now in /sys/kernel/debug/dri/*/i915_gem_objects17:10
roadmrapw: oh yes, /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/i915_gem_objects, thanks - is that likely to work on non-intel chipsets? like with nvidia or ati gpus?17:10
apwroadmr, no idea, not with an i915_ prefix ... you'd need to see if its even the same info or not17:11
* smb would highly doubt that17:11
apwroadmr, according to the commit that moved the file to i915 specific the stats were wrong and missleading for others anyhow17:12
apwcommit 73aa808f10effc280e6eb70267314542a7c2942617:12
apwAuthor: Chris Wilson <chris@chris-wilson.co.uk>17:12
apwDate:   Thu Sep 30 11:46:12 2010 +010017:12
apw    drm: Move the GTT accounting to i91517:12
apw    17:12
apw    Only drm/i915 does the bookkeeping that makes the information useful,17:12
roadmrapw: that commit info is really useful, thanks !! it'll let me redefine the test that relied on gem_objects17:14
roadmrI really appreciate it, thanks :)17:15
wendarBug #735601 (requested by apw)17:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 735601 in linux "[STAGING] Eee PC 1015PEM unstable on 2.6.38-6-generic" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73560117:18
apwwendar, any idea what 'crap' you have loadded ?17:19
wendarapw: it's a pretty bare install17:20
wendarstarted as a fresh Maverick 10.10 in Dec17:20
apwwendar, sorry your panic is taineded 'crap' which means you have staging drivers loaded17:20
wendarwhat would fall under 'crap'? Broadcom wireless drivers?17:21
apwwendar, the proprietry drivers taint you 'P' which you are also so tainted17:21
wendarwhere would I look for 'crap'?17:21
apwwendar, i think you have something odd going on17:22
apwas you have wl(P) and brcm80211(C) both listed in your modules17:22
wendarthat would be nice17:22
wendar(if it's unique to this install)17:23
apwhmmm mine is the same and no issues.17:23
apwwendar, ok ... so is it always in intel_idle when it tanks ?  see the RIP: line in your dump17:23
wendarI'm not sure (haven't been taking screenshots each time), but I suspect so17:24
apwwendar, if that is a common one you could try booting with intel_idle.max_cstate=0 a17:24
apwand see if that helps17:24
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wendardo you recommend adding that to /etc/default/grub?17:27
apwwendar, well if it works you will only be booting once more forever :)  but likely so17:28
wendarokay, will try, thanks17:28
=== bjf changed the topic of #ubuntu-kernel to: Home: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/ || Natty Kernel Version: 2.6.38 || Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - March-22 - 17:00 UTC || If you have a question just ask, and do wait around for an answer!
ogasawaraapw, bjf: intel patsburg device id patch pushed to natty master-next18:12
bjfogasawara, thanks18:12
apwogasawara, AceLan_ 18:13
apwogasawara, ack even18:13
apwogasawara, drop after .38 :)  fixed it up18:14
ogasawaraapw: bah, thanks18:14
* apw is about to upload a .38 final kernel, anyone got anything else they think is pending for natty18:17
smbapw, There should be a fix for the fix (polarity for irq0) but that seems still underway and not in upstream18:33
apwsmb, got any pointers to that?18:37
smbapw, There was a mail submitted which I could fw to you18:38
smbapw, sent18:39
apwsmb thanks18:39
ckingsmb, that was a quick turnaround, - was that a fix from AMD18:46
smbcking, Yep, someone on linux-acpi posted his regression and Andreas fixed it up18:47
smbcking, So yes, AMD18:47
apwsmb, is there any discussion that that is not final?  it sounds pretty ready18:52
smbapw, Well, it was only tested to solve the regression18:53
apwsmb, whats your recommendation, in or out for the next upload ...18:55
smbapw, I would rather tend to in. There was some more xplanation on the linux-acpi thread and is seemed good. Without it you got a regression of fans being always on18:57
apwsmb, OUCH yep i'll suck that up me thinks19:01
mjg59Turns out HP still can't write firmware19:01
mjg59This bug's been there since *2005*19:01
smbSome cannot set the irq override correctly the other mess up with the polarity. Writing firmware that complies to the acpi spec seems really hard19:03
apwmjg59, why does that not supprise me19:03
mjg59apw: They have code that explicitly reads the pin 2 config from the apic and then changes the thermal trippoints19:04
* apw decides the right to bear arms may have its uses19:05
mjg59apw: Amazingly, they're considerate enough to set the trip temperature to the minimum temperature that Windows 98 will accept without red screening19:07
ckingmjg59, so you refer to "they have code that explicitly reads the pin 2 config" - you disassembled the firmware to find this out?19:07
mjg59In the ACPI table, yeah19:08
mjg59So less heroic19:08
ckingoh - that's not so bad ;-)19:08
apwmearly enough to make you need a shower19:09
ckingif I got a dollar for each DSDT I read...19:10
apwcking, you might be able to afford half your extension ?19:10
kamalcking: ... the DSDT would be buggy and you'd only end up getting $0.10.19:10
JFo.10 more than he had :)19:23
bjfapw, your push to talk appears to be stuck19:37
ckingit's very enlightening19:37
* jjohansen -> lunch19:42
apwbjf, yeah its not so much stuck as i forget that skype doesn't need it :/19:56
bjfapw, hehe19:56
apwnot a conversation i wanted to be having at all, let alone in public :)19:56
kamalapw: approximately when will the natty 2.6.38 final kernel be pushed to master?  (today or not today?)20:12
apwkamal, oh whats there (master-next) is at most one commit short i think, once my builds complete i'll be pushing it to master20:14
kamalapw: oh I'll just wait for the "official" master push then ... thanks.20:14
TeTeTapw: will the new version also make it to the lucid backports ppa?20:19
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apwTeTeT, yep, it should, the last one didn't make it cause of compiler issues20:19
TeTeTapw: great :) Eager to test it. Even though on desktop machines ...20:20
jbichahi I was trying to troubleshoot my laptop's hotkeys, several of which don't work but I can't even get the scankey produced to show up20:44
sforsheejbicha, it depends on the specific driver whether or not scancodes are reported20:46
sforsheedo you happen to know what driver is used for your machine's hotkeys ?20:46
jbichasudo /lib/udev/findkeyboards reports AT keyboard: input/event320:47
sforsheedoes anything get reported for your working hotkeys on that device ?20:48
jbichayes, I get codes when I do sudo /lib/udev/keymap -i input/event320:50
sforsheebut nothing at all for the non-working keys? Or are the keycodes just wrong?20:51
jbichaI get nothing for the "media player" button and I get Alt and F7 for the brightness-up button for instance20:52
jbicha*I mean Fn and F720:53
jbichaoops, I get nothing for the non-working Fn combinations either20:55
sforsheeI'm a little confused -- do the media player and brightness up buttons work or not ?20:56
sforsheesometimes there's a secondary device for hotkeys, and sometimes the hotkeys even show up on two different devices20:56
jbichano, they don't work and I haven't been able to figure out the scankey they produce20:57
sforsheejbicha, what machine is this ?21:01
jbichaToshiba Satellite L30521:02
sforsheejbicha, does 'lsmod | grep toshiba_acpi' give anything ?21:10
jbichasforshee: no21:13
sforsheehrm, that's funny, because the AT keyboard driver seems to normally emit scancodes21:14
jbichashould I try to enable toshiba_acpi ?21:16
sforsheeno, I just suspected that's where the key events were coming from21:16
sforsheethis is probably a bit much to debug over irc, I'd suggest opening a bug in launchpad if you want to pursue further21:17
sforsheeone other thing you could try is grepping dmesg for lines containing "Unknown key", which the AT keyboard driver will sometimes produce21:20
sforsheejbicha, iirc keymap ignores scancode without a keycode, so that might actually be why you don't see anything21:23
sforsheeinput-events (from the input-utils package) dumps all the events from the device, so it might be more informative21:24
jbichadmesg hasn't produced any output for keypress and input-events doesn't show anything for the nonworking keys either21:27
sforsheeokay, filing a bug is probably your best bet then21:29
jbichathanks for your help, filed as bug 73575621:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 735756 in linux "Toshia Satellite L305 hotkeys not working" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73575621:32
loolapw: Hey, I was wondering whether you plan to switch to the upstream linux tarball for future linux uploads now that .38 is released upstream?23:43

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