superflyyo sakhi06:30
inetprogood morning06:31
sakhisuperfly: how goes?08:57
superflybusy, but good... you?08:57
sakhisame here.08:57
inetprodoes Maaz know the cricket score?09:09
marcoginetpro: no, but i've done a very trivial plugin that's on my bot09:13
inetpromarcog: cool09:13
OwkkuriMaaz: last tweet from justproteas09:22
MaazOwkkuri: "Amla really out now. Caught out in the field. 24/1 after 4.4." 22 seconds ago, http://twitter.com/justproteas/statuses/4758833814372761609:22
Esquiresuperfly: How ya doing?10:02
superflyBusy, but good. How are you?10:04
EsquireI'm good thanks.10:04
Symmetrianew present coming on the ubuntu mirror10:15
Symmetriawe're adding an entire cdimage mirror 10:15
Symmetriawhich is all daily builds, alpha releases, dvd images, the whole trip 10:15
Symmetriabusy doing initial sync now 10:16
Symmetriawill take a coupla hours cause its over a terabyte in size 10:16
Symmetria(if not a coupla tb)10:16
Esquireliewe blixem10:16
Symmetriaheh, nothing 2 major, its synching at about 300 gigs an hour or something10:16
Symmetriaso 3 or 4 hours probably10:17
Symmetriaheh esquire lol, mirror is a rather large machine :P with a lot of disk space and a lot of bandwidth :) a terabyte or two aint bad10:17
EsquireYeah just funny thinking my harddrive is 1TB and I haven't even used 200GB of it yet10:19
Symmetriaheh mirror is now 49 terabytes10:26
Symmetriaabout to expanded to 6910:26
* Esquire bows before Symmetria...10:28
Symmetriaesquire want me to even mention just how much bandwidth is into that thing?10:32
* Symmetria hugs his 10G network card (with enough network bandwidth behind it, both nationally and internatiionally, to flatline that thing completely)10:33
Symmetriaheh, its done 100gigs in the last 15 minutes on the sync :P10:33
EsquireYeah now tell me what you pay for all that as well...10:34
Symmetriayou really dont want the answer to that question :P10:34
SymmetriaTENET spends rather a lot of money each year :)10:34
kodezhello ubuntu family. i need assistance in regard to fix a problem with my usb vodacom modem.14:53
kodezi can't see it if i had log in my ubuntu 10.10 without it connected14:54
nuvolarikodez: can you see activity in your syslog?15:02
kodeznuvolari, it can mount but can not be seen by the system. how do i check syslog?15:07
nuvolarikodez: 'tail -f /var/log/syslog'15:49
nuvolarialso can you be more clear on what you want to achieve?15:49
nuvolarikodez: ^^15:49
Symmetriagreat, we broke one of our peers because of our traffic levels15:49
SymmetriaI always knew this was gonna happen, our network is fast enough that if we really start pulling or pushing traffic, other isps start breaking 15:50
* Symmetria sighs15:50
kodeznuvolari. when i switch on my laptop without my modem connected, i will not be able to use it. i must then reboot the system and try to log again. my nm shows that my wireless network is disabled even if i had enabled it15:53
nuvolarikodez: hmm, that one seems a bit strange, can't reallly help you on that :/17:20
kodezwhat might be the problem if ssh disallow me to log into another pc? it keeps on saying access denied after i had been asked to insert my password and the remote pc18:18
kodezi do have both passwords18:19
kodezboth passwords of my pc and remote pc18:19
cocooncrashkodez: Are you trying to log in as root?18:20
kodezboth as root and the kodez account18:21
kodezi tried to sudo su and sudo ssh <IP ADDRESS>18:22
Tonberryfail2bad or something similar?18:22
Symmetriahrm, electronic cigarettes ftw18:24
cocooncrashkodez: No, I mean what user are you trying to log in as18:28
cocooncrashBecause root login may be disabled on the server.18:28
superflyohi cocooncrash19:33
superflyhaving fun in SF?19:36
cocooncrashsuperfly: Um, kinda. Pretty busy with work most of the time :)19:36
cocooncrashHad a good weekend though19:36
cocooncrashsuperfly: http://nimbula.com/news/press_release/nimbula-announces-general-availability-of-cloud-operating-system-software-and-free-version/19:37
cocooncrashApparently we have to actually release something now...19:37
cocooncrashBloody marketing ;-)19:37
superflyI know the feeling19:38
Vhatathey're not in SF, they're in pretend-SF19:38
cocooncrashVhata: :P19:38
Vhatamind you, SF is not in SF right now either19:39
VhataI'm pretty sure the Mission must be a ghost town right now19:39
Vhatatumbleweed rolling through North Beach19:39
Vhatatumbleweed: not you19:39
cocooncrashSF is overrated anyway :P19:40
Vhatatake that back.19:40
* superfly is happy living in Cape Town19:50
kbmonkeyhello superfly :)19:50
superflyhey kbmonkey19:51
kbmonkeyhow are you doing?19:55
superflyyeah, pretty good19:58
* kbmonkey wouldn't mind living in Cape Town for a while either!20:05
kbmonkeycan anyone recommend a rss reader that I can point to my google reader opml and it will pick up new feeds I add?20:21

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