dpmgood morning all!08:07
gtriderxc"There is no easter egg in Unity"08:09
gtriderxc"Still no easter egg in Unity"08:09
gtriderxcwhat is an easter egg??08:09
dpmhi gtriderxc -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easter_egg_%28media%2908:18
gtriderxcsorry but I wouldn't even think about looking for it in Google or Wikipedia:)08:19
andrejzHello dpm! i have a question yet again09:53
dpmhey andrejz, sure, shoot! :-)09:53
andrejzAs i mentioned before Shotwell is still not fully translated in 11.04 even thought it's fully translated in launchpad - see here http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1450316/slika-1.png09:54
andrejzi also checked the latest .pot file and the string is not in there09:54
andrejzalso the nice script didin't dind where the string comes from09:54
andrejzyou can see some strings are translated while others are not09:55
dpmok, let me download the source and see...09:55
dpmandrejz, it seems that the string is marked for translation:09:58
dpm$ grep -R "There are currently" *09:58
dpmsrc/Page.vala:            set_page_message(_("There are currently no items on this page"));09:58
dpmBut upstream ships an outdated .pot template09:59
dpmI'd suggest filing a bug upstream, so that they update the template they ship09:59
andrejzok thanks10:00
dpmandrejz, usually, even if upstream ships an outdated template, the Ubuntu package should rebuild it, so it wouldn't be a problem. But in this case, they don't seem to be using intltool to update the template10:01
dpmso the Ubuntu package cannot update it10:01
dpmI'm wondering how they generate it though10:01
andrejzi am also a translator upstream10:02
andrejzand for version 0.9 this string was not included in shotwell10:02
dpmyeah, because the template is not up to date there either, I guess10:02
dpmandrejz, if you file the bug, please give me the link and I'll comment on it as well10:03
andrejzok i will10:05
andrejzdpm: http://trac.yorba.org/ticket/335610:18
dpmandrejz, comment added, thanks10:26
andrejzthanks to you too10:27
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