bryceh_RAOF, ok testing going ok so far on some -intel systems but it appears -ati/-radeon is getting uninstalled00:44
bryceh_also -video-all and -geode get uninstalled00:44
RAOFAh, geode.00:44
RAOFDid I actually upload that?00:44
RAOFSilly i386-only drivers.00:45
RAOFWhile mesa builds.  And builds.  And builds!00:45
bryceh_yep, wrong ABI for -ati, says it depends on abi 900:46
bryceh_good news is with latest updates unity on dual-head looks a LOT better00:46
bryceh_although I can't drag windows from external monitor to lvds for some reason (titlebar gets stuck).  Works going the other way though00:47
bryceh_feels like a bug with the logic for drag-to-maximize (monitors are one-above-the-other)00:48
RAOFI wouldn't be surprised if unity didn't like that one bit.00:52
RAOFOne on top of the other isn't a common case :)00:52
bryceh_it's a docking station with the monitor on a ledge above it, so top/bottom makes most sense01:00
RAOFYeah, I've used that ordering before, too.01:00
bryceh_plus probably not a bad thing to be testing an unusual use case ;-01:00
RAOFAnd things were kinda broken :)01:00
bryceh_I can test -ati on a couple systems once that's in01:01
bryceh_otherwise, things look good01:01
RAOFMan.  Release your shiny new laptops, Sony, so I can build mesa for amd64 and i386 in under 2 hours.01:18
bryceh_hmm, lots of held-back packages  - http://paste.ubuntu.com/580381/01:18
bryceh_hrm, that's wrong; it's trying to depend on the wrong xserver01:19
bryceh_heh, wayland ppa madness.  ok nevermind that one01:20
bryceh_nope, I'm wrong01:27
bryceh_on one machine it dist-upgraded to 2: (and stuff broke as pastebinned)01:27
bryceh_on another machine it sees 2u2 but only upgrades to 2u101:27
RAOFHm.  Ok.  Let's see if I can't fix that…01:30
bryceh_heh, crashed unity on my above/below system01:32
bryceh_ok with a couple more dist-upgrades and reboots the 2u1 system is booting 2u2 ok01:35
RAOFWho wants to upload a partial fix for the TLS madness?03:31
ScottKYou all ought to go grab this guy: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-qa/2011-March/001485.html and explain to him he's supposed to be helping you out.03:39
RAOFAh, wayland testing.03:44
RAOFIt is perhaps a *little* bit soon for that :)03:44
ScottKRight, first you make him to other stuff so that he can prove himself to be allowed to do wayland testing.03:55
RAOFArgh.  What's happening here?  The disassembly of glGetString shows a perfectly well-behaved crazy dispatch function, but *calling* glGetString through the PLT appears to go to the wrong place!05:43
tjaaltonRAOF: still need sponsoring?07:08
tjaaltonah, looks like not07:09
* RAOF rather likes disassemble/m08:29
araRAOF, hello09:06
RAOFHeydi ho!09:06
bryceh_heya tseliot09:21
tseliothi bryceh_09:21
bryceh_RAOF, did you push your latest -intel change to git?09:51
* RAOF checks09:52
RAOFAha!  Mesa's jumping into the NoOp table.  That's obviously not going to work :)09:52
tjaaltonRAOF: also, mesa needs a push09:53
RAOFGah.  Yup.09:53
tjaaltongit push origin; debuild... ;)09:54
bryceh_you have no idea how happy it makes me to know I'm not the only one that forgets sometimes ;-)09:56
RAOFtjaalton: Wheras I like to check that things build *before* pushing to pkg-xorg, so it doesn't work quite as well!09:57
tjaaltonheh, ok09:57
tjaaltontest the build before dch -r09:57
bryceh_we should hack 'git status' into dch or dput ;-)09:58
jcristauupstream's modular/release.sh has a "did you push stuff to git" check :)10:00
tjaaltonyeah something similar might be possible10:10
Prf_JakobSarvatt: Thanks, with that ati driver built and installed, together with the kernel and firmware package I have kms on my cayman.11:46
tjaaltontseliot: is there a way to disable building fglrx dkms for kernels newer than what the driver supports?13:33
tjaaltonnew bugs keep flowing in, where the build fails against a backported kernel version13:33
tjaalton20 per week13:34
tseliottjaalton: I don't think so13:36
tjaaltondkms needs such a feature13:38
tjaaltonsince this will repeat every cycle13:38
tseliottjaalton: do you mean a feature to make it skip module builds when using unsupported kernels?13:41
tjaaltontseliot: for those kernels, yes13:41
tseliottjaalton: or are you thinking that it should return a different error13:41
tjaaltonit shouldn't try to build the module13:42
tjaaltonbecause otherwise apport kicks in13:42
tseliotI think we can ask Mario about it13:43
tselioti.e. whether such feature would be accepted upstream13:43
tjaaltonbtw, why is _get_newest_kernel* from dkms's common.postinst duplicated in nvidia-current.postinst?13:45
tjaaltonat least they look identical13:45
tseliotbecause I originally implemented that function in the nvidia package and then it was accepted in DKMS13:46
tseliotI can get rid of it13:46
tjaalton_is_kernel_name_correct too13:47
tseliotI have other stuff I'm working on for nvidia so I could add that to my todo list13:47
cndtjaalton, if you're still up for it, the source package for libavg is attached to bug 733247 now14:17
ubot4`Launchpad bug 733247 in libavg (Ubuntu) "Please upgrade to libavg v1.5.4 (affects: 1) (heat: 12)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73324714:17
cndI've been mentoring OXullo on packaging, he seems to have left the source.changes file14:18
cnddo you need that, or can you generate that yourself?14:18
tjaaltonI can generate it14:18
cndtjaalton, can you enlighten me on how you generate it? :)14:19
tjaaltondunno if there's a better approach than just extracting the source and debuild -S14:20
tjaaltonthe changelog needs a touch too14:20
cndtjaalton, ahh, thought there might be a way without rebuilding14:22
tjaaltonhmm didn't need to touch the changelog14:25
cndtjaalton, I wondered why you would have needed to do that14:27
tjaaltondunno, some old habit I guess14:27
tjaaltoncnd: anyway, uploaded14:27
cndtjaalton, thanks!14:28
tseliotcnd: do you happen to know something that broke dragging here in LP: 733989 ?14:40
tseliotbug 73398914:40
ubot4`Launchpad bug 733989 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (Ubuntu) "dragging with Dell Mini 10v track pad is unforgiving (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73398914:40
cndtseliot, let me check14:40
cndtseliot, I doubt anything has changed14:41
cndthere is a difference in natty though14:41
tseliotcnd: what difference?14:41
cndwe've enable semi-multitouch in the kernel driver14:41
cndbut I don't believe this should be causing click and drag to behave differently14:41
cndI could be wrong though14:41
cndactually, I may be wrong14:42
tseliotcnd: is there a way to disable it?14:42
cndtseliot, let me check14:42
cndI was driving the patches for the semi-multitouch functionality14:43
cndbut then I handed them off to someone else upstream14:43
cndand actually, I'm not even sure if semi-multitouch is there :)14:43
tseliotcnd: ok, thanks14:43
cndno, it's there14:44
cndtseliot, do you have a mini to test with?14:44
tseliotcnd: yes, kind of14:44
cndtseliot, ok, I'd suggest trying it out14:45
cndthere was one point where I added a hack to the kernel driver14:45
cndto mask out touches in the button area14:45
cndso that click and drag still worked14:45
cndwe may need to add that in14:45
tseliotcnd: yes, the main problem is that the screen doesn't work at times...14:46
tjaaltontseliot: filed bug 735505 against dkms14:46
ubot4`Launchpad bug 735505 in dkms (Ubuntu) "RFC: add a mechanism to disable building a module for known bad kernels (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73550514:46
tseliottjaalton: ok, thanks, I'll discuss it with Mario14:47
lesshastewhich package has the radeon driver?14:50
tjaaltoncnd: libavg failed to build on armel https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libavg/1.5.4-0ubuntu1/+buildjob/232262815:07
cndtjaalton, ahh, I'll take a look15:08
jcastrohi, are we supposed to be looking for volunteers? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Testing/ProprietaryDrivers/Natty/WeeklyProgram15:09
jcastroI ran into this page and said "oh maybe I can help here."15:09
cndtjaalton, yeah, looks like it just won't work on arm...15:10
cndI'll point this out to Oxullo, maybe he can fix it up15:10
tjaaltonjcastro: there's no publid driver to test on ati15:10
tjaaltoncnd: if it's not meant to build there, it can be fixed easily15:11
cndtjaalton, what do you propose to fix it?15:11
cndother than actually fixing the source15:11
cnddo you mean to take arm out of the debian/control arch list?15:12
tjaaltoncnd: it's "Architecture: any", change that to "i386, amd64"15:12
tjaaltonor is it x8615:12
tjaaltondunno :P15:12
tjaaltoni386, duh15:12
tjaaltonpowerpc failed too15:13
jcristauseems consistent with https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=libavg15:13
tjaaltonhehe, right15:13
cndtjaalton, jcristau: yeah, I'm thinking they'll probably just wittle the arch list down to x8615:16
cndbut maybe they can nop the one line that calls an x86 assembly function15:17
tjaaltonactually the errors on debian were due to missing build-deps it seems15:18
jcristauhmm.  yeah.15:18
jcristautjaalton: actually.  http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=580678#2215:19
ubot4`Debian bug 580678 in src:libavg "libavg - FTBFS: checking whether the Boost::Thread library is available... no" [Serious,Open]15:19
jcristau-msse ftl15:19
cndbryceh_, when you get a chance, please upload the new xinput (pitti approved it)16:31
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Sarvattbryceh_: did you upload intel already? you added a few extra sandybridge ids that shouldn't be in there19:47
Sarvatt0100 0104 0108 are bridge chips not GPU's19:48
bryceh_oh ok19:49
bryceh_wasn't clear from https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/159971/19:50
Sarvattguess it doesn't matter in the intel hook, i just added them to the compiz blacklist and blocked compiz on sandybridge systems using discrete gpus in the past :P19:50
bryceh_cnd, btw pushed21:03
cndbryceh_, thanks :)21:04
cndbryceh_, btw, we find out on thursday where we're moving to21:04
cndexciting times21:04
bryceh_cnd, awesome :-)21:04
bryceh_cnd, if it turns out you're moving to Portland, bring a good umbrella.  It's been raining in sheets the last few days21:05
cndnow you tell me...21:05
bryceh_and really windy21:05
bryceh_the other day I watched a humongous limb fall out of one of the trees onto my neighbor's roof21:06
cnduh oh21:06
cnddid it do much damage?21:06
bryceh_fortunately not21:07
bryceh_they had workers out the next day and got everything back to normal in a couple hours21:08
cndthat's good21:08
bdrungi have font glitches (http://img192.imageshack.us/f/glitches.png/). against which package should i file a bug report? against the intel driver?22:15
brycehbdrung, that looks like a bug we already know about (and I think I forwarded it upstream a while back)22:19
bdrungbryceh: bug number?22:20
ubot4`Freedesktop bug 34584 in Driver/intel "[i945gm] Screen Corruption with new Xorg stack with terminal programs (bisected)" [Critical,New]22:21
bryceheven though it says terminal programs, people see it in firefox too22:22
bdrungi saw it in evolution and liferea too22:23
bdrungon all my intel system (including sandybridge)22:24
bdrungbryceh: should i comment this bug or open a new one?22:25
brycehyep, it isn't a terminal-specific issue but something to do with text rendering so affects multiple apps22:25
brycehbdrung, comment that bug22:25
brycehbdrung, probably testing the git commit that ickle pointed to is the next action22:26
RAOFThat should be available in the drm-intel-next kernel.22:27
brycehdoesn't sound like there's high confidence it would fix it, but feedback one way or the other would probably help move things forward22:27
bdrungi am running linux-image-2.6.38-999-generic_2.6.38-999.201103141005_amd64.deb22:27
bdrungthe drm-intel-next kernel is affected too22:28
brycehRAOF, btw do you mind chiming in on cnd's email?  I don't know offhand why that doesn't work, maybe you have a guess.22:28
brycehbdrung, ok so yup that is probably going to be useful feedback for ickle22:28
* RAOF checks his mail22:31

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