psusiso I have a collection of bugs returned from searchTasks() and I'm trying to do for bug in bugs: bug.newMessage(content=message) and I'm getting an exception saying AttributeError: 'Entry' object has no attribute 'newMessage'02:34
wgrantpsusi: searchTasks returns bugtasks, not bugs.02:35
wgrantfor task in foo.searchTasks(...): bugtask.bug.newMessage(...)02:36
lifelesspsusi: I'm curious what you're writing02:40
psusilifeless, a script to close out all bugs on a removed package at once ;)02:42
psusiwgrant, don't you mean task.bug.newMessage()?02:43
* micahg would be worried about such a script being abused02:43
wgrantpsusi: Yes.02:44
StevenKmicahg: Use it against firefox? Sounds fun.02:44
micahgStevenK: heh, I have 2 sources to clean after natty release, but I need to make sure that the ones that need to be open stay open02:45
psusiahh, I see.. yes.. of course, the status is a property of the task, but messages get added to the bug the task is a part of02:47
psusiby the way, is there a way to speed things up?  it seems to take forever setting the status in a for loop, I guess because each assignment results in a http call to the server02:48
psusibe nice to batch up the requests02:48
psusistaging is mirrored from live once a day right?02:50
wgrantOnce a week, more or less.02:50
psusithis is weird... bug.bug.newMessage() works, but bug.status = 'Invalid' silently fails.. the bugs get the comment but the status is still new02:58
StevenKpsusi: Do you call task.lp_save()?02:58
psusidoh... I thought there was some sort of save I did last time.. this time i"m saving the script instead of just doing it in an interactive python session ;)02:59
psusiwell, it is taking quite a while, but it is indeed closing out the 168 open bugs in usplash... now to get to the other open status's than New03:08
psusi239 total open bugs... hooray for automation03:08
psusihrm.. https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/BuildScores specifies how build priority is calculated for the -proposed pocket, but when I tried to upload a package to my ppa for lucid-proposed, I got: Rejected: PPA uploads must be for the RELEASE pocket.03:21
StevenK-proposed is only for the distribution itself03:21
psusican't I test build it in my ppa fist?03:23
StevenKYes, but it's a little complicated, since your PPA also needs to pull from proposed.03:23
wgrantPPAs don't have pockets, you can't upload to -proposed.03:24
wgrantSo you have to change the series in the changelog for a PPA upload.03:24
psusihrm... oh well, I just changed it back to lucid to upload to the ppa03:24
micahgactually, you can just set ~/.dput.cf to upload to lucid and ignore the release/pocket in the changelog03:26
psusiok, this is frigging goofy... this is the third time I've run this script to close out the bugs and each time it seems to leave some....it is down to only 18 now but...03:26
micahgpsusi: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading#Using%20packages%20from%20other%20distributions03:26
wgrantpsusi: Try listfying the collection before you iterate over it.03:26
psusiwgrant, why?03:27
wgrantpsusi: Otherwise it might try to grab it in batches... and the batches will have mutated because you're removing all the bugs from the first batch.03:27
wgrantSo launchpadlib grabs 1-50, removes them from the list.03:27
wgrantThen grabs 51-10003:27
wgrantBut those are now 1-5003:27
psusiso bugs = list(package.searchTasks(status='New')?03:28
wgrantPlease call it 'tasks' or similar instead :)03:29
wgrantBut yes.03:29
psusiahh good, then I should also be able to append more searchTasks on the other status'... .append() doesn't seem to work on the task collection03:30
psusiso when is staging next going to be mirrored? :)03:33
wgrantShould be over the weekend.03:34
psusiok... I'll run this again after the next mirror just to make double tripple sure it's correct before turning it loose on live03:35
DavieyHello! i386 PPA builders seem wedged?  11 hour queue08:15
Davieywedged is the wrong word, because some seem to be working. :/08:16
wgrantDaviey: Most of them are off doing other things.08:16
wgrantHave been for a few days.08:16
Davieyoh, jolly good :)08:17
wgrantI'll poke people to give them back, once London wakes up.08:17
Davieythanks wgrant08:17
nigelbhrm, I forget who we poked during dev week, but if anyone wants to talk about how lp would help app devs, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek08:32
nigelbI guess, mailing lp-dev would be a good idea at this point08:32
baltix-membershello launchpad developer and users :)10:12
baltix-membersmaybe someone could tell me why small PPA build should wait 12 hours for start? See https://launchpad.net/~baltix-members/+archive/ppa/+buildjob/232418110:14
bigjoolsbaltix-members: there's a big queue: https://edge.launchpad.net/builders10:15
baltix-membersbigjools: maybe there is some problems with builders? few months ago I noticed big queue and some launchpad developers told me, that big queue was because of stopped builders - he restarted build server and only then the problem was fixed :)10:20
wgrantbaltix-members: The builders were off doing some non-builder stuff. They should start coming back in a few minutes, and the queue will clear within a couple of hours.10:21
baltix-memberswgrant: thanks for info10:21
baltix-memberswgrant: I'm releasing new version of Ubuntu based operating system and I need to release test images in 3 hours, are there any chances to finish my cdrdao backport in ~2 hours?10:23
baltix-memberswgrant: Why most of i386 builders are Idle now? See: https://launchpad.net/builders10:30
wgrantbaltix-members: palmer, roseapple, rothera and vernadsky are for building Ubuntu.10:30
wgrantThe others further down the page are the ones that PPAs build on.10:31
wgrantStarting from iridium.10:31
baltix-memberswgrant: I thought, that all builders can do PPA builds :)10:34
wgrantbaltix-members: No, some are reserved for Ubuntu itself (for security reasons)10:34
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wgrantbaltix-members: cdrdao is building.10:37
baltix-membersit seems I should say thanks for someone - my build was just started instead of waiting 12 hours :)10:37
baltix-memberswgrant: thank you :)10:38
wgrantEverything else should build soonish.10:38
wgrantThe builders are nearly back.10:38
dpmhi launchpadders, it would be great to have some LP content on AppDeveloperWeek. Would anyone be up for picking any of the proposals on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek or to sign up for a session with another LP topic?11:14
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Laneyplease include debian/NEWS entries with lplib uploads in future when you are going to break clients11:29
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psusiis there a proper procedure for the death of a project?  launchpad.net/usplash is no longer maintained and lists a canonical employee as the maintainer who has left.  Shouldn't it at least be updated to indicate it has no maintainer?15:08
dpmhey all, could someone have a look why the language pack export on https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+language-packs is not yet available?15:13
dpmthe maverick ones should be available on Wednesdays:15:14
dpmthumper, wallyworld^15:14
popeypsusi: usplash is still shipped in an LTS release (8.04, hardy) and even though keybuk has left the company, he could still maintain it if he wished :)15:14
psusipopey: I'm pretty sure he isn't... he said that Scott James Remnant (canonical) is dead.. we had a funeral for him and everything... his words... and the package has been dropped from Ubuntu and is being dropped from debian... I suppose it doesn't hurt to keep the project listed, but shouldn't it at least be clear that it is no longer maintained?15:30
popeypsusi: dunno :)16:02
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c10udhello, i'm try making launchpad import code from github, bu the thing is failing because we have a git submodule in the tree. i don't need it in launchpad, how can i tell it?  http://launchpadlibrarian.net/66508919/emesene-team-emesene-master.log16:20
c10uds/try making/trying to make16:21
beunoc10ud, I think LP doesn't support submodules16:26
beunowell, I know it doesn't, but I'm not sure if it shiuld be failing16:27
c10udbeuno, is there any way to tell launchpad to leave submodules alone?16:41
dpm<dpm> hey all, could someone have a look why the language pack export on https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+language-packs is not yet available?16:47
dpm the maverick ones should be available on Wednesdays:16:47
dpm https://dev.launchpad.net/Translations/LanguagePackSchedule16:47
dpmcould anyone from a maintenance squad have a look? ^16:48
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Q-FUNKwasn't support for Jaunty dropped during autumn?  apparently LP still accepts Jaunty packages for the PPA. :)17:28
maxbYes, this is confusing.17:28
maxbI'd quite like some guidance on how long this will continue, so I can make plans for whether Bazaar should plan their own jaunty-desupport date or not17:29
bigjoolssome other, er, parties wanted to continue using jaunty17:29
maxbIt would be nice if launchpad-users@ could be sent a likely timeline for jaunty/karmic PPA support ceasing17:30
bigjoolswhen we mentioned security updates I think there was a case of fingers in ears17:30
bigjoolsit's mostly up to the IS guys17:30
maxbIS == ..... something Systems?17:32
bigjoolsda admins17:32
maxbBecause they choose when it's appropriate to cease supporting it to avoid people using builder time better spent on current series?17:34
* maxb can't see why the admins would care other than that17:34
bigjoolsthey have to spend time updating chroots etc as wel17:34
elmowe care because it ties into what needs to be on archive.ubuntu.com17:35
elmoand for hystericals reasons that's still with us17:35
* maxb sobs at people who think registering a code import of http://localhost is a good idea17:39
lifelessmaxb: win!17:42
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brycehis launchpad down?21:00
lifelesswhats up?21:00
brycehThe webpage at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/599017 might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.21:01
ubot5Ubuntu bug 599017 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu Lucid) "[gm45] Xorg freeze on Firefox on one particular page" [High,Confirmed]21:01
lifelessseems fine to me21:02
brycehhad been noticing blueprints.launchpad.net was taking a long time to respond, but now nothing is loading21:02
lifelesswhat was the status code you got?21:02
lifeless(from your browser)21:02
brycehin Chromium - Error 7 (net::ERR_TIMED_OUT): The operation timed out.21:02
lifelessbryceh: sounds like a routing issue21:03
lifelessmbarnett: those alerts - any networking related?21:03
mbarnettlifeless: nopers21:04
lifelessbryceh: traceroute etc time21:05
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wgrantbryceh: Interesting. My routing is just about the same from hop 7, and it works fine for me.21:54
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wgrantTo both of the frontends (they're the next hop after chenet)21:54
brycehhttp://planet.ubuntu.com/ works, wiki.ubuntu.com hangs, www.canonical.com loads, http://directory.canonical.com/ doesn't, canonicaladmin doesn't (what's new), login.ubuntu.com hangs21:56
wgrant#is might be a good idea.21:57
brycehwgrant, does your traceroute go through eth0.chenet.canonical.com too?21:59
wgrantbryceh: Yes.21:59
wgrantIt's the penultimate hop.21:59
wgrantThe last four hops are identical for me.22:00
wgrantThe 5 or 6 before then are slightly different hosts, but same locations.22:00
blueyedDoes https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/SourceBuilds/Recipes (still) work as documented?22:03
lifelesssure hope so22:04
blueyedI am looking at creating a recipe for Vim builds.22:04
blueyedYou are not aware of a daily/current build ppa for vim, are you? ツ22:05
* blueyed does not want to duplicate work.. ;)22:05
Ampelbeinblueyed: you can look through https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas?name_filter=vim I guess22:06
lifelessAmpelbein: or /+dailybuilds :)22:10
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blueyedlifeless: where is +dailybuilds?22:16
blueyedthanks, wgrant. it's not searchable though. the "30 days" filter is very good though!22:35
blueyedbefore I'll skim the docs, is it possible to build from a mercurial branch, where the packaging comes from debian?22:36
blueyedafter all, it would be best to just help with debian packaging I guess.22:37
wgrantblueyed: Launchpad can import some hg branches.22:40

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