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pooliespiv, i'm alive :)00:54
spivOh good :)00:56
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pooliehi spiv07:17
pooliethe changelog thing was ok07:17
pooliethanks for adding it to whatsnew07:17
vilahi all !07:20
vilaspiv: there a re uncommitted changes on jubany regarding delete_branches (sp?), can you have a look ?07:21
* jelmer waves07:25
pooliehi vila07:30
vilapoolie: hey !07:31
jelmerwhat are we going to use for the standup, skype/mumble/... ?07:34
spivvila: oh right07:40
spivvila: I think probably they should just be committed; I was thinking maybe I'd try polish them a little but I don't think it's worth spending more time on that.07:40
vilaspiv: by the way, do you when bzr was upgrade to 2.3b5 on jubany ?07:41
spivvila: it's changes necessary to make it work with the launchpadlib version and maybe other aspects of jubany07:41
spivvila: Not sure, but I can probably infer from the bug or RT, let me see if I can dig that up07:41
spivvila: https://bugs.launchpad.net/udd/+bug/653307/comments/25 implies the upgrade happened between 2011-02-02 and 2011-02-0407:47
ubot5Ubuntu bug 653307 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "Import fails with missing referenced chk root keys" [Critical,Fix released]07:47
vilaspiv: ha! right, thanks, I read that but the bit about upgrading didn't stick in my mind.07:51
spivvila: no problem07:52
vilaspiv: on a related note, http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/gobject-introspection.html#2011-03-15%2015:06:47.074448 is quite obscure and may be related to the fetch changes ?07:54
vilas/obscure/obscure to me/07:54
spivvila: that's a fixed bug, waiting on an RT for a bzr upgrade :(07:55
spivvila: https://bugs.launchpad.net/udd/+bug/726584 I think07:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 726584 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "flash-kernel import fails apparently mismatching maverick and natty branches" [Undecided,New]07:55
vilahaaaa, *another* bzr upgrade ! ... /me connects the dots07:56
vilapfew, thanks spiv07:56
spivvila: presumably taking a while due to a recent LOSA shortage07:56
vilaspiv: but also requires 2.3.1 which is not in ppas yet !07:57
vilamaxb: any news about 2.3.1 in ppas ?07:57
spivvila: I don't think that's a blocker07:57
vilaspiv: that == ?07:58
spivvila: (that == no PPA build yet) check the version of the package on jubany07:58
jelmerspiv: g'day!07:58
jelmerspiv: your mumble works :)07:58
spivjelmer: :)07:58
jelmerspiv: mine just freezes and doesn't let me unmute..07:59
jelmer(yet audio works...)07:59
* spiv logs off the evening08:00
poolieoh, no :)08:03
poolietime flies08:03
pooliedid you gues stand up without me?08:03
jelmerspiv and I said hi on mumble, which was nice :)08:03
jelmerI'm not sure if that counts as a standup08:03
poolieis jam here?08:04
jelmerhaven't seen him yet, here or on mumble08:04
poolieok i think i'm on08:07
jamhi po08:13
jamhi poolie08:13
jamyeah, I didn't get back in time08:13
pooliei was concentrating and missed it08:15
poolieyou can join us now08:15
mr-russquestion about reviews and mergre proposal for bzr on launchpad.08:16
mr-russIf my code is reviewed, and set to Needs Information, how does it go back to needs review?08:17
mr-russDoes pushing further commits do that?08:17
mr-russspecifically this is my first lp bzr merge and I really don't know how it all fits together.08:18
poolieno, you'll need to set it back to 'needs review' through the web ui when you're happy with the state08:18
poolieor click 'resubmit'08:18
mr-russstatus is need review, so that's correct?08:19
jelmer_poolie: I can't really hear you, getting a lot of echo08:19
poolievila, can you mute yourself (click the microphone icon)08:19
vilapoolie, jelemer: I begin to hear you and have my micro off (which I suspect was the reason you muted me ?)08:21
poolievila, yes, if you have a desktop mic and speakers i think you'll need to mute yourself when not talking08:29
pooliethe echo suppression is not all that smart08:29
vilapoolie: yeah, I'm pretty much in this mode now mute/unmute is a click away, I think I'll stick with that for now08:29
vilalooks like I lost my micro :-/08:52
pooliewow i like the Darth Vader effect :)08:53
fullermdYou should get a macro instead.  They're easier to find.08:54
jelmer_vila, jam, poolie: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JelmerVernooij/PerPackageUploaderApplication09:12
vilapoolie, jam, jelmer: I just learned the 'jackhammer' word, that's what they are using under my windows, so, sorry for the bad audio today :-/09:14
pooliehaha seriously?09:14
poolienot angry ghosts?09:14
jamvila: it went ok. Though you should configure push-to-talk rather than push to unmute. The ding when you started talking was a bit annoying.09:14
* jelmer_ looks up jackhammer..09:14
vilahehe,yeah seriously :-/09:14
jamthat ding09:15
jelmer_ha, thanks jam09:15
pooliewhat is it in fr/nl?09:17
sorenWikipedia tells you, too. Lower left corner has links to other languages.09:18
sorenDrilboor in nl, Marteau-piqueur in fr :)09:18
mr-russwhat conference tool are you using?09:19
vilamumble, quite amazing audio quality even compared to POTS from europe to australia09:20
vilasoren: hehe, yeah, I went the opposite route to get the english word :)09:21
sorenvila: Wikipedia is a surpringsly good translation tool that way. :)09:21
vilasoren: yeah, at least you can ensure that you use the right word09:22
mr-russPoolie in AU?09:22
pooliequite amazing audio quality _when you consider one participants has jackhammers in the background_ :)09:23
mr-russpoolie: where in AU, I'm in northern Melbourne.09:24
vilamr-russ: sydney09:25
vilamumble shorcuts are *global* so I should definitely *not* use 'm' as a shortcut :)09:26
mr-russthat would be bad.09:26
jelmer_vila: Ah, I remember what the issue with the 2.3.1 upload was. The python-configobj triple quotes patch hasn't made it into the python-configobj package yet09:26
vilaare always use type m twice :)09:26
jelmer_vila: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=61834909:26
ubot5Debian bug 618349 in python-configobj "python-configobj: ConfigObj writes out the wrong kind of triple quotes" [Normal,Open]09:26
vilajelmer: ooooh, bad bad bad09:26
jelmer_I've forwarded the patch to the packager a couple of days ago, will ping and nmu09:27
jelmer_Odd_Bloke: hi :)09:27
maxbvila: whoops. I can do 2.3.1 in ~bzr tonight09:29
vilamaxb: that would be awesome !09:30
pooliehi maxb, odd_bloke09:30
poolieand good night09:30
jelmer_g'morning maxb09:31
jelmer_have a good evening poolie09:31
vilapoolie: g'night poolie09:31
maxbmorning indeed09:32
* maxb should go to work :-)09:32
vilajelmer: argh, no 'Nominate for series' for me on bug #707075, ISTR encountering the issue last time but not the workaround...09:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 707075 in Bazaar 2.4 "[sru] lp-propose fails with a 404 error" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70707509:46
vilausing https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bzr/+bug/707075 doesn't help09:47
ubot5Ubuntu bug 707075 in Bazaar 2.4 "[sru] lp-propose fails with a 404 error" [High,Fix released]09:47
vilajam or james_w : care to review https://code.launchpad.net/~vila/udd/608563-requeue-all-of-type/+merge/53527 ?09:50
Odd_Blokejelmer_: o/09:54
jelmer_Odd_Bloke: hi! How's things?10:01
jelmer_jam: I reviewed some of the easier loggerhead branches, looking at page_loading now..10:06
Odd_Blokejelmer_: Not bad, thanks.10:11
Odd_BlokeBusy couple of weeks at work, as we're delivering training every Friday.10:11
jelmer_Odd_Bloke: Pretty good - enjoying hacking on bzr fulltime.10:12
jelmer_Odd_Bloke: I filed a report against python-configobj about a bug that's blocking a bzr upload to sid. I was wondering if there was any chance of an upload or if it was perhaps ok if I did one?10:14
Odd_Blokejelmer_: You're welcome to do so.10:14
Odd_BlokeI'm going to be writing training material for what feels like the rest of my life, so won't have time. :p10:14
jelmer_Odd_Bloke: what's the training on?10:15
Odd_Blokejelmer_: FreePBX, an Asterisk front-end.10:25
vilaand now we are *too* fast ? wth ? http://babune.ladeuil.net:24842/job/selftest-hardy/430/testReport/junit/bzrlib.tests.test_selftest/TestTestResult/test_test_reporting/10:34
jelmer_vila: is there a package associated with the 2.2.4 SRU?10:42
vilajelmer: I don't think so nor do I know how to build one10:42
spivvila: -2ms, nice.  System clock got updated during the test run?10:43
vilaspiv: vbox....10:43
vilaspiv: but yeah, probably some weird thing like that...10:43
fullermdSurely such a thing couldn't happen with vbox's punctilious attention to precision timekeeping...10:51
jelmer_vila: okay, I'll prepare one11:03
* vila afk trying to address a violent headache :-(11:05
vilaat least the jackhammers have stopped (but that's probably their lunch brea k:-/)11:06
jelmer_vila: done11:21
jammgz: poke about test_tar_export11:36
jamdid you get anywhere?11:36
mgzI had to stop shortly after posting the patch-thus-far, I was trying to get plain_tar_export to fail, but it was not doing what I expected11:37
mgzand I need to leave in ~5mins, but will be around later11:37
mgzit also opens a file in non-binary mode before passing it to tarfile.open, and doesn't seem to have a seperate test in test_export currently11:38
jammgz: do you have it somewhere for me to start from?11:40
jamjelmer_: update to configurable_logging: lp:~jameinel/loggerhead/configurable_logging11:41
jamI updatet setup_logging so it can be reused by both places11:41
jamcare to look at it?11:41
jamor shall I just land?11:41
mgznothing committed on the branch, still at experiment-and-poke stage11:43
mgzhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/581048/ <- diff of tree11:43
mgzsomething's wrong with that test I was trying to add, was too tired to work out what I'd messed up.11:43
mgzyour idea to change those open functions sounded good, also adding 'b' to tarfile.open and GzipFile in the same file would be clearer even though those functions will fix up the flags for you.11:45
jelmer_jam: I guess the init_logging bit could also be inline in loggerhead.main as it's just two lines and specific to the standalone loggerhead11:47
jelmer_jam: either way, +111:47
mgz(relying on your random data trick and not asserting the compressed contents contain a \n is probably right, worst case is a spurious pass and it'll catch regressions)11:47
* mgz is off11:48
jammgz: catch ya later11:48
jelmer_vila: hmm, perhaps we should do the UDD thing and propose the SRU using a MP11:56
maxbjelmer: I'd be tempted to eschew UDD for bzr, given we already have nice packaging branches which the importer unnecessarily reimports - my 2.2.2 sru attempt was derived from the bzr.debian.org branch12:36
jelmer_maxb: There isn't much benefit in using the packaging branches though, especially for something like a SRU12:38
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vilajelmer_: thanks. Looking at the branch, am I right guessing that your merged lp:bzr/2.2 and then add the debian/changelog entry (most of the work there) and commit ? Or did you need more work ?13:34
jelmer_vila: no, that's it. I also fixed the watch file. So if you have a newer bzr builddeb it's a matter of:13:36
jelmer_bzr branch lp:ubuntu/maverick-proposed/bzr sru && cd sru && bzr merge-upstream && dch && debcommit -r && bzr push13:36
jelmer_s/bzr push/bzr push lp:~jelmer/ubuntu/maverick/sru-2.2.413:38
vilayup, got that ;) Trying to reproduce locally13:39
vilahmm, Using version string 2.3.1. doesn't look good ;)13:41
jelmer_vila: hmm?13:42
vilalooks like I need to use ' bzr merge-upstream --version 2.2.4'13:43
jelmer_vila: when merging 2.2.4 ?13:44
jelmer_vila: ah, the issue is probably that you hadn't updated debian/watch13:44
jelmer_vila: so it would use the latest version13:44
jelmer_vila: that bit is fixed in my branch13:44
vilahmm, ok, so I should do that *before* merge-upstream, trying13:44
vilaindeed, better13:48
vilaonly difference is now the bzrlib/tests/per_tree/test_is_executable.py file which has a different file-id :-/13:49
vilajelmer_: hehe, tried the same trick for 2.1 which failed because the https://launchpad.net/bzr/+download doesn't contain the 2.1 series :)13:57
jelmer_vila: we should probably the link in debian/watch to point at 2.1 series page13:58
vilayup, looking into it13:58
vilahmm, there is no such thing as a 2.1 download page it seems...14:01
jkakarHi!  Is there a way to edit old commit messages in a Bazaar branch?14:04
jkakarI have a trunk branch that uses a specific commit message format... a few revisions don't use the format, and I'd like to clean them up, if it's reasonably easy to do so.14:04
sorenjkakar: It's not.14:04
jamjkakar: it isn't particularly hard to do recent commits, but really old ones is a problem14:46
vilajam, jelmer: care to join mumble to test my new setup ?14:51
jamvila: do I dare? :)14:55
vilajam: yeah, should far better, the jackhammers are gone too ;)14:55
jamI don't hear you saying anything14:56
jambut I see the lips go red for you14:56
jamvila: do you hear me?14:56
vilajam: I hear you14:56
vilawow, weird, mumble gives feedback as if it hear something but you don't :-/14:58
fullermdMaybe it just doesn't like what it hears, and refuses to repeat it   :p15:34
vilajelmer_: bug #646961 has been fixed ub 2.3b4, since natty already ships 2.3.0, I can mark it FixReleased for bzr(Ubuntu) right ?15:39
ubot5Launchpad bug 646961 in bzr (Ubuntu) "resolve --take-other produces AttributeError" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64696115:39
vilajelmer_: or does that need to go through the packaged debian/changelog or are both correct ?15:40
CaMasonhello. I have a commit (a few commits back) that I need to remove (more specifically, undo)15:41
CaMasonwhat's the proper way to do this? I know which revision(s) need to go15:42
jelmer_vila: sorry, must've missed a notification while I was getting coffee15:52
jelmer_vila: yes, please close it as FixReleased if the version that fixes it has already been uploaded15:52
vilajelmer_: can you have a look at lp:~vila/ubuntu/lucid/bzr/sru-2.1.3 and tell what you think ?16:08
vilajelmer_: (2.1.4 is planned for 2011-03-24 so this is only a warm-up ;)16:09
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vilajelmer_: and the debian/watch trick is horrible but I've filed bug #73614516:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 736145 in Launchpad itself "no series specific download pages" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73614516:11
vilahmm, I just made him fall from his chair unplugging his laptop...16:14
kazadeQuick question, how do I tell if there are more recent revisions on a remote branch without just pulling them in?16:16
CaMasonhow can I get bazaar to output a patch with binary data includeD?16:17
beunokazade, bzr missing REMOTE_BRANCH16:17
kazadethanks beuno16:18
kazadehmm, does that work the other way too? (e.g. if you have a commit that remote doesn't)16:19
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vilakazade: yes16:25
vilaCaMason: bzr send16:26
beunokazade, there's a flag16:26
beuno--just-mine or soemthing, see "bzr help missing"16:26
vilaCaMason: did you sort out how to merge the changes you wanted to reverse ?16:27
CaMasonI did 'merge . -r 123..122' and that undid them nicely16:29
vilaCaMason: exactly16:29
CaMasonthanks. I then needed to get those changes *back* in, but on a different branch16:32
CaMasonI tried 'bzr send' but the patch file didn't contain the binary data16:32
gypsymauroI'm designing my repository, there is a way to export just a subfolder of a project?16:36
beunogypsymauro, bzr export can export a tarball of a dir16:38
vilaCaMason: oh it does, but not in the human-readable part16:47
CaMasonhm, well a `patch -p0 < file.patch` didn't update the binary files16:47
vilaCaMason: ha no, sure, but bzr merge will ;)16:47
CaMasonoh guff - would it? xD16:47
CaMasonI don't see any binary data in the patch16:50
CaMasonunless it's that 'begin bundle' bit at the bottom16:50
vilaCaMason: it's in the bundle yes16:50
vilaCaMason: in fact *all* is in the bundle, but there is a human-readable patch added for.. humans (and they don't grok binary for most of them)16:51
CaMasonaha! I will retru16:51
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CaMasonthe human readable part is huge (3000) but the bundle bit is only 4 lines16:52
vilaCaMason: try 'bzr help send' for more details16:52
vilaCaMason: well, if the target share some history with the source only the relevant revids have to be transmitted16:53
gypsymaurobeuno:  perfect :) tanx16:53
vilaCaMason: so it all depends on SUBMIT_BRANCH and PUBLIC_BRANCH and what *needs* to be sent, if the target already knows the revisions involved there is no need to transfer their *content*16:54
gypsymauroanother thing, suppose I've two bzr projects , what's the best way to move a folder from a project to the other?16:54
CaMasonok, thanks :)16:55
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gypsymauroI've tried to add a folder from nautilus, then I committed the change, but in nautilus I saw that subdirectories weren't added, so I added it manually now  I've a mess, then I tried do remove the folder and when I try to commit it says Conflict: can't delete zope because it is not empty.  Not deleting. \n Conflict because zope is not versioned, but has versioned children.  Versioned directory.17:05
gypsymauroany hint?17:05
jkakarjam: Hmm, interesting.  The two revisions I want to edit are -1 and -3.17:08
magciusjam, my changes to loggerhead *should* be deployed by now, right?17:39
magciusjam, if so, can you help me look at the stack trace for the OOPS IDs that I'm getting?17:39
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flacosteabentley: I'm struggling with pipelines, do you think you could help?18:37
abentleyflacoste: sure.18:38
flacosteabentley: i have a pipeline of one branch, and would like to create a new pipe before the current one18:38
flacostethe instructions on the wiki don't seem to work18:39
flacostebut first, i think the submit: idea is screwed18:39
abentleyflacoste: which wiki instructions?18:39
flacoste"Splitting a change into two pieces"18:39
flacostethat's similar to what i want to do18:39
flacostelike i said, i think it's because its idea of submit: is broken in my config somehow18:40
flacosteif i do bzr diff -r submit: in my branch18:40
flacosteit doesn't show any change18:40
flacostemight be related to my standard bzr conf (Launchpad-style)18:40
flacostebut i don't know where to start to untangle this18:41
abentleyflacoste: okay, so do you know what revision you actually want to use as the basis for the first pipe?18:41
flacosteabentley: trunk18:41
flacosteor the revision from which i branch from trunk18:41
flacosteto be more precise18:41
flacosteshows a bzr info in my current tree18:42
abentleyflacoste: so then -r ancestor:path/to/trunk18:42
flacosteabentley: is it a known bug that remove-pipe doesn't remove the branch file (if i remove-pipe and then try to add-pipe with the same name, it fails)18:44
abentleyflacoste: yes, it is, and there's the --branch option  to remove the branch file as well.18:45
flacosteabentley: -r ancestor:trunk did the right thing :-)18:45
abentleyflacoste: so not a bug, a feature.18:45
flacostewell, not sure it's a feature, but at least, it's by design :-)18:46
abentleyflacoste: just because you don't want the branch participating in the pipeline doesn't mean you want to destroy the branch.18:46
flacostei can understand that point of view, although from a naive user, this behaviour was surprising18:47
flacostes/although/as a/18:47
flacosteany way, to have submit: works as a short-hand for ancestor:.../trunk ?18:47
abentleyflacoste: I guess it is, and asymmetrical too.  But I am reluctant to delete branches whithout explicit user request.18:48
abentleyflacoste: you'll want to add a section to your locations.conf.  Let me work it up.18:48
flacosteabentley: i can understand, that's hard to fix, maybe just pointing that out in the user  message would make this much more friendly18:48
flacosteafter remove-pipe: something like18:49
flacoste'Leaving branch in ... Use XXX to remove"18:49
flacosteand in the error message in add-pipe18:49
flacosteanyway, just my $.0218:50
abentleyflacoste: here's what you'd add to locations.conf: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/581252/18:54
abentleyflacoste: I noticed your push location was also wrong.18:55
flacosteabentley: yeah, will this fix it too?18:56
abentleyflacoste: yes, it should.18:56
flacostei put this in $HOME/.bazaar/locations.conf ?18:57
abentleyflacoste: right.18:57
flacosteabentley: wouldn't that be [/home/francis/canonical/tuolumne/BRANCH/.bzr/pipes/]?18:58
flacostesince there is no .bzr/pipes in the repository18:58
flacosteBRANCH is 'dashboards' in this case18:58
abentleyflacoste: According to the URLs you posted, your branch is at /home/francis/canonical/tuolumne/.bzr/pipes/dashboards18:59
abentleyflacoste: no, wait.19:00
flacosteconfusing bzr output i think19:01
abentleyflacoste: I guess there's no indication of your CWD.19:01
flacostethe branch is ~/canonical/tuolumne/dashboards19:01
flacoste~/canonical/tuolumne is the project repository19:01
flacosteand i have generic entry in locations.conf to map to LP19:01
abentleyflacoste: the branch is `pwd`.bzr/pipes/dashboards19:01
flacoste`pwd` is a lightweight checkout19:02
flacostebut i should put `pwd`/.bzr/pipes in locations.conf?19:03
flacosteany way, i could do this in a generic way?19:04
flacosteotherwise, i'll guess i'll have to add this whenever i have a new pipepline?19:05
abentleyflacoste: to do this in a generic way, keep the branches in your normal location, and don't use reconfigure-pipeline.19:05
flacosteabentley: hmm, that doesn't work without me changing my normal location (since i don't normally use lightweight checkout)19:06
abentleyflacoste: I proposed a patch to make the config system work with reconfigure-pipeline, but it is stalled: https://code.launchpad.net/~abentley/bzr/appenddir/+merge/5006019:07
abentleyflacoste: of course, there's nothing stopping you from keeping lightweight checkouts in your normal branch location, in addition to the branches.19:08
abentleyflacoste: I've always kept my lightweight checkouts separate, though.19:09
flacosteabentley: thanks for the help19:11
abentleyflacoste: you're welcome.19:12
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pooliehi all23:13
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