snap-lI just sent a note to the program director of WDETHD2 to see if they'd be interested in Open Metalcast02:31
snap-lWe'll see what happens.02:31
* rick_h_ crosses fingers for you02:31
snap-lThanks. :)02:32
snap-lbtw: folks, if you'r subscribed to the lococast user on identica, please subscribe to the group instead02:32
snap-lthe user hasn't been updated in a dog's age.02:32
snap-lChanged the lococast page to point to the group instead02:33
snap-ltx, greg-g :)02:34
snap-lI love it when someone says that they don't quite get identi.ca or microblogging02:44
snap-lthree things they've subscribed to: joindiaspora, doctorow, and one other person02:44
snap-lof course you're not going to get it. :)02:44
snap-l#3 is partially done with Status.net02:55
snap-luser discovery is still a blackart with federated sites02:55
snap-lmuch like discovering e-mail02:55
snap-land routing all messages to your inbox: it's your funeral. :)02:56
wolfgeror, possibly, geographically removed.12:24
wolfgerI mean, it *is* afternoon somewhere...12:24
wolfgerdepending on what the g stands for12:28
wolfgerOh boy... RMS is at it again.13:09
binbraindude, I just going to say that, LOL, RMS ranting about cell phones13:09
brouschomg did you see the latest rms rant?13:13
brouschit's all over the webz!13:14
tjagodaI never knew about task13:15
tjagodathe console based to-do manager13:15
snap-ltjagoda: I tried task. It's a little limited for my tastes13:16
tjagodaIt appears to be under active dev13:17
binbrainhaha, the interview of RMS was done on cell phone, but he had to borrow 113:17
binbrainI hope he didn't stay on long enough for big brother to track him down13:17
snap-lHe makes some valid points, though13:18
snap-lYou can't really develop for your phone without getting a special developer phone13:19
snap-land if you want to hack on Google's tools, you can't.13:19
snap-lStallman does his computing on a Lemote Yeeloong laptop running gNewSense, a GNU/Linux distribution composed only of free software.13:20
snap-l"There are some things I can't do. I'm using a rather slow computer because it's the only laptop with a free BIOS," Stallman says. gNewSense is the only totally free distribution that will run on the Lemote, which has a MIPS-like processor, he says. The Lemote had come with another GNU/Linux distribution that included non-free software, and Stallman replaced it with gNewSense.13:20
snap-lBefore agreeing to an interview with Network World, Stallman demanded that this article use his preferred terminology -- e.g. "free software" instead of "open source" and "GNU/Linux" instead of just "Linux." He also requested that the interview be recorded and that, if the recording were distributed online, that it be done so in a format that works with free software.13:21
snap-lGotta love RMS.13:21
snap-lI love how he's uncompromising13:22
snap-lbut I wish his acolytes would choose their battles a little better.13:22
snap-lThe network world intervew was very good13:25
snap-lI'm surprised. ;)13:25
brouschi'm inspired. time to switch to bsd13:26
brouschwait, that's too free isn't it13:26
snap-lnow now13:26
wolfgerthen go OpenBSD instead of FreeBSD :-)13:27
wolfgerRMS is a good idea gone horribly awry.13:28
wolfgerThere's a difference between having principles (good!) and being uncompromising (bad!).13:28
snap-lWell, RMS is a good way to calibrate those principles13:29
wolfgerIf you refuse to compromise, so will everybody else, and you'll never get anywhere13:29
snap-lNot necessarily13:29
snap-lHe's walking proof that it can be done13:29
snap-lI don't get on a Zen monk's case for their choice to rake sand13:30
snap-lbut I know that I am not about to rake sand13:30
snap-lAnd I can admire the Zen monk's conviction to rake said sand13:30
wolfgerThe difference being, the zen monk doesn't go around saying everybody should rake sand.13:31
wolfgerHe wants to change the world, but if the world doesn't go 100% his way... 99% is treated as bad as 0% by him.13:32
wolfgerSo why even bother?13:32
brouschsomeone has to keep us pointed in the right direction13:32
snap-lbrousch: ++13:33
brouschit is good he exists and stays true to his cause13:33
wolfgerIt would be better if he existed and wasn't so damned inflexible.13:33
brouscheven though i make fun of him13:33
brouschthere are plenty of other people that are inflexible13:34
wolfgerSeriously, I believe he does the cause more harm than good every time he speaks13:34
brouscha few stalwarts are good13:34
snap-lwolfger: People glom on to the headline13:34
brouschwait, i mean plenty of other people who are flexible13:34
snap-lSlashdot reports that Stalman thinks cellphones are the tools of Stalin13:34
wolfgerYeah, that's where I picked it up from13:35
brouschit might be good if he were less dramatic13:35
snap-lAnd that makes the whole thing sound ridiculous13:35
brouschbut then no one would pay attention13:35
snap-lbut if you read what he said, it's more sane and carefully thought out13:35
brouschand if he'd shower and groom himself13:36
wolfgerOh, sure, a lot (if not all) of what he says is true.13:36
snap-lSee, Stallman and Palin are cut from the same cloth13:36
snap-lexcept Stallman makes sense, and is less easy on the eyes13:36
snap-lPalin is just batshit insane13:36
snap-land Stallman frames his interviews according to what he wants to get across13:36
snap-lI agree, though, that the 1970s activism stunts that the FSF proposes are very tone-deaf and silly13:38
brouschi always feel guilty after reading a stallman piece13:38
snap-ltying up the genius bar to have a debate on free software is counterproductive13:38
snap-lbut I'd have the same problem with PETA doing the chicken dance in front of a KFC that I would have of people in radiation suits doing the DRM dance in front of the Apple store.13:39
wolfgerI have more problems with PETA than FSF.13:40
snap-lbah, I forgot to type "people from PETA in chicken suits doing the chicken dance..."13:40
wolfgerI at least think FSF is aruging a sound position. :-p13:40
snap-lwolfger: Totally agree.13:40
wolfger But they are about the same level of media-whoring laughing-stock.13:41
wolfgerMore about making waves than making a difference.13:41
binbrainremember that crap FSF pulled a few years ago, when they mailed "proprietary software is for the devil" pamphlets to all the fortune 500 companies, WTF13:42
binbrainthinking about it makes me laugh, what did they think they would really accomplish13:42
snap-lbinbrain: I have a real problem with fundamentalism, both in the church, and in the FSF13:42
wolfgerYeah, that probably set Free Software adoption back about 20 years...13:43
snap-lFraming the conversation in terms of good vs evil is counterproductive13:43
wolfger"Oh, I'm sorry... Did you want us to take you seriously?"13:43
greg-ghuh, taskwarrior has some nice mutt integration thanks to nixternal http://taskwarrior.org/wiki/taskwarrior/AddOns13:56
jrwrenFSF is a church.14:32
snap-lAnd microsoft is a megachurch. :)14:33
snap-lWith guns, and hookers14:33
snap-land blackjack14:33
wolfgerFSF is Westboro...14:38
wolfger(or does that invoke some variant of Godwin?)14:38
greg-galso, I disagree14:38
wolfgerI know, a bit extreme...14:39
greg-gWestboro is more the anti-mono folks14:39
wolfgerthey aren't nearly as bad as Westboro14:39
greg-gFSF is probably just closer to a Amish church14:39
greg-gdoing without for ethical reasons14:39
wolfgerHardly anybody is as bad as Westboro14:39
* greg-g nods14:39
wolfgeralso, sign me up for the guns, hookers, and blackjack14:40
wolfgergreg-g: Isn't FSF also the anti-mono folks?14:42
wolfgerThere's definitely some overlap there.14:42
greg-gbut I think the most vocal/craziest about it are the boycottnovell people14:43
wolfgerFSF is pro-Mono but anti-writing-anything-in-C#14:45
wolfgerKinda like being pro-Colt-Revolver, but anti-bullet.14:46
snap-lFSF is anti patents, and mono could be a patent trap14:48
snap-las could Java14:48
snap-las could any language when you get right down to it14:48
jrwrenthe top of planet-commandline.org is cool right now, but I prefer du -kx | sort -nr | head :)14:50
jrwrentaliban is worse than westboro14:50
jrwrenmono could be a patent trap??? wtf have you been reading?!?14:51
jrwrenLinux is more a patent trap than mono. See the tomtom case.14:51
snap-ljrwren: That seems to be the biggest complaint that I've read about mono14:51
snap-lthat and Microsoft can't be trusted14:52
snap-lwhich is stupid on both counts14:52
snap-lBoth complaints can be leveled at Oracle and Java14:52
jrwrenas long as you don't beleive it. its lies.14:53
wolfgerjrwren: Point taken. I was not thinking globally.14:53
snap-lWell, I hope they don't make me a lier14:53
wolfgerand as for patent trap... FSF is convinced C# is a patent trap, or could be. They treat it like a time bomb.14:54
snap-lAgain, so is Java14:54
snap-lyet everyone loves Java, but hates C#14:55
snap-lWell, maybe not love14:55
wolfgeryes, but they see C# as worse for some reason I don't care to understand.14:55
snap-lI don' tthink anyone Loves Java14:55
wolfgermanagers love Java14:55
snap-lMore like tolerates14:55
snap-lwolfger: yeah, because Java is the current widget-cranker's language.14:55
snap-lYou can get 100 widget crankers to write Java14:56
snap-lThere's folk that can write awesome Java, and there's folks that write the shit that I've mostly seen14:56
wolfgerYes. And management would rather have disposable programmers than worry about having to retain talented programmers14:56
snap-lI think rick_h_'s rant about the day coders sums up the problems of Java very well14:57
wolfgerat least, management here...14:57
snap-lJava seems like the language that you leave in the office14:57
rick_h_irc lighting up, what's up?14:58
rick_h_java developers? uh oh14:58
snap-lWell, it started off as FSF stuff14:58
rick_h_good Tues14:58
snap-lRMS discussed cell phones14:58
snap-lScrollback will make more sense. :)14:59
rick_h_tl;dr :P14:59
snap-lI just invoked the name of rick_h_ to make a pount about day coders and Java.14:59
wolfgerYeah. He said, "Don't be a day-coder like rick_h_"15:00
wolfgerOr something to that effect. I may have misunderstood.15:00
rick_h_yea, good rule of thumb15:01
snap-lwolfger: Come here, and let me hug your neck while I shake it vigerously.15:01
rick_h_do opposite of what rick_h_ does15:01
wolfgerI'm so glad it's lunchtime. Otherwise my cow-orkers would be giving me really strange looks right now.15:03
wolfgerAs I literally laugh out loud every couple seconds when I re-read the "hug your neck" comment.15:04
wolfgerI'm surprised tjagoda isn't weighing in with his "trolololo"15:07
jrwrenC# can't be a patent trap any more than perl, python or ruby can be.15:11
jrwrenthe fundamentals of a programming langauge are not patentable.15:11
jrwrenGrammars have been well known and understood for 60+ yrs.15:11
jrwrenI've never heard boycott novell or fsf say that C# is a patent threat.15:12
jrwren... .net libraries and mono on the other hand... they have made idiotic claims about15:12
brouschwhen i've seen such claims they are usually regarding the windows forms or whatever the new windows gui crap is called15:14
brouschbut then mono seems to stay away from those15:14
snap-ljrwren: I plead ignorance into what is the alleged patent traps in mono / .net15:18
snap-lmostly because I'm not as familiar with them as you.15:19
snap-lbut I will agree that the claims are idiotic15:19
wolfgerjrwren: http://www.fsf.org/news/2009-07-mscp-mono15:22
wolfgerBuzz is oddly quiet today.16:31
wolfgerOr possibly the "unread" count simply wasn't changing. There were several new items there when I clicked on it.16:32
smoserjcastro, did you get your thinkpad?16:59
jrwrenbrousch: mono doesn't stay away from windows forms, but if any of it were a patent issue, then Wine would be in HUGE trouble too, but we don't hear about FSF hating on Wine do we?17:04
jrwrenbrousch: if you study that link you sent it doesn't add up.17:06
jcastrosmoser: I did! Just waiting on new SSDs to come out!17:07
jrwrenits also out of date, the community promise has been extended to the BCL, so specifically the serialization, xml and regex libs that the FSF cites.17:07
jrwrenugh, here I am defending a technology because i hate patents.17:08
jrwrenNEVER let patents stop you from using the best tech.17:08
jcastroJUST ROLL WITH IT17:08
snap-ljrwren: I hate anything that stands in the way of progress17:09
snap-land patents are standing in our way.17:09
wolfgerwhen you need a legal team in order to design software, something is wrong.17:10
jrwrenright, but don't let that stop you from using the best technology.17:12
jrwrensame thing with (c)17:12
* wolfger patents the concept of using the best technology for the job.17:13
wolfgerof course, that doesn't leave me very many companies to sue.17:14
jrwreni take it back17:14
jrwrenits a sad world we live in.17:14
wolfgerWhat really makes it sad is that people who don't have a clue are given the task of handing out software patents and/or ruling on the lawsuits regarding same.17:16
wolfgerthen some people actually believe patents protect inventors and encourage innovation17:17
tjagodaI would like to patent Wolfger's opinion17:39
tjagodaSo that he must pay me royalty every time he speaks17:39
tjagodaI invented Wolfger's opinion17:39
wolfgeractually, my opinion is not patentable. You'd have to patent a process by which you have an opinion.17:40
wolfgerThen you could collect from anybody who has one. :-p17:40
* brousch signs up for a psychology degree so he can rule the world17:41
wolfgerI would in return claim that I have no opinions, only facts. :-D17:41
brouschi will patent usage of the part of your brain that is used for forming an opinion17:42
rick_h_greg-g: some prettying in bookie: http://rick.bmark.us//recent19:10
rick_h_just some basics, but should apply cleanly if you pull/restart19:10
_stink_rick_h_: oo19:12
rick_h_going to start some import ui and after that try to start some basic api auth I think19:12
_stink_awesome.  i've got an instance at bookie.adamlincoln.org19:13
_stink_IP restricted, though19:13
rick_h_yea, good call19:13
rick_h_I've started some checks, if you flip the "edit" in the config off it won't display links for delete/etc19:13
rick_h_and once I get the auth/api key stuff going you'll set an API key and the chrome plugin will be coded to use that as a simple form of auth19:14
Blazeixnice, I like the css calendar icon.19:14
rick_h_so not changes via http, have to use API with key to make changes19:14
rick_h_yea, only looked at the stuff in chrome since I'm using that and my extension is chrome only19:14
rick_h_but it's a start19:14
_stink_rick_h_: i plan to give FF a go with it.19:15
_stink_unless greg-g has already carved that out.19:16
_stink_rick_h_: that and a curses client :)19:16
rick_h_I think you can copy/paste a lot of code since it's basic JS19:16
Blazeixfyi, it looks really good in IE9 and FF19:16
_stink_rick_h_: but you may get to that first19:16
rick_h_cool, good to know19:16
Blazeixmissing the red part of the calendar and some rounded corners, but nothing huge19:16
rick_h_I don't know, right now I have a lot of work on the server side and figure I should stick with that as long as possible19:16
rick_h_but we'll see, it's a long term thing for sure19:17
_stink_i am the king of 'long-term project' :)19:17
_stink_just commited to pydidit on Sunday - first commit since April 2010 :P19:18
_stink_and still like 7 branches waiting to get wrapped up19:18
rick_h_we should start a club19:18
_stink_you did - it's CHC19:19
rick_h_yea, but that's in person, and those of us that have such lazy/long term projects can't bother meeting19:20
_stink_oh yeah. :_)19:20
greg-grick_h_: neat-o!19:23
greg-g_stink_: I haven't started on that Fx plugin yet :(19:23
_stink_greg-g: well, neither have I, so we both :(19:23
greg-g:( in groups is more fun that :( alone19:23
_stink_oh for sure19:24
_stink_everybody :( !19:24
snap-lIs it just me, or is ekiga garbage?19:30
greg-ghaven't used it19:30
snap-lWell, it can't register my account19:30
_stink_snap-l: i had mixed success, oh, 1.5 years ago19:30
snap-lso is essentially useless.19:30
greg-grick_h_: also, why aren't you in #bookie? :)19:31
rick_h_greg-g: doh, had irrsi reset19:32
rick_h_stupid server19:32
rick_h_there, added to server19:33
gamerchick02listening to more lococast.20:33
gamerchick02i'd like to go to PenguiCon.20:33
* brousch shivers uncomfortably.20:34
gamerchick02you cold, brousch?20:34
gamerchick02bout what?20:38
waldo323there should be some pretty cool stuff at penguicon this year20:50
gamerchick02if i have the money and it's not too close to Supreme, i might go20:51
waldo323when is Supreme20:52
_stink_it's when the pizza comes with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and green peppers20:55
greg-gmmmmm, pizza20:56
_stink_now i want some20:56
waldo323i had pizza for pi day20:56
waldo323it was a good way to celebrate20:57
gamerchick02second week of june20:57
snap-lPenguicon is the end of April20:58
snap-llast weekend of April even20:58
gamerchick02might be able to do it. not sure though. gotta look at my calendar20:58
waldo323april 29 - may 1, if memory serves20:59
rick_h_what's "supreme"?21:07
rick_h_http://www.hilltopyodeler.com/blog/?p=435 pure awesome21:10
gamerchick02rick_h_ Supreme Session for Daughters of the Nile21:23
gamerchick02it's in Tampa this year21:23
rick_h_ah, gotcha21:24
snap-lWow, where to begin21:30
gamerchick02lol, worst video of the year.21:30
gamerchick02has anyone used freemind?  what do you think?21:31
snap-lI have... it's OK, not great21:31
snap-lsuffers from being Java21:31
gamerchick02what about vym or semantik?21:32
snap-lFreemind was the best one that I used, I'm afraid21:36
snap-lbut that was a while ago21:36
gamerchick02ok. i'm thinking of a different way to organize my NaNo novel this year.21:39
gamerchick02i seem to get stuck, so maybe a different tool will help me?21:39
gamerchick02i dunno21:39
snap-lWell, what are you looking to accomplish?21:40
snap-lScriviner has a Linux version, btw21:40
gamerchick02trying to organize my story notes in an easy way to move them around.21:41
gamerchick02and yeah, i know an outline is easy, but i'd like to try something different21:41

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