lostsonyou would think a small project would be easy but its kicking me arse02:41
lostsonha freakn hah success02:57
intokSo now they're gaging the 1403:02
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antikoawhat do we need to do to become an approved ubuntu loco team?19:51
h00kantikoa: there are a few profits20:49
h00kI am on my phone, let me properly respond, out attempt to20:49
h00kantikoa: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamHowto#Becoming%20an%20Approved%20Team20:52
antikoa;looking now20:57
h00kI would sun it up but I an on my phone20:58
antikoaso has anyone decided to do any of these?..or is it a "if i am asking i should be doing" sort of thing?20:58
h00klet me take a look in the next hour and let you know what we have20:59
h00kwe don't have much as far as sustained activities20:59
antikoawdt_antikoa@hotmail.com ...i am starting to tool up for summer and outside one non-profit project i got nothing going21:00
h00kw do a meeting here and there, we have had a few release parties, but I an trying to prod for other ideas21:00
antikoaso i am down to focus on anything the loco needs...not in madision but lacrosse21:00
h00kcool :D21:00
h00kdid you see the mailing list post about the meeting tomorrow?21:00
h00kok, UPS is open, nfr back21:01
h00kbr back21:01

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