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djhillsIm setting up a sorta weird configuration in an RV. I have a MythBuntu box setup with an 800i pinnacle card wired into the crank up antennae on the rv. I have everything updated and seems to be working but im not sure if i have the card setup right in mythtv. Any time i scan for channels i cant get a lock on a single one. Any suggestions?05:37
mycosyshave you tested with another realtime playback app?06:28
mycosyswould help know if it is myth or the card/driver06:28
djhillsI've used it in windows for a few months with no problems. though not with this antennae setup. just had a standard small lil plug and play digital antennae. Problem i had with windows is that the pinnacle software would cause the computer to lockup.08:39
mycosysdjhills i would be using another app (under linux) to test the aerial and driver combo11:34
qwebirc55812I have a question,...I have a HD-PVR and Directv (box model:H21-200) are these supported using Mythbuntu17:07
qwebirc55812is there anything special in order to get the IR blaster working with the directv box as far as channel changing goes?17:09
* tgm4883 shrugs17:09
tgm4883I don't use the IR blaster on mine17:10
qwebirc55812Sorry, I am a linux newb, so forgive me if I ask basic questions  :)17:10
qwebirc55812What are your recommendations ?17:10
tgm4883when I used directv, i used usb/serial channel changing17:11
tgm4883I have cable now, so I use firewire channel changing with my HDPVR17:11
tgm4883I've never really used IR blasting, so I can't comment17:11
qwebirc55812Can I just hookup a USB cable from the directv box to my computer?17:11
tgm4883No, IIRC you need a special cable17:11
tgm4883I haven't done that in 2+ years17:12
qwebirc55812I see, I assume it's a better way to go?17:12
tgm4883yea I think so17:13
qwebirc55812ok, this cable, do I have to buy it online or is it something I can grab from radio shack or something17:14
tgm4883You could probably find it in radio shack, I bought mine online. I'm not sure which is cheaper17:17
tgm4883qwebirc55812, http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Controlling_DirecTV_Set_Top_Box_(STB)_via_USB_or_Serial17:18
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Controlling DirecTV Set Top Box (STB) via USB or Serial - MythTV17:18
tgm4883take a look at that, I'm pretty sure thats what i read up on17:18
qwebirc55812hmm, it says there that I also need a Null modem in addition to a DB9-USB cable, do you remember having that?17:21
tgm4883I don't recall17:23
tgm4883I used it with a D11 and an H2017:23
radicalbiscuithello all. I have a frontend/backend machine where I would like to disable X and run it headless without removing any software so that I have the option to boot up the gui if and when I want. Without inittab and sane init levels, I'm not sure what to do from here. Any suggestions?17:26
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Jkessleri installed a wireless card in my desktop then installed ubuntu 10.10.  it boots up fine, but it won't let me exit mythtv to configure my network and run updates.  "Are you sure you want to exit mythtv?"   i select "yes" then it locks up.  i've tried ctrl + alt + f5, logged in, then startx but i won't restart x18:31
Jkessleralso, where do i reconfigure the remote?  i purchased a TBS 6981 pci-e dvb-s2 dual tuner card, i selected the default remote and there is no reponse.  but then again, i'm not sure if the card is configured right18:33
Nedehi chat20:43
NedeHow do I know if the form of CI TechnoTrend S2-3200 is seen by Mythbuntu20:44
gregLNede, I have no knowledge if this card will work in Linux or not,but you can check  http://linuxtv.org/       If it works in Linux generally it will work in Mythbuntu20:55
NedegregL, in linuxtv card + CI works!!!!!20:57
NedeHow do I get this log (the last, extra log info)? :http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/TechnoTrend_TT-DVB-T_150021:55
Zinn[www.linuxtv.org] TechnoTrend TT-DVB-T 1500 - LinuxTVWiki21:55

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