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IProteusdoes upstart store the pid for the process it starts somewhere?11:06
IProteusmy process does not create a pid file - but I do need the value and wonder if there is an easy way to get it from upstart instead of managing it in the process.11:07
dcorbin_wrkwill standard init.d scripts fire updstart events?11:09
plautrbaIProteus: initctl status <job> or initctl list  show also pid if exists11:44
IProteusthanks 11:57
IProteusI have a special program to stop the process, which I call in pre-stop and I need to pass the pid to this. so that means I should parse the output of those commands to get the pid and pass that in - or is there a way in upstart - some sort of pid variable that I could use in the conf file?11:57
ionPID=; eval "$(LC_ALL=C status | sed -nre 's/^.*, process ([0-9]+)$/PID=\1;/p')"; [ -n "$PID" ]12:00
ionThe LC_ALL=C probably isn’t necessary.12:01
IProteussweet, thank you very much.12:04
SpamapSdcorbin_wrk: no they won't without explicitly calling 'initctl emit' in their code15:21
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Keybuksometimes I think things would be easier if I just built udev into Upstart :-)18:10

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