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vKompffhas anyone gotten ffado to work with a presonus firebox?02:32
Curly_QGreetings folks.05:37
Curly_QI just happened upon the Ubuntu Studio ISO.05:37
Curly_QBefore I install it any comments on it?05:37
holsteinCurly_Q: sure05:38
holsteinwhat are you planning on doing?05:38
holsteindo you have ubuntu installed now?05:38
Curly_QLots of stuff.05:38
holsteinjust plain ubuntu?05:38
Curly_QI am always looking for new stuff for my Recording Studio.05:38
Curly_QI use Kubuntu Server here. Do I need to reinstall the studio ISO?05:39
holsteinCurly_Q: what do you mean?05:39
holsteinkubuntu server?05:39
Curly_QI have a Server Kubuntu.05:39
holsteinyou mean ubuntu server?05:39
holsteinthe k in kubuntu implies KDE05:40
holsteinand the server installs are usually without a desktop05:40
Curly_QWhatever Distro you want to call it. It is still Linux.05:40
holsteinis that the case?05:40
holsteinyou have a server installation?05:40
holsteinwithout X ?05:40
Curly_QWell, the question is:  Is there an apt-get for Ubuntustudio?05:40
Curly_QI have X installed. I use VNC tunneling for that.05:41
holsteinCurly_Q: OK05:41
holsteinso, you have an ubuntu installation05:41
holsteinyou started with a server installation disc?05:41
holsteinand added KDE?05:41
Curly_QWell, I have a lot  of computers here, I was just considering what would be the best way to install ubutustudio.05:42
holsteinif you open up synaptic05:42
holsteinor whatever package manager05:42
holsteinand search ubuntustudio05:42
holsteinyou'll see the metapackage05:42
holsteinyou dont even need them05:43
holsteinyou can just install what you want05:43
holsteinjack and ardour05:43
holsteini usually do05:43
Curly_QInstallation should be no problem for me. I was wondering what features this ISO has that would make me want to brag about it.05:43
holsteinsudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-audio ubuntustudio-audio-plugins05:43
holsteinCurly_Q: usually, if you already have ubuntu installed05:43
holsteinits more trouble than its worth05:43
holsteintheres no live CD for ubuntustudio05:44
holsteinits hard to do a USB install05:44
Curly_QI was thinking in terms of setting up a laptop with ubuntustudio. A whole different installation.05:44
holsteinon the laptop05:44
holsteinyour not going to get the network manager05:44
holsteinout of the box05:44
holsteinwith ubuntustudio05:44
holsteinSO, that'll be the first 'gotcha'05:44
holsteinno wireless05:45
Curly_QI can format a USB 64 gig memory stick for that. That is what I was thinking.05:45
holsteintotally do-able05:45
holsteinits just...05:45
holsteinyou can get the ubuntu vanilla live cd05:45
holsteininstall it05:45
holsteinand start trying out software05:45
holsteinJACK and ardour05:45
Curly_QIs there an ISO for the vanilla?05:45
holsteinjust the normal live CD05:45
Curly_QWill this stuff work with Audio Kontrol hardware?05:46
holsteinCurly_Q: link it up05:46
holsteini have no idea what that is05:46
Curly_QWhat do you mean?05:46
holsteinaudio kontrol hardware05:46
holsteinCurly_Q: USB or firewire?05:47
Curly_QAudio Kontrol is a hardware box that works with Windows Native Instruments software like Guitar Rig.05:47
Curly_QAudio Kontrol 1 is a USB device.05:47
holsteini dont see in on the list05:48
Curly_QIt has multiple guitar amps like Marshal and Fender amps.05:48
holsteinamp sims?05:48
Curly_QIt does also have the ALSA drivers too. But for Windows.05:48
holsteinanyways, i would get a live CD05:49
holsteinunless you want to plug it into whatever computer you already have ubuntu installed on05:49
holsteinand run a few commands05:49
holsteinin a terminal05:49
holsteinyou want to run05:49
Curly_QI do know that there dome enthusiasts who do work with Linux and Native instruments.05:49
holsteinafter pluging the device in05:49
holsteinIF you see it there05:49
holsteinyou want to run05:49
holsteinaplay -l05:49
holsteinarecord -l05:50
holsteinIF you see the device there ^^05:50
holsteinit should be useable by JACK05:50
holsteinwithout any more hassle05:50
holsteinif not, then you'll just have to start googling around05:50
Curly_QDoes this software or ISO kernel or whatever you want to call it act as a guitar fuzz box or distortion amp and things like that with echo and flanging?05:50
holsteinand asking on formus05:50
holsteinCurly_Q: there are programs05:51
holsteinthat do effects processing05:51
Curly_QThat is what I am interested in the add ons.05:51
holsteinrakarrack is the one i really like05:51
holsteinCurly_Q: JACK is what you'll want to learn05:51
holsteinthere is a different workflow to linux audio05:51
Curly_QIs there a web link that has all of this stuff available?05:51
holsteinCurly_Q: theres not one over all web link05:52
Curly_QI see.05:52
Curly_QI really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions.05:52
holsteinCurly_Q: check out #opensourcemusicians05:52
holsteintheres a podshow05:52
holsteinand all kinds of different users05:52
holsteinmaking all different kinds of music with these tools05:53
Curly_QI bookmarked those links. Thanks.05:53
holsteinand others05:53
holsteinCurly_Q: sure, anytime :)05:53
Curly_QI play lead guitar.05:53
holsteini play lead bass ;)05:53
Curly_QI do lots of Hendrix and Jimi Page style.05:53
holsteini play mostly jazz05:54
Curly_QMy maing preocupation is Computer Scientist.05:54
Curly_QI love jazz.05:54
Curly_QNice choice.05:54
Curly_QI play lots of Blues like Stevie Ray Vaughn.05:55
Curly_QIs that your band?05:55
holsteinwell, i freelance05:55
holsteinthats a piano player i play with often05:55
holsteini dont really do 'bands'05:56
Curly_QAre you playing in that video?05:56
Curly_QIt is nice though.05:56
holsteinCurly_Q: thats me on the basso :)05:56
holsteinlead bass05:56
Curly_QHey that's nice. Good work.05:57
Curly_QI do lots of flamenco guitar work as well as electronic rock and blues. I do lots of improv jazz.05:58
holsteinright on05:59
Curly_QIs that piece on youtube improv? It seems so.06:00
holsteinwell, i started it at my solo06:00
holsteinand im improvising over the form06:00
holsteinbut the tune is the piano players tune06:01
Curly_QI can see. Most jazz is though. I like it though.06:01
holsteinhe plays the melody after im finished soloing06:01
Curly_QIt is a lot of fun to get carried away playing.06:01
Curly_QI have met lots of musicians that hate improve. They cannot play anything without sheet music. That to me is boring.06:02
holsteineh, i try and do both06:02
holsteinim not a fast sight reader though really06:02
Curly_QImprovisation is the only way to become creative.06:03
holsteini can respect those hard-core classical players though06:03
Curly_QI can read music but I don't read it.06:03
holsteinyo-yo-ma and the like06:03
holsteinreally good interpreters of the page06:03
Curly_QYo-yo-ma is an exception.06:03
holsteinthats a whole other skill06:03
holsteinreading what someone else writes06:04
holsteinand playing it lyrically06:04
holsteinor whatever it takes to convey the story06:04
Curly_QReading music cramps my style.06:04
Curly_QI taught myself how to listen to something and then just play it. I don't need sheet music.06:04
holsteini hear you06:04
holsteinbut, as miles davis said 'freedom is in itself ultimately limiting'06:05
Curly_QI teach guitar lessons though which is an irony of the whole thing. I make $75.00/hour doing it.  hehe06:05
holsteini usually do $4006:06
holsteinfor 50 minutes or so06:06
holsteinbut i dont have a lot of students06:06
Curly_QI do much better at Forensic Data Recovery making about $1,000.00/day. I keep my priorities here.   :)06:06
holsteinand no regular ones06:06
Curly_QThere is a huge market for that.06:07
holsteinwell, glad to have you in the community06:08
holsteinit would be nice to have some users of the software06:08
Curly_QOffice Max makes $1,200.00/customer for data recovery.06:08
holsteinthat can afford to financially contribute :)06:08
holsteinmost of us are just broke musicians06:08
Curly_QWell, I try not to be broke. it cost money to feed myself and live in a nice place.06:09
holsteinwell, im sure 300,000+ helps :)06:09
Curly_QI try not to cut corners even when I type sentences. It all comes back to you eventually.06:09
Curly_QThe more work you put into anything the more the returns are.06:10
holsteinyeah, in theory06:10
Curly_QActually in practice.06:10
holsteinyeah, you're right06:11
Curly_QPeople pay more attention to you if you have a plan.06:11
holsteinall the returns are not financial in nature06:11
Curly_QThat's true.06:11
Curly_QI agree.06:11
Curly_QIt is good to be flexible.06:11
Curly_QIs the ISO I am downloading a kernel of the Ubuntustudio?06:12
holsteinto be presice06:13
Curly_QOr is it an installation?06:13
holsteinlinux is the kernel06:13
holsteinubuntu is the operating system06:13
holsteinthe kernels are all the same06:13
holsteinyou can get whatever kernel you need from the repos06:13
Curly_QSo this is a kernel with the programs associated?06:13
holsteinfrom any official buntu install06:13
holsteinCurly_Q: you'll get the linux-generic kernel06:14
Curly_QI am very familiar with installing Linux.06:14
Curly_QThat's OK.06:14
holsteinand the packages associated with ubuntustudio06:14
Curly_QI was just curious about the kernel and is it a stripped down version of the Kernel with the programs on it?06:14
holsteinthe kernel is the same06:15
holsteinthe same kernel you would get in ubuntu06:15
holsteina -generic one06:15
holsteinwith the same hardware support rolled in06:15
holsteintheres not really any programs on the kernel06:15
holsteinyou can get lowerlatency kernels if needed06:16
Curly_QI am sure I will find out when I install it.06:16
Curly_QI suppose if I installed a bare-bones Linux kernel and did the above apt-get that would suffice.06:17
holsteini mean, the kernel has some driver support06:17
holsteinso that can effect your graphics card for one thing06:17
holsteinor wireless06:18
holsteini suppose you could apt-get modules or firmware or whatever06:18
holsteinif you need06:18
holsteini find that in ubuntu06:18
holsteini try to stick to what ubuntu is expecting06:18
Curly_QI guess what you are saying is that the ubuntustudio has the drivers incorporated with the kernel to make it all happen.06:18
holsteintrying to use the stuff from the repos first when possible06:19
holsteinthen PPA06:19
holsteinthen some .deb or building06:19
holsteinCurly_Q: well what i saying is, ubuntustudio uses the same kernel as ubuntu06:19
Curly_QFunny thing is that I came here because I was surfing on the Google and thought first to try Anthony.freenode.net to see if there was a #ubuntustudio channel. My guess was correct.06:20
holsteinwe're here06:20
Curly_QThis is my first time here.06:20
holsteini thought i had seen your nick before06:21
holsteinbut lots of nicks come and go06:21
Curly_QI am all over the IRC.06:21
Curly_QI am lots of time helping on the #Ubuntu channel or the #Windows channel.06:21
holsteini avoid those06:22
holsteini help here06:22
Curly_QI teach Computer classes such as A+ and more.06:22
holsteinand sometimes in #ubuntu-beginners06:22
holsteinbut #ubuntu06:22
holsteinthats a mess06:22
Curly_QYeah, those channels are brutal if you don't know how to hold your own. Lots of the technicians are puffed up with themselves. They think of themselves as gods.06:23
Curly_QThey hate it when I correct them.06:23
holsteinwell, you can hang out here and correct me all you want06:24
Curly_QI can type faster than they can too. They hate that and think that I am a bot.06:24
Curly_QThe other day when the Japan earthquake happened, I put in a comment that there was an impending Tsunami coming for Hawaii and the Philippines. The OPS there said: "You are off topic.. He kicked me from the channel. What a fool.06:25
Curly_QHe said:  "This is an Ubuntu channel and not a warning channel."06:26
Curly_QCan you imagine that?06:27
holsteinits challenging though06:27
holsteini mean, this channel is too06:27
holsteinand i like to be loose with it06:27
holsteinsince its so small06:27
holsteinand we are trying to build a community06:27
holsteinBUT, with a channel like that06:28
Curly_QIt was human life. Did you see the the videos of the Tsunami?06:28
holsteini can only imagine the stress06:28
Curly_QSomeone on the IRC on another channel #Windows told me thanks from Hawaii. He heard the air RAIDS sirens and didn't know what it was. He thanked me for the warning.06:29
Curly_QThe idiot OPS said: "Stop using CAPS..."06:30
Curly_QI saved a life and the OPS is only concerned about CAPS. What does that tell you?06:30
Curly_QThe news today says that 3 Nuclear Power Plants are in trouble there.06:31
Curly_QOne would be bad enough.06:31
holsteinyeah, i was catching up on that earlier06:31
Curly_QLike Chernoble.06:32
holsteinrough over there06:32
holsteinwell, with chernobyl, i think there was somewhere for folks to go06:32
Curly_QYes, I was off topic warning people though.06:32
holsteinor more places for folk to go06:32
holsteinwe'll see06:32
holsteinmight not be as bad as all that06:33
holsteinanyways, i gotta crash06:33
Curly_QThe government witheld the Chernobyl incident as much as they could untill they needed aid from the United States.06:33
holsteinCurly_Q: GN06:33
Curly_QNice meeting you Holstein.06:33
Curly_QThanks for the info.06:33
Curly_QGood night folks. I hope all here have a great day today.06:35
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albertoDoes anybody know anything about using VST Instruments on Ubuntu via Jack?22:42
Buggaboohi guys23:29
BuggabooI want to extract a certain length of sound from a wav. What do I use?23:30
ailoBuggaboo, check out Audacity. It's a audio-file-editor, and perfect for things like that.23:41

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