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Pendulumthis is cool http://www.gsmworld.com/newsroom/press-releases/2010/mwomen_pr.htm17:17
pleia2cool, and it's nice to see them working with existing organizations17:18
Pendulumthere's a video interview about it that's more recent, but you have to sign up for the website to watch so I'm not sure if I should link it here17:19
* Pendulum 's brain has been filled with mobile phone app stuff recently17:20
pleia2how's your work on that going?17:21
pleia2if the weather cooperates I'm going to an android dev talk tonight, I'm still not a dev but some of the tools are so shiny, makes me reconsider :)17:22
AlanBellapp builder is cool17:27
AlanBellit uses the same jigsaw like programming environment as the turtle activity on the OLPC17:28
AlanBellapp inventor that is17:28
PendulumI've got one app that I think will be published soon17:30
PendulumI want to learn the javascript to write buttons for the Classroom app and then I think that one is pretty close to publishable17:30
Pendulumand I have an app I'm working on now that tracks my family's travels (with blog feeds and calendar and photos from past trips, etc.)17:31
pleia2nice :)17:31
PendulumI also have an accessibility team app that I put together, but it needs major work to be ready for anything17:34
jledbetterVery cool!17:43
JanCthe "OLPC turtle activity" (TurtleArt) is also usable as a "normal" desktop application (no need for an OLPC or Sugar)17:52
pleia2elky: I know it's your asleeping time, but we should talk soon about the plan for NewWikiTheme (plan and timeline? who is testing? etc)18:00
pleia2I just remembered I had a dream about the wiki, weird18:02
hypatiai dreampt about wikipedia redirects last week18:05
hypatiaargh, i bet i can't log into the ubuntu wiki still18:12
hypatiaoh yay, uw wiki != ubuntu wiki18:12

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