ojwbhmm, i just managed to send a heart emoticon to a client00:57
ojwb"<3 letters>"00:57
ajmitchI didn't think it was usually looked on favourably when you send love letters to clients01:04
ojwbi didn't even notice the "love letters"01:06
ojwbbetter than hate mail anyway01:06
ibeardsleeso I had evolution connecting nicely to exchange01:25
ibeardsleethen I had the machine auth with AD with likewise open01:25
ibeardsleebut now evolution segfaults01:26
ibeardsleefound some stuff about samba getting in the way .. may be related01:27
ajmitchsometimes you wonder if anyone seriously uses this stuff in production :)01:28
ibeardsleeyeah I know01:28
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snailis  http://victoria.lconz.ac.nz/vwebv/search?searchArg=the&sk=vuw&searchCode=GKEY^*&searchType=0 down for other people?20:12
ajmitchsnail: no response yet20:13
snailajmitch: thanks20:19
snailsometimes i love librarians: i send out a quick summary of an error that we've fixed, mentioning tomcat. someone sends me back: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykRZbOb1c5c20:43

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