c2tarunI need some help on this bug 683439 how should I split, I can move kalgebra out but what about the debian folder, I can edit the control file as well, but should I copy the rules file and kalgebra.install file as it is?04:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 683439 in kdeedu (Ubuntu) "split kalgebra mobile" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68343904:22
c2tarunor should I make a new debian folder by dhmake and then replace the copyright file there and copy the necessary *.install files?04:24
ScottKNo.  You add the new binary package to debian/control and make a [packagename].install file for it.04:29
ScottKPossibly others.04:29
c2tarunScottK, do  I have to make packagename.install file? can't I copy it form the kdeedu debian folder?04:32
ScottKIt's a new one in the same debian directory you had before.04:32
ScottKSplit means make a new binary package, not literally split the source.04:32
ScottKI'm off to bed now, so good luck.04:32
nigelbnixternal: ping04:40
c2tarunSorry I am not getting a bit :( if anyone is up please help, I never splitted a package  before.04:42
c2tarunI was looking on this diff http://launchpadlibrarian.net/52734642/sa-compile.mydebdiff the guy fixed the bug also splitted a package but didn't introduced the <packagename>.install file, instead he made changes into rules. :/ how come?05:02
c2tarunRiddell, ping06:53
ubottuLooking for a channel? /msg alis list *searchterm*     More help in #freenode08:08
Riddellvalorie: congratulations on your new responsibilities08:16
valorieit's an excellent time to dig in now, I think08:18
valoriewhen there is so much confusion/disruption in the air -- can mean good changes, if we all make that happen08:19
Riddellyou're a brave woman08:19
valoriebrave or stupid08:21
valoriewe'll see how it all comes out08:21
apachelogger!find videodev.h08:29
ubottuFile videodev.h found in linux-headers-2.6.32-305, linux-headers-2.6.32-305-ec2, linux-headers-2.6.35-22, linux-headers-2.6.35-22-generic, linux-headers-2.6.35-22-server, linux-headers-2.6.35-22-virtual, linux-headers-2.6.35-23, linux-headers-2.6.35-23-generic, linux-headers-2.6.35-23-server, linux-headers-2.6.35-23-virtual (and 14 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=videodev.h&mode=&suite=maverick&arch=any08:29
apacheloggergood lawd08:29
nigelbRiddell: hey, can you let me know when those postcards reach any of the recipients? So I know the approx time an international thingy will take :)08:30
Riddellnigelb: ok08:39
freglshadeslayer: send me your qml file, I'll see if I can reproduce it here09:40
bambeeI can't upgrade to kde 4.6.1 from maverick armel by the way (using kubuntu-backport)09:56
Riddellbambee: PPAs don't have ARM09:56
Riddellat least not yet09:56
tazzbambee, you are using an arm based computer?10:24
tazzif so which one?10:24
bambeetazz: yup, I'm using a toshiba ac100 (tegra2 => cortexA9-based)10:25
bambeeit works just fine10:25
bambeebut I  use kde 4.5 :(10:27
Riddellbambee: time to install natty? :)10:32
bambeeRiddell: natty has not stranges libc crashes on armel ?10:33
bambeeI'm not sure..10:33
bambee(if someone can confirm...)10:37
Riddellbambee: we won't know until you install it, none of us have ARM10:46
RiddellQt apps had issues but ScottK says that should be solved now, at last with a recompile10:46
bambeeRiddell: in this case I will test for you ;)10:48
c2tarunRiddell, ping10:50
Riddellhi c2tarun 10:51
c2tarunRiddell, hi :) I need bit help on that split bug. :(10:52
Riddellok, what's up?10:54
c2tarunRiddell, first is there any manual available for splitting pacakges, I asked on many channels and googled it a lot, but failed to find.10:55
Riddellsearch for "Creating More Than One Binary Package"10:56
c2tarunRiddell, I read that section, but it didn't helped, what I am not getting is how to write the packagename.install files?10:57
Riddellwell just look at the existing ones, it's just a list of files10:57
c2tarunRiddell, here is kalgebra.install file http://paste.ubuntu.com/581026/ there was one line with /usr/share/kalgebramobile I removed that line and placed it into a new file named kalgebra-mobile.install. I also moved folder mobile out of kalgebra and renamed it as kalgebra-mobile. Am I doing right?11:00
Riddellc2tarun: what do you mean by folder mobile?11:01
c2tarunRiddell, well may be I understood wrong, but you said in bug that kalgebra should be split and a new kalgebra-mobile package should be made by splitting, so there was a folder with name mobile inside kalgebra I thought that is the source code for kalgebra mobile. :/11:03
Riddellyes it will be but we don't want to split up the source, only the .deb packages we make11:04
Riddellso you did the right thing with putting usr/share/kalgebramobile into kalgebra-mobile.install11:04
Riddellyou also want that kalgebramobile.desktop in kalgebra-mobile.install11:04
Riddellthere also needs to be a kalgebra-common.install with all the files needed by both the full and the mobile versions11:05
Riddelli.e. everything else except usr/bin/kalgebra and usr/share/applications/kde4/kalgebra.desktop and probably the docs11:05
c2tarunRiddell, the lines which I include in kalgebra-mobile.install & kalgebra-common.install, should I have to remove those lines from kalgebra.install?11:09
Riddellc2tarun: yes11:13
Riddellc2tarun: you'll also need to add the kalgebra-mobile and kalgebra-common package entries into debian/control and include Breaks: kalgebra (<< new version) and Conflicts: kalgebra (<< new version)  where "new version" is whatever the new version you add in debian/changelog is11:14
Riddellgood luck :)11:14
* Riddell out for an hour11:14
=== rdieter_work is now known as rdieter
c2tarunHere are the changes I made for split in bug 683439   changes: http://paste.ubuntu.com/581045/  Can anyone please take a look before I start building, Thank you11:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 683439 in kdeedu (Ubuntu) "split kalgebra mobile" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68343911:28
Riddellc2tarun: looking good12:00
Riddelljust needs a long description for kalgebra-common12:00
c2tarunRiddell, sure I am building it right now, as soon as it'll build I add the Description, where can I get the description?12:00
Riddellyou have to make it up12:08
Riddelljust copt the kalgebra one and add a line at the bottom saying it contains the files needed for both full and mobile versions12:08
Riddellhi c2tarun, koffice merge looks good, am preparing for upload12:20
shadeslayerfregl: http://paste.kde.org/736412:28
freglshadeslayer: that is incomplete/doesn't run since contact model is not defined12:31
shadeslayerhold on .. i'll give you my contactmodel too :)12:31
shadeslayerfregl: http://paste.kde.org/740612:32
=== KRF_ is now known as KRF
freglshadeslayer: do you want the lightsteelblue rectangle as background? then it needs to be in the delegate. the highlight on the other hand indeed doesn't seem to update. that seems buggy here as well12:38
shadeslayerfregl: the blue rectangle should change it's size with a resize of the window12:39
shadeslayeryeah that's buggy it seems12:39
freglso highlight is broken (?)12:39
shadeslayerfregl: the same issue i showed you the other day http://i.imgur.com/Q0ZRq.png12:40
shadeslayercan you show me the code that worked for you?12:40
freglshadeslayer: there is two things: the hightlight, I didn't use that. I used a background in the delegate. have a look at this for how to get the hightlight to work http://paste.kde.org/7407/12:46
freglshadeslayer: basically because the highlight is a component it cannot access its parent properly and for some reason its width doesn't get updated. this is a workaround.12:46
freglI guess it is a bug indeed12:47
apacheloggerwhen did the nice light blue rectangle become a light steel blue rectangle?12:56
apacheloggerthis is world I do not want to live in!12:56
* apachelogger leaves for booze and cigars12:57
debfxagateau: a Debian ftp admin asked if you could remove the COPYING file from libindicate-qt: http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-ayatana-devel/2011-March/000180.html13:04
agateaudebfx: oh, indeed that's stupid13:04
agateaudebfx: should replace it with the LGPL version13:05
* agateau does this13:05
agateaudebfx: so the answer: "no problem from my side"13:05
agateaummm, there are already LGPL files, so I just need to rm the GPL one13:07
debfxyep, thanks :)13:07
Riddellc2tarun: ug, koffice failed https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/koffice/1:2.3.3-0ubuntu1/+buildjob/2324333/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-i386.koffice_1%3A2.3.3-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz13:25
Riddellpresumably you didn't have that problem?13:25
c2tarunRiddell, well it built successfully on my laptop13:36
c2tarunRiddell, it requires something for MS Acess plugin, MS Access is an windows application I guess.13:37
shadeslayeryep ^^13:38
shadeslayeri guess the corresponding package changed or something13:38
c2tarunbut still it build successfully on my system, how?13:39
Riddellthat Iconv library is part of libc, this could get messy13:40
Riddellyes, if I upgrade libc6-dev and libc6 then I get the problem13:41
c2tarunan i think its not upgraded on my system.13:41
shadeslayerthat just got messy didn't it13:42
c2tarunhow to fix that?13:42
Riddellfixing this involves learning cmake, how shares libraries work and working out what's changes in the new libc13:45
c2tarunhmmm....... approximately in how much time I can learn cmake.13:45
Riddella few days13:46
Riddellc2tarun: can you pastebin the output of   dpkg -L libc6  please13:46
c2tarunRiddell, well my chroot is building kdeedu right now and it will take few hours :( any other way?13:47
Riddellon your local system?13:47
c2tarunRiddell, http://pastebin.com/WRnakdxL13:49
ScottKc2tarun: Also you can run pbuilder more than once and have more than one chroot going at the same time.13:49
Riddellnew libc has  /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.613:49
Riddellso no wonder cmake can't find it13:49
ScottKThat's multi-arch13:49
ScottKBlame slangasek.13:49
Riddellisn't that going to break the world?13:50
ScottKRiddell: Not quite all of it, but I'd ask him what to do.13:50
ScottKThe FFe for it didn't seem like it'd break the world, but who knows.13:50
c2tarunRiddell, what you posted is for 64 bit sys, what about 32 bit sys?13:51
Riddellc2tarun: I don't know but something similar I expect13:51
c2tarunRiddell, what should I do on koffice, I think you mentioned the problem all we have to do is to ensure that cmake looks for /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6 I think anyone with knowledge of cmake can do it?14:01
* c2tarun as I dont have cmake knowledge it will take me more time14:01
Riddellc2tarun: I don't know the right answer, I'm asking in #ubuntu-devel if there's an expected answer for what is presumably a common problem14:02
c2tarunRiddell, ok, I'll wait for replies on ubuntu-devel thanks :)14:03
apacheloggerRiddell: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-mobile/daily-preinstalled/current/ :(14:10
apacheloggerour images are sooooo oudated14:10
apacheloggerNightrose: can I talk about vodka at the free desktop summit?14:11
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
Nightroseapachelogger: -.-14:16
apacheloggeroi, don't hate me because I like drinking....14:17
Riddelldoes -.- mean she hates you?14:17
RiddellI get so confused by these new fangled smileys14:18
apacheloggerNightrose: I could talk about the impact of free software on social interaction and opportunities that arise from that14:18
apacheloggerstill I'd prefer talking about vodka and what qualifies as good vodka14:18
apacheloggerRiddell: it means she does not like what I said all that much, which is pretty much the same at a highly sophisticated relationship as the one Nightrose and I have14:19
tazzNightrose, good i found you here... Nightrose are you interested in doing some GSoC stuff  for  *ubuntu too ?14:19
tazzRiddell, ^14:19
Riddelltazz: I expect Nightrose is busy enough with gsoc in KDE14:19
Nightrosetazz: depends on what you mean but... what Riddell said14:20
RiddellI'm happy to mentor projects in ubuntu14:20
* tazz wonders when cloning will be legal in this world.14:20
apacheloggerNightrose: srsly though ... the average facebook user probably has between 100 and 200 friends, if we consider that any indication every person who joins the way of the free software and is vocal about that, potentially gets 200 others on board14:20
apacheloggeryet I do not see that kind of growth14:21
apacheloggerone gets to wonder why that is...14:21
apacheloggerwondering is always a good thing one can talk about14:21
tazzRiddell, good to know. I'll mail you some time if i find something interesting.14:21
apachelogger...like the question of what a good vodka is...14:21
Nightrosei'm also already doing gsoc stuff for workwork as well14:22
Riddelltazz: note that ubuntu gets about 1/5th the students that KDE does so there's a lower chance of being accepted14:22
Nightroseapachelogger: i'm not sure i am following you 100% - but it sounds interesting14:23
apacheloggerthat might be related to the quality of proposals :S14:23
tazzmeh! i am not experienced in anything apart from KDE/Kubuntu so...14:23
Nightrosepropose something14:23
apacheloggerNightrose: vodka?14:23
apacheloggeryou do it again!!14:23
tazzblack/pepper vodka ?14:23
ari-tczewclean vodka rlz14:23
apacheloggerNightrose: I'll tell my shrink all about it, I hope you will be ashamed for how you treat me14:23
apacheloggerari-tczew: that is the question we need to answer in a talk at the free desktop thingy14:24
Nightrosealso: i _hate_ my company wifi today14:24
apacheloggeris it really? maybe it is only sometimes?14:24
apacheloggerwhat is the best vodka for hacking?14:24
apacheloggerwhat is the best when you are sad14:24
ari-tczewclean vodka for all cases14:24
apacheloggerari-tczew: there are studies indicating otherwise14:24
ari-tczeweventually, with currant14:24
ari-tczewblack currant :)14:25
shadeslayerapachelogger: Dr. Who is phunny14:28
shadeslayer4th Doctor... First Episode14:28
apacheloggeryou are stuck in the 70's14:31
apacheloggerone time you are in the future, then you are in the past... what is wrong with the present?14:31
apacheloggerI mean except that the light blue rectangle got replaced by an allegedly better light steel blue rectangle14:32
Nightroselagging out every minute or two14:32
Nightrosecan't work like this damn it14:32
* apachelogger actually thinks the steel lobby is behind that14:32
shadeslayerhahah 14:32
apacheloggerNightrose: you need 3g, markey always uses 3g when skyping from fawlty towers14:32
shadeslayerNightrose: it's Hug your ISP provider day14:32
shadeslayergo hug them, you get better Speeds14:33
Nightrosei wish14:33
apacheloggeryou might need to do other things after the hugging...14:33
apacheloggerservices-for-service industry14:33
shadeslayerwhy are Nokia people using OSX14:35
apacheloggerbecause it has coreaudio instead of stinking pulseaudio :P14:36
shadeslayerapachelogger: a QDV is equivalent to a QGV ?14:37
apacheloggera what?14:37
shadeslayerQDeclarativeView is equivalent to a QGraphicsView14:37
apacheloggerit is bettar14:38
apacheloggershadeslayer: they are equivalent to some extend, but not really if you look at it with QDV having an engine and all that magic14:39
shadeslayerah yes14:39
apacheloggerQDV is however based on QGV, so a QDV generally can do everything a QGV can do14:39
apacheloggerthen again what does the view matter anyway :P14:40
* shadeslayer is looking at vids from Qt Developer days14:40
* apachelogger drinks vodka while watching a documentary about wine14:42
Riddellapachelogger: have you considered the merits of Irn Bru?14:44
apacheloggerRiddell: irn bru: difficult to get in austria, vodka: easy to get in austria14:45
apacheloggerthe scary part is actually that even a minor can easily get hold of vodka :/14:46
apacheloggerit is a screwed up society14:46
c2tarunRiddell, kdeedu built successfully I am uploading a debdiff with the bug, please take a look at it. bug 68343915:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 683439 in kdeedu (Ubuntu) "split kalgebra mobile" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68343915:00
Riddellc2tarun: did you install the packags?15:01
c2tarunRiddell, nope.15:01
c2tarunRiddell, should I install them?15:01
Riddellc2tarun: yes please, and make sure they run15:01
c2tarunRiddell, can I install them on ubuntu or do I have to log into kubuntu?15:02
Riddellc2tarun: it doesn't matter what desktop you run15:03
Riddellof course it does need to be natty15:03
c2tarunRiddell, that is a problem :( I have maverick but no natty.15:04
Riddellc2tarun: want an ec2 machine?15:04
c2tarunRiddell, that'll give me a chroot type environment only. I have that. do you want me to install on chroot and test?15:05
Riddellinstall the current version first15:05
Riddellthen the new ones you just built15:05
c2tarunRiddell, sorry this sounds emabarrasing but I dont know how to install a deb from command prompt. :(15:06
Riddellsudo dpkg --install *deb15:06
Riddellthen   sudo apt-get -f install   will install any missing dependencies from apt15:07
Riddellor moan and uninstall the .debs if it can't15:07
c2tarunRiddell, ok, I dont think that missing deps will be a probl because I build it on same chroot, but since I dont have deb for current version, so can you please suggest anything for that.15:08
c2tarunRiddell, ping15:11
* c2tarun going to install the one I built15:12
yofeldon't forget to install the repository version first15:13
yofelwhy did you use Breaks/Conflicts btw.? That should be Breaks/Replaces15:14
c2tarunyofel, I just split kalgebra-mobile and not replaced anything15:15
yofelno, I mean in your new control file15:15
yofelyour new packages replace the old one as you moved the files around http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-relationships.html#s-replaces15:17
c2tarunyofel, well first reason is Riddell directed me ;) second I think that Break/Replace should be only when I replace something with a new package and Break/Conflicts should be for something I just split.15:17
steveireI finally got off my ass and created a wiki page so I can see about kubuntu membership: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/steveire When is the next meeting?15:17
* c2tarun I'll be back in few seconds.15:19
yofelBreaks and Conflicts mean almost the same, where Conflicts is a stronger restriction15:19
yofelif you need to overwrite files in another package you're supposed to use Breaks/Replaces15:19
c2tarunyofel, I dont think I overwrite any files.15:23
yofelyou move files around, so your new kalgebra-mobile overwrites files in the old kalgebra15:24
c2tarunyofel, I didn't moved any files15:24
yofelsince we use an older standards version you can either use just conflicts or breaks/replaces15:24
yofelc2tarun: huh? then what did you do?15:24
* apachelogger once moved files around, it was horrible, there was blood everywhere15:24
yofelapachelogger: you're not supposed to use a chainsaw for that15:25
c2tarunthanks apachelogger :) I just added few lines in control file and created 2 .install files. but didn't touched the source code.15:25
yofelc2tarun: you removed files in kalgebra.install and added them to the other packages -> you moved files15:25
apacheloggerearlier today I did rm -rf /media/magic/Pr0n15:25
yofelok, you finally went crazy15:25
apacheloggerfelt like starting a diary a couple of minutes later15:26
c2tarunyofel, well that was inside debian folder :/ still do you think i should use Break/Replaces?15:26
yofelc2tarun: changing the .install files means you remove files from one binary package and move them to a different binary package - that will need Breaks/Replaces then or you'll get overwrite errors from dpkg if you install the new packages while the old kalgebra is still installed15:27
c2tarunRiddell, ping I need an ec2 desperately :( my connection will take weeks in installing all the depends and both the versions of kdeedu. :(15:27
c2tarunyofel, ok, so I should simply /s/Conflicts/Replaces/g ??15:28
yofelthat should be fine15:28
c2tarunok :) now I have to wait for Riddell to provide me an ec2 :( god I should have asked for it when he offered :/15:29
* apachelogger has 200 gib of doctor who stuff :O15:30
* apachelogger prepares a rm -rf /media/magic/dw and pours more vodka15:30
c2tarunapachelogger, what is Dr. who?15:31
yofela tv show I think15:32
apacheloggeryou got to be kidding me15:32
* apachelogger needs a bigger glass15:32
apacheloggerc2tarun: only like the most important tv series ever15:33
apacheloggerhalf of kubuntu would not be usable if it werent for the doctor15:33
apacheloggerah, what am I saying15:33
c2tarunapachelogger, try prison break :) its awesome15:33
apacheloggerearth would have been destroyed or stolen or conquerored... if it werent for the doctor15:33
apacheloggerc2tarun: I rm -rf'd me pr0n!15:34
* c2tarun I'll surely try Dr. Who once :)15:34
c2tarunyofel, http://paste.ubuntu.com/581148/ is it fine now?15:37
yofellooks right15:37
c2tarunyofel, are you using an DSL connection?15:38
* c2tarun my kubuntu is not detecting DSL connections :( so I am stuck with ubuntu, any suggestions :(15:39
c2tarunyofel, ^^15:39
yofeluh, I'm using a DSL over a router - so no idea. The only other connection I use is my mobile phone, where I use wvdial15:39
yofels/a DSL/DSL/15:40
kubotuyofel meant: "uh, I'm using DSL over a router - so no idea. The only other connection I use is my mobile phone, where I use wvdial"15:40
c2tarunyofel, but I think you have to create a DSL connection and then connect through it right?15:40
yofelno, the router takes care of the connection, I just connect to it over [W]LAN15:40
\shapachelogger: how was the casting for Dr. Who? I heard you want to be the next "The Doctor" ;)15:41
c2tarun:( I created my DSL connection but its not being displayed in kubuntu and same thing in ubuntu and everything is fine :( may be kdenetworkmanager problem15:41
ximionhi! could someone please apply my debdiff for bug #734939 and upload the new package? (*hopefully* fixes a nasty bug in KPK)15:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 734939 in packagekit (Ubuntu) "kpackagekit crashed with SIGSEGV in malloc()" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73493915:41
yofelc2tarun: I sould actually blame KNM then, does it show up under 'Show more...' maybe?15:42
kubotuyofel: You did something wrong... Try s/you/me/ or tell me "help sed"15:42
c2tarunyofel, nope :(15:42
yofeltypo day -.-15:42
yofelwell, ask the others in #kubuntu maybe, I don't know much there15:43
c2tarunno prob :) now waiting for Riddell hope he returns soon 15:44
Riddellhi c2tarun 15:47
Riddellc2tarun: i386 or amd64?15:47
c2tarunRiddell, hi :) i38615:47
Riddellc2tarun: ubuntu@ec2-50-17-135-133.compute-1.amazonaws.com15:50
apachelogger\sh: I could do that15:51
apacheloggerhalf of the uk going crazy about me15:51
apacheloggerthat sounds like fun15:51
c2tarunRiddell, gotcha, just one more help please, how can I get my build debs on that ec2?15:51
\shapachelogger: go go go for it :) 15:51
Riddellc2tarun: scp *deb ubuntu@ec2-50-17-135-133.compute-1.amazonaws.com15:52
Riddellhi ximion 15:52
* apachelogger writes to the BBC15:52
apacheloggerdear sir, I wish to apply in the strongest possible terms as the next doctor15:53
* apachelogger could watch some pythons15:53
JontheEchidnaa drunk austrian doctor; it just might work!15:53
c2tarunRiddell, scp not working :/15:55
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: it takes until 7 to get drunk, it is only 515:55
Riddellximion: that's from upstream?15:55
apacheloggerthen again if I started at 1 it might just be possible15:56
Riddellc2tarun: does ssh work?15:56
c2tarunyup, I am on ec215:56
* apachelogger adds a todo item to conduct tests on whether time of day influences the time it takes to get drunk15:56
c2tarunRiddell, ^^15:57
Riddellc2tarun: so run the scp command from your local machine to cp to the remote machine15:57
ximionRiddell: yes15:57
c2tarunRiddell, http://paste.kde.org/7419/15:58
Riddellc2tarun: oh put a colon on the end15:59
Riddellximion: if you're the debian packager why not upload to debian then get a sync?16:01
c2tarun\ all the deb files are getting copied, this will take some time, meanwhile I installed the current version, how can I check whether its working or not?16:10
shadeslayeryofel: can you write to kubuntu-devel telling people who live under a rock and only follow kubuntu-devel about our awesome project?16:10
* rgreening lives on a rock16:11
yofelshadeslayer: wouldn't it be more appropriate for you to do it? but ok, can do (later)16:11
shadeslayeri did it last time :P16:12
shadeslayerour thread died out16:12
shadeslayeralso i'm busy figuring out QML awesomeness16:12
ximionRiddell: sorry, was away :P The problem with Debian is that Debian has a newer PK version and Ubuntu is already in feature-freeze.16:13
Riddellximion: lovely thanks, uploaded16:14
shadeslayeryofel: we might have people from Debian and Suse poking into Neon16:14
ximionalso I'm currently waiting for a newer GObject-Repo version to enter unstable to upload a new version of PK.16:14
yofelshadeslayer: o.O - didn't suse have their own builds?16:14
ximionRiddell: thanks!16:14
shadeslayeryofel: yes, but they upgrade your stable packages16:15
Riddellc2tarun: you check it's working by running it16:19
c2tarunRiddell, well how can I do that with no desktop environment? :(16:20
=== cmagina is now known as cmagina-lunch
Riddellc2tarun: you just run the programme from the command line16:23
c2tarunRiddell, ok, I'll try that 16:23
c2tarunRiddell, I installed kdeedu, but man kdeedu is not there, sorry but where can I get the commands?16:43
freinhardwhat do i want to read if i'd like to set up a ppa with a bunch of daily built debs from some git repositories?16:44
c2tarunyofel, ping16:46
c2tarunyofel, I installed the current version of kdeedu but I dont have the list of commands to test it, man kdeedu is not working, can you please suggest me something16:47
yofelkdeedu is the source package, there are several binary packages for it, in your case you should probably test the kalgebra ones16:48
c2tarunyofel, well man kalgebra is not working :(16:48
c2tarunyofel, on running kalgebra I am getting cannot connect to X server16:49
yofeldoes it even have a manpage16:49
yofelah, you need ssh -X ... if you want to run X applications over ssh16:49
yofelhm... we forgot something16:51
c2tarunyofel, ??16:52
yofelkalgebra and kalgebra-mobile need to depend on kalgebra-common to make sure -common is installed. Without -common they won't do anything16:52
c2tarunyofel, I installed the version in repository, I dont think it has something like kalgebra-common16:52
yofelI meant your new packages16:53
Riddellfreinhard: project neon folks like shadeslayer and Quintasan_ will know, but search for launchpad daily builds on google I think16:53
shadeslayeryofel too :P16:54
c2tarunyofel, for my new package I'll use dpkg --install *.deb so I think everything will be installed. 16:54
shadeslayerfreinhard: what do you want to build?16:54
yofelc2tarun: no.. I mean in the control file16:54
shadeslayerQuintasan_: btw i gave some PN stickers to Riddell16:54
yofelc2tarun: sure it will, but everyone else will use apt, which won't install it without a dependency16:54
shadeslayerfreinhard: https://launchpad.net/~neon/+archive/ppa16:55
yofelfreinhard: er hi!, missed your message - what are you interested in?16:55
c2tarunyofel, so I should include kalgebra-common into Build-Depends of kalgebra and kalgebra-mobile?16:55
yofelc2tarun: think again what build-depends are16:56
freinhardRiddell, shadeslayer, yofel: thx! i'd like to build kde-telepathy related stuff from master in a ppa16:57
shadeslayerthat would be awesome16:58
shadeslayeryofel: we can haz telepathy in neon? :D16:58
yofelfirst: does it need KDE trunk? 16:58
freinhardno it doesnt16:58
shadeslayerfreinhard: it doesn't? :O16:59
freinhardgot everything relevant here compiled agains kde 4.6.116:59
c2tarunyofel, sorry, build-depends are the packages required for building it :( I should add it in Depends?16:59
* shadeslayer shuts up and learns about QML instead16:59
yofelif it doesn't might make more sense to build it for the stable releases, and possibly make the ppa depend on kubuntu-ppa/backports16:59
shadeslayerthere was a ppa for telepathy builds17:00
shadeslayerbut is now unmaintained iirc17:00
freinhardi think i remember there has been an issue with 4.5.x but who want's to use that anyways...17:00
yofelc2tarun: yes, since you need the package to run the application17:00
freinhardshadeslayer: telepathy it's self doesn't matter. what maverick ships is good enough17:00
shadeslayerfreinhard: i meant telepathy kde :)17:00
freinhardshadeslayer: there just needs to be a newer, less buggy, tp-qt4 17:00
c2tarunyofel, ok I'll surely do that after testing :) I connected to ec2 again with ssh -X but now on running kalgebra I am not getting anything, did I miss something?17:01
yofelc2tarun: no idea, I rarely do that, your connection might be too slow17:01
c2tarunyofel, do I need a screen like xnest or something17:01
yofelno, x forwarding should work fine on the current display17:01
Riddellc2tarun: it will be very slow17:03
Riddellc2tarun: you can try xclock from x11-apps as a quickish test to check it works17:03
* yofel wonders if kalgebra-mobile actually needs calgebra17:03
yofelif that's just a CLI version might make more sense to move that out of -common17:04
RiddellScottK: armhf?  such an elegant name17:04
Riddellalmost as good as powerpcsfe, just rolls off the tongue17:05
shadeslayerRiddell: you left at a good time17:05
shadeslayerit's effing hot here17:05
c2tarunkalgebra worked :/ I mean I got a window with some tabs and it looks like its going to create something ;) shall I install the newer version/17:06
c2tarunyofel, Riddell ^^17:06
yofelc2tarun: yes17:09
Riddellshadeslayer: it's awefae cold here17:10
yofel~15°C here currently17:10
shadeslayerthe temps have suddenly risen to 33 oC here17:10
* yofel gets some vegetables so we get a nicely decorated grilled shadeslayer17:11
c2tarunyofel, what about this error http://paste.kde.org/7425/17:11
yofelc2tarun: we need what happens before that17:11
shadeslayeri regret the fact that i did not attend the model view talk by volker17:11
c2tarunyofel, http://paste.kde.org/7426/17:13
yofelc2tarun: sudo apt-get install -f17:14
c2tarunyofel, I think installation is successful but automatically kbuildcocoa4 running... started 17:19
Riddellthat's a good sign17:20
c2tarunso I should wait now.17:21
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c2tarunRiddell, kalgebra is working fine but I am not sure about kalgebra-mobile, can you please take a look at ec2?17:24
* c2tarun just a second17:25
Riddellc2tarun: works for me17:26
Riddellwith all the accuracy of calc.exe in Windows 3.1117:27
c2tarunRiddell, grt :) ok then I'll make the changes in control file in depends section suggested by yofel.17:27
* c2tarun he suggested the I should include kalgebra-common in kalgebra and kalgebra-mobile.17:27
freinhardRiddell: LOL, that's the quote of the day!17:28
c2tarunRiddell, i uploaded a new debdiff with bug 683439 please take a look at it17:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 683439 in kdeedu (Ubuntu) "split kalgebra mobile" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68343917:42
yofellooks fine except I'm not sure where calgebra belongs to, since it's an executable I don't think it belongs into -common17:49
Riddell"This is KAlgebra console version"17:50
Riddellcalgebra can go in the "kalgebra" package I guess17:50
Riddellkalgebra-common dependencies should be versioned17:51
Riddellc2tarun: add (= ${binary:Version})  to the kalgebra-common dependencies17:51
c2tarunRiddell, whole this (= ${binary:Version})17:52
c2tarunRiddell, http://paste.ubuntu.com/581220/17:56
Riddellc2tarun: no, add that binary version to the kalgebra-common dependencies of kalgebra and kalgebra-mobile17:57
c2tarunoh sorry17:58
Riddellso that they depend on exactly the same version of kalgebra-common17:58
c2tarunRiddell, http://paste.ubuntu.com/581223/18:02
Riddellc2tarun: without the extra comma18:06
Riddellthe package is depending on kalgebra-common at the same version18:07
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: ping18:07
c2tarunRiddell, got it :) I cut it in vim and it pasted like same way. I'll fix that.18:08
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: pong18:09
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: halp!18:09
JontheEchidnaI've got some weird magic going on here18:09
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: where?18:09
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: did you sign up for a UADW talk yet? :P18:09
JontheEchidnaI've pushed this commit right here: https://projects.kde.org/projects/extragear/sysadmin/muon/repository/revisions/b16770422f959ce0167494921404cfed650ad2ed18:10
JontheEchidnathen run the tarball script18:10
JontheEchidna95% of that commit is there18:10
JontheEchidnamuon/main.cpp don't got no codename: http://i.imgur.com/OLz8s.png18:10
JontheEchidnathere was no commit when it was ever just that either18:11
JontheEchidnaIt went from "1.1.0 \"Bullish Bandril\""; to "1.1.65 \"Caustic Carrionite\""; with nothing in between18:11
apacheloggerversion magic overrides18:12
JontheEchidnaI have no clue where the plain "1.1.65" is coming from18:12
apacheloggerfrom the script18:12
apacheloggercheck your custom function18:12
apacheloggerit probably edits the main.cpp to hold the version numba18:12
JontheEchidnaI'll just get rid of that function18:13
JontheEchidnadoesn't really help anyways18:13
c2tarunRiddell, http://paste.ubuntu.com/581234/18:13
Riddellc2tarun: lovely18:16
c2tarunRiddell, finally :) ok I'll upload it with the bug18:16
c2tarunRiddell, are there some other small bugs in which only packaging work is needed? So that I can work on them?18:18
Riddellc2tarun: bug 612682 maybe18:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 612682 in kvirc (Ubuntu Natty) "KVIrc security release 4.0.2 avaible" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61268218:23
Riddellneeds backporting to previous releases I expect18:24
c2tarunwell can we  backport security releases?18:24
Riddellthe minimal patch should be found if possible18:25
c2tarunRiddell, ok I'll look into it :) thanks 18:26
Riddelloh it's fixed released18:26
Riddellso it's probably already done18:26
c2tarunRiddell, not for maverick.18:26
c2tarunRiddell, but this CVE tracker says that 2010-2785 does not affect maverick and natty so how can there be a fix released for natty?18:28
Riddellit's just how the guy marked it on the tracker, probably not entirely correct to do so18:30
c2tarunok, so I should grab the patch for other two security issues and build a security version for maverick :) ok, I'll do it tomorrow18:31
Riddellassuming it affects maverick18:31
c2tarunRiddell, ok, from where can I look for the bugs related to packaging?18:32
Riddellhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-bugs maybe18:33
apacheloggerjono just noticed that wiki.ubuntu.com is crap18:43
apacheloggerhe must use it a lot18:43
ScottKRiddell: Of course.  It's ~fully bootstrapped in Debian already.19:05
DarkwingDucknixternal: ping19:12
apacheloggerDarkwingDuck: where are my troopers?19:13
DarkwingDuckapachelogger: what troopers where? :P:P19:13
DarkwingDuckI'm working on it.19:13
apacheloggerthis takes forever19:13
* apachelogger is almost out of vodka Oo19:13
DarkwingDuckOut of vodka??!!19:13
DarkwingDuckHold the presses... come over here.. I have plenty19:13
DarkwingDucknixternal: when it comes to packaging and translations work on the docs lemme know when you do it... i would like to be a part of that to gleen some info19:14
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apacheloggerdantti: pingy21:16
claydohwas at work already, just got home21:18
claydohhah not that anyone cares :) wrong channel21:18
ScottKclaydoh: We always care about you.21:35
claydohScottK: maybe not if i just ot home from werk tho, ot was rather boring21:38
ScottKNot any less boring than apachelogger pinging people that aren't here.21:38
claydoherr maybe no the fact that I just got home, tho. But it is much apprecistrd21:38
* claydoh removes keyboard cover21:39
apacheloggerScottK: would you rather have me tell you how I wanna throw up from all the cookies and vodka?21:39
claydohmy keys are now naked21:40
ScottKNo, but it would be less boring.21:40
ScottKHello sabdfl.21:40
sabdfltiming is everything :-)21:40
sabdflhow are you all21:40
claydohsure is :)21:40
* claydoh is fine actually boring days at the restaurant are always good21:42
* ScottK is glad to be a bystander in the Unity/Gnome Shell discussion.21:42
* Riddell is mostly recovered from Indian food21:45
Riddellinfact, I think I fancy a curry21:46
macommm curry21:46
apacheloggerthat reminded me of little britain just now21:46
Riddellnot a programme I've ever watched21:47
macooh it's a show?21:47
maconigel keeps joking that i eat so much curry they're going to have to adopt me21:47
apacheloggerRiddell: didn't miss much there21:48
* apachelogger watches an episode of golden girls before bed21:49
RiddellI need new speakers to get good music from my computer, any recommendations?21:50
* Riddell is watching "Javascript for people who know Python22:00
RiddellI never realised what an ugly language javascript is22:00
apacheloggerand you say that in comparision with pyth0rn?22:03
apacheloggerboy you are brave22:03
* apachelogger hugs Riddell22:03
Riddellcurious e-mail du jour http://paste.kde.org/7451/22:41
debfxlol, he likes being dramatic22:52
debfxRiddell: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.txt says that kdesvn-kio-plugins needs to be promoted to main but it is just an alternate dependency of kdesdk22:54
debfxany idea why?22:54
Riddellis that bug 730763 ?22:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 730763 in kdesdk (Ubuntu Natty) "[MIR] reverse depends for kdesdk, kdesvn-kio-plugins" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73076322:55
RiddellI guess component-mismatches likes all alternates in main?22:56
debfxyes, I've committed a fix to bzr but I wonder if it should be reverted22:56
debfxhm kipi-plugins recommends imagemagick | graphicsmagick-imagemagick-compat22:57
debfxgraphicsmagick-imagemagick-compat is in universe but it doesn't complain about that22:57
Riddellprobably needs a cjwatson to explain then22:58
Riddellkdesvn-kio-plugins is in our blacklisted seed so obviously we've had this issue before22:59
debfxyes, maybe it's just a bug in component-mismatch23:03
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