highvoltagedoctormo: someone left a comment on my blog entry, it's not a big deal but the moon's lighting didn't adjust with the new sun position, so it's a bit off (few people would probably notice, but if you could fix it it would be nice)01:30
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doctormoHey highvoltage19:19
doctormonice blog post19:19
doctormoWhat's the community reaction so far?19:20
highvoltagedoctormo: only got 3 responses so far, but they were completely possitive19:22
highvoltagedoctormo: I pasted the feedback about the moonshine on here yesterday, but not sure if you got it19:23
doctormohighvoltage: No, I've been offline from chat for a few days19:23
highvoltagedoctormo: the sun's position got lowered, but the sunlight on the moon is still from the position from the old sun position19:24
highvoltagedoctormo: few people will probably ever notice, up to you if you want to fix it :)19:24
doctormohighvoltage: Anythign else while I have the file open?19:31
doctormoDid it get chatter on the mailing list?19:31
highvoltagedoctormo: haven't posted anything about it to the list yet... but that's an idea19:38
highvoltagedoctormo: I guess we'll get most of the feedback when it's actually released. that's how it usually works. people who have suggestions or strong feedback always waits until after release before commenting :)19:39
doctormohighvoltage: Because that's _so_ useful ;-)19:46
doctormoYou should give out Edubuntu tester tokens. Good one one free moan after release19:46
doctormoOtherwise you're free to report bugs, but moaning will be shot down ;-P19:47
highvoltagedoctormo: :)19:48
doctormohighvoltage: Revision 16 uploaded to deviantArt, please check19:49
highvoltageit's orientation is better, I notice that it's a thinner cicle as well19:55
highvoltageit's good19:55
nicknackon xubuntu 10.10 64-bit i just ran these two commands: sudo apt-get install ltsp-server-standalone21:09
nicknacksudo ltsp-build-client21:10
nicknack...on my laptop. if i connect a second machine via the ethernet jack, do i need to do anyting else for the second system to netboot?21:11
nicknackduring boot of the second machine i am getting the error, "no dhcp or proxy dhcp offers were received."21:13
highvoltagenixternal: what's the address on your laptop?21:57
highvoltage(oops, that was meant for nicknack, who is no longer with us)21:57

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