humphreybcYou guys notice that often the Unity launcher will get "stuck" and won't slide back if it's set to auto hide?00:01
Omegahumphreybc: I haven't had that happen to me recently.00:17
rbnswartzDBO you in?00:36
jonnyhi... what the diference betwin ubuntu and ubuntu-ubity?01:08
jonnysomany people and nobody know tell me??!!!01:09
OmegaUbuntu is the project, the Operating System.01:10
DaekdroomUnity is a shell.01:10
OmegaUnity is the desktop shell, the part of the operating system you see.01:10
OmegaHey Daekdroom.01:11
jonnysorry... ubuntu-gnome and ubuntu-unity01:11
jonnywhat is diference01:11
DaekdroomGNOME is a desktop environment. Unity is a desktop shell. Unity works on top of GNOME.01:11
Daekdroomand therefore, is not replacing it, as many people are mislead to believe in.01:11
jonnyahhh... then ubuntu = ubuntu(unity)01:12
jonnyonly interface is diferent01:12
DaekdroomUbuntu will start using Unity by default.01:12
jonnyhummmm I see01:13
Daekdroom(in the future releases, starting by 11.04)01:13
jonnyyeap... I readed about that01:13
jonnyubuntu 11.04 will use Unity01:13
jonnysome thinq like this01:14
jonnyI'm thinking change to Unity because the fonts in my ubuntu is not good01:14
humphreybcAgree 100% with MPT on this. https://lists.launchpad.net/ayatana/msg05037.html01:14
humphreybcCurrent menu implementation is f**king moronic.01:15
humphreybc(excuse my french)01:15
jonnywhat is moronic?01:15
humphreybcUnity's implementation of menus (or rather, lack of) in the panel.01:15
Daekdroomidiotic, I think01:15
Daekdroomhumphreybc, I think it'd only make sense if menus also melted into title bars in non-maximized windows, like Chrome.01:16
DaekdroomBecause in large screen resolutions, the menu might stay too far away from a window.01:16
jonnyI see...01:16
humphreybcDaekdroom: yeah, you ever tried using Unity with more than one monitor?01:17
DaekdroomOf course it's easy to aim because it's at the top of the screen, but..01:17
jonnyWhat can I do to make my webbrowser fonts be better in ubuntu?01:17
humphreybcIt's basically the worst thing ever01:17
DaekdroomI have never tried using anything with more than one monitor.01:17
jonnyI use ubuntu in 2 monitors and I've no problem01:17
jonnyI dont know about unity01:18
humphreybcI quite often have my laptop hooked up to a 24" external monitor01:18
jonnyI'm thinking install Unity, but I dont know if it is better then ubuntu01:18
humphreybcjonny: Unity /is/ Ubuntu.01:18
faganjonny: there is a resizing problem for any other monitors at the moment if memory serves me right01:18
faganon the new unity01:19
jonnysomebody know what can I do about fonts (dont show good) in my brouwser01:19
faganyeah its a rendering issue its being worked on I think01:19
jonnywell... I'm tired... another time I came back... tanks.... bye01:19
faganhumphreybc: :)01:20
* humphreybc really needs to get some work done, dammit.01:20
faganoh how is the game working out01:20
humphreybcif I told you that, I'd have to kill you :)01:21
faganim excited to see where it goes since im a pretty heavy gamer01:21
* fagan risking going off topic since its quiet01:22
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kklimondawould it be possible to change launcher icon dynamically after application is already running?03:03
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dashuaCimi, do you sleep?  You are a machine. :)03:31
Cimiyeah, updating then going to sleep03:31
dashuaHa nice, made a PPA for those themes if you want to check out.  I know you're busy with the overlay bars.03:35
* humphreybc still hasn't managed to reproduce the invisible window bug05:45
humphreybcjcastro: ping05:53
humphreybcjcastro: PM me when you're around05:54
didrocksgood morning06:59
MacSlowhey everybody08:01
nerochiarodidrocks: ping09:46
didrocksnerochiaro: hey09:46
nerochiarodidrocks: did you see the discussion I had yesterday with Gary about turning the dbus method call into a signal ?09:47
nerochiaroso that it's broadcast to everyone interested instead of just targeted to unity09:47
didrocksnerochiaro: no, I didn't09:48
didrocksnerochiaro: I'm not sure about a signal as this one is really specific09:48
didrockswith Unity "launcher"09:48
didrocksand icon size/x/y09:48
nerochiarodidrocks: well, the issue is that we would have to register on the bus as unity, but currently all our interfaces are on com.canonical.Unity2d ... it's not a big deal to register also as com.canonical.Unity, but seems less clean09:50
nerochiaroinstead with a signal, it's sent out to no one in particular09:50
nerochiaroso SC doesn't care if Unity or Unity2d gets it09:50
nerochiaroor someone else09:50
didrocksnerochiaro: I think the long term solution is an external process for that09:51
didrocksdealing with logic for the launcher09:51
didrockslike the intellihide and such09:51
nerochiarodidrocks: that seems reasonable, on the long term09:51
didrocksso then, a method would make sense as the daemon will bring the info to the rendering part09:51
didrocksso right now, I would say, steal the Unity name :)09:51
nerochiarook, i'll just do that :)09:52
didrocksgreat thanks! :)09:53
klattimerCimi: are there specific theme settings you need to do to make the calendar marked days show up bolder or a different shade or something?10:00
klattimermy code doesn't seem to highlight days, this is in the indicator-datetime10:00
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apinheirodbarth, ping?10:13
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rodrigo_njpatel, I'm having problems with the SyncGeometries thing we talked about (remember?)10:27
rodrigo_njpatel, doing the call once the indicators are synced from the service doesn't work, since the stuff is not yet drawn on the screen10:28
rodrigo_njpatel, so, I've tried doing it in PostDraw, Draw, PostLayout, etc, so what would be the best place to do it?10:29
njpatelrodrigo_, Draw should work, as it's its' guaranteed to be valid at that point10:37
njpatelrodrigo_, also, make sure your using GetAbsoluteGeometries10:38
njpatelGetAbsoluteGeometry(), I mean10:38
njpatelas that's the geometry relative to the 0,0 of the screen10:38
rodrigo_njpatel, ok, trying again, Draw didn't work last time I tried, but might be another thing10:38
rodrigo_njpatel, ok10:38
njpatelrodrigo_, just be aware that draw get's called *alot* so make sure you have something cached so you know when you actually need to update10:39
rodrigo_njpatel, hmm, right, that might have been the problem10:39
njpatelrodrigo_, Draw in PanelView, called after IndicatorObjectFactory emits a changed signal (whenever it recevied anything that might cause a geometry update, you'll need to add that) would do the trick10:40
njpatelthe panelview can cache the changed and then on the next draw sync the geometries10:40
BigWhaleGreetings... Is this the whine-place to whine about bugs in Unity? Beside the obvious launchpad? :)10:41
humphreybcBigWhale: Yeah, or Twitter.10:50
BigWhalehumphreybc, I did that already. :>10:50
humphreybcBigWhale: haha10:51
BigWhaleNow I'm posting bug report, I had to apt-get upgrade first, just to make sure ...10:51
evilvishBigWhale: you gotta end it with "Canonical #foo team sucks!" otherwise you are doing it wrong ;p10:52
BigWhaleNaah, I'm still Lawful Good aligned. I'll do that when I turn chaotic. :>10:53
humphreybc-ipadHmm. Last natty updates borked my install, won't load the gdm on boot. Virtual terminals still work. Ideas?10:55
humphreybc-ipadCompiz --replace ?10:55
evilvishhumphreybc-ipad: just "compiz"10:56
BigWhaleThere... http://launchpadlibrarian.net/66490396/unity-gtk-theme-borken.png10:56
humphreybc-ipadFatal: couldn't open display10:56
humphreybc-ipadSad face.10:56
BigWhaleIf this is how Natty will look like, then I don't want it! ;>10:56
* humphreybc-ipad tries rebooting10:57
chaoticBigWhale:  there are definitely advantages to being Chaotic10:57
humphreybc-ipadGreat success! GDM decided to work now.10:58
BigWhalehumphreybc-ipad, grep EE /var/log/Xorg.0.log10:58
humphreybc-ipadBigWhale: Worked after a reboot.10:58
BigWhalenow that sucks...10:58
BigWhalewell... in a way10:58
BigWhalechaotic, I am sure. hehe :))10:58
humphreybcAlright! Back in business.11:00
humphreybc-ipadNatty sure does make my laptop get hot.11:00
humphreybc-ipadCPU isn't maxing out, maybe GPU or something. Either way it's loud, hot and concerning11:01
humphreybcbtw humphreybc = humphreybc-ipad11:01
BigWhaleI wanted to blog about natty and now I can't because it's ugly :'(11:05
kazadeBigWhale, trying switching theme and then switching it back11:06
BigWhaleI did :/11:06
BigWhalewhere can I switch GTK theme... wasn't this in 'Appearance'11:07
chaoticBigWhale: yup, Appearance11:08
BigWhaleGTK theme doesn't change, just the window borders11:08
BigWhalehowever ...11:08
BigWhaleit does change in the Appearance window11:08
BigWhalenow it died... no more compiz and I have no idea how to sent CTRL-ALT-F1 to vbox... *sigh*11:11
apinheironjpatel, can I make you two questions?11:15
njpatelapinheiro, sure11:18
njpatelBigWhale, when that happens, it means that gnome-settings-daemon has died11:19
njpatel(nothting to do with Unity)11:19
njpateljust run it from a terminal and see it magically fix your desktop11:19
humphreybc-ipadUnity just crashed on my after safely removing a drive :)11:24
BigWhalenjpatel, hmmm ok let me see11:25
njpatelhumphreybc, want that report if you have it :)11:26
humphreybcIt was a duplicate of a current bug, lemme see if I can find it11:26
humphreybcexact same thing11:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 734721 in unity (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in g_type_check_instance_is_a()" [Medium,New]11:27
humphreybcmarked it as affecting me11:27
BigWhalenjpatel, it is refusing to start again... :) http://pastebin.com/RdmUv8Hd11:27
humphreybceven "LANGUAGE=en_NZ:en" haha11:27
njpatelBigWhale, killall -9 gnome-settings-daemon; gnome-settings-daemon11:28
njpatelhumphreybc, thanks, will fix it11:28
humphreybcnjpatel: Also, check out the cool Ask Ubuntu widgets on OMG! now11:30
humphreybc(I have a feeling Jorge might be more excited than you, though)11:30
BigWhalenjpatel, it seems it keeps suiciding at startup.. I'll reassign the bug..11:30
njpatelweird, it died on me yesterday but it's normally good at respawning11:31
BigWhaleerr wait11:35
BigWhalepanel settings are back11:35
BigWhalebut not the windows11:35
mptklattimer, hey, where does the code live for the current keyboard indicator menu?11:36
klattimerare you going to get it themed?11:37
klattimer*most* of the code is there I suppose, just some themed "flags" icons for the [ XX ] display and packaged into the themes /flags/ folder11:37
klattimerin fact I think that would *just work* tbh11:38
mptklattimer, people keep thinking I'm responsible for icons and themes and stuff, but no, I just throw stones11:38
mpt(i.e. make lists of things for Cimi and DanRabbit to fix)11:38
klattimerwho's getting one thrown at them?11:38
klattimeroh, good not me :D11:38
mptklattimer, just someone posting on ayatana@ interested in helping out with the keyboard stuff11:39
mpthi clarita11:41
Cimimpt: that we can't fix cause we are working on other projects11:42
mptBut, other people could11:42
claritahello mpt11:44
kklimondawould it be possible to change launcher icon dynamically after application is already running?12:01
kklimondaalso, are insane memory leaks in compiz already reported?12:01
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humphreybcHey njpatel, I have something to add to my Unity wishlist :)12:18
humphreybcI would like to be able to drag the Places, Applications, Volumes and Trash icons anywhere I like, without being constrained to having them *below* the app launcher icons.12:18
humphreybcI almost think the "Applications" dash is more important than the Ubuntu icon12:19
njpatelyep, I think there is a feature request for that12:19
humphreybcSee, the Ubuntu icon's Dash entries are mainly "Find more of this"12:19
humphreybcBut the Apps entries are mainly "use what you currently have"12:19
humphreybcI'd bet most people want to actually use things more often than they want to find things12:19
humphreybcSo why the Applications launcher icon is squashed down near the bottom is beyond me.12:20
njpatelyep, we're hoping that those 10-15 apps would be moved to the launcher so they won't be opening the dash all the time, but it makes sense12:20
humphreybcSure, the Ubuntu button dash allows you to launch /any/ application, but, to do so, you need to know the name of that application for you to find it easily.12:20
njpatelor some keywords but yeah, it's not geared for browsing like the actual places are12:21
humphreybcAlso, only showing 6 apps under "installed" and then having "See 75 more" is crazy ludicrous.12:21
njpatelhumphreybc, it's not done yet, we'll auto-expand if there is space12:21
humphreybcEspecially since those 6 apps are pointless things I'd hardly ever use, like, About Me, Additional Drivers, Solitaire, Agave and Assistive Technologies.12:21
humphreybcAt least three of those aren't even /apps/ - they're settings.12:22
humphreybcWhy are they in the apps view?12:22
njpatelbecause they weren't in there but people got confused so we had to add them back12:22
njpatelin there originally*12:23
humphreybcOkay, so use case: Something most people would use semi-regularly but not regularly enough to actually have it pinned to their launcher. LibreOffice Impress.12:23
humphreybcAka, they want to make a Slideshow.12:23
humphreybcSo, they click the Ubuntu button12:23
njpateltype in slideshow or presentation12:23
njpateland they get impress12:24
humphreybcIf they knew the name of the app (unlikely) they'd search that. And yes, keywords work, which is impressive (I was expecting them to not work ) :)12:24
humphreybcBut let's say they don't recognize the text field is there12:24
humphreybc(Right now, there is no blinking cursor suggesting I can type in there but I guess that's a bug)12:24
njpatel"Find More Apps" and browse or choose "Office" section from dropdown?12:25
humphreybcSo they click Ubuntu Button > Find More Apps > See 75 more results > LibreOffice Impress12:25
humphreybcA lot of clicks?12:25
humphreybcThe dropdown isn't immediately obvious, imo12:25
njpatelit's not styled yet that's why12:25
njpatelbut yes, more clicks12:26
* humphreybc thinks he should just shut up till final... but worries nothing will change12:26
njpatelyou don't see things changing week to week?12:26
humphreybcNot really, to be honest. Nothing visual. Definitely bug fixes.12:26
njpatelAlso, you probably want to bring up ideas on ayatana list so designers can see....I don't have much control over design :)12:26
njpatelI'm still awaiting some key visuals for dash, I'm promised that they will be with me early next week12:27
humphreybcI think that Unity has ironically become more suited to power users, perhaps because it's been designed and implemented by power users (a common Achilles heel of open source) even though it is designed for newbies.12:27
njpatelso they'll be in next weeks release12:27
humphreybcI just somehow doubt my Mum will know what the F is going on12:27
njpatelI don't think so, you'll be surprised at how much google has made people want a search box to type something into and expect an answer back12:28
humphreybcIn fact I can tell you the exact first point she'll get stuck. She will open an app, the dock to the left will hide, and then she won't know what to do to open another app. She'll move the cursor to the left wall and nothing will happen.12:28
njpatelhence search is continuously being refined12:28
humphreybcHell it even took me ages to figure out you had to move your cursor right up to the top left corner pixel to reveal the launcher again12:28
njpatelyeah, I really want the launcher to be fixed by default12:28
njpatelI'm still hoping that will change12:29
dbarthjaytaoko|afk: just a heads up when you arrive about apinheiro's branch which needs to be merged in12:29
humphreybcIt's easy to fix if it's auto hiding12:29
humphreybcSimply have it reveal when you move your cursor to anywhere on the left wall12:29
humphreybcIt slides away to the left, hinting at the fact it should be able to be called by putting your cursor anywhere up against the left wall12:29
humphreybcAll docks do it. It's a common and expected behaviour enhanced by the hinting animation.12:29
njpatelAgreed, tis is something that needs to be brought up on ayatana12:29
humphreybcI believe keybuk has already mentioned this issue12:30
* njpatel makes todo12:30
njpatelkeybuk wasn't even using a mouse12:30
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humphreybcI unsubscribed from ayatana months ago due to all the bikeshedding12:30
njpatelbut yes, it's common and that's how it works with AWN and docky12:30
humphreybc(not to mention Mac OS X if you have that set to hide)12:30
humphreybcMaybe I should compile a list of gripes12:31
humphreybcOnly to be told they'll all be fixed? Perhaps I'll wait till after final.12:31
njpatelAgreed, but it's out of my hands, unfortunately12:31
humphreybcWho should I be talking to then?12:32
humphreybcRick? Jason?12:32
njpatelGripes are good, if they are in a list for later viewing :)12:32
njpatelnope, none of them design12:32
njpatelhumphreybc, JohnLea and Mark12:32
humphreybcYeah but as the desktop managers Rick and Jason should have sway12:32
humphreybc(I can't remember exact titles, they change often enough at Canonical)12:32
humphreybcreally? Two people are making the decisions about Unity, one of them not even a designer?12:33
humphreybcAre they getting feedback from anyone else?12:33
njpatelNo, I pointed you to the leads that can you can get an answer from12:33
humphreybcah okay12:33
njpatelOtherwise Ayatana list or bugs, whichever your prefer12:34
* humphreybc has a feeling neither will get me anywhere, but hey12:36
njpatelYou never know :)12:37
BigWhaleuhm... how do you get launcher back once it slides out of the way?12:39
jporsinijust move the mouse on the left side of the screen12:40
BigWhaleok, this is virtualbox issue then...12:40
jporsiniwith VB, it is painfull yes12:40
BigWhalestill annoying12:40
humphreybcnjpatel: Yeah, I do know.12:41
humphreybcBecause it's happened before :)12:41
jporsiniBigWhale, switch to full screen is the easiest way or hit the window key12:41
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BigWhaleI don't like things that hide from me... :>12:42
* humphreybc refers people to his latest tweets12:42
BigWhaleI'm not following you12:43
jporsiniBigWhale, I guess it is possible to turn off the autohide, I assume that on a touch screen it is not very convenient to have an autohiude12:43
BigWhaleAnd I don't like the name of the application fading out and menu covering it then ...12:44
BigWhaleit's really hard to follow someone in gwibber ...12:46
humphreybcBigWhale: that's because Gwibber is the pits12:46
BigWhalewell searching is hard12:47
BigWhaleI implemented follow/unfollow, that's easy now12:47
BigWhaleand gnome terminal needs some unity love12:49
coz_good day all13:13
kenvandineBigWhale, hey13:15
BigWhaleHm, will there be any feature freeze exceptions for Unity.13:15
BigWhalekenvandine, good morning. :)13:15
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BigWhalemy last statement was actually a question :>13:16
BigWhalesecond last13:16
kenvandineBigWhale, i think will be13:16
humphreybcBigWhale: there are *always* feature freeze exceptions13:17
kenvandinelists all the expected stuff13:17
BigWhaleoh, thanks.13:18
humphreybcDo you guys get weird graphical glitches when alt-tabbing in Unity?13:24
BigWhaleNo. I just managed to freeze the whole desktop...13:25
BigWhaleby running ccsm13:25
popeyhumphreybc: i find alt+tab in general to be very poor performance wise :(13:27
BigWhalehumphreybc, alt tabbing was a bit slow for me, but I'm running in vbox, so this might be the reason13:27
humphreybcI managed to nab a screenshot, lemme upload13:27
popeyI'm using unity on native iron with nvidia GPU13:27
kenvandinemine looks fine, intel graphics13:27
kenvandinebut it is slow to show13:27
kenvandinebut looks nice13:28
kenvandineand works fine once it is raised13:28
kenvandinei just think it is too slow to show13:28
humphreybcI get stuff like this happen basically every 1 in 10 alt-tabs13:28
popeymy manky intel work xp box is near instant, but I just can't get Ubuntu to switch windows quickly enough13:28
humphreybcand when I move the mouse around, the IRC window gets "erased" to reveal Facebook.13:28
popeyhumphreybc: i have seen that with nouveau13:28
popeyis that browser chrome humphreybc ?13:29
humphreybcyeah, chromium13:29
popeyi actually get that happen on windows with chrome13:29
popeyonly started recently, i suspect a chrome bug13:29
humphreybcActually, now that you mention it, I've never noticed it happen with other apps13:30
BigWhalethis does look like browser bug... only browser elements are popping out13:30
humphreybcI also find Unity to act weird with window selection. Quite often it'll require more than one click on the title bar of a window for it become the focused one.13:31
popeyoh, i can beat that humphreybc :)13:31
* humphreybc wishes he was an OP so he could change the topic to #unitywars13:31
popeydual screen, open an app full screen on both displays13:32
humphreybcBut that's always been a bug in Linux13:32
popeyno no no, hang on..13:32
humphreybcThe thing spazzes out13:32
popeyon screen 2, make that active, then try and grab the title bar to unmaximise it13:32
popeyyou end up unmaximising the wrong window13:33
popeyand it jumps from screen 2 to screen 113:33
kenvandinegood morning tedg13:33
humphreybcwhenever I run anything fullscreen fullstop on Ubuntu the whole thing just shits itself13:33
humphreybcAnd I end up having to go to a virtual terminal and run sudo service gdm restart13:33
tedgGood morning kenvandine13:33
BigWhalepopey, lets not get into the dual screen problems... Because I'm about to cry :>13:33
popeyhumphreybc: its all good fun :)13:34
* kenvandine wonders why these things don't happen to me13:34
* popey offers BigWhale a tissue13:34
popeykenvandine: nvidia twinview?13:34
* kenvandine pats his reliable thinkpad13:34
kenvandineintel goodness13:34
* popey pats the video card everyone else has13:34
BigWhalepopey: I can't decide which one is worse, nvidia or amd13:34
humphreybcBigWhale: it's tough, but, Intel.13:35
kenvandineBigWhale, yeah that is a tough one13:35
kenvandineintel just works :-D13:35
kenvandineat least for me, not a big gamer13:35
BigWhaleright now AMD is in the lead... You have to do some binary replacement in the driver13:35
kenvandinetedg, happy "Wednesday is the new Thursday"13:35
humphreybc-ipadOMG INVISIBLE WINDOW BUG13:35
humphreybc-ipadI can finally output this stuff for sam13:36
humphreybc-ipadWhat is the command to save terminal output to a file again?13:36
BigWhalehumphreybc-ipad,  > ?13:36
tedgkenvandine, Yeah, you believe that.  Happy happy joy joy :-P13:36
humphreybc-ipadsmspillaz: Ping!13:37
popeykenvandine: good luck getting an intel card in a desktop pc :)13:38
smspillazhumphreybc-ipad: pong13:38
BigWhaleMy virtualbox froze...13:38
humphreybc-ipadsmspillaz: I have the invisible window bug!13:38
smspillazhumphreybc-ipad: I've got a general way to reproduce it now13:38
humphreybc-ipadOutputting stuff for you one13:38
smspillazso I should be good13:38
smspillazbut feel free to mail things to me13:38
humphreybc-ipadI got all excited for nothing13:38
smspillaz(damn, it sucks, I thought I had a fix for that this morning too)13:39
humphreybc-ipadJust blasted the ubuntu login sound through my big speakers at 3am...13:40
humphreybc-ipadMy bad,13:40
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
BigWhalehumphreybc-ipad, don't worry.. it is a pleasant sound ...13:40
smspillazit's more fun in the old days when your system bell would blast at full volume13:41
humphreybcsmspillaz: PM me your email address13:41
smspillazalso, go to bed13:41
kenvandinepopey, actually i have a desktop box with intel13:43
kenvandinebut it is getting kind of old, one of the first dell's sold with ubuntu pre-loaded13:43
popeykenvandine: onboard no doubt13:43
popeymy mobo has no video card13:43
kenvandinei usually prefer it that way13:44
kenvandinebut i am scared to move to anything besides intel :/13:44
nerochiarotremolux: Good morning. i just noticed that in your SC branch the DBUS calls is made as soon as the user clicks on the "add to launcher" link. didn't we say it would be done when installations is complete ?13:44
nerochiarotremolux: also, i talked with didrocks, and we're ok to leave the call as a method call over DBUS instead of a signal13:45
humphreybcanyone planning on fixing this? http://www.twitvid.com/KWUM813:48
BigWhaleit appears that gnome-settings-daemon is freezing just for me... :/ Must be my username or hostname ...13:49
BigWhalehumphreybc, that's eyecandy F/X13:50
humphreybcwhatever it is, it looks terrible13:50
humphreybcanyone else experience that?13:50
BigWhaleI'll trade it for my default gtk theme13:50
BigWhalehumphreybc, yeah it is the same for me13:51
humphreybcright i'm off to bed13:51
humphreybcnight, rather.13:51
BigWhaleIf I turn off Fading Windows in ccsm whole desktop will freeze. Sendind CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn't do anything.13:53
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robtaylorsmspillaz: hey, are you still around?14:01
smspillazrobtaylor: sort of14:12
smspillazhit me14:12
robtaylorsmspillaz: hey, i'm going to be attempting to help out with compiz for a while14:13
smspillazI should probably give you a run down of how things work at some point14:13
robtaylorsmspillaz: what would you like me to focus on first? (attacking the natty bug list, of course)14:14
robtaylorsmspillaz: that would be awesome, i appreaciate it's very late for you right now, so maybe tomorrow?14:14
didrockso O O(session integration)14:14
smspillazrobtaylor: well, probably you need to be able to build and run compiz :)14:14
smspillazrobtaylor: so I will direct you too *drumroll*14:14
didrockssmspillaz: my #1 proposal for a soft introduction ^^14:14
robtaylorsmspillaz: heh, yup that's my first order of the day. well, actually first order of teh day is getting this radeon box i have working with natty...14:15
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robtaylordidrocks: doesn't have to be soft ;)14:15
didrocksrobtaylor: well, you prefer a X-lowlevel-stackingissue? :p14:16
smspillaznot a good diea14:16
smspillazhave one insane person, not two14:16
robtaylordidrocks: sure, not really an issue. I've added a bunch of debugging in core for that so far ;)14:16
robtaylorsmspillaz: heh :) well, i don't want to tread on your feet, that wouldn't help14:17
smspillazrobtaylor: that debugging stuff would be useful to me14:17
smspillazrobtaylor: also +1 to didrocks on the session integration14:17
robtaylorsmspillaz: cool, just noting a bunch of error cases that silently return, using compLogMessage14:17
smspillazsince that's important14:17
didrockssmspillaz: \o/14:17
didrocksrobtaylor: do you know about it?14:18
robtaylorok, session integration it is :)14:18
smspillazrobtaylor: coolio14:18
smspillazgive me a patch and I'll probably merge it in14:18
robtaylordidrocks: no, link to bug/bluprints/etc etc would be useful.14:18
smspillazsince we've needed something like that for a while14:18
didrocksrobtaylor: looking :)14:18
robtaylorsmspillaz: awseom, i'll check it builds first and then mail it over14:18
smspillazrobtaylor: coolio14:19
robtaylorsmspillaz: thanks :)14:19
didrocksrobtaylor: bug #71646214:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 716462 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Unity is not restored on unity/compiz crash: compiz doesn't register properly with gnome-session" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71646214:19
didrocksso you know…14:19
didrockssomething which *never* happens :)14:19
didrockscompiz/unity crashes!14:20
didrocksnormally, you can register components on gnome-session. The fact to register them makes them respawn when they quit14:20
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didrocksthe gnome-session side is done (we are telling "compiz is a required components, if it crashes, please respawn it"14:20
robtaylordidrocks: hmm, the bug list i've been asked to focus on is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bugs?field.tag=unity14:21
didrocksseems that there is a missing piece in compiz side to actually register it14:21
robtaylordidrocks: and that's not in it14:21
didrocksrobtaylor: I make this list, I probably forgot it :)14:21
robtayloroh, my bad, it is :)14:21
didrocksbut basically, that should be one of the priority14:21
didrocksas bad things happen, and if you are running unity14:21
didrocksthis means, "no more panel/launcher/…"14:22
robtaylordidrocks: ah, you probably want to set the prio on it then, it's still at medium14:22
didrocksso respawning is more that required :)14:22
robtaylormakes a lot of sense to me!14:22
didrocksrobtaylor: of course, doing ;)14:22
didrocksrobtaylor: it was medium because it was at the beginning of the cycle14:22
didrocksnow I raise it14:22
didrocksrobtaylor: so, I think this glue code should be done in the gnome-compat plugin14:23
didrockssmspillaz: stop me if I'm wrong14:23
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
robtaylordidrocks: no, that sounds sensible to me. i'll do some digging and get a better understanding14:24
didrocksrobtaylor: plugins/gnomecompat/src/gnomecompat.cpp in the main compiz trunk :)14:24
robtaylordidrocks: great. i guess all this work should be done on git master?14:25
robtaylordidrocks: also how are we handling the compiz releases/packaging at the moment?14:25
didrocksrobtaylor: I'm handling the packaging of it, all should be done in trunk14:26
didrocksrobtaylor: not sure of smspillaz's workflow though14:26
robtaylordidrocks: ok, that's cool. at least i know who to badger ;)14:26
didrocksheh :)14:27
tremoluxnerochiaro: heya, it's a new branch actually: lp:~gary-lasker/software-center/launcher-integration-plan-b14:31
tremoluxnerochiaro: this branch fires the dbus call at the end of the installation14:32
tremoluxnerochiaro: (keeping the other branch around as it implements "plan a")  :)14:32
robtaylordidrocks: thanks for the pointers, i'm sure i'll be asking more once i've dug down :)14:32
didrockssure :)14:33
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nerochiarotremolux: works perfectly with unity-2d ! thanks14:46
tremoluxnerochiaro: excellent, thanks!14:47
robtaylorjaytaoko|afk: so, i'm having some interesting compiz issues on radeon 210014:52
=== jaytaoko|afk is now known as jaytaoko
seiflotfyDBO, did u finish the stuff for the dock so i can create zeitgeist  generated jumplists14:53
jaytaokorobtaylor: hello14:54
jaytaokorobtaylor: what are the issues?14:54
robtaylorjaytaoko: so, normal boot, compiz is reported to have crashed. starting compiz manually then works, but there's a strange long wait between initialising composite options and initialising opengl options14:56
robtaylornot really started digging deeper yet14:56
jaytaokorobtaylor: are you using the open source radeon driver?14:57
mterryklattimer, chrisccoulson: https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/dbusmenu/opened-closed/+merge/53616 just got merged, adding a closed event for menus14:57
mterry(and opened event)14:57
robtaylorjaytaoko: yes14:57
robtaylorjaytaoko: ah, i think the wait might just be it needing the graphical vt to be active14:58
jaytaokorobtaylor: the crash happens immediately when you log in? do you get to see Unity for a few seconds before it disappear?14:58
robtaylorjaytaoko: long wait, no sign of unity, then crash reported, but apport won't give me a backtrace for some reason14:59
jaytaokorobtaylor: so if you can start Unity manually, that means your hardware is good. That still leaves a problem at log time. A backtrace would be appreciated if you can get it...15:01
robtaylorjaytaoko: i'll see what i can do!15:02
jaytaokorobtaylor: is that a new behaviour ? or has it been like that for some times?15:02
robtaylorjaytaoko: first time the box has had natty on, so couldn't say15:04
jaytaokorobtaylor: can you past the result of glxinfo on your system?15:05
klattimermterry: my hero :)15:05
robtaylorjaytaoko: http://paste.ubuntu.com/581131/15:08
jaytaokorobtaylor: thanks15:08
robtaylorjaytaoko: thanks, i'll try digging a bit more next time i reboot, got to get on with some session stuff now :)15:10
jaytaokorobtaylor: alright, when you have a chance, run "unity_support_test -p" on your system and report the output please. thanks15:11
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jaytaokorobtaylor: should be "/usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test  -p"15:13
robtaylorjaytaoko: http://paste.ubuntu.com/581140/15:30
robtaylorjaytaoko: everything seems to be in order there, so, *shrug*!15:31
seb128klattimer, hey, I'm testing the current indicator-datetime trunk with your merge request from today, well done it's working without issue15:36
chrisccoulsonmterry - thanks. what's the difference between the new opened signal and the existing about-to-show (which is what I already use in firefox)?15:36
seb128klattimer, the day translation, events time format, color, invalid valgrind errors, etc are fixed it seems15:37
jaytaokorobtaylor: in that case, the issue could be elsewhere... if you ever manage to get the stack trace of the crash, please, let me know15:38
robtaylorjaytaoko: will do! thanks :)15:41
robtaylorklattimer: well done :)15:41
seb128hey robtaylor15:41
robtaylorseb128: hey! how's tricks?15:41
seb128robtaylor, busy but fine ;-) what about you?15:42
robtaylorseb128: just starting some work on gnome-session support for compiz15:42
robtaylorrefreshing my memory on g-s at the moment15:43
seb128so maybe I can get ride of the compiz launcher on my desktop ;-)15:43
robtaylorhaha, yes, that'd probably be a good goal15:43
seb128it's my wait to get back a working desktop without switching to a vt ;-)15:43
robtayloryeah, i'm hoping i can help stabilise things before the release#15:43
tedgOkay, so I think that I've got everything merged for this round of releases today.  Last call, anyone?15:45
tedgchrisccoulson, It's more of a lifecycle thing.  "About to show" the menu appears "opened" the menu closes "closed" -- if you don't want to block the menu being shown you should probably use "opened" rather than "about-to-show".15:46
chrisccoulsontedg - oh, i'd like to block the menu being shown ;)15:46
tedgchrisccoulson, Then about to show is for you ;)15:46
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klattimertedg I'm happy if seb's happy, seb seems pretty happy16:01
robtaylorklattimer: do you use screen?16:11
robtaylorseb128: hey, just noticed that gnome-keyring isn't being used as the ssh agent on this newly installed natty system. known issue?16:11
seb128robtaylor, no, it should really, what is used? nothing?16:12
robtaylorseb128: looked like vanilla ssh-agent16:12
robtaylorseb128: oh, no, its not using any agent16:13
seb128env | grep -i ssh16:13
robtaylorseb128: ah, hangon, this system is weirdly borken16:14
robtaylorseb128: ignore for now ;)16:15
seb128k ;-)16:16
klattimerrobtaylor: nope16:28
artfwoDBO, could you look at my fix attempt for bug 728598, which we spoke about a week ago? :)16:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 728598 in unity (Ubuntu) "Dragging a file to the bottom left corner should send it to the trash" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72859816:33
DBOartfwo, yeah16:33
DBOlooking at it now16:33
DBOartfwo, the reason its not hiding is because you are eliminating the entire left edge16:35
artfwoDBO, it's hiding in fact16:35
DBOoh wiat yeah, misread16:35
DBOartfwo, is it working for you?16:36
artfwoDBO, the bottom edge works after increasing HitArea of the trash16:36
DBOartfwo, my only gripe here is that the hit area is 4 taller, but 2 taller on top, 2 on bottom16:37
DBOwhen it should only be 2 on bottom16:37
DBOhowever that will require more careful transforming16:37
artfwoDBO, later you mentioned that <DBO>artfwo, Launcher::MouseOverBottomScrollExtrema () and Launcher::MouseOverBottomScrollArea () would need to be adjusted to return false when at the bottom left corner16:37
artfwoso I did, but the Launcher still hides when the mouse touches left edge of the screen16:38
DBOoh oh!16:38
DBOone second16:38
DBOso we disabled the scrolling...16:38
DBOartfwo, search for _drag_edge_touching16:40
DBOin Launcher.cpp16:40
DBObasically you need to adjust that so the bottom left corner is considered "not touching"16:41
artfwoDBO, in ProcessDndMove(), right?16:41
DBOartfwo, yes16:41
artfwothat's what I initially did, but you rejected my diff :)16:43
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seb128klattimer, there?16:49
klattimerseb128: yep16:50
seb128klattimer, you don't get bug #724856? how did you test?16:50
ubot5Bug 724856 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/724856 is private16:50
seb128klattimer, just go in evolution, add a gcalendar klattimer@gmail.com (doesn't need to be a valid account name) and try restarting the indicator16:51
klattimerseb128: I'll test it that way then16:52
seb128klattimer, it's still happening with trunk from some hours ago with lp:~karl-qdh/indicator-datetime/calendarmenuitemsignals16:52
klattimerseb128: are you able to reproduce it now?16:52
klattimerah, right ok16:52
seb128klattimer, yes, with trunk and lp:~karl-qdh/indicator-datetime/calendarmenuitemsignals applied16:52
klattimerI'll take a closer look at it then16:52
seb128klattimer, it's obvious from the stacktrace that something in e-d-s try to display a dialog asking your password for the calendar16:52
klattimerI'll assume there's something buggy in the auth func :/16:52
klattimeryeah, that's what should happen16:53
seb128"Integer divide by zero at address 0x66373BC7"16:53
seb128says valgrind16:53
klattimerdo you have a backtrace of that you can add to the bug?16:54
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seb128klattimer, what is wrong with the one in comment #6?16:56
seb128klattimer, it seems pretty easy to trigger, can you try with the steps I gave you?16:56
klattimerI missed that one sorry16:56
klattimeryeah I'll give it a go16:56
seb128klattimer, let me know how it goes and if you need extra debug infos, I'm happy to give some16:57
seb128klattimer, nice work on the other bugs otherwise ;-)16:57
seb128it works fine if you don't need to auth into a calendar ;-)16:57
artfwoDBO, I have a working fix now, but only for the bottom left pixel. I'd like to adjust the "not touching" check for a larger area. does it make sense?17:03
DBOto me? no17:03
DBOi'd rather the "not touching" area not even include the bottom left pixel17:04
artfworight now, if I drag a file around the bottom of the screen to the bottom left pixel, Launcher stays in place and the trash is highlighted.17:06
artfwobut if I drag a file around the left edge of the screen, the launcher hides when I reach the bottom left pixel17:07
jonom_conley, hey17:08
jonohow stable would you say the U1 Contact Sync add-in is?17:08
jonostable enough to try it?17:08
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artfwoDBO, could you look at https://code.launchpad.net/~artfwo/unity/fix-for-728598/+merge/52523 again? :)17:14
DBOyeah, hold on :)17:14
m_conleyjono: hey - which add-on are you talking about?17:29
m_conleyjono:  the one I'm building?17:29
m_conleyjono: because if that's the one you're talking about, I'm sorry to say it's not even close to being functional yet.17:30
jonom_conley, yeah, the Ubuntu One Contact sync17:30
m_conleyjono: i'm still in research mode17:30
jonono worries :-)17:30
jonoI am delighted that you are working on this17:30
jonoanyone want to help with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UnityFeatureWalkthrough ?17:38
zniavre_good evening17:45
zniavre_i tried the unity support test and i get  this > http://paste.ubuntu-fr-secours.org/src-9880717:46
zniavre_why if the  test is positive unity does not start ?17:46
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nhainesjono: ooh, I do.  :)18:23
didrockszniavre: still there?19:26
zniavredidrocks,  yes i am19:30
zniavregood evening19:30
didrockszniavre: bonsoir ;)19:30
didrockszniavre: so my bet is that compiz is crashing19:30
zniavrewhat can i do ?please19:31
didrockszniavre: would be better to ensure: so, can you try ls -l /var/crash/*compiz*19:31
didrockszniavre: ensure that the timestamp of the file is quite recent (corresponding to a crash)19:31
zniavrenot really19:32
zniavrei tried few mniutes ago and it does not appears19:32
didrockszniavre: not recent you mean?19:32
didrocks(the file)19:33
zniavreyes no recent19:33
didrockszniavre: so, apport is only keeping the first one19:33
zniavrethe most recent is from yesterday night19:33
didrockszniavre: what you can do is:19:33
didrockssudo rm /var/crash/*compiz*19:33
didrocksrestart your session so that you can make it crashes19:33
didrockschecking the file is there with ls -l /var/crash/*compiz*19:33
zniavreok  bbs19:34
didrocksthen, report it with apport-bug -c /var/crash/*compiz*19:34
didrockszniavre: that will be sweet if you wait for 3 hours (so maybe trying tomorrow?)19:34
didrockszniavre: because there is a new compiz version (no bug fix), coming19:34
zniavreok i will wait19:34
didrocksand you might trigger the "not latest update is installed"19:34
didrockszniavre: but updating tomorrow and filing the bug is definitively the way to do :)19:35
didrocksjust ensure that you have a corresponding /var/crash/*compiz* file :)19:35
didrocksthanks a lot19:35
njpatel_mterry, ping, how's the Alt = show-me signal stuff going?19:36
mterrynjpatel_, I told you, it should be ready for use19:36
mterrynjpatel_, if unity isn't seeing the signals, let me know, but it should be coming up through indicator-appmenu now19:36
* njpatel_ wonders what he did with that piece of info19:37
njpatel_mterry, and Alt+$foo?19:37
njpatel_how's that going?19:37
didrocksoh, alt showing the menu is coming soon, sweet!19:37
mterrynjpatel_, there was confusion aboiut alt+?, so maybe you thought both were undone19:37
njpatel_yeah, that sounds lik me19:37
mterrynjpatel_, alt+? is also fixed last week, it was a simple change in appmenu-gtk19:37
mterrythat feature got lost in the dbusmenu parser shuffle.  so I just had to re-enable it19:38
njpatel_mterry, oh wow19:39
njpatel_mterry, It seems like I just spent last week confused over the state of appmenu :)19:39
kklimondawill spread in unity-2d even support moving applications by dragging them between workspaces?19:39
njpatel_mterry, thanks for clearing it up, i'll add support into unity today19:40
mterrynjpatel_, appmenu will do that to you19:40
njpatel_jjardon, hey, regarding the scrollbars not working with chromium/banshee etc, I was wondering if it had something to do with modal dialogs and/or gtk_dialog_run19:41
njpatel_I asked Cimi to make a test case for that19:41
Cimijjardon: you had the testcase19:41
jjardonnjpatel_: I'm looking on that now, thanks Cimi!19:43
Cimijjardon: reproduced?19:43
njpatel_jjardon, awesome19:43
Ciminjpatel_: also, remember that the thumb is a gtkwindow19:45
CimiI don't know, maybe it could conflict with the dialog19:45
Ciminjpatel_: yet another gtkwindow, infact19:45
njpatel_I think it's something to do with how it works internally in gtk19:45
njpatel_(wrt modal dialogs)19:45
jjardonCimi: yep19:45
Ciminjpatel_: are we fucked? :D19:46
njpatel_There must be a way around it19:46
jjardonyeah, gedit doesnt use gtk_dialog_run for the plugin dialog19:51
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njpatel_but it is modal, so it must be doing gtk_grab_add or something19:53
njpatel_to prevent other windows from getting events19:53
Ciminjpatel_: let me connect to grab-notify19:54
Ciminjpatel_: jjardon: gtk_dialog_run's source code http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/581273/19:56
njpatel_I can't sorry19:56
* njpatel_ is already way behind his own stuff19:57
Cimijjardon: ideas? I guess the main loop thing is breaking stuff19:59
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coz_hey all20:02
robtaylorsmspillazzzz: do you have any tricks for cutting down compile times? I've been standing on a chair waving a sword around allll evening ;)20:22
jjardonCimi: lets play with gtk_grab_get_current () and gtk_grab_remove/add()20:22
Cimijjardon: sure?20:22
Cimijjardon: isn0't it related to g_main_loop_new in gtk_dialog_run?20:22
robtaylorCimi: unlikely20:23
Cimirobtaylor: unlicely what?20:23
jjardonCimi: the thumb is another GtkWindow, rigth?20:23
Cimijjardon: yes20:24
robtaylorCimi: unlikely to be related to a recursed mainloop, i think. not that i've been paying a huge amount of attention =)20:24
jjardonso if the dialog is modal, maybe that is the root cause, you can't interact with other GtkWindows20:25
Cimijjardon: so gedit is20:25
Cimisave/open dialog20:25
Cimijjardon: no20:25
Cimijjardon: you're right20:26
Cimijjardon: it's the modal thing20:26
Cimijjardon: gedit's save dialog20:26
Cimijjardon: it's modal20:26
jjardonCimi: we are getting closer ;)20:26
Cimijjardon: any way to special case it?20:27
Cimijjardon: makes sense anyway20:27
Cimijjardon: modal blocks it20:27
robtaylorsmspillazzzz: hah! fixed it :) will bundle up patches in the morn, got to catch a train now. you can check it out at https://github.com/robtaylor/compiz20:30
jjardonCimi: I think I found a solution playing with gtk_grab_remove/add()20:45
jjardonwill send a patch after dinner ;)20:45
Cimijjardon: I am speaking with Jason Smith about that20:45
jjardonmy solution works in the brasero case, but I'd like to clean the things a bit20:47
jjardonCimi: Does Jason have another idea?20:47
Cimijjardon: either grab the events from the main grabbing window20:48
Cimiotherwise... we are quite fucked20:48
Cimijjardon: what are you doing?20:50
Cimijjardon: does it work with gedit's save dialog and chromium?20:51
jjardonCimi: gedit save dialog:yes. I guess yhe same for chromium20:52
Cimijjardon: show me the code! :)20:52
Cimijjardon: I'm so curious20:52
Cimiwell done anyway20:52
Cimijjardon: when is your dinner? 2am? LOL20:52
jjardonthe idea is to use gtk_grab_add() in the thumb notify event, so the thumb can get events20:53
jjardonand the call gtk_grab_remove() when we leave the widget20:54
jjardonIt still doesnt work perfect, but Its a first step20:54
jjardonCimi: family dinner, so maybe I'll send the patch a bit late today ;)20:55
Cimijjardon: ehehe go ahead, will talk later maybe20:55
Cimijjardon: maybe enter notify20:56
Cimiinstead motion20:56
LLStarkskenvandine, i'm seeing huge fitt's law problems with the prototype scrollbars. the scrollbar appears to the left of the orange stripe, but i still have to move my mouse right more than a trivial amount of pixels to actually move it.21:36
LLStarksbtw, is unity 3.6.6 still happening today?21:41
CimiLLStarks: right of the orange stripe21:45
CimiLLStarks: left id maximized21:45
Daekdroom** (dbusmenu-dumper:11120): WARNING **: Unable to call 'GetMenuForWindow' on registrar: GDBus.Error:com.canonical.AppMenu.Error: Window not found ERROR: could not find a menu for the pointed window22:15
DaekdroomWhat exactly does that mean?22:15
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