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scott-workTheMuso: did you get an email by chance about this:  https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntustudio.natty-gnome-system-tools/+merge/5342014:28
scott-workTheMuso: i would be interested in your opinion if we should accept the merge14:28
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macinnisrrscott-work: did you get a chance to look over those screenshots/try out the new themes/icons? Also, what is the process now for changing the default wallpaper/theme/iconset?18:01
scott-workeh, mac left already19:12
* scott-work has been in meetings most of the day19:12
ailoscott-work, Seems like macinnisrr has done some work with grub appearance as well19:29
ailoscott-work, Just looking at his launchpad page19:29
ailoAlso, I was thinking, should it be announced on the mail list, about his position. And he could also announce his material so everyone can test it19:30
scott-workailo: i agree, i had meant to do some of that during lunch but got pulled into other things :(19:38
scott-worki should have time tomorrow during lunch19:38
TheMusoscott-work: Just starting on my mail this morning, so will keep an eye out.21:27
TheMusoScottL: Right, that merge proposal comes down to whether you guys want the new date/time indicator.21:55
TheMusoAs it is, you don't ship any of the indicator infrastructure at all, except for indicator-messages, which doesn't get used anyway.21:56
TheMusoSO I think taking mterry's merge proposal is worthwhile at this point.21:57

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