aragood morning!07:54
czajkowskiara: hi10:00
arahey czajkowski10:12
xdataphello everybody10:40
xdatapjibel, I just started testing NVidia driver on my desktop10:41
jibelHi xdatap , nice! it's working great here with a GeForce 9300M10:42
xdatapjibel, check this out: http://xorg.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/result/5155/978 should I open a bug or something is missing on the testcase?11:08
jibelxdatap, weird, there is a hidden character just before the '.' in the name11:22
jibelxdatap, can you try again with /usr/lib/unity/autopilot.py11:23
jibelxdatap, the command in the wiki was /usr/lib/unity/autopilot<200e>.py . I don't know where the <200e> comes from !?11:24
xdatapjibel, ok now it works11:26
xdatapjibel, or better, now it crashed. I'm reporting the bug11:26
jibelxdatap, Great! I like to find bugs11:28
xdatapjibel, yes, it's funny, and with alpha3 I'm having a lot of fun :D11:30
jibelxdatap, hopefully things are getting better and better over time.11:30
xdatapjibel, yep11:31
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ChogyDanI'm filling out my profile on http://xorg.qa.ubuntu.com   for the PCI device list, do I list all of lspci? or just for my graphics card?18:43
cyrille_good evening all21:27

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