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jbichahi, I'd like to request a FFE for bug 735133 but am unsure about the process I need to follow02:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 735133 in os-prober (Ubuntu) "FFE: Upgrade os-prober from 1.42 to 1.44 to properly support Haiku & Gentoo kernels" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73513302:40
micahgjbicha: subscribe ubuntu-release and give an FFe explanation in teh description03:03
jbichamicahg: thanks03:07
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dholbachgood morning08:33
LLStarksdeluge is still segfaulting on natty09:08
LLStarkstime to debug09:09
iulianMorning dholbach!10:02
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dholbachhi iulian10:28
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Hans-BitHi, hat Apache ne API ? Also ich möchte auf meine mercurial webseite meiendomain/hg ...  gerne anzeigen, mit was fürn user man gerade eingeloggt ist... kann ich per apache irgendwie den Username auslesen und ausgeben?10:56
Hans-Bit(mein mercurial ist an apache gebunden....also die userverwaltung läuft über apache)10:57
Hans-Bitoh only english here? :D10:57
dholbachHans-Bit, this is an english speaking channel and focused on package maintenance / ubuntu development10:59
dholbachmaybe the guys in #ubuntu-server (or #ubuntu) can help (also english) - or try #ubuntu-de10:59
Hans-BitI configure mercurial (with apache)... I want show the current (apache) logged user on my mercurial-website (../hg).. is it possible ?11:03
dholbachHans-Bit, as I said above: this might not be the best channel to ask your question11:04
Hans-BitHm ok11:05
jbichahi, I was wanting to fix a small bug in banshee but whoever did the last upload did not use bzr, how can this be fixed?11:39
Laneyjbicha: get the source from Debian's git please (or better, upstream) unless the fix cannot go there11:39
jbichaLaney: I mean 1.9.5 is the current published Natty version but the bzr trunk is still back at 1.9.411:41
Laneydon't know why that is, but I'm just advising you (as part of the maintenance team) that most fixes should be done upstream :-)11:42
jbicharight, but I believe bug 735372 is Ubuntu specific11:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 735372 in banshee (Ubuntu) "Rhythmbox not Banshee is set as default media player in Natty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73537211:42
Laneyoh ok11:43
LaneyI don't know which package controls that setting, you could ask in #ubuntu-desktop11:44
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jbichacould someone take a look at bug 735372 for me?13:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 735372 in banshee (Ubuntu) "Rhythmbox not Banshee is set as default media player in Natty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73537213:08
Laneyjbicha: the rb default is in /u/s/gconf/defaults/10_libgnome2-common13:26
jbichaLaney: yes but my patch does basically the same thing ubuntu-artwork does13:28
LaneyI'm suggesting that libgnome2-common is the place to fix this13:29
Laneylaney@chicken> grep -r rhythmbox *                                                                                             ~/temp/libgnome-2.32.1/debian13:30
Laneylibgnome2-common.gconf-defaults:/desktop/gnome/applications/media/exec              rhythmbox13:30
jbichayes I looked at libgnome2 first but Ubuntu doesn't customize anything there but does customize in /usr/share/gconf/defaults13:31
jbichaI tested my fix and it does override the lignome2 default13:33
jbichaLaney: ok, I submitted the new merge proposal which was a lot easier to fix than the way I did it first14:07
Laneyit's in main though so I can't sponsor it14:07
Laneyif you just subscribe the sponsors then it will be dealt with soon14:08
Laneythanks for your contribution!14:08
jbichadone and thank you too14:09
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artfwowhat is the rule for naming shared library packages like libfoo0c2 or zlib1g?15:34
sladenartfwo: http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-sharedlibs.html#s-sharedlibs-runtime15:36
sladenartfwo: it's to ensure ABI version differences15:37
artfwosladen, I've read it through (together with libpkg-guide). but now I'm working on an orphaned debian package, which installs a shared library libadplug-2.2.1.so.0, yet the package is named libadplug0c2 - I cannot figure out the connection between library version and package name15:43
artfwounless I rename the package to "libadplug-2.2.1", I get a scary lintian warning package-name-doesnt-match-sonames15:45
sladenartfwo: the 'c2' was to do with the GCC-4.0 C++ ABI change.  but I think that was being phased out after the change-over in 2006 (?)15:46
micahgartfwo: it's probably complaining since the library name is versioned (2.2.1)  and the package isn't15:46
sladencjwatson: ^^ do you remember anything about the C++ "c2" ABI change?15:46
cjwatsononly distantly; it's not needed for new packages15:47
cjwatsonit should be preserved if it's already there15:47
Guest95966sorry this may not be the proper channel for this but how can I switch b/w channels on irssi :( I am asking this because I dont know how to switch15:55
artfwosladen, right I've found a revelant changelog entry. the c2a suffix was added to fix debian bug 339143. but should I stick with the same package name when upgrading to a newer upstream version? (no ABI breaks)15:59
ubottuDebian bug 339143 in adplug "library package needs to be renamed (libstdc++ allocator change)" [Serious,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/33914315:59
khrmGuest95966 what client are you using to connect.16:35
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c2tarunI created a natty chroot in kubuntu on different partition, can I use that chroot from ubuntu?17:23
sladenartfwo: sounds like it has been fixed?  What is it that you're working on that's that old?17:24
Bachstelzec2tarun: yes, packaging-wise there is absolutely no difference betweek ubuntu and kubuntu17:27
c2tarunBachstelze, I copied that chroot into my ubuntu partition with cp -rp command and I also copied schroot.conf and now when I am getting into it by schroot -c natty and executing rmadison kdepim command there I am getting this error curl: (6) Couldn't resolve host 'people.canonical.com'17:28
Bachstelzec2tarun: you didn't need to copy it in the first place, but check your resolv.conf17:31
c2tarunBachstelze, if I put the location of that partition into schroot.conf will it work properly then?17:32
Bachstelzec2tarun: or maybe schroot needs something special, I don't use it so I don't know17:32
benste1hi, wanted to report a packaging bug but "newsapp"="daily-journal" is not a genuie ubunut poackage21:21
benste1could someone resolve the following error pls21:21
benste1daily-journal: Depends: python (< 2.7) but 2.7.1-0ubuntu5 is to be installed21:21
StevenKbenste1: You need to talk to the person that created the daily-journal package.21:23
benste1 Rick Spencer <rick.spencer@canonical.com>21:24
benste1-- will send him a mail21:24
benste1StevenK: thanks for the information21:24
StevenKIt likely just needs to be re-uploaded to his PPA.21:24
Ampelbeinfwiw, it's in the extras.ubuntu.com repository, I don't know if there's a special contact address for them?21:27
StevenKAh. Personally, I am not sure myself.21:27
LLStarkshi, i'm trying to backtrace deluge, which is now crashing  upon launch in natty. what should i feed to gdb?21:35
RAOFLLStarks: deluge is python, right?22:21
LLStarkssegfaulting hard22:22
RAOFLLStarks: You'll want to run “gdb python” and then “run /path/to/deluge”22:22
LLStarksi'll need python-dbgsym/dbg or deluge symbols?22:22
RAOFDeluge won't have symbols, unless it's got a native component.22:26
RAOFI'd just run it and see where it dies; the backtrace will probably give you a good idea of what symbols you need :)22:26
kklimondahow strict is FF for univers? Is it "every new feature must go through the release team" or rather "use your head, stupid"?23:36
kklimondaactually, how strict is it for "main", and is there any difference?23:37
kklimondaalso, probably s/universe/unseeded/ would make more sense23:37
micahgkklimonda: every feature needs to go through the release team23:38
kklimondaok, thanks23:38
micahgkklimonda: it's more likely to be granted for a universe leaf package vs something in main though23:38
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ScottKkklimonda: As micahg says.23:55

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