maxolasersquad_hAny python peeps around?03:01
DammitJimman, I know I ask all the time, but is there a new tool in linux where one can make 1920x1080 slide shows with music?03:23
Chloriclate evening guys, is anyone available to talk?03:54
ChloricI know its super late03:54
maxolasersquad_hI'm around03:55
ChloricHey, who do you think i can talk to from the community leaders?03:56
Chlorici sent Jono Bacon an Email03:56
maxolasersquad_hWhat is it regarding?03:57
maxolasersquad_hI don't think that there's any issue with contacting Jono directly, but he probably has a lot to sort through before he gets your e-mail.03:57
ChloricI am attending the International Youth Festival in Beijing, China sponsored by the United Nations for the Youth Summit and my project is Open Source software03:57
Chloricoh, I am an International Relations major03:58
ChloricIm in the Model United Nations Organization and all that03:58
ChloricI'm goint to China as a student ambassador03:58
Chloricand for my project, I think i need about 100 Ubuntu pressed CD's03:59
ChloricI kinda want the officially pressed ones to hand out at the World Youth Summit03:59
maxolasersquad_hProbably the best you can do is submit a request and see what happens.  Of course, flat out spending the dough to get them would gauruntee it.  I'm not sure who else in the community you could talk to to make it happne.04:00
Chloricyeah... The trip is paid for (6,000 for 4 weeks), but the ticket isnt... 2,000... so i cant afford buying 100 cd's ><04:03
Chloricwell, thanks man04:23
Chloricim heading out04:23
Chloricz's to catch04:23
reya276Morning everyone12:47
mhall119statik: were you going to attend the summit jam in person, or remote?12:52
zoopstermhall119: today makes you official in Canonical - land?13:27
zoopsteritnet7: does your geocache group want to help with the next balloon recovery on 19 April likely late in the evening since the launch is close to 8p13:28
zoopstermunz:  you too? ^^13:28
munzyea bro, quite possibly13:29
zoopstermunz: ok...I'll keep you updated and hopefully we can be a little more south this time around depending on winds13:30
zoopstermunz: and actually find it the first time this time around!13:30
munzlol, sounds cood :)13:30
DammitJimzoopster is alive?13:33
DammitJimcan I ask a stupid question?13:33
zoopsteryes dammit jim13:33
DammitJimwhy do you guys like ubuntu so much?13:34
DammitJimis it because it's a click and pull OS?13:34
zoopsteroh geez13:34
zoopsterlet me count the  reasons13:35
zoopster1) it's simple and it just works13:35
DammitJimtop 313:35
zoopster2) cutting edge support for the latest hardware13:35
zoopster3) apt13:35
DammitJimok, I buy that... the fact that you don't have to fiddle with things to get something to work13:35
DammitJimand always up to date on hardware drivers13:35
DammitJimgot it13:36
zoopster and  the binary video drivers are already built and never need to be rebuilt13:36
munz4)dont have to spend $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$13:36
DammitJimI guess the fact that you guys are in here and deal with "problems" is not the common user13:36
zoopsteralso seems that ubuntu is continuously updated where fedora/opensuse is not...they just go release to release13:37
maxolasersquadAlright guys, I'm going under.  If I'm not back in five minutes... just wait longer.13:37
zoopsterI could be wrong there as I jumped ship on rpm based distros 4 years ago and don't follow them any longer13:37
zoopstermaxolasersquad: sounds serious13:38
maxolasersquadzoopster: Complicated release commencing.13:38
maxolasersquadThis is just the dry run into beta though.  And I just did a full export.13:38
maxolasersquadStilled scared though. ;)13:39
mhall119zoopster: I was official yesterday13:39
zoopstermhall119: just not completely up on the internal comm channels yet?13:39
mhall119I'm in IRC13:40
mhall119on mumble right now13:43
maxolasersquadAnyone know why ~/.gvfs would be empty if I have a number of remote locations mounted via Nautilus?13:49
dantalizingthx for the css reya276 13:55
dantalizing all13:55
statikmhall119: if i attend the jam it will be in person, my schedule is changing rapidly at the moment13:59
mhall119statik: okay, cool14:02
mhall119if you can make it in person, maybe we should move it to orlando14:02
chayniemorning all/14:31
dantalizingmorning chaynie 14:36
chaynieanyone discussed a central fla natty release party?14:40
mhall119chaynie: I brought it up last meeting, but no specific plans yet15:16
chayniemhall119: What's the targeted release date? I'd like to help plan something if I can.15:17
maxolasersquadI'm looking at a PDF, that is a screenshot someone printed out, scanned in, and then turned into a PDF.  Win!15:20
chayniemhall119: perhaps something around 4/30 then? 15:22
munzchaynie, what general area u thinking?15:23
chayniemunz: central fla. Probably Orlando area, but I could be convinced to do something around tampa too.15:24
itnet7zoopster: not sure, I will ask them, I'm pretty sure that they would be thrilled to help anytime needed15:24
munzorlando prob better for me, im in daytona, would like to attend, tampa on a weeknight would be hard15:25
mhall119maxolasersquad: you mean they didn't put the printout on a table and take a picture of it? fail15:25
mhall119chaynie: just tell me when to be there ;)15:25
zoopsteritnet7: if you can ask that would be great...I'll need some commitments so we can plan accordingly15:25
maxolasersquadI totally want to print out the e-mail, write my response on it, scan that in and e-mail it to them.15:26
itnet7zoopster: I will ask them this Sunday, as there is a get together and the one's I could count on will be there15:26
itnet7Unless you need it sooner15:26
itnet7be back after lunch...as usual this place is stir crazy :-)15:27
munzmaxolasersquad, YES! you should15:27
chayniemhall119: do you have a venue/city preference?15:27
mhall119chaynie: somewhere in the middle half of the state15:28
zoopsteritnet7: nope...that works great! At a high level, we'll just need someone in the approximate area at a specific time (likely 8:30-9:30p) and we won't know the true area until closer to the launch date as it depends on wind15:28
chayniemhall119: I missed your wit. ;)15:28
mhall119chaynie: I think orlando is the most central15:28
mhall119chaynie: ;)15:28
chayniemhall119, munz: if Orlando works for everyone, let's shoot for orlando.15:29
chayniepak33m, cjohnston: Interested in a orlando release party?15:29
munzyea, i like orlando15:29
mhall119chaynie: if you can find a child-friendly venue and plan it morning or afternoon, it'll probably make it easier for us parents to attend15:30
chayniemhall119: I was going to plan family friendly.15:30
chaynieand afternoon is probably a good idea anyways.15:31
mhall119don't forget to put it in LD15:31
munzafternoon would be better than morning for me too :)15:32
dantalizingwhy do yall gotta go weeknights? boo15:36
munzdantalizing, next month15:42
reya276dantalizing, were you able to fix it?15:42
munzits a sat15:42
mhall119chaynie: any ideas on a venue?15:47
mhall119dantalizing: Apr. 30 is a saturday15:48
ghuruping itnet716:00
dantalizingmunz: mhall119 ah i saw 28th ... didnt see chaynie say 30th .... sorry i'm in and out16:02
dantalizingyay 30th16:02
dantalizingreya276: havent had a chance to apply it yet16:02
chayniemhall119: I was thinking a starbucks or cup of soul.16:13
chayniebut cup of soul doesn't work for more than 5+ people.16:14
chaynieso starbucks might be a better option.16:14
mhall119starbucks isn't exactly kid-friendly though16:23
mhall119is there a good place in orlando for a geeknic?16:23
MichelleQI'm sure we can find one16:45
MichelleQCould have one at Wekiwa16:46
cjohnstonchaynie: depends on day16:47
MichelleQcould have a camp-in at Wekiwa, too, if anyone wants to.16:49
cjohnstonwhat about internet16:51
MichelleQnada, as far as I can tell.  Finding an outdoor space with wifi might be interesting.16:51
cjohnstoni dont think theres gonna be16:52
cjohnstonsome bounce house places have wifi16:52
mhall119it's supposed to be a party16:53
cjohnstongiven, not condusive to us16:53
cjohnstonTalks - presentations given about Ubuntu and the new release. In many cases key figures or contributors are invited to speak at release parties.16:54
cjohnstonDemos - the release party could be used as a means to invite non-Ubuntu users to come and see a demo of how Ubuntu works.16:54
MichelleQare we takling release party?  or geeknic?16:54
MichelleQwe could *gasp* always go with the world's largest mcd's.16:57
dantalizingwe did 3 or 4 at the panera near wintergarden16:58
dantalizingthey have a big room in the back16:58
dantalizingpak33m: would be able to explain the exact location better16:58
MichelleQkid friendly-ish, I suppose.16:58
jck77anyone here from Miami ?16:59
cjohnstonnot to you jck77.. sorry16:59
dantalizingseveral in/near mia17:00
MichelleQjck77: yeah, several members are from the area17:00
dantalizingreya276: is there-ish17:00
dantalizingzbrown: left there for the great evil17:00
jck77ohh cool17:00
MichelleQcjohnston: bounce house place would be expensive.17:00
cjohnstonI know17:00
reya276can I see it17:01
dantalizingreya276: i was responding to jck77 17:01
dantalizingsaying that you're in miami17:01
jck77just wondering if anyone from Miami is organizing an event or meeting 17:06
reya276oh ok17:06
DammitJimdo you guys know how to configure a wep network on the command line?18:35
maxolasersquadDammitJim: Using iwconfig18:56
maxolasersquadThough I haven't done it in years.18:56
maxolasersquadBy configure, I assume you mean, connect to.18:57
maxolasersquadiwlist is handy too18:57
DammitJimyeah, I cannot for my life connect to 2 different wep networks18:57
reya276IE9 is out and is the best modern browser, I swear does MS pay these idiots to right this stuff http://arstechnica.com/microsoft/reviews/2011/03/the-most-modern-browser-there-is-internet-explorer-9-reviewed.ars18:59
maxolasersquadThe best modern browser ... for me to poop on.19:04
maxolasersquadIt says "most modern browser" which may technically be correct since it is probably the only web browser released today.19:05
maxolasersquadIt's good to see Microsoft is playing catch-up.  They will sit at just below par the rest of the browsers, and then be ancient technology in just a few months as Firefox and Chrome continue to rapidly inovate, and then in a couple years MS will release a browser that almost catches up again.19:08
crashsystemsI just want to know if it's developer tools section has a way to set the browser to ie 7/8 modes, like ie8 has an ie7 mode19:08
maxolasersquadcrashsystems: Do you want it to?19:09
crashsystemsYes. Its great for testing exploits that only fire in certain versions without actually having all those versions installed.19:10
maxolasersquadNow us web developers just have to wait about three years for IE7 and IE8 to stop being used by the population so that in three years from now we can start being able to code features that Chrome, Fx and every other browser has had for a couple of years now.19:11
crashsystemsalso, its hidden in the developer tools section, meaning average users are never going to actually use it19:11
maxolasersquadcrashsystems: I just see that as a way to let web developers be lazy and continue having their crap code running on the web, forcing browsers to support old stuff.19:11
crashsystemsI agree, insane amounts of backwards compatibility in IE is bad for the web, but for security testing, it is quite useful.19:12
maxolasersquadThough I can see how it is helpful for tech people doing stuff like you do.19:12
dantalizing i retweeted earlier:  adrianinsf I heard the new #IE9 can download Firefox even faster than the last one.19:14
crashsystemsit will be fun to see what kind of new security holes IE9 opens up.19:15
ghuruIE9 is a joke19:16
maxolasersquadWell, we never truly get to know all of the issues in MS products since it is built and maintained in a closed environment.19:17
ghurualthough I read the other day some guy was making it work under wine19:17
maxolasersquadYep, IEs4Linux posted about their work to get it to run.19:17
crashsystemsas a side note... http://www.whispersys.com/whispercore.html19:18
reya276maxolasersquad, I agree with you 100% one web dev to another, MS shits on us big time dude as we can't implement what we want. But what I have done is force everyone whom wants to use our app use FF or chrome19:20
maxolasersquadIt took some big brass round ones to allow us to not support IE6.19:20
reya276I don't have time to be adding patches and fixes, if they can't use FF or chrome, or Opera and even Safari then C-YAH19:20
maxolasersquadYeah, one guy has spent over a week now trying to get around a rendering issue in IE7 that is broking one of our widgets.19:21
reya276I told my boss from Day one I code to standards if IE does not support it, that is not my problem19:21
maxolasersquadOur customers are primarily government employees, so many of them are not even allowed to have a browser other than IE on their PCs.19:22
reya276the funny thing about it, is that he supports on me on this. He went on a sales demo for this one company called AveMed and they were still running IE6 and he told them flat out our software wont run on that19:23
maxolasersquadreya276: That's awesome.19:25
reya276the only IE version we support is 8 which is the only version to date which supports some CSS standards, so he told them that the best solution was for them to use FF. Then 2 weeks later an email went out to all the customers telling them that IE6/7 is not supported due to non-css compliant19:25
maxolasersquadYou could always provide an optional Chrome-Frame for IE users.19:26
reya276nope, I don't care if it is not W3C standards compliant we wont support it, because we code to standards19:26
crashsystemsyo dawg, I heard you liked browsers, so I gave you a browser in your browser...19:26
reya276or at least try to19:26
reya276because if a web-kit engine or presto engine renders the pages according to W3C standards then the code will work across the board end of story19:27
maxolasersquadreya276: Which is what crhome-frame will buy you.19:28
maxolasersquadcrashsystems: ++19:28
reya276oh that is great, but if they don't know about it I wont tell them. Now what I would tell them instead is to switch to Chrome19:28
crashsystemsI've been using FF4 at home and work, and Firefox on my phone, and love it.19:29
reya276if you built your app based on a tech that is non-standards compliant then you deserve to be fired that is how I see it. Anyone of my guys here come to me selling me some .NET garbage and I'll send them on a weeks vacation so they can think about if they really want to work here19:30
reya276here we don't support MS tech and that is the reason why we are phasing them out completely19:31
maxolasersquadNote to self, do not piss of reya276.19:31
reya276MS SQL server gone, Active Directory Gone, Windows Server 2003 Gone. All that is left is to get rid of the damn Winjunk desktops19:32
reya276Adobe products other than Coldfusion are not used here and the only reason why CF is being used is 1 because is Java based and 2 because it has a GPL version of the Language19:33
crashsystemsaw come on, no ASP.NET?19:34
reya276Hell no19:34
crashsystems:D good choice19:34
crashsystemshowever, when used properly, MAC enabled encrypted viewstates are a good CSRF protection19:34
reya276PHP, Java, CF PERL RUBY(not IronRuby) and Python not a problem anything that is non MS tech.19:35
crashsystemsbah, I've seen lots of terrible CF sites19:35
reya276oh yeah because they don't use the language properly and don't treat it as a OO programming19:36
reya276with CF you have to separate the code from design and most CF programmers have no idea how to do that19:36
reya276our app is XML/CSS/HTML front end and CF/MYSQL backend19:37
reya276also you have to know how to configure the CF server if not the site will run like doo doo19:37
reya276so our app can be modify entirely on the front end and it will function normally because all of the functionality has been written independant of the design code19:39
reya276so CF spits out XML, Jquery/Spry handles the output and done19:39
crashsystems<sarcasm>I like sites that let me log in over GET requests. It lets me use my browsing history as a password manager!</sarcasm>19:42
reya276awesome http://people.mozilla.com/~prouget/ie9/ie9_vs_fx4.html19:44
reya276seems like IE9 is missing lots 19:48
dantalizingreya276 ^^^20:20
dantalizingjust read your rant about your guys trying to sell you .net garbage20:21
ejvars hails ie9 is best in class according to the headline that is ;)20:21
dantalizingi love when ars "reviews" something20:22
dantalizingits usually something like this:20:22
dantalizinghey let me tell you about x.... its just like y, which does a,b,c... its worse that z, which does d,e,f... but f on y really works well too.  And g on x works the same as z, except here are the technical details of how z implemented it20:23
dantalizingi'm always like ... why the f* am i reading ars again??????20:24
ejvi enjoy it20:24
ejvbut its not my only source for news, i like to mix it up20:25
ejvslashdot, ars, techreport, anandtech, phoronix, kerneltrap, so on and so forth20:25
ejvThe company doesn't want to ever have to remove or fundamentally modify a feature that it has implemented due to changes in specifications. As such, it has taken a policy of only implementing those specifications that are unlikely to undergo any further changes. As a result, Internet Explorer 9 will compare unfavorably on sites like HTML5 Test, but Microsoft views this as far preferable to making developers have to alter their real-world applications just 20:26
ejvyea the content is rather questionable20:30
ejvim not sure i'd call this the most modern browser if it can't pass half the HTML5 tests, but i do understand the perspective of conservatism with approach to standards20:30
ejvespecially if HTML5 is still evolving, which it is20:31
ejvbut i say bravo to making a damned effort this time around to actually *THINK* about web standards20:31
ejvobligatory: http://goo.gl/5nxYQ20:33
dantalizingejv, the cynical person might say its not an effort to think about standards, so much as an effort slow down the web as a platform ..... lets face it, the biggest pain point in web dev is IE .... 20:34
ejvas a web developer i whole heartedly agree20:34
ejvcheck out that tiny link20:34
ejvgood stuff ;)20:34
ejvi still think an <!--[if IE 9 ]> will be in order sadly...20:35
reya276dantalizing, yeap it is so true, that is why I'm going to stop reading their reviews for some odd reason they can't remain unbiased towards one side or the other20:35
reya276is either Apple or MS20:35
ejvyou didn't even read it reya276 20:36
reya276And when it comes to Google/Android their is always an issue20:36
reya276yes I did20:36
reya276all 2 pages20:36
ejvif you did, then you're ignoring the fact that the author highlights its weaknesses and addresses MS' spec' adherence (or lack thereof)20:36
reya276IE is the worst thing that could have happen to the WEB20:37
reya276regardless of the version20:37
ejvi think they remained remarkably neutral.20:37
reya276we could have been were we are now back in 200020:37
reya276or 200120:37
reya276yet it took 9 years for this pieces of doo doo company to finally say OK fine lets stick to standards(not really)20:38
reya276come on20:38
ejvas much as web devs hate it, we have to embrace these new developments, we should be happy about this press release, the alternative is no development, which is unacceptable.20:38
dantalizingi dont believe that20:39
ejvi'd rather hear a company is working towards a goal, than not at all...20:39
reya276dude you have zero clue as to what your talking about I've been doing this for the last 15 years20:39
reya276trust me MS is not needed20:39
ejvreya276 personal attacks won't win you respect here lol20:39
dantalizingejv: sure but they're goal is their own best interest only ... which is fine if thats what they want to do ... but its really not helping when they could be doing so much 20:40
reya276if you have read my previous rant you would know. Personal attacks, get a load of this guy over here. you kidding right20:40
ejvi believe we're on the same team here, although im in the camp that is happy to see software being updated, versus not at all.20:40
reya276no one said otherwise20:41
reya276dude I think you miss understand too much just like my so called personal attacks20:41
ejvit's rude to imply someone doesn't know what they are talking about; and you imply that you are more experienced than I, which.... how could you possibly know that?20:42
ejvagreed? thought so. lol20:43
reya276yeah ok, lol20:44
reya276so tell me this what do you use to built sites?20:45
ejvjust to drive the point home, im not trying to rain on your parade. you do however come off a bit cynical with your anti-microsoft views. we're in the real world where we have to play with IE whether we like to or not. i'm happy to see this update. :)20:46
reya276does your company support IE5620:46
reya276no we don't not in my world20:46
reya276which like I said any guy on my team whom even thinks of giving me some BS on how and why we need MS tech gets a week vacation to think about it20:47
dantalizingejv: i think the issue is people like ars trumpeting ie9 as the "most modern" browser, when really its a point release20:47
dantalizingbetter is better20:47
dantalizingbut lets (ars) not get all mushy and attempt to reframe the argument20:48
ejvat UF the web apps, plugins, etc. I build have to be viewable universally, but I don't use MS tech no.20:54
ejvdantalizing: i agree, firefox has been ahead of the game in most next-gen features for quite some time, as that link shows. :)20:55
dantalizingejv: you know they're working on some mobile apps?20:56
dantalizingyou're not in that group are you?20:56
ejvi may be tasked with doing something mobile eventually, but nope, not involved in that right now20:59
pak33mdantalizing: i hear you say my name21:18
pak33myou too chaynie ;)21:18
chayniepak33m: Release party in Orlando!21:29
pak33mchaynie: yeah, count me in21:33
chayniepak33m: add yourself to the event in the loco directory.21:33
pak33mchaynie: ok, i will21:33
chayniepak33m: Also, good to hear from you again! :)21:34
pak33mand that particuliar panera is off 535 in lake buena vista21:34
pak33mchaynie: you too :)21:34
pak33mi will try to make more noise soon21:34
mhall119chaynie: I don't know where it'll be yet!21:50
reya276Here this is the form anyone of us can fill out when we want to complaint about something or someone http://i.imgur.com/fR03f.jpg22:20
reya276this way is official22:20
reya276and we can keep a record, of how rude I have been or whom I have pissed off or whom pissed me off22:21
reya276again here is that form http://i.imgur.com/fR03f.jpg22:21
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