needlezhow can i make it so that a file can be read by anyone but only written to by root and by my script??00:00
Yoinxthe script would be ran with the user permissions... unless you're running the script as root.00:00
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needlezthe script is ran with user permissions, so can I make it so that everyone can read but only root can write ?? or is that just not possible??00:04
shcherbakneedlez: first: sudo chown root fileName00:05
erkan^hello, can picasa.deb support for dutch language? because i see that is english language only :/00:05
Yoinxneedlez yeah, you can do it so everyone could read, and only root could write00:05
shcherbaksecond: sudo chmod 704 fileName00:06
JDipperCan anyone help me try to install the PECL/Haru extension?00:06
shcherbakneedlez: third: man chown && man chmod00:06
needlezschcherbak: I did that chown root fileName already then chmod 644 the only problem is that the script that is ran to modify the file doesn't modify the file. How can I make the script which is ran at startup able to modify it too00:08
shcherbakneedlez: via crontab, use @boot for root crontab (this you modify via sudo)00:09
needlezwhat is crontab and how can I use that?? with the script I created explain please00:09
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm00:10
ubottuPicasa from Google can be downloaded in .deb format from: http://picasa.google.com/linux/download.html00:11
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YoinxPoor bot, doesn't know about pizza :(00:11
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shcherbakubottu: tell Yoinx about bot00:11
ubottuYoinx, please see my private message00:11
needlezreally pizza ...lol00:11
penosubottu: i love you00:11
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:11
penosubottu: do you love me?00:12
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:12
Yoinxneedlez, you would just put the script into crontab.00:12
Strykerhow do i make my computer recognize the onboard sound card00:12
needlezok thanx00:12
penosubottu: kneel before my eyes00:12
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:12
Yoinxjust read the guide first so you have the right format00:12
penoswhat kind of nick is fisted?00:12
masterjpпо русски ктото говорит?00:14
penosis that russian?00:14
shcherbak!ru > masterjp00:14
ubottumasterjp, please see my private message00:14
JDipperWell, that's a shame00:14
JDipperOn to the next distrib...00:15
penos!ru > penos00:15
ubottupenos, please see my private message00:15
amh345hey guys, im having a hell of a time encrypting a file with gpg.  lets say i have abc.txt and i want to gpg with test.asc , does anyone know how it's done?   i've gotten tied up on every piece of information i can find online.  any help would be greatly appreciated.00:15
penosubottu: i love you00:16
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:16
penosis there a channel where i can have a conversation with a bot?00:16
Stryker"/msg ubottu"00:17
penosubottu: shut up00:17
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".00:18
nellweenot sure how or what i did but every time I click on my dockuments folder or downloads it gives me a window with  a photo in a photo viewer and I cant access any files....how do I fix it?00:19
penosubottu: i love you00:20
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:20
Strykerwhen i type alsamixer i get cannot open mixer: No such file or directory00:20
penosubottu: shut up00:20
nellweemy home folder takes me to firefox_wallpapers.png00:20
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shentinoubottu: i hate you00:23
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:23
shentinoubottu: will you marry me?00:23
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:23
fadaxHow do I restore my grub bootloader from ubuntu livecd?00:23
fadaxHaving installed windows which removed it00:24
shentinoactually ubottu, declining marriage is a sign of intelligence00:24
shentino*badum PSH*00:24
fadaxI have tried Sudo grub from the livecd but it says grub not found and I don't have the Internet to apt-get it00:24
shentino!ru | XuMuK00:25
ubottuXuMuK: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke00:25
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.00:25
Strykerwhen i type alsamixer i get cannot open mixer: No such file or directory00:25
Yoinxhmm, thought it would have the recovery link... fadax , the cd should have grub on it somewhere... since it installs it.00:26
XuMuKshentino: thx Cap, I just confused the tabs...00:26
willIs there a basic Ubuntu goof off chat channel? If so, can someone redirect me to it please?00:26
shentinooh, oops00:26
manlymatt83What's the channel for 11.04?00:27
shentinothat k looked cyrillic, so I made a wild guess00:27
nellweewhen i go to places in ubuntu and click on home folder or dockuments or music or videos they all link to photo viewer with a photo or firefox_wallpapers.png  . dose anyone know how to fix this?00:27
willThank you Stryker.00:27
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Strykerawquard silence?00:32
Strykerawkward silence?00:32
YoinxIt's odd.... Guess everyone's ubuntu is going GREAT.00:32
Strykernot mine00:32
Strykermy onboard chip is not recognized00:32
linuxuz3rhi Stryker00:32
Yoinxwhat chip?00:33
Strykerrealtek ac'9700:33
Strykersound card00:33
Stryker!realtek ac'9700:33
abstraktStryker, hmm, pretty common chip, odd that it wouldn't be recognized00:33
Strykeri agree abstrakt00:33
nellweeanyone know what would cause my home folder is linked to another program or file00:33
abstraktanyone here have suggestions for an open source web control panel?00:33
Yoinxare you using wubi stryker?00:34
abstraktmostly I want my users to be able to manage their email accounts: add and remove email accounts and change passwords00:34
abstraktthat's about it really00:34
PolahNellwee: pastebin the contents of /home/<username>/.gtk-bookmarks please00:34
abstraktI can handle the rest on my own for the most part00:34
Strykerno, im using genuine primary partitioned maverick00:34
abstrakt*maybe* add databases and SSL certificates00:34
ExplodingPigletsgoogle chrome keeps flashing.00:34
ExplodingPigletsis this a problem with ubuntu?00:34
ExplodingPigletsIt is giving me a seizure00:34
Yoinxabstrakt, just take one that you know of and google "whatever ubuntu alternatives"00:34
ScuniziYoinx: I found the answer to my usb headset problem.. On initial inspection all output volume controls were up.. however I forgot about the cli alsamixer (why that takes control over the other volume controls including pulseaudio's pavucontrol I don't know.... )00:35
dassoukii just added a bounty to this question. I was wondering if anyone could help http://http://askubuntu.com/questions/29269/change-x-settings-to-boot-into-laptop-with-non-working-screen-using-an-external-m00:35
dassoukioops double http:// sorrry00:35
Yoinxahh, good that you got it fixed though Scunizi00:35
nellweePolah,  if I access the folders that way I can see my files but when I try from places it links to something different00:35
Yoinxdass, are you just trying to recover files?00:36
tripelbOK my icons are tooo big (Ub10.04) and I want to make them smaller. Not individually, all at once. I forget how. Please tell me. TY00:36
PolahNellwee: .gtk-bookmarks is what controls the linking of the Places menu. Pastebin the contents of it and link me pelase00:37
Strykeralsamixer gives me this message:cannot open mixer: No such file or directory00:37
fadaxYoinx I mounted my root of my proper ubuntu installation in /mnt/root , so now im trying sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/root /mnt/root/dev --recheck.   But it gives the error /mnt/root/dev is not a block device00:37
fadaxWhat am I doing wrong?00:37
Yoinxdont you have to chroot or something for that fadax?00:38
tripelbps "system > preferences > appearances" is not the place to make all the icons on the desktop smaller. It sounded right but it's not there.00:38
Yoinxfadax, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows00:38
willsudo apt-get install alsa-utils could help you out on yoru missing alsamixer issue.00:39
nellweePolah,  went to that location and did not see the .gtk-bookmarks00:40
YertleTheTurtleIs it possible to run the equivalent of a chkdsk command from my ubuntu partition on my windows partition?00:40
Scuniziwill: do we actually need alsamixer with the controls under 'Properties' and after installing pavucontrol??00:40
Yoinxlinux cant scan a windows partition00:40
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edbianYertleTheTurtle, You could use gparted but linux is not good at checking NTFS partitions00:40
nellweeI alos cant see my active windows in lower pannel00:40
gumushi all! what was the command for launching eboard? It's been a while since i played chess at FICS . can't remember how i had launched it :D ...any ideas?00:40
Scuniziwill: they seem to interfear with each other some00:40
Yoinxwell, I guess it can.. but you shouldnt.00:40
PolahNellwee: /home/<username>, press Ctrl+H to show hidden fiels00:41
willScunizi: I would not be able to tell you. I have only been in the battle between ALSA and Pulse-Audio.00:41
YertleTheTurtleedbian, I see. Its not booting so I can get chkdsk running, so anything would be helpful I guess00:41
willScunizi: I have still yet to accomplish a global control over ALSA without having Pulse-Audio installed.00:41
edbianYertleTheTurtle, You can use gparted.  I don't think it's capable of fixing problems it finds.  You need a windows xp disk  (or 7 or whatever you have)00:41
gumushello ? can anyone help?00:41
Yoinxyertle, if you have a windows disk you could build a PE from it so that you could scan it reliably00:42
edbianYertleTheTurtle, Alternatively, you could get all the data off the ntfs partition, clobber it, and use Linx Exclusively00:42
YertleTheTurtleedbian, eh dont' want to. thanks00:42
PolahNellwee: For that, right click the panel > add to panel > Window List00:42
YertleTheTurtleedbian, only use it for games, got tired of fucking with wine.00:42
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Scuniziwill: yea.. me too.. I suddenly had my USB headset speaker volume reduced to near nothing and was pulling my hair out because all gui accessable volume controls were all the way up.. somehow alsa-mixer was turned almost all the way down for output.. AND it only affected my USB headset.. not my speakers.. weird.00:42
YertleTheTurtlethe hdd is on its way out, i just need to replace it00:42
willNTFS - Their is no equivalent yet to chkdsk/scandisk for NTFS in linux.00:42
fadaxYoinx ok im trying to follow that guide but now I've mounted the drive it gives the wrong output.. How do I unmount it?00:42
edbianYertleTheTurtle, Then get a windows CD00:42
YertleTheTurtleits in the other room (I think)00:42
gumusdoes anyone know how to laucnh the eboard ? I want to play chess but forgot the command to run00:43
nellweePolah,  still cant find .gtk-bookmarks .  It did show me all hidden files just not that one00:43
Yoinxfadax, you might be better off just rebooting and starting fresh following the guide00:43
YoinxYertleTheTurtle, what everyone is getting at... is even if you're able to find some way to scan the disk... linux doesn't really support it.. so you risk data loss.00:44
edbiannellwee, it is a file, not a folder.  Try this: gedit ~/.gtk-bookmarks00:44
fadaxOh ok ill do that... I was just trying to avoid waiting for the livecd again!   Thanks for the help00:44
willMake sure you use your proper OS disc for scanning of an NTFS partition. Misuse will corrupt data and possibly the partition itself.00:45
Yoinxnp, fadax... just dont know what you've done and you probably don't wanna mess anything up00:45
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beacherhi all,good morning00:46
willOnly system other than an NTFS based OS that can securely check the disc integrity of an NTFS partition is a Macintosh with NTFS 3G installed.00:46
willYou MAY be able to find some sort of application or software that is Linux/Ubuntu compatible that has the same features of NTFS 3G.00:47
edbianwill, Is there a difference between NTFS-3g on Mac than the NTFS-3g on linux?00:47
willMac's version costs money and has extra features.00:48
nellweePolah,  http://pastebin.com/dYdE42C100:49
root__my backtrack dont work00:49
PolahNellwee: and they don't go to your Documents folder and such like?00:50
lahwrangreetings Senix00:50
PolahYour places should be, in this order: Home Folder, Desktop, Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos, Downloads and they should all link to the correct places listed on gtk-bookmarks00:50
nellweePolah,  no they link to other stuff.. but I can open compter and filesystem and home folder and view everything00:51
cjaeis there something wrong with vbox in 10.10? I have been getting kernel panics while trying to run linux from scratch in vbox00:51
chamunksDoes anyone know of a piece of software for ubuntu that will handle where my downloads go on a rule set basis?  So like I download any Picture format Jpg Png Bmp.. etc and it will move that completed download automatically to my Pictures folder and same thing with documents and software installs etc..00:51
edbianwill, The proprietary version is called Tuxera NTFS.  NTFS-3g is the free version.  However apparently the names are inter-changeable (which is confusing)00:51
edbianchamunks, That would be a setting in your browser.  I'm not aware of anything like that.00:51
willedbian: Understandable. And that explains alot. But it doesn't explain why they charged me for the KEXT for it in Mac... *Must have been a greedy guy*00:52
PolahNellwee: Sounds like a strange configuration error with GNOME00:52
edbianwill, It's a bit of a mess: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NTFS-3G00:52
overclucker!backtrack > root__00:53
ubotturoot__, please see my private message00:53
nellweePolah,  if I click places then home folder I get firefox_wallpaper.png00:53
willTuxera NTFS 3G for Mac - 34.93 USD00:53
willYeah, they only charge for Mac.00:53
Hodrhi guys, How do I make my Nameserver allow access to my sites from LAN and WAN at the same time?00:54
willThe NTFS 3G in Mac OS is modified to a serious extent.00:54
edbianwill, I learned something new tonight! :)00:55
willI have been able to modify alot of settings to a NTFS partition with it.00:55
abstraktand it sucks00:55
abstraktNTFS on mac totally fucked the new HD I bought00:55
willedbian: Yeah. Mac sucks money right out of your wallet, haha.00:55
nellweePolah,  thanks for scratching your head on this one  lol not sure how it happened00:55
HodrIf my A record points to my LAN IP, I can only visit my site locally, but if I set it to the WAN IP, I can only access it from a seperate network.00:56
abstraktwill, conversely, linux sucks time right out of your life, so... take your pick00:56
willI have nothing but time!00:56
PolahNellwee, I'm not too sure then. I'll take a guess at it being a GNOME configuration error or being generally broken. So you could make start by reinstall GNOME, but I'm really not too sure.00:56
willJust not time to blow money on Mac.00:56
edbianHodr, You should have your router port forward connections coming from the Internet.00:56
abstraktwill, you have no food or money or wiminz?00:56
will1 woman and 2 kids.00:56
nellweePolah,  how would I re install gnome00:56
willI take my Ubuntu break every now and then.00:57
abstraktwill, married? mmm, that doesn't count00:57
willOtherwise i might go insane.00:57
nellweePolah,  ill try anything before I re install whole pc00:57
willNo no no... I shall never fall into that trap.00:57
abstraktmac is for trustafarians who go like "omg, look my computer matches my shoooes!"00:57
dagnachewaanyone here installed rstudio ?00:58
PolahNellwee: You don't need to reinstall everything to reinstall gnome00:58
willMac has better gaming support with Wine than Linux does.00:58
abstraktdunno what rstudio is, I've install ubuntu-studio though00:58
PolahAbstrakt: If your shoes are made out of unibody aluminium00:58
willWhich REALLY sucks.00:58
abstraktwill, hahah, saying that mac or linux has "any" gaming support is a joke00:58
PolahNellwee: I'd assume you would do sudo apt-get remove gnome2 and then the same but with install and then configure00:58
abstraktthat's the one place really where windows still shines00:58
PolahI'm not sure, I've never done it. Best to ask someone else00:58
abstraktwindows for games, mac for video editing and linux for everything else00:59
willI have played Fallout 3 in Mac. I can't even support it at all in Win.00:59
abstraktwell, mac/win for netflix, but you can do that in a virtual machine in ubuntu00:59
Fluttershyemulate a Wii00:59
FluttershyA+ solution00:59
abstraktwill, you must have some crappy windows hardware then00:59
willIntel 4500MHD.>.>00:59
willYou tell me.00:59
abstraktderp, dunno what that is01:00
abstraktmobo chipset?01:00
willIt's a major upgrade from my old Intel 950 GMA though.01:00
abstraktgfx card? if it's a graphix card, and it's intel, you're asking for trouble already01:00
willLaptop though.01:00
willAnd a cheap one at that.01:00
abstraktah, there's your second problem01:00
abstraktand third01:00
willI enjoy modifying my software to adapt to it's hardware. So it doesn't bother me too much.01:01
TravelingMonkeydoes anybody know how to print an A4 document to US letter size paper in Ubuntu?01:01
nellweePolah,  http://pastebin.com/aFzW2pMQ01:02
TravelingMonkeyi figured this would be straightforward, but i couldnt find any control for it01:02
nellweePolah,  what did I do wrong01:02
TravelingMonkeyand i cant think what to search for on the net01:02
dagnachewahello everyone01:02
dagnachewais there a vaillant archer to help me ? I get http://pastebin.com/e8Cv1Ym2 when trying to install rstudio hereis my ld.so.conf http://paste.pocoo.org/show/353785/ here is my $PATH http://pastebin.com/vd5sCG7T please help01:02
PolahYou didn't have gnome in the first place01:03
fadaxYoinx I followed the guide but when I do grub install it says : attempting to install grub to a partition instead of01:03
Polahremove gnome, leave gnome201:03
fadaxThe mbr01:03
Hodredbian My router is forwarding the http and dns ports to my server01:03
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PolahNellwee: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=17872001:04
edbianHodr, Then your DNS server should be telling incoming connections to go to your router01:04
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fadaxThen it says embedding is not possible. Grub can only be installed in this setup by using blocklists. Use --force to use them (not recommended)01:04
edbianHodr, Cause you are doing NAT (because your ISP only gave you one IP address)01:04
fadaxWhat should I do?01:04
edbianHodr, Because you are doing NAT all the DNS tells WAN connections is the public IP of the router.  Maybe you can configure it to tell things on the LAN where each other are. That would be more useful.01:06
willTravelingMonkey: Try opening your document in Firefox and then using it's print selection for adjustments. Just a suggestion.No clue if it will work for you or not.01:06
fadaxYoinx Nevermind I've found what I was doing wrong!01:06
TravelingMonkeywell, its a pdf01:06
TravelingMonkeyand im opening it with evince01:06
TravelingMonkeybut the "resize to fill printable area" option doesnt seem to exist01:07
Hodredbian ok, I will try it, I have a commercial service coming in a week with 5 static's, but was hoping for a quick fix in the mean time01:07
Hodredbian using a proxy site works, but they load up the pages with ads and crap :-(01:08
edbianHodr, Quick fix: tell the DNS that everything is at your router's public IP.  Tell the router to port forward to the various servers01:08
TravelingMonkeyfirefox uses evince to display pdfs01:09
TravelingMonkeyso, that is not an option01:09
willTravelingMonkey: I would not know where to start. I have not used that program for PDF based viewing. I normally use Adobe-Acrobat.01:09
TravelingMonkeyto try to work around this, i installed okular01:09
TravelingMonkeyit appears the KDE dialogs dont have such an option either01:10
willKDE was usually good at doing that.01:10
TravelingMonkeyi think this particular thing is missing01:10
TravelingMonkeyi never thought about it before01:10
TravelingMonkeyi just assumed it existed01:10
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willTravelingMonkey: I just opened a PDF with the basic document viewer in Ubuntu, i have all the common options for printer adjustments.01:12
TravelingMonkeydo you have something such as "resize document to printable area"?01:12
TravelingMonkeyor "expand to fill printable area"?01:13
wasdhi, I set a standard program (totem) to play DVDs, how can I change that default program?01:13
fisixhey does anybody know how to rearrange the icons within and between the notification area vs the indicator applet?01:13
TravelingMonkeyim trying to remember the exact wording01:13
willTravelingMonkey: Page Scaling - Fit page to printable area.01:14
TravelingMonkeyi think i see it now01:14
TravelingMonkeyman, i searched for that thing like 10 times01:15
TravelingMonkeyit just proves you can never find something when youre looking for it01:15
TravelingMonkeyor at least that i cant01:15
willI am actually having an issue with my logout/shutdown icon in teh upper right hand corner on the taskbar keeps dissapearing.01:15
hiexporoot__, why are you pming me01:16
TravelingMonkeythats been happening to me, too01:16
TravelingMonkeybut only with the second login01:16
willIt hasn't happened before.01:16
willMine just randomly goes *POOF*.01:16
TravelingMonkeylike, i have another account for a relative, and its fine01:16
TravelingMonkeybut mine disappears when i log in as the second user01:16
willIt happened after i adjusted my ALSA-Pulse-Audio setup.01:16
TravelingMonkeythats strange01:17
TravelingMonkeybut i havent adjusted that01:17
shad0w_guyhey anybody here with any FreeBSD expirience?? cause they kick me out of #freebsdhelp for no reason u.u01:17
TravelingMonkeybut i also found that if you kill the X server, it comes back01:17
TravelingMonkeyat least sometimes01:17
TravelingMonkeyi didnt bother this time cause i was already into a bunch of stuff when i noticed01:18
willSo far i only have two issues.01:18
willMy shutdown/logout icon.01:18
willAnd no audio in KQ.01:18
TravelingMonkeyare you using lucid?01:18
willI prefer 8.10.....01:19
TravelingMonkeyme, too01:19
TravelingMonkeyme, too, again01:19
willCan't get a higher up Distro.01:19
TravelingMonkey8.10 was about the peak01:19
willAnd can't run 8.10 anymore.01:19
willDamm EoL junk.01:19
willNo support for it at all anymore.01:19
EvildaemonSo, I read the man page for nice (In shell) and it would appear that the shell doesn't know which version of nice to use. If anyone knows, I would gladly appreciate the knowledge of how to change nice value from the command line.01:20
TravelingMonkeywell, there is a lot of hardware that was subsequently supported, too01:20
TravelingMonkeynone of those 3G cards worked with 8.1001:20
TravelingMonkeybut many of them work flawlessly with 10.0401:21
TravelingMonkeywell, maybe flawlessly is the wrong word01:21
TravelingMonkeysince they can lock the system01:21
willYou had to manually install them in 8.1001:21
TravelingMonkeybut they work out of the box01:21
TravelingMonkeyi know01:21
TravelingMonkeybut now, they just work01:21
DystaNUbuntu 10.10  Compiz Fusion Dual MOnitors , can you change multiple desktop cubes independently ???01:21
willsudo /flipflop.sh01:21
TravelingMonkeythats another question01:21
TravelingMonkeycompiz is forcing a mouse pointer on me01:22
willDon't let it poke you.01:22
TravelingMonkeywhen i turn it off, it switches to the pointer i chose in appearance01:22
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TravelingMonkeybut when i turn it back on, it goes back to the one it likes01:22
TravelingMonkeyand no change will affect it01:22
TravelingMonkeyis there some way to set the mouse pointer in compiz?01:22
willI wouldnot be able to help you in teh slightest on that one.01:23
TravelingMonkeyits been bugging me01:23
willIf you are using CCSM then maybe you can change it. But other than that. I wouldn't have teh slightest clue. I have never changed my cursor.01:23
TravelingMonkeybut its an annoyance, so i usually forget about it01:23
TravelingMonkeybut someone was just talking about compiz01:23
=== lance_ is now known as Guest56998
TravelingMonkeywell, if the comixcursors are installed, it just defaults to the black one01:24
TravelingMonkeyand doesnt allow any changes01:24
TravelingMonkeymaybe the start button problem has to do with compiz, too01:24
TravelingMonkeyhold on01:24
willOh, he was asking about Compiz and the multiple monitor setup.01:25
TravelingMonkeyi know01:25
TravelingMonkeyi read the post01:25
willI am guessing he wants 4 desktops on each monitor.01:25
willAnd to be able to control them seperately.01:25
TravelingMonkeywell, that had no effect01:25
o2oowho knows how to get the length of the "int" type in ubuntu ?01:25
TravelingMonkeywait a sec01:25
o2oohello, who knows how to get the length of the "int" type in ubuntu ?01:26
TravelingMonkeythe power button and the IM client applet are still missing01:26
TravelingMonkeybut the panel is still making/keeping space for them01:26
jribo2oo: in what context? C?01:27
TravelingMonkeyrestarting compiz fixed my pointer problem -- this time01:27
TravelingMonkeythat didnt work the other day01:27
illmortalAnyone know how to change the cursor? Specifically when it's dragged onto a link? I don't like the little, "hand" icon lol01:28
o2oojrib, in shell01:28
TravelingMonkeythere are themes01:28
DystaNUbuntu 10.10  Compiz Fusion Dual MOnitors , can you change multiple desktop cubes independently ???01:28
TravelingMonkeyyou might even be able to edit a pointer theme and put some other image in there01:28
o2oofor example, "uname -m" can get the ubuntu is 32bit or 64bit01:28
o2ooI knew a method to get the "int" type's length in ubuntu shell, but forgot!01:29
=== aaron is now known as Guest49792
jribo2oo: try #bash01:29
o2oojrib, ?01:30
jribo2oo: /join #bash01:30
Phong_hi guys, i try to install ubuntu within windows mode and get this error: Try hd(0,0): NTFS5: No wubildr01:30
Phong_any help?01:30
Phong_after it reboot, i got this error: Try hd(0,0): NTFS5: No wubildr01:30
Phong_what seem to be the problem here?01:31
Phong_all i did was mount the .iso and install within windows01:31
willCool. Got my shutdown/logout icon fixed.01:31
Phong_it asks me to reboot, which i did and got this eror: Try hd(0,0): NTFS5: No wubildr01:31
Phong_any h elp would be appreciated.01:31
willYou tried to install 10.10 or 11.04?01:32
mjngeneral props to the open-source community!!01:32
Phong_x32 bit01:32
mjny'all are great...!01:32
willThat is why.01:32
willStick with 10.04 for now.01:32
willOr even do a distro upgrade THROUGH 10.04.01:32
mjngo on a windows forum, and a lot of folks are a little uppity...01:32
willDon't manually install it with the ISO.01:32
Phong_oh, so u'll telling me to install 10.04 ?01:32
Phong_and then do upgrade?01:32
willThe main Squash filessystem is a little screwy in 10.10 and 11.04 at teh moment.01:33
mjnbut y'all take it in stride, even when my ??'s are incredibly stupid...thanks again!01:33
willYou more than likely will never get them installed. D=01:33
Yoinxyeah, you could always just get virtualbox and install ubuntu in there if you wanted to try it out from windows01:33
mjnas they often/always are (see above, re: incredibly stupid)..01:33
YoinxI'm assuming you are since you're trying to use wubi01:34
Yoinxmjn, there's no such thing as a stupid question... Since you were smart enough to ask.01:34
Phong_ok,ill download 10.0401:35
mjnsee, that's what i'm talkin about...thanks again...01:35
Phong_i'll do it and did it, and done it. ;)01:35
willI appoligize i didn't catch your question "mjn". I was probably paying attention to my son when you typed it in.01:35
lariousPhong_: why dont you download 10.1001:36
lariousgnome : How are yu doing01:37
gnomeI want to have tcpdump's output to be a little cleaner.01:37
willlarious: I recommended him to install 10.04 and do a Distro upgrade from within due to the Squashfs and Wubi being corrupted in the new ISO's.01:37
mjnwill, wasn't a question....i just noticed a lot of good behavior in the open source community...have benefited from the helpful attitudes of it's denizens, and want to encourage said behavior with a general shoutout/express my gratitude that there are places like this to go for help..01:38
gnomeI want to parse it...01:38
willmjn: Oh, it sounded like you asked a question and never got a reply, haha.01:38
bashzshI'm curious about this command (NOT TO BE RUN): sudo apt-get --purge remove [icecat]  If run with bash, it tries to delete about 6gb of packages on my machine. Why does it find so many? If run on zsh, it is "no matches found [icecat]". I'm guessing bash recognizes that as a regular expression?01:38
gnomeMore importantly, I need to upload via php01:38
gnomeI would probally upload the log, and use explode to manipulate the output.01:39
lariouswill: I have 10.04 and am having a problem that is why I am thiking of better upgrading to 10.10, no one yet solve my problem01:39
gnomeHow would I use ftp to upload a log? Also, can i rotate the log for tcpdump?01:39
willlarious:I would recommend a Distro upgrade from within your Update Manager rather than installing from the ISO.01:41
=== timo_ is now known as Guest71642
Phong_larious, i did download 10.10., and got this error : Try hd(0,0): NTFS5: No wubildr01:41
lariousWill: maybe you can solve my problem too01:42
willBut then again. Formatting into EXT3 may let you install it from boot-up like normal. I know installation from Wubi inside Windows on Distros 10.10-11.04 comes out in two ways.01:42
Phong_ok i need to reboot01:42
Phong_be back01:42
willIt will either tell you that Wubi is missing. Ot it will tell you that the SquashFS is corrupted or missing. I can't remember exactly what the outcome was that had to do with SquashFS.01:43
Guest71642do some body now to work with back track 401:43
willlarious: Sure. What might your problem be?01:43
Phong_still didn't work01:45
Phong_same message01:45
Phong_darm it01:45
Phong_i still ahve this fuking error: Try hd(0,0): NTFS5: No wubildr01:45
DystaNUbuntu 10.10  Compiz Fusion Dual MOnitors , can you change multiple desktop cubes independently ???01:46
bashzshgnome: man ftp && man logrotate01:46
Phong_this is getting annoying01:47
Phong_Try hd(0,0): NTFS5: No wubildr01:47
lariousWill: I have a USB modem from Huawei company that my operator is using for internet connect for their subcriber in Nigeria and this modem has window driver and it install my APN automatically and in ubunt connection manager I set up the broadband connection it has for APN that I dont know and calling the technical support for the APN they told me that they dont have it and I told them about01:47
lariousubuntu they told me that they dont know anything about the window. So how do i do about this problem that I am having01:47
Phong_someone got to help me man01:48
Phong_i got problem install ubuntu: Try hd(0,0): NTFS5: No wubildr01:48
=== bashzsh is now known as lacus
Phong_got this error with 10.10 or 10.0401:48
lacusgnome: man ftp && man logrotate01:48
Phong_this is impossible01:48
willPhong_: I am not sure how to help you out Phong_. It has to do with installing it inside of Windows i can tell you that much.01:48
Phong_no one ?01:49
willlarious: What modem and company?01:49
lariousPhong_: when I was installing mine.... I was having a problem of output but try it by cracking my brain I got it working, are you using desktop or laptop, and intel or AMD01:50
pylixPhong_: are you installing with a usb?01:50
lariouswill: the modem is Huawei EC22601:50
Phong_pylix, no, mount the iso01:51
Phong_with ultraiso01:51
Phong_then install it within windows 701:51
Phong_after reboot got this: Try hd(0,0): NTFS5: No wubildr01:51
willTry extracting the CD into a folder on your desktop.01:51
larious Phong_: when I was installing mine.... I was having a problem of output but try it by cracking my brain I got it working, are you using desktop or laptop, and intel or AMD01:51
Phong_oh okay01:51
Phong_let me try that01:51
willI used WinRaR to extract mine and then running the WUBI installer.01:51
willI wonder what version he is installing....01:52
lariouswill: I m waiting for you help now01:52
larious Phong_: when I was installing mine.... I was having a problem of output but try it by cracking my brain I got it working, are you using desktop or laptop, and intel or AMD, tell me so that I can look into helping you, if I may suceeded :D01:53
mjnanyone know?  having a helluva time joining to the domain....tried likewise, centrify-express, net domain, and others....seems to be dns related....but i'm 80ish percent that's all right...just quickly, could this be my firewall...01:53
willlarious: Try this. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=109011901:54
willI have to reboot.01:54
willI just did a major Console no-no.01:54
will: /01:54
=== recursio1 is now known as recursion
minimeclarious: Your modem should work with ubuntu. You might have to disable the PIN of the phone card, as the network manager doesn't give you the possibility to enter the PIN.01:58
=== braxton_ is now known as braxton
Nowakerhi. I got a question - is 11.04 mature enough to use on desktop? I am aware that not everything might fully work... just want to know if 11.04 works at all02:00
braxtonIs it possible to create a wireless network that a device can connect to using my laptop if I'm connected to an ethernet cable?02:00
Yoinxmaybe adhoc, if you bridge your connections.02:01
minimecbraxton: If you can set your wifi card to master mode, that should be possible. Go to the network manager and share the wifi network to other devices.02:01
Scunizi!ics | braxton02:02
ubottubraxton: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php02:02
BeyondThymeAnyone here use Midori?  I found myself liking its speed but had a few crashes.  Has anyone found it stable or unstable in Ubuntu?02:02
Nowakerused it a year ago... it crashed then sometimes02:03
Nowakerdon't know how it looks like now02:03
BeyondThymeNowaker: ok, thanks02:04
=== Guest50862 is now known as DarkDevil
braxtonThank you.02:04
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest54818
silentz0rhey, ubuntu is failing to play a dvd movie with vlc. Is there something i need to configure?02:07
larioustry to update the plug in of the vlc02:08
p_ressilentz0r: You obviously have not installed css support.02:08
silentz0rp_res: cheers02:08
p_resA common thing some people forget. ;-)02:09
DystaNAre there ways  to rotate the deskop cubes (multiple ones) separately ?02:09
silentz0rp_res: I had installed it, just forgot to run the .sh file :p02:12
p_ressilentz0r: Fair enough.02:13
Phong_no matter what i do, i got no wubildr02:14
Phong_no matter what i do i got this: Try hd(0,0): NTFS5: No wubildr02:14
Phong_what the fuk is the problems02:15
Phong_i'm getting so mad and upset02:15
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
Phong_Try hd(0,0): NTFS5: No wubildr02:16
IdleOnePhong_: Please watch your language02:17
Phong_IdleOne, i need help badly02:17
Phong_why am i getting this: Try hd(0,0): NTFS5: No wubildr02:17
Phong_i extract the iso02:17
FloodBot2Phong_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:17
Phong_not working02:17
IdleOnePhong_: I don't know why, let me do a little googling for you.02:18
willPhong_: Try reading this to manually set your GRUB setup. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=79828302:18
p_resWas this a fresh install Phong_ ?02:19
p_resOr what?02:19
Phong_p_res, fresh installed02:19
p_resWere you installing Ubuntu on a system that already has Windows installed?02:19
A|i3Nwow I'm dumb. What's the linux equivalent to the DOS copy command? lol.02:20
Phong_p_res, wubi02:20
minimecA|i3N: cp02:20
Phong_within windows 702:20
p_resA|i3N: copy02:20
Phong_after reboot i got this: Try hd(0,0): NTFS5: No wubildr02:21
willSorry, that was actually funny.02:21
A|i3Ncp. lol ok I knew it was something simple.02:21
LittleRedok guys... still trying to get my touch media controls working on my laptop (Sony running ubuntu 10.10) anyone out there get it to work?02:21
willYeah, his GRUB isn't dirrecting him to his installation.02:21
p_resPhong_: I'd recommend not installing through Windows but rather just dual boot.02:21
willI can't help him at all.02:21
willI am used to using GRUB 1.02:21
p_resSorry A|i3N, I gave you the dos cmd by mistake. I misread your post.02:22
Phong_then what is the point of having wubi02:22
p_resPhong_: Boot from CD, follow installer instructions and install Ubuntu side-by-side with Windows adn then you'll get grub menu upon boot up.02:23
p_resPhong_: Some have luck with WUBI, I always recommend to avoid it.02:23
Phong_ok, let me burn to CD02:23
p_resPhong_: ;-)02:23
A|i3Nno problem I got it. OK just for conversations sake, say I want to copy a file from my downloads folder to my home directory - ubuntu won't let me do it, permission denied. So I went into the terminal and did sudo -s, then did a copy .... what would if I do if I wanted to bypass the terminal and drag and drop?02:23
Gunniubuntu server: no x server: how do i disable Screen blanking, dpms, in terminal so the screen never turns off?02:24
DystaNAre there ways  to rotate the deskop cubes (multiple ones) separately ?02:25
DystaNUbuntu 10.10  Compiz Fusion Dual MOnitors , can you change multiple desktop cubes independently ???02:25
gangilhow to set a environment variable permanently?02:25
gangillike if i do FOO=x02:26
gangilexport FOO02:26
jribGunni: use setterm02:26
gangilit goes after the shell is closed02:26
itaylor57gangil: put it in our .bashr or .profile02:26
itaylor57gangil: put it in your .bashrc or .profile02:26
gangilitaylor57: I am using android-x8602:26
gangilI am not sure if .bashrc or .profile exists02:27
p_resgangil: ls -a and have a look.02:27
thraspicping thraspic02:28
illmortalAnyone a recommendation on the best AMD Motherboard? Something that supports dual x16 pci-e, 6-core (the later architect of AMD's processor.. I think it's boulder?), and definitely USB 3.0?02:30
mndrllhi everyone...!02:30
p_resmndrll: Hi.02:30
aarcane_anyone here using a SAS Expander, and willing to recommend it for use in a new system ?  i'm shopping for a SAS Expander for a ubuntu based system, and would love to hear from anyone running one now.02:31
ScuniziIs there someplace else to get google earth other than google?  I have the medibuntu repos installed but nothing is showing02:31
mndrllhey, i just install lubuntu, but i want to know if transmission is a good torrent downloader02:31
mndrllor if there is any other betters02:31
p_resmndrll: I always had issues with Transmission and used Deluge instead.02:31
aarcane_mndrll, if you want a web interface for your torrents, there is NOTHING better than transmission.  if not, azureus is a bit more full featured, but java based.02:32
lightaI like transmission02:32
p_resDeluge can be used for server or web-ui or gtk whatever you want to use it for. ;-)02:32
mndrllmmm what about Ktorrent??02:32
p_resmndrll: KTorrent is also good.02:32
lightakubuntu sound like02:32
=== 16WAANJAQ is now known as feixoun
DystaNUbuntu 10.10  Compiz Fusion Dual MOnitors , can you change multiple desktop cubes independently ???02:36
DystaNAre there ways  to rotate the deskop cubes (multiple ones) separately ?02:36
gangilthanks p_res itaylor5702:37
nesteai cant install anything02:37
nesteai did a apt-get update and apt-get upgrade02:37
nesteait installed everything02:37
ScuniziDystaN: no.. perhaps with the depreciated xinerama extension but not in twinview02:37
nesteathe only reason im on xchat is because i had it running before hand02:37
nesteai cannot install any gtk browser (midori, chromium, etc)02:38
nesteai dunno02:38
Gunnihow do i make fsck run next boot?02:38
nesteasaid it had a broken dependency and then02:38
mndrllthanks guys!!02:38
Scunizinestea: how about sudo apt-get dist-upgrade (it does not upgrade your version of ubuntu like from 10.10 to 11.04)02:38
nesteai get fuked like this02:38
mndrlli think ill stick to transmission a while to see how it works!02:38
bastidrazorGunni: type sudo touch /forcefsck   then reboot02:38
nestea..not supported.02:38
nesteatycel@tycel-laptop ~/midori-0.3.3 $ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:39
nesteaThis operation is not supported02:39
nesteai just got done downloading over 20 gigs...:(02:39
nesteai really dont wanna freaking re-install everything02:39
s5fsnestea: when you try to install the chrome browser, what error do you receive?02:39
p_ress5fs: That's what I'm waiting for through the flooding. lol02:39
Gunnitouch /forcefsck doesn't work02:40
DystaNdoes anyone know how to RESIZE the CAIRO-DOCK Switcher ???02:40
nesteaReading package lists... Done02:40
nesteaBuilding dependency tree02:40
nesteaReading state information... Done02:40
nesteaSome packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have02:40
nestearequested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable02:40
FloodBot2nestea: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:40
nesteadistribution that some required packages have not yet been created02:40
Gunnibastidrazor: touch /forcefsck doesn't work02:40
p_resnestea: Try a sudo apt-get -f02:40
nesteaThe following packages have unmet dependencies:02:41
nestea  chromium: Depends: chromium-bsu but it is not going to be installed02:41
nesteaE: Broken packages02:41
dr_Willisdownloaded 20 gigs? Makes me wonder what you downloaded.02:41
nesteaThe following packages have unmet dependencies:02:41
nestea  chromium-bsu: Depends: libglc0 (>= 0.7.1) but it is not going to be installed02:41
nesteaE: Broken packages02:41
bastidrazorGunni: what  about it doesn't work?02:41
nesteaa whole lot of anime ^^02:41
p_resnestea: Are you installing from the Ubuntu repos?02:41
Gunnibastidrazor: i did it, rebooted, nothing checked anything and the file is still there02:41
dr_Willis!find libglc002:42
ubottuFound: libglc002:42
skullboynestea: install libglc0 v 0.7.102:42
p_resnestea: sudo apt-get install libglc002:42
dr_Willis!info libglc002:42
ubottulibglc0 (source: quesoglc): QuesoGLC GLC implementation. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7.2-3 (maverick), package size 62 kB, installed size 180 kB02:42
p_resPost back what it says.02:42
nestea libglc0: Depends: libfontconfig1 (>= 2.4.0) but it is not going to be installed02:42
dr_Willissomthing seem odd with these verison #'s ?02:43
nesteadon't ask me02:43
skullboynestea: install libfontconfig1 v 2.4.002:43
nesteai just install from the repos02:43
p_resTry sudo aptitude install chromium-browser02:43
nesteaThe following packages have unmet dependencies:02:43
nestea  libfontconfig1: Depends: fontconfig-config (= 2.8.0-2ubuntu1) but 2.8.0-2.1 is to be installed02:43
nesteaE: Broken packages02:43
p_resSometimes aptitude fixes things automatically or at least offers a resolution.02:43
nesteafontconfig-config is already the newest version.02:44
nestea0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.02:44
dr_Willisisnt there an apt-get install -f option.02:44
p_resdr_Willis: That's what I suggested already.02:44
nesteabut its not working02:44
marymhi, fresh install of 10.10 - how do i set up automatic updates (say weekly without intervention of password for root)?02:44
nesteais what im trying ot say:(02:44
bastidrazorGunni: this is where i get this from.. it works on my machine and has on every versions since 7.04..  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=102477102:44
nesteaif its any help02:44
nesteaits downloading from lucid02:44
FloodBot2nestea: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:44
FloodBot3nestea: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:44
FloodBot1nestea: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:44
* nestea growls02:44
dr_Willisheh the flood bots are flooding02:45
Gunnibastidrazor: might LVM prevent it from working?02:45
bastidrazorGunni: that may change everything, yes.02:45
p_resI gotta go get some lunch. A geek has to eat. Good luck nestea.02:46
p_resHope you get it sorted.02:46
* nestea sighs02:46
nesteagive me a moment here02:46
FloodBot1nestea: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:46
* nestea growls02:46
nesteafucking bots02:46
p_resnestea: Stop flooding then!02:46
marymugh - update manager, do i install security updates without confirmation or download all updates in teh background?02:46
marymand do i need to enable any repos for this fresh install?02:47
Gunnik i'll restate my question, how do i force fsck to run on my LVM disk on boot?02:47
nesteacan anyone give me the location where apt finds its sources? and can you give me the most recent thing to put in there?02:47
marymnestea - /etc/apt/sources.lst02:47
nesteaall my sources are02:48
dr_Willisyou habve done a 'sudo apt-get update' recently nestea?02:48
nesteaall my sources are lucid02:48
nesteathis is what caused this WHOLE mess02:49
Scuniziwhat printscreen program allows me to choose a window?  It doesn't matter if it's kde or gnome centric02:49
nesteasomething broke:(02:49
FloodBot1nestea: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:49
dr_Willisscunizi - gimp can. and theres others in the repos.02:49
nesteaI did a sudo apt-get update and then a sudo apt-get upgrade and then it removed literaly everything02:49
TohuwWhat format should quotauser in adduser.conf be? Blocks? Bytes?02:49
nesteabut didnt re-install anything02:49
ebahHey all, is there a config file for notify-osd?02:49
Scunizidr_Willis: gimp can take a snapshot of what's on the screen?02:49
nesteadeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid-updates main restricted multiverse universe02:49
nesteadeb-src http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid-updates restricted main multiverse universe02:49
dr_Willisscunizi - gimp can.   yes..02:50
bastidrazorGunni: http://adminservercentral.com/index.php?topic=122.0 ... at the bottom but this requires you to have a liveCD/USB02:50
Scunizidr_Willis: how?02:50
Gunnioh great, thanks bastidrazor02:50
dr_Willisscunizi -  check its menus. file -> acquire  i think...02:50
Vegas_HPhey guys I installed xubuntu and have decided to try windows home server.  However I can no longer boot any windows install cds on the computer. My xubuntu cd works inside the computer.  The install cd for windows home server works in other computers.  Any reason why I cant install windows now?02:50
bastidrazorGunni: best of luck.02:50
illmortalbulldozer! that's what it is... can't wait til it comes out :D02:50
dr_WillisIve seen some optical drives be very picky about what cds they can read vegas_hp02:51
Vegas_HPDr_willis - it read it before xubuntu02:51
Ioniz3DVegas_HP: what error do you have ?02:52
Scunizidr_Willis: I had no idea.... worked like a champ.. THANKS!02:52
nesteacan someone give me in query what there sources.list say02:52
Ioniz3DVegas_HP: clean CD/DVD.02:52
Vegas_HPIoniz3D it just hangs on the black screen02:52
Ioniz3Dnothing appears ?02:53
marymsetting up pc 10.10 for older person, want to put decent weather monitor, clock, etc on desktop. which screen-applet should is good?02:53
dr_Willisvegas_hp installing an os is not going to make the drive not read other disks.. I have had optical disks die on me. or get flakey02:53
Vegas_HPIoniz3D - yeah it just hangs reads the cd and then boots xubunut02:53
marymand email client similar to outlook - which one is good?02:54
bastidrazormarym: evolution02:54
leaveboymarym: thunderbird02:54
hiexponestea, what problem you having02:55
Ioniz3DVegas_HP: try to burn MS OS on another media (dvd or cd), clean the media then shutdown the pc start it up and try02:55
semitonesn2i, http://www.ghacks.net/2009/06/03/adding-a-directory-to-your-path/ should get you started :)02:55
ariel__how do i mount/connect a My Book World Edition on Ubuntu ?02:55
Vegas_HPDr_willis it reads other disc just fine and when i put it in the other dvd drive it does the same thing.  I tried the dvd on another computer and it works just fine02:55
n2isemitones: I will check it now02:56
ariel__how do i mount/connect a My Book World Edition on Ubuntu ?02:56
dr_Willisother disks as in other comercial disks.. or other disks you burnt..02:56
Vegas_HPDr_willis - other discs i burnt02:57
dr_Willisthats what we are getting at.. it can read disks it made.. but not others..\02:57
fisch246is there a guide on installing gnome in Ubuntu?02:57
fisch246unless it's quite safe, can i have the command?02:57
dr_Willistry imageing the disk on one pc.. copy the iso over.. butn it on the problem pc. see if that makes it work.02:57
fisch246o sorry02:58
fisch246i mean ubuntu server02:58
ariel__how do i mount/connect a My Book World Edition on Ubuntu ?02:58
dr_Willisficsh246 install ubuntu-desktop pacakge02:58
dr_WillisYou are better off installing uuntu-desktop edition the n installing hte serivces you need. then the other way around.02:58
ariel__how do i mount/connect a My Book World Edition on Ubuntu ?02:58
nesteahiexpo: lol i lost everything and im trying to get it to work again02:59
fisch246dr_Willis: well yea... but i don't want all those libraries... i'm trying to build my own minimal version of ubuntu... maybe even more minimal than xubuntu, and i don't want to get lubuntu cause i want to do it myself02:59
dr_Willisariel_ a usb hard drive/ just plug it in.. it shuld auto mount. or show up in the placves menu.. or use the proper mount command.02:59
hiexponestea, how did you lose everything what you mean02:59
illmortalya I have the same external HDD... I just plugged it in and it recognized it without an issue.02:59
dr_Willisfisch246 its poroberly allready been done. theres dozens of minimal ubuntu variants out.02:59
h3r0hi frien02:59
nesteamaybe i wont02:59
ariel__dr_Willis it's a network drive02:59
nesteagrabbed my usb stick03:00
nesteaand grabbed stuff off a debian repos03:00
h3r0i want to use swat but its no longer actively maintained :(03:00
=== h3r0 is now known as Guest84324
nesteaand so far..its working on isntalling stuff03:00
fisch246dr_Willis: i don't want a variant... i want to build it myself03:00
=== Guest84324 is now known as hero
dr_Willisariel_ depends on  what services its using then for thenetwork.03:00
nesteabrb though03:00
herowhat can i have in replacement for swat? :(03:00
ariel__dr_Willis how do i figure that?03:01
dassoukiw/c 203:01
p_reshero: You can probably still install swat even though it's no longer maintained.03:01
dr_Willisariel_ read its docs? it may be using samba. or some other NAS service.03:01
heroyes but can i have any software that can replace swat...03:02
heroim on untrusted network03:02
n2iShould  edit my $PATH via ~/.bash_profile?03:02
n2i*Should I03:02
p_resDunno. I'm not even familiar with swat.03:02
dr_Willistheres other samba config/admin tools out there hero. but its proberly best to learn to edit the config files by hand.03:02
herooh thank you p_res03:02
dr_Willisn2i you can if you want to,03:03
herooh i see maybe like webmin03:03
p_reshero: I've used webmin before.03:03
herois it hard to use?03:03
dr_Williswebmin is not really a good tool to use these days either :)03:03
Abhijitwhere is channel for monodevelop?03:03
dr_Willisso forget about webmin.03:04
herooh really dr_Willis..03:04
p_reshero: I'm just having a Google of swat now for curiosity.03:04
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox03:04
p_resdr_Willis: What is wrong with webmin?03:04
dr_Willisswat - the old original web interface to samba. by the samba guys03:04
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.03:04
dr_Willisthere ya go...03:04
n2idr_Willis: Should I create new file while it is not exist?03:04
p_resdr_Willis: Didn't know that. Cheers.03:05
herooh i see03:05
dr_Willisn2i a .bashrc an .bash_profile exist here by default03:05
=== Guest54818 is now known as DarkDevil
heroim almost buying book about webmin :s03:05
dr_Willisn2i  unless you got some other ubuntu bariant thats differnt.03:05
p_reshero: Why buy a book. It's simple to use.03:05
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest47271
dr_Willishero its not worth buyung a book on. its a dieing project for the most part.03:05
n2idr_Willis: I have no .bash_profile. I must create new?03:05
heronow i wont buy a book about webmin :)03:06
p_resWebmin home page still has installable DEB packages available.03:06
dr_Willisn2i if you want one.. and you dont have one.. then sounds like you make one.. or copy one from somewhere03:06
leaveboyn2i: edit the /etc/bash.rc03:06
JAPAN_HEROHELP JAPAN http://blogs.smh.com.au/sit/hitler.jpg03:07
dr_Willisn2i it may be its using .profile these days03:07
dr_Willisn2i or .bashrc03:07
leaveboyn2i: It does the same thing03:07
bastidrazor!ops | JAPAN_HERO03:07
ubottuJAPAN_HERO: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!03:07
heroif you recreate the .bash_profile won't it do?03:07
herosudo adduser user103:07
dr_WillisI tink the latest ubuntus went to using .bashrc and .profile, not .bas_profile03:08
p_resdr_Willis: Yes. They use bashrc03:08
herop_res: how did you found out about swat?any good news?03:09
n2idr_Willis: So..I will add some thing like that: PATH = $PATH:/sbin to my ~/.bashrc. Is it ok?03:09
dr_Willisyou want to export the path.03:10
dr_Willisand thats not totally proper syntax you gave.03:10
dr_Willisand sbin should allready be in the default path.03:11
n2iexport "PATH = $PATH:/sbin"?03:11
=== james is now known as Guest43428
n2idr_Willis: yes, I also think so.03:11
n2imy /etc/enviroment: PATH="/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games"03:12
dr_Willisits time to check some bash docs n2i and learn  some basics.. its to easy to make typos to lean that stuff on irc.03:12
dr_Willistheres NO spaces befor/after the =  i think03:12
ljsoftnethow do i hide text messages during boot and shutdown?03:13
dr_Willisand theres thousands of web sites/examples about setting the path03:13
bastidrazorexport PATH="path/to/bin:$PATH" .. n2i03:13
pyrofalloutWondering if someone can help me out. I recently setup 10.10x64 on my server. i created another user and am ssh'ing in through that user instead of root, but the terminal prompt is quite different (just $ instead of user@host$ and can't use arrows).  Any suggestions?03:14
herooh i think maybe you can change the shell pyrofallout?03:15
heroi think its in /etc/passwd03:15
heroyou should check that user and check the shell03:16
dr_Willisyou set your prompt via the PS1 variable. thers doezns of examples out there/  it maybe its not using bash, or its not running the .bash* init scripts03:16
ljsoftnethow do i hide text messages during boot and shutdown?03:16
hero$ usually is /bin/sh03:16
heroand change it to /bin/bash03:16
herois that correct dr_Willis?03:17
dr_Willisbest to use the chsh command to change you shell :)03:17
dr_Willisor as a test just run 'bash'03:17
heroyeah you right :d03:17
bastidrazorljsoftnet: which version of ubuntu are you on?03:17
pyrofalloutthanks hero, yes it is /bin/sh03:17
pyrofallouti think it has something to do with $PS103:18
leaveboypyrofallout: arrows?03:18
ljsoftnetbastidrazor ubuntu 10.0403:18
pyrofalloutif i press arrow up, to like repeat last command, it instead inputs ^{{A03:19
heroi think you can create user with default bash shell by using -s option in useradd command03:19
bastidrazorljsoftnet: /etc/default/grub  add :: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"   then sudo update-grub03:19
leaveboypyrofallout: PS1="\u@\h \W:\$" will be ok03:20
=== raul is now known as bigbang
pyrofalloutI tried that and it literally sets the promp t to \u@\h \W$03:21
ljsoftnetbastidrazor its already on grub03:21
heromaybe better to leave it as default...03:22
pyrofallouthmm. i noticed root is using /bin/bash, is there any reason i cant run bash over sh03:22
pyrofalloutswitched my user to bash and things are good now. I guess my question then is there any concerns with using bash over sh03:23
pyrofalloutas I am used to and prefer bash03:23
bastidrazorljsoftnet: then you should be seeing no text but splash screens03:24
rolohello all03:24
MishraxI want to upgrade ubuntu 9.10 to 10.10 with live cd03:24
ljsoftnetbastidrazor but its still there03:25
roloany one have help for brasero program in ubuntu03:25
p_resMishrax: Run the installer and away you go!03:25
jussiHow does one exit from minicom? "exit" only takes me to login, ctrl+c and ctrl+q no help...03:25
MishraxWhere is that?03:25
leaveboyjussi: c_s_c c_s_q03:26
p_resRun the Live CD, double click on the desktop icon to install to hard drive.03:26
roloneed help to burn dvd03:26
jussileaveboy: ?03:26
MishraxActuall here is d situation03:26
cptmorganrunning 8.04 and i need to replicate an installed system. I've always done this with rsync. Everything boots up correctly on a fresh drive with identical partition table and filesystems but when booting the first time it complains about /var/run and /var/lock (varrun,varlock) and cannot start networking because of this. A reboot fixes this problem. Is there a reason this happens or a way to restore these filesystems so this doesn't happen03:26
n2iThank you, dr_Willis!03:27
leaveboyjussi: ctrl+shift+c ctrl+shift +q03:27
MishraxI hv dual boot xp nd 7 then ubuntu over them03:27
p_resMishrax: That's fine. So what's the problem?03:27
roloany one tell me why brasero wont burn dvd?03:27
jussileaveboy: ahh, Ill try that, tanks03:27
dr_Willisrolo braserero is a little flakey at times. theres otehr burning apps out there thaty may work better03:28
MishraxI m nt getting hw to cnfigure installation03:28
=== bigbang is now known as krux
MishraxI fear if it won't boot again03:28
p_resRun the installer from the aforementioned icon.03:29
roloim open to a suggestion   dr willis03:29
ubottuCD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto03:29
MishraxI did03:29
MishraxAfter that03:29
carl1408what is the timezone package?03:29
nesteaafter i grabbed the updates from the debian repos earlier, so far no trouble downloading from apt now lol03:30
rolothanks for the tip on dvd software03:30
carl1408or... not that.. but the one that sets daylight savings time...?03:30
MishraxNd what if i hv to remove ubuntu03:30
dr_Willisnestea DEBIAN repos? You mixxed debian and ubuntu? thatds not a good idea.03:30
p_resMishrax: ... follow the prompts of the installer.03:30
bastidrazornestea: no wonder you're having issues. you're not being truthful in what you're doing.03:30
nesteaim not mixing until now i believe03:31
MishraxAll os are in different drives03:31
nesteadebian is the easiest one to browse for me03:31
p_resMishrax: Are you looking to wipe your current Ubuntu install?03:31
nesteaand i just grabbed 2 files03:31
nesteafontconfig and fontconfig103:31
nesteaworked like a charm after that with dpkg -i03:31
knoppiesDoes anybody know how to get VLC to open  new videos as fullscreen (on my second monitor) by default.03:31
dr_Willisgood luck and hopeit dont break in the figure.03:31
MishraxYa to empty the drive03:31
p_resMishrax: So as I've said. Run the installer and follow the prompts and install the Live CD to the empty hard drive you wish to install to.03:32
dr_Willisknoppies - compiz has some settings that can tweak that. or chck the advanced controll/settings in vlc.  VLC rembers what screen it opened on last here. so it stays on my 2nd monitor.03:32
nesteaafter those two files03:33
gundasIs there a way to find and replace *only* LF characters in a CSV files, I have occurances of LF CR which I wan't to keep, I only want to replace LF when it is by itself?03:33
nesteaapt-get is downloading from03:33
knoppiesthanks dr_Willis, I will look into that.03:33
nesteaa ubuntu repos03:33
nesteait went down quick lol couldnt see the whole thing03:33
MishraxNo... Now tell if i want to use only xp nd 7...03:33
MishraxHw to remove ubuntu and grub03:33
knoppiesIf I want to view Microsoft Power Point files (.pptx) on ubuntu, how do you suggest I do it (I remember seeing some pptviewer in synaptic but I can't find it now, is open office my only/best option?)03:34
p_resMishrax: If you install the new Ubuntu, new installer will install the new grub config for you so you can still boot XP and W7.03:34
zeleftikamquick question: if I install 10.04 desktop, can i update to 10.10 via the internet updates built into Ubuntu? i don't have a 10.10 disc handy but i do have 10.04. can i install that and get up to date through the updater after installing?03:35
joshmclvl1zeleftikam: you can.03:36
knoppieszeleftikam, yes, but I dont recommend it (I had a bad experience years ago). If you are going to do it that way, then I recommend you update everything you can in 10.04 before you try update to 10.1003:36
joshmclvl1zeleftikam: it tends to be messy, however, so be careful!03:36
MishraxI m getting but what should i choose on installation time..03:36
MishraxWhere to install boot loader... And in which drive to install ubuntu03:36
p_resInstall Ubuntu to whichever drive you want to. Boot loader will sort itself out, don't worry about that.03:37
MishraxIts showing all other drives as /sd*/c: smthing03:37
ljsoftnethow do i hide text messages during boot and shutdown?03:38
joshmclvl1ljsoftnet: why would you want to? ;) I think using plymouth /should/ hide verbosity.03:38
p_resMishrax: That's normal.03:39
ljsoftnetjoshmclvl1 its not hiding everything03:39
p_resMishrax: That's what drives are known as in the world of Unix/Linux.03:39
joshmclvl1ljsoftnet: *grumble grumble*, that's not good.03:40
MishraxHmm so i vl install it as u say.. I vl ask u while installing03:40
joshmclvl1ljsoftnet: or at least not ideal.03:40
p_resNo props.03:41
MishraxUpto what time U r here03:41
illmortaldoes anyone know what email application is compatible with Exchange Server 2010? Would like to setup my company email.. but can't find anything right now03:41
p_resAll arvo mate.03:42
LincKrakeris it possible to run an X server on another computer and use xinerma for multimonitors03:42
joshmclvl1illmortal: thunderbird maybe?03:42
illmortalhmm.. ok03:43
joshmclvl1illmortal: maybe I'm an idealist but I'd think exchange would be built into the big names03:43
p_resillmortal: Shouldn't any email client be able to connect to Exchange?03:43
joshmclvl1illmortal: and if not it would be easy to find a way, id guess03:43
illmortalp_res that's what I thought.. but apparently not.03:44
illmortalwell at least not evolution03:44
LincKrakerno one likes my idea?03:44
=== Gwar_Trolle is now known as Guest18642
p_resillmortal: I use Thunderbird, I find it's much better.03:45
joshmclvl1illmortal: the big G brought up an article for evolution from 2006 for exchange, lol. dunno if it would be useful though. like third entry is ubuntu wikis thunderbird03:45
illmortalchecking thunderbird right now03:46
xanguaevolution does support exchange, but an old versión of it, not latest03:46
CygniaMay I ask if anyone knows the channel name for Natty discussion? Is it ubuntu+1? For some reason the list command isn't working.03:47
rwwCygnia: #ubuntu+103:47
=== ruan|sleep is now known as ruan
CygniaThanks rww03:47
illmortallol.. thunderbird doesn't support anything outside of pop3 and imap for incoming.03:47
RogeHi, is there a way to put the close/maximize/minimize windows buttons on the right hand side of the window  ?03:47
bastidrazor!controls | Roge03:48
ubottuRoge: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/564 | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side03:48
p_resillmortal: Fair enough. I use IMAP myself.03:48
cfeddeis there a way to static configure wifi for a ssid/wpa key?03:48
nit-witRoge, you can do t in gconf-editor03:49
RogeThanks nit-wit03:50
nit-witRoge, no problem.03:50
toby_hey guys i am trying to install a program called handbrake having problems getting to it i downloaded the ppa using sudo aptget  but i have no idea from there03:50
Strykertoby_, handbrake is an outdated piece of crap03:51
bastidrazortoby_: can you give a link to the ppa page?03:52
trismcfedde: click nm-applet, choose edit connections and create a new connection on the wifi tab03:52
toby_Stryker: you have a better program for video compression / conversion?03:52
toby_bastidrazor: https://edge.launchpad.net/~stebbins/+archive/handbrake-releases03:52
Strykeravidemux, toby_03:53
Strykerit sucks for bulk though03:53
bastidrazortoby_: after adding the ppa.. sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install handbrake03:53
loquitusWhat is the best way to get started with NoSQL on Ubuntu?03:53
toby_ah i didnt hit that last command03:53
toby_bastidrazor,  no dice says Package handbrake is not available, but is referred to by another package.03:55
toby_This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source03:55
comcomisthow to convert color pdf file to black and white ?03:55
cfeddetrism: this is a server/text mode system is there syntax that does that in say /etc/network/interfaces?03:55
bastidrazortoby_: apt-cache policy handbrake   :what is the output of this?03:56
toby_says installed: none03:56
toby_candidate none03:56
toby_version table:03:56
trismcfedde: for /etc/network/interfaces create a wpa.conf file with wpa_passphrase ssid; and save it in /etc/wpa.conf, then add the: wpa-conf /etc/wpa.conf line to your /etc/network/interfaces03:56
Swerve__hello everyone..I need some help03:57
trismcfedde: in addition to the: auto wlan and then whatever iface configuration you want03:57
toby_Swerve__,  admitting u need help is the first step03:57
Swerve__i do bro03:57
Swerve__u gonna help me toby?03:58
toby_Swerve__,  prolly not i am here for help too03:58
comcomisthow to convert color pdf file to black and white ?03:58
bastidrazortoby_:  it would appear the ppa is borked. once you 'sudo apt-get update' it should tell apt-get that handbrake is available from the ppa03:58
cfeddetrism: awesome!  thanks.  BTW are there doc pointers somewhere for this?03:59
rwwcfedde: or add wpa-ssid and wpa-psk to /etc/network/interfaces directly. e.g. http://paste.ubuntu.com/580419/03:59
Swerve__let me explain..I have ubuntu 9.10 installed..I stopped using windows..I need these updates from DELL so my dvd burner will work..how do i install these updates using ubuntu?03:59
cfedderww the psk is the one generated by wpa_passphrase?03:59
rwwcfedde: Not that I found. The wpa_supplicant integration with Debian/Ubuntu's command-line networking stuff doesn't have much documentation03:59
rwwcfedde: correct03:59
toby_bastidrazor,  i ran update again then install still same error03:59
cfedderww: thanks, and I would have noticed that if I had just read your paste.04:00
MrBubbleshow can i install ubuntu studio with a usb flash drive?04:01
dusfi am trying to install xml copy editor but ubuntu software centre is telling me libxerces-c3.0, even though i have cs3.1 installed. how can i fix this please?04:01
trismcfedde: any wpa- lines in /etc/network/interfaces are passed as environment variables to wpa_supplicant, but I haven't found docs for them, although you can find them in the /etc/wpa_supplicant/functions.sh, if you wanted to set verbosity or debug-level to troubleshoot problems04:02
bastidrazortoby_: you can grab the .debs from https://edge.launchpad.net/~stebbins/+archive/handbrake-releases/+packages  .. not sure why the ppa isn't working correctly04:02
cfedderww, trism If we ever meet in real life I'll buy you a beer or other similar libation of your choice.04:02
cfeddeit works.04:02
rwwwoot :)04:02
cfeddenow.. where to tuck clues about this for the next poor bastard that comes along....04:03
toby_bastidrazor,  ok fyi i am very new to linux which file do i want there are like 30 i am using ubuntu desktop 10.1004:04
toby_bastidrazor,  i think i figued it out i think i want the maverick one04:05
bastidrazortoby_: are you using 32bit or 64bit?04:05
niteshadeyou know how ubuntu is open source and you're supposed to be able to get the source code to everything on it?  How do i get the source code of ubuntu to look at?04:05
MrBubbleshow can i install ubuntu studio 10.10 with a usb flash drive? (i am using windows xp and macbuntu)04:05
=== Guest47271 is now known as DarkDevil
toby_bastidrazor,  32 bit04:06
toby_bastidrazor,  so i want maverick i386 right?04:06
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest80460
xanguaMrBubbles: use unetbootin04:06
edbianniteshade, sudo apt-get source <packageName>04:06
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest25520
trismniteshade: minus the sudo04:06
needlezhi, how can I set a qouta for a file??  like a limit on how many megabytes the file can be, and after that amount it will overwrite the first line?? any ideas?04:06
toby_bastidrazor,  sweet it worked thanks alot04:06
bastidrazortoby_: yes, get both  handbrake-gtk and handbrake-cli-...i386.deb's04:07
niteshadeso, apt-get install source xchat?04:07
rwwniteshade: and if that doesn't work, make sure you have deb-src lines in /etc/apt/sources.list corresponding to the deb lines.04:07
rwwniteshade: yes04:07
rwwniteshade: wait no. apt-get source xchat.04:07
MrBubblesdoes unetbootin support ubuntu studio 10.10?04:07
panfisti have a verified 10.10 64-bit install cd, verified when burned and 'checked for defects' off the cd. i can't get to install or try ubuntu. it drops me to (initramfs) prompt with the message, "mount: mounting /dev/loop0 on //filesystem.squashfs failed: Input/output error"04:07
edbianniteshade, apt-get source xchat    (and it will put the source in the current working directory)04:07
niteshadewhere does it go to look at?04:07
panfistholy crap the cd drive is spinning out of control04:08
niteshadethanks.  I figured that figuring out everything about my computer would help me to be better educated about computers and linux in general.04:08
panfistoooooookkkkkk time to throw out this dvd-rom04:09
niteshadewhat about kernel source?04:09
edbianniteshade, Sure, but don't try to read the source code if you don't know how to program :)04:09
niteshadewell, if you don't change anything04:09
niteshadebut, i know a functional amount of C and python.04:10
edbianniteshade, You can download the source and edit it all you want.  It won't make a difference because you have to compile that source to run the code.04:10
MrBubblesi just tried using unetbootin but it does not support ubuntu studio 10.10, is there a way to upgrade though terminal?04:10
=== mohammad is now known as Guest89415
edbianniteshade, The linux kernel is just another package.  I don't know which one off the top of my head.04:11
nit-witMrBubbles, did you try just loading the 10.10 iso04:11
StrykerMrBubbles, apt-get install update04:11
niteshadeyeah.  So, for example if i see a security hole in a program like xchat that could lead to a root exploit (just pulling the scenario outta my ass) and if i can fix it, then how do i compile that fix so that my computer becomes safer?04:12
niteshadedoes it come with a makefile, or just the source?04:12
niteshadeor, what gcc arguments04:12
=== will_ is now known as rreal
edbianniteshade, It should come with a make file.04:13
niteshadesee ya.04:13
overcluckerniteshade: you can get the source of a package with apt-get source,04:14
trismniteshade: you can also rebuild an updated package: http://www.moosechips.com/2008/09/ubuntu-rebuild-a-source-package/04:14
edbianniteshade, Then you compile that new version of the code and use it instead of your current version. It's probably a better idea to notify the developers about the bug fix though04:14
niteshadeyeah.  Wait, what if i had a booby trap for hackers hard-coded into the program?04:15
niteshadeheh heh04:15
Strykeryou would invent an antihack04:15
edbianniteshade, What if you added it?  Then the developers wouldn't accept your bug fix.  (Nobody would accept your new version without looking at the code)04:15
needlezhi, how can I set a qouta for a file??  like a limit on how many megabytes the file can be, and after that amount it will overwrite the first line?? any ideas?04:15
overcluckerniteshade: opensource . . .04:15
niteshadei've always told people that the joy of open source is that if you don't like something about your OS, you can change it if you know how04:16
niteshadenow, i can learn how04:17
panfistone person's joy is another person's misery04:17
bawniopanfist one person's dog is another's dead baby04:17
overcluckerone persons misery is another persons joy04:18
niteshadedepends on whether you're doing because you want to, or you have to.04:18
nit-witniteshade, and it's fre muhahahaha04:18
bawniowhat's worse than a dead baby?04:18
niteshadethat to :D04:19
bawniothe holocaust04:19
rww... Perhaps we should get back to Ubuntu technical support o.O04:19
bawniogood point04:19
randomuserhas anyone done a successful kickstart install?04:19
bawniowhat is kickstart?04:20
zeleftikamokay, i installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. How do i get it to net-update to 10.10 now?04:20
niteshadebawnio: i think i read about this, some math dude in a magazine i read said that the longer a blog got, the probability of a hitler reference approaches 104:20
Strykeri have read the same exact article04:20
bawnioi did too04:21
zeleftikami did all the updates in Update Manager, restarted, and checked for updates again and there aren't any. is there something i have to do to get it to check for 10.10?04:21
pylixneedlez: do you have any programming background?04:21
bawnioi read an article that said something about justin bieber references, but this is a bit off topic04:21
edbianzeleftikam, Go to System -> Admin -> Software sources. Change the drop down from LTS releases to normal releases and try again in the update manager04:21
zeleftikamedbian, will do. thanks04:22
randomuserbawnio, kickstart is a script for setting up an unattended install and also your mom is off topic04:22
needlezpylix: not much, just want to set a folder or file to have a limit for it. can I do it with just a simple command like setquota??04:22
rwwzeleftikam: What edbian said. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MaverickUpgrades has all the details.04:22
zeleftikamthanks guys! :)04:22
edbianzeleftikam, Did it work?04:22
zeleftikamedbian, yes sir. i got the upgrade dialogue going now :)04:22
bawniorandomuser i have never heard the unattended installs being called kickstart04:23
zeleftikamdidn't realise 10.10 is not an LTS04:23
edbianzeleftikam, Awesome, be warned it takes a long time.  Like several hours04:23
edbianzeleftikam, LTS is once every 3 years04:23
pylixare you using thunar?04:23
edbianor something...04:23
bzbhey i am on ubunt04:23
zeleftikamhmm. i am installing on a 2.5ghz quad core with a 20 megabit connection... shouldn't take that long!04:23
randomuserbawnio, no worries, it just means that you probably can't answer my questions about it04:23
bzbhey i got a question04:23
edbianzeleftikam, Lucky04:24
bzbcan i speak with a certified ubanto expert04:24
zeleftikam11 minutes to download it04:24
edbianbzb, What is it?04:24
niteshadei wonder what would happen if you consumed pure, concentrated caffiene?04:24
bawniorandomuser, that's why im sad :'(04:24
bzbok so i have installt this ubut04:24
bzband its not04:24
bzbdetecint my wirless04:24
FloodBot1bzb: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:24
bzbsrry :<04:24
bzbim tryin 2 make wireless work but i wont04:24
edbianniteshade, You're off topic04:24
niteshadeyou too04:24
bawniobzb plz rephraze, i can't tell what ur saying04:24
ruanhow can i record from speakers?04:24
bzbi have a computr04:24
bzbwith ubanto04:25
bzband i sintaleld it04:25
FloodBot1bzb: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:25
bzbthe wirless wont work04:25
niteshadeput a mic up to the speakers and press rec04:25
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:25
kdogMy ubuntu just croaked and I pulled the drive, put it in a usb enclosure and am trying to mount it. It is failing with "bad superblock". I've tried the alternative superblock locations to no avail. Any suggestions?04:25
ruanniteshade: lol. i want the same quality04:25
bzbi tried 2 contact the internet with google chromimum browser from terminal but its stoll dont wokr04:25
bzbdo i have 2 forward my ports04:25
bzbhow do i acess my router from ubuntu without wires04:25
bzbi have a acer apsire 555104:26
zeleftikami can't tell if he is trolling or not04:26
niteshadeor, you could do it the hard way, which is better quality and splice into the speaker wires themselves, cutting out the open air, acoustics, and mic quality variables, but it's not as easy or lazy04:26
bzbwith an amd computer04:26
bawniohe's a kid, i can tell04:27
bzbi hve a wire less connection on windows04:27
=== Kernel is now known as Wicked
bzbi have a dual boat of windows04:27
bzband ubunt04:27
bzbso i kno the wire less conection works04:27
bawniolet us give him/her support04:27
rwwbzb: Stop abusing your enter key, please.04:27
bzbhow do i make it works on ubuntu04:27
bzbits a compulsion i cant ctrl04:27
niteshadeor, this is how i used to do it: take a phono-to-phono jack (male on both sides) and plug one end into the headphone jack of one, and the other into the mic jack of the other computer04:28
rwwbzb: I recommend you start controlling it.04:28
niteshadethere's a million ways to do it04:28
bzbwhat do headphones have 2 do with my wireless conetion04:28
rsynchi im trying to create an rsync but it doesnt seem to be working. When i try to ssh  i receive the following messagePermission denied (publickey,password).04:28
bzbhi i need to talk with a linux expert how do i hack my wireless on do i need to write a script in C++04:28
rsynccan anyone help?04:28
niteshadebzb: everything04:28
bzbi dont understand04:28
niteshadeof course you don't mortal04:28
rwwniteshade: don't be silly, please :(04:29
bzbwhy are u talkin shit04:29
niteshadeof course you don't04:29
FloodBot1bzb: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:29
bzbi am just tryin to get some help why are u clalin me shit04:29
bzbi dont evn kno u04:29
rwwbzb: ignore them04:29
Pottercan someone say to me how I can install the clamav ?04:29
bzbcuz they dont have WIRES at SKOOL04:29
needlezbzb: if you want information on aircrack-ng please ask in aircrack-ng channel04:29
rsyncPermission denied (publickey,password).04:30
Strykerplz, bzb, tell us what is happening, as i believe many of us are lost on what u are trying to do04:30
bzbwhats aircrack wtf04:30
FloodBot1bzb: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:30
needlezbzb: aircrack-ng is the program used for hacking wireless internet04:30
bzbwhats aircrack04:30
bzbi dont wanna have 2 install a whole new ubanto just so i can contact google04:30
needlezbzb: its used for hacking wireless internet04:30
rwwneedlez: That has nothing to do with their wifi card not working.04:30
bzbmy wifi card works04:30
Strykerbzb,  are u trying to illegally obtain the internet from ur school?04:30
bzbits FREE INTERNE04:31
bzbi have a WIRED INTERNE AT HOME04:31
needlezrww: sorry I misunderstood thought he wanted free internet hacked04:31
rsynchi im trying to create and rysnc but it doesnt seem to be working. when i try yo ssh using the create account i recieve the follwoing error message "permission denied (publickey, password)04:31
IdleOnebzb: drop the caps04:31
bzbmy wifi cord is connected04:31
randomuserwow, this channel has really gone down the tubes, canonical04:31
bzbbut i cant contact google04:31
rwwrandomuser: This channel has nothing to do with Canonical.04:31
edbianrsync, ssh and rsync are two different programs.  What are you trying to do?04:31
rsynccreate and rsyncc04:31
randomuserrww, i assumed, thanks for correcting04:31
niteshadeyeah, i tried that.  It said it cracked the encryption, but now it wants a dictionary file.  WTF?  Is it just a wireless version of a dictionary cracker?04:31
bzbmy internet contacts when i am on windows 7 on my laptop but whn im nt it doesnt work at all so i am wonderin what i have 2 install04:31
edbianrsync, That doesn't make sense.04:31
=== n2i is now known as n2i|Away
bzbi tried manually enter my connection04:32
Strykerbzb, use a different browser than chromium04:32
bzblike the name of the connection is GroveStreet and i entere that in name with ath0104:32
bzband it sint workin04:32
bzbi can see like ADD NEW WIRLESS04:32
bzbbut its not auto like eht004:32
bzblike authoEth0 wired connection04:32
niteshadei got a wireless by me named DeezNuts.  True story04:33
bzbim sorry its hard04:33
bzbi have adhd04:33
rsync<edian> why doesnt it make sense?04:33
bzbcan u hlp me04:33
bzbFFS is there ANYONE HERE who even USES FREAKING UBUNTU04:33
IdleOne!wifi > bzb04:33
ubottubzb, please see my private message04:33
rww!guidelines > bzb04:33
edbianrsync, You want to 'create' an rsync?  I don't know what you mean?04:33
LittleRedHi guys, still searching for my drivers, but I'm starting to think I'm looking for the wrong thing. It's a Sony running 64bit ubuntu 10.10 and it has a touch bar on the top for audio video controls. What do you call that stupid bar?04:33
rwwbzb: come back in 15 minutes when you've read those.04:33
PolahLittleRed: Playback bar? Multimedia menu?04:34
Korny1Anyone awake in here who's good with bash scripting? I'm trying to grep the output of ffmpeg -i :/04:34
banker247anyone familiar with dosbox?04:34
ruanbanker247: i've used it before04:35
LittleRedPolah: I have googled media bar, but couldn't find anything04:35
Korny1Banker I've used it as well, whats up04:35
banker247Korny1,  i'm trying to do this http://forums.scummvm.org/archives.php?thread=1313908&sid=d3f741e6492fe9adb0c84289acb6926f04:35
banker247totally lost and can't figure out how ;)04:35
banker247get that openglhq working with hqx4 scalesr04:36
Korny1Thats out of my scope :/ I'm having issues with bash :P04:36
Potterhow can I configure the clam av on my ubuntu 10.1004:36
draven_solon command line how do i add 30 minutes to the current date for a script?04:36
overcluckerKorny1: read about bash and pipes04:36
niteshaderww: i was helping.  I told ruan 3 different ways to record a playback04:37
LittleRedPolah: I'll see what I can find with those descriptions. It's the only thing not working...gggrrrrr04:37
PolahLittleRed: I assume you mean across the top of the laptop itself? Perhaps try "Sony <model> audio control buttons drivers" or something? Perhaps it's only available from Sony itself, preinstalled on the laptop04:37
rwwniteshade: Good. Now do that all the time instead of descending to comments about ninjas and your nuts ;P04:37
shcherbakdraven_sol: What do you mean add 30 minutes?04:37
LittleRedPolah: the Sony site only has drivers for evil windows machines04:38
niteshadebesides, there actually is a wifi by me named deeznuts.  It's kinda wierd.04:38
draven_solshcherbak, date +%h%m + 30 minutes04:38
PolahLittleRed: Perhaps look for drivers you'd have to compile yourself?04:38
Strykerwhere did bzb go?04:39
LittleRedPolah: that's what I was thinking... I'm ok with that process,but wasn't sure what the little bar was called04:39
niteshadesay, does anyone know how to connect to a wifi hotspot through bash?04:39
rwwniteshade: I use cnetworkmanager04:40
LittleRedPolah: thanks for the help, if I can't find anything I'll be back tomorrow  :-)04:40
draven_solniteshade, iwconfig might help you out, but i haven't checked it04:40
niteshadeyeah, you see nm-applet won't show up anywhere on my panel.  It runs in the background and pops up when it automatically connects me to my home wifi.04:41
niteshadeprob is that without having it on my panel, i can't connect to anything besides my home wifi04:41
shcherbakdraven_sol: convert it (date) to minutes (h*60+m) add 30 and divide by 60, you can use bc.04:42
draven_solshcherbak, thanks04:42
shcherbakdraven_sol: one sec, i think i have something similar here04:43
* randomuser rephrases04:44
randomuserdoes anyone have experience doing a netinstall with a local mirror?04:44
needhelp1randomuser, do you do that from the ubuntu server install? ive never done a net install, sounds cool though04:45
Stradivarius /names04:46
Stradivariusthat's a lot of people O.o04:46
rsynchi is there anyway of setting up an rsync to copy /var/mail without being a root user?04:46
shcherbakdraven_sol: http://paste.ubuntu.com/580429/ there is example how to convert time and add, etc, sorry for mess in code.04:47
randomuserneedhelp1, one should be able to do it from any install04:48
Korny1overclucker I'm looking at what you suggested I'm not sure if it applies to what I'm trying to do however.  All I'm trying to do is grep the output of ffmpeg -i filename which is only about 20 lines long04:48
=== kangjing is now known as beacher
Korny1I'm not working with a large amount of data04:49
=== the is now known as Guest23974
=== dave is now known as Guest95301
shcherbakdraven_sol: and this http://paste.ubuntu.com/580430/ to convert back.04:50
Guest23974hello everyone04:51
draven_solshcherbak, thanks, that should be what i need04:51
=== Guest23974 is now known as MAWNSTOR
Korny1Any of the recent joiners good with with bash scripting namely grep :/04:51
rsynchi ive set up a crontab to iniate a rsync every 10 minutes to copy over /var/mail from one server to another. it works when using root but not a standard user. Can some please confirm if i have to be a root user to touch /var/mail?04:53
dr_Willisthat makes sence rsync...04:53
dr_Willisyou dont want users just messing with any system dirs...04:53
dr_Willisyou can setup cron jobs to run as root.04:54
rsync<dr_Willis> could i use sudo?04:54
rwwrsync: it's owned by root:mail on my system, so you'd need to be either the mail or root user, yes.04:54
rsyncTHANK YOU!!!!!04:54
The_ThingHow do I mount a drive as a different user without logging out of my current one?04:55
rsyncis there anyway i could use a SUDO?04:55
penosim so horney04:55
penosi can't control my horney level04:55
rsyncmy workplace are not too happy about me using root to complete the sync04:55
rwwpenos: #ubuntu is for Ubuntu technical support. I recommend you use it for such.04:55
bastidrazorpenos: you can't spell either.04:55
rwwrsync: use "sudo crontab -u mail -e" to put it in mail's crontab, perhaps?04:56
bawniohey, penos, go to #ubuntu-offtopic04:56
bawnioull love it there04:56
rwwbawnio: That topic's also offtopic for #ubuntu-offtopic.04:57
dr_Willisgo to #standinacorner  :)04:57
bawniowhat do u mean rww04:57
spencer_hey guys, quick question.. anyone know of a way to make terminal play a sound upon the completion of each command?04:57
dr_WillisOt channel dosen twant rude stuff either04:58
dr_Willisspencer put a beep command in your prompt.04:58
rwwbawnio: #ubuntu-offtopic does not mean "free for all". It has rules too. Those rules make penos' mental state offtopic for that channel and this one.04:58
dr_Willisbut that can get annoying.04:58
rsync<rww>  thanks!!!!04:58
norbexHello to everyone~!04:58
bawniorww have u ever BEEN in offtopic?04:59
spencer_erm.. just did a sudo apt-get install beep, and the beep command seems to not do anything04:59
rwwbawnio: Yes.04:59
bastidrazorbawnio: if you're asking that.. apparently you have never been there.04:59
overcluckerKorny1: what do you want to do twith the output?05:00
=== Leman_Russ_ is now known as Leman_Russ
bawniooh i have, with a diff persona!05:00
bawniojust ask stryker05:00
rwwAnyways, your exploits or lack thereof in #ubuntu-offtopic are also not Ubuntu support related ;P05:00
=== michael is now known as Guest8547
Strykerhey everybody05:01
Strykerbawnio, i am possibly not u05:01
spencer_okay, how about aliasing universally? perhaps something like "alias cp {0} "cp {0} && beepCommand" "05:01
spencer_is that allowed?05:01
spencer_possible i suppose would be a better term05:01
shcherbakdraven_sol: or: date --date="$(date +%H) +30 minutes"05:02
=== niteshade is now known as death-berry
rwwdeath-berry: #ubuntu is for Ubuntu technical support. Horticulture is not Ubuntu technical support. Go tell #ubuntu-offtopic.05:03
=== Guest18642 is now known as Gwar
=== Gwar is now known as Guest59074
rickmastaSomeone mind helping with with installing git?05:04
rickmastaFollowing the tutorial on the ubuntu website05:04
bawniolol, rww perfect response05:04
rwwrickmasta: install the 'git-core' package in your favorite package manager. For example, sudo apt-get install git-core05:05
=== Guest59074 is now known as Gwar_Trolle
spencer_no more suggestions for terminal bells? :(05:05
rickmastaand it says "sudo -H -u gitosis gitosis-init < initialKeyFileName"05:05
rickmastawhat's initialKeyFileNAme?05:05
rickmastaid_rsa? or id_rsa.pub?05:05
rwwrickmasta: Can you link to the tutorial you're using?05:05
rwwrickmasta: id_rsa.pub, I think.05:06
=== Guest80460 is now known as DarkDevil
rwwrickmasta: (id_rsa is your private key, not public key)05:06
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest62607
=== Faulout is now known as OMGeek
hiexpois there a way for me to backup my repos and keys in case something goes south again05:15
=== elky` is now known as elky
OMGeekhey anyone to chat ?05:19
=== Dank420 is now known as Dankbuntu
eckirchnhiexpo: backup your repos?05:19
OMGeekpvt me05:19
Aurigahiexpo, I think they are on a site no?05:19
The_ThingHow do I mount a drive as a different user without logging out of my current one?05:19
eckirchnOMGeek: who?05:19
OMGeekwhat ?05:20
eckirchnThe_Thing: su <user> then try to mount, but don't you mount all your drives as root?05:20
=== bawnio is now known as Stryker
OMGeekwhy not ?05:20
eckirchnOMGeek: what are you trying to do, what is the end purpose?05:21
OMGeekdont ubuntiu mount drives with out user intervention ?05:21
jiltdilis there any way to open tty mode terminal  in virtual box05:21
OMGeekim to far off from my end porpuse to clearlly see it05:21
eckirchnOMGeek: you want a user to plug a USB or Flash card in and it mount?05:22
OMGeekisnt that the ubuntu way ?05:22
eckirchnOMGeek: or most modern operating systems.. is that what you want, and is that not happening?05:23
eckirchnOMGeek: stfu?  is that an insult?05:23
OMGeektalk to The_Thing05:23
hiexpoeckirchn, yes not as in backup all the stuff at the repos sites   as in there links and gpg keys05:23
OMGeekyes its an insult05:24
eckirchnhiexpo: i run a local repository, and i use rsync to maintain it..05:24
IdleOne!language | OMGeek05:24
ubottuOMGeek: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:24
rwwOMGeek: Perhaps you should read the guidelines linked in the channel /topic05:24
=== zaphod is now known as syrinx_
hiexpoeckirchn, oh ok good idea05:24
silveryHi. I got Acer laptop with Ubuntu. grub2 just gives GRUB and blinking cursor on boot. Any suggestions?05:24
eckirchnhiexpo:it works great to keep 5 machines up to date, with a low bandwith dsl line05:25
OMGeek!language | eckirchn05:25
ubottueckirchn: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:25
OMGeeki can do that too05:25
glitchdcan i install and use both unity and gnome on 10.04?05:25
eckirchnOMGeek: find help from someone else...05:25
eckirchnOMGeek: no lol..05:26
OMGeekwas i asking for your help ?05:26
shcherbakOMGeek: Come to #LiketoBootYou05:26
rwweckirchn: just ignore them, please.05:26
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:26
hiexpoeckirchn, ok05:26
glitchduhh......is anyone gonna answer my question?05:26
eckirchni am good.. would like to help, but not under that form..05:26
OMGeekshcherbak:  got #foad05:26
glitchddoes anyone know?05:26
eckirchnglitchd: what is your question?05:27
eckirchnglitchd: recently logged in...05:27
glitchdeckirchn, ok thx05:27
glitchdeckirchn, can i install and use both unity and gnome in 10.04?05:27
OMGeek~why was some one trying to help me if i didnt ask for any help ?!05:28
OMGeek^thats proposterous05:28
rwwOMGeek: #ubuntu is for Ubuntu technical support. If you don't need Ubuntu technical support and don't plan on providing it, you may prefer #ubuntu-offtopic.05:28
shcherbakglitchd: For sure you can install ubuntu-netbook alongside ubuntu-desktop05:28
OMGeeki was helping The_Thing05:29
eckirchnglitchd: would think so, can't speak to it, but used to run gnome and enlightenment back in the days..  does apt-get provide an error when you try to install?05:29
glitchdeckirchn, no i have not attempted it, yet05:29
rww!who > OMGeek05:29
ubottuOMGeek, please see my private message05:29
glitchdi just recently decided that i wanted to try it out05:29
eckirchnglitchd: you should, but you'll need to tell X11 which one to load...05:29
glitchdbut everytime i use anything after 10.04, things dont act right05:30
eckirchnglitchd: I think your safe with gnome...05:30
glitchdeckirchn, does it become an option on the login screen?05:30
glitchdlike the kde option?05:30
OMGeekrww: why dont you split up the channel into several ones ?05:31
glitchderr...i mean environment selector?05:31
IdleOne!ot | OMGeek05:31
ubottuOMGeek: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:31
eckirchnglitchd don't use it, it is heaver on resources.. then gnome.. gnome works great.. try avant window navigator.. cool..05:31
glitchdeckirchn, so its really not worth it then, huh?05:32
OMGeekthat way it would be esyear to help with out so much crosstalking05:32
rwwOMGeek: go ask in #ubuntu-offtopic, I'm sure they'll be happy to re-re-re-rehash that topic.05:32
glitchdeckirchn, ive heard such rave reviews about it05:32
juk!pm | OMGeek05:32
ubottuOMGeek: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.05:32
OMGeekyou havent treied genome 3 ?05:32
eckirchnglitchd: i like K3B witch is a cd/dvd burner, so i have the libs installed to use it, but i don't run KDE.. you can.. choose for yourself.. it doesn't hurt, harddrive space is cheap these days..05:32
glitchdeckirchn, i dont ever use kde, the few times i did, it just reminded me of windows too much so i stopped using it05:33
needlezglitchd: sup?05:33
glitchdeckirchn, i prefer gnome05:33
eckirchnglitchd: i run gnome with AWM, and like it.. granted it looks plain, i stil have compiz..05:33
glitchdneedlez, yoo man!!! how goes it?!?05:34
eckirchnglitchd: k3d was SUPPOSED to look like Windows..05:34
OMGeeki dont know what else to instal to fill up my 3 TB HDD05:34
cptmorganwhat would be the easiest way to run the jaunty kernel on hardy?05:34
glitchdneedlez, that was directed at u05:34
glitchdneedlez, its jus late..lol05:34
eckirchnOMGeek you paid money for a 3 TB?05:34
OMGeeki feel like i have most of the internet inside my computer05:34
eckirchnOMGeek lots of data to lose when the drive fails.. i run 4 1TB in a RAID5.. much safer05:35
shcherbakOMGeek: 3 TB? Get deludge!05:35
needlezglitchd: yea i see, i pm you instead05:35
eckirchnshcherbak deludge?05:35
needlezits ok, other then being stuck on trying to figure out how to limit a files size05:35
shcherbakups, deluge05:36
eckirchnshcherbak ok, deluge?05:36
n2iAnyone using tint2? Please help me to fix this problem!05:36
OMGeekbrrent is eligal in my country05:36
shcherbaktransmission, but better05:36
OMGeektorrent is ilegal in my country05:36
shcherbakOMGeek: Where do you live? Portugal?05:37
OMGeekbesids the rest of the world doesnt need to know what im downloading05:37
OMGeekhow did you guess ?05:37
shcherbakOMGeek: /whois OMGeek05:38
=== rajesh is now known as Guest69374
neil_dwhat packet has the libgd header files (e.g. gd.h) ?   I can't find any package like libgd-dev05:38
juk!ot nobody cares  | OMGeek05:38
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:38
OMGeeki ju7st did /whois shch.... but it doesnt say what your coutry is ?05:39
OMGeekno body cares about what ?05:40
syrinx_lol juk05:40
=== moruk is now known as Guest17428
needlezwell nite ppl05:42
miketomdoolnighty night needlez05:43
whoaskiwhen I minimize a window on my desktop it doesn't appear in the tool bar on the bottom, it's still there using alt + tab but I don't know whats up. anybody else have this problem?05:43
miketomdoolwhoaski right click on your taskbar05:44
miketomdoolclick add to panel05:44
evilvishwhoaski: are you on the same workspace where you minimized it?05:44
whoaskiok mike I'm there05:44
MACscrok, i do a lot of web development and work on a lot of different projects at once. I have started moving each project into its own gnome workspace. Is there a way to save a workspace session so that when i want to work on a project again, it will open up all the same documents/windows i had open when i had last saved that workspace "session"?05:45
OMGeekMACscr: afirmative05:45
miketomdoolthere should be a taskbar thing or something05:46
whoaskiyeah the window list05:47
whoaski it worked thanks mike05:47
miketomdoolyup no problem ::)05:47
MACscrOMGeek: you going to expand on that answer? =)05:47
=== rreal is now known as RealOpy
=== RealOpy is now known as RealOpty
OMGeekjust instead of shuting down use suspend05:48
whoaskiwhat do you get when you mix an elephant and a rino?05:48
evilvishMACscr: project to workspace? or application to workspace?05:49
OMGeekthe nest ubuntu code name ?05:49
MACscrevilvish: project05:49
miketomdoolwhat do you get whoaski05:49
whoaskihell if I know05:49
miketomdoolha ha :p05:49
miketomdooli get it05:49
whoaskithanks man05:50
evilvishMACscr: if you are using compiz, you can use the plugin : Place windows05:50
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OMGeekmiketomdool: you didnt get it05:51
evilvishMACscr: there is also devilspie, i think it would work with metacity too, (works with compiz)05:51
evilvish!ot | whoaski miketomdool OMGeek05:51
ubottuwhoaski miketomdool OMGeek: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:51
neil_dhow do I update the apt keys?05:52
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OMGeekevilvish: im not assosiated in any way with them05:52
evilvishOMGeek: no need to be associated, just not the topic for discussion here :)05:52
evilvish!away > Aaron5367|detach:05:52
MACscrevilvish: i dont think either of those have anything to do with sessions05:52
whoaskisorry no harm done I'm out05:53
evilvishMACscr: you can set set which workspace to open them05:53
ben64Hello. What should I type to download an ATI/AMD driver with 3d support, and what to change in my xorg.conf to use it?05:54
evilvishMACscr: but, there is no autosave workspace for each instance..05:54
MACscrthats just going to open a specific program in a specific area. Its not going to open 3 specific documents for the project, its ftp folder, its local projects folder, etc, etc05:54
MACscryeah, its to bad there isnt something related to that. Would be helpful to a lot of people05:55
evilvishMACscr: yup, the closest are those two options :)05:56
MACscrwhich arent even close =P05:56
MACscrbut thanks05:56
syrinx_for some reason, irssi can't find the scripts I have in the directory, and suggestions? v0.8.1505:56
MACscri might just do virtualboxes and save them instead of shutting them down05:56
shcherbakMACscr: bash and devilspie will do anything you want.05:56
MACscrshcherbak: if i had time to waste with making those type of things, i wouldnt be needing such a solution05:57
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zackifyanyone know of some awesome stuff to install on Ubuntu server edition?05:59
ben64What should I type to download an ATI/AMD driver with 3d support, and what to change in my xorg.conf to use it?05:59
zackifyare you on the desktop version?06:00
eckirchnzackify: it's a server, you don't want any awesome stuff... right?06:00
ben64me? yeah.06:00
MACscrben64: why not just use the Additional Drivers too?06:00
MACscreckirchn: +106:00
ben64MACscr: huh?06:00
MACscrer, tool06:00
zackifyjust go to additional drivers and it should be there06:00
ben64MACscr: well i'm stuck in console currently06:00
zackifytry one and see if it works fine06:01
zackifyI'm talking to Ben btw06:01
ben64PSU decided not to have enough power to make my video card work anymore, so i switched to the onboard06:01
ben64and the onboard is AMD instead of Nvidia06:01
eckirchnben64: really? how do you know? do you have an external power connected to the video card if required?06:02
ben64eckirchn: significant voltage drop on the 12v06:02
Pranav_rcmasI did a sudo -i and entered root, and now sudo usermod -p '!' root doesn't drop root privileges. Assistance please?06:02
neil_dwhen I do a "gpg --keyserver au.archive.ubuntu.com --search-keys ftpmaster@ubuntu.com" I get the error "gpgkeys: HTTP search error 7: Failed to connect to 2001:388:30bc:cafe::beef: Network is unreachable"  what do I do about this?  I don't have ipv6.06:03
eckirchnben64: ouch low powersupply or high powered card?06:04
eckirchnPranav_rcmas: what are you trying to do?06:04
ben64eckirchn: i'm thinking the PSU is just reaching the end of it's journey. 500w, which should be enough for my system06:04
miketomdoolPranav_rcmas type logout to get out of root and back to your previous user06:04
ben64anyway, how can i get the amd/ati driver? irssi is scary06:05
Pranav_rcmasmiketomdool, thanks!06:05
miketomdoolYour welcome06:05
eckirchnben64: 500 watts is quite a bit of power.. i run 6 drives with a 500w.... but i buy brand name supplies06:05
ben64eckirchn: yeah, but capacitors don't live forever06:06
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eckirchnben64: decades..06:08
eckirchnben64: unless you run really hot..06:08
RypervencheDoes anyone use irssi?06:09
eckirchnRypervenche: nope06:10
neil_dwhen I do a "gpg --keyserver au.archive.ubuntu.com --search-keys ftpmaster@ubuntu.com" I get the error "gpgkeys: HTTP search error 7: Failed to connect to 2001:388:30bc:cafe::beef: Network is unreachable"  what do I do about this?  I don't have ipv6.  Is there an ipv4 address?06:10
outhackeri'm don't06:10
panfistRypervenche, yes06:11
ben64i'm using it now :(06:11
RypervencheAre there any advantages to using it over xChat?06:11
panfistwhy sad face?06:11
ben64irssi is no fun06:12
=== ben64 is now known as Ben65
panfisti ike it06:12
panfistyou could probably configure xchat to do this,06:12
panfistbut i use irssi running 24/7 in a screen session that i ssh into from anywhere06:12
Jordan_URypervenche: You can use it in combination with screen to keep a persistant IRC connection that you can connect to from other machines.06:12
panfistso my chatrooms are always on, always logging06:12
panfistwhy is it no fun?06:13
Ben64cause text irc is hard to see06:13
Ben64<3 xchat06:13
panfistirc is text06:13
RypervencheAhhh, I see. What would I have to do on the server end to be able to do that?06:13
Ben64shh, no its not06:13
Ben64Rypervenche: use screen before you do anything06:14
Jordan_U!screen | Rypervenche06:14
ubottuRypervenche: screen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen06:14
RypervencheBen64: Thank you :)06:14
panfistyou can run screen, then create new "screens" that you can switch between06:14
Ben64now to see if i get 3d acceleration on radeon...06:14
Ben64Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":1.0".06:14
panfistthe same issue has been bothering me for the last three days06:15
panfistwhich ati card do you have06:15
Ben64it's an onboard06:15
panfistmine too06:15
Ben6401:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Device 971506:15
neil_dwhen I do a "gpg --keyserver au.archive.ubuntu.com --search-keys ftpmaster@ubuntu.com" I get the error "gpgkeys: HTTP search error 7: Failed to connect to 2001:388:30bc:cafe::beef: Network is unreachable"  what do I do about this?  I don't have ipv6.  Is there an ipv4 address?06:16
panfistare you trying to use the radeon open source driver>06:16
Ben64au.archive.ubuntu.com is an alias for mirror.aarnet.edu.au.06:16
Ben64mirror.aarnet.edu.au has address
Ben64panfist: yes.06:17
Ben64i guess i can live without 3d for a week06:17
panfisti gave up and used the proprietary driver but i dont know if it covers a 971506:17
Ben64... i better be able to watch videos06:19
dr_WillisOh the humanity of it. :)06:22
RypervencheBen64: So I start a terminal, run screen, then irssi....how can I ssh to it?06:23
josheee12_hi guys06:23
Jordan_URypervenche: Read the link from ubottu.06:23
dr_WillisRypervenche:  you ssh in and reconnect the screen session06:24
c4cookieshow do i share internet ubuntu *connected to wireless and share internet with windows 7 with wire?06:24
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php06:24
josheee12_is there any way to do semitransparency on windows without compositing?06:24
Jordan_Uc4cookies: System > Preferences > Network Connections. Create a new "shared" connection for ethernet.06:24
Jordan_Ujosheee12_: No.06:25
Rypervenchedr_Willis: By doing "screen -r"?06:25
dr_Williswith screen,., it PAYS to go read the screen docs/man pages and guides..06:26
dr_Willisi dont use it enouigh to even rember.06:26
josheee12_one of my graphics cards is unsupported with the proprietary driver, so i'm stuck :(06:26
bEe_please help: which debian is binary compatible with ubuntu 9.04?06:27
neil_dseems there is a mistake in the repositories when I try to install libfreetype6-dev I get the error "Depends: libfreetype6 (=2.4.2-2) but 2.4.2-2ubuntu0.1 is to be installed" why the mismatch in the name?06:27
bEe_i have some old h/w, which only suitable with 9.04. But i need small size linux (e.g. 100Mb including X-server)06:27
webPragmatisthow do i determin which mta is installed06:28
dr_Willisbee_ you do not want to mixx in debian packages on a ubuntu system06:28
bEe_dr_Willis, i just want to install debian instead of 9.04. But i need the same XOrg and kernel version06:29
bEe_i've tried gentoo, because it is possible to make small distro, but failed because of xorg version06:29
bEe_i use via driver06:29
evilvish!cn | guyschaos06:30
ubottuguyschaos: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk06:30
dr_Willisno idea on mixxing them in like that. its a little beyond the scope of the Ubuntu-support channels    role.06:30
dr_Willisthere are minimal ubuntu setups you can do06:30
neil_dseems there is a mistake in the repositories when I try to install libfreetype6-dev I get the error "Depends: libfreetype6 (=2.4.2-2) but 2.4.2-2ubuntu0.1 is to be installed" why the mismatch in the version seems to be a mistake?06:30
dr_Willisthe ubuntu ones may havce some ubuntu specific patches or similer.06:31
dr_Willisand the otherpavkage is not wanting the ubuntu version but the debian version. (is my guess)06:31
neil_ddr_Willis: but shouldn't the libfreetype6-dev depend on the libfreetype6 version that is actually in the repositories.06:32
webPragmatistwhat's the default mta for ubuntu lts?06:34
=== Dannyd is now known as Mithran
neil_dwebPragmatist: I believe it exim406:35
asfjiohello, guys! is it possible to delete all my files permanently (not only mark them as deleted) when i want to return a computer which i used, but which is not mine? the OS is Ubuntu 10.10.06:35
Mithrandd if=/dev/null of=/dev/sda06:36
Mithranfrom live cd06:36
webPragmatistneil_d: no way06:36
ActionParsnipMithran: that will need sudo06:37
Jordan_UMithran: Why did you post that command?06:37
Jordan_UActionParsnip: It won't work for other reasons as well.06:37
=== adskjdjk is now known as penos
neil_dMithran: woundn't that be "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda"06:37
dr_Willisthere are secure file deletion tools in the repos06:38
tanathdon't suppose anyone knows how to deal with this error? (installing diablo 2) http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2367#c806:38
ActionParsnipJordan_U: its a new 3rd state for binary ;)06:38
ubottubugs.winehq.org bug 2367 in -unknown "DII: Lord of Destruction Install Fails w/ CVS and 20040615" [Normal,Closed: fixed]06:38
MithranI thought it may solve asfjio: problem...im sorry i forgot to mention his name.06:38
digitaldefectorcan't set realtek usb wireless card on any distro06:38
digitaldefectorhi lugs06:38
Jordan_UActionParsnip: I didn't realize they already had qbit storage :)06:39
neil_dseems there is a mistake in the repositories when I try to install libfreetype6-dev I get the error "Depends: libfreetype6 (=2.4.2-2) but 2.4.2-2ubuntu0.1 is to be installed" why the mismatch in the version seems to be a mistake?  I need to fix this up so I can install libgd header files.06:39
ActionParsnipdigitaldefector: run: lsusb    use the 8 character hex id to find guides06:39
asfjioMithran: i want to delete only my personal files, because i need to return it with the OS installed and all software configured. is it possible without deleting all the drive?06:40
phoe6I want a user to be able to write inside a folder in my home directory, I have added him to my group and giving directory the permission 765. But still I get permission denined.06:40
ActionParsnipneil_d: log a bug06:40
venkateshcan anybody tell me how to install a .deb file06:40
asfjiodr_Willis: can i name some of them, because i don't know none of them?06:40
asfjiodr_Willis: *can you06:41
tanathi'm using wine 1.2.2 and still getting this problem http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2367#c806:41
ubottubugs.winehq.org bug 2367 in -unknown "DII: Lord of Destruction Install Fails w/ CVS and 20040615" [Normal,Closed: fixed]06:41
ActionParsniptanath: what version of wine do you have?06:41
venkateshcan anybody tell me how to install a .deb file06:41
tanathActionParsnip, 1.2.206:41
Mithranvenkatesh: $dpkg -i06:41
tanathvenkatesh, double-click it06:41
ActionParsnipvenkatesh: sudo dpkg -i filename06:41
grandioseAliasdpkg -i foo.deb06:41
digitaldefectorActionParsnip, man pages ? :)06:42
tanathodd how everyone pointlessly points to terminal first06:42
ActionParsniptanath: add the wine ppa and you can get 1.306:42
venkateshoh....thank you for the information the package as been installed...06:42
eckirchntantanath: real linux is done at command line06:42
tanatheckirchn, no06:43
grandioseAliasHuh, I keep forgetting that there's a graphical way to install packages06:43
digitaldefectorActionParsnip, it recognizes and then turns it off06:43
muratturkce anlayan varmi06:43
ActionParsniptanath: irc is a text based environment, so its logical06:43
tanathgrandioseAlias, there's several06:43
tanathActionParsnip, hardly06:43
tanathActionParsnip, there's no relation...06:43
digitaldefectorI have a beautiful women on my bed why am i here!!!!06:43
digitaldefectorwhat should I do06:43
tanathdigitaldefector, teach her linux, obviously :P06:44
ActionParsnipdigitaldefector: when it turns off, run: dmesg | tail   it may give clues06:44
cosmoput the keyboard down it will still be here after she is gone06:44
eckirchntanath pretty sure it is.. gui06:44
grandioseAliasI hope you aren't seriously asking us for advise06:44
tanathActionParsnip, had 1.3 before. don't think that's the prob. i had installed it successfully before years ago...06:44
MithranIs there a way to install Kingsoft office using Wine?...I tried there seems to be a bug which is closed...but when I try to open a .et file I it displays some sort of pdf telling me the name of the kingsoft website.06:45
tanathActionParsnip, d2 lod that is06:45
ActionParsniptanath: what's easier in irc; writing "click this click that scroll down click other" or a single command a user can copy and paste (and edit if needed)06:46
tanathActionParsnip, higher consideration is what's easier for them?06:46
tanathActionParsnip, simple, double-click it06:46
phoe6I want a user to be able to write inside a folder in my home directory, I have added him to my group and giving directory the permission 765. But still I get permission denined. (How do I accomplish this scenario?)06:46
webPragmatistcan i just drop /etc/mail if i am not using sendmail?06:46
c4cookieswhat is my ip ?how i check for my ip??06:47
webPragmatisti'm using postfix06:47
c4cookieswith command06:47
ActionParsniptanath: have you checked the appdb? They usually have a nice how to06:47
ActionParsnipc4cookies: ifconfig06:47
c4cookiesim trying share internet with ubuntu with winds 706:47
tanathActionParsnip, pretty sure i'm not doing it wrong. it's an error in the middle of upgrading06:47
c4cookiesi've set up everything06:47
c4cookieson windows side do i need to do anything else06:47
tanathActionParsnip, and i'm not the only one with the problem06:48
tanathc4cookies, depends, local/LAN ip, or public ip?06:48
ActionParsnipc4cookies: for wan ip visit www.ipchicken.com06:48
SyriaHi, What is the best program to create to do lists in your opinion please?06:48
FroodleReally bizarre question here: I dual-boot 10.10 with Win7.  After logging into 10.10 I get a pixelated/artifacted flash of the Win7 screen I was just using.  I've seen both the wallpaper and the applications I was using.  Anyone know why?06:48
tanathFroodle, swap file prolly06:49
ActionParsnipc4cookies: how does windows affect the ubuntu install? Is it a vm?06:49
c4cookieswell its a 108.xx.x.xxx06:49
Froodletanath, Can I clear it before restart?  I'm worried about the security implications.06:49
c4cookiesi have a pc windows 7 and laptop ubuntu06:49
c4cookiesi've set up the network connection06:50
Shvonderc4cookies: greeting06:50
tripelbFYI - in chrome. I closed msnbc (brian williams) and it kept playing. . and playing. I had to go to (chrome>tools>task-manager) and shut down shockwave-flash06:50
ActionParsniptanath: i'd ask in #winehq its more specific to your need06:50
tripelbhi ActionParsnip06:50
c4cookiesipv4 to shared to other computers06:50
tanathFroodle, you can give linux it's own swap partition and then you wouldn't see that, but anyone with physical access to your computer can do what they want anyway06:50
ActionParsnipHi tripelb06:50
tanathActionParsnip, mm.. thx06:50
grandioseAliasDoes anyone know if there's a way to configure /etc/hosts to effectively redirect any domain to a specified ip address?06:51
ActionParsniptripelb: shockwave is wi06:51
ActionParsnipWindows only06:51
Froodletanath, Okay.  Guess it won't matter then.  Thank you.06:51
SyriaPlease help me to find a to do lists creator.06:51
tanathFroodle, turning of swap in windows is a bad idea..06:51
c4cookieswhat i need to do next on windows side?06:51
c4cookiesanyone know06:51
tripelbActionParsnip: I went to chrome task manager and found a task called shockwave-flash. That's what it says. FYI.06:52
neil_dActionParsnip: I think I have reported the bug, not positive thou, I am not sure the 'ubuntu-bug' program did everything.06:52
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ActionParsnipc4cookies: what are you trying to achieve?06:52
Mithranneil_d: when I do "cat /dev/null > a" it gets emptied "cat /dev/zero > a", it just gets stuck...i cant understand the difference06:53
Mithranplease help06:53
ActionParsnipneil_d: it should open a browser and you can type or paste text06:53
c4cookiesconnection to the internet06:54
c4cookieson my pc06:54
c4cookieswiring to my laptop06:54
c4cookieslaptop have wireless . but not pc06:54
tanathMithran, they're two different things... null is nothing- not even zero... zero is something that _means_ nothing06:54
c4cookiesive connected the wire to pc06:54
ActionParsnip!ics | c4cookies06:54
ubottuc4cookies: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php06:54
joshmclvl1Mithran: cat /dev/null is nothingness. cat /dev/zero is complete zeros. you have to interupt the cat zero eventually with ctrl-z.06:54
c4cookiesdoesn;t help at all06:54
tanathjoshmclvl1, Mithran ctrl+z sends to background, not interrupts. ctrl+c does that06:55
* joshmclvl1 prefixes reply to Mithran with "maybe" and shrugs06:55
* joshmclvl1 slaps forehead06:55
joshmclvl1tyty tanath.06:55
neil_dMithran: I don't know about reading from /dev/null but I think you will find that with the second example the file "a" will have data in it.06:55
FirefisheI'm using 10.04 -- I'm having an issue with certain programs with embedded links.  They seem to like to open konqueror for the web browser, and this causes konqueror to mutate into a runaway process, spawning endless windows.  What might be my problem?06:57
hipitihopa networking question: If I have wireless router bridged ---> main router with dhcp/linux all on same subnet 192.168.0.x and I want to allow one wireless laptop onboard but restrict it to only see internet not rest of network, how can I do that06:57
neil_dActionParsnip: well it did with only a 'continue' button in it... but when I clicked on that it said there was a 'OpenId' failure of some kind.06:57
Jordan_UMithran: /dev/null is nothing, basically an empty file when reading from it (and a black hole when writing to it). /dev/zero outputs all zeroes.06:57
Mithranis /dev/zero a black hole when writing to? and how do I stop it?06:58
tanathFirefishe, not sure why konq is having a fit, but you can change your default browser..06:58
Jordan_UMithran: ctrl+C06:58
neil_dMithran: you input runs out...06:59
Ben64Mithran: /dev/null is a black hole06:59
Mithranfor instance i want to see the contents of the file after doing a /dev/zero, but it just hangs06:59
Jordan_UMithran: And you'll probably want to delete the file that you just created as it's probably multiple GiB large by now.06:59
Firefishetanath:  firefox  is my default browser...konqueror shouldn't even open.06:59
Mithranit is i just checked06:59
Ben64Mithran: what are you trying to do?06:59
Mithrancan i see the contents06:59
tanathMithran, /dev/null sends nothing. /dev/zero sends zeros... and will continue until you ctrl+c it or whatever06:59
Firefishetanath: The sofware with which I'm having a problem is pokerth 0.8.x.  I'm wondering if those links are hard-coded to open konqueror.07:00
Jordan_UMithran: Think of /dev/zero as an infinitely large file containing all zero bits.07:00
tanathFirefishe, there are multiple places default browser can be set.. (ie., multiple defaults) but if it's embedded stuff, check firefoxs application settings for file types & such07:00
neil_dMithran: /dev/zero is an endless source of zeros ... so "cat /dev/zero > a" followed by a hexdump of "hd a" should show things07:00
tanathFirefishe, pokerth has it's own settings for browser07:00
Firefishetanath: This issue with konqueror has been going on for some time now.  I haven't checked the bug list in a while, though.07:01
tanathFirefishe, when you said 'embedded' i thought you mean embedded in a web page. that's not the same07:01
Firefishetanath: no settings for browser that I can see07:02
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
tanathFirefishe, you're right, i'm not finding it either... but i tried clicking a link in settings and it opened in chromium (my default)...07:03
Firefishechromium crashes on my system07:03
tanathFirefishe, o.O07:03
felipe__any help me07:03
FirefisheI like it, too :(07:03
Mithranthanks neil_d:07:03
tanathFirefishe, unfortunate, it's the best :p07:03
tanathFirefishe, run from terminal to find why?07:03
felipe__alguien habla español07:03
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.07:04
Firefishewow, I can see chinese :)07:05
Firefishekvirc....love it!07:05
bullgardAfter Maverick coldstarts itwrites to the virtual console 1 : "System inormation as of Sat Mar 12 15:51:57 CET 2011. System load, Temperature Usage of /home, Processes: Memory Usage: Users logged in, Swap usage, IP address for eth0. -- What program prints this information?07:05
wildbillim having trouble making a live CD data persistent07:05
tanathxiaoyi, and chinese can go to their equivalent :P07:05
maxillusionistwildbill what distro do you use,if ubuntu try remastersys to backup all in a live cd07:06
Firefishetanath:  I'm d/l chromium-browser, et al.  As well as the debugging symbols.  I'll see what the cli output is if it crashes.  The thing is, it usually locks up my entire system, and causes my Caps Lock light to blink.  What is that?  Kernel Panic?07:07
tanathbullgard, prolly pulled from system info in /proc07:07
tanathFirefishe, yup... not good07:07
tanathFirefishe, in that case, check logs. gnome log viewer is handy07:07
=== Guest67167 is now known as DarkDevil
dr_Williscan you boot a live cd and have a peristnat save file? ive only done that with usb-flash typoe live cdsetups07:08
bullgardtanath: You did not name the subject who does this.07:08
Firefisheit's really weird.  I wonder if some system call in the code is messing with the kernel.07:08
tanathbullgard, could be as simple as 'cat'07:08
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest53126
bullgardtanath: No.07:08
dr_Willisdarkdevil. You may want to register that nick.. or pick a new one.07:08
tanathbullgard, why not?07:08
bullgard!jp | xiaoyi07:09
ubottuxiaoyi: 日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい07:09
tanathbullgard, pretty sure it's chinese07:09
iiicygbullgard, это китайский, по-моему.07:09
bullgard!cn | xiaoyi07:09
ubottuxiaoyi: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk07:09
victorhugo289Guys, I don't undestand Ubutnu system monitor. It doesn't show which application is bogging my CPU.07:10
jbichahi, I just started trying to use irssi. Is it possible to change the Meta shortcut for switching windows?07:10
victorhugo289It's not like Windows Task manager!07:11
tanathvictorhugo289, it should, but i find it easier to use 'top' in terminal07:11
victorhugo289'Top'? ok.07:11
Firefishevictorhugo289: A good way is to click on the column headings on CPU and Memory, to see what's using the most at a given moment.  You may need to watch it a bit.07:11
jbichabecause Meta is being used by Unity so irssi can't use it07:11
Ryan__i'm trying to install ubuntu and i need some help07:12
syrinx_Ryan__: what's the problem07:12
Ryan__syrinx_ Well I'm running win7 and I don't want to lose it so i wanted to dual boot07:12
tanathvictorhugo289, linux is case-sensitive...07:13
Ryan__syrinx_ but when I get to the partition manager part and hit 'choose manually', my drive shows up as all free space07:13
syrinx_Ryan__: are all the partitions formatted to NTFS?07:13
needlezok anyone know how to set the size limit of a txt file??07:13
RameEzjust installed ubuntu 10.10 on another pc07:14
Ryan__syrinx_ i think so. how can i make sure?07:14
syrinx_Ryan__: do they all show up in windows?07:14
Ryan__syrinx_ yeah. i have two partitions: one is the system one, the other is a data one. Then I have some unallocated space. (the 2 partitions are both NTFS.)07:14
RameEzim living it and i gonna try desktop effects07:15
iiicygRyan__, format second to fat.07:15
syrinx_there you go07:15
Jordan_URameEz: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l"?07:15
Ryan__iiicyg and then try again?07:15
syrinx_your going to lose everything though, I believe07:15
Ryan__iiicyg wait. the second partition has data i need..07:16
=== wu is now known as Guest14101
Jordan_URyan__: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l"?07:16
iiicygFormat first to fat.07:16
syrinx_Ryan__: make a new partition, and leave it unformated07:16
syrinx_iiicyg: 1st partition has Windows on it07:16
Ryan__Jordan_U I'm not on linux b/c i didn't install it yet07:16
iiicyg<syrinx_> Ryan__: make a new partition, and leave it unformated07:16
Jordan_URyan__: Please boot from the LiveCD, run "sudo parted -l" and pastebin the output.07:17
Ryan__iiicyg a new partition from the unallocated space?07:17
syrinx_Jordan_U: that's exremely unnecessary07:17
syrinx_Ryan__: yes07:17
iiicygRyan__, yes.07:17
Jordan_Usyrinx_: Why do you say that?07:17
iiicygJordan_U, because.07:18
Ryan__syrinx_, iiicyg : and leave it unformatted? i'm not sure if i can do that in win7, but i'll try07:18
syrinx_Ryan__: yes, it will be a RAW partition07:18
guaanyone know about a thing like "su" where you can give it a uid instead of a username?07:18
Ryan__syrinx_, iiicyg : actually i can. "Do not format this volume" is an option07:18
syrinx_if not Ryan__ format to FAT07:18
iiicygRyan__, ou, cool.07:18
Ryan__syrinx_, iiicyg okay so i now have a third partition where free space used to be, and it's a "RAW" partition07:19
tanathgua sudo -u username07:19
Ryan__syrinx_, iiicyg should i try again?07:19
tanathgua: see 'man sudo'07:19
Ryan__syrinx_, iiicyg ** try installing ubuntu again?07:19
iiicygRyan__, sure.07:19
mangohi room07:19
Ryan__syrinx_, iiicyg mkay. thanks a lot guys! i'll come back here if i run into problems.07:19
Jordan_URyan__: The main cause of the Ubuntu installer listing a drive as unpartitioned is an invalid partition table. If you do have an invalid partition table then that needs to be fixed before you do any other partitioning of the disk to prevent data loss. "sudo parted -l" will tell you if you have an invalid partition table and what exactly the problem is, like overlapping partitions.07:19
guatanath: ohh hey. awesome! thanks. i should have looked there, i just assumed07:19
iiicygRyan__, welcome :-)07:19
tanathgua, mhm. works with username or uid07:20
Ryan__Jordan_U, since i'm now going to start installing, if this didn't fix the problem i'll go ahead and do a sudo parted -l and pastebin the output here. :)07:20
syrinx_Ryan__: come back when your on Ubuntu07:20
Ryan__syrinx_, iiicyg, Jordan_U: i'll be back when i'm on ubuntu. :) brb!07:20
syrinx_irssi is a nice client07:20
mangohow to start????????????/07:20
mangohow to start here??07:21
iiicygStart with reading topic.07:21
syrinx_!enter | mango07:21
ubottumango: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:21
mangowhere are topics??07:21
iiicygUsually, topic... On top :-)07:22
joshmclvl1mango: if you see something you can help with, just jump in! if you need help with something, just ask!07:22
overclucker!topic | mango07:22
ubottumango: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic07:22
mangook. Thank you so much. I'll come back again when I learn all these.07:23
mangoBut in my IRC is just displayed the name of the rooms where i can connect.07:24
mangoI din't get any topic. :(07:24
bartjcan I just upgrade my Ubuntu from 9.04 to 10.10 using the install CD07:24
bartjwithout corrupting my existing install ?07:24
bartjor will something get over-ridden ?07:25
ryan__iiicyg, syrinx_: hey guys. :( still shows up as free space.07:25
jrtaylorivI've got a window that I can't kill, and the parent process is already dead. How can I make it go away.07:25
ryan__iiicyg syrinx_: i'm on ubuntu now though.07:25
syrinx_ryan__: no try parted07:25
iiicygryan__, and what about fdisk -l ?07:26
ryan__syrinx_ iiicyg Jordan_U: sudo parted -l right? i'll do the fdisk command as well.07:26
syrinx_bartj: you could just upgrade from Ubuntu, much easier07:26
jrtaylorivnm -- just figured it out :)07:26
Jordan_Uryan__: Yes, "sudo parted -l".07:26
bartjsyrinx_, trouble is it says I don't have enough space on my / partition07:26
bartjsyrinx_, I am terribly frustrated by that warning and have scoured the web on ways to increase my / partiton but to no avail07:27
bartjthankfully my /home is on a diff partition07:27
arandbartj: Upgrading using the alternate CD will work similar to an online upgrade as far as I know.07:27
cosmohow do I make sure that the opengl 32bit compatability drivers are installed?07:27
iiicygbartj, increase it with gparted O_o07:27
ryan__syrinx_ iiicyg Jordan_U hrmm... gparted throws a warning before i get the output. http://pastebin.com/7DRZQSHk07:27
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mobius2greetings :]07:28
ryan__syrinx_ iiicyg Jordan_U how should i proceed?07:28
iiicygryan__, what about fdisk -l ?07:28
mobius2is there a channel for sound problems?07:28
ryan__iiicyg: about to do the fdisk cmd right now07:28
syrinx_ryan__: looks like the partition table is messed up07:29
Jordan_Uryan__: Those GPT signatures are the reason why the installer was showing the drive as unpartitioned (ideally it should have passed along the error message you're now getting, but it doesn't).07:29
iiicygryan__, yes.07:29
* mobius2 attempts to use a usb microphone in ubuntu , much to his dismay :P07:29
Jordan_Uryan__: Run "sudo software-properties-gtk -e universe; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install gdisk" Then run "sudo gdisk /dev/sda" and pastebin the output.07:30
ryan__Jordan_U syrinx_ iiicyg: http://pastebin.com/vbc49T8t07:30
syrinx_ryan__: so, theres no way to format that partition you made?07:32
ryan__syrinx_: if i boot back into windows, yeah i can format it fat32 or ntfs07:32
ryan__Jordan_U: the firs tcommand is running right now07:32
syrinx_may as well try that07:32
kurumineveryone brazilian07:33
ryan__syrinx_: alright, let me try this gdisk thing first and then i'll switch os's again07:33
kurumineveryone brazilian?07:33
syrinx_kurumin: #ubuntu-br07:33
Jordan_Usyrinx_: The problem is that he has GPT signatures but no valid GPT label. gdisk is a utility which can remove the GPT signatures so that the installer will read the partition table without error.07:33
ryan__Jordan_U: http://pastebin.com/RckUCNRv07:34
iiicygCool, it's... cognitive.07:34
pretendercan someone tell me is there an app that will retrieve the DVD Covers for TV Series07:34
Jordan_Uryan__: Anser "1" and pastebin any new output.07:35
ryan__Jordan_U: 10-4.07:35
ryan__Jordan_U: all it says is "Command (? for help):07:36
syrinx_pretender: make your own07:36
tripelbplease - where is the option to change the size of the default desktop icon. I want it to be smaller. . overall. I know how to change them one at a time.  thanks.07:36
=== gary_ is now known as Guest82543
Jordan_Uryan__: Try typing "w" then run "sudo parted -l" again. If you get no error from "sudo parted -l" then the installer should be able to work with the drive now.07:37
iiicygJordan_U, but he do nothing. Only open MBR to manipulate it O_o07:38
ryan__Jordan_U: bah. shortly afterp osting the output of the gdisk command, ubuntu went unresponsive on me07:39
ryan__Jordan_U: back on ubuntu, but i probably have to re-install gdisk07:39
Jordan_Uiiicyg: I'm hoping that gdisk will remove the gpt signatures since he said to treat it as mbr. I'm not sure that it will but I can't remember how to do it and I can't get the menu myself as I don't have a disk in this situation to test with :(07:39
ryan__Jordan_U: i don't remember what the commmand was. can i just run 'sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install gdisk'?07:41
iiicygThat is why we need "? for help" output.07:41
fairuzHi, I get this error when I try to log in to my Ubuntu. Install Problem. Gnome POwer Manager has not been installed correctly.07:41
tanathany help? i'm using wine 1.3.15 and still getting this problem http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2367#c807:41
ubottubugs.winehq.org bug 2367 in -unknown "DII: Lord of Destruction Install Fails w/ CVS and 20040615" [Normal,Closed: fixed]07:41
ryan__iiicyg: i've been disconnected for a few minutes. do you guys want the output of (? for help) ?07:41
fairuzit just happened yesterday, before that Ubuntu works well07:41
Jordan_Uryan__: Run "sudo software-properties-gtk -e universe; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install gdisk"07:41
Jordan_Uryan__: Yes, that would be helpful.07:42
ryan__Jordan_U: thanks. I'm installing gdisk at the moment, i'll pastebin the output asap07:42
fairuzI tried to reinstall gnome-power-manager with purge but no luck07:43
fairuzany idea on this? thanks07:43
ryan__Jordan_U: http://pastebin.com/ixAXj6x607:43
iiicygfairuz, sudo apt-get install -reinstall gnome-power-manager ?07:44
Jordan_Uryan__: I just found a good guide for exactly your problem: http://www.rodsbooks.com/gdisk/wipegpt.html07:44
fairuziiicyg: I tried sudo apt-get --purge remove gnome-power-manager . then sudo apt-get install gnome-power-manager07:44
fairuziiicyg: I will try your command now07:45
ryan__Jordan_U: thanks. i'll try following this guide.07:45
Jordan_Uryan__: You're welcome.07:45
ryan__Jordan_U: do i want to "convert the MBR to GPT form, use the GPT data, or create a blank GPT"?07:49
ryan__Jordan_U: never mind i think i figured it out07:50
Jordan_Uryan__: You don't want to do any of those things.07:50
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
fairuziiicyg: you sure about your command? it dont recognize the -reinstall on my ubuntu07:51
ryan__Jordan_U: hrm. in the guide, it tells me that "If you want to keep the MBR and wipe the GPT ..." is this what i want to do?07:51
iiicygfairuz, --reinstall07:51
iiicygdouble -07:52
fairuziiicyg: ok ty07:52
fairuziiicyg: i try that07:52
Jordan_Uryan__: Yes.07:52
ryan__Jordan_U: okay. hold on ...07:52
ryan__Jordan_U: okay, i've made the changes07:53
iiicygsudo apt-get --reinstall install name07:53
ryan__Jordan_U: i'll try again07:54
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zimsimHow do I set a different locale for my ubuntu server terminal. Currently `locale` cmd will output "POSIX", but I want to change this to "UTF-8"07:58
fairuziiicyg: it works.. thanks a lot.. but how come uninstall with purge and installing it back is not the same as install --reinstall?08:06
fairuzoh he leaves08:06
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panfistwhat is the name of the process for the software center? it's hung up trying to install a package08:09
penosim so bored08:10
shekari have both installed xp and ubuntu now i want to reinstall xp08:14
shekarso how will i do please help08:15
llutz_shekar: this is ubuntu-support, not windows.08:15
=== mirco__ is now known as mirco
Strykerpanfist it is software-center08:16
shekarok thank you08:16
llutz_shekar: xp will overwrite the bootloader in MBR, so be prepared to reinstall grub after xp installation08:16
elFidelshekar: just as sidenote: you'll wreck your grub most likely after reinstalling windows. Just keep that in mind & be prepared to repair grub08:17
shekarso how will reinstall grub :)08:17
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.08:18
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:18
llutz_shekar: read ^^08:18
Strykerthe new rescatux can reinstall grub208:18
induhvidualI'm having gamepad/joystick issues.  Ubuntu v9.10.  lsmod shows, analog, gameport, and joystick loaded.  /dev/input/js0 exists, jscal, and jstest work fine.  I'm wanting to control X.08:19
kaerus01does anyone know where I can find some help with c?08:19
llutz_kaerus01: ##c08:20
zimsimkaerus01: K&R08:20
DystaNanyone know where I can get Desktop cube wallpapers ?08:20
Shvonderkaerus01: With what?08:20
DystaNthe ones with opacity08:20
induhvidualkaerus01: I could only help if it is a simpley problem.08:20
shekarthank you llutz :)08:20
Shvonder.g grub 2 recovery08:21
digitaldefectorrtl819xu firmware problems08:21
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:21
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digitaldefectorrtl819xu firmware download failed with TCR Status :a08:26
AkshayHi, I'm running Intel 82865G I'm not able to get the same resolution as I got in windows.08:26
StrykerAkshay, you could force a resolution08:27
=== syrinx__ is now known as syrinx
AkshayCurrently in Ubuntu I'm working on 1024x768, in windows I had 1152x86408:27
AkshayStryker:How can I do it??08:27
StrykerAkshay, you could try making the hz go up higher, and sometimes higher resolutions are available08:28
kaerus01does anyone know a good c/c++ chanel?08:28
digitaldefectoris there an easy way to install wireless realtek drivers on install? lsusb recognizes the hardware but auto disconnects from usb-wlan08:28
RexodusAnyone seen my shades?08:28
tripelbHello, I've been asking this a few days. I want to change the Default Icon Size on my desktop. I've done it in some other ubuntu installation once. I'ev got 10.04 now.  --- Also, how long should it take to upgrade to 10.10 ?08:28
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »08:29
tripelbwhat are the advantages?08:29
kaerus01does anyone know a good c/c++ channel?08:29
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade08:29
AkshayStryker:How do I make Hz(frequency??) higher.08:29
StrykerAkshay, in the monitor prefs08:29
tripelbkaerus01: try asking in #freenode08:29
kaerus01thank you!08:30
AkshayI have only 1 option ie. 60Hz08:30
tripelbRexodus: I think you let them in the bathroom, under the sink08:30
digitaldefectorany wifi scripts for ubuntu?08:30
bullgardAfter Maverick coldstarts itwrites to the virtual console 1 : "System inormation as of Sat Mar 12 15:51:57 CET 2011. System load, Temperature Usage of /home, Processes: Memory Usage: Users logged in, Swap usage, IP address for eth0. -- What program prints this information?08:30
Strykerupgrading usually takes me 3 hours on a 23 mbit connection08:30
llutz_kaerus01: ##c08:31
AkshayStryker: I have only 1 option ie. 60Hz08:31
digitaldefectori've tried apttosid,superos, ubuntu, linux mint, fusion... not sure what to do. It worked great on my laptop but not on my pc08:31
Strykergoogle how to force resolution with xorg.conf Akshay08:32
Rexodustripelb: Got them allready! Them where in the fridge...08:32
Strykerdigitaldefector, how is that a question08:32
digitaldefectorStryker, explaining the testing to get wirelessusb to work. sry, been waiting for reply08:33
Strykergoodnight all of ya08:33
tripelbHowTo change default size of icons, open places browsing window (nautilus) >Edit>Prefs  first tab "icon zoom level"  --- obscure but it works.08:35
tripelbRexodus: lol08:35
tripelbsomeone wanted a C channel.  well I tried /join #c and it worked. I didnt realize it did because it made a tiny tab way off to the right. shrug. I got joined to ##c -- re channels, I always "just try it"08:37
Huckwhy is file size larger when I rip to wave from juicer than when I just drag the files over ?08:38
ethanolanyone else ever experienced that youtube flash movies will sometimes stop playing when you refresh another tab in chromium?08:40
velopei haven't08:40
ethanolI have no idea at all how I could debug this..08:41
velopedebug what?08:41
ethanolwhy it stops playing08:41
velopeflash stop playing and you have not any idea why ?08:41
ethanolthe whole player just disappears from the page08:42
ethanolwhen I reload another page in another tab08:42
velopedefine it clear and simple08:42
benccis it possible to port forward only requests that start with ws:// (websockets) and not http:// ?08:42
doodoothere is a massive memory leak in compiz on my natty installation. how to report bug08:43
Huckfile sizes are greater after ripping to wave wit sound juicer than when I just dray , any ideas ?08:43
ethanolok. tab1 has a youtube music video playing. I'm browsing around in tab2. and once in every 100 new page loads in tab2, the player in tab1 will stop playing and disappears on the exact moment I open a new link or hit refresh in tab208:43
llutz_!natty | doodoo08:43
ubottudoodoo: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.08:43
velopeethanol: define your problem08:43
ethanolvelope: dude, how much more can I define this?08:43
ryan__Jordan_U: hey there. the gdisk solution worked. i'm on an ubuntu install at the moment. :) thanks again.08:43
ethanolI just told you what happens08:43
velopeethanol: clear and simple08:44
ethanolI did08:44
ethanolclear and simple08:44
velopeno you did not08:44
Jordan_Uryan__: You're welcome :)08:44
ethanolif you can't comprehend this than maybe english is not for you08:44
velopei saw many words08:44
velopetoo many08:44
velopecan u say it in one sentence??08:44
ethanolit was one sentence08:44
ethanolstop trolling08:44
velopei am not trolling08:44
ethanolyou are08:45
ethanolsaying no doesn't make you less of a troll08:45
velopei may help you if u define your bug clearly08:45
ryan__successful troll is successful08:45
Abhijitwhich qt-dev package to install for linux?08:46
ethanolvelope: problem: youtube player stops playing/disappears. cause: page (re)load in another tab. occurrence: not very often.08:46
Abhijitwhat is the pacakge name?08:46
ethanolhow does that work for you?08:46
velopeethanol: ok, i cannot help this but maybe someone else.08:46
coderrgood morning. i have just uninstalled the amd radeon video driver and installed xserver-xorg-video-ati/xserver-xorg-video-radeon, now when X starts (gdm), there's only some messy artefact where the mouse cursor is, the rest of the screen is totally black. i tried both with and without KMS, no change. i pasted my dmesg log which reports some errors, but i don't quite get it: http://paste2.org/p/13008:47
coderr3620. has anyone maybe experienced such problems with the radeon driver before? my card is a radeon hd 4650 btw. (mobility version)08:47
coderrhttp://paste2.org/p/1303620 * that is the right link08:47
hungmanmoojooi'm on webirc, and i want to know a little more about ipv6.. is there somone here who is knowledgable and want to query a little with me or perhaps can guide me to a channel where i can get info.. searching for channels is hard with webirc.?08:48
ryan__coderr: it's artifact, not artefact. :)08:48
Abhijithelp. what is the package name for qt-dev. which one to install?08:49
Abhijitthere are lots of them08:49
brianzi think i just screwed grub a few minutes ago by mistakenly delete one logical drive in windows xp, because after reboot i got the "error: no such partition". how could i restore it or boot into windows?08:49
coderrryan__: ah sure, sorry ... you're right. as i said, it's still _morning_, and that's how my brain feels, too ;-)08:49
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hungmanmoojoobrianz: use the livecd or liveusb to reinstall grub08:50
ActionParsniphungmanmoojoo: i'd ask ni \\networking08:50
hungmanmoojooloads of guides on how to do that  on the net08:50
hungmanmoojoothanx ActionParsnip08:50
brianzhungmanmoojoo, thanks08:50
AkshayHow do I force screen resolution.My Xorg.conf is empty08:51
Jordan_Ubrianz: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide08:51
cosmoin 10.10 how do I kill the x server to install the latests nvidia driver08:52
bacon_please, does someone knows which solution are using debian developer as a keyserver to share their public keys? I'd like to set up one for intern purposes08:53
=== bakos is now known as bakos`
AkshayHow do I force screen resolution.My Xorg.conf is empty08:53
jarnosafter installin updates using Update manager there is synaptic running in non-interactive mode, and I can not install any further updates.08:53
bacon_jarnos: try to aptitude clean and aptitude update again08:54
AkshayHow do I force screen res.08:54
ryan__hi guys. i just installed ubuntu and my second video card isn't being recognized by nvidia-xconfig. (both are 8400 gs's.) lscpi shows both cards, and both cards work on windows. help?08:55
bacon_Akshay: did? you tried trought the GUI08:55
Akshayyes, can't see 1152x86408:55
bacon_ryan__: find the correct driver, and install it? :) if you know that the module is present, check if it is loaded with lsmod08:55
Akshaybacon_:currently working on 1024x76808:56
Akshaybacon_:My xorg.conf is empty08:56
bacon_ryan__: isn't there some kind of crossfire application to install on buntu?08:56
macsimhi, I'm unable to play youtube video in fullscreen mode, I use flash on ubuntu 10.10, I googlize and read a trick with /etc/adobe/mms.cfg, I did but but it doens't fix fullscreen mode, any idea ? thanks08:56
ryan__bacon_: well i installed the nvidia driver through gnome's 'restricted drivers' thing, which makes me think that i should have the necessary drivers. I mean, the first card works so the second card should too, right? :P08:56
bacon_Akshay: maybe in another xorg conf file than xorg.conf?08:57
ryan__bacon_: crossfire application? i'm not sure what you're talking about :x08:57
Akshaybacon_:can you refer any guide to editing Xorg.conf, new to ubuntu08:58
jarnosbacon_, it doesn't terminate synaptic, but now update notifier is grey.08:58
zzazahi all09:00
Akshaybacon_:can you refer any guide to editing Xorg.conf, new to ubuntu09:01
susojoin irc.at.euirc.net #sep09:01
bullgardAfter Maverick coldstarts it writes to the virtual console 1 : "System information as of Sat Mar 12 15:51:57 CET 2011. System load, Temperature, Usage of /home, Processes, Memory Usage, Users logged in, Swap usage, IP address for eth0. -- What program prints this information?09:02
zzazaI have many music file of format .wma which i want to convert in mp3 what program can i use09:02
cosmoin 10.10 how do I kill the x server to install the latests nvidia driver09:02
hateballcosmo: service gdm stop, but remember that installing drivers on your own may break things...09:03
leaveboycosmo: you must not kill X when you install nvidia09:03
AkshayHo do i change screen resolution, my xorg.conf is empty09:03
AkshayUsing intel 82865G09:04
phonex01go to your home foler and open Xorg-conf file you will find that parameter there09:04
phonex01X and Y reolution09:04
hateballAkshay: Isnt the tool in System -> Settings -> Screens working?09:04
cosmowhen I try to install it it tells me I have to kill x09:04
AkshayMy xorg.conf is empty09:04
zzazaI have many music file of format .wma which i want to convert in mp3 what program can i use09:04
nickmoeckIs there a way to encrypt my entire hard drive, and store the encryption key on an SD card, only allowing the computer to even boot if the SD card is in the slot?09:06
cosmoinstalling the new driver on my own seems to be the only way it will install the 260 driver rather than 17509:06
leaveboyzzaza: mplayer09:07
zzazaleaveboy, i will try it09:07
fisch246how do you upgrade to a newer version of ubuntu with synaptic? if it's possible of course09:09
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hateballfisch246: You would use update-manager, not synaptic09:10
fisch246hateball: i'm aware of that...09:10
alesanhi I am trying to use pitivi09:10
zee313hi i was using readon player to see tv shows and documentaries. Is there such kind of player in ubuntu?09:10
Ben65fisch246: from which version to which version09:10
alesanbut which input format are supported? I cannot get a single video file to be imported09:11
Guest88405hey, does jolli os have a channel?09:11
Jordan_Ufisch246: You can't.09:11
fisch246i'm on lubuntu so... if it's possible from there... but i'm trying to go from 10.04 to 10.10...09:11
fisch246Jordan_U: ah ok i'll just get update manager then09:11
fisch246i know how to do it, since i'm also currently creating my own distro haha09:11
Jordan_Ualesan: Pitivi uses gstreamer, so anything you have a gstreamer plugin for will be supported.09:12
fisch246thanks everyone09:12
alesanJordan_U, I use kubuntu, do you think I need to install gstreamer?09:12
Jordan_Ualesan: If you open a video in Totem ("Movie Player") and you don't have the needed gstreamer plugin it will be installed automatically.09:12
hateballfisch246: it's possible update-manager is set to only check for LTS releases09:12
ActionParsnipfisch246: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MaverickUpgrades09:12
fisch246o i don't have update manager right now09:13
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ActionParsnipfisch246: use the command line way, much easier09:13
fisch246yea indeed09:13
Jordan_U!upgrade | fisch24609:14
ubottufisch246: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade09:14
fisch246i was building gnome, and it was much easier to do it with a command line :/09:14
alesanJordan_U, apparently there is no "totem" in KDE. I will try to use "Kino"09:14
zzazaleaveboy: i want to convert the .wma files to mp309:14
fisch246i know how to upgrade -__- i just wanted to know if you could do it with synaptic...09:14
Jordan_Ualesan: I don't think that Kino uses gstreamer, so you'll just have to install the correct gstreamer plugins yourself.09:15
ActionParsnipalesan:: you can install totem in kde if you want09:15
avinashhmHi, how to scan for available wireless n/ws .. i am looking for command line .. For wired n/w , i do with 'dhclient eth0' .. tried 'dhclient eth1' , doens't work .. any help09:15
llutz_zzaza: use mplayer +lame, see forums for a howto09:15
alesanJordan_U, I will use kino so I won't have to install gstreamer09:15
ActionParsnipfisch246: not sure but I know the CLI version will work in any DE09:15
llutz_avinashhm: iwlist s09:15
alesanActionParsnip, well I'd rather not09:15
Jordan_Ualesan: If you have PiTiVi installed you already have gstreamer, just not all of the gstreamer plugins.09:15
avinashhmllutz, i am getting 'interface doesn't support scanning' for all lo, eth0, eth109:16
llutz_avinashhm: then your wifi-device is down or not available at all09:16
alesanJordan_U, so without totem it's impossible to load new plugins for gstreamer?09:16
bullgardAfter Maverick coldstarts it writes to the virtual console 1 : "System information as of Sat Mar 12 15:51:57 CET 2011. System load, Temperature, Usage of /home, Processes, Memory Usage, Users logged in, Swap usage, IP address for eth0. -- What program prints this information?09:16
Huckthe file sizes are different  between  waves dragged from a disc, and thoes extracted for mp3 any ideas why, or which i s better fedility ?09:16
leaveboyzzaza: http://paste.ubuntu.org.cn/8294709:17
avinashhmllutz, wait i ll check ..09:17
llutz_avinashhm: does "iwconfig" list a wifi-device?09:17
Jordan_Ualesan: I just said that you can install the packages yourself. Use the package manager and search for "gstreamer plugins".09:17
Jordan_Ualesan: You're welcome.09:17
avinashhmllutz, strange .. it lists .. 'IEEE 802.11  Access Point: Not-Associated' .. but the LED isn't blowing ;-( in my laptop ..09:19
avinashhmthe wifi led09:19
llutz_avinashhm: rfkill list wifi09:21
avinashhmHere is the iwconfig and ifconfig o/ps .. 'http://paste.ubuntu.com/580488/'09:21
llutz_avinashhm: sry cant check, no www available yet09:23
avinashhmnp .. i ll try ur command ..09:24
Beacherexcuse me . Why vsftp cannot change directory?09:24
hefishmaybe permission09:25
Beacherpermission : 777 /me09:25
avinashhmllutz, tried 'rfkill list wifi' .. even after this both the still eth1 listed ..09:26
Abhijithelp. what is the package name for qt-dev. which one to install?09:26
Abhijitthere are lots of them09:26
WillWill56If anyone's interested in hearing my epic fail, I used an undefined variable in a very important loop in a php script, my error log grew to 420 MB quite quickly...09:26
* Beacher jumps09:28
llutz_avinashhm: did rfkill show the device blocked?09:28
WillWill56Anyway... I sorta just wasted a few seconds of your life :P. Seeya!!!09:29
waterboy0911hello guys.. may I know when will be the new release for ubuntu 11.0409:29
avinashhmllutz, nope .. it never threw any o/p ..09:29
n2iHi! May I ask some question about parcellite (clipboard manager)?09:29
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waterboy0911hey guys I have a question.. I am currently using ubuntu 10.04 then I am experiencing every time I copy files and transferring to my thumb drive.. it's taking too long..09:31
n2iI cannot clear lipboard in parceellite. What is this problem?09:32
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Huckwave files dragged to the drive a re much  larger than when ripped as waves via sound juicer  , are they compressed ?09:34
HuckIf no one has and answer  to mu question, might you direct me in a good direction ?09:35
jukHuck: `file` can detect some extensions09:38
DystaNwhere are the mame executables ??? Ubuntu 10.10  , where are them how do I find their path ?09:38
ActionParsnipn2i: if you right click the app in the panel and select preferences / settings   you can set the shortcut09:39
dios_mioDystaN, to find the location of any executable in your PATH, type: which <name>09:39
coderrhi again. i switched back to fglrx (proprietary amd/ati video driver) and it works flawlessly, even when using blender - but only as long as composition in my window manager (xfce 4.8) is disabled. when i enable it, what is strange is that glxgears (fgl_glxgears) still works without a problem, but as soon as i start blender, the screen turns all black and if i'm lucky i can exit blender...09:39
ActionParsnipDystaN: you can use the  which   command to find which command the file runs09:40
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ActionParsnipDystaN: for example:   which nano09:40
Cosmoso I stopped x so I could install the newest nvidia drivers using initctl stop gdm now how do I start gdm back up?09:40
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ActionParsnipCosmo: nvidia drivers are packaged in the repos09:40
ActionParsnipCosmo: you could just reboot..09:41
coderrCosmo: sudo start gdm ?09:41
n2iActionParsnip: When I lelf click and select "Clear". It does nothing. Is there any problem here?09:41
Cosmonot the newest ones aparently that have the 32 bit open gl drivers for my 64 bit install09:41
ylmfosnihao a09:41
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ylmfoswo shi xinshou09:42
ActionParsnipCosmo: what version are you installing?09:42
n2i你好! :P09:42
Cosmowhen I reboot it goes to just the text interface09:42
ylmfosyulinmufengli de yigebanben09:42
ActionParsnip!info nvidia-current | Cosmo09:42
ubottuCosmo: nvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 260.19.06-0ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 25690 kB, installed size 76364 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)09:42
ActionParsnipCosmo: you may need to run:  sudo nvidia-xconfig09:43
ylmfoswhere are you from?09:43
ylmfosnot china09:43
CosmoActionParsnip, ok I will try that09:43
rwatdoes something special happen during install for a cloud server or can I convert a running server to cloud?09:43
ylmfosthis place ,i don't know09:44
zvacetylmfos: do you have any question to ask about ubuntu problems or support09:45
coderranyone knows about fglrx+composition in window manager?09:45
luckymuraliHi all09:45
jukcoderr: #fglrx ?09:45
coderrjuk: the channel is empty09:46
jordan3456is someone here skilled with flash issues?09:47
luckymuraliI installed ubuntu server 10.04 64 bit and there is no desktop on it09:47
luckymuralii want to install desktop on that machine but there is no internet09:47
llutz_luckymurali: thats why its called server09:48
luckymuralillutz_, :)09:48
Caribouwhy not installing desktop then ?09:48
zvacetluckymurali:server comes without desktop09:48
mafsad no GUI interface for the server09:48
mafI mean, imagine giving the big planes no window for the pilots09:48
mafany web interface to the server ?09:49
luckymuraliyes i know that we have option to install desktop on the server by sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop09:49
mafor did someone wnat to intentionally go back to 1982 interfaces09:49
jukcoderr: did you try radeon?09:49
Cariboumaybe those queries should go to #ubuntu-server09:49
CosmoI tried sudo nvidia-xconfig and rebooted and it is still giving me the text interface09:49
Caribouin the meantime, I'm having an issue with nm-applet no longer starting automatically upon login09:49
luckymuraliok thnx09:49
llutz_maf: configuring a server is much faster and easier done by cli in most cases09:49
beer_brouwercan anyone tell me how i can get my exchange calendar entries with SOAP and PHP?09:50
Cariboumy only option is to start nm-applet manually which works fine09:50
juk!info nvidia-xconfig09:51
ubottuPackage nvidia-xconfig does not exist in maverick09:51
Cariboubut looks like the Gnome startup sequence no longer does it09:51
ActionParsnipCaribou: ad it in your startup items then...09:51
Caribouit's there & checked09:51
ActionParsnipCaribou: make a script to wait a little while (use the sleep command) then run it09:51
bullgardAfter Maverick coldstarts it writes to the virtual console 1 : "System information as of Sat Mar 12 15:51:57 CET 2011. System load, Temperature, Usage of /home, Processes, Memory Usage, Users logged in, Swap usage, IP address for eth0. -- What program prints this information?09:52
jukCosmo: can you see: lsmod | grep nvidia output09:52
jordan3456on no, not the perennial video card problems09:53
CaribouActionParsnip, I'm not after a workaround. This worked fine until yesterday. I'm after someone who knows the startup sequence well enough to know how nm-applet gets started09:53
blackdoggyis anybody here having problems on 10.10 dual monitor with nvidia?09:53
Huckwave files dragged from a cd to a file are much larger than those extracted as waves via sound juicer.... does juicer compress waave iles09:53
coderrjuk: i tried xserver-xorg-video-ati/xserver-xorg-ati-radeon, yes. they give errors and whenever X (gdm) starts, the screen turns black, that's why i switched back to fglrx. i pasted the error messages earlier, don't have the link anymore :(09:54
juk!details | blackdoggy09:54
ubottublackdoggy: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:54
jordan3456blackdoggy: run xrandr first to see if everything squared away with the monitors.  If you don't have it in your system, apt-get it.09:54
jordan3456also apt-get arandr09:54
Cosmojuk, I will check09:54
jordan3456that will generate the start up scripts for you09:54
blackdoggythx jordan3456 i will see what happrns  after that09:54
beer_brouwerhas someone here got some experience with SOAP?09:55
ActionParsnipCaribou: thatsall I can sugest, I use wicd personally as it also has a cli interface :)09:55
jordan3456often the extra drivers aren't needed (fglrx, ati, raedon), especially for the older cards.  Many times it's just a matter of inserting the xrandr parameters into a configuration file09:55
jordan3456btw I don't use gnome anymore, but the scenery is the same09:56
jordan3456only the names and faces change09:56
luckymuraliwhere can i download ubuntu desktop package ??09:56
Jordan_UActionParsnip: nmcli :)09:56
jukcoderr: that's sucks09:56
ActionParsnipJordan_U: i guess :), old habit09:56
micro__всем привет!09:57
blackdoggyjordan3456 i tried apt-get but it says Package xrandr is not available, but is referred to by another package.09:57
blackdoggyThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or09:57
blackdoggyis only available from another source09:57
blackdoggyHowever the following packages replace it:09:57
blackdoggy  x11-xserver-utils09:57
FloodBot1blackdoggy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:57
zvacetluckymurali: you said that you dont have internet ask somebody live Ubuntu cd and install it from there09:57
jukcoderr: nvidia caused me a lot pain too some time ago09:57
Cosmojuk, it said nvidia    8097831   009:57
luckymuralizvacet, can i do on the top of server??09:57
StamEhadHi!I'm trying to boot an ole PIII laptop with the Lubuntu 10.10 liveCD but it hangs in the screen with the ubuntu 10.10 and 4 dots.09:58
zvacetluckymurali:  yes09:58
jordan3456blackdoggy: just keep chaining the dependencies into apt-get commands until you fulfill all the dependencies.09:58
coderrjuk: yes, it sucks ...09:58
zvacetluckymurali: install just ubuntu -desktop package09:58
jordan3456in fact, it might be better to try and install xrandr and arandr together, find the missing dependencies, and then plop them in, with the recommends, at once.09:58
coderrguess i'll have to live without compositing then, but it just makes me feel SO stupid ...09:58
blackdoggyjordan 3456 i did x11-xserver-utils and it says its already the newest version09:59
luckymuralizvacet, any procedures on the net ??09:59
jordan3456yeah don't redo x1109:59
zvacetluckymurali:  what do you mean?09:59
jordan3456I mean, don't remove and then retry to install it09:59
blackdoggyaint doing that10:00
luckymuralii mean step by step for just installing desktop10:00
zvacetluckymurali:  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop10:00
jordan3456black doggy: try running apt-get -y check xrandr10:01
jordan3456see what's broken10:01
jordan3456I don't know if the -y switch works, but I'm a fan10:01
jordan3456that will get you in trouble ;-)10:01
jukCosmo: do you get Xserver errors?10:01
CosmoI dont think the driver is causing the issue I just dont know the command to start the gdm back up after using initctl stop gdm10:02
juk!info Xorg10:02
ubottuPackage Xorg does not exist in maverick10:02
Cosmojuk, nope no errors10:02
Caribouluckymurali: using 'tasksel --task-packages ubuntu-desktop will list all the packages that are needed. You can then download them & put them on a USB thumbdrive10:03
zvacetluckymurali:  you can read http://www.ubuntugeek.com/install-gui-in-ubuntu-server.html10:03
barbadillohi all, how can i customize the "open with" menu in nautilus?10:03
coderr[drm:radeon_cs_ioctl] *ERROR* Faild to schedule IB !10:03
coderr[drm:radeon_ib_schedule] *ERROR* radeon: couldn't schedule IB(12).10:03
coderrthat same message was what i got from xserver-xorg-radeon, infinite loop with the numbers IB(X) going from 0 to 15, over and over again10:03
luckymuralizvacet, thanks, and one more question usually if we download any package using apt where it will keep a backup of that softwares??10:03
blackdoggyjordan3456 no luck10:04
jordan3456oh gosh10:04
blackdoggyshould i just switch to kde10:04
jordan3456no broken dependencies?10:04
jordan3456blackdoggy: xubuntu rocks10:04
navini am using ubuntu 9.04 on my dell laptop,how can i take a snap with webcome...any help?10:04
jordan3456skip gnome and kde10:04
jordan3456bloated, slow, not worth it10:04
zvacetluckymurali:  all packageas installed eith apt-get or aptitude are in /vat/cache/apt/archives10:04
jordan3456I use xubuntu on even my newest machines10:04
jordan3456it's not just for slow computers anyomre10:05
Jordan_U!eol | navin10:05
ubottunavin: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades10:05
blackdoggyyeah... but my laptop is working alrite apart from  having trouble  with flashin time after time10:05
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)10:05
zvacetluckymurali:  my mistake it is /var/cache/apt/archives10:06
jukCosmo: so just black terminal screen, what if you hit X10:06
luckymuralii got it10:06
luckymuralibut the link you have given needs internet10:07
Cosmojuk, trying that10:07
barbadillohi all, how can i customize the "open with" menu in nautilus?10:07
luckymuraliactually i am amble to install desktop using internet and working fine10:07
juk!infp nautilus-scripts10:08
juk!info nautilus-scripts10:08
ubottuPackage nautilus-scripts does not exist in maverick10:08
blackdoggybarbadillo install ubuntu tweak it will help u10:08
juk!info nautilus-scripts-manager10:08
ubottunautilus-scripts-manager (source: nautilus-scripts-manager): simple tool for nautilus scripts management. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5-1 (maverick), package size 21 kB, installed size 216 kB10:08
zvacetluckymurali:  I told you that other possibility is to install ubuntu-desktop package from ubunutu live cd if you know somebody who have it10:08
aerofly5having trouble installing ubuntu 10.10, I install it to the hard drive and when I reboot it comes up with "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER". Does anyone have any suggestions for fixes?10:08
Cosmojuk, it says x:command not found10:08
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jukCosmo: *X* is not *x*10:09
Cosmooops trying that10:09
navin_any command that i put in my terminal to open my webcame in ubuntu 9.04??10:09
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barbadillowhat's ubuntu tweak? is it official?10:09
elFidelnavin_: open your webcam? is that an app now?10:09
blackdoggyyeah barbadillo its a cool application10:10
jukCosmo: you can puts before command: whatis blalala10:10
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juk!info whatis10:10
ubottuPackage whatis does not exist in maverick10:10
elFidelnavin_: you are most likely looking for an app which is able to access the webcam right?10:10
juk!info wtf10:10
ubottuPackage wtf does not exist in maverick10:10
luckymuralii have ubuntu live cd10:10
luckymuralizvacet, I have live cd10:11
juk!find wtf10:11
ubottuFound: libwtfcgi-dev, libwtfcgi810:11
navinelFidel:i want to take a snap with my cam...how can i ?10:11
luckymuraliand i boot with that live cd10:11
deuteriumhm on my 10.10 desktop box, computer janitor doesn't show anything at alll. does it takes several minutes to gather information or is sth fscked up?10:11
barbadilloblackdoggy, it is not in the repositories10:11
blackdoggyyeah barbadillo www.ubuntu-tweak.com10:11
blackdoggylet me check10:11
deuteriumi.e. there's no refresh, just a white, two-pane when i start computer-janitor10:11
elFidelnavin: cheese - might be one app10:11
luckymuralii let you know after it loaded completely10:11
deuteriumdo i need to run computer-janitor as root or so for it to show sth?10:12
zvacetluckymurali:  just a sec10:12
blackdoggyyeah barbadillo follow this http://www.beakkon.com/geek/10-best-applications-for-ubuntu-10.1010:13
adachi, is it possible, if a service has been acknowledged, that the acknowledgment message is sent via mail? If yes, how?10:13
aerofly5having trouble installing ubuntu 10.10, I install it to the hard drive and when I reboot it comes up with "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER". Does anyone have any suggestions for fixes?10:14
deuteriumwhen i run computer-janitor on the console, this is the error i get: http://dpaste.com/502891/ (something with dbus, any idea how to solve it?)10:15
DJones!ot | micro__10:15
ubottumicro__: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:15
barbadilloaerofly5, check the bios settings to see if you can boot from cdrom10:16
llutz_aerofly5: boot live-cd and reinstall grub into mbr10:16
aerofly5barbadillo & llutz: I have tried re-installing grub, but it has no effect. The bios is correctly configured10:17
blackdoggyaight  m off going to install Xubuntu desktop10:17
stimpieis it possible to have an application run on 2 workspaces? (not all?)10:17
zvacetluckymurali: put live cd in drive and type  sudo apt-cdrom -add sudo apt-gget update sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop10:17
navinhow i use push command to open my cam??10:18
luckymuraliok i try now10:19
navinhow i set MAILHOST ?10:19
visual1ceim installing natty and i run into the following error: not possible to install bootloader at specified location - ive tried all other locations and nothing10:21
llutz_!natty | visual1ce10:21
ubottuvisual1ce: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.10:21
deuteriumwhen i execute computer-janitor on ubuntu 10.10 on the console, i get the following error: http://dpaste.com/502908/10:23
AnubArackAny of you guys use AWN (Avant window navigator) ?10:23
Cosmojuk, it gave me a rather wordy error message give me a few minutes to type it in pastebin10:23
deuteriumit's a dbus error, but how to solve it? is computer-janitor b0rked?10:23
juk!info pastebinit | Cosmo10:23
ubottuCosmo: pastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1-2 (maverick), package size 22 kB, installed size 404 kB10:23
luckymuralizvacet, it is telling already i have latest version of desktop10:23
menaMy name is Mena, i need your hekp10:24
AnubArackmena, just ask10:24
sabbutHi, I have a connection problem on my other computer10:24
deuteriumjuk: is there any other way how i can clean-up my ubu 10.10, if computer-janitor is broken (it obviously is)?10:24
sabbutit seems not to be able to connect10:24
menai want to view log file which see who connect to my machine10:24
jukdeuterium: gee, i dunno10:24
bullgardsabbut: Hi, I have no connection problem on my other computer.10:25
AnubArackdeuterium, ever tried removing janitor and reinstalling it ?10:25
menawho connect with VNC10:25
deuteriumAnubArack: not yet, let me check.10:25
zvacetluckymurali:  type in terminal startx too see if that is truth10:25
llutz_mena: as you've been told yesterday, there is no such logfile10:25
sabbutnice bullgard, it seems you don't need help on that, but I do10:26
AnubArackAny of you guys use AWN (Avant window navigator) ?10:26
luckymuralizvacet, its not there10:26
luckymuraliis it possible to download only the gnome-desktop package??10:26
bullgardsabbut: So you better put a specific question here in this channel.10:27
luckymuralii used live cd to boot and used try ubuntu10:27
luckymuraliso it gaves me a Desktop10:27
menallutz, and how can i find anyone connect to my machine later10:27
deuteriumAnubArack: uninstalled computer-janitor and reinstalled it (also the gtk variant). same error.10:27
odd13hey I have a mac...can I have it as just ubuntu installed or do I need bootcamp and mac os installed to run?10:28
sabbutbullgard: that's what i'm doing - my other computer, which has Ubuntu 9.10, suddenly lost the connection10:28
deuteriumwhere does ubuntu store downloaded packages it doesn't need anymore?10:28
menajust i nned to want how can i open log file which stored usere data login10:28
juk!dualboot | odd1310:28
ubottuodd13: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot10:28
zvacetluckymurali:  another way is to use keryx read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingSoftware#Installing%20packages%20without%20an%20Internet%20connection10:28
sabbutI know I have a connection because I'm writing here10:28
RabbitbunnyOnly 14 days uptime this time on 10.04. Linux isn't ready for the desktop.10:28
llutz_mena: better question would be: why do you have all those services like vnc etc running if you don't want them10:28
Rabbitbunnydeuterium: I'm pretty sure apt-get autoremove get rid of those.10:28
bullgarddeuterium: Normally it discards them.10:29
sabbutthe thing is, I'd like to know what I can do for the system to find the existing connection10:29
odd13thanks juk10:29
zvacetluckymurali:  before you do that can you try sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start10:29
deuteriumRabbitbunny: ok, let me try. thanks10:29
deuteriumbullgard: hm.. my system has swollen to 4.5 gb.. it was around 2.5 gb before.10:30
menallutz, i need this  to connect my fried but the most question now, how this person connect with my without i told him my password to connect?10:30
bullgardsabbut: lsof -i10:30
Savage^mena: we cannot understand you...10:30
menasavage, i will explain this situation now10:30
micro__все смотрим http://pic4you.ru/10376/761222/10:31
menasavage, in team viewer and etc the client how want to connect the server must has its paeeowrd10:31
sabbutbullgard: it shows nothing10:31
jpds!ru | masterjp10:31
ubottumasterjp: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke10:31
zvacetluckymurali:  I will go for something lighter like lubuntu-desktop or fluxbox openbox... but any desktop can do10:31
deuteriumbullgard, Rabbitbunny: would computer-janitor do anything additional compared to 'apt-get autoremove', 'apt-get autoclean'?10:32
menasavage let say when i need you connect to my by VNC , i must tell you the password that by it you can connect to me10:32
v_vzvacet: try awesome, i like it10:32
llutz_mena: either someone already has your password or you have a heavily misconfigured system10:32
DJonesmicro__: those links/pictures are not on topic for the ubuntu support channel, please stop posting them10:32
menallutz: what?10:32
zvacetv_v:  thanx for tip but it was suggestion for somebody else10:33
menallutz: i am sure i didn't tell anyone my password10:33
v_vzvacet: ;-)10:33
Cosmojuk, http://paste.ubuntu.com/580508/10:34
zvacetv_v:  when we are taking about it where Ican find deb10:34
llutz_mena: then your system seem to allow remote-access without password, even worse10:34
jukCosmo: you need to rebuild module10:35
menallutz, okay anyway i need to view the log file ?10:35
llutz_mena: there is no such log10:35
visual1cehow do i run install in expert mode10:36
Cosmojuk,  and how do I do that?10:36
speciesits on option when you boot from the CD i think10:37
speciesactually I think the real expert mode is to use aptitude after you got a base install :P10:37
visual1ceim using a live cd10:37
jukCosmo: remove nvidia-current; after update and upgrade; and install again10:38
menallutz, this is the log file of TeamViewer, http://paste.ubuntu.com/580514/10:38
menallutuz : need your help to see if we can find the solution on this file10:39
Cosmojuk, what are the commands to do that?10:39
deuteriumcan i safely delete the files in /var/cache/apt/archives ? what are they? i expected apt-get autoclean to remove anything unneeded already.10:39
jukCosmo: apt-get remove foobar; apt-get update; apt-get upgrade10:40
deuteriumremoving the files in /var/cache/apt/archives would free about 200 mb on my box. ok?10:40
Tm_Tdeuterium: autoclean removes the old versions of the packages, clean takes the whole cache10:40
ethanolwow, I switched to display time and numbers and stuff to dutch10:41
llutz_mena: i don't have www here, cannot check your log. why didn't you show that log yesterday, why didn't you tell us yesterday that you're using teamviewer?10:41
ethanoland it has been taking like 5 minutes so far to apply :<10:41
Cosmojuk, thanks I will try that10:41
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menallutz: iam so sorry10:41
lariousAnybody in the room using Huawei EC226 USB Modem please talk to me10:41
llutz_mena: ask teamviewer-support how to find out who accessed your computer10:41
yuzodoHi there, I'm having serious issues. When I installed 10.10 (when it came out) my wifi didn't work and a guy provided me with the Lucid driver and with a small hack that worked, until a while ago where I started having random disconnects, that got partially fixed by resetting my modem/router (upon booting I had to try 4x to connect for it to work), but yesterday evening I randomly got disconnected again and I can't seem to find a solu10:41
yuzodotion now, I tried resetting my modem/router, I tried ConnMan instead of NetworkManager, I am currently on wired, which surprisingly works because of Wicd although I haven't launched it or made it auto-start. So, what should I do?10:41
deuteriumTm_T: ah ok, so i should have executed apt-get clean, right? or is there any good reason for keeping that cache, apart from obvious performance improvements for apt?10:42
jukCosmo: Ok10:42
minimeclarious: What is your problem with the EC226?10:42
Tm_Tdeuterium: pretty much only to have them around if you decide to reinstall packages, so you don't have to redownload10:42
menallutz, i tell you again " how did anyone to connect my desjtop without learn my passwork?10:43
deuteriumTm_T: ok. my main priority now is to keep the footprint on the disk as small as possible. re-downloading things later doesn't matter. thanks.10:43
menallutz, are you understand me?10:43
llutz_mena: i say again: ask teamviewer-support how to find out who accessed your computer10:43
zvacetdeuterium:  run sudo apt-get clean  sudo apt-get auto-clean10:43
juk!atitude | mena10:44
micro__or /msg dpkg paste)10:44
llutz_mena: team-viewer is somewhat proprietary stuff10:44
juk!attitude | mena10:44
ubottumena: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines10:44
FloodBot2micro__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:44
zvacetdeuterium:  in /var/cache/apt/archives are all installed packages10:44
DJones!ops | micro__ Spamming/inappropriate content10:44
ubottumicro__ Spamming/inappropriate content: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!10:44
deuteriumzvacet: ok, did that. apt's cache files have gone now. i'm at 4.0 gb now. better than 4.5, but still a lot for a plain ubuntu desktop10:45
yuzodoHi there, I'm having serious issues. When I installed 10.10 (when it came out) my wifi didn't work and a guy provided me with the Lucid driver and with a small hack that worked, until a while ago where I started having random disconnects, that got partially fixed by resetting my modem/router (upon booting I had to try 4x to connect for it to work), but yesterday evening I randomly got disconnected again and I can't seem to find a solu10:45
yuzodotion now, I tried resetting my modem/router, I tried ConnMan instead of NetworkManager, I am currently on wired, which surprisingly works because of Wicd although I haven't launched it or made it auto-start. So, what should I do?10:45
bullgarddeuterium: "[11:32]<deuterium>bullgard, Rabbitbunny: would computer-janitor do anything additional compared to 'apt-get autoremove', 'apt-get autoclean'?" Yes.10:45
deuteriumbullgard: i.e.?10:45
bullgarddeuterium: Yes is Yes.10:46
zvacetdeuterium:  but you probably install additional packages10:46
ActionParsnipyuzodo: when you get a disconnect, run:  dmesg | tail    the output may give clues10:46
menaubuntu, I am so sorry10:46
minimeclarious: I am trying to talk to you. What are your problems with the Huawei EC226?10:46
yuzodoActionParsnip, I don't get disconnects anymore10:46
menallutz, i am so sorry \10:46
deuteriumbullgard: ok, i take that as a "i don't know, sorry" ;)10:46
bullgarddeuterium: You took it wrong.10:47
yuzodoActionParsnip, also, I have tried the 2 drivers I can choose from Additional Drivers but those didn't work either10:47
deuteriumzvacet: yes, i did. chromium, firefox and some others. but i think i couldn't get ubuntu desktop 10.10 down to less than about 3.2 gb, i guess.10:47
deuteriumwhich is still a lot10:48
deuteriumbullgard: never mind ;)10:48
larious Anybody in the room using Huawei EC226 USB Modem please talk to me10:48
minimeclarious: I am trying to talk to you. What are your problems with the Huawei EC226?10:48
yuzodoActionParsnip, is there a way I can perform the hack again? I still have the Lucid driver lying around10:49
lariousminimec: Need driver to connect to the Internet with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS10:49
lariousyuzodo: what Hack do you want to perform10:50
lariousminimec: Need driver to connect to the Internet with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS10:50
yuzodolarious, basically the "hack" was putting the driver in some folder and then reboot which made my wifi work flawlessly10:50
lariouscan that work for my USB modem10:51
zvacetdeuterium:  maybe you will find https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD useful10:51
minimeclarious: I my eyes, you don't. The EC226 should be recognized by the system out of the box. Plug the dongle once and type 'dmesg' in a console. The last 5-6 lines of dmesg should give you the info about your device and how it is recognized by ubuntu.10:51
zvacetdeuterium:  after minimal install you just add what you really need10:52
SlartibartSitting here with some text files, and need to find the file(s) that contain say 3-4 given words(in no given order, of course). How to do that in a smart way? All I can come up with right now is actually something with grep, like iterative searches with it. List filenames containing word 1->New search on those files for word 2, and so on. Are there any better ways?10:53
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lariousminimec: Have I did that serveral time, but using wvdial option, the network told me that is disconnect, the username and password Error ... No carrier10:53
Cosmojuk, I have removed,updated, and upgraded now what am I installing?10:53
yuzodoHi there, I'm having serious issues. When I installed 10.10 (when it came out) my wifi didn't work and a guy provided me with the Lucid driver and with a small hack that worked, until a while ago where I started having random disconnects, that got partially fixed by resetting my modem/router (upon booting I had to try 4x to connect for it to work), but yesterday evening I randomly got disconnected again and I can't seem to find a solu10:53
yuzodotion now, I tried resetting my modem/router, I tried ConnMan instead of NetworkManager, I tried the 2 drivers I can choose from Additional Drivers but those don't work either, I am currently on wired, which surprisingly works because of Wicd although I haven't launched it or made it auto-start. So, what should I do?10:53
llutz_Slartibart: grep -r -e pattern1 -e pattern2 -e pattern3 /path/*10:53
jukCosmo: nvidia-current same as you removed10:54
minimeclarious: The problem might be, that your sim card in the Huawei dongle is PIN protected. You might have to put this sim card into a phone and disable that PIN identification. That's all. The network-manager software doesn't give you the possibility to identify you with the PIN. --> Again, disable PIN on the sim card.10:54
zvacetdeuterium:  see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LowMemorySystems10:54
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minimeclarious: You don't need wvdial anymore to configure your device. The network-manager can handle that now.10:54
Slartibartllutz_: Really? Didn't know -e could be repeated like that. Thanks, that should do it :).10:54
AndrewRSMI just set up a dual boot of XP and lubuntu 10.10. Everything was going fine, I was just wrestling with enabling wireless on ubuntu a little bit. After updating packages I restarted, and winxp no longer shows in grub. Just lubuntu twice, twice recovery, and two memtests. How can I return XP to the grub menu, or do I have something else wrong?10:55
b0ycei have a question about ubuntu 10.04. i am used to windows but decided to give ubuntu 10.04 a try but the sound is all whack. my speakers r plugged in at the back of my pc and my speakers have a headphone jack. i can configure it on winxp using realtek HD audio but linux does not seem to have a similar configuration?10:55
lariousyuzodo: the guy that gave you the driver, did you get him from this room10:55
yuzodolarious, yeah I did10:55
llutz_minimec: networkmanager has a pin-handling function10:56
lariousminimec: My device is not using PIN cos I do make use of it in window environment and it works without PIN, and this device is not universal that you can change sim card, this device is programmer with one network10:56
deuteriumzvacet: thanks for the pointers. i can't follow the synthetic approach as i already have a system, so i'm rather trying to shrink it down. but i have some ideas which programs i could remove and don't need (it's for software development only, so i don't need multimedia apps or games and such that are installed by default)10:57
lariousyuzodo: So what is the guy common ID10:57
minimecllutz_: Oh. Didn't know that... THX10:57
yuzodolarious, I can't remember lol, it was back in October '1010:57
lariousyuzodo: nest time you need to keep record10:58
larious minimec: My device is not using PIN cos I do make use of it in window environment and it works without PIN, and this device is not universal that you can change sim card, this device is programmer with one network10:58
menallutz: can i ask question plz?10:58
yuzodolarious, I'll keep that in mind, but that won't fix my current issue right10:58
blackshirtmena: yeah10:59
lariousyuzodo: cos you cant get him  anymore10:59
yuzodolarious, or maybe it was an update which started to break it?11:00
minimeclarious: Still. I do guess that the harware is working correctly. In my eyes it is a configuration problem. As you always trying to configure your device with wvdial, why don't you try to configure your device with the network-manager?  use a Huawei E180 that way.11:00
IProteusI'm using upstart to start a process, does upstart store the pid of the process somewhere?11:00
ActionParsnipb0yce: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && bash ./alsa-info.sh11:00
menablackshirl: it's the continue of my last question ,11:00
ActionParsnipb0yce: select to upload to the server, it will make a URL11:00
b0ycei have no idea. i am not on linux atm11:00
ActionParsnipb0yce: the run it in Linux and get the link for us and we can advise :)11:01
blackshirtmena: sory, i'm just join here11:01
b0ycei am a linux noob and what u just typed is foriegn to me lol11:01
lariousminimec: My APN is the main problem and the technical support never want to help me for the APN cos they believe that I want to hack there network for free browsing11:01
ActionParsnipb0yce: you just copy and paste it to a terminal. I am sure you are quite adept at copy and paste11:01
b0yceok brb i will load linux up11:02
menablachshirl : thanks11:03
blackshirtmena; yeah.thats no problem11:03
Cosmojuk, ok I installed it again and rebooted, it started in the text mode again and when I typed X it said Failed to load module "nvidia" (module does not exist, 0)  no drivers available11:04
minimeclarious: I mean the APN wouldn't change on windows... So if you can configure the device with windows, you should be able to do the same under Linux. I don't see the problem.11:04
ActionParsnipCosmo: try:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure dkms11:04
llutz_larious: its unlikey to get the modem working without the APN11:04
yuzodowhat's the command to see my internet card?11:05
clri'm in china.cannot connect twitter.What should i do? VPN???11:05
dcorbin_wrkwill old-style init.d scripts trigger upstart events?11:05
ActionParsnipyuzodo: sudo lshw -C network11:06
yuzodook got it11:06
yuzodoBCM4312 802.11a/b/g11:06
jukCosmo: dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-current11:07
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx11:07
yuzodoI have b43-fwcutter already installed11:07
ChrisHedgieWell, I'm not seeing any rules or "lineup", so if I may, I'll just ask my question out there: Is there any solution to why sound and/or video skips on Ubuntu? All my mp3 songs skip, and Youtube tends to skip along the videos...11:07
yuzodoActionParsnip, I reinstalled b43 fwcutter, what now?11:09
b0yceok i am on ubuntu11:10
przemek_hi, I've got a problem with xterm window while on extended dual screen display11:10
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goddardare they really trying to make Ubuntu look like Mac?11:12
B9Hello my Banshee is throwing an invocation error and wont open I would really appreciate some assistance in getting it to work again. B9HH11:12
Cosmojuk, ok I did that11:13
jukB9: wont open what?11:13
ActionParsnipb0yce: sup?11:14
b0yceim back and on ubuntu 10.0411:14
b0yceso what do i do now?11:15
B9juk: it is like it opens two Banshee applications at the same time and then has a dialogue box  that says "Fatal Error ~ Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation."11:15
Cosmojuk, it is still in the text interface11:15
jukCosmo: lsmod | grep nv any output?11:16
fruitwerkshow do I git this? http://git.openvz.org/pub/linux-2.6.32-openvz/11:16
goddardyou say git gimmie11:16
minimecB9: I would first try to rename the banshee-1 folder in your /home/yourname/.config folder. That would start a clean banshee session with system default configuration.11:16
fruitwerksthe instrctions say git clone (http|git)://git.openvz.org/pub/<project name> <destination dir>11:17
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fruitwerksgit clone http://git.openvz.org/pub/linux-2.6.32-openvz/ here11:17
fruitwerksI get the error: warning: remote HEAD refers to nonexistent ref, unable to checkout.11:18
tombaughHi all... Is there a way to manually disconnect devices such as ttyACM0? I'm using an application that doesn't exit properly, so the port number keeps increasing ach time I reconnect the device.11:18
Cosmojuk, the output was nvidia       8097831    011:18
menawhen i shut-down my machine , it's hanging11:18
jukCosmo: and X output gives what?11:19
soreautombaugh: probably have to look into udev rules11:21
menamy com is hanging when i try shutdown11:21
b0yceActionParsnip,  u there?11:21
B9minimec: that has done well. thank u. I renamed folder & opened it and now it is rescanning library11:22
Cosmojuk,  when I typed X it said Failed to load module "nvidia" (module does not exist, 0)  no drivers available11:22
soreauCosmo: mv or rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:23
b0ycecan anyone else pls try and help me with my sound?11:23
minimecB9: Nice! ;)  That would always be my first step if one of my software doesn't work as expected. The folders are normally in /home/yourname, /home/yourname/.config or /home/yourname/.local11:24
Slartibartgrep -l -e word1 -e word2 * lists files with *either* word1 or word2 in them, right?11:24
soreaub0yce: What kind of card is it?11:24
menai get error when i try shut down my pc??11:24
v_vwhat's up11:24
Slartibartthe opposite of down11:25
soreauSlartibart: egrep "word1|word2"11:25
b0ycesoreau,  how do i find it in ubuntu?11:25
soreaub0yce: lspci if its on the PCI bus11:25
b0yceand where's that? i have only just loaded ubuntu on the cd. i am a noob at this11:26
jukCosmo: sucks, try manually going into /usr/src/nvidia-current-* ; and type: make module; make install11:27
Slartibartsoreau: But that would make an OR condition, right? What if I have to find the files with say 4 given words in them, in any order?11:27
menai have problem? my computer is hanging when i try shutdown11:27
B9minimec: stellar advice I will remember. does it matter what you rename it too? how does this work particular what does it do? I like to know what is going on behind the scene as well11:28
soreauSlartibart: You might have to write a small oneliner bash script depending on what you want to do exactly11:28
cosmo_there now I have my desktop back11:28
soreaucosmo_: compiz --replace and metacity --replace11:29
soreaucosmo_: one wm replaces the other11:29
jribSlartibart: on the same line?11:29
Slartibartsoreau: Thought so.. Thanks.11:29
soreauSlartibart: #bash if you need bash specific help11:30
juksoreau: do you have that config removed, im not sure if it's needed by nvidia, mine in there11:31
cosmo_soreau, I dont have metacity installed only compiz it was nvidia drivers that caused it11:31
minimecB9: When you start a software for the first time, it will launch with system defaults (Sometimes they are stored in /etc, sometimes in /usr/share/). Afterwards the software will always start with your personal configuration stored in some .xy folder or .xyrc file in your /home/yourname directory. removing that folder or file will force the software to create a new personal config file starting with the system defaults.11:32
soreaujuk: Right now, you probably dont have nvidia-commo installed, but your conf file is set to use the nvidia driver11:32
soreaujuk: So either install the driver or use nouveau (which should be the default without a conf file)11:33
raviepic3people i own a laptop with ubuntu 10, 64 bit on it. people say they can reset my root password without my access11:33
raviepic3is this possible ?11:33
raviepic3if yes what should i do or learn to do to avoid this ?11:33
ActionParsnip!noroot | raviepic311:33
ubotturaviepic3: We do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.11:33
soreauraviepic3: What people are telling you this?11:33
jribraviepic3: if they have physical access to the machine they can do that sure (with any unencrypted OS)11:34
juksoreau: no, i have nvidia enabled11:34
soreaujuk: Do you have nvidia-common installed?11:34
raviepic3soreau, friends when i talk about linux vs windows11:34
cosmo_so since I screwed up that instalation what is the correct way to install the newest nvidia drivers?11:34
Loransi get error that my computer hangs when i shut-down it11:34
juksoreau: yes11:34
soreauraviepic3: Id be willing to wager they dont know what theyre talking about11:34
soreaujuk: And you still get the message no drivers when starting X? Try reinstalling it?11:35
raviepic3jrib, how to restrict this ? even if they have physical access to my machine they should not be in a position to do it ?11:35
jribraviepic3: use encryption11:35
juksoreau: nvidia acceleration works, just wondering if that config no needed anymore11:35
raviepic3jrib, any links to read more about it ? encrypt what ? where ? how ?11:35
ActionParsnipjuk: try: sudo dpkg-reconfigure dkms11:35
soreaujuk: You need an xorg.conf file to use a proprietary graphics driver11:36
soreau! ru | Boo111:36
ubottuBoo1: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke11:36
Boo1у меня проблемка еще всплыла =)11:36
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juksoreau: why then you suggested to op to remove it?11:36
ActionParsnipjuk: you may need to run: sudo nvidia-xconfic  to generate an xorg.conf (as soreau says) if your monitor is not reporting edid as it should11:36
soreaujuk: If you didnt have nvidia installed and you just wanted to get into X, its an easy way11:36
raviepic3soreau, challenging them with a known vulnerability is a heavy risk to take, isnt it ! ?11:37
jukActionParsnip: thanks11:37
soreauraviepic3: Its not a known vulnerability11:37
adaxwhat could the cause be of my laptop fan being on high permanently? Even when starting up from a cold laptop.. it's making a lot of noise.11:37
soreauActionParsnip: I said rm or mv, not nvidia-xconfig11:37
raviepic3soreau, any idea where can i learn more about to avoid this ?11:38
jribraviepic3: encrypt everything.  It's up to you to decide if it's worth it to you.  Personally, I only encrypt data that I wouldn't want people to obtain in case my laptop is stolen (my home).  But if you are truly paranoid and don't mind the performance hit, go for your whole system.  You have to decide if it's worth it to you.  For most, it's probably not11:38
cosmo_to install the most recent nvidia drivers do I use the additional drivers app and choose current or what?11:38
juksougata: ah, OK11:38
minimecB9: The name of the config file is normally given by the software, so just changing the name to 'something' is normally enough. Some software might allow you to start with a given configuration file, like  'irssi --config=~/.irssi/myconfig'11:38
soreauraviepic3: google or ##linux11:38
soreauadax: Probably graphics driver driving the card carelessly11:38
soreaucosmo_: yes11:39
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.11:39
adaxsoreau but it happens as soon as i turn the laptop on.. before drivers are loaded. As soon as i press the power button the fan goes to super high11:39
adimitOK, so I've about had it with shoddy pulseaudio; now it's not letting me unmute. It starts out muted, I unmute. For a second or so, I'll hear some sound, and then it's gonna mute again. I can spam the unmute button, and then I can hear my audio choppily. WHAT THE …? Anyone knows what's going on?11:39
raviepic3jrib, from your words i understand he can reset the password and enter into my system but will not be able to take data if encrypted ?! but my question is cant be prevent the entry part itself ?11:39
soreauadax: Then it doesnt have anything to do with ubuntu. Try ##hardware11:39
adimitGoogling doesn't help. Alsa does. Why am I even keeping Pulseaudio again?11:40
soreauadimit: You can remove it11:40
soreau! pulseaudio | adimit11:40
ubottuadimit: PulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions11:40
soreauand removal instructions11:40
adimitsoreau: at which point everything starts to crash and burn, because Ubuntu is expecting pluse to actually be there (i.e. all the default applications.)11:41
adaxoh ok  thanks11:41
soreauadimit: No one is forcing you to use ubuntu11:41
jribraviepic3: you can set a grub password, make sure your laptop does not boot from anything but the hard drive, set a bios password, but none of this prevents your friend from removing the hard drive, accessing it, then putting it back in your laptop11:41
adimityeah, I kinda dread having to reinstall my system, But that's where it's going...11:41
adimitSo I figure, no one here knows the issue either?11:41
cosmo_to restart the x server do I need to do a full reboot or is there a command?11:42
jribcosmo_: sudo service gdm restart11:42
adimitcosmo_: log out and re-log in.11:42
soreauraviepic3: Yea, bottom line is, if someone really wants to maliciously hack you, they will find a way. Better try to keep it in a place where no one can gain physical access11:42
soreaubut I dont think one can easily get your password from ubuntu11:43
mklappstuhldoes anybody know if it is possible to share my eth0 connection through the wifi network card in my cellphone, which is connected via usb?11:45
ninozhi all, i want to log any connections to ports on my server, guessing iptables and some sort of web front end?11:45
soreaumklappstuhl: Probably with masquerading11:46
elHannosninoz: snort may be something for you11:46
penoslol romantic rectum11:46
soreaupenos: enough11:47
DJonespenos: Please don't do that11:47
ninozthanks elHannos11:47
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Akashaahi! I've installed lucid lynx on an Asus A6000, the installation went fine, but the system does not start. Grub does not load.11:48
huy29Hi everybody! I have a problem with Nautilus File Manager :D11:48
soreauAkashaa: Have you tried installing grub manually?11:48
soreau! ask | huy2911:48
ubottuhuy29: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:48
Akashaasoreau: how can I do that if the system does not start?11:49
soreauAkashaa: From a live session11:49
soreau! grub2 | Akashaa11:49
ubottuAkashaa: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub211:49
huy29I cannot access "Computer", "Network" and "Trash" in Nautilus :)11:49
soreauhuy29: What happens when you try?11:50
soreauhuy29: Can you try running this? nautilus computer:11:51
huy29soreau: there is an error messenger: "Nautilus cannot handle "computer" locations11:51
huy29I'm using Openbox, everything works fine, expect Nautilus - it's doesn't work11:52
huy29any help :(11:53
livingdaylightharo, want burn iso to disc. option burn file or contents. Which?11:54
mklappstuhlsoreau: what does that mean exactly11:55
livingdaylightubuntu peeple?11:55
soreaumklappstuhl: masquerading is a way to share a connection. See this http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=4&ved=0CCsQFjAD&url=http%3A%2F%2Fubuntuforums.org%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D91370&ei=AlR_TZLSBtSz0QH12_T2CA&usg=AFQjCNFit-twh9KjrmErWQDKFAd9fEGyEQ&sig2=smJXCB5Zhr-YMrwHruNM0Q11:57
soreaumklappstuhl: I meant this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=9137011:58
livingdaylight haro, want burn iso to disc. option burn file or contents. Which?11:58
dcorbin_wrkIs there a way to have upstart log what events are being fired?11:59
huy29livingdaylight: Are you using K3b??11:59
soreaudcorbin_wrk: /var/log/syslog ?11:59
soreaulivingdaylight: You might be able to get away with wodim -v /path/to/image.iso dev=/dev/sr012:00
dcorbin_wrksoreau: I do not find such in there.  There is some logging from some of the init-launched daemons, but not from init12:01
dcorbin_wrk(that I can see12:01
huy29When I try running Nautilus, there an error messenger: "Nautilus cannot handle "computer" locations". Any help :)12:01
livingdaylighthuy29, i use gnome12:01
Wise_what's the easiest way to migrate a linux install to a new harddrive?12:02
Wise_could I make a disk image off the original harddrive and put that on the new one later?12:02
ActionParsnipWise_: rsync or dd12:03
ActionParsnipWise_: or partimage12:03
kodapawinXperts__: 5712:03
kodapawinXperts__: tried to write /win[tab]57 to change irssi window, sorry12:04
soreauhuy29: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/ubuntu-linux/141637-solved-nautilus-cannot-handle-computer-locations.html12:04
huy29soreau: thank you :)12:04
soreauWise_: Or just install both hdds side by side and cp -a12:04
Wise_soreau; and that should work without problems?12:05
soreauWise_: Well, you want to pay attention to /etc/fstab and /etc/mtab and edit accordingly12:05
elHannosWise_: If there is a bootloader on the partition you want to copy, you have to handle that seperate, if you work with 'cp'.12:05
soreauhuy29: Let me know if that works12:06
soreauWise_: Yea, have to configure the boot loader etc12:06
huy29soreau: I tried: "sudo mv /usr/local /usr/local.old & sudo mkdir /usr/local" but it doesn't work12:07
soreauhuy29: Well I think its a bug in gvfs12:07
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Wise_elHannos; ok so what about just making a disk image, would that avoid bootloader/fstab/mtab-editing / problems?12:07
huy29soreau: :D, yeah, I think so12:08
pokebearLets say I would like to have this terminal opened every time I start my computer, with irssi and connecting to this network. How would I make something like that happen? I'm a total newbie to Linux12:08
soreauhuy29: Ok, try rebooting12:09
ravengpodder - what's this?? http://picpaste.com/9e4769c8566bdabb50d2c18d5f7f46aa.png12:09
huy29soreau: okay :D12:09
soreaupokebear: You can set apps to start in sys>prefs>startup applications12:10
soreaupokebear: gnome-terminal -x irssi12:10
soreauor whatever command you use to start your irc client12:10
pokebearsoreau: Thanks alot!12:10
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SenjaiStupid question: Im just really curious, What C++ editor was used on the social code? I havent seen it before12:12
soreauSenjai: The social code?12:12
SenjaiThe movie.12:12
soreauSenjai: You mean the social network?12:12
ravengpodder - what's this?? http://picpaste.com/9e4769c8566bdabb50d2c18d5f7f46aa.png12:12
yuzodohi there guys12:12
yuzodoi installed ndiswrapper so i can use windows drivers for my wifi on ubuntu, however i don't have windows anymore so i can't get them, unless you guys know how?12:13
Senjaisoreau: this one: http://bit.ly/dG3TnPhttp://bit.ly/dG3TnP12:13
Senjaisoreau: http://bit.ly/dG3TnP sorry.. the one in that picture12:13
ravenhow to controll the networking traffic on mobile networks?12:14
Senjairaven: you mean 3G/edge?12:14
soreauSenjai: I cant really tell. Could be geany but probably some vim variant12:14
Senjairaven: thats illegal12:14
Senjai!ot | raven12:14
ubotturaven: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:14
ravenSenjai, i am looking for a tool ive just forgotten12:15
yuzodoc'mon yo, I'm in a hurry12:15
Senjairaven: I dont, and Im sure ubuntu doesnt support hacking 3g networks12:15
romantic_rectumHi all. I've got a problem. When I chose from gnome panel drive which is not yet mounted the system promps me for password. I guess it may have something to do with the fact that I hashed user in visudo, still I would like it to keep it that way. Any suggestions?12:15
Senjairaven: if your looking for liek a 3g api thats different12:15
ravenNOT HACKING12:15
KomotiveHello all12:15
Senjairaven: OH sorry :(12:15
Senjairaven: Your looking for a tool to get something on a network then? A Driver?12:15
SenjaisoreauI think its vim12:15
KomotiveI wonder if anyone can help with an UbuntuOne issue I'm experiencing?12:16
Senjaisoreau: Its nice though12:16
ravenhow to display the used networking traffic on mobile networks per month?12:16
soreauyuzodo: What wifi chip is it?12:16
yuzodohow can i retrieve windows' wifi driver(s)?12:16
yuzodosoreau, broadcom 431212:16
yuzodosoreau, i've tried literally everything but ndiswrapper12:16
Senjairaven: Uhmm, for your own devices? I dont know, you might need to install a monitoring tool on the devices.12:17
soreauyuzodo: You can get drivers from the manufacturers website usually12:17
soreau! broadcom | yuzodo12:17
ubottuyuzodo: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx12:17
yuzodosoreau, so from broadcom or dell?12:17
ravenSenjai, i am looking for such a monitoring tool12:17
Senjairaven, hmm let me check12:17
soreauyuzodo: broadcom or use the linux drivers12:17
Senjairaven, for what mobile device?12:18
yuzodosoreau, k, tried the linux ones, had issues and stuff12:18
Abhijitanyone with qt knowledge?12:18
soreauyuzodo: issues with what?12:18
ravenSenjai, 3g stick12:18
soreau! ask | Abhijit12:18
ubottuAbhijit: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:18
yuzodosoreau, lemme tell you by PM12:18
Senjaiokay, so its just a 3g stick on your computer?12:18
Abhijitwhen i try to run g++ qtap.cpp it give error qttui not found. but the same file runs in qt creator12:18
Abhijitwhats missing?12:18
Abhijithow to tell g++ where to look fot qtgui12:18
SenjaiAbhijit Check out #qt-creator if nobody here can answer your question12:19
Senjairaven, its just a 3g stic off of your computer?12:19
AbhijitSenjai, no12:19
pokebearAnother question: How do I search for files in a terminal window? I would like to start using the terminal as much as possible, as I want to get away from the user interface as much as possible. : >12:19
AbhijitSenjai, its nothing to do with qt creator. its to do with ubuntu12:19
dcorbin_wrkpokebar: man find12:19
lesshasteI get a really weird corrupted text problem which I think is down to my graphics griver.. I am using radeon.. is there an alternative?12:19
ravenSenjai, yes12:19
Abhijitqt creator runs my application is not my problem.12:20
Abhijitg++ dont run my application IS my problem12:20
Picipokebear: man find, but thats rather intimidating.  find /path/ -iname "*words*"   will do a case-insenstive search for files in /path/12:20
Picipokebear: That should get you started with understanding how the switches for find work.12:20
SenjaiAbhijit from my knowledge of C++, you dont have your paths set to find the library12:20
soreauAbhijit: You have to use -L /path/to/qtlib12:20
SenjaiAbhijit ^^12:20
soreaulesshaste: What card is it?12:21
Abhijitsoreau 'where' to look for qt includes in 'UBUNTU'?12:21
lesshastesoreau: 01:05.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ATI Technologies Inc RS480 [Radeon Xpress 200G Series] [1002:5954]12:21
Senjairaven, that should be simple12:21
pokebearWell, I want to look for the irssi config-file, but I don't know where the application gets installed when I use apt-get install-cmd. So for searching for files, where I don't know where to look? :-P12:21
soreauAbhijit: /usr/lib probably12:21
lesshastesoreau: it's a newish problem (on lucid lynx) so I assume it's a bug12:21
Senjairaven, http://humdi.net/vnstat/ maybe?12:21
ravenSenjai, ok tnx12:21
soreaulesshaste: I think its already fixed upstream in recent kernels12:22
yuzodosoreau, I can't find the driver on the site12:22
lesshastesoreau: oh.. you heard of it?12:22
lesshastesoreau: I am not alone! :)12:22
Senjairaven, seeing as though your using a 3g stick, any network logger will work for your purposes12:22
soreaulesshaste: Yes, I had font corruption for awhile12:22
Dr_Willis_TCLpokebear,  try a 'sudo updatedb' then a 'locate irssi'12:22
lesshastesoreau: any idea of a bug reference?12:22
soreaulesshaste: Are you using xorg-edgers repo?12:22
lesshastesoreau: I don't think so.. I think I am just on the default12:22
Senjaisoreau, is qt in ubuntu by default?12:23
joeghianyone knows what is the chkconfig equivalent in ubuntu for turning on and off services?12:23
pokebearDr_Willis_TCL: Thanks alot12:23
lesshastesoreau: but I installed this a while ago so how do I check?12:23
Dr_Willis_TCLjoe75,  theres the service command.. but that does not permently disable services.12:23
soreaulesshaste: Can you do a test for me please? Do videos play ok for you? Specifically, xv output: mplayer -vo xv /path/to/some/video.ext12:23
Dr_Willis_TCLjoe75,  never noticed a command that manages upstart that way. theres some for the older sysv services..12:23
joe75tab fail >_>12:23
soreauSenjai: I dont think so12:24
soreauSenjai: Its more of a kde thing12:24
serpentologistHow do i start Ubuntu in console mode? I mean without graphical system running12:24
jribserpentologist: why?  Forever or just once?12:24
Dr_Willis_TCLserpentologist,  use the 'text' kernel boot option is one way12:24
joe75Hexley: tab complete ftl12:24
soreauserpentologist: Append single to the kernel line12:24
Dr_Willis_TCLthat disables gdm from starting and disables plymouth12:24
Dr_Willis_TCLi wonder how single differs from text.. Perhaps some services dont get started in single?12:25
lesshastesoreau: which part of the output do you want? http://pastebin.com/c2pCLsH512:25
soreauDr_Willis_TCL: I am wondering too now12:25
Dr_Willis_TCLsingle auto logs in dosent it? ive not used single in ages.12:25
soreauDr_Willis_TCL: single is used for recovery mode afaik12:25
Dr_Willis_TCLsingle = opens a root shell? or is that recovery.  :)12:25
jribsoreau, Dr_Willis_TCL: yes, single is recovery mode12:25
Dr_Willis_TCLsingle = recovery then? but recovery also launches that recovery menu.12:26
soreaulesshaste: I dont want the output, I just wanted to know if it plays ok12:26
lesshastesoreau: plays fine :)12:26
soreaulesshaste: Try installing xorg-edgers and see if the problem goes away12:26
SenjaiDoes anyone know a media player in Ubuntu that has output quality similar to iTunes?12:26
serpentologistis there some key combination to press during boot process to launch a menu with possible options for booting? i tried pressing esc but it had no effect12:26
ActionParsnipserpentologist: add the boot option:  text     and you will be a user in text mode, no X server will run12:27
aCiD2Hi, having a bit of trouble getting grub2 to work now that I've changed hard drives. I've updated /etc/fstab to point to my new partition uuids, and update-grub uses the correct /boot partition, but is still using my old / uuid (on the other drive)12:27
lesshastesoreau: ok.. thanks.. I should find the bug reference too12:27
joeghiDr_Willis_TCL: then how to enable or disable services at startup permanently?12:27
aCiD2Any idea what I could be missing?12:27
coz_Senjai,  rhythmbox ?12:27
soreauSenjai: There used to be songbird, but I think they may have discontinued linux support12:27
ActionParsnipSenjai: depends on config of sound. I use deadbeef + pulseaudio-mixer. Works like a champ12:27
Senjaicoz_, when you use a subwoofer, the quality is poor with rythmbox12:27
jribaCiD2: update uuid in grub configuration?12:27
SenjaiActionParsnip Good quality with a sound system/12:27
serpentologistActionParsnip, what file should i edit? grub's menu.lst?12:27
Abhijitsoreau, there is kde 4 and qt 4 folders but they dont have include files12:27
ActionParsnipSenjai: the sound quality is usually down to the initial file played as well as the hardware used12:28
Dr_Willis_TCLjoeghi,  if they are upstart based . rename the ./etc/init/ file. or edit it. as needed. or just remvoe the service.12:28
soreau! compile | Abhijit12:28
ubottuAbhijit: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)12:28
ActionParsnipserpentologist: in /etc/default/grub   in the quotes with: quiet splash12:28
aCiD2jrib: no, since the move to grub2 you don't do that manually12:28
Dr_Willis_TCLserpentologist,  are you using grub1 or 2?  the text option is for the newer ubuntu versions.. that default to grub212:28
soreauAbhijit: You can also try ##c++12:28
aCiD2jrib: it uses os-prober to determine that stuff now12:28
jribaCiD2: well did it?12:28
aCiD2I'm going to try chrooting into the copied system, and running update-grub from there12:28
aCiD2jrib: no... hence my question12:28
jribaCiD2: yeah, so edit it manually12:28
coz_Senjai,   here is a list of media players   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Linux_media_players12:28
SenjaiAbhijit your question is a C++ question. Ask in ##c++ for those questions.12:29
ActionParsnipSenjai: try a few, see which you lik. As I say, most of sound quality isn't the app. I suggest you grab pulseaudio mixer so you can tweak the sound12:29
AbhijitSenjai, no its not.12:29
aCiD2jrib: no, because then it will just get broken again when I update my kernel12:29
ActionParsnipsee above serpentologist:12:29
ActionParsnipSenjai: sorry, wrong targer12:29
AbhijitSenjai, c++ is nothing to dith which library is where in my ubuntu12:29
jribaCiD2: no it won't12:29
soreauSenjai: Yea, its probably pulseaudio being crappy, your sound card or audio drivers12:29
jribaCiD2: the problem is with your existing entries12:29
SenjaiAbhijit Yes it does, those libraries are installed by qt or kde, not ubuntu12:29
coz_Senjai,   do you have a pro sound card?12:30
SenjaiAbhijit They do not come with ubuntu, you have to replace them, or find out where they are.12:30
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Senjaicoz_ Yes12:30
coz_Senjai,  same here,,, which one?12:30
=== pokegroup is now known as pokebear
SenjaiActionParsnip Ill check it out, deadbeef sounds cool12:30
ActionParsnipSenjai: its light and able :)12:30
joeghiDr_Willis_TCL: update-rc.d can be used or is reserved to package scripts?12:31
coz_deadbeef is kinda cool12:31
Senjaicoz_ SoundFX I think12:31
coz_Senjai,   which manufacturer?12:31
Senjaicoz_ one sec let me open my sys info12:31
Senjaicoz_ (on my windows boot atm.)12:31
bullgardWhat purpose serves a certain value of the environmant variable GNOME_KEYRING_PID?12:31
coz_Senjai,  ah ok12:31
aCiD2Running update-grub within a chroot environment seems to have fixed this12:31
coz_Senjai,  in ubuntu  simply open alsamixer  it should be listed there  as well12:32
Fuchsbullgard: it is the unique process identifier12:32
Senjaicoz_ IDT High Def.12:32
Fuchsbullgard: used to identify the process providing the current keyring process.12:32
Senjaicoz_ its the one that comes with Dell XPS12:32
Laurenceb_is there a way to make notifications dissapear?12:32
bullgardFuchs: Thank you.12:32
Ubunewbhey does anyone know how to start compiz on startup? ubuntu 10.04. everytime I restart ubuntu, compiz deactivates again12:32
Laurenceb_theres no cross on them in 10.0412:32
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz12:33
Fuchsbullgard: you can check it with `pidof` or pgrep12:33
Dr_Willis_TCLjoeghi,  im not sure if that command works with the new Upstart based services or not...12:33
Dr_Willis_TCLjoeghi,  it should work with the older sysv type services.12:33
coz_Senjai,   seems the driver in windows for that particular card  has given some issues as well... you could check in #alsa for compiling the alsa driver for that specifig card,,, I have to do that ,, espeicially on Lucid,,12:34
coz_Senjai, If you want full functionality that may be the way to go12:34
Senjaicoz_ alsa?12:35
coz_Senjai,   yes the alsa sound driver12:35
Senjaicoz_ The reason im on windows is for good sound quality atm12:35
Senjaicoz_ want my music to play on my system properly12:35
coz_Senjai,  it can be tweaked  during compile.12:35
soreauSenjai: Then you need to install the right drivers12:35
coz_Senjai,  pulseaudio may not support all features of that card12:35
coz_Senjai,  not really  for me the command is  ,/configure --with-cards=layla24  --with-oss=yes --with-sequencer=yes12:36
Senjaicoz_ with alsa?12:36
romantic_rectumI installed xorg and gnome-core, now I have problem mounting drives from nautilus as a user. Help.12:36
Senjairomantic_rectum you can mount in terminal, but not nautilus?12:37
coz_Senjai,   yes   that would be the command "for my card" with the alsa driver ,, then the  alsa libs  and then the alsa firmware,,,not sure firmware would be needed on your card  but you might have to do a bit of research12:37
StrangeCharmis there a good way to tell which firefox addons are slowing things down?12:37
Senjaicoz_ Didnt know about this, thanks for your help[12:37
b0otcoz_, do you know of anyway that might work to start a script @boot with root access when the script fails with crontab, rc.local, and linking it to init.d (it runs but segfaults when it gets to a program) but runs fine when I wait until ubuntu boots and run it in the terminal? I have also tried to manually set the $PATH and $TERM in the script without sucess.12:37
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SenjaiStrangeCharm, probably anything that involves logging, GUI, etc.12:38
romantic_rectumSenjai, I honestly don't think so, however, accessing unmounted partition from nautilus was never (with regular installations) a problem. I think I just need to set something.12:38
Senjairomantic_rectum, you dual boot?12:38
coz_b0ot,  the person here I would trust with script is soreau ,,:)12:38
romantic_rectumSenjai, Yes.12:38
Senjairomantic_rectum, do you know what partition your windows machine is on12:38
romantic_rectumSenjai, Yes.12:38
Dr_Willis_TCLromantic_rectum, theres proberly some gvfs services you need.12:39
Senjairomantic_rectum, like /dev/sda3?12:39
AbhijitOmg!!! Omg!! My first qt application runns successfully!!!! :-D12:39
StrangeCharmSenjai, i'm not totally clear what the logical extrapolation is from logging and gui12:39
b0otsoreau, any ideas?12:39
romantic_rectumDr_Willis_TCL, that may be it.12:39
romantic_rectumSenjai, Yes.12:39
coz_Abhijit,   :)12:39
pokebearI am trying to set-up IRSSI using this guide: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1010780 - however I can't get pass the "Automatically connect..." part, mkdir $HOME/.irssi/scripts/autorun doesn't work, nothing happens. The second line works, but I can't find it :P12:39
Senjairomantic_rectum, go into terminal, type: sudo mount /dev/sda3 /media/DriveName/ -t ntfs12:39
Senjairomantic_rectum where drivename is the drive name of your windows partition.12:40
TobalJacksonhello ubuntu chat12:40
Senjairomantic_rectum first check if that works12:40
Dr_Willis_TCLpokebear,  is there a .irssi/scripts directory? is there an autorun directroy in that dir?12:40
sacarlsonb0ot: you can create a crontab script with line start of @reboot  to start at boot,  if you sudo crontab -e  then it will be started in root with root privs12:40
TobalJacksonI was wondering if anyone could help me construct a bash script12:40
romantic_rectumSenjai, it works, already checked it, thou I am using root, not sudo.12:40
pokebearThere's no irssi-dir in home12:40
Dr_Willis_TCLTobalJackson,  dozens of bash script guides there.12:40
TobalJacksonspecifically, I'm trying to figure out if12:40
Dr_Willis_TCLpokebear,  read it closely.. it says .irssi   see the . ?12:40
b0otsacarlson, thanks for the suggestion, but I have already tried that without sucesss. My script will call a program that segfaults12:40
TobalJacksonI can truncate a grep return with SED12:41
Dr_Willis_TCLpokebear,  its a hidden directory.12:41
Senjairomantic_rectum oh, your logged in as root?12:41
pokebearYes, but there's no such thing. lost+found, +user +Games12:41
Dr_Willis_TCLTobalJackson,  grep patterh file | sed sedoptoions12:41
sacarlsonb0ot: then add a sleep 30 or some time in your script or find what is needed to be running for it to work12:41
TobalJacksonif i do 'sudo blkid | grep -i NtFs'12:41
romantic_rectumSenjai, no, just on one of terminals.12:41
pokebearIt didn't create a new dir. Do I need the -pv attributes? Tried running with sudo, nothing happened either.12:41
Dr_Willis_TCLpokebear,  your home direcotry is for your users..  You most likely dont have those dirs in your home directory.12:41
TobalJacksonand what I want to do is truncate the return to just the '/dev/sdb1'12:41
Dr_Willis_TCLpokebear,  i think you need to  spend an hr learning some bash basics..12:42
Senjairomantic_rectum, oh so when you try to mount through nautilus what happend12:42
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Dr_Willis_TCLpokebear,   you did NOT want to use sudo that would make the dir owned by root,12:42
TobalJacksonright now without truncating the return it looks like '/dev/sdb1: LABEL="HD E" ........blah blah'12:42
sacarlsonb0ot: I asume you also provide complete path when you do anything in crontab12:42
romantic_rectumSenjai, I forgot to mention that it looks the same for ext4 partitions12:42
pokebearDr_Willis_TCL: I think so too! :)12:42
b0otsacarlson, I was under the impression that the env didn't change if it was called with crontab... is that not correct?12:42
Dr_Willis_TCLpokebear,  also you may want to check out 'weechat' if you want a console based irc client.12:43
TobalJacksonis there a way to just capture the first 10 characters of a text return12:43
sacarlsonb0ot: env is completely different so maybe create a source script to setup as needed12:43
Dr_Willis_TCLTobalJackson,  awk, or sed can do that i recall.12:43
romantic_rectumSenjai, 'autentication is requited to mount this device' promps for password.12:43
pokebearMore newbie friendly? :)12:43
buschwuschherro, i can't get the unity launcher for maverick can't i?12:43
Dr_Willis_TCLpokebear,  if you want newbie friendly.. get xchat.12:43
TobalJacksonright, I'm pretty sure one of them can too, i just don't know the terminology to earch for12:43
krokophi. i've gave a 'chmod -R www-data:www-data /var/www', but everytime i create there dir or file it's created with user priviledges (for example user:group, and i want it do be user:www-data). how can I do that? i want every file and dir to be created with user:www-data priviledges.12:43
=== Katreyo is now known as Senjai
b0otsacarlson, I guess what i'm asking is if I call something with crontab and the script has a sleep 30, even after the script is called the env is still different than the normal env because it was called with crontab isn't it?12:44
Senjaithat was weird12:44
pokebearI like a challenge, I don't mind getting into problems. It's part of the learning process. :P12:44
Dr_Willis_TCLTobalJackson,  theres dozens of ;'quick awk' script and 'quick sed' examples out there on the web. i always have to look stuff up  when i use them.  dont use them a lotl12:44
jribkrokop: use Access Control Lists (man setfacl; man getfacl; note you need to add the "acl" option to the partition in fstab)12:44
pokebearI'll try them both out. Thanks12:44
Dr_Willis_TCLpokebear,  spend the time learning  some bash first. :)12:44
TobalJacksonDr_Willis_TCL: what terms should I search for? Truncate stdout with awk|sed?12:44
Senjairomantic_rectum are you aware your name is romantic rectum/12:44
Dr_Willis_TCLTobalJackson,  awk/sed oneliners  proberly will tgive pages of quick examples.12:45
romantic_rectumsejo, ronnie's_rectum was taken.12:45
Senjairomantic_rectum disturbing lol12:45
krokopjrib: can umask do this?12:45
TobalJacksonhmm, ok thanks, I'll try searching12:45
sacarlsonb0ot: yes the env is different at start and at end it makes no difference the sesion is closed12:45
soreauDr_Willis_TCL: TCL?12:46
b0otsacarlson, I already set my $PATH and $TERM variables... what other ones could be causing the problem12:46
jribkrokop: no. The alternative to using Access Control Lists is to setgid /var/www, make the group www-data, and make sure umask for users is 002.  But this won't work on subdirectories of /var/www/ automatically.12:46
soreaub0ot: Make sure to use absolute paths12:46
b0otsoreau, for which part?12:47
soreaub0ot: use absolute paths to any programs or scripts you are referencing12:48
b0otsoreau, my scripts start, they just segfault when they call a program, but the program itself starts so I don't think it is a path issue. (I could be mistaken)12:48
sacarlsonb0ot: I'm not sure you need to look inside the scripts you run to see what env values it uses.  maybe just copy the env you know it works in and import that into the cron sesion if needed12:48
soreaub0ot: If your script is segfaulting, that sounds like more of a personal problem :P12:48
veshhello there have ubuntu server installed on virtual box but have limited the hard disk space to 100gig fixed is there anyway of having this increased12:48
b0otsoreau,  do you know of anyway that might work to start a script @boot with root access when the script fails with crontab, rc.local, and linking it to init.d (it runs but segfaults when it gets to a program) but runs fine when I wait until ubuntu boots and run it in the terminal? I have also tried to manually set the $PATH and $TERM in the script without sucess.12:48
soreauvesh: Ask in #vbox12:49
b0otsoreau, so I know the program itself works, just not the way that cron and it's related programs start it12:49
sacarlsonsoreau: I guess b0ot must have some custom program that uses some custom libs and when run in cron it must run the wrong lib?12:49
soreaub0ot: I have no idea what is segfaulting for you or why12:49
soreausacarlson: no idea12:50
Dr_Willis_TCLsoreau,  on Tiny Core Linux right now. :)12:50
soreauDr_Willis_TCL: oh neat12:50
b0otsoreau, any ideas on other ways I could start the script?12:50
soreaub0ot: You pretty much named them all12:50
sacarlsonb0ot: maybe your program needs an xserver?12:51
soreaub0ot: Maybe it would help to explain more exactly what you are trying to do12:51
Dr_Willis_TCLb0ot,  what is this thing doing exdactly? rc.local is about far into the boot process as it gets..12:51
b0otsacarlson, soreau Dr_Willis_TCL I have a script that simply calls a program which was supplied by my mpegencoder vendor that turns on my mpegencoder and streams the video locally via rtp to port 707012:52
Dr_Willis_TCLb0ot,  its not got a X GUI interface? text only app?12:53
=== ruan_ is now known as ruan
b0ottext only, no interaction with it (it does output text letting you know details) but does not require input12:53
=== ruan is now known as Guest75009
TobalJacksonDr_Willis_TCL: on this page http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/pseries/v5r3/index.jsp?topic=/com.ibm.aix.genprogc/doc/genprogc/manip_strings_sed.htm do you think I can use the \d command to somehow capture the first 10 characters of each line?12:53
=== Dink[a] is now known as Dink
romantic_rectumDr_Willis_TCL, Some people found solution to coresponding problem with this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1350526&page=2 ,however, I don't have that files. You mentioned I may need to install something.12:54
Dr_Willis_TCLTobalJackson,  theres proberly a dozen ways to get the first 10 characters from a line.    You could just use awk/sed  and a regular expression also. to match 10 characters12:54
Dr_Willis_TCLromantic_rectum,  i dont even remember what your problem is/was :)12:54
sacarlsonb0ot: did you try the delay start of a few minits or whatever time you nomaly take to start in in a terminal.  I guess if your network is slow to get started is the only thing I see that might cause a problem12:55
b0otIf I could change the program to be able to run at the userlevel would starting the script with startup applications allow it to have the same env as if it I started it normally in terminal after ubuntu loaded? I have also attempted to launch the script with screen?12:55
romantic_rectumDr_Willis_TCL, : ) same as in thread. Nautilus (?) request authentication during mount.12:55
b0otsacarlson, I could try but the computer boots fairly quickly (ssd)12:56
soreaub0ot: Have you tried putting a delay to start the script until the system is all the way up?12:56
b0otI will go give it a try. I have to go for now. Thank you very much for your suggestions soreau Dr_Willis_TCL sacarlson. I will let you know how it goes.12:56
Dr_Willis_TCLromantic_rectum,  i dont bother with building minimal gnome builds. :) i tossed all my  older machines.12:57
erezhello all, I accidentally bind the delete key to a different shortcut, however, when I disabled the shortcut, the delete key still doesn't work12:58
korayhi everyone12:58
erezAny ideas how I can fix this?12:58
soreauerez: How did you bind it?12:58
korayis there any software you can advise us just like notepad++ ?12:58
erezSystem> Preference> Keyboard Shortcuts12:58
erezI mistook it for backspace to clear a key12:59
ActionParsniperez: could you bind DEL to DEL ?12:59
Dr_Willis_TCLkoray,  theres dozens of text editors out there. Personally I perfer geany over notepad++12:59
ActionParsnipkoray: gedit12:59
erezActionParsnip: that would be something :)13:00
erezbut how13:00
TobalJacksoni got it13:00
TobalJacksonsudo blkid grep -i nTfS | cut -c 1-913:00
Dr_Willis_TCLthats how most keys do the binding  stuff.. click on the bind button.. select the key...13:00
TobalJacksonsudo blkid | grep -i nTfS | cut -c 1-913:00
TobalJacksoncut -c 1-9 captures first 10 characters13:01
erezkoray, Gnome has Gedit which is an excellent editor, KDE has Kate, which is even better13:01
erezDr_Willis_TCL, in keyboard shortcuts?13:01
koraythanks friends13:01
Dr_Willis_TCLerez,  yes.  I think so.13:02
Dr_Willis_TCLIm not in gnome so cant check13:03
erezDr_Willis_TCL, what's the "delete" action called?13:03
Dr_Willis_TCLIm not in gnome so cant check.. so no idea13:03
mksysbHi there, has anyone had stability issues with 10.10?  I have 10.10/64-bit on ESXi and using tightvnc and all windows are crashing on me13:03
Dr_Willis_TCLif all else fails. fire up  the gconf editor and look at its shortcuts stuff.13:04
cosmo_do I need remote desktop to load at startup or can I remove it?13:04
=== DarkV_ is now known as Mufasa
Dr_Willis_TCLcosmo_,  are you ever going to use the feature? if not then disable it.. i wouldent 'uninstall' it.13:04
ActionParsniperez: not sure, not something I do, but it makes sense13:04
cosmo_Dr_Willis_TCL,  I just meant remove it from startup13:05
Dr_Willis_TCLcosmo_,  try it and see.. shouldent hurt anything.13:05
Dr_Willis_TCLif you are not going to use it.. :)13:05
Dr_Willis_TCLIt proberly just checks to see if its enabled13:05
soreauDr_Willis_TCL: proberly? lol13:06
=== twn39 is now known as tangweinan
Dr_Willis_TCLthe tool has settings to disable it.. so it sees if its set to allow or not.. you are nog really going to notice much differance  if you remvoe the entry i imagien.13:06
ActionParsnipcosmo_: if you don't use it then remove it13:07
gartralhello all, I booted up this morning and it appears as though my sound system got corrupted.. I can't open open sound preferences too look at anything because it just gives a popup box saying "Waiting for sound system"13:08
gartralhow do i reload?13:09
thiago_apartmentSAVE JAPAN13:09
coz_gartral,   you can try   pulseaudio -k ... killall pulsaudio..... pulseaudio --check13:09
coz_gartral,   then reboot13:09
ActionParsnipgartral: try:  killall pulseaudio; rm -r |/.pulse*    then press ALT+F2 and run:  pulseaudio13:10
gartralcoz_: hmm. this is bad pulseaudio -k says No such Daemon13:10
coz_gartral,  pulseaudio --check to see what is running13:11
soreauActionParsnip: How does that work? rm -r |/.pulse*13:11
ActionParsnipgartral: sorry:  rm -r |/.pulse*   == |~/.pulse*13:11
gartralcoz_: returns me too ~$13:11
coz_gartral,  mmm13:11
gartralActionParsnip: I caught that, but thank you13:11
dudkohi, pls, how to disable saned? I have no link in rc2.d, no *.conf in /etc/init. tehre is only saned in /etc/default, wtih RUN=no.thanks!13:11
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=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest96338
Wise_how painful would it be to move a linux install to a new harddrive through disk image/clone?13:13
coz_gartral,  I believe    pulseaudio -D    should restart13:13
SenjaiWise_, same hardware? painless.13:13
=== Dink is now known as Dink[a]
gartralActionParsnip: are you sure there should be a pipeline?13:13
RabbitbunnyWhy does YouTube only load a.. tanish (colorblind) box sometimes? Any video. Chromium on 10.04.13:14
Wise_Senjai; the HDD make and size will be different13:14
coz_Rabbitbunny,  does this happne in firefox?13:14
gartralcoz_: just followed ActionParsnip's directions, brb rebooting13:15
SenjaiWise_ not a problem, just make sure you have your boot loader set up properly13:15
coz_gartral,  ok13:15
SenjaiWise_, make sure its formatted ext413:15
Rabbitbunnycoz_: Yes.13:15
coz_Rabbitbunny,  link me to one13:16
secretary_linuxHi all. A system fell the way of rm -r on hardlinks the other day. I restored files from a backup, but it just so happens the backup was from before the last kernel update. Now the system is kernel panicing when I try to boot it. How can I reinstall just the kernel and relevant packages from a bootable install USB stick with the server install iso on it?13:16
Senjaisecretary_linux what a well formed question13:16
Senjaisecretary_linux so rare lol13:16
soreausecretary_linux: Probably need to chroot into the filesystem13:16
secretary_linuxSenjai: thanks, I find that when I'm here not asking questions, I'm usually saying "please expand on what you mean"13:17
Rabbitbunnycoz_: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4u2ZsoYWwJA&feature=related13:17
coz_secretary_linux, :)13:17
coz_Rabbitbunny,  checking13:17
secretary_linuxsoreau: yes that sounds right to me. the thing is, I haven't done this without some kind of documentation or safety net13:17
Senjaisecretary_linux, chroot the local filesystem as soreau said13:17
dudkohi, pls, how to disable saned? I have no link in rc2.d, no *.conf in /etc/init. there is only saned in /etc/default, with RUN=no.thanks!13:17
Senjaisecretary_linux, installing the kernel will not change the files on the disc13:17
soreausecretary_linux: Try reading how to chroot when repairing grub13:18
soreau! grub2 | secretary_linux13:18
ubottusecretary_linux: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub213:18
erezHi, still having this annoying issue:, I accidentally bind the delete key to a different shortcut, however, when I disabled the shortcut, the delete key still doesn't work13:18
gartralActionParsnip: thank you very much, what causes that glitch?13:18
soreaududko: uninstall it?13:18
Rabbitbunnyerez: Bind it back to 'delete'13:18
gartralerez: your going too have too rebind it as a delete key13:18
* Senjai is getting distracted by irc again13:18
coz_Rabbitbunny,  ok this is what I get   http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/Screenshot-YouTube%20-%20Louis%20C.K.%20%22Why%3F%22%20-%20Mozilla%20Firefox.png    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/Screenshot-YouTube%20-%20Louis%20C.K.%20%22Why%3F%22%20-%20Mozilla%20Firefox-1.png13:18
erezRabbitbunny, gartral: how do I do that?13:19
dudkosoreau: too easy. who does start saned?13:19
ircuserLeft mouse click doesn't work anywhere except on Desktop, in right click menus. It creates a wobbly effect on click anywhere else. How to solve this?13:19
secretary_linuxis there a way to verify/repair/reinstall all installed packages?13:19
soreau! info saned13:19
coz_Rabbitbunny,  can you screenshot your issue?13:19
soreau!info saned13:19
ubottuPackage saned does not exist in maverick13:19
gartralcoz_: ActionParsnip fixed me up13:20
coz_gartral,  very cool :)13:20
Rabbitbunnycoz_: uploading13:20
soreauircuser: What do you mean it creates a wobbly effect?13:20
soreauircuser: Do you mean like water?13:20
coz_yeah wobbly :)13:20
erezPlease, how do I bind it to "delete"? There isn't such an option in the keyboard shortcut menu13:21
ircusersoreau: Like wobbly effect of Ubuntu desktop. When we select that special effect. Right click works fine.13:21
Senjaichpsheng, eww IPv613:21
Rabbitbunnycoz_: http://imgur.com/a/CUee913:21
soreauircuser: You mean rippling effect? Can you show a screenshot?13:21
Senjaierez, is \b on the shortcut menu?13:21
coz_Rabbitbunny,  you get no video at all?13:22
Rabbitbunnycoz_: Mhmm13:22
ircuserI am logged into my office's window machine. I will get one when I go to home but I am not sure I will be able to. Anyway, I will try using Keyboard.13:22
ircusersoreau: please read above.13:22
coz_Rabbitbunny,  you have flash installed ...yes?13:22
jattcompiz is buggy don13:22
jatt't use it13:22
Rabbitbunnycoz_: Now, it worked twenty minutes ago, perfectly.13:22
=== om26er_ is now known as om26er
coz_Rabbitbunny,  whoa... were there recent updates? sorry if you already mentioned that13:23
gartraljatt: yea, compiz is also outdated, we use Compiz-Fuzion now13:24
coz_jatt,  ?/ you have a buggy compiz install?13:24
Rabbitbunnycoz_: Oh. I did install a chromium update earlier, but I've rebooted and watched a video since then. And, this has been happening for about a week.13:24
velopeoh, that hola was 3hours late13:24
coz_Rabbitbunny,  I am sitting here scratching my head,,, let me think13:25
erezSenjai, no13:25
jattI have similar problems, when compiz is on the window selector applet behaves erratically13:25
gartraljatt: now.. i'll be the first too atest that Compiz is SLOW.13:25
Senjaierez, backspace?13:25
soreaugartral: The fusion name has been dropped in favor of compiz13:25
=== Dink[a] is now known as Dink
gartralsoreau: i'm joking around :)13:25
Rabbitbunnycoz_: This is gonna get you. I closed firefox, closed the tab in chromium, opened a new tab. now a video is playing.13:26
soreaugartral: Compiz is only as slow as your graphics hardware/driver combo13:26
jattI'm using Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS whatever Compiz, Fusion, etc. comes with it13:26
erezSenjai, it's System> Preferences> Keyboard Shortcuts13:26
gartralsoreau: ok mr. killjoy.13:26
coz_Rabbitbunny,  whoa!  what the heck?13:26
soreaugartral: This is a support channel, not a comedy club13:26
coz_Rabbitbunny,   that one definilty puzzles me13:26
coz_jatt,  which version of compiz are you running?13:26
Rabbitbunnycoz_: So agree it's elves?13:26
coz_Rabbitbunny,  yes definilty  or maybe gnomes13:27
jattcompiz 0.8.413:27
coz_jatt,  and which video card?13:27
Rabbitbunnycoz_: Thanks. :D13:27
ircusersoreau: can you tell me any solution?? maybe compiz is doing the trick??? should i remove it???13:27
krokophow can I disable wifi led blinking?13:27
coz_Rabbitbunny,  :)  well you solved it sort of  :)13:27
jatt01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Mobility Radeon HD 365013:27
dudkosudo mc13:28
gartralkrokop: that's a very dificult question, the first thing i have too think of is "Can you disable it?"13:28
soreauircuser: I dont know what wobbly effect you are talking about but my guess is that you probably have something bound to Button1 in ccsm. Try disabling compiz by setting None in sys>prefs>appearance>Visual Effects tab or run metacity --replace from Alt+F2 run dialog13:29
jatthaven't tried Radeon's proprietary drivers tho13:29
coz_krokop,   look here maybe   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128426713:29
soreaukrokop: black electrical tape13:29
coz_krokop,  not sure if that is effective or not13:29
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gartralcoz_: any way too make lights come on?13:31
ircusersoreau: What is CCSM?13:31
coz_gardar,  wifi lights you mean?13:31
soreau! ccsm | ircuser13:31
ubottuircuser: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz13:31
gartralcoz_: any leds.13:31
soreauircuser: ccsm = compizconfig-settings-manager13:31
veilig_abtI'm trying to get 3 monitors working on 3 cards, I can see my computer boot off my main ATI card's dual monitors, but then X only shows 1 of my monitors on my ATI and the nVidia card.  does my xorg.conf look suspect or could there be another reason? http://pastie.org/167429413:32
jblzhello.  i was wondering if any kind ubuntu used could post the results of "echo $PYTHONPATH" in lucid for me :)13:32
veilig_abterrrr 3 monitors on 2 cards!!13:32
jblzi don't have lucid installed, so i'm kind of stuck :)13:32
barfIs there a way to tell apt-get to use as default gw while all other apps use as default gw?13:32
=== fliegenherz is now known as feixoun
ircusersoreau: thanks a lot..13:32
soreauveilig_abt: You are trying to get three screens working with two on radeon and one on nvidia?13:32
barfIs there a way to tell apt to use as default gw while all other apps use as default gw?13:32
berefeiramiredo, whos using it?13:32
jattdownloading the ati driver13:32
veilig_abtsoreau: yes13:33
coz_gardar,  you got me on that one... there are probably many hits on google for t his  especially if you specify which led you want to light up for example  wifi,,,   http://knowledge76.com/index.php/Wireless_LED_on_Ubuntu13:33
jattdoes anybody have experience with it?13:33
jattAMD Catalyst™ Display Driver13:33
soreauveilig_abt: I doubt that is going to work.13:33
soreauveilig_abt: At best, you wont have acceleration13:33
jblzjatt, i've used it13:33
soreau! anyone| jatt13:33
ubottujatt: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.13:33
gartralcoz_: unlikely, my laptop has leds on keys, in places you would never expect13:33
linux_userhi, I've seen a great thing in knoppix, which is having the application menu in the nautilus in the sidebar (mac alike) I wonder can I do that in ubuntu ? and how13:34
veilig_abtsoreau: shoot.  will it not work in general w/ two different types of cards?  if I switched to two on the nvida card and 1 on the ati would that change anything?13:34
gartralcoz_: like a "mute" button that's replaced F7, it has a light.13:34
coz_gardar,  ah ,,, mmm then I am at a loss with th at... seems you may have to do personal searching on that or hopefully someone has had some experience with it,,, you could try ##linux channel   .. maybe someone there has had to deal with this :)13:34
gartralcoz_: gardar is getting mad..13:35
coz_gardar,  sorry guy ,, bad tab habits13:35
coz_gartral,  of course that was for you :-)13:35
gartralcoz_: btw my hardware is a CR-4813:36
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Grexeois grub needed on a system with only one OS?13:36
coz_gartral,   yeah check in ##linux   maybe they have some clue... there used to be a hardware channel but I dont think it is around  ,,13:36
Picicoz_: ##hardware13:37
jblzwould a kind lucid user please post the output of "echo $PYTHONPATH" for me?13:37
keyzsanybody can give a help installing alfa awus036h,alfa awus036nh and alfa awus051nh on ubuntu 10.1013:37
coz_Pici,  ah ok cool13:37
keyzsGrexeo: NO13:37
jribjblz: likely empty13:37
ActionParsnipjblz: mine outputs nothing here13:38
jblzlinux_user, i'm sure it's possible.  perhaps ask in knoppix how they did it, or look around for the config files they used?13:38
secretary_linuxwhen I try to chroot my root filesystem from liveusb, I get the error messsage "chroot: can't execute '/bin/sh': Exec format error" -- both when using the semi-GUI chroot option and typing it in manually. what gives?13:38
linux_userjblz, its empty13:38
jblzjrib, ActionParsnip thank you13:38
jblzlinux_user, thank you13:38
ActionParsnipkeyzs: are they wireless adapters?13:38
llutzsecretary_linux: sudo chroot /bin/bash13:39
jblzhmmm, lucid must have it's custom search-path built into python13:39
ActionParsnipkeyzs: then have them connected and run:  sudo lshw -C network   you will see the chips they use and can find guides based on that13:39
Grexeokeyzs, thanks - just to clarify, I am reinstalling Ubuntu on a new drive, but still have my old drive connected, which set up has detected. I am now being asked: "Install the GRUB bootloader to the Master Boot Record (MBR)?", but I will be disconnecting the old drive after installation. Should I choose "no"?13:39
secretary_linuxllutz: same error except with bash instead of sh13:39
linux_userjblz, thank you too13:39
llutzsecretary_linux: mix 32/64 bit?13:39
gartralGrexeo: no, you should choose yes13:40
jblzokay, could some kind lucid user run: "python -c 'import sys; print "\n".join(sys.path)'" from the terminal, and post the output to a pastebin?13:40
llutzsecretary_linux: 32bit live cd to chroot into 64bit-installation or vice versa?13:40
secretary_linuxllutz: that might be the problem. thanks13:40
secretary_linuxlooks like the liveusb reports i686 so you are correct. thanks a bunch...13:40
jblzthat won't attack your system, it just prints the working path of a vivified python environment13:40
Grexeogartral, will I need to remove the GRUB entry for my old drive once I have disconnected it?13:40
romantic_rectumI've got some problems with network manager applet. Previously I was using cli to connect, but, now I installed glorious gnome-core! Missing network manager on panel.  Notification area in it's place. Once it shown itself for a secound but was inactive. Strange. How to fix it?13:41
jblzthat's the last favor, i promise :)13:41
gartralGrexeo: now that im not too sure, you may have too setup the ordering so that the first drive chainloads the second..13:41
ActionParsnipkeyzs: if they are usb based then: lsusb   will help ID them too. The make and model is not very useful to u13:41
Wise_I have a harddrive with an ubuntu install on it, I can mount the harddrive via usb docking station to my windows computer, I want to create a disk image of the linux hdd... any idea what software would be appropriate for this?13:41
ActionParsnipWise_: I'd boot to a liveCD and use partimage13:42
keyzsActionParsnip: i´m gonna check it, my ubuntu vm is rebooting13:42
gartralWise_: yea, make a live USB disk, or use a vm, and make the image with dd13:42
coz_  guys I have to break here,,, be back in a bit13:42
linux_userbtw, where can I find the config file for nautilus ?13:43
ActionParsnipkeyzs: then you will ALSO need to configure usb access in whatever virtualization technology you have used13:43
keyzsActionParsnip: i know, action wich one of those is more compatible ? besides 36h13:44
fairuzHi, can we overwrite a function defined in another file? I mean rewrite a function that has a similar name13:45
keyzsWise_ you can use dd too13:45
GravHi how can I autostart root process?13:45
ActionParsnipkeyzs: we have no way of knowing until you find out the chip13:45
bullgard'~$ pgrep gnome-keyring-daemon' does not produce any output. Why does the output of '~$ pgrep gnome' and '~$ pgrep keyring' include the proper PID but '~$ pgrep daemon' not?13:45
jblzWise_, i love clonezilla for that kind of thing13:45
ActionParsnipGrav: add it in /etc/rc.local   above the exit 0 line13:46
aciculafairuz: typically yes, its called overloading or redefining13:46
ActionParsnipkeyzs: what is printe don the plastic case doesn't change what is insside13:46
fairuzacicula: it's possible in plain C?13:46
jblzWise_, it's it's own "distro", a bootable cd that can backup a partition or HD - i use it a lot13:46
aciculaGrav: the boot process starts daemons as root unless you specify otherwise13:46
GravActionParsnip:  Ok i added there. Thanks13:47
jblzWise_, if you use it, make sure you use the "image" based option (you'll know what i'm talking about if you boot it)13:47
jblzokay, could some kind lucid user run: "python -c 'import sys; print "\n".join(sys.path)'" from the terminal, and post the output to a pastebin?13:47
=== kangjing is now known as gfs
wn1zidI have 2 say, ubuntu has done it again, this is my tiny eeepc with a full blown 10.10 with compiz, Thanks Ubuntu Great job. http://imagebin.org/14285913:48
Wise_jblz; ah sounds good, so it'll let me access the fat/ntfs partitions on my win computer without problem then I guess?13:48
aciculafairuz: C doesnt do function overloading because it doesnt do inheritence13:48
jblzWise_, you chose a partition to store to, then the target partition to back up13:48
fairuzacicula: so there is no way then. =)13:48
jblzWise_, it can store/copy just about any filesystem imaginable13:49
ruanis it possible to connect to my computer with my phone(nokia smartphone) and access a console?13:49
wn1zidok, have a great day folks. time to go 2 work.13:49
jblzruan- you need to run a ssh server on the box you want to connect to13:49
Wise_jblz; so disk images are made per-partition? you can't sort of get an image of an entire hdd with all different partitions et.c.?13:50
llutzruan: use a ssh-client on the phone13:50
jblzruan, assuming you have a ssh terminal on the phone13:50
ruanwhere can i get a ssh terminal for my phone then?13:50
jblzWise_, you can choose either13:50
llutzruan: http://www.xk72.com/midpssh/13:50
jblzWise_, full disk or particular partitions13:50
ruanhehe ok13:51
ruanlooks like it'll work13:51
llutzruan: works for me13:51
ruanfirst i need to get that phone's internet working :/13:52
jblzi really don't want to install lucid just to get the sys.path... i've been helpful to others... could someone run: "python -c 'import sys; print "\n".join(sys.path)'" from the terminal, and post the output to a pastebin?13:52
jblzhmm, maybe i can find an old cd somewhere13:53
vidvahi, I've problems with grub, I would like to install lilo as an alternative, but it has problems with the uuid in fstab. is lilo safe to use and easy to set up?13:53
antonio_on my 64 bit 10.10 I have a really slow connection to some hosts caused by tcp window scale(which does not scale at all). My coworker does not experience the same issue running ubuntu 10.10 32bit13:53
antonio_Do anybody noticed the same behaviour?13:54
ruanjblz: http://paste.ubuntu.com/580576/13:54
ruanjblz: is my output13:54
ruanjblz: im not on lucid though13:55
=== Johnny is now known as Guest42429
aciculavidva: eh no its not13:56
aciculaantonio_: does the connection actually slow to a crawl?13:57
bullgard'~$ pgrep gnome-keyring-daemon' does not produce any output. Why does the output of '~$ pgrep gnome' and '~$ pgrep keyring' include the proper PID but '~$ pgrep daemon' not?13:57
jblzruan, thank you.  i'll see if i can use that13:57
aciculaantonio_: or even stop completely?13:57
codebeakerhey, I wondered if there was any known reason that there's no documentation for getting solr running from the packages from apt13:57
codebeaker… every single bit of documentation online talks about building from source13:57
antonio_acicula: just slowing down, using a very small window13:58
aciculaantonio_: sysctl -w "net.ipv4.tcp_window_scaling=0 turns it off13:58
jblzrats, i can tell that's not the same as lucid13:58
ruanhow do i start the openssh-server? running it in terminal returns unknown command13:58
antonio_acicula: yes disabling window scaling solves13:58
antonio_acicula: but why is working fine13:58
antonio_acicula: on a 32 bit version13:58
=== skiphuffman_ is now known as skiphuffman
jblzruan, https://help.ubuntu.com/6.06/ubuntu/serverguide/C/openssh-server.html13:59
aciculaantonio_: dont know13:59
ruan6.06? lol13:59
ruanok i'll try it13:59
milamberruan: sudo service ssh start14:00
jblzthe sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart shoudl be the same14:00
jblzi'll shut up now14:00
ruando i _have_ to configure it?14:01
antonio_acicula: from 64bit network dump I see a too high value for tcp window size, maybe a bug? I can reproduce the issue14:01
aciculacodebeaker: maybe because it sees little use, or because configuration is similar wether you install from source or apt?14:01
codebeakeracicula: regardless, it's difficult to get started for someone who never did it befoer… none of the ubuntu paths patch anything like the source installs14:03
aciculacodebeaker: yeah packaging ussually breaks up the package in /etc /var and /usr sections14:03
ruanok it works.. sshed to myself14:03
codebeakeracicula: roger that - but I'm missing a big piece of how to tell jetty about solr… which is odd, since I installed solr-jetty14:03
aciculacodebeaker: not all software that is packaged comes with extensive documentation, if you use a niche application theres a lot of researching involved14:04
ubuntuerAnyone having problems with flash in Firefox?14:04
codebeakerthanks anyway, back to the man pages14:04
ruanubuntuer: flash works for me14:04
=== PicCard_Away is now known as PicCard
ubuntuerruan: it works for me too but badly14:05
aciculaantonio_: its a known issue with routers according to google14:05
ruanubuntuer: have you tried reinstalling it?14:05
ubuntuerruan: it's consuming a lot of CPU14:06
jattdamn ati proprietary driver sucks!14:06
ubuntuerin Google chrome works just fine14:06
ravengpodder what is this? http://picpaste.com/9e4769c8566bdabb50d2c18d5f7f46aa.png14:06
ruanubuntuer: looks like a firefox plugin issue14:06
Shmopsani have ati card and it works great so far14:06
ubuntuerit depends of the ati model14:07
mamathi, what program is dealing with autodetecting/mounting filesystems by default? fuse? i'm trying to have "documents" partition be automounted using fstab but it's conflicting with the automount thing14:07
gfshow to change the login window on ubuntu 10.10?I tried 'system'-->'administration'-->'login screen'...But could not change.14:07
Shmopsanmamat i think its HAL14:07
ubuntuergfs: the editing of login window is very limited in latest ubuntu releases.. you can change the wallpaper and window theme and coloer14:08
ubottuhal is in the process of being deprecated.  See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Halsectomy and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardware_abstraction_layer for more info.14:08
aciculajatt: are you using the one installed via hardware drivers?14:08
ubottuAutomount is the modern way to mount directories over a network. It is much easier to manage and  more economic in bandwidth than static mounts via fstab. For more info - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Autofs14:08
gfsi'll try it . thank14:09
jattnope I downloaded it from the ati/amd site (ati-driver-installer-10-4-x86.x86_64.run)14:09
jatthere the radeon driver is much smoother and faster14:09
ubuntuerruan: I am going to try Flash-Aid plugin14:09
erezhello, I'm still completely at a loss wrt the delete key issue14:09
jattI guess open source beats closed source again14:09
wathekhi all14:09
jattyears ago the proprietary drivers (at least for nvidia) were much better than the open source ones14:09
erez(accidentally bind the delete key to a different shortcut, when I disabled the shortcut, the delete key still doesn't work, no idea how to bind it to delete)14:10
Shmopsaneven at 3d?14:10
aciculajatt: well the binary drivers bench much higher then the open source versions14:10
antonio_acicula: already googled, I have no router, I experience the same problem when connecting from different network14:10
aciculajatt: if you are having stability problems try the packaged binary ati drivers?14:10
aciculaantonio_: are you connecting to the same host every time?14:10
mamatis it possible to tell hal to automount /media/documents/user when user is logged in?14:10
antonio_acicula: yes...14:11
aciculaantonio_: try connecting to a node on another network14:11
jattacicula: you mean the ones in the repositories?14:11
aciculajatt: correct14:11
antonio_ acicula: works fine14:11
jattacicula: in the ubuntu repositories14:11
jattok will give it a try14:11
aciculajatt: yes, just using the .run files from the ati site may give you problems, even if you install properly by making deb files from the .run files14:11
antonio_acicula: no problems connecting to other hosts or connecting to that same host using a 32bit version14:12
jattyes, those run files are a nightmare, it was a nightmare to uninstall too14:12
jattI was lucky and could get my xorg back :)14:12
=== Guest96338 is now known as DarkDevil
aciculajatt: the .run has a cool toggle that lets you make deb files straight from the .run file14:12
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest91182
beer_brouwercan anyone tell me how to establish a NTML connection to an exchange server in order to get calendar entries with SOAP and PHP?14:13
timmybobcat14I seem to have a mounting problem that stops me opening ubuntu-when I reach the splash screen I get this message:"The disk drive for /home is not ready yet or not present.14:13
timmybobcat14Continue to wait; or press S to skip or M for manual recovery"14:13
ravengpodder what is this? http://picpaste.com/9e4769c8566bdabb50d2c18d5f7f46aa.png14:13
aciculaantonio_: means it can also be caused by a router that is closer to the computer you are connecting to14:14
timmybobcat14If I press S I can log in but then I get these error messages:"Could not update ICE Authority file /home/myname/.ICEauthority"14:14
timmybobcat14There is a problem with the configuration service (/usr/lib/libgconf2-4/gconfpsanity-check-2 exited with status 256)14:14
Pumpkin-window scaling generally only happens at the end hosts, unless some device, usually a "security" device, in the way decides to mess with things.14:14
n2iWhen I startx and get an error about xkbcomp. This is pic show error messenger http://www.imagesk.com/?i=S46QVT7G.png14:14
Pumpkin-antonio_: this isn't strange window scaling behaviour with google by any chance is it ?14:15
antonio_ acicula: why using a 32 bit client should make the problem disapear?14:15
n2iwhat is xkbcomp, and what is that error?14:15
aciculaantonio_: dunno14:15
aciculatimmybobcat14: did you change your login password?14:16
n2ianyone can help me? Please!14:17
timmybobcat14acicula-I don't think so-would n't know how to14:17
antonio_acicula: changing client solve the problem, switch off scaling solve the problem. this make me believe is a client side issue, not on router14:18
bullgard'~$ pgrep gnome-keyring-daemon' does not produce any output. Why does the output of '~$ pgrep gnome' and '~$ pgrep keyring' include the proper PID but '~$ pgrep daemon' not?14:18
=== Craig_Dem_ is now known as Craig_Dem
timmybobcat14acicula - I'm guessing that when I manually installed the program I didn't partition it properly or something. But it looks like a a minor problem to solve -to me????????????????????????14:19
timmybobcat14acicula - just changing the instructions in the boot up file or something???????????????????????????14:20
antonio_Pumpkin-: yes I initially suspected that the issue was caused by a security device on the network manipulating the packet but why does not affect 32 bit clients?14:20
j0X3rn2i as it says that the error is not fatal to X you can ignore it14:20
bullgardtimmybobcat14: 20 question marks in a row are 19 too much.14:21
timmybobcat14bullgard-I see ok only 2 max in future then ha ha ha14:21
timmybobcat14I seem to have a mounting problem that stops me opening ubuntu-when I reach the splash screen I get this message:"The disk drive for /home is not ready yet or not present.14:22
bxl4074Hi, I am new14:22
keyzsActionParsnip: when i do a lshw - C nothing show up, is it because im in a vm?14:22
timmybobcat14Continue to wait; or press S to skip or M for manual recovery"14:23
bullgardtimmybobcat14: Analyze your /etc/fstab14:23
timmybobcat14bullgard - ok analyze for what? I am in failsafe mode atm can I analyse it form here ? What should I be looking for?14:24
silvery=> Grub 2 is installed in the MBR of /dev/sda and looks on the same drive in partition #1 for (,msdos1)/grub.14:24
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nsahoohi all14:24
bullgardtimmybobcat14: I do not know "failsafe mode". --  You should look for the mounting options in /etc/fstab and if they suit you.14:25
bullgardtimmybobcat14: I do not know "failsafe mode". --  You should look for the mounting options in /etc/fstab and check if they suit you.14:25
secretary_linuxso earlier I couldn't chroot into my root fs because I was on a 32 bit install image. I switched to the proper 64 bit but now I'm getting a message that /bin/sh cannot be found. yet, there is a /bin/sh in the install environment and a /target/bin/sh -- i'm trying the command "chroot /target /bin/sh" -- what am i doing wrong?14:26
timmybobcat14# /etc/fstab: static file system information.14:26
timmybobcat14# Use 'blkid -o value -s UUID' to print the universally unique identifier14:26
timmybobcat14# for a device; this may be used with UUID= as a more robust way to name14:26
timmybobcat14# devices that works even if disks are added and removed. See fstab(5).14:26
FloodBot2timmybobcat14: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:26
ActionParsnip!chroot | secretary_linux14:26
ubottusecretary_linux: A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot14:26
nsahooone of the ubuntu installations lost network connection over the weekend. It is connected by ethernet to the lan, but, can't ping to any place even if I provide the direct IP14:26
elFidelnsahoo: start with ipconfig14:27
secretary_linuxActionParsnip: thanks, though it seems the ubuntu install image has already mounted proc, sys, dev etc. the guide you sent seems more inclined toward users with working installations already...14:27
=== Guest93816 is now known as ruan
rlankfo/sdlkfjsdlkfjsdfklj/win 3614:27
compdocnics sometimes die14:28
timmybobcat14bullguard - I mean I am in recovery mode screen at the moment14:28
=== bxl4074 is now known as spivoler
Curly_QNsahoo, first open up a command prompt and type in:    ping         or      ping localhost14:28
nsahooelFidel: you mean ifconfig? the line for inet addr is missing for eth014:29
timmybobcat14bullgard  have opened the stab file but I don't know what I should be looking for?14:29
nsahooCurly_Q: localhost ping succeeds14:29
=== herton is now known as herton_lunch
Curly_QAlso type in    ifconfig -a14:29
bullgardtimmybobcat14: I do not know "failsafe mode". --  You should look for the mounting options in /etc/fstab and if they suit you.14:29
elFidelnsahoo: any hw-changes in the past? maybe its just a udev issue14:29
nsahooelFidel: no, I was away for 4 days. I could connect remotely for a day after that it went down14:30
Curly_QNsahoo, pinging localhost means that your NIC card is working.14:30
Curly_QNext check the RJ45 cables.14:30
nsahooCurly_Q: /etc/resolv.conf is empty14:30
Curly_QPush in all the cables.14:30
elFidelnsahoo: consider checking /etc/udev/rules.d/x....persistant-net.rules just to make sure14:31
timmybobcat14ok next problem: can anyone help me decipher the /etc/fstab file?14:31
C3Dnoob in need of help. im trying to  change how much swap is used , i use this "sudo sysctl -a|grep swappiness" and get errors of "error: "Invalid argument" reading key "fs.binfmt_misc.register"14:31
C3Dvm.swappiness = 014:31
C3Derror: permission denied on key 'net.ipv4.route.flush'14:31
C3Derror: permission denied on key 'net.ipv6.route.flush'14:31
C3D" can someone tell me what this means and how to fix it14:31
FloodBot2C3D: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:31
Curly_QNsahoo, you need to backtrack what you did to get to this situation if you changed any configurations then. I was thinking from a Hardware Layer 1 viewpoint.14:31
mhahow do I disable ubuntu's default behavior to disallow me to tab filenames to any command given? for instance, ls /et<tab> completes /etc/, sysctl -p /et<tab> does not.14:31
mhavery annoying behavior.14:31
mhaI removed bash-completion14:32
=== Spacewalker_ is now known as Spacewalker
kikzhello channel. hows every1 doing today ?14:32
Curly_QGood Kikz, what's up?14:32
Dr_Willis_TCLmha,  the bash completion stuff has  entries for specific commands.. ive never noticed that behaivor.14:32
timmybobcat14If I paste my /etc/fstab file onto the http paste ubuntu com site can anyone help me see where my log in boot in problem is?14:32
nsahooCurly_Q: I was away. I could connect for one day and it was gone after that. I didn't change anything. No one has access to this machine14:33
mhaDr_Willis_TCL: try typing sysctl -p /et<tab>14:33
Curly_QGreets to Dr Willis.  :)14:33
kikznot too bad curly.. whats every1 talkign about14:33
llutzCurly_Q: how would you see a working nic with "ping localhost"? lo(opback device is part of the ip-stack and has nothing to do with a physical NIC)14:33
Dr_Willis_TCLmha,  im not on ubuntu right now.14:33
elFidelnsahoo: is that a dualboot box?14:33
mhaDr_Willis_TCL: aha. it'll just stand there and look stupid. :]14:33
Dr_Willis_TCLmha,  given how good the bash completion is in ubuntu. File a bug report. they may fix that.14:33
mhaDr_Willis_TCL: anyhow. noticed that it was some /etc/bash_completion* stuff left behind. A kind rm -rf fixed the problem.14:33
Curly_QNsahoo, where are you from? It maybe because of the Japan Earthquake. Lots of networks are down right now.14:33
mhaDr_Willis_TCL: I rather just get rid of the problem. :)14:33
nsahooCurly_Q: no. I am in Pennsylvania.14:34
nsahooCurly_Q: in a university14:34
Curly_QLLutz, if you can ping the localhost the NIC card is working.14:34
Curly_QIt is the first step in troubleshooting.14:34
mhaDr_Willis_TCL: I actually hate it. if I have a mounted partition on /mnt/something, and only /mnt/else is in /etc/fstab, the tab completion will autocomplete /mnt/something on umount /mn<tab>14:34
nsahooCurly_Q: other machines are working.14:34
Dr_Willis_TCLmha,  thers proberly some key combo for bash that makes it do what you wanted. Ive not read the bash completion guides/docs in a long time. but i recall there being ways to do that.14:34
llutzCurly_Q: ping localhost even works without any nic14:34
mhaDr_Willis_TCL: sorry. /mnt/else will be completed course.14:35
Curly_QNsahoo, go to the literal machine and see if it is turned on or unplugged.14:35
Dr_Willis_TCLmha,  cant say ive ever noticed  the issue.14:35
mhaDr_Willis_TCL: try it too...14:35
Dr_Willis_TCLfile another bug.14:35
mharm -R problem.14:35
bullgardtimmybobcat14: Read 'man mount'.14:35
kikzdoes any 1 knows if theres a local channel for chicago ?14:35
Dr_Willis_TCLand as i said. theres probelry some combo-tab that makes it go the  other way.14:35
nsahooCurly_Q: I am in front of the machine. checking different configurations now. Perhaps I should put the live CD in and see if that works14:35
Curly_Qllutz, that was the first step I mentioned and the second was ifconfig -a   to see if the NIC address was available.14:36
Dr_Willis_TCLI dont even have a browser handy to lookup 'bash completion guide' :)14:36
C3Dsometimes this place is just way too busy14:36
mhaDr_Willis_TCL: hehe14:36
nsahooCurly_Q: where would be the log files if there are any14:36
Dr_Willis_TCLzBBL off to the store.14:36
Dr_Willis_TCLUsing tiny core linux to copy some files from one usb to another.. Ive noticed SLOW usb speeds on this one hard drive.. but an identical hd was faster..  in tiny core linux.. it was slow.. but now its sped up.. not sure whats going on with this thing.. :)14:37
mhaDr_Willis_TCL: I got tired of bug filing for stuff that's apparently not adequately tested. which does not consider needs. if I can just work around it. and especially if I see no other benefit of the "feature"14:37
Curly_QNsahoo is the computer you are referring to the one you are on right now?14:37
mhaDr_Willis_TCL: I am sure that plenty however find it awesome :)14:37
nsahooCurly_Q: not chatting from it, but, it is infront of me now14:37
ruanif i ssh to it connects, but if i ssh to my real IP address it says connection refused, why?14:37
Curly_QCan you ping   www.cnn.com  ?   What do you get?14:38
ruani've tried my hostname IP and my IP from whatsmyip.org14:38
llutzruan: netstat -tulpen|grep 2214:38
ruanwhat should i look for, llutz ?14:38
llutzruan: something like  ".... 0"14:39
Curly_QInstead ping anthony.freenode.net14:39
ruani see that14:39
bullgardkikz: /join #ubuntu-us-oh14:39
ruani'll pastebin it14:39
llutzruan: ah you try to ssh <ip> from the local machine? needs nat-loopback being enabled14:39
timmybobcat14I seem to have a mounting problem that stops me opening ubuntu-when I reach the splash screen I get this message:"The disk drive for /home is not ready yet or not present.14:40
llutzruan: you are using a router?14:41
timmybobcat14Continue to wait; or press S to skip or M for manual recovery"14:41
llutzruan: the router should have an option to enable nat-loopback. thats needed to access your WAN-ip from LAN14:41
mynameisdeletedis rtorrent the fastest bittorrent client?14:41
ruan!best | mynameisdeleted14:41
ubottumynameisdeleted: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.14:41
mynameisdeletedas its based on c and has least overhead and memory use?14:41
ruanllutz: im unable to access my router :/ my isp locked it14:42
mynameisdeletedvuze is horrible for mem use14:42
llutzruan: change isp14:42
ruanllutz: there is no other14:42
mynameisdeletedrtorrent will be as fast as any other?14:42
mynameisdeletedon a high end system(12 core 3-4 ghz)14:42
mynameisdeletedwith 12GB ram14:42
mynameisdeletedor more14:42
timmybobcat14If I press S I can log in but then I get these two error messages and that is as far as I can go. I then have to reboot: the messages are:"Could not update ICE Authority file /home/myname/.ICEauthority"14:43
timmybobcat14There is a problem with the configuration service (/usr/lib/libgconf2-4/gconfpsanity-check-2 exited with status 256)14:43
mynameisdeletedother spec is gigabit ethernet to desktop that has speed-tested at 480mbps14:43
llutzruan: but to access your local pc from WAN you also need access to the router, for setting up portforwarding14:43
secretary_linuxso chroot from usb install stick is still saying there is no /bin/sh, despite that there is a /bin/sh present from the running install image, as well as a /target/bin/sh - how can I troubleshoot this?14:44
mynameisdeletedI'll benchmark against vuze for a linux downlaod14:44
mynameisdeletedshoudl maybe get 10MB/s instead of just over 414:44
timmybobcat14I have pasted my /etc/fstab file here:http://paste.ubuntu.com/580587/14:44
Curly_QNsahoo, before you change any files or configurations always first check the hardware to see if the cables were tampered with. Perhaps a circuit breaker or something. Never rule out the obvious.14:44
mynameisdeletedtorrent is also limited by drive speed so dling to solid state or raid may speed it up too14:44
Luis_hello, I was hoping somebody would be able to help me with an issue i'm having, i've got a database (contacts list) which i've built up in evolution i now need to share it with other people in the company, how do i go about doing that? webDAV, LDAP server? which is easyest?14:44
mynameisdeletedI'm not sure if ti does for sure on a system wiht 10+GB ram14:45
=== Rabbitbu1ny is now known as Rabbitbunny
dogarrheai can't seem to find any documentation on how to program Ubuntu.14:46
dogarrheafor windows, there's tons of documentation on the windows api14:46
dogarrheanot so much for the "ubuntu api"14:46
dogarrheai'm not so sure Posix is what i want.14:47
elFideldogarrhea: could you define what you mean by "how to program ubuntu"?14:47
ruandogarrhea: what do you want to program exactly?14:47
Curly_QNsahoo, when I teach A+ classes, I deliberately use crossover cables to make the students think and learn to always check hardware first.14:47
Luis_try maybe linux/debian api?14:47
mynameisdeletedseems to be a lot less cpu14:47
secretary_linuxCurly_Q: very nice trick :)14:47
dogarrheaI want to program the mouse14:47
ruandogarrhea: there is a lot of documentation for ubuntu14:47
dogarrheaand scrape the screen14:47
jattthere is no ubuntu api to program the mouse14:47
dogarrheathen what is there?14:48
timmybobcat14When I reach the splash screen I get this message:14:48
timmybobcat14"The disk drive for /home is not ready yet or not present.14:48
timmybobcat14Continue to wait; or press S to skip or M for manual recovery"14:48
timmybobcat14If I chose to press S I can log in but then I get theses 2 messages and have to reboot:14:48
timmybobcat14"Could not update ICE Authority file /home/myname/.ICEauthority"14:48
FloodBot2timmybobcat14: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:48
timmybobcat14There is a problem with the configuration service (/usr/lib/libgconf2-4/gconfpsanity-check-2 exited with status 256)14:48
mynameisdeletedand faster download speed14:48
nsahooCurly_Q: :) I pushed the cables in. let me check if the router is at fault14:48
mynameisdeletednot much less cpu now though at 8.3MB/s14:48
mynameisdeletedbut tahts about double the download speeed of vuze14:48
mynameisdeletednow 9.1MB/s14:48
llutztimmybobcat14: pastebin the output of "sudo fdisk -l" please14:48
Curly_QNsahoo, reboot the router too. If the router or MODEM has batteries unplug the batteries for about 20 seconds. Then put them back.14:49
dogarrheaso i am not allowed to control the mouse programatically?14:49
jattyes you are14:49
Luis_Any ideas on how to have a shared contacts list in evolution, so that other evolution users have access to the same list and can add/delete & edit the contacts?14:49
ruanis it normal for ping to my own(outside) ip to be average 142 ms?14:50
dogarrheaseems like every forum response is just so dumb.. "i am not familiar with shell scripting but i think you can do this with shell scripting in bash" <-- THIS DOES NOT CONTROL THE MOUSE14:50
dogarrheaoriginal question is how to create mouse clicks and mouse moves..14:50
mynameisdeletedis there a multithreaded rtorrent maybe that can utilize more than 1 core that might run faster if I have solid state and 10+GB ram?14:50
jattread a book about how to write linux kernel drivers14:50
macodogarrhea: i suspect "mouse macros" may be the search terms you'd want14:50
lesshastewhich package has the radeon driver?14:50
jattthere is one freely available14:50
Curly_QRuan, try  http://www.dslreports.com        They have a test page to see the speed of your connection.14:50
macojatt: a driver does not need to be written to make a macro14:50
ruanCurly_Q: i mean a ping to myself14:51
dogarrheamaco, i also need to scrape the screen14:51
Curly_QSure you can ping your own ip address. Also a tracert.14:51
dogarrheaaka, take screenshots and read pixels14:51
ruanCurly_Q: i know the speed of my connection, im wondering why pings take so long14:51
j0X3rmynameisdeleted why should it?? you're downloading....14:51
secretary_linuxI am really going up a wall trying to chroot my broken system from installer pendrive. I thought maybe the problem was that the installer didn't set up a /dev/pts for the chroot but that didn't solve it -- still getting /bin/sh not found (or the same with other shells which also exist). I know I don't have anything new so I'm really hoping someone can give me something to try so I can get some leads here :/14:51
macodogarrhea: read pixels? not just hook into the at-spi api that lets screenreaders for the blind work?14:51
dogarrheaand it's not really a macro driven program its an artificial intelligence program14:51
dajhornmynameisdeleted: Run a second instance of the torrent daemon.  This will be quicker and easier than changing process threading.14:52
jatttroll alert14:52
Curly_QRuan post it on pastebin the results.14:52
ruanCurly_Q: ok14:52
jatt /ignore dogarrhea14:52
macojatt: stop being intentionally provocative, please14:52
ravengpodder what is this? http://picpaste.com/9e4769c8566bdabb50d2c18d5f7f46aa.png14:52
avengreUsed GParted to change a USB drive to ext, tried to change it back to NTFS with +boot  but windows won't recognize it.. is there some other flag / option i'm missing?14:53
ruanwow, i got packet loss when i pinged myself14:53
macodogarrhea: the thing that the mouse and screen drawing are handled by is Xorg. try looking at its API14:53
TobalJacksoncan someone help me with a bash script14:53
avengrewell, didn't convert perse, deleted old partition, made a new ntfs one14:53
TobalJacksonhttp://cl1p.net/TobalJackson I have a script typed out here14:53
ruanthis is either not my ip address, or something's definitely wrong14:53
dogarrheaok good. now i can get somewhere14:53
TobalJacksonand in the Commnents I've put what my problem is, I cant get the variables defined by drive$count to equal the list variable14:54
timmybobcat14I have a problem when I try to log in: I have pasted the problem in full (not allow to paste it here apparently). Would be most grateful if a ubuntu expert would take look at it:http://paste.ubuntu.com/580600/14:54
timmybobcat14I have a problem when I try to log in: I have pasted the problem in full (not allow to paste it here apparently). Would be most grateful if a ubuntu expert would take look at it:http://paste.ubuntu.com/580600/14:55
JTS000IDI am using XrandR and have a need to print out just the names of OUTPUT/INPUT connected e.g. DVI-I-1, DVI-D-1, VGA1, etc.14:56
JTS000IDI don't want to query everything14:56
JTS000IDis there a way I could do that14:56
dogarrheait looks like i'm gogin to have to use assembly to do this inline in c++14:56
dogarrheafor mouse programming14:56
timmybobcat14"The disk drive for /home is not ready yet or not present.14:57
timmybobcat14Continue to wait; or press S to skip or M for manual recovery"14:57
Curly_QRuan are you on a University Network?14:57
l1st`Live CDs can be read in Windows, right?14:57
serpentologistis there an easy way to fire up a vpn connection created with th network manager from the console?14:57
skutr34if i make an ext 4 bigger do i have to make the swap file bigger?14:57
dajhorntimmybobcat14: Reboot this computer and hold the left shift key so that you get the Grub boot menu.  Choose the (recovery) option.  Choose  "root prompt with networking".14:57
lesshastehow can I enable compositing with the radeon driver?14:57
dogarrheaand probably magik++ for the screen scraping14:58
llutzskutr34: no14:58
macoserpentologist: install the network manager cli client14:58
skutr34llutz: ok14:58
serpentologistmaco, thanks14:58
skutr34llutz: i want to shrink my windows partition to give some more space to linux but idk how much i should give14:59
timmybobcat14dajhorn-what happens when I do that?14:59
=== ogra is now known as Guest56191
dajhorntimmybobcat14: That is the recovery console, where you can fix the problem.14:59
=== Guest56191 is now known as ogra_
lesshasteoh.. worked it out14:59
lesshastegreat :)14:59
timmybobcat14dajhorn-how do I fix the problem?14:59
dajhorntimmybobcat14: On the broken computer as the root user,  run `umount /home` and then run `fsck -v -f /dev/sdb7`.14:59
FloodBot2assasasas: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:00
FloodBot2zbk: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:00
ruanwhat is this...15:00
alumno__son re giles15:00
alumno__son re capos men15:00
timmybobcat14dajhorn-did you look at my 'etc/fstab/ file?15:00
zbkagarrame el zanguango15:00
dajhorntimmybobcat14: Watch the output of fsck for warnings and errors.  If the filesystem is broken, then it will ask you scary questions.15:00
dajhorntimmybobcat14: Yes.15:00
serpentologistmaco, could you tell me the package name?15:01
elsoi el tego15:01
Pici!es | zbk alumno__15:01
ubottuzbk alumno__: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.15:01
timmybobcat14dajhorn-ok thank you I will do what suggested and hope it works.15:01
timmybobcat14dajhorn-"scary questions"?15:02
Curly_QSkutr34, I dont' think it is a good idea to shrink Windows partitions. You may lose data in the process. Windows uses the FAT  File Allocation Table to keep track of the disk space and other things.15:02
dajhorntimmybobcat14: After you do the filesystem check, the next step is to `mount /home` and double-check that the $HOME directory exists and that permissions are correct.15:02
secretary_linuxCurly_Q: look at it like this, skutr34 might get lucky and lose windows altogether ;)15:02
l1st`Linux LiveCDs can be read in Windows as data folders [assuming they're formatted in FAT32 or some other readable fs], right?15:02
dajhorntimmybobcat14: Questions like "are you really really sure?  you can't go back".15:02
macoserpentologist: cnetworkmanager15:02
skutr34Curly_Q: well i know how much is being used15:02
llutzl1st`: iso9660 or udf it is15:02
beer_brouwerl1st: jep15:02
ruanl1st`: if it's a liveusb, yes. cds arent fat3215:03
timmybobcat14dajhorn-I am not an expert-it's beginning to sound like I'm f*cked and will have to reinstall yet again. MS wins again I fear!15:03
skutr34Curly_Q: my linux partition is only 10gb15:03
dogarrheawhy does the gcc compiler say "this is not fit to be used for anything" when i type gcc --version?15:03
dajhorntimmybobcat14: Linux is more likely to complain about storage if the computer is flakey.  I would backup the Microsoft partitions too.15:04
timmybobcat14dajhorn-but thanks anyyway buddy.15:04
skutr34wtf you guys15:04
skutr34like seriously15:04
serpentologistmaco, can't find in 10.04 repo, was it added in the last release?15:04
skutr34<secretary_linux> Curly_Q: look at it like this, skutr34 might get lucky and lose windows altogether ;)15:04
Curly_QSkutr34, the next time you install Linux with Windows make sure you use LOGICAL PARTITIONS. This way you will not overlap one OS with the other.15:04
skutr34Curly_Q: im not overlapping15:04
Pumpkin-dogarrhea: does it literally say that, or is it the standard "There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE."15:05
Curly_QDoesn't matter. Logical partitions is the right way to do it.15:05
timmybobcat14dajhorn- if I had important microsoft files on this computer  I would not let ubuntu in a million miles of it! ha ha ha ha. I15:05
dogarrheapumpkin- same difference.15:05
dajhorntimmybobcat14:   +1   you trolled me.15:05
llutzpartition type doesn't matter at all15:05
skutr34Curly_Q: i have a 220gb windows partition and only 104gb is being used15:06
timmybobcat14dajhorn-I beg your pardon?15:06
Pumpkin-dogarrhea: almost all free software comes with that. Otherwise you leave yourself open to being sued for giving away software. If you need someone to sue if something goes wrong, go buy a support contract from someone.15:06
macoserpentologist: apparently15:06
dajhorntimmybobcat14: Saying things like that makes it sound like your question wasn't genuine.15:06
skutr34Curly_Q: therefore as long as i leave some extra space for windows i should be fine on data15:06
Curly_QSkutr34, the size of the HD is not the issue. It is better for you to allocate a certain amount of disk space for Windows and Linux. Therefore, logically partitioning the drive is the best way to take advantage of the disk.15:07
llutzskutr34: you should defrag your win-filesystem before15:07
dogarrheaeh. you can be sued for anything.  even if you do include that merchantability clause and your program causes grevious damage intentionally15:07
dajhorntimmybobcat14: The command names are different, but the basic procedure to save your /home partition are nearly the same as what you would need to do at the Windows recovery prompt.15:07
dogarrheaand maybe even unintentionally, you're liable15:07
ruanwhat's the difference between windows i386 and linux i686?15:07
llutzCurly_Q: lvm you mean?15:07
joe_9what does the file extension ".a" represent. Is that a library?15:08
dajhornjoe_9:  .a is a static library.15:08
lesshasteruan: really?15:08
l1st`ruan: it is a USB drive, yes.  I was looking for a way to have a bootable LiveCD and some other Windows utilities at the same time, and XP apparently doesn't like the idea of partitioning a USB drive15:08
timmybobcat14dajhorn-ha ha ha. Not at all buddy perfectly genuine problem and perfectly genuine comment. But lets not fall out I'll do what you suggested but I'm not an expert or wouldn't be here. Away I go. Thanks and cheers15:08
lesshasteruan: are you asking the difference between windows and linux?15:08
cha0s2358ActionParsnip, Hey, You helped me out a while ago with my Canon Mp150 all in one printer. You sent me a link to a resolved issue you were involved in. I'm trying to set the same printer up to a different Ubuntu 10.10 machine but I can't find the bookmark to that link. Do you think you can send it to me again?15:08
ruanlesshaste: no15:08
Curly_Qllutz, anyway you want to look at it.15:08
joe_9dajhorn, can a static library be included in a C++ application?15:08
ruanlesshaste: im asking the difference between i386 and i68615:08
llutzCurly_Q: i just try to make sense in what you say...15:08
dajhornjoe_9: Yes, usually.15:08
skutr34so i should just fuck it then, Curly_Q15:09
lesshasteruan: 32 versus 64 bit?15:09
ruanlesshaste: no, im on 32 bit and im on i68615:09
macoruan: they're different revisions of the x86 architecture15:09
phenomAny one have any clue on how to troubleshoot a wandering trackpad mouse? I track the mouse to say the left three times,, and it will bounce back a few inches in the opposite direction..15:09
ruanmaco: ah, thanks15:09
macoruan: i686 has more instructions available for more optimisation15:09
Piciskutr34: Mind your language here please.15:09
Curly_Qllutz, I prefer logical partitioning if the first installation was Windows. LVM if Linux is installed first.15:09
MarconMwho is tenting new release ubuntu 11.0415:10
beer_brouwerphenom: clean it :D15:10
Pumpkin-ruan: different revisions of the x86 instruction set. i386 stuff will run on 386's, i686's will run on P2's (I think). i686 has some more optimal instructions, and so stuff will run better in general with it (unless you want to run it on a P1 or 486 or 386, when it won't run at all)15:10
PiciMarconM: The folks in #ubuntu+115:10
llutzCurly_Q: logical partitions (drives inside an extended partition) and LVM are completely different things15:10
cha0s2358Whats the command to see if a personis active and what chanel they are in?15:10
Tw|sTSorry about all of the join/quits.  I was working on a portable IRC client, working out a few kinks before committing it to disk.  All done now.  :)15:10
phenomscary,, as soon as I mention it,, it started happening more often..15:10
phenomDamn commies..15:11
dajhorncha0s2358:   Start with /whois cha0s235815:11
cha0s2358think you15:11
ruanhow do i do a command on connect with irssi?15:11
ruaneg. when i connect to irc.freenode i want to /msg nickserv identify15:11
skutr34Curly_Q: i have LVM in fedora.....15:11
soreauruan: try #irssi15:11
bhearsumi keep hitting this weird issue where many open windows somehow move themselves to a different workspace. for example, Thunderbird was in Workspace 2, and Firefox was in Workspace 4, and they switch places. has anyone ever heard of something like this happening? maybe i'm hitting some secret key combo?15:11
Piciruan: There are a lot of ways.  Best to ask in #irssi15:12
sebastianwhere is the polish irc channel ? :D15:12
llutzruan:  autosendcmd = "/msg NICKSERV IDENTIFY ABCDE ; wait 2000";15:12
DJones!pl | sebastian15:12
ubottusebastian: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.15:12
=== iceman is now known as Guest51944
Curly_QFrom a Windows perspective logical partitions with Windows is fool proof. Giving up the rest of the disk to Linux works just fine.15:12
ruanllutz: thanks15:12
lesshastesebastian: polish ubuntu channel?15:13
Tw|sTCurly_Q: Why do you prefer LVM?  (just curious)15:13
skutr34Curly_Q: i just want to give some space to fedora15:13
lesshastesebastian: there probably is one if you aren't joking15:13
Curly_QThe fact of the matter is that this should all be accounted for before installing both kernels.15:13
=== Guest91182 is now known as DarkDevil
Pici!pl | sebastian15:13
ubottusebastian: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.15:13
ruanllutz: where would i set that?15:13
lesshastesebastian: #ubuntu-pl15:13
sebastianehh. don't matter15:13
sebastianbut thx :D15:13
lesshastesebastian: no problem.. 100 people there15:13
llutzruan: chatnets { freenode= .... }15:13
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest9844
secretary_linuxok I really don't want to sound like a broken record but is there anything at all I can try to get a working chroot into my broken system from usb stick when I try to chroot and get an error that /bin/sh doesn't exist (meanwhile there is /bin/sh and /target/bin/sh) - I really don't want to be repetitive but I'm out of things to try other than wiping everything and reinstalling...15:13
Curly_QThe best solution is using dual drives dedicated for each OS.15:14
ruanllutz: where is that?15:14
skutr34Curly_Q: how would i do that?15:14
llutzCurly_Q: ~/.irssi/config        if not, create that part15:14
lesshastesecretary_linux: you need a forum or mailing list if you don't get a good answer on irc15:14
sebastiandedicated drivers are an alternative15:14
llutzruan: ^^ sry15:14
Piciruan: You shouldn't be modyifying your irssi config manually. #irssi can tell you the right way to change that setting.15:14
secretary_linuxlesshaste: true, but there's no time for something like that, I'd have to go nuclear first15:14
soreau! chroot | secretary_linux15:14
ubottusecretary_linux: A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot15:14
dajhornsecretary_linux: Double-check that the chroot and the LiveCD or LiveUSB are both 32-bit or both-64 bit.15:14
lesshastesecretary_linux: no time == has to be done in an hour?15:14
Curly_QBuy another hard drive.15:14
secretary_linuxunfortunately the ! chroot guide doesn't help me15:14
secretary_linuxlesshaste: that would be ideal15:14
secretary_linuxlesshaste: system has been down since yesterday15:15
lesshastesorry to hear it15:15
lesshastetry #linux too15:15
lesshastesecretary_linux: ^^15:15
secretary_linuxdajhorn: thanks, someone caught me on that earlier :) they are both 64 bit now15:15
darreoim having a slight problem mounting an old jfs partition on 10.1015:15
dajhornsecretary_linux: Do you know how the chroot target got trashed?    Filesystem problem?  Bad upgrade?15:15
skutr34Curly_Q: im on a laptop so would it be ok to run one of the os's on an external harddrive?15:16
Tw|sTFor dual booting, the best solution I've found is combine a USB hard drive with a motherboard that supports USB-boot.  I then install Windows into the on-system drive, and install Ubuntu to the USB drive.  This eliminates needing to install Grub to the system.  Instead, install it to the USB drive.  I have 2 different solutions like this, one is running from a 16GB Sandisk Flash drive...15:16
=== sysadmin is now known as Guest19107
Curly_QSkutr34, you can install two hard drives on your laptop. I have done it.15:16
Tw|sTwhile the other is installed on the first 40GB of a 120GB USB hard drive (single cable type).15:16
cha0s2358how do i ping someone?15:16
ironfoot495Hello I'm looking for a software to control the broadcasting video shows and and advertisment on an ubuntu server . Can someone tell me if there is a program like that for linux use?15:16
Curly_QThen it all depends on the Real Estate of your laptop though.15:16
skutr34Curly_Q: i dont want to open the laptop though.... would an external work?15:17
secretary_linuxdajhorn: yes, rsnapshot left a lot of hard links to all files on the system and when I tried to remove them, rm -r actually followed the links and deleted all the files on the system. I copied stuff from a good backup, but I can't boot because the backup is from before a kernel upgrade last week15:17
beer_brouwerch0s: ping <IP>15:17
Curly_QYou can slave a second hard drive.15:17
=== sre-su_ is now known as sre-su
Curly_QSure use a USB external.15:17
secretary_linuxdajhorn: and when I say it deleted all files on the system, I mean it tried to until I stopped it after a few miserable seconds15:17
cha0s2358ActionParsnip,  You here man?15:17
beer_brouwercha0s: or ping www.example.com15:18
skutr34Curly_Q: also would i have to reinstall linux to move it to the external?15:18
Curly_QKeep in mind that if you boot up you need to go into the BIOS and set the boot sequence for what you want to boot up first.15:18
cha0s2358beer_brouwer, thank you15:18
dajhornsecretary_linux: Does this command succeed?   chroot /busted/system /sbin/ldconfig -v15:18
Curly_QYou can dual boot with a USB installation.15:18
Tw|sTyup, all day.15:19
Curly_QThat is if your BIOS is setup for it.15:19
skutr34Curly_Q: would i have to reinstall linux to move it to the external drive>15:19
Curly_QYou can Dual boot with a 64 gig memory stick. Put it in your pocket and you have a Linux server and Windows to go.  hehe15:19
llutzskutr34: its no problem to have linux on the same disk as windows, you should defrag your win-filesystem before you try to shrink your win-partitions and make sure to backup your data15:19
Curly_QSkutr34 yes.15:19
skutr34llutz: well i like the idea of having it on another harddrive hough15:20
Curly_QI call it Linux on a stick.  hehe15:20
llutzskutr34: not very handy for a laptop (imho)15:20
Tw|sTmost likely anyways, unless you wanna go about things the hard way.  It's best to reinstall anyway to optimize the system to the new storage medium.15:20
secretary_linuxdajhorn: fails. I tried "chroot /target /sbin/ldconfig -v" getting basically same error as before. there is, in fact, no /sbin/ldconfig in the install environment, so I tried "chroot /target /target/sbin/ldconfig -v" and got the same thing (there is a /target/sbin/ldconfig)15:20
darreofixed my problem, ran a fsck on /dev/sda415:21
Curly_QSkutr34 use a 64 gig memory stick to install Linux on.15:21
darreonow it reads without a problem15:21
nebularI'm having a weird issue with openVPN and networkmanager. It no longer sets the default gateway and so unless I add it manually I can only connect to compuers on the local network15:21
skutr34llutz: ik but if i shrink windows im only going to be able to give it 30 or so gigs15:21
=== jrn_ is now known as jrn_a
secretary_linuxnebular: default gateway with openvpn is a server, not client setting15:21
skutr34Curly_Q: not a bad idea15:21
dajhornsecretary_linux: Your backup is probably incomplete.  Perhaps the `rm -r` deleted some system libraries.15:22
Tw|sT16GB at very minimum to be useful.  I've done USB stick installs to 4GB drives, but they are very small and minimally capable.15:22
llutzskutr34: should be fine, store your data on the win-partition. writing ntfs is no problem15:22
skypcei have a compiled kernel with acpi modules included, when i shutdown  the machine it doesnt shutdown  what can i do?15:22
secretary_linuxdajhorn: how can I determine what they are? and best I can tell, the backup is actually complete15:22
nebularsecretary_linux: Yes, however openVPN works fine when I boot into linux or on my phone running android 2.315:22
secretary_linuxdajhorn: if I could chroot in, I would try to do some apt-get repairs15:22
skutr34llutz: i dont understand15:22
dajhornsecretary_linux:  That would be a lot of work.   A quicker solution would be to reinstall every package on the broken system.15:22
skutr34Curly_Q: those things are like 100 dollars15:22
secretary_linuxdajhorn: yes that's also my inclination but I'm not sure the best way to approach it15:22
nebularso my sever is sending the proper gateway, network manager isn't applying it15:22
Curly_QYou can install VMware on a memory stick with Windows, Linux, Apple or anything.15:23
dajhornsecretary_linux: First, get a list of every package on the system.   dpkg --root=/busted/system --get-selections | cut -f1 -d ' '15:23
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secretary_linuxdajhorn: ok that's gold, I'm doing it now15:23
nebularso I'm at a loss as to what happened to nework manager.15:23
llutzskutr34: if you need more space, store parts of your data (music/photos/videos) on windows-partition from linux. so you won't need more than those 30GB linux15:23
elHannosHowdy again. Is 'upstart' the exclusive init controlling process or are there still parts from SysVinit around in 10.10 ?15:23
Curly_QSo, stop crying and start buying.   :)15:24
secretary_linuxdajhorn: there's actually no dpkg in the damn install environment...15:24
skutr34Curly_Q: it would be cheaper to buy an external drive15:24
dajhornsecretary_linux: Okay, the system is hosed.15:24
skutr34llutz: yeah i already do that15:24
dajhornsecretary_linux: Wait...15:24
secretary_linuxdajhorn: well that's the install image, there is a dpkg in the broken system15:24
dajhornsecretary_linux:  Don't run that in the chroot.  dpkg and apt need to be in the recovery environment.