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YoBoYgood morning06:20
jonoeffie_jayx, ping?06:31
jasonjanghan9k; R U already? ;)08:31
han9kalready what?08:31
han9kjust making sure.. (setting alarm clock now :)08:31
dholbachgood morning08:33
han9k(althought it's 17:33 here..)08:33
jasonjangI C, han9k 08:34
jasonjangG'morning, All~08:34
czajkowskiAloha 08:39
jasonjangG'morning~ czajkowski 08:40
han9k~<3 Hawaiian stuff (greeting, food, girls) XD08:40
czajkowskihow are we all 08:44
han9kgreat, except worried about Japan alittle08:44
han9kand how are you ma'am/sir?08:45
czajkowskigood thanks 08:47
czajkowskiso are folks taking part or organising an Ubuntu global jam ?08:47
han9kubuntu-ko is doing their part (i think)08:52
YoBoYgreat list :)08:58
czajkowskicjohnston: hi 10:07
* cjohnston runs10:07
* cjohnston is supposed to go to the range today... yay!10:09
han9kgoing out for dinner. bye bye~10:51
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cjohnstondholbach: why isn't that productive? lol11:46
dholbachcjohnston, it's stupid - that's all it is11:46
effie_jayxbuen dia13:11
Ronniecjohnston: https://code.launchpad.net/~ronnie.vd.c/loco-directory/top-nav2/+merge/5343513:15
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serfushey daker, you here?16:15
dakerserfus, yep16:17
serfusregarding Bug #611486 (i seen you have reported it)16:18
ubot4`Launchpad bug 611486 in ubuntu-website (and 3 other projects) "LD doesn't support RTL direction (affects: 4) (heat: 24)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61148616:18
serfusit looks quiet abandon16:18
serfusis there anything i can help with? 16:18
serfusi am not a developer16:18
dakerwell it's more related to LD code16:21
serfusi see... well, i am translating the LD to hebrew, but this bug makes it really unusable16:25
mhall119serfus: if you could help us add proper rtl support into the theme itself, that would help a lot of projects16:26
mhall119we're just lacking someone with the knowledge and experience to implement it16:26
serfusi'm am not the guy for that job, as i said i am not a dev :(16:27
serfusthough i am trying to recruit people 16:28
mhall119serfus: I think we just need some css work done16:29
khrmwhat is rtl?16:38
serfusright to left16:38
serfusmhall119, i got someone to look at it, how can he implant what he writes?16:43
mhall119serfus: if he can go to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-community-webthemes16:45
mhall119grab light-base-theme, and create an rtl.css for it16:45
mhall119then in django/wordpress/drupal we can decide whether to include that css file based on the language choice16:46
mhall119Daviey: so hopefully there won't be much we have to do on our end17:35
Davieymhall119, damn hope so17:35
mhall119maybe add the type to the ical feed, so they know plenary from the rest17:35
mhall119Daviey: if we are going to use this, someone should announce it on the morning of the first day17:37
mhall119also, qr code or something we could display/print out for their app in whatever app store17:38
mhall119unless it's all web based17:38
cjohnstonRonnie: you couldnt just go with https://code.launchpad.net/~chrisjohnston/loco-directory/735430 and then do your merge? you had to redo it yourself? :-P17:44
Ronniecjohnston: what do you mean?17:45
cjohnstonI had already made a branch to update the bzr location... i just messing with you17:46
Ronnieoh, i didnt see that one, thats why i didnt not get the joke of it17:47
mhall119meh, I'm eventually going to include bzr_apps in LD, and obsolete both of your changes17:48
cjohnstonblah blah blha17:49
* Ronnie nods17:49
cjohnstonRonnie: it looks like https://code.launchpad.net/~ronnie.vd.c/loco-directory/top-nav/+merge/51459 is no longer needed?17:59
Ronnieno ,that was my original, i made a diff of that one, and applied it to top-nav2 and made some otehr changes18:00
Ronnieso top-nav2 is the newest18:00
Ronnieand merged i see18:00
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cjohnstonDaviey: still around?19:04
Davieycjohnston, ack19:14
Davieyi'm massively multitasking at the moment.19:14
jason_Ubuntu-KOG'morning~ Seony^Work 20:07
jonoeffie_jayx, around?20:11
YoBoYseems the jams in venezuela don't fit in the global jam dates ^^"20:40
jason_Ubuntu-KOG'morning? Bundo20:40
bundoHi ^^20:41
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jason_Ubuntu-KO2 early morning, han9k20:49
bundo_Ubuntu-KOG'morning? han9k 20:49
bundo_Ubuntu-KOHi Seowon_Ubuntu-KO ^^;20:49
jason_Ubuntu-KObundo_Ubuntu-KO: Seowon_Ubuntu-KO is little busy now, on working.20:51
jason_Ubuntu-KO10:51 AM20:52
YoBoYwhy the ubuntu-ko suffix ?20:54
jason_Ubuntu-KOIf U R uncomfortabel? than i'll erase. YoBoY, G'evening? 20:55
YoBoYno, not a problem, just funny to see you jain and change your nick :p20:56
YoBoYyes evening :)20:56
jason_Ubuntu-KOTHX, YoBoY , i wanna show sincerity. &20:57
han9k(i meant that :)20:57
Seowon_Ubuntu-KOYoBoY, today korean ubuntu team has a meeting today that's why.20:57
effie_jayxjono: ping20:57
jason_Ubuntu-KONo, Seowon_Ubuntu-KO .20:57
jonoeffie_jayx, hey20:57
effie_jayxsorry i was running around with FLISoL preparations20:58
jonoeffie_jayx, what kind of thing do you want me to say in the video?20:58
YoBoYgreat Seowon_Ubuntu-KO :)20:58
jason_Ubuntu-KONo, tonight is LoCo Council's meeting day.20:58
effie_jayxjono: just "hey this s jono Bacn, comunity managerforuuntu ,thanks for coming to FLISoL 2011. It is a great oportunity to meet the free sotware comunity."20:59
effie_jayxjono: also emphasize that no matter the distance we are all part of this great FOSS world20:59
jonoeffie_jayx, no worries, just a minute long or so?21:00
effie_jayxsorry for my spelling myh keyboard got full of coffee this morning :P21:00
bundo_Ubuntu-KOOh ,  jono Bacon, Nice to meet  U. I am Korean LocoTerm Owner  Bundo Kang21:00
effie_jayxjono: yep21:00
jononp :-)21:00
YoBoYjason_Ubuntu-KO: ha yes I forget that :)21:00
jonohey bundo_Ubuntu-KO! :-)21:00
effie_jayxjono: flisol is a massive install fest21:00
effie_jayx200 cities21:00
effie_jayxin latin america21:00
jonoeffie_jayx, thanks so much for asking me to do this :-)21:00
effie_jayxjust so you know21:00
jason_Ubuntu-KOYoBoY: U R welcome. Nver mind.21:00
jonoeffie_jayx, I just need to charge my camera and do it21:01
jonoeffie_jayx, can I get it to you later today?21:01
effie_jayxjono: thank you for getting the time to do it21:01
jonoI will whac it in Ubuntu One21:01
YoBoYjason_Ubuntu-KO: but you should join #ubuntu-meeting it's where the meetings takes place21:01
effie_jayxjono: fantastng, make sure you share it with me or mke it publc21:01
effie_jayxdon't make it city specific so other countries can use it fi they like21:01
khrmWhat is the time of meeting?21:02
jason_Ubuntu-KOYoBoY: THX21:02
effie_jayxjono: thanks again chief21:02
YoBoYyou are welcome jason_Ubuntu-KO :)21:02
ubot4`lococouncil is The Loco Council is itnet7, czajkowski, paultag, huats, leogg, popey - they are there to help, just ask! :) You can send them an email at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com21:04
YoBoYthere is a meeting tonight ?21:04
jason_Ubuntu-KOI thing Right NOW. HERE. YoBoY 21:04
jason_Ubuntu-KOI thingk right NOW. HERE. YoBoY 21:04
YoBoY(great command to hightlight everyone ^^")21:04
jason_Ubuntu-KOG'evening? czajkowski 21:16
czajkowskion a podcast21:16
jason_Ubuntu-KOOK. I'LL wait21:16
czajkowskijason_Ubuntu-KO: we will deal with yor app via email21:17
jason_Ubuntu-KOTHX, and we will waing for..21:17
fisch246is it possible for a LoCo team to have 2 heads?21:27
jason_Ubuntu-KO2 heads means 2 Admin? fisch246 21:28
fisch246cause i have a feeling it may end up being something similar21:29
jason_Ubuntu-KOI think "Yes, and Why not?", i read mailing list log a few month ago.21:30
YoBoYfisch246: some teams use a council at the head, but you should choose a privileged contact person for the loco contact, it's simpler for the people outside (us)21:30
jason_Ubuntu-KObut this answer is private, Not official.21:30
fisch246ah ok21:31
fisch246i'll probably be under my head, but i'll probably end up being the head of a certain part of it21:31
Seowon_Ubuntu-KOczajkowski, can i ask if we have a meeting regarding re-approving?21:35
YoBoYfisch246: if you have any concerns or more questions about that, feel free to ask here or by mail to the lococouncil21:36
fisch246alright, i'll probably just talk about it with tony... see what he wants to do21:38
czajkowskiSeowon_Ubuntu-KO: we shasll mail the team regarding the approval 21:42
jason_Ubuntu-KOczajkowski: Thnaks a lot.21:43

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