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autif1I purchased a new laptop and installed Xubuntu 10.10 on it - I found two things that Ubuntu 10.10 can do, but, Xubuntu can't. First is that using Fn + (F9 or F10) I can increase/decrease the brightness of the LCD screen in Ubuntu, but not in Xubuntu. Secondly, After the display is switched off after inactivity, it takes Fn+ F4 to turn it on again in Ubuntu. However, I could not turn the display on in Xubuntu, I had to reboot using the conso00:25
DJPokebubI need help with the sudo command.00:27
DJPokebubMy password won't work with the command00:27
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autif1ok, installing xfce4-power-manager-plugins - fixed the first issue - i can now increase and decrease the brightness on will. I just cannot wake the monitor after it sleeps - any ideas?01:14
autif1if, I suspend and resume, the LCD does turn back on. But this is a nasty workaround01:26
RakI'm trying to find earlier revisions of Xubuntu. Is this possible?02:05
autif1do you have a specific version in mind?02:09
David-ARak: what version?, http://www.xubuntu.org/ has the old versions that is still supported. Otherwise, google "earlier revisions of Xubuntu" finds old ubuntus back to 6.06, install one of these and install the xubuntu package in it.02:10
RakWell for a pen III, ram 128 mb, ati video card 128 mb, machine02:11
RakWhat do you guys think what rev would be the best?02:11
autif1try the alternate CD - their requirement is 192 MB02:12
autif1all the best02:12
autif16.06 alternate claims 128 MB are requirement02:13
autif1that may work out02:13
RakI'm figuring that as well02:13
David-ARak: Xubuntu with 128mb and PIII back in 2008, probably Xubuntu 8.04, it could start, but firefox didnt work well. I would not recommend it.02:14
Rakmaybe install firefox 2?02:14
David-ARak: or not use firefox at all. still probably too slow if opening more than a few programs.02:15
RakDavid what browser would you recommend for low system resource use that can handle flash?02:16
autif1midori should work02:16
RakI used a browser called miranda seemed nice but couldn't handle flash02:16
RakI'll take a look02:16
Raki'll try out ubuntu 8.04 and see what happens02:17
David-ARak: Epiphany have flash via the same package that installs flash in firefox. Its sligtly leaner, and still quite user friendly.02:18
RakI tried tinycore out seems to be ok but doesn't handle flash to well at all02:18
David-ARak: have you looked at other linux distros that are particularly designed for low end coputers? e.g. Lubuntu, Puppy, Chrunchbang? some are based on ubuntu.02:23
RakI looked at tinycore, damn small linux02:24
Raknever heard of those >_>02:24
RakDavid you happen to carry a list of distro's for low end computers?02:25
David-ARak: No, but i am sure google, ubuntuforums, and some ubuntu wikis have. Have you not seen http://distrowatch.com ?02:27
Raknever seen that site02:27
David-ARak: there are thousands of distros and the 100 most popular in the list to the right. they have links to reviews and might have articles about light distros.02:29
Rakthis is pretty cool :D02:29
David-ARak: for very low end comps, there are OSes written in assembly language: e.g. menuetOS and kolibriOS. the screenshots of menuet are astounding, considered the os fits on a floppy.02:37
David-A(menuetOS and kolibriOS are not linux)02:37
David-Ano, their own special i think02:38
Rakoppsss  u said asm =P02:38
Rakamazing didn't know these ever existed02:38
RakDavid i've been looking at Lubuntu you happen of tried that before?02:38
David-Ano, i have not tried lubuntu, nor crunchbang nor menuet nor kolibri. i have tried debian, fedora, mint, mandriva, the last 3 probably no good for 128mb.02:40
David-Ai have tried puppy, it is fun, but i dont like the desktop icons. too win-xp-like.02:41
David-Ai have tried vectrolinux 5.9, similar to xubuntu and lubuntu, but no utf-8 by default. not as ready-out-of-the-box as the more popular distros.02:46
Rakwould Ubuntu work good on a 512 mb machine?02:46
RakI got two machine i bought for $10 bundle package but I'm unsure if they work and they have been stored in a garage some I'm leeting them dry out before I test them out02:47
Rakmaybe they will turn on if not I'll have to see what works what doesn't, and fix them02:47
Rakhey can I get opera 6.0 for Xubuntu?03:22
Unit193Rak: http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppas/1503:23
Rakis this 6.0 >_>03:24
Unit193Hrm.... Not sure, I'm looking into it03:26
Unit193Rak: http://arc.opera.com/pub/opera/linux/ may I ask why you wan't an old one?03:31
Rakyes, because I have a older computer looking for a browser that uses low ssytem resoruces and is able to handle flash03:32
Unit193Don't know if it can handle flash, but midori is a good small one03:33
Rakah I heard about that trying it out :D03:33
* Unit193 "uses" it on 500MHz03:34
beefsalad500mhz should be able to do flash and a few other things04:48
beefsaladheck, I do it with android...maybe you should look there!04:48
Unit193Not any flash videos04:49
beefsaladwhat type of video hardware does it have04:58
Unit193Nadda, most of the things in xscreensaver go a wee bit slow04:59
beefsaladyou have to have some kind of video card or something...05:02
Unit193I know that, just nothing worth saying...05:02
Unit193Memory at f8000000 (32-bit, prefetchable) [size=64M]05:05
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jordan3456good morning, afternoon, evening, or altered state of consciousness.09:43
jordan3456anyone alive?09:44
jordan3456hello again10:07
jordan3456anyone awake?10:07
jason_in_coloradcourse i am a night owl i suppose10:08
jordan3456are you proficient in flash?10:09
jason_in_coloradafraid not :(10:09
jordan3456I'm having that black screen problem again10:09
jordan3456this seems to be a linux-plugin specific problem10:09
jordan3456maybe it's karma telling me not to watch youtube at work all day10:10
jason_in_coloraddon't say such a scary thing10:10
jason_in_coloradi need youtube10:10
jordan3456yes, it's like crack but without the burnt lips and std's10:10
jason_in_coloradnew install of linux? or is this a new problem on a older install?10:10
jordan3456no, is on a oldish installation10:11
jordan3456it's the latest version10:11
jason_in_coloradthere is a flash substitute i think10:11
jordan3456all my computers suffer from this10:11
jordan3456yeah, but that also creates some issues as well10:11
jordan3456I mean, optimally no one should use closed source software10:12
jason_in_coloraddid it happen after an update?10:12
jordan3456good question.  I run updates as cronjobs, so I'll have to look at the log10:12
jordan3456or wade through the log10:12
jason_in_coloradi'll have to take a look at the update's here in a moment and see if there is a flash update10:13
jason_in_coloradim running a fresh install of xubuntu10:13
jason_in_coloradso i guess i'll see what happens, concerning flash10:13
jordan3456did you run the massive first-time update10:13
jason_in_coloradthats what im doing right now10:13
jordan3456when I install any x environment I always reboot to shell and run apt-get straight from there10:14
jordan3456no use running the upgrade from within x10:14
jordan3456apt-get, yum, etc.10:14
jason_in_coloradyeah, im running my update threw terminal10:14
jordan3456who the heck came up with the name "yum" for a package installer anyway?10:14
jason_in_coloradsomeone in desperate need of food?10:15
jordan3456you should read some of the weird things in the fortune command10:15
jason_in_coloradsomeone coming off a high, who knows10:15
jordan3456anyway, no I reboot, go to GRUB, and then run networked shell10:15
jason_in_coloradthat comes standard in the mint terminal right? or am i thinking of something else10:15
jordan3456actually, I prefer to do all my manual package work outside of x10:16
jason_in_coloradim not that savvy with linux yet :( wish i was10:16
jordan3456I think mint is debian, dunno10:16
jason_in_coloradif i was i would prob. be running arch10:16
jordan3456quite honestly10:16
jordan3456I like debian better than fedora10:17
jordan3456but it doesn't matter.  Try them all, see what you like.10:17
jason_in_coloradfedora keeps crashing on my system10:17
jason_in_coloradwish i could run bsd, but my system won't even boot into it10:17
jordan3456what is your hardware?10:17
jason_in_coloradamd processor, ati graphics car, all the things i've been told aren't great10:18
jordan3456look, I buy old computers for $100 or less and run them at work10:19
jordan3456I don't care what's inside.  It's all about disposable computing10:19
jordan3456whatever works, really.10:19
jason_in_coloradthis is a newer computer10:19
jordan3456actually $100 is way too much10:19
Sysijordan3456: so you have the official adobe flash and not any subtitutes installed?10:20
jason_in_coloradjust the adobe rendition10:20
Sysiif you could get older flash you could try using it..10:20
jordan3456good ide sysi10:20
Sysior youtube html510:21
jordan3456that too10:21
jason_in_coloradflash works fine for me10:21
Sysicrashes if i wanna watch more than one video from youtube but not bad10:21
jason_in_coloradsometimes when i load up a youtube page i get a white screen with sound10:22
jason_in_coloradthen i refresh the page, and all is well again10:22
jordan3456I don't have any windows boxes any more, so I can't use that as a yardstick against linux problems10:22
Sysithat isn't "working fine" ..exept for flash10:22
jason_in_coloradwindows box on the site?10:23
jordan3456erm, well I have a windows box too, but I have like the absolute weakest user account10:23
jordan3456prefer to use my own machines at work10:23
jason_in_coloradare you talking about microsoft?10:23
jordan3456yeah, you know, your standard xp terminal10:24
jason_in_coloradoh i gotchya10:24
jason_in_coloradi haven't touched a windows machine in a few years10:24
jordan3456I don't own any myself10:24
jason_in_coloradive got one in the closet10:24
jordan3456but at work we have one for "communal" use in the office10:24
jason_in_coloradwell i guess if it still gets the work done10:25
jordan3456oh no, I only use it to send printouts through the building, as I can't get access to the office printer system through my linux boxen10:25
jason_in_coloradi gotchya10:26
jordan3456i'm not putting anything important on a communal machine10:26
Sysii have win7, occasional gaming and stuff, XP was my original reason to start using linux10:26
jason_in_coloradso its just a hub really?10:26
jason_in_coloradi loved xp10:26
jordan3456no, lots of people use it for office tasks10:26
jordan3456i just don't leave things on public computers10:26
jordan3456it's a hub for me10:26
jason_in_coloradi got into linux after seeing a few people mess around in debian10:26
jordan3456okay cool swfdec hasn't been developed since 200910:28
jason_in_coloradlove debian, but for the life of me i cannot get my wireless working :(10:28
jordan3456so that might be like running an ancient flash version10:28
jordan3456that might not satisfy the youtube gods, but it'll probably run great on the systems10:28
jason_in_colorado.O? how many variations of flash are there?10:29
jason_in_coloradim getting pretty sick of the said youtube gods10:29
jason_in_coloradand the adverts10:29
jordan3456well, as sysi suggests, I could try try a previous flash version10:29
jordan3456but instead, i will try a gpl version10:29
jordan3456well, it's either youtube of Hilary Rosen knocking at your door10:30
jordan3456there was some woman that was sued a bazilion dollars by the RIAA for downloading justin bieber or other crap off of kazaa10:31
jason_in_coloradhave you taken a peek at 'awesome window manager'?10:31
jordan3456the lawsuits are an amazing waste of time and money.  thus endeth the editorial.10:31
jason_in_coloradits been a long time since ive heard that program name10:31
jason_in_coloradused it a few years ago10:31
jason_in_coloradhold up, time to reboot10:32
jordan3456what the heck is awesome window manager?10:33
jordan3456is this some xwindows DE?10:33
jason_in_coloradjust a windows manager like xfce  only much lighter10:34
jordan3456even lighter than lxde?10:35
jordan3456lxde is very buggy.  not a fan.10:35
jordan3456I mean, to create a desktop link I must use ln or edit a desktop file.  No one click solution like gnome or xfce10:36
jason_in_coloradyeah poked around with it a bit, would rather just have openbox if i was going to go that route10:36
jason_in_coloradthat or fluxbox10:36
jordan3456I do run lubuntu on an ancient 2004 celeron laptop, but maybe openbox might be better10:36
jason_in_coloradcrunchbang is a great distro if your looking for a good solid openbox10:37
jordan3456I mean, I use the laptop as a glorified slide carousel10:37
jordan3456it only runs Openoffice presentation10:37
jason_in_coloradi never could get into laptops10:37
jason_in_coloradi gotchya10:37
jordan3456so?  someone steals it in an airport or TSA smash n bashes it?  don't care, no personal info on it10:38
jordan3456okay, have this dented paperweight as my gift10:39
jason_in_coloradand what a gift it would be :D10:39
jordan3456not really.  it has a desktop processor, so it boils10:39
jordan3456really bad heatsinking10:39
jordan3456might be a hotplate alternative though10:39
jason_in_coloradyes, could whip you up some spam in a quick hurry10:40
jason_in_colorador keep one's coffee hot10:40
jordan3456that's the thing10:42
jordan3456in the past it was quite common to use high voltage processors in laptops10:43
jordan3456because the lo-volt chips weren't viable or too expensive10:43
jordan3456but boy, did those things fry!10:43
jordan3456In fact10:43
jordan3456when the very first pentium came out (Pentium 60, early 90's)10:43
jordan3456I remember magazine reviews that said that the chips would boil (literally, scorch the plastic cover) right on the desktop motherboard10:44
jordan34565.5 volts10:44
jordan3456hungry processor10:44
jason_in_coloradthat couldn't of made for good business10:44
jordan3456in fact, the 486dx3-100 sold for more than a year until the pentium 90's and 120's took off10:45
jason_in_coloradthats all before i was using computers, so this is a history lesson for me10:45
jordan3456for these reasons.  Besides, there wasn't any performance difference.  the P-60 was slower than a dx2 66, imho10:45
jordan3456I've been programming for 20 years on10:46
jordan3456and I'm only in my 30's10:46
jason_in_coloradim only 25 ^.^10:46
Sysiso old10:46
jordan3456yeah, the denture fitting is on Thursday10:46
jason_in_coloradnow thats a thought10:46
jason_in_coloradsomething to look forward to10:47
Sysiif anyone comes to ask from help, move on to offtopic channel10:47
Sysi(HW isn't very bad offtopic but still)10:47
jordan3456enough nostalgia.  I can tell you stupid stories about commodore 64 assembly programming10:47
jordan3456or the ti 9910:48
jason_in_coloradmaybe you could get a book deal10:48
jason_in_coloradnew york times best seller, im telling ya10:48
jordan3456no, maybe I need a trip to the quiet room10:48
jordan3456anyone who's been around long enough has stupid computer stories10:48
jason_in_coloradstories tend to be good thou10:49
jordan3456maybe.  nowadays I just try to convert people to linux10:49
jordan3456so many people are resistant, even when I demonstrate gnome to them10:49
jordan3456"just like windows, eh?"10:49
jason_in_coloradwindows users even?10:49
jordan3456the command line is the deal breaker10:49
jason_in_coloradmaybe a mac user10:49
jordan3456because many people never used msdos10:50
jordan3456or are too young to know about it10:50
jason_in_coloradi think people just don't wanna put in the effort in learning a new os10:50
jordan3456no, it's because "sudo nano anacrontab" sounds like a Star Trek language10:51
jason_in_coloradmaybe a star trek planet?10:51
jordan3456don't know.  But people in the office just stare google-eyed at my terminal sessions10:51
jason_in_coloradi tend to do that on some of these pictures i find on the arch linux forums10:52
jordan3456I am a language specialist by trade, so bash is just like learning to read yet another language.  that's how I look at it.10:53
jason_in_coloraddo you dabble with conky much?10:54
jason_in_coloradlove conky, but i suppose it is pretty redundant10:54
jordan3456well, all the conky coolness is contained in individual bash commands10:55
jordan3456i prefer to learn the bash language first10:55
jason_in_coloradi mess around with rc file a bit, its a good way to learn10:55
jordan3456I keep copies of rc on my gmail accounts so that I can plop them into new installations as soon as I make them.  Then all the aliases are in place, ready for immediate use.10:56
jordan3456same with cronjobs.10:56
jordan3456all the machines work in synchro, doing the same things at the same time.10:56
jason_in_coloradi just keep my rc files on a flash drive if i happen to have it handy10:57
jordan3456very good idea10:58
jordan3456I find myself typing aliased commands, and then having to backtrack and enter them manually10:58
jason_in_coloradhell you could even put them on a floppy, but not many machines have those anymore10:58
jordan3456my work box has one10:58
jason_in_coloraddo they sell them anymore?10:59
jordan3456yes, they do.10:59
jordan3456my local computer warehouse has them.  Expensive, but available.  HD 1.4410:59
jason_in_coloradi just tend to get a pack of dvd's but, putting a few rc files on a dvd would be a waste10:59
jordan3456yeah, a cheap flash drive is enough11:00
jason_in_coloradkeeping them in an email is a brilliant idea as well11:00
jordan3456I have an address just for this purpose11:00
jordan3456I can also keep rollback copies in case something screws up11:01
jason_in_coloradi could email myself all the rc files i use, and just give myself a list of programs i get off synaptic11:01
jason_in_colorada few repository lists11:01
jason_in_coloradall sorts of stuff that would save me time11:01
jordan3456I don't use synaptic so I actually know little of it11:04
jordan3456but yeah, one could do so with the other repository systems as well11:04
jordan3456that's a great idea11:05
jason_in_coloradhave you visited getdeb? i think its called11:06
jordan3456anyway, I came here to ask a question.  It is solved.  Irc is addictive, so this is my yearly quota. good luck with your system.11:06
jason_in_colorada lot of okay software on that site11:06
jason_in_coloradwell thanks11:07
AquinaHy! I'm conding right now and have to write a context menu.11:17
AquinaIs the following sentence good english? "Enter your desired image name, please. You can freely choose the name as you wish."11:18
AquinaI'm unsure about the "as you wish"-part.11:18
leoquantas you please maybe?11:24
leoquantas desired?11:26
Aquinathank you. :-)11:43
ochosiAquina: dunno what context menu you're writing but isn't that a bit of a long string for such a simple request?13:26
TheSheepAquina: it's ridiculously polite13:38
lightayeah let's put14:01
lightaSelect Image14:01
Park7Hello, I am having trouble installing my broadcom sta wireless driver from the Proprietery Drivers panel. here is the error from /var/log/jockey.log that i got: http://paste.ubuntu.com/580608/15:06
Park7oh, i am running xubuntu lucid...15:07
PatrickCI just installed xubuntu in a vbox20:04
PatrickCbut when I try to log in, it doesn't accept my password20:04
PatrickCanyone have an idea?20:05
BlueEagleI wonder what PatrickC did wrong. :)20:21
KramBI try using Compiz with my GeForce 8400 GS and it would not show the effects.  It also took away my Window Headers (fixed now) but I want Compiz to work, how can I?  I followed this guide: http://xubuntublog.wordpress.com/2007/12/09/xubuntu-compiz-pretty-pretty-xubuntu/20:37
ochosiKramB: what exactly isn't working?20:51
ochosi(and btw, that blog-post is really really old)20:51
KramBWhen I try to use effects like when you move our Window it wobbles, stuff like that.20:51
ochosibut compiz is running?20:52
KramBYes I know.20:52
KramBIt runs, but it does not work.20:52
ochosiif it's running and you can move windows, that means it works20:52
ochosiyou might have to install ccsm (compiz-config-settings-manager)20:52
ochosiand then activate the wobbly windows there20:52
KramBI installed all of that.20:52
KramBIt still did not work.20:52
ochosik, open a terminal, type "xfwm4 --replace"20:53
KramBI typed that with alt+f2.20:53
KramBDid not work.20:53
ochosithat should switch you back to xfwm4, then run "compiz --replace" in term and tell the output20:53
KramBDid that too.20:53
KramBNothing comes out.20:53
ochosiyeah, but with xfrun (==alt+f2) you don't get any debugging information20:53
jorgeYhi, I wanted to install xubuntu 10.04 on my netbook from usb pendrive. I had installed it previously but now I wanted to encrypt my home, but I don't have the option at installation. What am I doing wrong?21:37
drcjorgeY: It was there this morning when I reinstalled...not sure exactly when, but iirc it was during the partition part21:51
jorgeYhi drc; normally should be at the user pass screen, but I have only the log automatically option there.21:56
drcyeah, you're right, now that you've reminded me21:59
drcIt's a check box at the bottom of the window?22:01
jorgeYyeap, I know where it should be ... :-) but not why it's not there22:01
jorgeYyou have 3 options there normally and I have only one.22:01
Unit193Do you have to remove your current home dir for that to work? or reformat?22:01
drcdunno why it's not there for you (it was when you installed previously?)  Same ISO/liveUSB?22:02
jorgeYI'm doing a full new installation22:02
drcjorgeY: did you check the format box in partitioning?22:02
jorgeYI don't think it was there the other time, but I don't know really22:02
jorgeY@drc, yes22:03
jorgeYthe automatic partitioning, all for xubuntu22:04
jorgeYcould it have to do with the pendrive installation?22:05
jorgeYshould I take an extern cd drive?22:05
drcjorgeY: is this a different computer than the one you are using now?22:05
jorgeYi'm on my mac now22:06
jorgeYthe other one is an asus eeepc r10122:06
drccan you try this then...do a manual partition (swap == {or more, up to you) RAM and rest for /)  see if it's there then?22:07
jorgeYok, I'll try22:07
drcor whatever partition you want, the point is to see if it needs a manual partition22:07
jorgeYnormally I give 2x ram for swap22:08
jorgeYok, I see22:08
drcvs automatic...I really don't know, just thinking22:08
jorgeYI understand your point22:08
jorgeYIt's worth a try, thanks22:09
drcwas the iso the desktop or alternate?22:10
drcok, just trying to think of variables in the process22:11
jorgeYalternate hasn't the option?22:11
drcnever used it, like I said, I was just think of variables while you were trying the manual partition22:12
drcjorgeY: dinner time..hope you find a solution22:15
jorgeYthank you22:15
jorgeYI'll do a try and if not works I download it tomorrow again22:15
jorgeYbon apetit22:16
jorgeYwell, I don't know why, but I have the options now there. With manual partition and with automatic too. Thank you drc for your time22:20

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