Unit193I have one high profile channel (I ignore some of it), but thanks for telling me00:00
Unit193Do you happen to know how to fix it when it can't find your wireless card suddenly?00:02
canthus13Unit193: It it an HP?02:01
Unit193 I think it used to be....02:12
Unit193canthus13: The card is rt73usb02:13
Cheri703aaargh, friend is potentially offering me a motorcycle that is *almost* ready to ride, but I'm too short for it! freaking short legs :(02:18
canthus13Unit193: Laptop?02:20
Unit193canthus13: Desktop02:20
canthus13Unit193: nevermind then. HP laptops have chipset issues that can cause the wireless to randomly disappear. to the point that even BIOS doesn't see it.02:21
canthus13Cheri703: Strap blocks to your shoes a la Indiana Jones.02:21
Cheri703ha, probably not good for day to day use02:21
Unit193canthus13: Do you heppen to know how to reset networking devices?02:22
Cheri703friend is telling me to just grow longer legs02:22
canthus13Cheri703: Why not? You'd be taller with the blocks. :)02:23
canthus13Unit193: It's prolly not the networking device.. It's prolly USB.02:23
canthus13not sure how to restart USB, though.. The driver is prolly compiled into the kernel.02:24
Unit193modprobe -r rt73usb02:24
canthus13Unit193: worth a try. if that doesn't work, though, it'll be the USB drivers.02:24
Unit193It's the USB drivers then02:25
Unit193I thought some other device worked... just the adapter didn't work in any of the ports...02:25
Unit193I'll try next time02:27
thafreakMorning Ohio14:15
BiosElementAfternoon thafreak18:38

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