holsteinBugeyeD: i could probably find an asterisk guy on IRC for you to talk to14:43
holsteinif you need14:44
holsteini know a guy that used to have one setup and liked it14:44
=== Guest57469 is now known as jack__
jack__ping anyone who is alive16:08
jack__holstein: ping16:42
jack__you there?16:42
holsteinjack__: yup16:43
holsteinwhats up?16:43
jack__redhat has an opening for frontline techsupport. think I should send the job description out to the ubuntu-nc mailing list?16:43
holsteinjack__: sure16:45
holsteinyou can preface it like that16:45
holstein*potentially OT community service announcement :)16:45
BugeyeDholstein: if you can find him, just ask what soft phone he uses on linux. and thanks.16:54
holstein13:09 < workGuitarman> holstein: ekiga or twinkle for sip on ubuntu17:11
holsteinsays he likes twingle the best17:12
BugeyeDholstein: thanks! i've heard of ekiga, but didn't notice either in the ubuntu repository yesterday when i was playing. i'll try both. does he ever use iax2 protocol instead of sip, and does he use any kind of port nat/redirection? of course you can try to connect the two of us if you don't wanna do the copy/paste thing. :)17:17
BugeyeDthey're both right there in the apt-cache output. and darned if there aren't even more that i didn't see somehow ... sheesh. yesterday was monday, wasn't it?17:18
holsteinBugeyeD: you can try and catch him if you want17:18
holsteinhe's at work17:18
holsteinbut, he was playing trogdor a minute ago17:18
holsteinover in #opensourcemusicians17:19
holsteinIF you cant catch him17:19
holsteini'll copy and paste :)17:19
BugeyeDi just queried him, we'll see if he responds. thanks!17:20
_marx_BugeyeD: just saw this off of /. http://planet.gnu.org/gnutelephony/?p=1422:28
BugeyeDhey, cool!22:30
BugeyeDbookmarked, thanks!22:30

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