DarkwingDuckWell, this is for you guys up in the bay area. :P:P http://rakkav.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/insp_sanfrancisco_preview.jpg02:58
iheartubuntuis it 8:06pm PST?03:07
jtatumjust say pacific :)03:12
iheartubuntuthis computer im using didnt update the time03:12
* pleia2 puts on ST403:27
pleia2thanks DarkwingDuck03:27
pleia2I love how everyone busts on ST5 and I'm all "no way, in 4 they WENT BACK IN TIME TO GET WHALES"03:28
pleia2it's so great03:28
iheartubuntui thought that was the best ST, with the whales03:34
pleia2it makes me laugh so03:34
pleia2this is the first time I've watched this since moving here, I'm all woo SF represent! ;)04:07
MarkDudeGoogle is hiring - Developer Relations jobs: http://sites.google.com/site/googdevreljobs/04:30
MarkDudeSome good opportunities04:30
seidosmy GPA isn't high enough to work at youtube, i suspect the same is true for google05:37
seidosthanks for the heads up though, MarkDude05:37
MarkDudeseidos, me too05:39
seidosMarkDude: do you have a wiki?  i didn't know you had a degree05:39
seidosi want to see if there is an adult school in Downey that would be willing to set up space for hacking05:40
* MarkDude is able to check the *some colleg* box for work purposes05:41
seidosthis reminded me of you MarkDude:  Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. ~ Warren Buffett05:51
MarkDudety seidos05:52
* MarkDude just planted a garden at a friends house05:52
pleia2you don't actually need a degree to work at google if you're talented05:53
MarkDudeShe asked me if I needed to remove the 4" holly tree that volunteered to grow awhile ago05:53
pleia2(and I can't even check "some college")05:53
seidosit isn't entirely accurate...unless one believes all trees are planted05:54
pleia2I've never let it stop me from going after things, excuses--05:54
MarkDudeTrue pleia205:54
seidosif you are "talented" you probably know someone that works at google05:54
seidosthrowing your resume at them probably won't land you a gig05:54
MarkDudeI was referring to my lack of dev skills05:54
pleia2I didn't know anyone at google when I first was contacted by a recruiter05:54
seidosbut yeah, i guess i'm not talented enough either :)05:55
pleia2their recruiting staff pays attention to open source projects05:55
MarkDudeThat is how Michael Van Riper got his job05:55
seidosyeah, that really isn't true, i have talents05:56
MarkDudeDoing volunteer stuff- plenty of people get in that way its not always a handshake or GSoC05:56
seidosi couldn't figure out how to market them though05:56
pleia2my boyfriend is annoyed that I'm already in their recruitment database, if I did try to pursue an opportunity with them he can't get the referral bonus ;)05:56
pleia2MarkDude: yeah05:57
seidosi could use a twinkie05:57
MarkDudeseidos, so I told my friend that we might need to move the tree- but that was a *later* thing- we had some time before it was an issue05:58
iheartubuntui have zero degrees and i was making $10k/mo when i was 2205:58
iheartubuntuits more about your determination than anything05:58
seidosi had $ once, and i was still miserable05:58
MarkDudeand skills05:59
* iheartubuntu wishes he still made that05:59
seidosi just wish i had my needs met.  i don't even have anything i want to buy.05:59
MarkDude$ is not evil - it is how you can pursue it that can be05:59
seidosdepending on others...something lame about it05:59
seidos$ is $05:59
seidospriorities are all screwed up imho06:00
MarkDudeThat is sort of the human condition seidos06:00
seidoshow many school teachers is one hedge fund manager worth :)06:00
MarkDudewe are inherently dependent on each other06:00
seidossome of us more than others06:00
* MarkDude was reflecting on Partimus- and how they have 6 computer labs- set up in areas that need help the most06:01
* seidos was reflecting on self, and why06:02
MarkDudeSome of the folks just sort of gloss over how important that is06:02
seidosi did consider the value of writing, and how it has expanded human memory06:02
seidosi suppose computers have done this as well06:02
MarkDudeHelping kids have a better chance is sumthin' that really is a thing that can help you sleep at night06:03
seidosi used to want to be a school teacher.  i help my girlfriend grade papers now06:03
seidosthey weren't hiring though so i stopped pursuing the credential06:03
MarkDudeYou dont need to be the teacher dealing with the hectic stuff there to help06:03
seidosi think i'd like to make cartoons now :)06:04
iheartubuntuhold on seidos06:04
MarkDudeWell - helping folks smile is very important06:04
* MarkDude has helped build a playground too- that sort of thing is truly rewarding06:05
seidosmy brother used to design playgrounds06:05
seidosi used to be the secretary at that company06:06
seidoswhen i was 1606:06
MarkDudeSounds interesting06:08
MarkDudeseidos, I think Buffet was correct if he said someone- as opposed to everyone06:10
seidoswhat did he say?06:10
seidosi don't believe in scroll back anymore06:10
MarkDudeI dont think he was referring to ALL trees06:10
seidosor logs for that matter06:10
seidosah, well then it depends on where the dude is sitting06:11
seidosi wonder if the bodhi tree that Shakyamuni sat under was planted ;)06:11
MarkDudeLog is NOT your co-pilot?06:11
MarkDudeBesides- Jimmy was most likely drink on margaritas06:12
MarkDudeseidos, that is a thing that could be pondered for a lifetime06:12
seidosi suck at finding twinkies06:12
seidosi pondered it for ~2.1 seconds MarkDude06:13
seidosJimmy didn't follow the 5 precepts then :(06:13
MarkDudeNo- he is pretty pickled06:14
seidosget pickled without drinking06:16
seidosand if you must drink something that tastes bad...pure grapefruit juice06:16
seidosi wish i could act smashed more often06:18
* seidos swings from the chandelier06:23
MarkDudeHumor is a good intoxicant06:24
seidosTragedy is a bad intoxicant06:26
=== rbarot__ is now known as rbarot_
iheartubuntuIts a total work in progress. still got a lot of tweaking to go... http://ubuntubytescomic.blogspot.com/15:54
=== erichammond1 is now known as erichammond
jdeslipWhat software you use to make the comic?17:41
nhainesInkscape might actually be helpful there.18:05
nhainesWhile I'm no artist and I don't really want to criticize it for looking too much like it was drawn with MS Paint...18:09
nhainesI do have to say that the pacing is really off in that comic.18:09
kdubwho's doing comics?18:29
kdubinkscape is a great tool, i have a half-baked inkscape-based comic sitting around somewhere in the archives18:29
=== iheartubuntu1 is now known as iheartubuntu
iheartubuntuU.S . Surgeon General recommends iodide pills for west coast residents21:43
iheartubuntuAmazon.com is selling one pack for $50021:43
iheartubuntuI just saw 40 bids for a $10 pack go for $400 on ebay right now21:43
iheartubuntustock up on miso soup and nori seaweed. a japanese study back in WWII in hospitals showed this works21:45
DarkwingDuckYou do realize the effects of iodide effect if you are NOT exposed to radiation?22:08
DarkwingDuckYes, to have them is not bad.22:10
DarkwingDuckMy warning is do NOT take them unless you are dosed with radiation22:10
DarkwingDuckIt's like taking a dose of anti-venom before you are bitten22:10
jledbetterHeh. Yes.22:10
DarkwingDuckIt will do the same or more damage22:10
DarkwingDuckTrust me.. We had it on hand when I was on an airfraft carrier22:11
akkWhat sort of damage does it do?22:11
jledbetterI love how they link to the most expensive tablets on ebay. Quite a few cheaper.22:12
DarkwingDuckIt rips apart the thyroid.22:12
DarkwingDuckIf you have a thyroid condotion it will kill you22:13
akkI wish some of these articles explained the details -- why are thyroids so sensitive to radiation, what is the iodide doing to counteract it, what are its other effects on the thyroid?22:14
akkotherwise it's like "buy these voodoo pills that will magically protect you from evil nukes"22:14
jledbetterAnd a link to $300 ones.22:14
DarkwingDuckAnd, it's only for those that are exposed to a high dose of radiation22:15
jledbetterNot like we can take it up and build up resistance in our body for "just in case."22:15
pleia2plus thyroid cancer is just one of the many ways that radiation can hurt you (true, a common and lousy way to go)22:16
DarkwingDuckPotassium iodide cannot protect against any other causes of radiation poisoning, nor can it provide any degree of protection against dirty bombs that produce radionuclides other than isotopes of iodine.22:16
DarkwingDuckThe ONLY thing that it will protect from is thyroid cancer22:17
DarkwingDuckTo be honest... It's a waste of money22:17
DarkwingDuckFor us in the US22:17
pleia2hey, I'm seriously considering making a quick buck on ebay by selling mine ;)22:17
DarkwingDuckIt would be cheaper to move inland22:17
iheartubuntuu could!22:18
iheartubuntui see expiry 2007 for $20022:18
DarkwingDuckOr, you can donate it to the red cross for use in Japan where it is needed22:18
pleia2yeah it turns out mine have expired22:18
iheartubuntumine expired also22:18
iheartubuntui think i got them after 91122:18
iheartubuntuohh well. i dont mind miso soup22:18
iheartubuntuand japanese beer when times get really bad22:18
DarkwingDuckI swear... People on the west coast have seen wayyyyyy too many movies22:18
DarkwingDuck1st was freaking out about a tsunami slamming the US22:19
pleia2yeah, mine came from the township when I moved into my killzone-of-nuke-plant house in 200322:19
DarkwingDuckNow, radiation from Japan?22:19
pleia2next, godzilla!22:19
pleia2I can't wait for godzilla22:19
DarkwingDuckThree Mile Island was closer22:19
iheartubuntuthey had some japanese comedians on the news at lunch...22:20
DarkwingDuckHere is hte MSDS for Potassiom Iodide (KI)  http://www.jtbaker.com/msds/englishhtml/p5906.htm22:20
iheartubuntuone guy said he was half japanese. his dad was american and his mom was japanese...22:20
iheartubuntuwell, it was always a problem when his american dad tried to go fishing, because his mom would eat the bait!22:21
pleia2ah racist jokes22:21
iheartubuntuhe was japanese22:21
iheartubuntuthey are doing a fundraiser tonite in LA22:22
pleia2that doesn't actually make it ok :)22:22
iheartubuntuit wasnt clear if it was at the laugh factory or on tv22:22
* pleia2 is about to take a hammer to init in debian22:22
iheartubuntuim a pollack and have a polish calculator by my side. its a piece cardboard with 5 holes in it22:23
jledbetterI don't get it but something tells me it's good I don't.22:23
iheartubuntuthe funny thing is it has been passed down from my great grandfather22:23
iheartubuntu5 fingers, 4 holes22:24
iheartubuntua polish calculator22:24
* akk grew up using reverse polish calculators, and still misses them sometimes22:24
akkHP41C FTW22:24
pleia2jledbetter: it's ok, I don't get it either22:24
jledbetterpleia2, Thank you :)22:24
* akk doesn't get it either22:24
iheartubuntudo they even make those antmore?22:25
iheartubuntu5 fingers go into the 5 holes22:26
iheartubuntuthus a polish calc22:26
iheartubuntu(not 4)22:26
iheartubuntuyou gals would be tough in a comedy club. id better not switch professions :)22:28
pleia2I think I'm just lacking cultural context (and google just shows me reverse polish notation)22:29
pleia2it's ok though, I'm perfectly happy not getting it22:30
* pleia2 gets back to beating up init22:30
akkme too ... I don't get it whether it's 4 fingers or 5, but I'm not sure I want to22:30
* akk likes init but is struggling with rsyslog22:31
pleia2debian's dependency-based init stuff in squeeze has caused all kinds of havoc to our firewall script22:32
pleia2partially because the former senior sysadmin partially prepped things for this change years ago, and syntax has changed, so I have to tease out what is happening, what is legacy, what I can remove and what I need to update22:33
pleia2and make sure it all still works with lenny :)22:33
akksqueeze is still using sysv init, isn't it? Not upstart or systemd?22:36
pleia2still using sysv init, but they introduced dependency-based loading by default with insserv in squeeze22:37
akkah, all I know about insserv is "it's the thing that had broken dependencies forever on ubuntu that caused chkconfig not to work"22:40
pleia2yeah, I think since upstart handles dependencies insserv isn't required (so unsurprising to me that it would be broken)22:41
pleia2anyway, the documentation for this change is poor, and when coupled with my half-migrated-in-a-strange-state debian package it's been an interesting day22:42
akkIf anybody ever comes out with a boot-time system that actually has documentation, I bet the world will switch to it whether it's better or not.22:43
pleia2indeed :)22:43
akkI'm leaning toward systemd just for that reason -- it doesn't have real documentation but there's a great article about how it works.22:44
akkMuch better than anything I've seen for upstart.22:44
pleia2I'm just going to write a bash script that does: service start foo & service start bar & ... ;)22:44
pleia2(ok, that is kinda sysvinit)22:45
akkbut readable!22:45
pleia2I was happy to satisfy dependencies by changing the symlink number22:45
* pleia2 also tells the kids to get off her lawn22:46
* akk finishes all 822 lines lines of rsyslog.conf(5) and establishes that no, it doesn't explain what's actually in the file22:49
DarkwingDuckI've done a bit of research to help some people.22:54
iheartubuntuwhats that22:54
pleia2please let this be about sysvinit and not KI pills22:54
DarkwingDuckChernobyl had none of the containment precautions that Japan power plants do22:55
DarkwingDuckThe fallout radiation from Chernobyl reached 1200 miles22:55
jtatumsadhorns pleia222:55
DarkwingDuckSo. Japan fallout will not be as bad as Chernobyl22:55
jtatumDarkwingDuck: what kind of containment does the spent fuel have?22:55
DarkwingDuckjtatum: When the power plants in Japan meltdown they will fall into a chasm that is lined with lead22:56
jtatumDarkwingDuck: that's the reactor22:56
DarkwingDuckMore or less in collapses and burys itself22:56
jtatumthe spent fuel is in a pool near the reactor, but outside the reactor containment structure22:56
DarkwingDuckThose are also protected.22:57
DarkwingDuckHowever, spent fuel is not the worry22:57
jtatumsure it is22:57
jtatumspent fuel fire = bad news22:57
* DarkwingDuck sighs22:57
jtatumeven if it doesn't melt into the earth or whatever22:57
DarkwingDuckOkay, lets assume that it does go up like Chernobyl does22:57
jtatumnobody said like chernobyl22:58
jtatumit doesn't have to "go up" for it to burn22:58
jtatumand create a cloud of radioactive smoke22:58
DarkwingDuckChernobyl is a good point of reference because it wont be as bad as Chernobyl22:58
jtatumeh. the pundits on both sides of this are talking out their behinds at this point. three days ago it was like "hey, there's no worries, the reactors will be fine".22:59
DarkwingDuckThe fallout from Chernobyl reached 1200 miles. And even then there wasn't much danger to Moskow. We are 5000 miles away. Over twice the distance22:59
DarkwingDuckI'm just giving my knowhow from the nuculear school I went to and past accedents23:00
jtatumwell, we agree there. i don't think california is going to get any effects even in a worst case.23:00
DarkwingDuckWill it suck for Japan? Oh yes23:00
DarkwingDuckWill it reach the US in danger levels? Nope23:00
jtatumbut three days ago, nobody on the pro-nuke side was listing any of the stuff going down at daiichi as even on the table. we seem to be off the script at this point.23:01
DarkwingDuckWe are23:01
DarkwingDuckThere is still science for a worse case23:01
DarkwingDuckand even with that... It wont reach Hawaii let alone the West coast in Danger Levels23:02
jtatumyes, when they write the history books science is going to explain exactly what happened probably :)23:02
DarkwingDuckI know what happened. :) The process they use to cool failed23:02
DarkwingDuckIt's the reason we stopped using that cooling system on our ships23:02
jtatumuh.. that's every accident23:02
iheartubuntustrange that the us naval ships decided to high tail it out of the region23:03
DarkwingDuckWhy is that?23:03
iheartubuntuthey wouldnt move if there wasnt some concern, no?23:03
jtatumthis scale here is crazy. i imagine there are going to be thousands or tens of thousands cf contributing factors across all the plants23:03
DarkwingDuckThere is concern at 60 - 200 miles downwind yes23:03
DarkwingDuckOr, directly out to sea.23:04
DarkwingDuckSo, they moved south and are still there.23:04
DarkwingDuckMy old ship, USS Ronald Reagan is out there... I'm getting daily updates :D23:04
iheartubuntuyou dont think upper wind patterns can take that stuff all around the globe?23:04
DarkwingDuckIt will decay as it spreads out23:04
jtatum"Update: Utility says new fire at Japan nuclear reactor erupted because first one was not extinguished"23:04
DarkwingDuckThat's how it works. The further from source it is it goes away23:05
DarkwingDuckIt reaching 5000 miles at a danger level is science fiction23:06
iheartubuntuwe are talking about fallout correct?23:08
iheartubuntumy wife seems concerned. she said in ukraine people didnt drink milk, people took the pills, etc23:11
iheartubuntushe was a lot closer though23:11
DarkwingDuckShe was within 1200 miles23:11
DarkwingDuckJust remember this... Radiation levels goes down exponetially the further you get from the source23:12
DarkwingDuckSo, knowing this... at 1200 miles the radiation from Chernobyl were back into acceptable levels23:12
iheartubuntushe was approx 550 miles away23:12
DarkwingDuckWe are 5000 miles away from Japan23:12
DarkwingDuck4.16x further then safe levels from chernobyl23:13
iheartubuntushe also wasnt in any wind pattern of chernobyl either23:13
DarkwingDuckThat 1200 miles was teh downwind furthest point23:14
iheartubuntuid be most concerned about any reactors here in the US like SD23:14
iheartubuntuso having a backup of iodide (new fave word?) would still not be a bad idea23:15
iheartubuntuand since we are still sort of expecting the big one here in cali23:15
akkStocking up on water is probably more important, for that.23:15
iheartubuntui didnt realize there was a reactor east of SF23:16
iheartubuntui notice most of those numbers on the map were in the teens a few days ago23:17
iheartubuntumy geiger counter down in my bunker isnt picking up anything (yet). i'll have to tunnel over to the neighbor to see what his readings are23:18
iheartubuntu(can i get anyone to laugh today please) :)23:19
akkWhat does "nuclear site" mean on that map? Looks like it might correlate to military bases.23:19
akknational labs, etc. (is the one near SF perhaps Lawrence Livermore?)23:20
iheartubuntucould be23:20
DarkwingDuckOverall... think of it this way...23:20
DarkwingDuckWhen three mile island melted down you know how many people died?23:20
jtatumtmi didn't melt down23:21
DarkwingDuckBut, it did release high doses of radiation23:21
DarkwingDuckIt was a partial meltdown23:21
DarkwingDuckAnyway.. No one died from it.23:22
DarkwingDuckIs being prepared for something in the US a good idea if you are close to one? Yes23:22
jtatumtmi was one reactor with two separate radioactive materials release events. anyone keeping score with how many steam vents have been done across japan?23:23
pleia2there was no conclusive proof that there were high levels of radiation released at TMI (official reports still maintain there was very little)23:23
pleia2it's still a mess though, they sealed it up and buried it, there is no clean up from something like that23:23
DarkwingDuckI'm not worried. Even at Chernobyl levels we wont see anything major in the US from Japan23:23
jtatumno debate there from me, DarkwingDuck23:23
pleia2(fwiw I'm not worried either and happily lived in the shadow of a plant for years)23:24
DarkwingDuckI served on a ship with a couple of cores for years.23:25
DarkwingDuckFWIW that is where I did some schooling on nuclear stuff23:26
jtatumdid you go to orlando, DarkwingDuck?23:26
pleia2you can't ride ships to orlando, silly jtatum!23:27
DarkwingDuckI was stationed in mainland Navy base in Mississippi23:27
DarkwingDuckJust outside of Jackson23:27
pleia2my aunt was at a navy base near clearwater for a couple years23:28
DarkwingDuckI almost got stationed in Lemmore23:28
jtatumnuke school was in orlando23:29
DarkwingDuckIt's one of many23:29
DarkwingDuckMostly it's done in VA these days23:29
seidosi want to be a man the stares at goats, but i'm too old :(23:29
jtatumhm, that contradicts the wiki...23:29
DarkwingDuckBut, I was an aircraft guy and a firefighter so we did our training in California and Virgina23:30
* DarkwingDuck raises his eyebrow23:30
* erichammond had his radiation detector/alarm stolen last night.23:30
iheartubuntuDarkwingDuck #winning23:30
iheartubuntuby who erichammond ?23:31
DarkwingDuckNTC Orlando was closed a few years ago23:31
erichammondcar burglary.  They grabbed whatever they could reach.23:31
kdubhow much is a radiation alarm worth?23:31
iheartubuntuthats horrible23:31
DarkwingDuckThe main Nuke school command is based out of South Carolina. There are schools in other places these days23:31
seidosi am guessing nobody saw the movie "the men who stare at goats" :|23:31
iheartubuntuno. what was it about23:32
kdubseidos: i dont think so :P23:32
jtatumDarkwingDuck: was just trying to put you in the right spot for the time when i assumed you were enlisted :)23:32
seidosmy car has absolutely nothing in it23:32
erichammondkdub: I paid $100, but they seem to have raised the price: http://www.nukalert.com/23:32
akkseidos: I saw it -- good movie.23:32
seidosit's about this secret project in the army called "operation jedi" or something23:32
iheartubuntuwhat was the op?23:32
akkVery strange movie, but funny.23:32
seidoswhere they tried to train soldiers to be...well...jedi i guess23:32
akkGeorge Clooney and some other good people.23:33
seidosit probably makes perfect sense if you are on LSD while you're watching it23:33
kduberichammond: even without the japan hype, it would be a good thing to have in general23:33
iheartubuntuthanks for the tip23:33
akkIf you see it, be sure to watch the extras -- all the stuff you thought was over-the-top turns out to be ... true! (they interview some of the people involved)23:33
seidosyeah, obiwan guy.  where does he go in my mental file?  oh right, McGregor...somewhere in the middle23:33
seidosi already believed it to be true23:34
seidosi tried walking through a wall the other day23:34
erichammondkdub: I thought about taking it on a plane to see if the extra radiation triggered it, but then decided it might be hard to explain to the security folks what I was doing with a little ticking device with a nuclear radiation symbol on it.23:34
iheartubuntui actually have a geiger counter at work23:34
akkI don't know why anyone watches movies in theatres, where they don't get the extras. :)23:34
seidosmy girlfriend drags me to the movies23:34
iheartubuntuthats a bad thing?23:35
seidoswe need a media center here23:35
seidosbad as opposed to good?23:35
seidosi think movie theaters are a rip off23:35
iheartubuntui only go on sale tix23:35
seidoswell, yeah, drags, because i'd rather watch movies at her place :)23:35
seidosi am exagerrating23:36
seidosmore like prods23:36
iheartubuntuerichammond are u going to replace it23:36
seidoscouldn't you use a cattle prod in fallout?23:36
kdubnot fallout 323:36
erichammondiheartubuntu: Perhaps eventually.  See if it drops down in price over the next year.23:37
seidosnever played part 323:37
seidosi miss this game "jagged alliance 2"23:37
seidosthat was a fun game.23:37
seidosold scool23:37
erichammondiheartubuntu: It was mostly a curiosity purchase, not a "world is ending" survivalist thing.23:37
seidosi wonder how they work23:38
seidosthey must be pretty hard to build23:38
seidosis there some substance that emits an electrical charge when it is bombarded by radiation?23:38
seidos"nuclear radiation" is basically neutrons, right?23:38
seidosmaybe semiconductors, like through the photoelectric effect...only...different23:39
* seidos takes his head out of the clouds23:40
akkIt would be cool to have a geiger counter. A guy in the SJAA brought a cloud chamber and geiger counter to a meeting a few months ago.23:41
kdubnuclear radiation is  EM radiation, alpha particles(helium nuclei), and electrons23:41
akkHomemade cloud chamber, but the counter he found on ebay.23:41
kdubif i remember right23:41
kdubalpha, beta, gamma23:42
akkGood page I just saw on the types of radiation: http://blog.newenergytimes.com/2011/03/15/demystifying-nuclear-radiation/23:42
iheartubuntuas i understand it the iodide pills wont help against all forms of radiation23:42
kdubi was right!23:42
kdubiodine pills will make your thyroid absorb loads of non-radioactive iodine23:43
kdubso it doesnt absorb any radioactive iodine in the environment23:43
iheartubuntusurgeon general is now saying its a worthy precaution to have some pills23:43
akkThat's what I was guessing, kdub, though nobody seems to be saying that.23:44
iheartubuntukdub that is what ive read too23:44
akkIn which case it would only help if there were radioactive iodine particles about.23:44
iheartubuntuso if the radiation is coming from a different type of reactor, or using different fuel the pills are worthless23:44
kdubi think iodine is a fission by-product23:45
kdubfor u23523:45
akkah, so there's probably lots of it23:48
iheartubuntui think pleia2 sorta summed it up a few days back... its a stop gap measure.. something to take while you are making other plans23:48
jtatumlead underpants23:50
* iheartubuntu has lead panels at work23:51
seidosi love these rsa animates:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uk8x3V-sUgU&feature=feedbul23:58
seidosi need to do exercise or i'll fall asleep23:58

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