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chris4585so I'd love to try unity on my laptop / desktop but the video card drivers seem to not allow compiz to work for me :|04:09
chris4585hrm well I take that back on my laptop, the driver is downloading now woot04:11
chibihogoshinochris4585: why didnt the ubiquity installer not work with the old script ?11:32
chibihogoshinothe old version of magic live .. the ubiquity wouldnt install for some reason.. i dont remember why that that ..14:15
chibihogoshinothere was a script or something think14:15
chris4585I seem to remember something about that.. but bbiab14:16
* cyberanger has finished installing asterisk, now to configure it21:04
cyberangerfirst time doing this on ubuntu21:04
cyberangershould be intresting21:04
cyberangeranyone else doing anything intresting21:05
chris4585cyberanger, playing with unity21:37
chris4585I realize now that its important to have a clickable icon on the desktop to reset unity..21:38
cyberangerkinda unfortunate, no backup option21:40
cyberangerand removing the ability to restart xorg (however there's ways around that issue, re-enable it, or drop to a shell and restart gdm)21:41
chris4585cyberanger, it would be useful to have a way to backup to gdm21:43
chris4585or at least have something similar to win7 / vista21:44
chris4585when ctrl+alt+del or is it backspace? whatever, when its pressed it brings up options21:44
chris4585the exact same should be done on ubuntu in my opinion..21:44
cyberangerthe gdm service is still there, afaik, but yeah, a way to fallback to gnome per use21:44
chris4585the only way it seems to back out when unity / compiz crashes is to right click on desktop > new file > open > navigate to /usr/share/applications21:45
chris4585thats rather annoying21:46
chris4585thats one way of doing it anyway21:46
cyberangerctrl + alt + f121:48
cyberangerand login there, sudo service gdm restart?21:48
chris4585yes but the regular joe doesn't know that21:48
chris4585and they shouldn't have to know that either21:49
chris4585well this is alpha anyway lol21:49
cyberangerlol, I remember showing wrst my "desktop" that way, at least once21:49
cyberanger(and he didn't know about ctrl + alt + f7, to go back, I did feel bad for that bit, having him restart xorg)21:50
chris4585must of been a while ago?21:50
cyberangerwrst: how long ago was it I showed you my desktop?21:53
cyberangerwrst: on your system, with Ctrl + Alt + F121:53
cyberangerchris4585: not too long, I think21:54
chris4585oh, well wrst learned the hard way then lol21:54
chris4585pressing alt with left/right will also get you back21:54
cyberangernot from a tty21:57
cyberangerwell, actually, that might work (that might be something I tweaked for hotkey functions)21:57
chris4585if you keep pressing alt and hit either left or right it will eventually get you to the desktop if xorg is running22:00
chris4585well thats what it does not tweaked :P22:01
cyberangerand also, you've sidestepped xorg by pressing ctrl alt f122:05
cyberangerxorg loses control of keyboard events (and everything else) since tty1 has focus22:06
chris4585I usually never press f1, I just generally ger in the area of f1 - f622:07
wrstcyberanger :P22:08
cyberangerwrst: when was that (and did you just do that again? kinda a long time to get here, just to stick your tounge out)22:09
chris4585wrst, unity is coming along, the only thing I really don't like about it is dash and the lack of... working well22:10
wrstha ha in the hospital right now cyberanger and been a while back22:10
cyberangerchris4585: I don't use any login manager (I install some, usually SLiM, seems a little more tweaker-friendly compared to kdm or gdm)22:11
cyberangerwrst: that time already? congrats!22:11
wrstchris4585 agree rocky or awn is better I think, but they have time22:11
cyberangerchris4585: it was a while ago ;-)22:11
chris4585cyberanger, ?22:12
wrstthanks.cyberanger inducing in the morning just getting started tonight22:12
* wrst is making full use of quasseldroid22:12
cyberangerwrst: with DST you lost an hour of sleep, now your about to lose 5 more every night for awhile, you'll need a ton of luck to get sleep now22:13
cyberangerchris4585: when I showed wrst my desktop, as he said, a while ago22:13
cyberangerand SLiM is a login manager, extremely lightweight (for openbox, that's nice, no need for qt or gtk libs up the wazoo22:14
cyberangerGDM is the portion of gnome that does that, amoungst other tasks22:14
cyberangerand I just use startx or equavilant command22:15
cyberangerlxde-session (I think?) or so on22:15
chris4585cyberanger, oh right22:15
chris4585yes I know what slim is :)22:16
chris4585slim is nice22:16
cyberangeryeah, wicd-curses, alsamixer, vlc -I ncurses, and ssh mybox22:16
cyberangernot alot needing xorg here22:16
cyberangerspeeds up boot at a hotspot, when all I want is to chat here22:17
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