_Sophia__sorry, i missed what was said to me, had to restart since comp froze :O00:10
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Daskreech_Sophia__: are you still here?00:28
_Sophia__yep yep00:28
_Sophia__installed ruby00:29
_Sophia__installing gedit lol00:29
Daskreech_Sophia__: kate00:29
Daskreechyask: Hi00:29
Daskreechyask: What IRC client are you using?00:32
_Sophia__no gedit00:33
_Sophia__because gedit is close to textmate00:33
DaskreechHow so?00:34
_Sophia__it just is O_O00:34
_Sophia__and textmate is like the best thing ever for RoR00:34
james147_Sophia__: but kate is sooo much better then gedit00:34
DaskreechGive me more than that please :)00:35
james147_Sophia__: give it a try :) you might end up liking it more00:35
_Sophia__official RoR team recommends textmate00:35
_Sophia__so i should try something close to that x.x00:35
_Sophia__syntax highlighting and stuff too ;o00:35
james147_Sophia__: kate can do all that ^^00:36
shane4ubuntu_Sophia__: he he, nano can do syntax highlighting00:36
james147_Sophia__: its much more powerful then gedit00:36
Daskreech_Sophia__: kate does all that and has a terminal built in00:36
DaskreechI don't know about much00:36
* james147 dosnt know a linux text editor that CANT do syntax hilighting00:36
Daskreechbut it's much nicer :)00:36
_Sophia__i haven't seen kate recommended for ruby development00:36
Daskreechjames147: nano I'll bet :)00:36
_Sophia__so for now i'll go with what developers recommend ;o00:36
james147_Sophia__: thats probally because most people use gnome...00:37
shane4ubuntuDaskreech: no, nano does text highlighting00:37
james147_Sophia__: but if your using kde then kate is way better :)00:37
Daskreech_Sophia__: Try kate for a week and if you don't like it then try gedit but it's much nicer :)00:37
Daskreechshane4ubuntu: Are you kidding? serious?00:37
shane4ubuntuDaskreech: serious00:37
_Sophia__i'll look it up00:37
_Sophia__but i'm starting with gedit ;o!00:37
shane4ubuntuI use it, and text highlighting, you have to configure it though, but once setup, nice00:37
Daskreech_Sophia__: Listen to the peer pressure :)00:37
shane4ubuntuDaskreech: I still like and use Kate too though00:38
shane4ubuntuKate Kate Kate00:38
shane4ubuntuhere us chanting00:38
DaskreechYeah Kate is right up there with Konqueror for ridiculously cool tooks00:38
james147_Sophia__: kate should be installed by default, just launch is and see :000:38
yaskhello i am bioinformatcian for programming kate is best00:38
Daskreechyask: try and join irc.mozilla.org You can get a lot of help with firefox issues there00:39
james147does gedit do anything more complicated then syntax highlighting and tabed editing?00:39
_Sophia__i can see00:39
yaskthanks <daskreech>00:39
_Sophia__but i know gedit can be edited to be like textmate ;o00:39
james147^^ quite basic for a linux editor :p00:39
yaskit is better to use vim than to use gedit00:40
Daskreechjames147: It's not00:41
james147Daskreech: probally just havent used it enough then :)00:41
DaskreechGedit is pretty capable but it goes to great lengths to hide it00:41
james147Daskreech: tend to use vim over gui editors :p00:41
Daskreechvim is cool but it's no textmate :)00:42
Daskreech_Sophia__: Kate is textmatee00:42
james147Daskreech: whats so good about textmate?00:42
yaskyep but if you have errors and you want find loop end kate is better00:42
yaskthan it has command line just bellw00:43
Daskreechapachelogger: as resident ruby ninja can we get some backup here? :)00:43
apacheloggeroggy oggy oggy00:44
* apachelogger returns to watching golden girls00:44
Daskreechapachelogger: ha ha ha00:44
DaskreechWhich is better for ruby Kate or Gedit? in your humble opinion apachelogger?00:44
Daskreechwe said that already00:44
Daskreechbut from the two choices00:45
* apachelogger notes that both kate and gedit are both horrible at rooooby00:45
apacheloggerwell, depends on what one expects to get00:45
Daskreechno wait00:46
apacheloggerthat does not specify requirements :P00:46
apacheloggerthat also does not specify requirements :P00:46
Daskreech_Sophia__: what do you want to do with Rails?00:46
apacheloggerthe question should be "how do you want to do rails development" :P00:47
_Sophia__web development, of course00:48
* apachelogger notes that kate is generally the better solution for anything that is more envolved as you could technically write your own small plugin/script thingies to do database deployments and restart rails and stuff...00:48
apacheloggerif you do not need that, any editor is as good (or bad) an option00:49
apacheloggerboth gedit and kate do highlighting and stuff00:49
Daskreech_Sophia__: what about textmate do you want?00:50
apacheloggerah, finally he is asking the right questions :P00:50
apacheloggerhighlight me when you can ask me something I can answer :P00:50
* apachelogger really returns to golden girls00:50
yaskhave someone used gmate plug in00:50
_Sophia__black background, flexible syntax highlighting, nice looking buttons, interactive mode within editor00:51
Daskreech_Sophia__: that describes kate far more than it describes Gedit00:52
* apachelogger could watch golden girls all night 00:56
apacheloggerDaskreech, _Sophia__: http://identi.ca/notice/5788487400:56
Daskreechapachelogger: ha ha of course :)00:58
Daskreech_Sophia__: see? Kate is much closer to textmate00:58
wagnereveryone brazilian??01:04
zroday117 #ubuntu-es01:05
shane4ubuntuhmmm, ffmpeg -i file.avi -acodec libfaac -ab 128k -ac 2 -vcodec libx264 -vpre slow -crf 22 file.mp4  says libfaac isn't compatible???  Incompatible sample format 'u8' for codec 'libfaac', auto-selecting format 's16'01:28
shane4ubuntuI have been using that for all my MOV files to convert them to mp4, so only AVI?01:28
DaskreechProbably. What codec is the AVI using?01:28
shane4ubuntuDaskreech: hmm, not sure01:29
shane4ubuntuStream #0.0: Video: libx264, yuv420p, 640x480, q=0-69, 200 kb/s, 90k tbn, 30 tbc   Daskreech01:29
shane4ubuntuDaskreech: Stream #0.0: Video: mjpeg, yuvj422p, 640x480, 30 tbr, 30 tbn, 30 tbc01:30
shane4ubuntu    Stream #0.1: Audio: pcm_u8, 8000 Hz, 1 channels, u8, 64 kb/s01:30
shane4ubuntuthat is it, the second one is the Audio, so it apparently is using pcm_u8, 8000Hz01:30
Dekk-lappyremoving 266 meg of gnome stuff01:31
Dekk-lappyoops 36601:31
Dekk-lappyhope everything still works01:32
DaskreechDekk-lappy: :)01:33
DaskreechDekk-lappy: Do you know how to get into a desktop if you don't boot into X?01:33
shane4ubuntuDekk-lappy: did you already reboot after re-configuring the kdm01:33
Dekk-lappyits fine01:38
Dekk-lappynow i need to find a nice login screen image..the default looks like it belongs on an XO01:39
Dekk-lappyanyone here over 50?01:41
Dekk-lappyno way01:43
Daskreechquite a number actually01:51
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cjaeanyone got the flickering flash yet?02:24
dustinhey daskreech :)02:36
dustinanyone got time to maybe walk me through a small problem im haveing "i wanna in gnome extract a file to a folder that contains "openarena" but it says i dont have the right file permissions" how do i go about getting them and could ya help me with the extracting see the trouble is i need sudo but i dunno know how to extract/unzip through the terminal. anyone help ?02:37
dustinhow you doing tonight02:37
james147dustin: why do you need sudo to extract? where are you extracting to?02:38
bravosaludos a todos02:39
dustinthe .8 patch needs to be put in the original folder so it will overwrite the current one i guess02:41
james147dustin: what are you trying to do exactly? I have never seen a need for extracting to need root prevliges (suggest your doing something wrong if you do)02:43
ScottyKHello! How do I update the kernel from the command line? For some reason, Kpackagekit isn't doing it.02:44
dustinno its for the the game folder02:45
dustin1sec ill explain brb02:45
james147ScottyK: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" << waht will upgrade all your packages to their latest verison02:45
ScottyKJames - still not catching it. What is the repository? Maybe I don't have it included02:46
mashizzelanyone.. usb headset works great for desktop apps.. dragon player video Amarok audio. Firefox youtube.. no sound02:46
mashizzelnot sure how to trouble shoot sound when it works for everything but Firefox youtube videos02:47
james147ScottyK: what makes you think you dont ahve the latest?02:48
mashizzeleverything but sound through my browser, more specifically02:48
dustinalright james im back. okay here's the deal i downled the openarena patch and the install manual says to extract it to the folder with the "arena crap into it" but when i tried to it said i need the root file permission to do it" i dont know why or come02:48
ScottyKThe kids kubuntu box grabs every kernel update no problem, but the notebook here is stuck on -2202:48
dustinim starting to hate gnome more and more.02:48
james147dustin: extract to the installed location? ... that dosnt sound right... most patches are applied to the source code, before you compile it ^^ which you shouldnt do as root02:49
dustinnever compiled it dont think or no how to ?02:50
james147dustin: what patch?02:50
DaskreechScottyK: it's the main repo. You pretty much have to have it02:50
dustini dont know how to do this on linux i guess so its all new and greek to me. its a patch supposedly for openarena .8.0 something or another.02:50
Daskreechdustin: You made the openarena folder with root?02:51
DaskreechScottyK: can you pastebin the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list ?02:51
ScottyKDaskreech - strange then. I just found that I can manually update it with sudo apt-get install linux-image-x.x.x-xx, but it won't automatically update it.02:51
dustinno i just dled that game from my package manager and it installed it for me02:51
ScottyKdaskreech - sure hold on..02:52
Daskreechdustin: What is the path you are extracting it to?02:52
dustinhmm lemme look quick afk a sec02:52
james147dustin: give the link to the guide02:52
Daskreechdustin: <_< if you got it from your package manager why are you applying manual patches?02:52
dustinit gives me skin errors and such sometimes while im playing so i figured it was similair to a upgrade02:53
DaskreechMight be02:54
Daskreechwhat's the patch do?02:54
dustinokay well here's the route it leads back to02:54
dustinDc  alien-arena  dopewars  gbrainy  gnome-sudoku  gnomine  kildclient  laby  mahjongg  openarena  openarena-server  penn  quadrapassel  sol  tinymux02:55
dustindustin@ubuntu:/usr/games$ cd openarena02:55
dustinbash: cd: openarena: Not a directory02:55
dustindustin@ubuntu:/usr/games$ ls openarena-server02:55
FloodBotK2dustin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:55
ScottyKDaskreech - PM you? Don't want to flood the channel02:55
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:55
xjjkhi, is anyone else having nepomuk crashes with KDE 4.6.1 on maverck?02:55
james147ScottyK: best to talk here, so others can read an help02:55
Daskreechjames147: he wanted to paste file contents heree02:56
james147^^ missed that bit :)02:56
ScottyKit's ok, I saw the paste URL posted above02:57
ScottyKOk that was pretty cool!02:58
DaskreechScottyK: I can make it even cooler but lets just let this bask for a while :)02:58
DaskreechScottyK: yeah you seem ok should update03:00
DaskreechMaybe force a update from kpackage next time. I think it may be lazy about it though I don't know why that would be so03:00
ScottyKDaskreech - thanks for checking. I found the manual update command, so I'll just use that when .38 drops down.03:01
DaskreechScottyK: you can click on updates in Kpackagekit and in theory it should do the same thing03:02
Daskreechbut hey working is working03:02
DaskreechMost of the time in Linux there is more than one way to do something :)03:02
DaskreechSo multiple ways to break things! :) but at least there is a path to get things done.03:02
DaskreechYes I'm throwing words at you Cursed Awful Windows update one bad package forces a reinstall of the operating system :-p03:03
ScottyKThat is nice about linux, I had a bad kernel update, just backed to the previous kernel and pressed on.03:04
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xjjkthat's also bad about Linux03:06
xjjkwhy did you have a bad kernel update03:06
Daskreechxjjk: that's fantastic. What are you talking about?03:08
xjjk<ScottyK> That is nice about linux, I had a bad kernel update, just backed to the previous kernel and pressed on.03:09
DaskreechRight that's a great thing.03:09
xjjkwhy did he have a bad kernel update?03:09
xjjkthere's an implication there that it was unexpected03:10
DaskreechWell yes03:11
Daskreechbut  all software has bugs03:11
DaskreechWorse all platforms unless very very tightly maintained which is nowhere near the situation here03:11
xjjkyes, but unless you're running a bleeding edge version of the kernel you should be well isolated from that03:12
xjjkisn't that the point of all the testing Ubuntu supposedly does03:12
xjjkand the decision to stick with one stable kernel?03:12
DaskreechAny new release of the kernel would be some indication of something changing03:12
DaskreechOtherwise I hope they wouldn't make a release03:12
xjjkI dont know03:13
DaskreechFor a kernel that will probably mean some drivers or hardware interfaces have changed03:13
xjjkI see Ubuntu kernel updates03:13
xjjkall 3 version numbers are the same03:13
xjjkand no idea why they're updating03:13
Daskreechso stands to reason that the testing will ensure that most people will have a better experience03:14
Daskreechbut some changes may break for some small configurations03:14
Daskreechxjjk: It's cause there was code change :)03:14
DaskreechWell not true03:14
james147xjjk: security updates that ubuntu patches to that version of the kernel03:14
DaskreechFrom Ubuntu it could be a package change03:14
xjjkjames147: yes, exactly03:14
xjjkvery rarely should security updates cause some kind of breakage03:14
xjjkthat you need to go back to a previous kernel03:15
Daskreechthey can mak a package and then have something be missing but for the most part it's security updates03:15
james147xjjk: could also be a bad dl... or some other random error03:15
xjjkjames147: maybe03:15
DaskreechIn any case anything new has some changes which means there is a chance it will break. For a kernel that's really bad but it's always a chance03:16
Daskreechbeing able to just select what you were using that did work is absolutely great03:16
james147xjjk: point is... it can happen (to any os) and its nice that on linux its easy to revocer  ... more then once I have had to reinstall due to a windows update gone wrong :p03:17
DaskreechWindows model is so wrong03:17
Daskreechmakes them put out updates much slower03:17
Daskreechmakes recovery so much harder03:17
Daskreechmakes testing a pain03:18
james147Daskreech: there model is right for them... they want money, it makes them that :p03:18
DaskreechThe only reason it has any redeeming value is that you have to pay for it03:18
DaskreechOh wait. That's not a good reason to have it at all for me.03:18
DaskreechHorrible model03:19
james147Daskreech: its not good for you, but it is for them, thats why they have it and your using linux :D03:19
Daskreechjames147: but people PREFER using that model03:19
DarthFrogAnd why Bill Gatus of Borg has more money than he knows what to do with.03:19
DaskreechMostly businesses but oh why?03:20
james147O_O ahh, my server is fianlly useing its swap space... (a while 8mb of it....)03:20
DarthFrogBecause its familiar, has a trained work force and it works.03:20
Daskreechjames147: how much RAM?03:20
james147Daskreech: no, businusses prefure it... and most people dont care03:20
DaskreechDarthFrog: No. not the ecosystem. The model03:20
Tuki-dides_Hi, can somebody help me? I'm gonna buy a laptop and I don't know what is the right hardware for GNU/Linux?03:21
james147Daskreech: 2 gigs (+swap) and its currently rendering a minecraft world :D03:21
Daskreechjames147: lol :)03:21
DaskreechTuki-dides_: what are you getting the laptop to do?03:21
james147Tuki-dides_: i find asus are good03:21
DarthFrogDaskreech: The model is a familiar one to other businesses.  THey understand it and can work with it.  We're the long-haired smellies, trying to push low quality crap on them.03:22
DarthFrogi.e. If it's free, it can't be any good.03:22
Tuki-dides_I'm a programmer but sometimes I play Urban Terror03:23
* james147 likes the fact that that idea is slowly changeing... 03:23
Tuki-dides_Now I program with emacs because my computer is so old03:23
c2tarunTuki-dides_, is Urban Terror is an OpenSource code game?03:24
Tuki-dides_i can't use Netbeans because it eats all the RAM03:24
james147Tuki-dides_: you should be using vim :) and why would you even think about netbeans :p03:24
james147Tuki-dides_: how much ram do you currently have?03:24
Tuki-dides_1024 MB03:25
james147Tuki-dides_: should be plenty for programming ^^03:26
james147Tuki-dides_: but if you want a new computer i recomend getting one with 2+ gigs03:26
Tuki-dides_I must confess Urban Terror is not free software because the art game is propetary03:27
Tuki-dides_I can install netbeans but it work slow03:27
james147Tuki-dides_: asus make good computers ^^ i would recomend looking at them for a new computer03:27
james147Tuki-dides_: i suggest you dont use netbeans ^^ you coding in java?03:28
Tuki-dides_50% Java, 50% PHP03:28
* james147 hasnt found a decent ide for java appart from kate/vim :)03:29
Tuki-dides_I Belong to the One True Church: The Emacs church03:30
Daskreechjames147: Emacs :-p03:30
Daskreechjames147: Eclipse for Java?03:31
* james147 hates eclipse with a passion03:31
Tuki-dides_now, I don't know what kind of graphic card is well suported for GNU/Linux?03:32
DarthFrogTuki-dides_: ATI03:32
james147Tuki-dides_: intel are very well supported :) but not the best for gaming03:32
james147Tuki-dides_: nvidia are also quite good03:32
Tuki-dides_because I have a ATI graphic and I didn't have a good experience03:33
jiangtaolinux not for game03:33
Tuki-dides_ATI Radeon Xpress 110003:33
DarthFrogjiangtao: Have a look at PlaysOnLinux.  It's a wine utilty for gaming.03:33
james147Daskreech: more of a generic front end to wine that tends to focus on gaming :p03:34
DarthFrogTuki-dides_: I have an ATI 5770, it's very well supported.03:35
* james147 finds that the cards in laptops tend to be less well supported03:36
DaskreechTuki-dides_: I'll go out on a limb and say anything you get in a laptop will be supported for videocards03:36
james147^^ well the ati and nvidia ones... the intel ones work great03:36
DaskreechThey are not very cutting edge and will likely have some support. Perhaps not the greatest of 3d support but Openarena will run on any laptop card03:36
Daskreechperhaps not the greatest as I said :)03:37
Daskreech if you want much more detailed info you can join #phoronix03:37
Daskreechwear flammable underwear03:37
Tuki-dides_Thanks, I read some Phoronix's post before03:38
DaskreechYeah very in depth crowd03:39
Daskreechsaved my sanity at a time when I was looking for Hardware sites that used linux03:39
DaskreechBut very polarised03:39
DarthFrogOh, so they have an opinion? :-)03:39
DaskreechHowever with the exception of NVidia they also know what will be coming up for Video card drivers, features and support03:40
jiangtaoaber fea software on linux03:40
DaskreechSo good resource. The ATI and Intel devs post on their forums and answer questions so they are quite aware of the near future03:41
DaskreechDarthFrog: I don't get the question :)03:41
DaskreechBut mention that one manufacturer is better in linux than the other and prepare for a day of back and forth of history and stories03:42
jiangtaoany suggestion on finite element for linux03:42
Daskreechjiangtao: can you repeat th question?03:44
jiangtaofea on lonux odre High Performance Computing03:45
Tuki-dides_are you looking for finite element software in Linux ?03:48
DaskreechTuki-dides_: May have to ask again :)03:50
jiangtaohave found some ,for example z88 , but not so good03:51
Tuki-dides_there is a Free/Open Software Section03:52
mashizzelCan someone give me some guidance? Not handholding, just some suggestions, tips05:17
mashizzelI just installed Kubuntu 10.10 and got everything tweaked. Now I notice that it wants to update almost every package.05:18
mashizzelI'm afraid to update.. especially xorg and all that stuff.05:19
mashizzelIs Kubuntu going to over write everything I just got done getting to work?05:19
mashizzeltook me forever to get sound working correctly.. flash working with audio and now updates. 204updates05:20
Daskreechmashizzel: What did you do to make it want to update all of that?05:21
mashizzellol.. Fresh install05:21
Daskreechmashizzel: it's very unlikely that things will wipe out what you have changed05:21
james147mashizzel: you should update ^^ and it shouldnt touch config files (the only things you should be editing) so shouldnt undo your work05:21
mashizzelDaskreech: My main concern is Xorg.conf.05:22
james147mashizzel: but for future, its normally best to update first thing after an install :) to avoid such problems completely05:22
Daskreechmashizzel: back up xorg.conf if you are worried05:22
james147mashizzel: there is no Xorg.conf by default... and just back it up if your worried05:23
Daskreechbut that's probably the least likely thing to change05:23
james147mashizzel: normally the packagemanager wont replace config files without asking you first,05:23
mashizzelhehehe.. thanks for the advice.. you don't know how much better I feel now.05:23
james147mashizzel: linux distros tend to be designed to not undo your config files when updating :) that would just increase hassel05:24
Daskreechmashizzel: If you have done any editing on a config file that wants to be replaced it will stop and ask you what you want to do and offer to compare the files that you are getting to the one that you edited05:24
DaskreechMore explictly it assumes you know what you are doing and allows you to make a choice if there is any chance you might know more than your computer05:25
mashizzelsweet.. well I'm used to Gentoo.. This has been a walk in the park so far. Really like Kubuntu.05:26
mashizzelFor the most part Kubuntu has just worked.. I need to get used to the packaging system05:26
Daskreechlol :)05:26
DaskreechWell seeing as how Gentoo was made cause everything else was too hand holding that's not much of a surprise05:27
DaskreechKubuntu being an Ubuntu Project doesn't hurt either05:27
Daskreechthough LP is as well and that's not exactly the bastion of easy05:28
mashizzelI just tried pc-bsd today.. what a friggin nightmare that was.05:29
mashizzelKubuntu picks up my wireless, gives me sound, movie player, email.. and it's sexy. ;p05:30
dustinthanks alot everyone for the help im happy all you guys are around. to help :)05:30
Daskreechmashizzel: what's wrong with pc-bsd?05:30
mashizzelthe installer is really buggy. Plus if you have a drive that isn't partioned the installer freaks. Doesn't know what to do..heh05:32
mashizzelSo you have to partion the drive before booting off the dvd05:32
mashizzelIt took forever to install.. like over an hour05:33
mashizzeland you never know what it's doing if it's doing anything in the background. Basically gotta watch the hdd led05:33
mashizzelok Daskreech.. time to do the updates. Here goes nothing. Have a good night. Thanks for the helpful hints :)05:35
Daskreechmashizzel: :) BSD isn't Linux05:35
mashizzelnever said it was05:36
Daskreechif you are stepping into it expect more of a hassle just cause of the drivers05:36
Daskreechand if you are stepping into a system that expects you to fight out driver issues maybe the installer should scare people off :)05:36
mashizzeltrust me.. I'm seasoned. I know all my hardware specs fall within support.. It's not driver issues. IT's development UI issues "their SYSinstaller"05:37
mashizzelWell it scared me off. Through Kubuntu in... works like a champ... and it's fairly fast. Happy camper05:38
mashizzelDaskreech: is it dpkg the one that lets me query what a give package contains. Trying find the command that will give me ......05:41
Daskreechdpkg -l should yes05:41
mashizzeldependencies that a give pkg will bring in05:41
Daskreechapt-cache info package should work as well05:41
DaskreechI think05:41
mashizzelI'll look. Thanks.05:42
Daskreechmashizzel: might be apt-cache show. sorry little busy right now to check05:42
mashizzelno worries.. I'll dig into the docs. I don't like the GUI package manager.. yet ;p05:43
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akomhello =)06:49
terrySo is this like the Kubuntu user group or something?07:46
xieyiI'm using kubuntu 10.10. I found the system tray always has some display problems that it always breaks up and the desktop beneath is shown instead.07:59
xieyiHow to avoid the problem from happening?07:59
xieyiThe problem is so annoying that my the notices from my kopete system tray icon can't be seen.08:01
jiangtaonautilus failed08:03
xieyijiangtao: you mean it is caused by nautilus failure?08:04
jiangtaoja when open folder contained many files , it fails08:06
xjjkxieyi: Intel graphics?08:07
xieyiI'm using nvidia 9300m08:07
xjjkah, unsure then08:08
xieyijiangtao: nautilus is something in gnome. I don't know08:08
xieyiso it can't be fixed?08:09
jiangtaomay be08:09
jiangtaoaber yesterday nicht08:09
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eagles0513875_valorie: poke :)08:51
rethushow can i set my tft settings to 60Hz?09:16
rethusi can only choose automatic or 50Hz09:16
susundbergtried google?09:16
iff_hello, excuse me, can I get some help here?09:17
susundbergwell i can try to help09:17
rethusyou tell me to ask google, and will help him - strange ;)09:18
susundbergWell he havent yet formulated the question -- if its similar then the answear is similar :)09:18
susundbergyou are not the first one to strugle with the referesh rate :)09:18
iff_thanks. yesterday i installed kubuntu 10.10 on my netbook, and tried to change plasma theme. i chose sabre-tooth theme (macos style), and installed it from choosing themes, and from konsole, but it did not appeared09:19
iff_oh, netbook is asus eeepc 90109:19
rethuslol - first ask, than cames the google-answer ;)09:19
iff_this plasma is killing me. it looks pretty, but i want to change something. and get a normal desktop09:21
susundbergYou can turn it to 'normal' desktop from settings -- right click - layout to "Folder view"09:24
susundbergbut about the theme -- seems like it failed to install to me too09:24
susundbergok, seems like other theme got installed ok, so bug should be in the theme09:25
susundbergand one should report bug from that..09:25
valorieeagles0513875: sorry, I didn't see your poke09:28
valorieand now I'm going to bed.....09:28
susundbergok and also another theme got installed properly so its only sabre-tooth that is not working properly09:29
iff_susundberg: thanks, i'll try some another theme. by the way, don't you know some theme for plasma, that will look like mac? :309:31
susundbergno sorry.09:31
susundbergtry google ;)09:32
iff_ok, i'm doing it right now. thanks ^^09:32
susundbergnp! btw: if you really want the sabre-tooth look consider filing a bug report from it09:33
susundberg(i can confirm the problem if you do that)09:33
iff_bug reports later, now is a desktop. maybe i've done it wrong, but i have only huge icon of the desktop, and when i click on it, nothing happens09:34
susundbergwith "Desktop" or "Folder view" layout?09:39
iff_folder view.09:39
susundberghmm, if you place file on $home/Desktop it should appear there09:41
susundbergi guess the desktop icon is for 'show desktop'?09:41
susundberg(dont know)09:41
iff_well, i placed file in folder. huge icon still there, but after clicking in bottom left corner appears kinda like menu with a list of files.09:44
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eagles0513875_valorie: hey10:17
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OngavezyrOla bruderz, ikonia bruder ola! Pici bruder Ola!12:55
Ongavezyrmsg chx hozsi!12:56
eagles0513875_Ongavezyr: what language are you looking for12:57
Ongavezyreagles0513875_ brotha in english of coz'12:58
Ongavezyrenglish && few latins:D12:58
OngavezyrDa language of TrOlLz12:58
eagles0513875_!ot | Ongavezyr12:59
ubottuOngavezyr: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!12:59
OngavezyrI am looking for ikonia bruder && Pici bruder asap now!12:59
eagles0513875_thanks pingveno12:59
eagles0513875_Pici:  :) thanks12:59
hateballHe found you12:59
eagles0513875_O_o hateball13:00
eagles0513875_Pici: why was he looking for you or ikonia13:00
Picieagles0513875_: He was looking to be annoying13:00
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=== shanester is now known as shane4ubuntu
BluesKajhi way :)13:55
eagles0513875_lol hi way = highway haha13:55
BluesKajhe took the hiway13:58
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shane4ubuntuOk, this is EXTREMELY annoying I want my Num Lock to be locked on all the time, no matter what happens.  Every time I go to use it, it is off!  Arggh14:24
shane4ubuntuOk, now I have set it (Num Lock) to be on in system settings, however the light isn't on to indicate that it is on???  12345678914:30
BluesKajshane4ubuntu, mine didn't either , until the next reboot14:33
shane4ubuntuBluesKaj: I set it, then reboot, and it didn't come on, do I need to reboot again?14:33
BluesKajshane4ubuntu, , well if it works then don't fret over a light :)14:34
shane4ubuntuwell, the light is a nice visual to tell me it is on, although I can't always see the light at a glance it would seem as though it is off, minor I know, but drives me buggy14:35
BluesKajshane4ubuntu, once set it stays that way , no worries14:36
shane4ubuntudo I need numlockx?  I found that via google, it is in the repos14:36
shane4ubuntulet me try a reboot, then if that doesn't do it, numlockx and another reboot14:37
BluesKajshane4ubuntu, dunno, it's an option I guess , if it doesn't do what you want, then remove it.14:37
BluesKajhi Daskreech , shane is panicking over his numberlock indicator light14:38
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shane4ubuntuhmm, no luck either way, I think it is still a bug, and that bugs me. :)14:55
BluesKajshane4ubuntu, does hitting the number lock key turn the light on ?14:57
shane4ubuntuBluesKaj: yep, turns the light on, and num lock off.14:58
Anubishi there14:58
Anubisi want to know if there is a way to stop akonadi14:58
shane4ubuntuI installed numlockx and turned it on and off via that, and didn't touch the light, so now I have it set correctly, num lock on and light on14:58
BluesKajshane4ubuntu, try updating your keyboard in "input devices"15:00
shane4ubuntuBluesKaj: that is where I set it the first time, to have it on, and that didn't work (num lock was on, but the light wasn't)  I checked the BIOS too, nothing there.15:01
BluesKajshane4ubuntu, heh, my wireless KB isn't listed , so it defaultd to generic, but it seems to work ok.15:08
shane4ubuntujust a weird problem, it only gets on my nerves when I start typing numbers and find my the num lock isn't on.15:10
BluesKajno key lights  on here of any type , saves battery power Iguess15:14
genii-aroundshane4ubuntu: Seems to be this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/numlockx/+bug/218202 which last few entries indicates still affects Maverick and even Natty15:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 218202 in X.Org X server "numlockx does not turn num lock keyboard light on." [Medium,Confirmed]15:15
shane4ubuntugenii-around: well, I guess if that is my biggest bug, I can live with that.15:23
shane4ubuntugenii-around: BluesKaj thanks for the info.15:23
uahello everybody15:24
uaneed help please15:24
BluesKajua, just ask your question15:24
uai don't how to pu my ip in static with kubuntu, can u help me?15:25
BluesKajua, do mean static on your network instead of dhcp15:26
uayes i do15:27
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=== ajeannero_ is now known as ajeannero
BluesKajua , open /etc/network/interfaces , auto etho , then below that , iface eth0 inet static , this tutorail can help : http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-ubuntu-linux-convert-dhcp-network-configuration-to-static-ip-configuration.html15:29
alsitnetyou name is andreas, as alsitnet15:30
BluesKajalsitnet, ?15:31
uaok thank you, i am testing15:31
uabut in Gui , i don't know how to make my ip static, dhcp is by deafault15:31
BluesKajua, in network manager? , sorry I've forgotten ..I don't use it on ethernet15:32
BluesKajit's by default in network manager , altho i think there's a static option15:33
yofelthere's a manual option in the last tab of the connection settings15:35
yofelI haven't actually gotten NM to actually use that for wired connections though15:36
yofelit always sticks to 'auto eth0'15:36
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yofelso I'm now using static settings too in interfaces15:36
BluesKajyofel, I just remove NM , and use static settings in the network interfaces file for ethernet15:37
yofelyep, me too, that's the most reliable choice for wired settings if you don't want DHCP15:38
BluesKajdhcp isn't necessary with ethernet15:39
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Anubisso, is there a way to stop akonadi server ?15:46
BluesKajdisable it in system settings, Anubis15:47
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AnubisBluesKaj: i'm in system settings but i don't see akonadi15:50
DarthFrogAnubis: It's Desktop Search.15:54
AnubisDarthFrog: ohhh :))15:55
Anubisbut nepomuk/strigi server is stopped15:55
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Anubisi have this in console :/usr/bin/akonadi_contacts_resource --identifier akonadi_contacts_resource_015:57
DarthFrogUndt zo?15:57
=== Guest11085 is now known as iflema
BluesKajAnubis, open akonadi in the runbox , to see if it's in use16:00
BluesKajAnubis, I have nepomuk turned off in system settings / autostart/service manager16:01
BluesKajAnubis, alt+f2 = krunner , run command , runbox ..all the same thing16:03
AnubisBluesKaj: i killed the akonadi server. i hope that it want start again when my computer reboot16:05
phoxhi.  does the kubuntu livecd have a 'toram' type option, so I can boot a bunch of machines off one disc?16:06
DarthFrogphox: I don't think so.  I've not come across that.16:09
phoxlame.  =/16:09
phoxkind of a waste of CDs16:09
phoxor DVDs in this case16:10
DarthFrogphox:  The intent of the DVD is to install Kubuntu.16:10
phoxseems to be intended to also be a livecd16:10
BluesKajgawd they're a buck apeice , how nmany pcs phox?16:11
phoxBluesKaj: half a dozen or so.  except we don't do this often, and running things from RAM is far more responsive, and...16:12
phoxif I'd be using them more than once in the following year I wouldn't feel so bad about it but...16:12
BluesKaj Anubis , uncheck nepomuk in system settings / autostart/service manager , click apply16:12
Anubischecked already16:12
Anubischeck mate16:13
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* BluesKaj doesn't see the point of nepomuk for home desktop pcs16:27
BluesKajor laptops for that matter16:28
* DarthFrog doesn't see the need for nepomuk.16:31
DarthFrogBut that could be because I don't know what it does, other than get in the way and annoy me.16:31
BluesKajit's a file indexer/serch app16:32
BluesKajpita imo16:32
BluesKajuses up resources for no reson16:33
BluesKaj/me pounds the A key16:33
BluesKajtoo many coffee drips on this KB , needs to get the sugar etc dissolved16:35
DarthFrogBluesKaj:  Oh, I know that it's a indexer/search utility.  But all that it does AFAICT is get in the way using ALt-F2.  That's supposed to be Run Command, not launch URL or Open Text Document or do anything except run the )&*#(& command.16:35
DarthFrogNow if they could put the other junk under, say, Alt-F3, that'd be fine.16:36
DarthFrogBut the number of times that I've hit Tab to complete a command (or so I thought) in Krunner and had Firefox launch instead to show a URL, is really aggravating.16:37
BluesKajheh DarthFrog , Im trying to fins adefeat for the FLock buttton ..it's causing me more frustration than any others16:38
BluesKajwirelssKBs are nice but there no light indicators16:38
BluesKajare no16:38
DarthFrogIt would needlessly consume the batteries.16:38
olja_ok, nu är ja här16:54
Peace-olja_: ?16:55
BluesKajolja_, svensk ?16:55
BluesKajbara engelska har, olja_16:56
ubottuSvensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntusupport hittar du i #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se16:56
shane4ubuntumy package manger is set to check for updates once a day, and throughout the day I see the packagemanager pop up on the taskbar.  Any ideas?17:06
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vanguardis there some way to make Tk Apps (gitk) look more native in KDE?17:27
=== Muzer is now known as MuzerAway
Peace-vanguard: i have gtk apps look like qt17:35
Peace-vanguard: just you have to get the script on autstart17:35
vanguardPeace-: which script? Thunderbird and Firefox look like ...17:35
Peace-vanguard: gtk2-default-theme.rc.sh17:36
vanguardPeace-: where do I get that? not in my $PATH ...17:36
DarthFrogvanguard:  SystemSettings/Startup and Shutdown/Autostart/17:37
DarthFrogEnable it there.17:37
vanguardI have only gtk2-engines-qtcurve.rc.sh17:39
vanguardDarthFrog: Bingo what?17:40
DarthFrogThese are the droids you are searching for.17:40
vanguardwell, but I do not have any other of these scripts on my machine17:41
vanguardDarthFrog: are you on 11.04 already?17:44
DarthFrogvanguard: No, not until the beta is released.17:44
vanguardhmm, then I do not understand where you got that script from17:45
DarthFrogrob@hyla:~/.kde/Autostart$ locate .rc.sh17:48
DarthFrogIf you wish to use the locate command, you need to run "sudo updatedb" first.17:49
vanguardmine shows the exact same results as yours17:52
vanguardwhere is your default-theme one?17:52
DarthFrogNo idea. :-)17:52
mcurrananyone know how I could mount my computer memory, or securely clear the history?  I'm using an HP Deskjet...17:52
mcurranprinter memory I meant17:52
vanguardmcurran: print a lot of stuff until it has to be overflown maybe ...17:54
mcurranyeah, that's sounds like an expensive solution.17:56
genii-aroundmcurran: What model?17:57
DarthFrogmcurran: Why not just turn it off?17:57
mcurranHP Deskjet 5940 - Bus 002 Device 002: ID 03f0:1e11 Hewlett-Packard PSC-95017:58
ZeroKewlhi i can get a dell studio wireless 1510 wireless card to work in ubuntu 10.10 need help plz18:00
ZeroKewlhi i can't get a dell studio wireless 1510 wireless card to work in ubuntu 10.10 need help plz18:00
mcurranwhat's the chipset "lspci | grep 802.11"18:00
ZeroKewlthats name of the wifi card18:00
ZeroKewlwireless 1510 mini18:01
ZeroKewlwireless 1510 wireless n wlan mini card thats name of wireless card mcurran18:02
genii-aroundmcurran: If you run hp-toolbox    it should give you some options18:05
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mcurranthanks guys, gotta go, ttyl18:10
=== sre-su_ is now known as sre-su
uahello,  does anyone know equivalent of winiso or winimage for kde or Gnome, tahnak you18:12
DarthFrogua: What do those programs do?  Have a look at k3b.18:13
uathank you18:13
ua<DarthFrog>>you think for k3b?18:14
DarthFrogua: That doesn't make sense. sorry.18:14
uai am asking for equivalent of winiso or winimage on Kde18:18
DarthFrogYes.  And I asked you what those programs do.  What are you trying to do?18:19
uain order to read and extract isofiles18:19
DarthFrogAh, now you're getting somewhere.18:19
DarthFrogAcetoneISO is what you want.18:19
uai am newuser in kde, sorry, i've just to put in konsole, apt-get install acetoneiso?18:21
uashould i make only that?18:21
DarthFrogYes.  You might have to enable the Medibuntu repo first, though.18:22
Peace-ua: sudo apt bla bla bla18:22
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org18:22
DarthFrogI wish "apt-cache search" also gave the repo name.18:23
uawhat's the name of software?18:23
uawhat's repo name?18:24
genii-aroundDarthFrog: Well, apt-cache policy gives the repo name :)18:26
uathank you18:26
uai'll test later, thank you very mutch for your help18:26
Peace-genii-around: sweet18:27
DarthFroggenii-around: Thank you for that.18:28
genii-aroundDarthFrog: np18:28
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katsrcwill firefox 4 be incorporated in the next kubuntu relase?18:54
BluesKaj katsrc yes19:05
katsrcBluesKaj: thanks19:05
=== jayhunold is now known as jhunold
Dekk-lappyok...flash plugin with reconq?19:15
katsrcDekk-lappy: did you install Flash from the Kubuntu software repository?19:22
katsrcDekk-lappy: it should pick it up if it's from the default repo19:25
katsrcDekk-lappy: otherwise, if it's manually installed try doing plugins scan with Konqueror19:25
Dekk-lappykatsrc:  no its residual fro stock ubuntu install19:28
=== kubuntu is now known as kubuntu_
katsrcDekk-lappy: make sure it's in /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/libflashplayer.so19:30
18VAAD8O2can anyone recommend any good hack channel ?19:36
Dekk-lappynot what we do here19:36
18VAAD8O2ethical hack19:37
=== sre-su_ is now known as sre-su
crischanhi, which command would start a console install from a live cd?19:41
mluser-homeDoes anyone know if .bashrc gets sourced by kde when logging in?19:45
james147mluser-home: it should get sourced when running an interactive terminal19:46
james147not sure about login19:46
mluser-homejames147: what about .bash_profile?19:46
=== Muzer is now known as MuzerAway
james147http://www.joshstaiger.org/archives/2005/07/bash_profile_vs.html ^^ mluser-home19:48
mluser-homeI have a couple command line arguments I want executed when ever kde starts up19:48
mluser-homejames147: thanks, I'll look into it19:48
Do_Sangai have a question19:48
Peace-Do_Sanga: so...19:49
Do_SangaOk i have a HP laptop and installed ubuntu on it and regular wired connection works19:49
Do_Sangabut wifi dont19:49
james147mluser-home: then place it in the autostart directory (can be done in system settings > start up and shutdown< ..)19:50
Peace-Do_Sanga: well :) as the most of unsupported wifi xD19:50
Peace-Do_Sanga: lspci19:50
james147mluser-home: as the name suggest bashrc and bash_profile are called when bash starts (ie a shell)19:51
james147not at login19:51
mluser-homejames147: thanks, I was going to do that as a last resort, I tend to run both kde and icewm, I was looking for something that was executed at login time regardless of what WM I was using.19:51
Do_Sangathats odd19:52
Peace-Do_Sanga: open konsole19:52
james147mluser-home: not sure about icewm, but check to see if it has an autostart (or if it shares the folder kde uses)19:52
Peace-Do_Sanga: type lspci19:53
mluser-homejames147: thanks again19:53
Peace-Do_Sanga: press enter19:53
Do_Sangais the wifi19:53
Peace-Do_Sanga:  iwconfig19:54
Peace-Do_Sanga: give me the output of that command19:54
Do_Sangano wireless extensins19:54
Peace-Do_Sanga:  i need the output19:55
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:55
FloodBotK1Peace-: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:55
Do_Sangalo        no wireless extensions.19:55
Do_Sangaeth0      no wireless extensions.19:55
Do_Sangawlan0     IEEE 802.11bg  ESSID:off/any   Mode:Managed  Access Point: Not-Associated   Tx-Power=off    Retry  long limit:7   RTS thr:off   Fragment thr:off Power Management:off19:55
FloodBotK1Do_Sanga: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:55
Peace-Do_Sanga: please use paste service19:55
Peace-Do_Sanga: so now19:55
Peace-the same with this19:56
Peace-sudo iwlist wlan0 scan19:56
Do_Sangawlan0     Interface doesn't support scanning : Network is down19:57
Peace-Do_Sanga: have you a button on the laptop?19:57
Peace-Do_Sanga: try to switch it19:57
Do_Sangaits showing blue as working19:57
Do_Sangai even installed ndiswrappers19:59
Peace-Do_Sanga:  omg19:59
Peace-Do_Sanga: why ndiswrapper19:59
Peace-Do_Sanga: anyway19:59
Peace-Do_Sanga: rfkill list19:59
Do_Sanga0: hp-wifi: Wireless LAN Soft blocked: yes Hard blocked: yes20:00
Do_Sanga1: phy0: Wireless LAN Soft blocked: yes Hard blocked: no20:00
Peace-Do_Sanga: so there is a block20:00
Peace-wait a moment20:00
Peace-Do_Sanga: rfkill unblock all20:00
Peace-Do_Sanga: maybe sudo beofre20:01
Peace-sudo rfkill unblock all20:01
Peace-Do_Sanga: now20:02
Peace-Do_Sanga: sudo iwlist wlan0 scan20:02
Peace-Do_Sanga: where are you from ?20:03
Peace-just to know20:03
Do_Sangawlan0     Interface doesn't support scanning : Network is down20:04
Peace-oh so this it's correct place20:04
Peace-Do_Sanga: ok20:04
Peace-Do_Sanga: lsmod | grep ath20:04
Do_Sangaath5k                 143332  020:05
Do_Sangamac80211              267099  1 ath5k20:05
Do_Sangaath                    10413  1 ath5k20:05
Do_Sangacfg80211              170485  3 ath5k,mac80211,ath20:05
Do_Sangaled_class               3393  1 ath5k20:05
FloodBotK1Do_Sanga: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:05
Peace-Do_Sanga: ok the news it's that your card use ath5k20:05
Peace-Do_Sanga: now letme see20:05
Peace-Do_Sanga: lsmod | grep ndiswrapper20:05
Peace-Do_Sanga: ok perfect20:06
Peace-Do_Sanga: you have only to read this20:06
Peace-Do_Sanga: please give before.. this too20:06
Peace-Do_Sanga: lspci | grep -i network20:06
Do_Sanga07:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR5001 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)20:07
Peace-Do_Sanga: now try this :     sudo ifconfig wlan0 up20:07
Peace-Do_Sanga: it shoudl give you an error20:08
Peace-Do_Sanga: what does it say?20:08
Peace-Do_Sanga: well try this again20:08
Peace-Do_Sanga: sudo iwlist wlan0 scan20:08
Peace-again error?20:09
Do_Sangait dont give me anythng20:09
Do_Sangawhen i do that20:09
Peace-Do_Sanga: this one ? sudo iwlist wlan0 scan20:09
Peace-nothing ?20:09
Do_Sangawlan0     No scan results20:10
Do_Sangais what i just got20:10
Peace-Do_Sanga: ok now...20:10
Peace-Do_Sanga: this is my blog this is the article , i have an atheros20:10
Peace-Do_Sanga: try the voltage reset20:10
Peace-Do_Sanga: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2009/05/06/kubuntu-904-atheros-communications-inc-ar242x-80211abg-wireless-pci-express-adapter-rev-01/20:11
Peace-Do_Sanga: i know it's not written very well but... consider that  english is my 2 language and i have no time20:11
Do_Sangaits good20:12
Do_Sangaok so shutdown pc20:12
Do_Sangaand unpower it20:12
Peace-Do_Sanga: if doens't work compile madwifi20:13
Peace-Do_Sanga: your wifi card should be supported20:13
Peace-i have 5006...20:13
Do_Sangacan i get it with apt-get20:13
Peace-you have 500120:13
Peace-Do_Sanga: i don't thikn so you have to read the tutorial20:13
Do_Sangaill try it20:14
Do_Sangathanks for the help20:14
Peace-Do_Sanga: if you get problems20:14
Peace-Do_Sanga: write me on the blog20:14
Peace-i have to go20:14
Peace-y r welcome20:14
Peace-from italy with Peace-20:14
masesehi kubuntu20:32
genii-aroundHi masese. Do you have some Kubuntu question?20:33
PhoenixzIs it normal that using chromium, flash crashes about every 2 minutes while displaying video? or closing any other random page? or opening a new page?20:33
genii-aroundmasese: The best thing then is to just ask your question to the room and perhaps someone who knows about your issue will assist20:34
masesejust installed 10.04 kubuntu from iso image, when trying to get updates the message comes "untrusted version of the package will be installed" is this normal?20:36
maseseany body to assist?20:41
shane4ubuntumasese: that sounds odd to me20:43
shane4ubuntudid you change your sources at all??20:43
shane4ubuntumasese: what package is it?20:44
shane4ubuntuI would mark that as not upgraded, that sounds very odd, what country are you using in your repos?20:45
Dekk-lappyi think im gonna wipe the ubuntu--> kubuntu and do fresh install of kubuntu20:46
Dekk-lappystuff is buggy20:46
shane4ubuntumasese: perhaps try changing your repos to the primary ubuntu repos20:47
shane4ubuntuDekk-lappy: that was quick20:47
shane4ubuntuDekk-lappy: what is buggy?20:47
Dekk-lappywell.. reconq.. having flash probs20:47
maseseok let me try that20:47
Dekk-lappyflash is where it should be20:47
Dekk-lappyoh..laptop wont shut down20:48
shane4ubuntumasese: oddly enough I had a prob with a repo in the country where we live, and I have never used them since.20:48
Dekk-lappyhad to do it from the cli20:48
shane4ubuntuDekk-lappy: is there the shutdown option?20:48
shane4ubuntushutdown button?20:48
Dekk-lappyand the plasmoid doesnt work either for it20:48
Dekk-lappyhad to do sudo shutdown -H now20:49
shane4ubuntuDekk-lappy: perhaps before you go through the trouble of a re-install, boot a livecd and make sure that isn't buggy by default20:49
shane4ubuntuDekk-lappy: sudo poweroff     is quicker and easier.20:49
maseseand how can i clear the list?20:49
shane4ubuntumasese: are you in the GUI?  I'm not very good with the GUI20:50
Dekk-lappyshane4ubuntu,  you sayin.. that kde4.6 is still a bit buggy?20:50
maseseno teh console20:50
shane4ubuntuDekk-lappy: hmmm, well, not really for me, but perhaps hardware issues?20:51
masesein the console20:51
Dekk-lappyhmm... always worked from gnome... :)20:51
shane4ubuntumasese: cat /etc/apt/sources.list  and post that20:51
shane4ubuntu!pastebin | masese20:51
ubottumasese: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:51
shane4ubuntuDekk-lappy: hmm, could be a re-install is in order, if you do, make a good partitioning scheme, put /home on a separate partition, makes life nice.20:52
shane4ubuntuDekk-lappy: you will need about 10 - 13GB for /   roughly  depending on what you install20:53
maseseok thanks alot20:53
Dekk-lappyi got a 30 gig to wipe and reinstall20:53
Dekk-lappyno worries20:53
shane4ubuntuDekk-lappy: put 10 /  and 20 for /home20:53
shane4ubuntuohh, wait swap too, 4 swap 10 / and 16 /home20:54
Dekk-lappydont worry20:54
Dekk-lappy it will all shake out20:54
shane4ubuntumasese: you need to change the letters before the repo, if I can see your sources.list I will know what to tell you to change20:54
shane4ubuntumasese: sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.orig20:55
shane4ubuntumasese: good idea to back it up before messing around in there.20:55
masesehttp://ke.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid universe21:02
masesedeb http://ke.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid universe21:02
masesedeb-src http://ke.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid universe21:02
masesedeb http://ke.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid-updates universe21:02
masesedeb-src http://ke.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid-updates universe21:02
FloodBotK1masese: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:02
shane4ubuntumases  yep, gotta remove that ke.  sed can do it really quickly, ONLY after you have backed that file up21:03
shane4ubuntumasese: sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.orig && sudo sed -e 's/ke.//g' /etc/apt/sources.list21:04
shane4ubuntumasese: then if that looks good, that will just put the info on the screen and not actually touch the file, if it looks good run it like this:  sudo sed -e 's/ke.//g' -i /etc/apt/sources.list21:08
shane4ubuntumasese: then sudo apt-get update  && sudo apt-get upgrade21:09
shane4ubuntuand look for funny packages.21:09
shane4ubuntuor untrusted packages.21:09
Bauldrickhow do i get firefox icon (launcher) in 'Kmenu>Internet' - I've uninstalled purged firefox and reinstalled, but I can only launch firefox from commandline..?21:13
maseseN.B. software from this repository is ENTIRELY UNSUPPORTED by the Ubuntu21:15
masese## team, and may not be under a free licence. Please satisfy yourself as to21:15
masese## your rights to use the software. Also, please note that software in21:15
masese## multiverse WILL NOT receive any review or updates from the Ubuntu21:15
masese## security team.21:15
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masesedeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid multiverse21:15
shane4ubuntu!paste | mases21:22
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maxi_Hi all21:27
maxi_someone know how can I actualize to KDE 4.6.1?21:27
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Aloneaok, is there anything I can temporarily do to fix the brightness on my EEE until the fix comes out next month?22:43
Aloneaits "set" to 100% but its still so dim I can barely read it22:45
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