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charlie-tcaGood morning15:33
micahgnow my governor doesn't work, I think I purged too much :(16:48
ochosimicahg: hey21:23
ochosimicahg: the next release for gmusicbrowser might take a bit too long now (i still haven't got a specific date) and i don't wanna push the dev too much21:26
ochosimicahg: would it be ok for you to pull from git?21:26
ochosimicahg: if the release then happens in due time it'll be easy to update it i guess21:28
ochosimicahg: k, g2g now, i'll be back tomorrow, but i'll read the backlog, so just ping me your answer :)21:29
micahgochosi: I'd only want to take a git snapshot if it's stable22:40

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